Tyler and Dillon
Note: It would be helpful if you read Innocence Lost before reading Part 2

As Dillon was showering, Tyler returned to the living room. What a disaster! He quickly got a can of stain remover and a brush, and began cleaning up the dried splotches of cum on the floor and chair. He finally got it all up and finished by spraying the room with air freshener. At least it didn't smell like a locker room anymore.

He went into the bathroom just as Dillon was finished drying himself off. His heart was breaking as he looked at the skinny, young boy standing naked in front of him. He walked over to Dillon, put his hands on his shoulders and, staring intently into his dark eyes, said, “I'm sorry. I'm so sorry that this happened to you. I tried to stop them, but there was nothing I could do.”

Dillon moved close to Tyler and wrapped his arms around him, pressing his head against his chest. “I know,” he whispered. Tyler held him closely, moving his right hand over Dillon's smooth back to comfort him. They held each tightly for a few moments, when Dillon suddenly asked, “why didn't you fuck me? I wanted you more than anyone. Do you hate me?”

Tyler was stunned at the bluntness of his questions. He gently pushed him away slightly and took his face in his hands, saying “I couldn't do it that way, not like that, and I don't hate you. In fact, I love you, and have for a long time. I've wanted to make love to you, not use you like a toy.”

There, he finally said it. Tyler feared that Dillon might run away in terror; he'd been through enough already. Instead, he attached himself to Tyler like a barnacle, squeezing him tightly. “I want you to make love to me. Please Tyler, love me,” Dillon implored.

Tyler's heart was racing as he led Dillon to his bedroom. He gently sat him down on his bed and stepped back. Tyler slowly pulled his light tee-shirt over his head, tousling his blond hair, and threw it on the floor, revealing his smooth, hairless chest. He then popped the snap and lowered the zipper of his jean shorts, letting them fall to his feet. He stepped out of them and stood there in his white briefs. “I've never had sex with anyone before,” he thought to himself, and now he was standing in front of someone who, through no fault of his own, could give him lessons. Dillon stared fixedly at Tyler as he hooked his thumbs inside the elastic band of his briefs, pulled them down and cast them aside. He moved his eyes over Tyler's body, taking in the small, dark blond bush above his circumcised penis, still flaccid at this point, as well as his slender, hairless legs and arms.

Tyler extended his left hand to Dillon, who took it with his right, and pulled him up from the bed. He wrapped him in a tight embrace, feeling his warm body against his own. He buried his face into Dillon's neck, taking in the aroma of body wash and boy scent. They held each other for a few moments, when Tyler decided he had to do what he had dreamed of so many times before. He lifted his head from Dillon's neck and gently kissed him on the lips. More than anything else, he had yearned just to kiss him. Slow, deliberate, short kisses between them were followed by longer, more sensuous meetings of their lips. They ran their hands across each others' bodies, caressing the soft skin and smooth, rounded buns. Tyler was now beginning to stiffen as he felt Dillon's own cock grow against his thigh.

With a slight push from Tyler, both of them fell onto the bed, still holding and kissing each other. Tyler was on top of him and broke his cherished kiss, slowly licking his way down Dillon's chest. He stopped momentarily to lean back and admire the gorgeous boy lying in front of him. His father was white and his mother was from the Bahamas, resulting in a bronze skin tone he had never seen in anyone else. He bent down and resumed his tender licking down his chest and stomach, pausing to flick his tongue around his belly button. Dillon moaned quietly as Tyler continued his way down to his crotch, where he found a tiny patch of black, tightly-curled pubes and a now-hard cock of about three inches.

He licked his way past it and began to kiss his inner thighs, just below the smooth, hairless scrotum held tightly against the base of his cock. Gently fondling his bag with two fingers, Tyler couldn't resist any longer. He took Dillon's cock into his mouth and began to suck. Rehearsed so many times in his dreams, he started slowly, then let it go to tease the underside with his tongue.

Dillon grabbed Tyler's head and began to pant. Tyler knew it would happen soon and took his cock back into his mouth, sucking hard and fast. Dillon, writhing in pleasure, bucked his hips and let out a boyish yelp as he came into his mouth. Not to be denied his first taste of cum, Tyler continued to suck as he felt the few squirts of hot cream enter his mouth. He sucked and swallowed, listening to Dillon groan in ecstasy as he experienced his first blow job.

Reluctantly letting his cock slip from his mouth, Tyler moved up and kissed Dillon tenderly on the lips. Still breathing heavily, he nestled his head into his shoulder and held him close, not understanding why his own dick had gone soft during the adventure. Dillon slowly recovered and his breathing resumed a normal rate. Tyler whispered, “that's the difference between love and sex.” Dillon ran his hands over Tyler's body, touching the smooth, white skin with his fingertips. With a gentle push, he rolled them over onto Tyler's back. He looked deeply into his blue eyes, and kissed him with a boiling passion. Having been forced to suck multiple cocks just three hours before, he didn't want it to be that way again, at least not with Tyler.

He took Tyler's balls into his hand and fondled them gently as he moved to kiss his belly, then ran his tongue along his nipples. As he moved his hand from his balls to his cock, he felt it begin to stiffen. He gently wrapped his hand around his dick and slowly began to stroke it to its full 4+.” Tyler knew that he was small compared to the others, and struggled to keep it hard, but Dillon's loving touch was what he had been hoping for, driving it beyond just sex. He kissed and teased Tyler's cock with his tongue, finally pulling it into his mouth and sucking. It didn't last long before Tyler grabbed the sheets and nearly tore them apart as he shot his jets of sperm into his lover's mouth. Dillon only let Tyler's cock out of his mouth when he was sure that his balls were completely drained.

They both clung to each other, lightly caressing their soft bodies and sharing a gentle kiss. Tyler slipped his right hand along Dillon's smooth ass and nudged his middle finger against his hole. “Ouch!” he chirped. Quickly pulling it away, he said, “I'm sorry. Did I hurt you?” “No,” he said, “it's just sore.” Small wonder after what he had been through earlier.

Dillon softly cuddled into his arms, but Tyler was thinking the entire time as he held his love close to him. “I want to ask you something, Dillon, and I want an honest answer. I mean really honest,” said Tyler. “Okay,” he responded. “Tell me what you felt this morning, good or bad.” “Well, at first I was scared, and I didn't know what was going on. I just knew they were going to kill me after I saw you couldn't help, so I did what I was told,” he said. “It seemed like you wanted it later, almost asking for them to continue,” Tyler probed. “I don't know what happened.

Everyone was crazy; just going wild. I never felt things like that before, and I couldn't stop,” he confessed. “But all the time, I thought of you. I wanted you and no one else.”

Tears welled up in Dillon's eyes and he said, “but today I also learned what love is.”

As his throat swelled, pushing back tears, Tyler asked the final question. “If they came back here right now and asked for more, what would you do?”

There was a long pause. “I don't know, I just don't know,” Dillon said as he began to sob.

Tyler pulled him tightly to his chest and held him as the anger grew within him, knowing that Dillon's innocence had truly been lost and he would never be the same. What started out as nothing more than buddies watching stupid porn flicks had gone utterly awry. As he held Dillon in his arms, the mantle clock chimed six, and he was startled into reality.

“Dillon, you've got to get home for dinner, or your folks will come looking for you!” He pushed him out the door, making sure he had put on all of his clothes. As he left, Dillon looked back at him with a broad smile and said, “Tyler, I love you.”

His parents returned at about nine that evening, and Tyler was deep in thought as he sat in the living room watching a movie that he cared nothing about. They blathered on about the wedding they had attended, but Tyler didn't care. He turned the TV off and told them he was tired. He went to his bedroom, stripped to his underwear and crawled into bed.

“Those fucking bastards!” he thought as he lied there trying to figure things out. So many feelings, so many emotions.

He remembered the love he had finally shared that afternoon, and rolled over, hugging his pillow close to him as if it was Dillon. Perhaps it was his own fault that he had started it with the invitation to his buddies, but no one knew that Dillon would appear that afternoon. He re-ran the events in his mind and vowed to make things right, remembering each move, comment and helpless feeling throughout.

“Take it, whore” rang through his mind as Matt had fucked him. Now seething with anger, he was determined to make them pay. He carefully began to formulate the scenario in his mind and knew only one thing for sure...the price would be high, and it wouldn't involve money.

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