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mine and nicks first gay time together
when i was 9 i started liking boys. the boy i liked the most was my friend nick. he was so cute with black hair brown eyes and dimples when he smiled.i have light brown hair hazel eyes and dimples also.

well i never told him i liked him but when i was 12 and him 11 that all changed. i invited him to sleep over and he said ok it was a friday night so we could stay up late. he was 4 ft 11 and 100 pounds i was 4 ft 6 and 80 pounds . ive always been small for my age and i guess i always will be.

now i have seen him naked many times when we took baths together as kids and i knew he was uncut like me. when he got to my house we jumped in the pool and swam for a while then went to my room to play video games . it got late so we started watching a movie.

i noticed he had fell asleep so i did something i had never done. i layed my hand on his lil buldge in his boxers and started to rub it. i started getting hard and i noticed he was also. i kept rubbing it till his awesome uncut dick popped thru the hole in his boxers . this was so awesome. his was like 4 inches maybe compared to my lil 3 incher. i just looked at it and started rubbing it more. then he moved so i quickly took my hand away so he wouldnt notice.

i layed there wishing i could have put it in my mouth and i started jacking off thinking of his awesome looking dick. i had an orgasm but it was dry because i couldnt cum yet.

the next day we were swimming when his mom called and asked if he could stay another night along with his lil bro chris. my mom said sure and told us. i was happy because i wanted to try to play with his awesome dick that night again.

chris got there around 7 and we went to my room to play video games and watch movies. chris fell asleep on my futon and nick layed in bed with me. he finally fell asleep and i made my move.

i started rubbing his boy dick and reached into the hole in his boxers to pull it out and started rubbing it. he was getting hard and i was to. i gently leanded over and kissed it. then i layed back on my side and rubbed it more.
he started moving so i stopped and acted like i was asleep. then i got the best thing i had ever had. he leaned over and whispered why did you stop.

i was in shock. i looked at him and he kissed me on my lips. i couldnt move. then he reached over and started pulling my boxers off. so i finally came to my senses and started pulling his off. i told him i loved him and wanted him for along time. he said me to but i was scared you wernt gay. i told him i was and kissed him and grabbed his awesome boner.

he grabbed mine and we were jacking each other off. i started kissing his neck and then moved towards his stomach. i then took his awesome uncut boner into my mouth and started licking and sucking on it. he layed back and was moaning and started humping my mouth and started shaking. it was then i got to taste my first boy juice as he squirted a small amount of cum in my mouth.

i was new to this.
i had never seen cum and never tasted it either.
he just layed ther and smiled.
he said that was awesome and leaned over and took my uncut boner in his mouth.
i was really starting to get to love this feeling and i started to moan and i was humping his mouth when i got to my special feeling and said im cumming .
he started to suck faster and i came. but nothing came out.
i was imbarresed and tried to hide my feelings. he asked wat was wrong and i told him i wanted to cum for him like he did me. he said dont worry i will one day soon and kissed me and said i love you caleb.
i smiled and told him i love him to. then he started rubbing my dick again and i couldnt help but to notice he was hard again. so i started sucking him offf again and it took longer but soon he was making loud moans and humping my mouth cumming again. this time it wasnt as much but it was just as sweet and i loved the taste of his boy cum.
then he started sucking me again and as i got close to cumming i started moaning really loud and we didnt kno but i woke his lil bro.

wat are you to doing.....said chris
..none of your buisness said nick.
..why are you naked and why is calebs thingy in your mouth...
nick said shut up and go back to sleep
chris was so cute and i noticed a tent in his undies and pointed it out to nick.
he asked chris if he could keep a secret and chris said yes.

nick said caleb is my bf.

chris said he wanted a bf because girls were yucky and he liked hunter the boy across the street from me.
nick said well if you tell anyone i will beat you up. but if you dont i will try to get hunter to be your bf.

chris smiled and said he would never tell anyone.
i looked at nick and told him i hoped chris didnt tell anyone about this. nick said he wont and maybe we can get him to jion us one day.

we layed back down in each others arms and slowly fell asleep. the next morning i woke up and kissed nick and said i love you babe and he smiled and said i love you to and i cant wait till we can be alone all night again

more to come if you like

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2015-05-22 23:05:29
Very nice

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2012-09-24 03:28:17
coo and hot. nuthin as good as boy cum, i know.

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2012-09-17 17:34:07
That is a great story the love of two boys is great


2012-08-04 17:49:51
hey very nice story

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2012-08-04 15:24:26
Hot story. Hope Chris gets invited to join in the fun.

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