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'I rather see you laughing in his arms, then crying in mine'-Rand Williams
I thought those feelings I held close to my chest,
had at last been laid down to rest.

I have you in my life, and that should be enough,
but why then when you say 'just friends', is my smile a bluff?

Time ticks slower each day,
as you slowly burn me away.

I don't know if I want you to stay,
but when you're not here, I can't make the day.

There is no doubt, I must be insane,
for who else but a crazy person would ask for this pain?

As the only thing in this world I adore,
how could I ask for more?

So I'll hide behind the title of friend,
so that my time with you dosen't end.

Which is why you don't know it hurts,
everytime I see you both flirt.

Why when your together there's always a smile on my face,
though I'd give anything to take his place.

Is the mistake I keep making,
is to give when you don't stop taking?!

I know you'll never think what I'll feel,
a life with you can never be real.

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2013-04-24 17:49:31
YasmineAwh, thank you, Deemah! I am really glad you like my blog and the red velevt cake recipe. I have a new one that tastes even better (for those who like really moist cakes), and I might submit it soon when I find myself getting better at decorating cakes. I'm really surprised you couldn't find sour cream in those markets! I know for sure that Lulu has them, the one in the moraba3, imported sour cream. I usually use Nada or Marai because they are cheaper and taste good, you can find it in some hyper panda branches easily, not all branches carry them. Did you try Danube?

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2013-01-15 23:22:16
whats funny is i know people living this life. Great poem thank you for being a muse

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2012-09-10 22:55:42
how sad...
luv a poem lover,


2012-08-04 10:07:09
I did, but for some reason it was posted in the story section. Maybe its just an error. But I posted it in the poem section.

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2012-08-03 18:51:12
why dont you post this, as a poem?

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