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Angela and I continue our fun
If you haven't read the first part this won't make much sense to you. And please, if you give me a negative please leave a comment and let me know why. In fact, if you like my story please leave a comment. I'm about ready to pull the plug here. I got over 11000 hits on the first chapter and only six comments. It takes many hours to write a story and only a few minutes to leave a comment. Thanks in advance and enjoy...

My sister, Angela, and I had always been close, but now we were tight. We spent nearly all of our time together, shopping, walks in the park and anything else two young people would do. And I always held her hand. Most people probably thought it was a sign of protection after what had happened with Bobbie Moore, but we knew it was more than that.
Mom had taken her two weeks vacation and had decided to spend the whole fourteen days with us. Now don't get me wrong, we love our mother, but her vacation really put a lid on our sex games. In fact, we never found time to be alone for the whole two weeks. It was with great enthusiasm that we saw her off to work when the vacation ended, and that enthusiasm spiked when we found out we were going to Aunt Millie's place for a month.
On Mom's first day back to work she found out she was chosen to attend a hospital sponsored class in Los Angeles, California. It was a great opportunity for her to advance from her lowly nurse's aid job and it also afforded her a chance at more money. She had no choice but to accept the offer. And it came at a perfect time for us. School had just let out for the summer so we were free to go.

Aunt Millie was our father's sister. Even though Dad had abandon us for Dora, Mom still kept in touch with Aunt Millie.
Aunt Millie greeted us at the door.
"Well look at you two. I can't believe how you've grown!" She pulled us in to a group hug and squeezed us tightly to her ample bosom.
After our dad had left us, Aunt Millie never talked to him again. She didn't even go to his funeral because, in her words, " of what he did to you kids."
"Now, go put your things in your rooms and come back out here for lunch. We're having Tofu Dogs and a carrot salad." We forgot Aunt Millie was a vegetarian.
Despite having what Angela called, "Toad-Food," lunch really wasn't too bad. We talked for a while bringing our Aunt up to date on school and things in general. She wanted to know if Mom was dating anyone and frowned when we told her, "No."
"That mother of yours is a workaholic, that's what she is, a workaholic. She needs to get a man in her life. Yes sir, that's what she needs, a good man."
Angie and I just smiled at each other.
"Okay now. You kids go check the place out. I've got a hundred and twenty-five acres here. The property is fenced in so when you come to barb wire you'll know you reached the boundary. Just stay on this side. Some of the neighbors might think you're trespassers and start shootin' if you wander on to their land." She smiled and gave me a playful shove.
As I started to follow Angie out the door Aunt Millie pulled me back.
"I want to tell you I think what you did to that football boy was wonderful. Protecting your sister like that was something she'll always remember." She ruffled my hair and pushed me toward the door, then added, "Your father would have been proud of you."
Angie was waiting in the front yard.
"What was that all about?"
"Oh, nothing. She's just glad we're here."
Angie smiled. "Me, too," she said and we started toward the woods to explore.

Aunt Milli's place was fantastic. There were paths that led to meadows and a small pond. Others led to dense forest with huge old hickory trees that shadowed the soft patches of moss below.
We walked for nearly an hour when Angie stopped and sat on a log that was all that remained of a fallen tree.
"You know, I asked you a question once and you never answered me."
I sat down beside her.
"What was that?"
She kissed me softly on the lips.
"When are we going to fuck?"
The mere question caused a stirring in my groin.
"I don't know," I said. "When?"
Angie patted my crotch.
"How about now?" She stood pulling me up with her and began to unfasten my belt. When she got it loose she reached in and grabbed my dick which was already growing.
"Hmmm! Looks like you're glad to see me."
"I am," I said. "I really am."
Angie let go of my cock long enough to pull her shirt over her head and remove her bra. Her breasts were more perfect than I had remembered.
"I got a surprise for you," she said.
I was pinching her nipples.
"Oh? And what would that be?"
She pushed my hands away.
"Take my pants off and find out," she said then giggled.
I unfastened her belt and pulled her jeans down over her knees to her ankles. She kicked them off the rest of the way.
"Are you ready," she said with a little less bravado in her voice. Whatever the surprise was she seemed to be less sure of herself than she had been a few minutes ago.
"I'm ready."
I slid Angela's panties down her legs exposing a perfectly shaved and smooth pussy!
"Ya like?" she asked.
I looked at her nakedness, at her hairless vagina with the slit in full view and said, "No!"
Angie looked crushed.
"No," I said. "I don't like it. I love it." I kissed her firmly on her lips as I slid my hand down to her baby smooth pussy letting my finger slip into her folds and find her clit. She moaned into my mouth.
At this moment I wanted nothing more than to lay my sister on the soft, damp moss under our feet and make love to her, but there were some problems to work through first.
"Angie," I said, "I don't have any condoms and you're a virgin. This might not be the best time for the first time."
She kissed me and slipped her tongue into my mouth.
"Well, technically I guess I'm a virgin," she said. "I knew you would probably worry about hurting me the way you always worry so I got some help from ol' mister candle and did away with that problem. As for the condoms, I sort of told a fib to Mom and to the doctor about my period being messed up and they agreed that I needed to go on the pill to get regular. So I'm now officially wide open and birth control ready."
I said no more nearly tearing my clothes off.
We lay on the ground in each others arms for only a moment before Angie said, "Eat my pussy! I loved the way you did that. Make me cum once with your tongue and then we can fuck."
Although I had intended to make love to my sister I could see that she wanted to get down and dirty and that was just fine with me, too. I slid down, climbed between her legs then lifted them up onto my shoulders. With my arms over her thighs I spread her pussy lips and licked her entire cunt.
Angie gasped for only a moment when my lips first touched her pussy then lifted her ass off the ground and began fucking my face.
"Oh shit that feels so good," she cried. "Suck my clit, make me cum."
I worked my mouth slowly upward toward Angie's engorged clit letting my tongue only flicker against it for a moment. She was pinching and twisting her nipples while watching me eat her.
"Just suck my clit," she said. "I'm almost there."
I took her clit into my mouth and rolled it around like a marble while still flicking my tongue at it in little jabs.
"Oh, oh, oh.... I'm cumming she cried. "Oh it's good, I'm cumming."
As she came I felt the familiar wetness spray out of her pussy and drench my face. She bucked upward time and again in her orgasm.
I counted twelve hard contractions before my sister finally fell back on our moss bed. My face was soaked with her juices.
Angela motioned for me to come closer. When I did she pulled me to her and kissed me with an open mouth. Our tongues joined sharing the wetness that was all over my lips. She tasted her own cum and I swear she loved it.
"Now fuck me," she said.

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"now fuck me", can't wait for the next installment

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You have talent for writing stories. This is a great one. Keep writing. It makes me wish I was younger and a sister I could love.

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Well done. Very sexy. Being an only child I only wish I were able to have experienced these things myself

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