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My Pretty Little Slaves – Chapter 2 – Becky's Training – Tiffani's Surprise Decision

Introduction: This story is a work of FICTION. Pure fiction some items are exaggerated that is why it is fiction. The story develops and eventually Ben's intentions are revealed.

Characters introduced:

Janet, sales clerk at a Jewelry store, 29 5'8 brown hair and eyes 32 C
Dr. Reynolds, Ben's personal doctor, Black male 40 6'2; 12” 3 1/2” cock
Jerry, Ben's friend – a Master also, black male 43 6'7; 14” 4 1/2” cock
Charlie, white racist soon to be a cockold dominated limp dick wimp, white 6' 4” 1 ½” cock
Brittany's , charlie's girlfriend – with a new discovery lifestyle, 16 5'8 dirty blond hair blue eyes 36d breast
Amber, Dr. Reynolds employee, 18 5'4 Red hair Green eyes 36D breasts

The story continues right after Ben has popped Becky's ass cherry.

Ben draws a bath in the huge tub for them. He goes back to Becky who is recovering from having her ass pounded.

I have drawn a bath for us, it will help with the soreness my love. He picks up Becky in his her 5' frame is tiny compared to his 6'5 body. He is sculpted, very strong with rippled muscles. Ben gently puts Becky in the tub and then joins her. They soak for a while.

Ben “My angel you did very well, lets make love all week and start your training next Monday if that is OK with you!”

Becky “That works, just wondering about my mother what is she going to think.” She caresses his cock. “ I want more of this inside of me, I don't want to leave your bed”.

Ben “You will always be in my bed, Angel, you will be the last one in and the first one out. I do plan to have more slaves live with me, but you will always be the first. You are the Mistress of the house and everybody else will have to obey you. Even your mother when I hope she agrees to be my next slave.”

They soak for a while and then get up and get ready to go to the department store for Makeup lessons.

Arriving at the mall Ben takes her to the department store and then excuses himself to go to the jewelry store to buy her nipple rings, diamond ear rings, clitoris stud and pussy lip rings. He also gets her a ring for her navel. He sees a beautiful Diamond engagement ring he asks the saleslady to look at it. Janet then takes it out and says to Ben. “You must really love your girlfriend!”.

Ben “Yes, I do!” Ben notices Janet's beautiful features, nice breast (32C) and long brown hair with big brown eyes. “Do you work on commission, Janet”

Janet “I sure do, let me get you my card” she writes her cell number on the back. She whispers to Ben, “I have put my cell number on the back, I never do that, call me if you need anything. We can re-size the ring if needed”. Janet rings up his purchases and put it in a bag and Ben gives her his credit card. Janet realizes she has just made enough money to pay rent for a couple of months. Ben puts the ring in his pocket and then goes to pickup Becky.

Becky has put on Ben's favorite fragrance on. Ben goes to the counter and hardly recognizes her. Ben tells her she is beautiful and kisses her. He pays the lady for the session and the products she has selected.

Becky asks can we go to the drug store, I want to pick up a few things. She picks up some feminine hygiene products, shaving cream for women, ladies razors and hair removal cream. She looks at the rubbers and tells Ben she does not want him to ever ware one with her. They then leave and go back home. Upon getting home they strip and Becky puts her purchases in the master bathroom. She goes up to Ben and put him on the bed. I want to have sex, Master. They proceed to make passionate love. She wants it in each hole before they get up. After Ben has three orgasms and Becky has nine. They are exhausted and Ben suggest they go to the hot tub, they do. While they walk to the pool area Becky asks if his other lovers have multiple orgasms like she does.

Ben “Some do, but most have a couple. You are definitely very prone to have multiple orgasms. You even squirt which is rare. Your essences is intoxicating I love drinking your cum”

They get to the tub and turn it on and go get a drink in the kitchen. Ben gets a beer and Becky asks if she could have a sip. She has never had beer. Ben tells her it is a lager beer. She likes it and Ben gets her one. She smiles at Ben “Are you trying to get me drunk, Master? You can have your way with me without alcohol” She says with a smile. “I love how you treat me as a lady and not as a little girl”

Ben “You are my little girl, you are my lady and my angel. I love everything about you” He then goes to where his pants are and gets his bags and a small box. He shows her the jewelry for her body and that tomorrow she will get pierced in a tattoo/piercing store where he knows the owner. He then goes down to one knee and shows her the box.

Ben “Becky, my angel and lover, will you do me the honor of being my wife!” Becky screams and says “Yes, Master, Yes. Hell yes. I love you. I LOVE YOU.” Ben puts the ring on her finger and it is a little to big for her. It is huge on her finger.

Becky “This is too much for me, Master.” He then puts the diamond earrings in her ears

Ben “Nothing is too much for my lover, my angel and my fiance”. They kiss and start to make out and head to the hot tub that is now hot. They get in and she sits between his legs and looks at her ring. Tells Ben it is beautiful, his answer is “Not as beautiful as you sweetheart!”

Becky “you know how to say the sweetest things!”. They stay their in the tub for a while and then Becky starts to stroke his cock trying to get it hard, when it is she puts it in her pussy.

Becky “Make love to your fiance, darling!”. She straddles Ben and begins to bounce up and down faster and faster.

Ben “I think you are fucking me, darling”
Becky “Yes I am, and plan to the rest of my life”

They stay in the hot tub for a while after they make love. The go to dinner and then to watch a movie in the living room. After which they go to bed.

Ben “Tell me about yourself, I want to know everything”.

Becky “My father died over a year ago, I was never very close to him. I think he hated me for ruining his life. He got my mother pregnant when she was 15 and was forced to marry her. He never abused me, he just ignored me. He would come home long enough to have sex with mom and pay the bills. I do not miss him one bit. You are ten times the man he was. My mom might have difficulty with accepting that I am your fiance, my tattoos and piercings and your are my Master. I will tell her that it is my choice and that if she wants anything to do with me and my life that she has to accept it. Additionally she will have to submit to you and become your willing slave and be submissive to me. I think she can prove that when I order her to go down on me”

Ben “I am not like your bastard father, I love you first and foremost. I love and care for all my slaves. There are many some in stores in the mall, at the school you will be eventually attending, a few police officers, social workers, nurses, a gynecologist that will become your doctor. They are all mine. I put most of them through college paying for it all. They live in houses I own. I take care of them and they take care of me. Not so much sexually now, they have to have their lovers get a clean HIV/STD test certificate and my approval before I let them have sex with any man. They only have sex with black men, which is their choice and preference. Not one of my slaves has ever found a cock as big and thick as mine. Before they come back to my bed they have to get a certificate from my doctor. They know this and abide by it.”

Becky “You have all these willing women waiting to have sex with you and you choose me to share your life, Why?”

Ben “I fell in love with you the first time I saw you, you had a crush on me and I noticed your willingness to give me your love unconditionally. You accepted my cock without reservation, you made love to me like no other woman. You love with your whole body and soul.”

They get off the couch and head to the bedroom to make love. After they have sex vaginally and then anally. Becky tells Ben she is getting comfortable with his cock in her ass. She wants him to put all 16” into her pussy in the morning. She then gets on top of Ben and inserts his erect cock into her pussy.

Becky “This is how I want to sleep every night, with your manhood inside my pussy, Master!”.

They fall to sleep like this. Ben has a smile on his face. In the morning Ben has his usual morning wood and Becky wakes up and starts to bounce up and down on his cock.

Becky “This is the way to wake up in the morning”.

She fucks Ben for 15 minutes and then Ben rolls her over to her back and precedes to push her cervix and with every stroke he slams into her cervix. After 30 minutes or so, he finally gets all 16” inches in her all the way to the bottom of her womb and erupts inside of her.

Becky “That hurt when you went through my cervix, but it started to feel better”.

Ben pulls out and heads to the bathroom to go piss. He takes a little blue pill and takes a mental note to call the doctor to get a preion refilled.

He then goes to the bed and tells Becky to get on her back and put her head off of the bed so that her mouth lines up with her neck.

Ben “I am now going to push my cock down your throat and while you give me a blowjob. We are going to practice this 5 times in a row. Remember to breathe through you nose and swallow when the head hits the back of your throat.”

He then face fucks her for the next two hours pumping load after load into her stomach. Watching Becky's throat bulge out with every stroke. Ben thinks he needs to tape this so Becky can see it. After they are done Ben tells Becky that he is going to take her out for lunch. They arrive at this nice restaurant and order after they are finished he notices a teenage couple come into the restaurant, she is good looking with a nice rack on her. He looks like a real dip shit. Ben and Becky start to leave and the kid says under his breathe he thinks “Nigger can't you find a jungle bunny to fuck?” Ben hears this and ignores him. They leave and get in their car in front of the restaurant. He tells Becky to stay in the car. Ben gets out and takes a couple of pictures of the couple and sends them to his buddy that likes to dominate women and make slaves out of them by force. Ben does not like to do that, it is not his game, he wishes his slaves to be willing. His buddy calls him and they talk and he tells him what the kid said. He said he will be there in 15 minutes with his gang.

Ben gets back in the car and Becky asks what did the guy say to him. Ben tells her he called him a nigger and said he should stick with black women guys term “Jungle Bunnies”.

Becky “That Bastard”

Ben “Don't worry he will get his, I will fix his ass” and her's he thinks to himself.

15 minutes later Ben sees twenty guys go down an alley down the street and 20 more across the street. He notices three guys standing by alley and three by the restaurant along with his friend. The teenage couple leave the restaurant and notice the men and walk towards the alley and the trap. Becky has a smile on her face, “That guy is going to get his ass kicked now!” Little did she know the his girlfriend was going to get gangbanged by 46 big black guys with huge cocks.

The couple head towards the alley fast looking behind them at the four brothers. They come upon the alley and see three more brothers and try to cross the street and notice 20 more brothers. The kid runs with his girlfriend down the alley right into the trap.

The guys go down the alley after them, the three brothers guard the alley. Ben then drives off and tells Becky that he needs to go to a store. Ben pulls up to an Adult Bookstore and takes Becky inside. He gets a couple of large dildos about 14” long, three butt plugs one with a girth about 6” in the middle. He gets some anal lube and Becky smiles at Ben. They make the purchases and the sales clerk thanks Ben for shopping. They leave the store and Ben tells Becky to put the large butt plug in her ass.

Ben “This should keep your stool in your ass”

Becky “I wonder what they are doing to that asshole guy?”

Ben “Do you want to go see, I will protect you?

Becky “I know you will, yes I do”.

Ben knows she will be surprised what is going on in the alley. The arrive back at the entrance to the alley about two hours later. They walk towards the alley and the guys say hello to Ben and ask about Becky. He tells them she is his fiance. They congratulate the couple and tell her she is beautiful. Ben and Becky head down the alley, about halfway down they hear the girlfriend moaning and panting. They arrive at the crowd that is standing around the girlfriend she is taking a cock in her cunt and ass at the same time. They are pounding her without mercy. She looks like she has cried her eyes out and has given in to the situation. The brothers are stroking her pussy and ass like two pistons. When one gets done another brother takes his place. This sixteen year old girl is getting the gangbang of a lifetime.

Ben talks to his friend Jerry “Where is that racist fucking bastard?”. Jerry points to the side of the girlfriend that is getting her holes stretched behold belief. They pickup the kid, he has been watching his girlfriend get gangbanged. He is beaten, each guy has used him as a punching bag. Now they are using his girlfriend as a cum dumpster. Ben looks over at the girlfriend and notices she is taking a 14” cock down her throat.

Ben tells the white guy “Looks like your girlfriend likes nigger cock.” Strip this loser, the guys rip off this clothes. No wonder she loves this 12” black cocks, you only have 4” to offer her. Becky comes over and looks at his pathetic little cock and laughs out loud.

Becky “Thank god I have a real man to have sex with me. That little thing wouldn't please a mouse's cunt!” “Hold that fucker up and spread his legs and hold him there guys”. Becky precedes to kick the guy in his balls. She kicks him ten times, “wake that pussy up” Becky asks the brothers. They precede to piss on his face until he is awake.

Becky to the white guy “That is for calling my man a nigger you white racist asshole!, looks like your girlfriend over there is really getting into getting fucked by black guys. I can understand why when I look at you little penis”, she kicks him again and he drops like a sack of potatoes. “Stay down there on the floor you dog”.

Becky goes over to the girlfriend and the girlfriend takes the cock that has just finished dumping a load down her throat out of her mouth. “Are you enjoying those huge black cocks?”.
The girlfriend replies “Fuck yes I am, Charlie's little penis never did anything for me, he is pathetic excuse of a man. He has never made me climax. I climaxed 20 times so far. The brothers can fuck me all they want! I will never let a white man fuck me again.”

Ben and Becky leave looking at the kid as he starts to cry like a baby. His girlfriend tells him to shut the fuck up you loser. You are just a dog. She tells the guys to beat him until he is unconscious.

When they arrive back at the car Becky asks Ben “How long do you think they are going to fuck that girl in the alley?”. “Probably a couple of days, she looks like she really is in to it now, you saw her clothes were ripped off of her. They probably forced her the first couple of times and then she obviously started to like it. Jerry likes to force his slaves into servitude, I do not like to treat women like that. I want my slaves to come to me willingly not by force. I did not force you and will not force your mother”

Becky “I will persuade her, you are a great lover and caring Master”

Ben “I am going to start your pussy training tomorrow morning!”

Becky “Thank you, Master!, now take me home and take me to bed. Watching all that fucking has made me horny as hell”

They go home and as usual the strip off their clothes as soon as they get into the house. They tell the maid that they will have dinner in bed at 8 tonight. Becky giggles as she runs up to their bedroom. It has been a week since Tiffani left for her training, she must really be busy Becky thinks to herself. Becky and Ben have been busy all week also, fucking each other silly everyday.

Becky “Master, with all the love making we have been doing this week, I don't think I will have a problem completing my pussy training tomorrow.”

Ben “Becky, you are an incredible lover, very passionate and caring. Willing to try new things with me. Your training will be a great success”.

Ben puts Becky into the doggie position, “This is the first time in this position, Master” Becky states. “It allows me to get deeper penetration and at a different angle” Ben then pushes the head of his cock into her pussy and she squeals “mmm, Master, that feels good”, “How about this?”. Ben then pushes 12” and hit her cervix. UGHHHHHHHHH UGHHHHHHHHH is all she can get out, Ben then starts to pump her pussy. With each stroke Ben gives Becky she squeals UGHHHHHHHHH UGHHHHHHHHH UGHHHHHHHHH. Ben gives her twenty strokes and stops. Becky catches her breathe and tells Ben “Why did you stop!, Every stroke I think you hit my G-Spot. Keep fucking pumping me. GO FASTER!” UGHHHHHHHHH, UGHHHHHHHHH, UGHHHHHHHHH, UGHHHHHHHHH, UGHHHHHHHHH, UGHHHHHHHHH, FASTER DAMN YOU, UGHHHHHHHHH, UGHHHHHHHHH. Becky start mumbling something incoherently for about fifteen minutes and then yells “I AM CUMMMMMMING, YES I AM CUMMMMMMING, Master you are a fucking GOD!!!!”. He continues to pound her and she continues to cum over and over again. Ben finally climaxes after 2 hours of pounding her.
Becky rests for a minute or two and then tells Ben, “Ben, Master, lover make love to me like that again. He pounds her just like he did before for 3 hours before the climax together. Becky had climaxed over 6 times before it ended with her most violent orgasm of her life.

The maid comes into the room with dinner. “Master, Mistress Dinner is ready. You two sound like you are having fun. I could hear you two in the kitchen. Master, Miss Tiffani called while you two were have intercourse. I told Miss Tiffani you two where out and I would give you the message when you got back. She asked me what the noise was. I told her it was the TV, it was apparently a sex scene. Tiffani replied “Must be a great sex scene”.” Becky and Ben both laughed at that.

Ben “We will call Tiffani back after dinner, we need to catch our breathe”.

Maid “Do you need anything else?” They both said “I have everything I need right here, Good night”

Maid “I got gotten balls for my ears if you to are going to keep that up all night!” She leaves, Ben and Becky smile and Becky says “I guess I was a little loud, lets eat and have sex all night.” Ben replies “What about your training?”

Becky “It has started already, I plan to have sex with you ten times tonight thru tomorrow morning. I don't plan on leaving this bedroom until Tuesday at the earliest. After training we are going to continue to suck and fuck each other blind or until you cannot produce any sperm any more”.

After they finish eating they go to the bathroom and Becky douches twice. Becky then goes back to bed and lays down with her legs spread, Ben comes to bed and Becky tells him “Master, I have you dessert for you”. Ben sucks on her breasts and then proceeds to suck her pussy, inserting his long tongue as far it will go. He hits her G-Spot and she bucks her hips, she climaxes and he sucks her juices.

Ben “What did you douche with?, it taste like strawberries and bananas”.

Becky “Just a fragrance I found at the department store in the perfume section, I guess you like it”

Ben does not say anything he just eats her pussy out until she climaxes two more times.

Becky “Enough, put that big fella in me and pound me like you did before”

Ben and Becky do not leave the master suite for two days. She completes her pussy training with flying colors. They suck and fuck each other over and over again. Only stopping to eat,use the bathroom and occasionally sleep. After having a 16 sex marathon they finally pass out in each others arms and sleep for a while. They awake and Becky says “Good Morning Master, did I pass my pussy training?” “Yes” was all Ben could say. Becky then sucks Ben's cock for an hour before he can climax.

Becky “If you make love to my mother like that then she will have no problem becoming “SLAVE TIFFANI” for us”

Ben “I am going to call Dr. Reynolds and setup a meeting for us today, I need more Viagra and he told me over the phone a couple of weeks ago he wants to put me on a Vitamin and Supplement regiment when I get my new slave(s), they are something to make me produce more seamen and sperm. I think I am going to need it to keep up with the two of you ladies, Lets go take a shower and clean up we smell like sex”

Becky “Great Sex, Master!”.

They get in the shower and Becky cleans Ben's cock until it is hard and inserts it into her ass.

Becky “Need practice, Master!”

After the shower Ben calls the doctor and sets up an appointment for 1. Becky tells Ben she wants to go shopping and they leave the house. Becky remembers to wear her butt plug. They go to a couple of stores and a drug store and then head to Dr. Reynolds office.

Dr. “How are you doing Ben?”.

Ben “Doing good, I want to introduce you to my new slave, my future wife Becky”.

Dr. “Nice to meet you Becky, Ben she is beautiful. She looks like an angel!”.

Ben “That is her nickname, I am in love for the first time in my adult life!!”

Dr. “What brings you here today, Ben?”.

Ben “I need a preion for Viagra, and one for the supplement you have been telling me about”.

Dr. “OK, the supplement will help you produce more cum. Each pill will make you produce two times the amount of cum that you normally produce. Do not take more than 5 at a time. You need to take these pills at least two times a day. If you get more slaves you will need to increase it. I will give you a preion for 1000 pills with 12 refills. I will give you a preion for Viagra for 90 pills with 12 refills. I will give you a list of vitamins that you need to take once a day. You can get these at GNC in the mall”

Ben “Good, I plan to have another slave by the end of the month”. Ben looks at Becky and smiles.

Becky “Dr. he is talking about my mother who works for Gerald. And she will make an excellent slave for Master. Ben is an excellent lover”.

Amber knocks on the door and talks to the doctor and notices her Master. “Master, I did not know you were coming in for an appointment today, I miss you. I need you inside me again. I have not had anybody as you know since you”

Ben “Amber, this is my new slave my future wife and the New Mistress of the House!”

Amber “Nice to meet you, Mistress. May I have your permission to worship our Masters cock?”.

Becky “OK, go ahead”

Amber then unzips her Master and begins to suck his cock down her throat. This goes on for about 25 minutes before Ben climaxes.

Amber “I missed that, Master. Master, Mistress will you consider letting me move back in?”.

Ben “We will discuss it and get back in touch with you”.

Amber “Thank you, Master Mistress, Nice to meet you Mistress”.

They leave and head to the mall to GNC and then the drug store and head home.

Becky “Tomorrow, Master, I want to complete my anal training!”.

Ben “OK. “

They go home and strip and head to bed to go back to sleep.

Becky is the first one to get up in the morning. She gets Ben's pills five supplements and vitamins and two little blue pills with a glass of water. She get the anal lube from the cabinet and goes back to bed. She proceeds to suck Ben's cock until it is fully erect and he is fully awake.

Ben “I love get awoken by a beautiful woman sucking on my cock”.

Becky “Master, take you pills and I will put the lube on both of us”. Becky then lays down on the side of the bed with her ass in the air. She spreads her ass cheeks and tells Ben “It is time to start my anal training, Master, don't stop until you climax ten times”

Ben is rock hard and pushes his cock into her ass with a load pop. Becky squeaks and tells him to push it in further. Ben strokes his cock in and out of her ass only leaving the head in her. He starts to go faster and faster until he pumping her ass like a piston. He continues his assault on her ass for an hour before he climaxes.

Becky catching her breathe says “One down, nine to go, Master!”

The continue to have anal sex until the next morning.

Becky “One more time Master, I want to suck your cock clean after you cum my lover!”

Ben gets his cock hard one last time, shaking his head he pushes his cock into Becky's ass with little resistance. He then stokes her ass and then tells her to get on top so she can control the depth. He is tired and cannot pump any more. She gets on top and put his cock in her ass and starts to grind faster and faster until she feels him starting to cum. She gets off of his cock and pushes it down her throat in one pass. He climaxes and passes out. She goes and cleans up and gets into the shower. She gets a wash rag and cleans up her sleeping master. She then snuggles with him and goes to sleep. They sleep until dinner time.

Ben “Becky, you are amazing. When I was about to climax last night somehow you made be hold it back. I have never had a woman do that to me. Your ass would constrict on my cock so it would not cum.”

Becky “So, I passed my anal training successfully?”.

Ben “Yes, let's rest for a couple of days. I am going to go to the shower want to join me.”

Becky gets up and joins her Master in the shower. They wash each other rubbing the soap on each others body and then rinsing. Becky ask Ben to join her in the hot tub and they go and turn the hot tub on and get a bottle of wine. They soak in the hot tube and enjoy each others company. Becky asks about Amber.

Ben “I took her in when she was homeless at 12. She did not consent to becoming my slave until she was 13. It took her several tries before she could be fucked 10 straight times in either hole. I was not in any hurry. She left last year to work for Doctor Reynolds. I thought she was happy until she said something two days ago. Your mother is coming back in a couple of weeks and we need to concentrate on getting her to accept our lifestyle and your decision.”

The phone rings and Ben reaches and answers it. Ben tells Becky it is Jerry from the other day. They talk and Jerry invites him to a party he is throwing at the Masters council. He says he will ask Becky and will get back to him. He tells Jerry his relationship with Becky is monogamous.

Becky that was Jerry he is throwing a special party at the Master Council. It is a place where Masters and their Slaves join others for a social gathering. They usually share each others slaves but he is not going to do that with Becky. No ever. He tells Becky, “You are mine and only mine, I do not want to share you or your amazing body with anybody else. Some other slaves I will share but their partners have to have HIV/STD Certificates stating they are free of disease.”

Becky “Master, it is OK with me if we go. I do not want to have sex there. I am a little sore when is this party.”

Ben “A couple of days from now, I will call him back and tell him we are coming and you are off limits and to make that clear to everybody there”

Ben calls Jerry back and tells him they are coming and that Becky is off limits.

Ben “Jerry was disappointed that you are not available. He really wanted to have sex with you. I think you are going to break a lot of guys hearts at the council”.

The continue to soak in the hot tub. An hour later Tiffani calls and talks to them on the speaker phone.

Tiffani “Becky, how are you doing out there?”

Becky “I am fine, having a great time with Ben and Nikki” she smiles at Ben.

Tiffani “Ben, is Becky behaving herself and doing what she is told?” Becky looks down and shakes her head in disbelief.

Ben “Yes, Tiffani, Becky has been an angel while she has been with me. We are all getting along splendidly”. Ben pinches Becky's breast.

Becky “How is training going out there, Mom?”

Tiffani “Fine, I get out late and it is too late to call you and I get up and rush out of here to make it to the training, I will be home in two weeks. I miss you baby.”

Becky “I miss you too, Mom. I am in the hot tub right now it is amazing. I love the pool area”.

Tiffani “I love you baby and your take care and listen to Ben. Be a good girl”.

Becky “I will and I love you too”. She is looking at Ben when she said that.

Tiffani hangs up and Becky says “Tiffani wants me to obey you Ben, My master. You want to get out of here and go to bed?”.

Ben “Yes, let's get in bed and watch some TV before we go to sleep”.

The go to bed and snuggle and watch some TV. They kiss and caress each other. Becky tells Ben “Master, I want some cum. You need to take your vitamins and supplements let me get them for you my love” She get his pills minus the usual little blue pill tonight.

Becky “I think I have a plan, Every morning I will give you a blowjob when we wake up and then give you your pills. Before we turn in at night I will give you another blowjob and give you your pills. How does that sound?”.

Ben “That sounds good to me lover!, Tomorrow we are going to get your tattoos and piercings. We need to leave early because it is going to take some time”.

Becky “Can I get a special tattoo if I see something I like.”

Ben “You can get what ever you want”

Becky “Take your pills while I suck your cock, Master”.

Becky then starts to suck Ben's magnificent cock. She takes it out of her mouth and ask Ben.
“Master, have I told you I love you today?. Other than when I said it to my mother. I do love you and I know my mother is going to love you too.”

Becky starts sucking him deep down her throat and Ben finally climaxes. He blows a huge load into her stomach.

“Master, I love sucking your cock!” Becky proclaims. Ben replies “Becky, I love you. I love you more and more everyday. I was thinking about getting married in Hawaii. What do you think? We could spend a couple of months there and really see Hawaii”

Becky “I think that is a great idea, I would love to marry you in Hawaii, downtown in the courthouse or anywhere. Hawaii is a beautiful place from what I have seen pictures. I would love to go there with you, my lover and my master”.

They snuggle and drift off to sleep.

The next morning they shower and get dressed to go to the tattoo parlor. They walk in and the owner has tattoos all over here body. She looks up and says “Master how can I help you”.

“This is my new slave and my future wife, Becky, she needs to get her tattoos and piercings” Ben says. Looking at Becky “I told you I had other slaves in town”.

Mistress Becky, come with me. They go into the backroom where it is private and she tells Becky to disrobe and get into the chair. I am going to put your tattoos on the front first. The Queen of Spades on your pubic mound, expert cocksucker on your hip, “For black cocks only” on one side of your pussy and “For Master Ben Only” on the other side. I will then put the nipple, clitoris, pussy lip and belly button rings in. Finally, I will put your rings in your tongue. You will then turn over and I will put a Queen of Spades on the back of your neck and Master Ben's Girl on the small of your back. “Anything else you want Master?”, She asks. I want her to have angel wings on her back sholder and have on either upper arm a tattoo that reads “Ben's Angel”

“Becky do you want any other tattoos?” Ben asks.

Becky “I want a red heart on the inside of my breast that has your name in the middle of it”.

Ben “Is that it?” No, I want you to get a tattoo on your cock on the top that reads “BIG FELLA” on it and get a couple of piercings along the top and bottom of your shaft”.

Ben “OK. My love. I want to get your clit erect when she is ready to give you your piercing.”

Becky “I would not have it any other way”.

The get all this done and it is over ten hours later, Becky is sore. Ben's cock is throbbing. The Tattoo artist tells them they should leave each other alone for 24 hours until it stops hurting. She tells them how to clean the piercings, Becky should eat some ice cream and drink cold things until the swelling in her tongue goes down. She thanks them for their business.

Ben “That fucking hurt!”. Becky looks at Ben and rolls her eyes. “OK, I guess you hurt worse!” and smiles.

Becky signs to him that she loves him. This is getting to be a ritual for her. She has never felt so loved before.

On the day of the Council meeting the swelling has gone down and they both feel better. They get dressed and head to the meeting.

The arrive and there are a lot of cars out front.

Ben “Must be a record crowd”

Ben and Becky go into the building and Ben is greeted by the other Masters. They all look at Becky with lust in their eyes. She holds onto Ben's arm very tight. He leans down and she says “Do not leave me alone. If you have to go to the bathroom take me with you. All these guys are lusting after me. I have all my clothes on and the way they look at me you would think I was naked”

Ben “I will protect you my lover, my soon to be wife!”

Everybody is sitting and Becky thinks there must be at least 300 men, all black and probably all sporting huge hard cocks. Jerry comes out from the back room with the girlfriend from the other day. He then gets everybody's attention and starts to speak.

“Hello fellow slave owners, I would like to present to you my latest slave, Brittany”, with that she takes off her sundress. She is not wearing any undergarments and is completely naked before the council. I notice on the front she has tattoo that reads “Black Cock Whore” another one says “Expert Cocksucker” on the sides of her pussy it reads “For Black Cocks only” and “Must be over 10” to use” he turns her around and on her back there is an intricate Queen of Spades tattoo that covers from her should blades down to the small of her back. On one ass cheek it reads “Property of Master Jerry” on the other it reads “Black Cock Whore” and “No job or cock too BIG”. On her left arm it reads “GANG BANG QUEEN” and on the inside of her forearm it reads “The more cocks the better” On the other forearm it reads “FILL ALL THREE HOLE AT ONCE”.

“Masters I present Brittany for your pleasure. Please fuck her brains out. She will take you in all her hole and as a special treat.”. Jerry pulls on a leash and out comes her former boyfriend. He is naked and does not have a hair on his body. On his back it says DOG. On his chest it reads “EXCELLENT AT CLEANING PUSSIES AND ASSES OF CUM”. This is Charlie, Brittany's former boyfriend. He likes to call black people “NIGGERS” and black women “JUNGLE BUNNIES”. His girlfriend discovered she was a lover of black cock when we beat the shit out of him. Her initiation was with 50 brothers that all had 12 inch cocks or better doing her for two weeks. She is now my black cock whore. She cannot get enough of it”. She is pulled to a table in the middle of the hall and the masters take there turns filling each whole with cock pounding her like jackhammers. DOG is made to clean her pussy and ass after every third gangbang. She is being used by all the Master except for Ben.

Ben “It is time to go, she made her bed and now she has to lay in it.”

Ben and Becky get up and head for the door. Jerry stops them, Ben you are not staying for the gangbang?

Ben “It is really not my kind of scene and I have plans with my Becky here, enjoy. Hopefully she will survive. Charlie looks beaten almost like he is ready to die”

Jerry “My other slaves use a strap on 18” dildoe to ream out his ass. Me and Brittany laugh the whole time. She kicks him in the nuts 12 times a day. “

Ben and Becky leave and in the car they kind of feel sorry for Charlie.

The next week goes by quickly and on Friday Becky asks Ben to complete her training by fucking her throat 20 times. He does and it takes him till Saturday afternoon before he is completed the task. They clean up and get ready for Tiffani's return in the afternoon on Sunday.

Sunday arrives and the driver calls Ben and tells him that he has just entered the town and should be at his estate in 45 minutes.

Becky and Ben discuss how they should break it to her.

Becky says the maid should bring Tiffani into the pool area and when she is there she will exit the pool naked for her mother to take it all in, all her tattoos and piercings. When she gives her mother a hug Ben will get out of the pool and come over to her completely naked.

Becky tells Ben “I will tell her that you are my Master and that I am his slave. I have had sex with him in my pussy and ass many times. And that I have given you multiple blowjobs. That this is my choice. I will then show her my engagement ring and tell her we are going to be married in Hawaii. That she can be a part of her life or not. This is her choice. I will tell her that I love you and I am going to be spending the rest of my life with you. I will tell her you are willing to take her as a slave also, but it is her choice and must be done willingly.

Tiffani arrives 45 minutes later. She comes to the front door and the maid shows her to the pool area.

Tiffani “Becky I am back, I missed you”.

Becky getting out of the pool comes to her mother slowly so that she can take it all in, “I missed you too, Mom, I had a great time with Ben”

Tiffani “Becky get some clothes on, you are naked”.

Becky “This is house rules, no clothes are to be worn by women while they are in our house unless there are strange guest”.

Tiffani “OUR house?”

Becky “Master Ben's and mine, this is our house. He is my master and I am his slave. I am the Mistress of the house”. She tells her what she said she would. Tiffani cannot believe her ears.

Becky “You are in my house and you will take off your clothes!”. “Becky, I can't”. “You will or I will rip the off of your body” Tiffani takes off all her clothes and puts them on a chair. Becky then gives her a hug and Ben gets out of the pool and dries off and comes up to Tiffani naked.

Tiffani looks at Ben in the face and the tentatively looks at his cock. Her jaw drops as she taken in Ben in all his glory. “How big is that thing?, God it is by far the biggest cock I have ever seen. Becky you had sex with that in your vagina and ass? How did it fit?”

Becky “First, he is 16” long and 5 1/2” wide, Second, Yes I had sex with that beautiful cock in me in both my pussy and my ass, I have deep throat his cock. Let me demonstrate for you.”

Becky puts Ben's cock in her mouth and begins to suck it all the way down her throat. She bobs up and down on it and shows Tiffani the bulge in her throat. She takes it out of her throat and mouth and says to Tiffani, “Would you like to try it?” “NO” is her response. Tiffani notices the tattoo on Ben's cock.

Tiffani “I see his cock is pierced and has a tattoo on it”

Ben “That was Becky's idea, Becky show Tiffani your tattoos and piercing. Explain the meaning behind them also please.”

Becky “Yes, Master”, Becky points to her Queen of Spades tattoo and tells Tiffani it means she preference is black cock over white cock. That white cock is inferior and way too small to be pleasurable. She shows her other tattoos and explains how she acquired each one. She shows her her angel tattoo and tells her that is what her Master calls her when they are alone. She calls him Ben when they are in their bed together. She stick out her tongue and tells her that it enhances her blowjob skills and Masters pleasure.

Becky says it is her choice to join us and become Master's new slave.

Tiffani “Becky, you must be crazy if I am going to let you throw your life away ….” before she can finish her sentence Becky slaps Tiffani in the face and then does it again

Becky “How dare you disrespect me in my house! This is Master Ben's house and Mine you will obey me and my Master” she hits her again “you must be insa...” Becky then beats her mother and then gets the crop and starts to beat her. “You will respect me and my Master and my future husband in our house” She whips her.


Tiffani has red welts on her back and Becky turns her over and start whipping her tits, belly and pussy.


Tiffani is crying. Becky tells her to quit crying. Tiffani tries. Tiffani gets up.

Becky “Tiffani come over here and kiss my feet and tell me that you are sorry for your disobedience” Tiffani is beaten and broken that her daughter has done this to her. She crawls over to her and kisses her feet and tells her that she is sorry for her disobedience.

Becky “Now go over to Master and worship his cock and tell him you are sorry for your disobedience”. Tiffani crawls over to Ben and apologies for her disobedience. What do you mean by worship his cock?

Becky “Suck his cock. Take it in your mouth. Push it down your throat. Breathe through your nose and swallow as the head of his cock hits the back of you throat, Do it now or I will beat you until you pass out.”

Tiffani does as she is told and eventually she gets the massive cock down her throat.

Becky “Suck him till he cums in your throat”

After about 20 minutes of chicken heading his cock Ben blows a huge load down Tiffani's throat.

Becky “Very good, you might become a good slave. I do not plan on asking you tonight to make your decision. But know this, it is your choice. Ben will take care of you if you agree to us getting married. If not, you will be stripped naked and left in the middle of the town. You will loose the job that Ben got for you. You will have no clothes, no money, no car. You will probably be gang raped and/or be some pimps prostitute. For tonight you will sleep in our room on the floor hand cuffed to the bed. You will watch me and my future husband make love. I will ask for your decision tomorrow morning. Master takes care of his slaves and he has many in this town and county. I have met a lot of them. They all worship him and they are obedient to him. He is my Master and nothing you do will change that. I love you. My Master loves you and wants to take care of you. You have to come to him willingly. Now lets go to my bedroom and get you washed up and ready for bed”.

They head to the master suite and go take a shower, all three of them. They wash Tiffani's wounds and Ben and Becky wash each other. They get out of the shower, Ben and Becky then put healing ointment on Tiffani's welts.

Becky “I am sorry it came down to that, you gave me no choice Tiffani”

Tiffani “I'm sorry, it is a shock to see my 13 year old daughter like this!”

Becky “Master, does not treat me like a 13 year old girl but as a woman and as his lover. He is gentle and tender. He is a great lover as you will see very soon.”

The go to bed and handcuff Tiffani to the post. She watches as Ben and Becky make passionate love together. She watches as Ben's cock disappears into her pussy and he buries all 16” inside of her womb. They turn over with Ben still inside her pussy. Becky is on top and she grinds on top. Becky bounces up and down on his mighty cock. This goes on for 30 minutes before Ben erupts in her womb. Becky has climaxed 3 times. The last one as Ben climaxes. With Ben still in her Becky asks Tiffani “Have you ever had a man cum in your womb? “NO” “it is an amazing feeling, I love it when he cums in my vagina but it is better when he cums in my womb”. She kisses Ben and leans in and tells him “I Love You, you are mine, I will share you with your slaves, but you sleep with me, I am yours and you are all mine” Tiffani watch as Ben fucks me in my ass. Becky then gets off the bed and gets into the doggie position. Ben then inserts his cock into her ass and starts to pound her. Becky tells him to “Fuck me like a jackhammer!” He does and she starts have one orgasm after another. By the time Ben finally cums he has fucked her for two hours. They crawl into bed and spoon each other. Becky tells Ben “I love it when you fuck my ass like that, Master!, I LOVE YOU. Time to go to sleep. Becky and Ben falls to sleep quickly. Tiffani stays awake for a while and finally sleeps after taking in everything that has transpired since she walked through the door into the house.

Ben and Becky wake up first and Becky does her usual routine in the morning. Tiffani wakes up to Becky sucking on Ben's huge cock. Becky notices her being awake and winks at her. After Ben cums, Becky get off his cock.

Becky undo her handcuffs and puts Tiffani on the floor. “So what is your decision Tiffani?”

Tiffani crawls over to Ben and tells him “Please let me be your slave. I submit myself to be your slave. I do this of my own free will. I want to be a part of my daughters life and that is apparently with you as her husband and master. I give you permission to marry my daughter. You seem to love her. I will be watching and hopefully you will prove me right.”

Ben “I will take you as my slave, Becky is now your Mistress. You are to obey her every order without question.”

Tiffani “Yes, Master”

Ben “Good, Mistress please go over the rules. I see she needs to shave.”

Becky “Very good choice Slave Tiffani. Now lets go over the rules....”

Chapter 3 to follow …. Tiffani's training and a SURPRISE.

Hope you enjoy my story. I will reveal more of the back story about Ben in the coming chapters....

Stay tuned...

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