Sisters Ch. 1

It had been another blistering hot day and the evening wasn’t any different. Though the sun had gone down, the humidity was still a killer. Julia was in her room with all the windows open and the fan on. She was listening to the latest Reel Big Fish album, which she got for her 18th birthday and was dancing along with it. Her parents had gone out and she was home alone with her sister Rebecca. Rebecca was the quieter and more mature one of the two, even though she was only a year older. Both sisters were often mistaken for twins because they looked so much alike. They both had straight blonde hair that reached half way down their backs. Crystal blue eyes and very tanned skin. The only difference was that Rebecca was a few inches taller standing 5’6, while Julia was 5’4.
Rebecca walked down the hall to her sister’s room. She pushed open the door slightly. The music came blasting out. Julia didn’t hear her sister and kept on dancing. Rebecca didn’t say anything and paused watching her sister. Julia danced around her room wearing a very tight baby-blue tank top and white cotton panties. Rebecca had seen her sister wearing very little before, but this time she saw some thing more. She found her sister was incredibly sexy. Rebecca’s eyes followed Julia perky firm breast as they bounced up and down while she danced. They followed her round slender ass as Julia unknowingly wiggled it at Rebecca. Rebecca felt her own panties getting damp. She quietly closed the door and returned to her room.
Rebecca tucked herself under the covers and turned off the light, going to bed.
It was still early and she wasn’t very tired but she had to get up early the next day.
Rebecca tossed and turned for 4 hours. It was close to 1 AM and she was still wide- awake. Their parents had gotten home a couple of hours ago and after telling Julia to turn off the music and go to bed, they did the same, but the heat was too much for Rebecca. That and she had thoughts of her sister dancing in her head. Her panties, the only clothes she wore, were damp. She decided to get up and get a drink to cool off. She walked across the hall to the bathroom and stared at herself in the mirror. In the reflection she saw the bathtub. A cold shower might do her some good in more ways than one, she thought. But no, what if her mom walked in, than what would she tell her. The A/C was on high and the rest of the house was cool. So the decision was made. No shower. She gulped down two glasses of cold water, turned off the light and went back to her room. On the way she heard a noise. It was from her sister’s room. She walked towards Julia’s room. The noise became slightly louder and Rebecca could hear the hum of a small machine. Julia’s door was open slightly enough that Rebecca could look in. She peaked in around the corner to see Julia naked lying on her back. Her legs were spread apart with the covers kicked to the end of the bed. Rebecca saw she was holding something, one hand above her pubic hair, the other cupping her breast quite firmly. What ever she was holding was making the humming noise. Julia’s hips moved slowly on the bed and she let out small sighs of pleasure under closed eyes. Rebecca found her hands cupping her naked breasts and pinching her nipples hard. She felt the heat grow inside her own body and panties becoming wetter. From her arms moving, she hit Julia’s door it creaked open a little more and both girls gasped at the same time. Rebecca was frozen still.
“Rebecca?” Julia whispered. “Is that you?”
“Um hmm.” Rebecca replied.
“It’s okay. You can come in.” Rebecca hesitated a moment than pushed the door open. “Close it totally.” Julia said. Rebecca did as she was told. She turned and saw Julia naked in front of her. Julia had closed her legs and put whatever she was holding behind her. She lay on her bed with both legs to the side. “You okay?” Julia asked.
“I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have been spying like that.”
“What did you see?” Julia asked. Rebecca sat on the bed beside her sister.
“You were holding something… down there.” Julia giggled. “What’s so funny?”
“Did you like what you saw?” Julia asked. “I think you did.” Julia looked at Rebecca’s hard nipples and panties. The wettest had crawled up the front of them a bit.
“Yes.” She sounded ashamed.
“Hey, don’t be like that.” She touched her arm. “It’s okay really.”
“I have a confession. I was watching you earlier too. When you were dancing. You just looked so …sexy.”
“Thank you.” Julia said.
“I’ve never been with another girl before.”
“Oh,” Julia sounded shocked. “Well, are you curious?”
“Well… yeah, but,” Julia moved closer, her arm moving to her shoulder. “But I can’t with you.”
“Why? I think you’re so incredibly sexy and would love to be with you.”
“Yeah but its incest.” Rebecca pulled away a bit.
“I promise I won’t tell if you don’t.” They looked at each other for a moment and both broke out into giggles. Julia brushed Rebecca’s hair behind her ear and leaned in. Her lips met Rebecca’s. They were soft and moist. She held them there for a moment.
“Was that so bad?” Rebecca shook her head. “We’ll go slow and if you wanna stop just tell me.” Julia whispered into her ear. She nibbled her earlobe. Rebecca moaned. Her arms wrapped around Julia’s back. Their breasts were tightly against their bodies. Julia’s body was cool and her smooth skin felt nice against Rebecca’s. Julia continued to lick and nibble on her ears and her neck. Rebecca was melting into Julia’s body. Julia pulled herself from Rebecca’s grasp. She put her hands on Rebecca’s shoulders and moved them down her chest. Rebecca’s breasts were firm and nipples erect. Julia’s hand cupped her breast and gently squeezed.
“Come lie up here.” Rebecca lay on the bed with her head on the pillow. Julia strattled her body. She leaned forward and kissed Rebecca passionately their tongues twisting and turning in their mouths. With one hand, Julia massaged her breasts, twisting her nipples lightly. Rebecca moaned into Julia’s mouth. Julia moved down, licking Rebecca’s neck and upper chest. She cupped her breast and took her hard nipple into her mouth. Rebecca moaned and arched her back forcing Julia to suck harder. Julia let go and did the same to the other nipple.
“Do you like that?”
“Oh yeah, your mouth feels so good on my tits.” Julia moved her body so she was lying beside Rebecca. She rubbed her other breast and stomach. Julia opened her legs a bit and lightly rubbed the underside of Rebecca’s panties. Rebecca moaned loudly. “Oh god. That feels so good.” Julia pulled off Rebecca panties. Her hand rubbed her clit. Rebecca took a deep breath and arched her back again.
“My god you are wet. I’ve never seen someone this wet back before.” Julia said.
“More please. Don’t stop.” Rebecca begged.
Julia fingered her clit more. Rebecca pussy was dripping on to the bed. Julia easily slipped a finger into Rebecca’s pussy.
“Oh fuck! Mmmmm. Your finger felts so good.” Rebecca said. Julia moved down more.
“Are you ready?” Julia asked.
“Yes, please, lick my pussy.” Julia didn’t need a second invitation. Her tongue flicked across Rebecca’s clit. Rebecca moaned loudly in pleasure. Julia kept her finger inside Rebecca while she licked her clit. “Oh yeah, oh yeah. That feels so good.” Julia sucked Rebecca clit. She had Rebecca pussy juice all over her face.
“Wait.” Julia looked up. “Can you use that thing you were using?” Rebecca asked.
“My vibrator?”
“Yeah.” Julia smiled and nodded. She grabbed it from beside Rebecca and turned it to the highest setting. It hummed to life.
Julia rubbed it lightly on Rebecca clit. Rebecca giggled a little. She’d never used one before and it kind of tickled at first.
“You like that?” Rebecca nodded. “Do you want me to put it in you?” Rebecca nodded again. Julia placed it at the opening of Rebecca’s pussy and pushed it. “Oh God!” Rebecca said. Julia held it there and resumed licking her clit. “Oh fuck, oh fuck.” Without warning, Rebecca’s hips started to shake violently. “OH!”

“Bec, are you okay?” Julia asked.
“What happened?” Rebecca asked.
“You had an orgasism, and a big one at that. Have you never had an orgasism before?”
“I guess not.” Rebecca said.
“So how was that?” Julia asked.
“Well it off to bed with you now.”
“Hey, who’s the older one here?!” Rebecca joked.
“You gotta get up early tomorrow, remember?”
“Yeah, but what about you?”
“Another night.”
“Promise? I have to return the favor.”
“I promise.” Julia said.
Rebecca grabbed her panties and headed for the door and stopped. She turned and walked back to Julia. Rebecca leaned close to her.
“Thank you.” They kissed passionately. “Goodnight.”
Rebecca went back to her room and fell a sleep quickly.

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