Julia bounced down the stair in her usual manner. Her parents were both sitting in front of the television.
“Daddy.” She called out.
“Yes Pumpkin,” he replied.
“Can I have some friends over for a sleepover this weekend, since you and mom are going away?” She asked innocently.
“I don’t see why not. What do you think honey?” he asked his wife.
“That sounds like a wonderful idea.”
“Thanks daddy.” She skipped out towards the stair.
“Oh Julia,” he called out. She turned around.
“Yes?” she replied.
“Remember the rules.”
“I know. Don’t stay up all night.”
“And?” he questioned.
“No boys.”
“And that goes for all weekend. For both you and Rebecca.” He said sternly.
“Okay daddy.” She replied. “If anyone needs me I’ll be in the shower.”
“Okay honey.” Her mom called out.

Rebecca jogged down the stairs and into the kitchen. She made herself a tea and some toast and joined her parents in the living room.
“Where’s Julia?” Rebecca asked.
“She’s in the shower.” Her mother replied.
“Oh. Okay, I’ll be in my room. I have some work to do and than I’m going to bed.”
“Okay. Goodnight, Angel.” Rebecca gave her mother, and father a kiss on the cheek.
“‘Night mom. ‘Night dad.”
“Goodnight sweetie.” Her mom called out.

Rebecca went to her room and turned on the light. She put her tea and toast on the desk and turned on some music. Then went to the bathroom.

The water was hot and caressed Julia’s body with a warm touch. Steam had covered the mirror causing a translucent image. The air was thick with moisture. Rebecca opened the door slightly. Heavy stream rushed her body, turning it up a degree. Julia was behind the shower curtain naked. Rebecca walked in quietly and closed the door behind her locking it. She quickly undressed. The heat and stream gripped her body making her feel hotter than she already was. Her nipples, erect and pussy, wet, she new she had to be with her sister. She went to the back end of the tub and peeked in. Julia’s eyes were closed and she was washing the soap off her body. Rebecca opened the curtain enough so she could get inside. The air was hotter here and her pussy was dripping with the sight of this young firm naked body that was her sisters. Rebecca raised her hands and slowly moved them towards Julia’s breasts. Julia breasts looked silky from the flow of water over them. Rebecca touched. Julia’s eyes shot open. GASP!
“HOLY CHRIST BEC!” she whispered loudly. “How long have you been there?”
“Not long. I thought I’d come and join you.” Rebecca touched Julia’s breasts again rubbing them slightly.
“Are you crazy?! Mom and dad are downstairs.”
“Don’t worry. They’re watching TV.”
“What if they hear?”
“Then we’ll have to be quiet than, won’t we.” They stared at each other of a few seconds and started to giggle. “Now, I get to return the favor from last night.” Rebecca moved closer to Julia. The water sprayed both of them as their body intertwined in a long kiss. Rebecca’s tongue darted into and out of Julia’s mouth and vice versa. Rebecca’s hands explored Julia’s back and front. She rubbed her breasts with great but tender force. Julia melted into her arms.
“Oh god. I’ve been fantasizing about this all day.” Julia spoke.
“Me too. I got in trouble from Miss. Sparks today for not paying attention.” They both laughed. Rebecca grabbed Julia’s ass to help her stand. Julia let out small moans as Rebecca played with her nipples and ass.
“Your hands fell wonderful.” Julia moaned. Rebecca turned her around to face the wall. Julia then grinded her ass into Rebecca’s pubic bone. Rebecca’s hands wrapped around Julia’s body and found each breast. She played vigorously with her nipples. They both let out small moans. Rebecca’s hands glided down Julia’s wet body to her fresh shaven pussy.
“I did it just for you.” Julia moaned.
“I like it.” Rebecca rubbed her clit and pushed Julia’s body into her own. Julia’s moans started getting louder.
“Mmmm, yeah. That feels so good.” Julia gasped. Rebecca stopped.
“Put your hands on the wall.” Julia did as she was told. The water hit Julia’s back and flowed down her ass and legs. Rebecca pulled at Julia hips back a bit. Her body was almost at a 90-degree angle. Rebecca knelt down on to her knees behind her sister. She spread her ass wide, exposing her tight little asshole. Rebecca took her finger and rubbed it along Julia pussy and across her asshole. She picked up the soap puff off the ground. It was still lathered in soap. She soaped her pussy gently. Her sister moaned.
“I like it when you wash me.” Julia said. The water ran down her butt and washed away the soap. Rebecca mouth approached her sisters dripping cunt. Water ran over her tongue as she licked her sister pussy. Julia moaned as quietly as she could. Rebecca’s nose probed Julia’s pussy as she licked her. “Oh god, Rebecca.” Rebecca slid two fingered into Julia’s pussy as she licked her. Julia’s knees started to buckle. “Oh god yes. Fuck me with those fingers.” Rebecca fingered her faster. “Oh god, yes. I’m gonna cum.” Julia said.
Rebecca licked her clit harder. Julia’s knees buckled and she dropped to the bottom of the tub with a thud. Rebecca wrapped her arms around her sister.
“Thanks.” Rebecca whispered into Julia’s ear. Warm water poured over both of them. “I better get out before mom and dad suspect anything.” Julia nodded as Rebecca got out. She quickly dried off, grabbed her clothes and ran to her bedroom.
Rebecca lay on her bed looking though some papers for school drinking her now cold tea. There was a knock at her door.
“Come in.” She said. Julia entered wearing her pj’s. She closed the door behind her and sat beside Rebecca. Julia kissed Rebecca passionately.
“I never got to thank you properly.” Julia said. Rebecca smiled.
“Anytime sis.”

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