My Continueing Adventures behind my Husband's back
From Lonely Unfulfilled Housewife to Perverted Slut Part 6.

I read the comments about Part 4 of my experiences. If you reread what happened and how I felt in Parts 1, 2, 3, 4. Plus Vincent also injected something while I was sitting beside him on the coach so that helped him bring the real me out. Maybe those who comments will see how I didn't realize what was missing in my life until that night in the upstairs bathroom. I didn't know Vincent had seen me the same day he just happens to meet Sandra my daughter. I am not imagining things. Vincent actually told me it was me he knew was a nympho and that all I needed was that shove to get me started. He told me after that first time he saw me he began to plan bringing me out of my shell. Of course the drugs he fed me that time in the gym helped me find my true self also.

Vince told me how he had followed me and observes what was happening around me. He said he saw how my husband’s brothers watched me with wanting eyes. Not to mention even Paul's sisters husbands. However Vincent somehow knew I'd be hot for black men. It's not that they are black it’s the primal sexual aggressive, sexually dominant, powerful instincts that some men have over women. Paul doesn't have it nor does his sisters but his brothers have it and so does his brother in laws. Why they ended up marring Paul's sisters is anyone’s guess because none of his sisters had any sexual drive to satisfy their husbands any more than Paul has the sexual drive to please me.

Like I was saying the drugs fed to me I believe now only made it sink into my brain how much I needed powerful, sexually dominating, primal sexual aggressive men to bring out the real me. The lust in me that was their all alone and was not being taken care of by my husband Paul.

My Master Vincent had gotten me to come to the gym. He had surprised me with a room of young black men and also forced me to swallow some kind of drug that made me hornier than usual. Master Vincent told me the drug only brought out the real me. Master Vincent had hard wonderful sex with me and I was now to be black Master Ted's property and his entire basketball team.

I had looked up to see Master Ted waving his long thick black cock at me. I saw his low hanging black balls below his cock. I didn't know what I wanted more in my mouth. Those lovely low hanging balls or that huge cock. However Master Ted made that decision for me when he said. “Get down there and lick my cum filled balls.”

I didn't have to be asked twice. I held his big thick black cock up and leaned forward and licked those big black balls. They had a terrific musky taste and I felt myself intoxicated with their aroma. I stuck my tongue and took a lick then another lick. The taste of just licking Master Ted's big, black, low hanging balls were so great I wanted them in my mouth. I opened my mouth wide and one of his balls in my mouth.

“Oh yes bitch, suck that ball. Suck it good. Taste that cum filled ball. That's soon going directly to your stomach slut. I love being deep throated by white bitches. Get over here one of my bro's and take the bitches cunt while I get ready to shove my dick down her throat. Are you ready slut?” Master Ted asked.

I could only moan in answer. I let Master Ted's big black ball out of my mouth. “Your cock is way bigger than my husband’s cock and even bigger than my Master Vincent’s cock. How can a boy your age have such a huge thick cock?” I asked not really wanting waiting for an answer. I licked up his balls then starting at the base of his thick black cock began to lick up the bottom of his thick, long black cock until I got to his mushroom size cock head and took it in my mouth.

Master Ted took a hold of my head like he would a basketball then said. “Take a good deep breathes through your nose bitch because this cock is going down that fucking throat of yours.”

I took a deep breath and let it out my nose. Then the largest, thickest cock I had ever seen made its way in my mouth. Thankfully I remembered to wrap my lips around my teeth as Master Ted slid between my lips and slid into my mouth. I felt it at the entrance to my throat. Then I noticed most of his thick black cock wasn’t even in my mouth. Was he going to push that big snake of a cock down my throat like Vincent had done with his cock? I didn’t have long to find out.

Ted thrust forward and I looked as more and more of his cock slid between my lips and I could feel my throat muscles expand.

“Holy shit. Look at the slut's neck getting bigger. You can actually see Ted's cock going down her throat. Fuck this is great.” One of other black teens yelled. “Fuck I can't wait until it's my turn.”

“Fuck she must be a natural at deep throating. She isn't even gaging on that big cock of yours Ted. She swallowing your entire cock.” Another black teen yelled.

I felt something on my bottom lip and sure enough it was Master Ted's large black balls. He began to withdraw that long thick cock from my throat until it reached my mouth. I took a deep breath through my nose.

“Hay one of you guys gets over here. The bitch has more than one hole that needs feeling. Push your ass in the air slut. Show my boys what you want and need.” Master Ted said.

I knew what I wanted looking around the room and seeing all the tall, nude, muscular, teenage blacks with their massive cocks. My cunt needed those cocks. All of them. I wanted to yell. Fuck me. Please fuck me. But with my mouth still full of Master Ted's mushroom size cock head. I could only moan and wiggle my ass to entice the many black teens. Then Master with his hands gripping my head slid his cock down my throat again.

Behind me I felt hands gripping my sides and someone massaging my large breasts. I felt a large cock head push against the entrance of my pussy lips and press against my hard clit. It was soaking wet having cum a couple of times deep throating Master Ted's huge cock. Suddenly I felt the guy behind me slam his cock into my wet pussy. His cock seemed endless as it inched into me. I slipped forward swallowing more of Master Ted's cock. I was now plugged from both ends from huge cocks. Maybe they even met in the middle. I was now lost in the most lust I had in my entire life.

Then I felt as I was falling to my side. Both cocks stayed in me. The cock deep in my hot pussy and the one in my mouth down my throat. Just then I felt someone else. He was holding me from behind and I felt his cock pushing into my ass hole. Now I had three black teens fucking me all the same time. I moaned around Master Ted's thick cock as he rammed it down my throat again. I felt as my throat expanded again. My ass hole opened up for the teen pushing into my ass and I felt as he suddenly rammed his entire thick black at least ten inch cock that had to be over ten inches into me and I felt his balls slap my ass. Meanwhile the other black man was ramming in and out of my pussy like there was no tomorrow. I don't know how many orgasms I had.

Still all three rammed their big cocks into me three holes. My ass opened wide for the thick black inches as the other black cock slid almost beside it only in my hot pussy. I felt my throat opened again as Master Ted’s cock rammed down my throat and his balls slapped my bottom lip. I wanted to yell for them to fuck me harder and harder. I was in more lust than I had been in my entire life. Suddenly all three men pulled their big cocks from my mouth, ass and pussy the same time.

I heard someone yell. “Ram those big cocks back in me please. Fuck me hard all you hot studs. Fuck me. My ass and pussy need those loads. Not to mention my hungry throat and stomach.” Then I realized it was me who was shouting. But I didn’t care. All I knew I needed big cock in me as well as their big load and all three black studs had big thick cocks.

I was so happy the three hot big cocked black men didn’t rush. They just fucked and fucked my mouth, pussy and ass. I pushed my ass back and forth so I could enjoy the cocks in my pussy and ass the same time. At the same time Master Ted kept ramming his big black cock down my throat over and over again.

All three were not quiet while fucking me. Master Ted holding my head in place as he rammed his cock in and out of my throat was yelling. “Take my cock bitch. Take it all. Fuck yea you got a great throat.”

“You should be fucking her tight ass Ted. Fuck it is so fucking hot.” The black fucking my ass yelled.

The guy fucking my pussy was yelling. “Fucking bitch. Fuck you’re a fucking bitch dog in heat. Take my cock in that hot pussy.”

They came one after the other as the man fucking my pussy pushed against my hard clit every time he pushed in and out of my hot pussy. If Vincent or his gang of nine hadn’t knocked me up the big black stud boy fucking my hot pussy I’m sure would have knocked me up. I was definably knocked up.

I heard Master Ted groan and as he pulled his cock out until only his big cock head was only in my mouth and he shoved it in my mouth and down my throat. His big black balls had pushed up against his hard cock and looked bigger than ever. Full of his hot cum. His cock expanded in my throat and I knew he was shooting his cum directly down my stomach. He pulled his cock out of my mouth as it shot another big load across my eager tongue then he blasted another load all over my face.

Behind me the man fucking my ass with his big black cock began groaning. “Take my load you fucking bitch. Take it all. Fuck your ass is hot.”

“Fuck so is her hot pussy. Shit bitch your one slut. Take my load you fucking white bitch in heat. Take it all.” I felt as his cock shot deep in my pussy. It felt so hot deep in me and I orgasm again.

My ass seemed to swallow the man's cock with lust. I needed that big cock in my ass in the worse way. He rammed in and out of my ass hard then he held me tight with his big cock deep in my ass. “Here it comes bitch. Take my cum you slut.” He moaned.

Then Master Ted and the other two removed their cocks from my body the same time. My body felt so empty. I heard someone yelling. “Cock, more cock. I need more cock. One of you big black muscular boys with cocks fucks me.” Then I realized it was me that was yelling but I kept yelling for more big black cock.

I didn't have long to wait thank goodness. Three more big black muscular teens came over and one pushed his cock into my open mouth another into my cunt and another up my ass hole. Oh the lust of it all. Those next three big, black, muscular, teens sure knew how to fuck hard. The guy fucking my ass massaged my clit as he rammed his big cock in and out of my ass and the guy pumping my pussy managed to rub my clit also and I had orgasm after orgasm. My mouth worshiped the cock that slid into it and down my throat. All I could hear was all the guys calling me slut bitch in heat, cock sucker, deep throatier and white trash. It was glorious.

Every time my mouth was free of cock. I yelled for the other two black studs to fuck me. “Fuck my ass hard. Ram that cock in my hot pussy. Push that big cock in my mouth and down my throat again. I love cock. Big black cocks. Fuck me guys.”

It felt all too soon before these three black studded teens shot their loads in me and pulled out and splashed cum on my back, stomach and face. I was ready for more. “More cock. Fuck me guys. Fuck me. Three studs plow my pussy, ass and throat. Hurry I have to have cock. Your big black teen cocks. Fuck me guys.” I heard myself moaning over and over again.

Soon three more studs were pumping their big black cocks into my hungry ass, pussy and throat. OH it was so wonderful to get used and used hard by yet three more black teen agers. Fucked really hard. They used me with no thought of me. They just wanted to fuck until they shot their loads and that was just fine with me.

All day morning noon and afternoon the big, black, teens with giant cocks fucked me. I wasn't without a cock for more than a few minutes all day. The guys took turns eating and drinking but I only drank cum and more cum. I was so full by the end of the day with cum.

Master Vincent with his big Italian cock had fucked me at least three times that day. I swallowed his cock. Felt it up hot ass and he had screwed my cunt hard. He was my real Master. Master Ted was my black Master when with his teen black big cocked buddies.

It was getting close to when I should get home before Paul got home from work when suddenly Master Vincent ordered me to lay on the floor and all the black, muscular teens to circle me. All their cocks were once more rock hard including Master Vincent he stood over my head. “Everyone jack off all over this piece of shit. Flood her with your fucking cum. Go for it guys.” He yelled.

I looked around to see a blur of hands around big thick black cocks with their balls moving around. All their big balls moved up close to their hard cocks and I looked up at Vincent as he shot his hot load all over my face. The others started shooting their loads all over me as well. I was soaked in hot white cum. “Okay you can leave now Joan.” Master Vincent said.

“But I need a shower.” I said. I felt so sticky all over and the smell though I loved the smell of cum would sure alert Paul if he was home.

“Remember who your Master is Slut. You put your coat on and go home. No shower. Get the fuck out of here and wait for me to call you.” Master Vincent yelled. “Go now.”

I got up and put my coat on and left the gym and went to my car and got in. On the way home I kept thinking how I was going to get in the house and upstairs to shower IF Paul was home. I saw the house down the street and Paul's car wasn't in the lane way. I just hoped it wasn't in the garage. I parked the car in front of the house. I went in through the garage. Thank goodness Paul's car wasn't there so I ran upstairs undressed and grabbed my robe and went to take a shower. I had put my soiled close in the bottom of the laundry bag. I showered and came out of the shower and was surprise to see Paul come down the hall and great me with a kiss on the cheek as usual. I had gotten away with my first black gang bang.

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