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Names have been changed
I have changed names to protect people

Lillith took the last drag of her cigarette on sigfir's porch. It was funny how she continued smoking even though it killed her throat she considered quiting reminding herself she was only 16 years old. She stared into the balcony straining her eyes to see if sigs neighboor Mitch was home. Mitch was in his mid 30's had a wife and two kids and smoked quite a bit of very wonderful marijuana. Lillith was fascinated with him, she was infatuated with his smile and everything he said was really quite hilarious. He was very easy on the eyes, tan, muscular, a bit short but the face of an angel. A fallen angel, a really faded fallen angel. Mitch usually came over on the weekends to smoke with lil and sig and watch stupid zombie movies on the xbox. Lillith loved spending time with mitch and there was always this unspeakable bond between them, like nothing lil had ever felt before. One weekend mitch's family went out of town leaving him alone at his house. He jokingly invited lillith to stay the night, he had always been attracted to her, but there was never a time he could make a move. The next day lil decided to take him up on his jovial request and that saturday she snuck away from sigs house and joined mitch watching an indiana jones movie. They smoked for hours until they were both so high and so close they had nothing left to do. 
"i just want to hear you scream. Just once"  mitch pleaded.
"that might be a bit hard," replied lillith "i've never done that before"
"i bet you i can do it with out even having sex , i can make you cum."
Lil looked at mitch and smirked "oh really?" 
Mitch winked and gave her a gentle kiss. Sliding his tounge across her lips begging for an entrance. Lil let him in, their tounges touching each other for the first and last time. His strong hand moved up to her breast. Teasing her nipple and kissing her neck mitch stuck his other hand down her pants. Lil panted for breath wraping her fingers in mitchs hair. He kissed her body down enjoying every god damn beautiful moment. Mitch slid off lil's pants and underwear and kissed her thigh a bit. Teasing her with the closeness of his breath. He slid one finger into her, and she gasped at how large his hands were. He bent his head down and kissed her clit. Taking in the aroma of her tight teen vagina, mitch gave her a tiny lick and she shivered with excitement. He began to speed up the rhythem of his fingers.
"mmmmm" lillith began to moan, quitetly at first, but the more intricate mitch's tounge got with her clit the louder lil became. He flicked her clit with his tounge making her jerk.
"you like that dont you" 
"mmmhhhhmmmm" whimpered lil
"mmm youre so tight and you taste so fucking good" he gave her another flick of his tounge and plunged his now two fingers deeper into her. 
"you act like you've never been touched before" mitch says
Lillith looks at him with passion filled eyes, " the people i go out with are boys they dont know what they are doing." 
Mitch smiles and goes back to work. Lil grinds her wet pussy into mitchs mouth moaning insanely he makes her cum once. 
"oh please fuck me mitch please" lil begs. 
"even if we were going to fuck," mitch says "we wouldnt have even started that yet" 
Mitch continued to finger her running his fingers into exactly the right spot. Lil jumped at the breath taking pleasure. Mitch continued finger fucking lillith for a good hour making her cum 2 more times. They run upstairs to take a cigarettes break.
They light their cigarettes in silence. Mitch looks at lil
"you dont know how bad i want to fuck the shit out of you" 
Lillith stared back at mitch " oh you dont even know how bad i want you too" 

They took a quick smoke break and went back downstairs. It wasnt long before mitch was at it again. He plunged his fingers into her wet pussy she moaned her vagina already sore from the first time she smiled 
"you motherfucker" she said
"im just trying to make you feel good is that bad?" 
"mmmmm no" 
He Gave her a break to let her clit go down but lil didnt want to stop 
"just please fuck me" 
"haha is that all you want?"
"right now? Yes!" 
Mitch slid his hand down lils pants feeling her tight wet pussy made him hard
He rushed to pull his pants down and lil bent over and rammed his cock into her pussy. She was so tight he almost couldnt take it. He kept on going wanting to cum every second but he couldnt he wanted to make her cum with his big dick
"mmmmmmm" lil moaned she loved the way he felt inside her oumoing in an out. She felt incredibly sexy and dangerous
Mitch brought his hand around her waist and played with her clit.
"oh fuck" lil gasped she had never felt the way she felt at that moment. Her body resonating with sweat and hormones. Her pussy was so wet, no one had ever made her this wet. And he was going so fast now hitting all the right places with his fingers ans his cock.
Oh god he knew what he was doing
Lil screamed with pleasure she came hard. So hard she couldnt rememeber where she was for a moment. She screamed insane slurs of sentance fragments that meant nothing at all. And tangler her fingers in his hair.
Mitch felt her vagina clench around his dick and he knew he xould finally realease he pulled out and came all over lils luscious boobs and she licked some off her finger.
Mitch shivered with delight. No one had ever made him so fucking hot
He layed her down and put his mouth to her swollen clit. She twitched in pleasure
" mmm fuck you"
"what???" mitch replies
" now ur just playing with me" lil smiles and mitch licks her wet pussy tasting her fresh cum he shivers again and slides a finger in. Damn she was still tight.
He played wirh her clit a bit more and by then it was so easy to make her cum all he had to do was lick her click and she went crazy.
He fucked aroud for a bit finger fucking her until she almost came slowly pulling out and then flicking her clit with his tounge. Lillith was going insane she had mever felt socmuch pleasure in her life.
She came at least 4 more times and then mitch,s arms were tired. He rolled over and turbed his head to a completley naked lillith.
God damn she was fucking beautiful
To be comtinued
For real for real

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2012-08-05 13:23:53
Well its a true story maybe the dialouges a bit off but it happened

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2012-08-04 03:38:41
true story lol. for real for real do not waste anymore time posting this fictional crap.

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