Alec wishes to see Alleace, but she no longer lives there
It was just a shitty day, but due to the nature of my job, I can't tell anyone anything about what I do. Not that I want to. I have tried making shit up, after pissing off a couple girls "for keeping secrets". None the less, this crap day job was behind me.

Getting home and dinner were the only priorities on my mind. I did stop and get a paper to read on the train, but as usual the contents of the rag was worth less than the paper it was printed on, part of the reason everything is online, everything is disposable. The only thing interesting in the paper was the sudoku puzzle, not a particularly difficult one, kind of a goldilocks, just right.

The train stopped with a jolt, the driver slamming on the breaks, tossing all of us forward. Good thing this was my stop.

As I walked in my door, I almost stepped on an envelope that someone slipped under my door. "Alleace" it read on the envelope, written with a beautiful pen and hand. Hum, wrong door. I only knew my immediate neighbors, and none had anything close to that name. I lookup the name in the building directory, turns out it was the previous tennant in my apartment.

I was curious to read the note, and what harm would that do, it's intended recipient won't ever get it anyway. I flipped open the envelope and pulled the card out.

"Alleace, miss you, miss your body, your mouth. Got to town last night and dreamt of you. Please see me, tonight. as always, leave door unlocked, turn your lights out at 9:30, and wait for me."

And signed, "Alec"

My first thought was someone was going to be disappointed, mostly me. I laughed at the idea that someone, presumably a woman as the elegant handwritten note suggests to me, was going to meet Alleace here for sex. Was Alec a married woman having an affair on the side? Maybe Alec was a man with really nice handwriting, or maybe someone else not Alec wrote it for him. The possibilities were endless.

As the evening wore on, I kept thinking of the note. It did make a great fantasy, if only I were Alleace. I created entire images of what Alec looked like, only to knock them down and start again. Considering I had nothing to go on, these models included both tall and short, voluptuous and sleek, long and short hair, red, blonde, brunette, and even some of the unnatural colors, large and small tits, infinite variations on every body part imaginable.

It was close to 9, and I was getting restless to think that Alec might not know that Alleace didn't live here anymore, and still would show up. OK, I'm now officially insane, but what guy wouldn't fantasize about this?

I turned off the TV and hopped in the shower. "Nothing like a little body odor to scare away an anonymous paramour", I thought to myself, laughing, "and 'paramour' makes it sound so sophisticated". What a ridiculous idea, but given then facts on hand, somewhat plausible. And 'somewhat plausible' is better chances than I have been getting lately, I made sure the lock was open. Or was it just a risk of waking up to an empty apartment. Good thing the building has cameras and security guards.

First, a note addressed to the previous tennant is under my door. Second, given that I have lived here for two months, it would appear that Alec didn't have a way to contact Alleace directly, or was that part of the fantasy. And third... I didn't have a third.

It was almost 9:30, my mind repeating, "she's gonna be here, she's gonna....", racing to get in bed. Coincidentally, the timers on my lamps were set to 9:30... come to think of it, those timers were already in the apartment when I moved in. Click, 9:30, lights out.

I get in bed and turn the bedside light out. Now lay here and wait. Each minute that passing is marked by the rotary digital clock flipping to the next number. An occasional drip in the bath. My heartbeat is racing in my ears, I'm feeling lightheaded and sleepy. I look at the clock to find 9:47, and my eyes must have closed, because the next thing I witnessed was what looked like the figure of a woman slowly unbuttoning her blouse at the foot of my bed. It was 12:53.

I was instantly awake. "Don't say anything, I'm assuming because you left your door open because you're expecting someone...", she says in a hushed voice, "someone named Alec. I also assumed Alleace had moved when I came in, she has much different tastes than you. Again, I assumed that you were a man by your decor. My thoughts were different when I got here, but my current thoughts are equally pleasurable. If you would prefer I leave, please say so at any time, and I will leave. Otherwise...", she kneels on the bed as she removes her blouse.

She's watching me while she massages her ample breasts, still wrapped in her bra. "Do you like what you see?", I nod in confirmation, my penis already answering, pushing at my sheets on this cool summer evening.

"I like my breasts,", she begins to remove her bra, one hand behind her, one in front to hold it in place. "My nipples are sensitive.", holding the cups of her bra over her tits, one in each hand, groping herself. "Alleace liked to play with my tits. She could really turn me on just from sucking my nipples, or should I say nursing on them... but... I will teach you how to please me, too. And I bet you will be better.", she drops her bra showing me the faint image of her nipples and areola. My mouth begins to water at the thought of putting my lips to them and nursing.

Her hands were now on my right foot, her thumbs pushing into the soles, releasing the tensions there. She moves up to my ankle, and gently places my leg down. She now repeats the process on the other leg.

Alec is now lifting my legs and spreading me open far enough for her to move up and kneel between them. She continues with her massage, my right knee now bent at a soft right angle to my body, her hand on the under side of my thigh, moving upwards towards my ass. As she has been working through the sheets, my cock is getting some attention from the moving sheet. I can't remember ever in my 27 years being this excited, this hard before. Her hand cradled my asscheek, with her thumb pressing at the point where my hip meets my thigh, right next to my scrotum, and her index finger pressing over my anus. The sensation is new to me, both theraputic and erotic. She moves onto the other leg.

When she completes my legs, she places her hands on my hips, pulling the sheets taut over my cock. Unexpectedly, she runs her nose up the length of it, lingering at the head. I could hear her inhaling the whole way up.

"I like what I am smelling.", pausing to inhale again. "It's the scent of arousal. I can see you're getting wet.", and kisses the head of my cock through the sheets. This causes me to gasp, and I try to think of something other than what she is doing, in order to hold back the pending orgasm.

She leans back to pull the sheets out from under her, she then pulls it up over her head. My cock springs forward. I can feel a gentle sucking just below my head on the soft underside, a tongue sliding around,.and then over the head. "I like the way you taste, you're intoxicating.", then wraps her lips around the tip, sucking my pre-cum out to savor.

She pulls the sheets off of her head, and looks at me in the pale moonlight. "Now for your first lesson in pleasing me...", her hand around my throbbing 6 inch cock.

"It really excites me when a man feels comfortable with cumming in my mouth. It thrills me to know I have satisfied him, knowing he feels no guilt or shame in filling my mouth with his seed. I love the feel of his cock in my mouth. I love the feel of his cock deep in my throat. I love the feeling of his cum pulsing through his cock, bursting in my throat, in my mouth, on my lips, my face, and tits. My mouth is his to use for the singular purpose of his pleasure.", she continues with the gentle sucking on the underside, soon she is fucking my cock with her mouth, taking me all the way down to the basement and back to the top floor.

"Oh... gawd... I'mmmmm cummminnng!", and with that she began to swallow everything I gave her. Every thrust into her mouth brought me to a new sensation, each one causing me to convulse my whole body.

I was delirious from the orgasm and just laid there. Still kissing my cock, she comments. "Looks like you were able to free yourself from the guilt and shame bullshit.", hitting my cock several times to her cheek, causing me to flinch again.

After several moments of silence, "It also turns me on to discover what my partner is like, what they like, what they don't, also hearing about things they've done, or things they would like to try, their ultimate fantasy. Do you know the game 20 questions?", I nod in assent. "My version", she continues, "it's called infinite questions, it's single goal is to discover some likes, dislikes, fantasies the a lover... you might have. I like to keep the questions to yes or no answers, that way you won't have to take time to think about your answers, plus it tends to result in more honesty from the person answering as they don't have to think too hard, almost automatic answering. It also lets them concentrate on the pleasure I am administering.", stroking my cock the whole while. "Would you like to play?"

I nod my consent. "Alright, then, first question... We're you fantasizing over my being here tonight?", I nod, she kisses my cock as I answer. "Did you masturbate thinking about what might happen?", I shake no as my answer. "No, guess you were saving yourself for me, right?", again I nod, almost like pavlov's pooch. "Given that Alleace is a woman's name, and Alec could be either a man or woman's name, did you think I might have been a man?", slower in answering, I nod. "Have you ever been with a man before?", again, I reluctantly answer with a nod. "Just once?", shaking no. "Fewer than five times?", I nod. "Do you consider yourself straight?", I nod. "If your girlfriend asked you for a threesome with another guy, would you do it?", and I slowly nod. "If she wanted to see you suck his cock, would you?", not sure how I would answer, I kind of shrug, but then slowly nod yes.

I hadn't noticed before, but she removed her jeans and panties (if she had them in the first place). Now nude, her round ass up in the air, on her knees, my cock resting on the side of her face. "Would you let him cum in your mouth, if she asked?", why she was asking such things, but I reluctantly nodded, with a little shrug.

She then deepthroated my cock, holding it in the back of her mouth, and swallowing. I could feel my cock coming back to attention. She slowly extracted my erection from her throat and mouth. "Have you ever fucked a woman in the ass?", I nod yes. "Did she let you do it bareback?", again yes. "Did you cum in her ass?", shaking no. "Did you cum on her ass?", again no. "Her face?", I nod. "You like seeing cum on woman's face.", nodding afirmative, her chastizing me for answering a non-question. "Would you let a guy cum on your face?", I shake my head no. "Did you have anal sex with a guy?", that was a no, as the three times with a guy all involved me sucking them off, so I shake my head. "So, can I assume you just sucked their cock's, these guys you've been with?", I nod. "Did any of them cum in your mouth?", I nod.

She was now tit-fucking me. "If I wanted you to cum on my tits, would you lick me clean?", I did have a girlfriend in college that asked me to do this, to which I reluctantly agreed, but would I do it again... probably, so I "shrug-nodded". "Has a woman ever asked you to do that?", I nodded. "Hum, you are more adventuresome than I expected. Have you ever given a rim job?", I nodded a little more strongly. "Can I assume you enjoyed it?", I nodded the same way. "Have you ever been given a rim job?", I nodded. "Did you cum as a result?", I shake my head. "Has a girl fucked your ass with a strap-on?", I shake my head. "Have you ever had a finger inserted into your ass?", I nod. "Did you enjoy it?", I nod again. "Did it result in an orgasm?", I nod, but she was also sucking my cock, too.

She was now licking her way up my stomach. "I want to show you something. Are you ready for a surprise?", I nod, and she smiles. She kisses me one last time in the middle of my stomach. As she leans back, she also is up on her knees.

I was shellshocked to see that between her legs was a cock larger than mine, both longer, and thicker, and she looked hard. I think my reaction kind of startled us both. This was not on the list of "infinite variations on every body part" from earlier.

After a few moments, "Should I get dressed and leave?", I had no clue what my answer was until I found myself wrapping both hands around her. "So, should I assume you want me to stay?", I looked her in the eye and nodded. At the same time, my hand starts to jack her uncircumsized cock off. It felt much softer than my circumcised cock. I was mesmerized to watch her head poke in and out of its sheath, as she was now fucking my hands, I held them still.

Alec, the name suited her, had started moving ker knees further up my sides. I now had an excellant view, as her head was just over my lips, her knees just below my rib cage, both my hands wrapped around her, and still her head poked out, almost begging for my lips. I opened my mouth to allow her to thrust over my them. She pulled the hand closest to my mouth away from her cock, started slowly pushing into my mouth, feeling the mushroom head perfectly fitting against the roof of mouth on top, and my tongue holding the sensitive underside. "Whatever you are doing with your tongue, it's devine, please, don't stop.", she was rocking back and forth, moving only a centimeter. She also seemed to be rubbing, maybe poking, it into my tongue.

"Would you indulge my wish?", and without letting me answer, she took her cock out of my mouth, and climbed off of me, and onto the floor. "Get on your knees in front of me.", and automatically I obeyed her.

She placed her cock to my mouth, and positioned her feet near me. I reached up to hold her cock, and she yelled, "No Hands!", and softened her tone, "I want to see how much you will trust me. Besides, I want you to use your hands on yourself.", and she placed hers on my head, more to hold it still while she began to fuck my mouth. "Earlier you told me that you would perform oral sex on a guy if a girlfriend asked, and you more than once did it, allowing at least one of them to cum in your mouth. That is always on my list of things to do with new lovers. I want you to masturbate while I fuck your mouth, and maybe we can cum together."

Over the course of 5, maybe 10, I felt myself wanting to cum several times, but I wanted to wait for her. She was thrusting about two inches in and out of my mouth. I felt her grip on my head tighten, she was also thrusting a little deeper and would hold it at the back of my throat for a few moments. The third time, she came, forcing me to swallow as best I could. The second or third time she shot in my mouth, I came. I knew I was trembling. I leaned forward, forcing her cock into and down my throat, but by some miracle, didn't gag. I think she even shot some directly down my throat, at least I felt her cock twitch a couple times there.

When we finally came down, she pulled out of my mouth, then pulled my face up to meet hers, and we kissed for the first time.

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