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This Story contains Incest, Bondage, Teens, and Mind control. If that’s not to your liking than shoo. If it is then enjoy. This is my first story so any comments would be welcome.

Struck By Lightning

By Lord Amun

Chapter 1

I was kicking myself for staying so late at bills house, now I was riding home in the dark with a storm brewing over head. I could already hear the thunder off in the distance and every once and a wile the sky would light up from the lightning. I was almost home when the rain started. At first it was just a few drops but then it started coming down hard. Before I knew it I was soaked from head to toe. I started cursing and swearing with every peddle. Then it happened, something that would change my life forever. All of a sudden I saw very bright light, and then it felt like my entire body spasm then I went limp and everything went dark.

I didn’t know what happened, how long had I been out. Was I on the side of the road, I didn’t feel wet, and it didn’t feel like I was lying on the road, it felt like a bed. I tried to open my eyes but they wouldn’t open, I tried to sit up but nothing happened. I couldn’t even move my toes. I started to panic.
“What’s…What’s going on? I…I can’t see, I…can’t move, what’s wrong with me?”
“Is he going to be alright doctor?”
“Is…Is that mom…?”
“He’s not out of the woods yet misses Archer, but he is improving. We can’t do anything about the coma, it’s up to him to come out of it.”
“Coma…What happened to me…?” Then I heard the voice of the doctor again, only this time it was different, softer, like something said under his breath. “God she’s a MILF, lucky kid, I would fuck that all day and night”
“What was that, why wasn’t mom slapping him, Didn’t she hear him, it sounded so clear, it had to be loud enough for her to here.”
“Thank you doctor, I can only hope that he comes out of it soon.”
I heard the doctor leave and the door close, Then I felt my mom pick up and hold my hand. “Come out of it John, I know you can, your sisters and I are so worried, you have the come out of it.”
It all became clear now, I understood why I couldn’t see or move my body, I was in a coma, but a coma like I had never heard of, I was pretty smart and had studied comas during health class and on my spare time and from all I could remember I had never read about someone being consus and in a coma at the same time, and to be stuck by lightning too, most people died instantly. Then during my thoughts I heard my sister Kat, “God I hope that johns ok, I hope that frank understands why I had to leave him high and dry, I bet he was hoping to feel my warm pussy raped around his cock tonight.”
Then the door opened and I heard his mom get my sister. I wasn’t really paying attention to mom and my sister anymore, I was busy thinking about what just happened. I had heard my sisters thoughts, that’s what it had to be, she was alone and not talking to her self, also she was not in the room, it was the only explanation, it also explained why mom hadn’t heard the doctor earlier, I had heard what the doctor was thinking, not saying. Then I heard something that caught my attention. “The doctor said that the massive amount of electricity had affected his brain, he doesn’t completely understand it but he says that his brain had short circuited and is rewiring its self around the damaged cells, That’s why he is in a coma.”
That had to be it, my brain must have changed because of the way it was healing, I could now read minds, and my brain isn’t done yet, I couldn’t help but wondered if anything elce would happen.

It has been 2 week since I was hit by lightening. During that time I had started to learn how to control my new ability and the doctors have allowed my family to move me out of the hospital and back to my house since I was no longer in any danger of dieing, I was just in a coma.
I was thinking about the possibilities of my new ability when I heard my little sisters playing in the room. My mother had told them that they were to stay out of the room unless they were with her or there big sister, but being normal 14 year olds they didn’t listen. I didn’t mind, I liked it when his sisters were with me, their thoughts were so innocent that they were a comfort. but today was different, my little sisters weren’t thinking about school or horses or any of the other things he had heard them think about, today they were thinking about each other, and not in a way that little girls should be thinking. I knew my mom had left for the day and My big sister Kat was taking the bath and she loved to soke so he knew that his little sisters knew that there were alone for awhile. “Jan I don’t think that we should be doing this with big brother in the room.”
“Don’t worry Sara, who is he going to tell, he isn’t even awake, you remember what mom said, he cant hear or see anything around him so we have nothing to fear.”
He laughed a bit in his mind, if they only knew, I could tell by reading Sara’s mind that Jan had said that well standing behind her running her hands up and down Sara’s body then right after she started to kiss her neck and grope her budding breasts. Sara started to get in to it reaching behind her and holding Jan’s head as she sucked on her neck. It was strange, buy reading the girls minds it was like he was watching what was happing. Jan had removed Sara’s shirt and was working on their braw when Sara started sliding her hand up Jan’s thy and began to rub her pussy through her pink cotton panties. Jan let out a little mone when she felt Sara’s fingers rubbing her pussy. When Jan had finally finished removing Sara’s bra she bent down and began to suck on her tiny breasts well Sara continued to rub her pussy.
It was a weird sensation, by reading Sara’s mind he could feel Jan’s wetness leaking through her panties as if he was the one rubbing his little sisters pussy, and it was starting to turn him on. He had never though about his sisters in a sexual way, sure being 16 he had thought about sex and jerked off regerly to the porn collection that he had on his computer. He had never touched a real pussy but now, because of his new ability he was going to get to feel his first pussy, though his little sister’s mind.
Jan and Sara were now completely naked and were rubbing each others pusses, there peach fuzz felt so soft. There juices were flowing then Jan piped up. “Common Sara, lye down.”
It was becoming obvious that his two sisters had done this before. Sara was lying on her back and Jan took up position on top of her in a 69 position then the two girls started going down on each other. They were sucking and licking up a storm, I could feel his sisters orgasms building, it was the weirdest feeling, I could taste his sisters pussys, each of them had a different taste, Jan was a bit bitter well Sara’s was a bit sweat tasting it was weird feeling 2 different sensations, it was turning me on so much, I could fell my cock getting hard, not just in my mind, I could physically feel my cock getting hard under the sheet. I was thinking so much on that that I wasn’t paying attention to my sisters until my mind got flooded with a feeling of immense pleasure, like what I felt when I came only doubled by 2. He was in heaven, he was experiencing both his sisters orgasms as if they were his own. But then it was over.
I herd the bath water running down the pipes behind the walls signaling that my big sister was done with her bath. My twin sisters herd it too and through there clothes on so fast that I didn’t even realize it. Then both gave each other a kiss and left the room. Though I had felt my sisters orgasm it didn’t bring me to my own so I was beyond turned on, my cock was still hard and I wished that I could jerk myself off.
A few minutes later I felt my big sister come into the room, I could tell from her thoughts that her hair was down and still wet and that she only had a towel raped around her. My experience with my little sisters had awoken my mind to ideas that I would never had considered before, I remembered what my sister looked like and I didn’t know how I didn’t recognize it before, his older sister was hot. She had shoulder length hair, red like the rest of the women in our family. She also had deep green eyes like our mother. I along with my little sisters had inherited our fathers blue eyes. Being 19 she was fully developed with a body that would make some of the girls in my porno pictures jealous. From her memory I knew that she had a 36 C cup and a nicely shaven pussy.
God if I wasn’t turned on enough. The image of my big sister standing in the doorway, wet and just covered in a white cotton towel just made it worst. I wished I could jerk off so much. Then I started to think about my big sister jerking me off and that turned me on even more. I started to picture it in my head. Then something happened. I felt his sisters mind do something weird, it was like it was being opened. I felt my mind push past what seemed like walls in her mind and then I felt her mind relax as if she was sleeping. The image that I had in my head left my mind and entered hers. Then I felt her mind starting to wake up and I retreated back past her walls.
My sister blinked then she licked her lips. She walked in then closed and locked the door. I didn’t under stand what she was doing, I read her mind and was a bit confused. It seemed that she was acting on her own, but the picture that I had be thinking about in my head, was now in hers and she though that it was her idea. He could hear her debating it in her head, “I shouldn’t do it. But he is turned on and can’t do anything about it. But he’s your younger brother. But he has been through so much, how would you feel if you were turned on and couldn’t do anything about it. But he’s your brother, it’s wrong. I don’t want to see him suffer.”
I was two turned on to think about it any more. I felt the blanket that was around me being pulled down and then my cock sprang up after the blanket past it. I heard my sister gasp when she saw my hard cock. I may only be 16 but my cock was rather big for my age, around six and a half inches. I could tell she was still debating it and was a bit confused because she knew I was in a coma so how could I have a hard on. I couldn’t stand it any more. I pushed into her mind again and left another image, a image of her slowly stroking my cock.
Kat didn’t understand what was happing to her but one minute she was checking on her brother and the next minute she was removing the blanket that was covering her naked brother. It was the weirdest feeling, she just wanted to stroke her brothers cock, there was nothing else on her mind. When she removed his blanket she was startled, she new here brother was in a coma, yet his cock was rock hard and throbbing. She new that if her brother showed any signs of movement or consciousness she was suppose to call the doctor but just as she was about to leave to call him she go another overwhelming urge to stroke his cock. So she gave in to her dark thoughts and started.
I was in heaven, my sexy 19 year old sister was stroking my hard cock and I was loving it. I hadn’t gotten off in so long and was so turned on from my little sisters act earlier that there was nothing elce in the world at the moment. It felt so good, then I got an idea, I sent an image of her sucking my cock. I felt her stop for a second then heard her thoughts, “I wonder what it would be like if I sucked on him a bit, I’m already stroking him so what’s the harm, plus its been so long since I have done it I miss it.”
by reading her mind I could tell she licked her lips and then to my amazement she started sucking my cock. I felt my big sisters warm lip inclose my cock and I felt her tong circling around his shaft. Then she started to suck.
Kat didn’t know what was coming over her, she was stroking her brothers cock and loving then out of no were she started to think what it would be like to suck his cock. She new that her boyfriend loved it when she sucked on his cock and her little brother had been through so much, maybe it would do him good to feel it. So she started to suck on her brothers cock. She felt it slide past he lips. Her brothers cock was bigger than her boyfriends so she doubted that she could deep thought it like she did with her boyfriend.
I was enjoying the first blow job of my life, I didn’t care that it was my big sister sucking on it. The feeling of her warm mouth sliding up and down my cock was the best feeling he had ever felt. It was far better than jerking off. I felt my orgasm coming, it was building fast, I knew that I was going to cum. Then his sister did something that pushed him over the edge. I felt my cock go deeper than I had before, I felt the back of my sisters throat. The feeling of it closing around the tip of my cock made me cum. I felt the cum rising from his balls, up my cock, and then I came and I felt the cum shoot out of my cock and down her throat. It was the best orgasm that I had ever felt, it was like my entire body was floating on air. Then something happened, I felt my left thumb twitch then as the waves of pleasure rushed through my body his hands closed and squeezed tight. Then I heard a moan, it confused me because my sisters mouth was raped round my cock, so who moaned? Then it occurred to me, it was me, I actually moaned.
Kat loved to suck cock, she loved the feeling of a hot cock pulsing in her mouth and it almost gets her off when she feel a cock cum in her mouth. The fact that it was her brothers cock in her mouth didn’t seem to bother her, what seemed wired, but she didn’t care any more it was turning her on so much that all she could think about was tasting the cum that she loved. When she felt the cock in he mouth starting to puce she new he was about to come so she tried to deep throat him and it worked, he came so much. She felt her brothers cum shooting down her throat, there was loads of it, it was obvious that her brother hadn’t cum in a long time. Then she felt her brother move, his ass razed off the bed a bit and then she heard a moan. Her brother moaned! She continued sucking till he finished Cumming then she released his cock and stood up. She looked down at her brother and she saw his hands closed tight and his mouth open and he was breathing hard. “John…John…Can you hear me?”
She placed her hands on his shoulders and looked down at his face. “John..” she whispered
Then her brothers eyes opened. She was looking into her brothers blue eyes and she started to cry she was so happy. The fact that she had just suck his cock slipped her mind.
I felt my orgasm finish and then I relaxed. I felt her mouth leave my cock and it was rather cold, I missed the heat of her mouth. Then I herd her voice. I tried my hardest to open my eyes, then I tried again and it happened. My eyes opened. It was so bright then my eyes adjusted, and I was looking in to my sisters deep green eyes, there were tears starting to form and then I looked down. During the blowjob I had just got Kat’s towel had fallen off and he was looking at two beautiful breasts just sitting there, I then looked back up into her eyes. “God sis…that is one hell of a way to wake up.” and I chuckled a bit
My sister started to laugh a bit too, through her tears. “Sis, I have a question.”
“What is it john?”
“Have you always been so beautiful or are my eyes tricking me.”
She stopped crying a bit then laughed and gave him a hug. John felt her breasts press into his chest. “Sis, though I’m not complaining about a beautiful…naked women hugging me…aren’t you cold, your hair is wet after all”
She stopped hugging him and then looked down and realized that she was naked. It was kind of funny when she tried to cover her self and grab he towel at the same time. Then after she got her towel on she just stared off into the distance for a second then she started to cry. I quickly read her mind to find out what was wrong. I found it rather fast, she just realized what she had done and she was so ashamed. I felt a bit guilty because I had made her do it. “Kat…Come here…please” I said trying to sit up
I managed to sit up and my sister stood up and came over to me still crying. I held out my arms and she came in and I hugged her. I held her well she continued to cry. I read her mind again and she was so worried about what her mother would think when her brother told her how he woke up. I then realized what I had to do. “Kat…Stop crying…” I broke the hug and looked into her eyes “Sis, I love you, you’re my big sister and you have just brought me out of the worst thing that I have ever experienced by giving me the best thing that I have ever experienced…and for that I will be forever be great full…I love you sis” and with that I pulled her in and gave her a kiss, a kiss of pure love and affection.
Kat was so worried she had just given her 16 year old brother a blow job and she was so ashamed, what would her mother think, what would the world think. Then she saw her brother trying to sit up and telling her not to cry, but she couldn’t help it. He held out his arms and she went in and hugged him. She was so happy that he was awake yet she was so ashamed how she woke him up. Then her brother broke the hug and looked into her eyes and told her that he loved her, that she had helped him so much and that she had given him the best thing he had ever felt. Then he kissed her. She felt her brothers lips tuch her lip and it just felt right. She knew it was wrong but she didn’t stop the kiss, instead she kissed her brother back. They broke the kiss and she looked into his eyes and saw more love there then any of the boyfriends she has had.
“I know what your thinking sis…And don’t worry, I wont tell mom how I was woken up…I make something up…”
His sisters eyes were filled with tears “You would really do that for me?”
“Of course, I love you and I don’t want anything happing to you.”
She hugged him again then gave him a big kiss. He kissed her back. When she broke the kiss she had stopped crying and was so happy. “Now little brother, rest, I have to phone mom and the doctor.” She gave him a little wink and playfully squeezed his half erect cock then ran out of the door but stop at the doorway… “I love you little brother”
“I love you too big sis.” With that she ran down stairs.

Continued in part two…

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2017-01-06 14:29:22
A good story but as already mentioned the spelling and the person view changing spoilt it a bit. Correct that and then you would have a lovely story.

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2017-01-06 12:05:18
A good story but as already mentioned the spelling and the person view changing spoilt it a bit. Correct that and then you would have a lovely story.


2017-01-04 02:59:44
Never, ever, have I seen such horrible spelling. There is just no excuse for such fucked up spelling. And also switching from first to third person view.

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2015-02-23 03:05:20
Hard to enjoy the story with the horrendous spelling and the switching back and forth from first person and third person perspectives.

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It feels like The Dead Zone and Fucked Out of Coma had a kid.

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