this is a fantasy i wish could happen omg anyway enjoy ;)
warning:this story contains coerced sex between two minors in a school if this scares you off then go if this intrigues you then stay but remember you've been warned

all names within this story are fake not related to anyone or anything and of course my name has been changed as well but this is 100% my fantasy too bad i never got the chance enjoy ;)

information: hi my name is jack Ryder my name can be misleading i am not the most popular kid in school in fact im the guy you see sitting alone in the lunch room. i am 16 with blue eyes and im only 5'9 i either wear my favorite fedora or i just let my short light brown hair sit out in the open. also like any other kid i was horny as fuck but i am what you would call anti social so if a chick ever did come up to me i wouldn't be able to talk to her other than hey. this may be do to my about average cock it is only almost 6 inches hard so anyway this story is about me and a girl named amber her very name makes me shudder with excitement. the things i would love to do to her i wish i had the chance to. my god was she fine standing at 5'5 with 32 c breasts porcelain skin and a nice tight ass that is just oh so squeezable. the tops of her breasts are usually hidden by her increasingly long fire red hair which are accented perfectly by her bright blue sapphire like eyes. she was a goddess for sure and this is the story of how one day my fear disappeared and something compelled me to talk to her shall we begin?


i got up as usual with the morning hard on took care of that in the bathroom proceeded to brush my teeth shower i would say shave but i cant grow facial hair. i then grabbed my red jacket with the emblem of a Phoenix a golden one with a blue background. i slid on a white dress shirt tightened my tie slipped on the jacket and proceeded to leg my tan cakie pants. i was then ready to start my first day of my second year at phoenix acadamey. this was a great school it had a well funded educational system as well as strong sports teams. i then rushed downstairs didn't bother with breakfast and headed for the bus stop. i was walking alone until i tripped and noticed a pair of legs pass me by i then caught a glimpse of pink panties as the legs stepped over me. these were a normal sight as Alice one of the other girls at my school usually was right behind me. she saw me staring as she stepped over then she looked back with a scowl and proceeded on. i was a little embarrassed but picked myself up and made it to the bus stop just before the doors closed. "wait wait hold on wait" i waved down the driver before the doors closed and i rushed on board towards the back as usual. for some reason amber was not there today i wondered was she sick? turns out amber was too late and ended up having her mom drop her off an hour later. just as i was getting books from my locker i saw her strolling down the hall towards my locker thankfully hers was 2 down from mine. i couldn't help but stare as she placed one foot over the other in red short heels knee highs socks leading to her skirt cut almost halfway up her thigh it was plaid gold with red stripes. my eyes were then sent north to her open jacket as usual showing a white blouse with the top button undone as usual and her fire red hair was flipped over her shoulder as she caught me staring and smiled. i looked away nervously as she approached "hey jack everything ok?" she asked purposely leaning forward a bit to expose her cleavage. "oh yeah im fine" i said freaking out on the inside wondering when my torment would end. she and i grabbed our books then we sat in algebra which was oh so fun as usual. her skirt rode high all throughout class and me being the horny little fuck i just had to keep peeping over at her leg that was oh so smooth. unfortunately the teacher saw me disrupting her class by looking and she told me to be in detention that afternoon. being the good student though i only got this one time although id hate not being able to watch amber on the bus too bad. class progressed and i could swear she did it on purpose when class ended amber 'dropped' her pencil and bent over to get it almost exposing her panties to me as her ass was in my face. she got back up and said "sorry about that jack" in a tempting way as if to say come get me oh man did i want her. soon it was lunch time i waited in line like everyone else and then sat down luck was on my side today because amber needed a seat and since i was alone there were 2 open ones. i don't know why but today i decided to call her over "hey amber there's a free seat over here" i said pointing to my table. she gracefully accepted my offer as she sort of ran over and sat down in front of me she smiled and proceeded with lunch. we sat for a minute or two before i broke the silence with "you know you got me in trouble in class right?" i asked jokingly she responded with "well maybe if you would listen to teach with your brain instead of stare at me with your dick you might have been ok" she taunted giggling. i laughed a little as we sat and made idle chit chat then somehow the conversation turned back to my detention. "you know if you want i could get in trouble for something and we could hang out in detention together?" she said half serious " that's ok don't do that" she didn't care and decided to dump her mashed potatoes on my head and the nearest teacher ordered her to detention as well. i couldn't believe it alone with her and that body what an opening i couldn't help but fantasize. but my fantasy was cut short as she snapped her fingers in my face to wake me up "whats with you today?" she said. "im fine just didn't sleep well last night" (considering i dreamed about you and that bod) i thought to myself as we headed to gym. we dressed in separate rooms and headed out the girls ran track as the boys did sit ups preparing for the presidential fitness test. every time i rose i caught a glimpse of amber running her tits jiggling a bit as she gave it all she had. the day progressed and soon we were back in the locker rooms unfortunately i forgot to bring my soap and noone would share with me so i don't know why but i went over to the girls locker room. there was no door so i tried calling out to amber from the entrance "amber amber" i whispered but she couldn't her me. i decided to get in a little and i tried again "amber amber you there?" again no response then i heard "hang on i think someones calling me?" it was amber. she came around the corner and i almost came in my pants she was wrapped in a towel a still wet bod glistening as she clenched the towel with one hand another holding the corner as she leaned on the wall a bit. "hey jack whats your deal?" she asked i hesitated trying not to stare "umm i don't have my soap can i borrow yours?" i asked looking away "sure you know this has been all over my body today" she said taunting me again moving it a bit around her thighs. i quickly walked over grabbed the soap and went to back away but i grabbed a piece of her towel as well. her towel feel to the floor giving me a brief few of her tits just before she used her arm to cover them "oh i see you just needed an excuse to see my tits you pervert?" she said a bit mad. "it was an accident i swear" i ran back to the boys locker room and showered off. after that we were in English and for some reason amber always had a question and seemed to need her hand way in the air showing me her side and a perfect tit shape in her jacket. i was so close it wasn't funny what i wouldn't give for 5 minutes alone for a quick rub but i remembered i had detention with her and i slumped in my seat. after that we had science and the experiment required a bit of knowledge which unfortunately meant i was amber's first pick. "hey your smart jack think we could partner up" she said leaning on her elbow pushing her breasts tight against her chest. "s-sure" i said trying so hard not to pop a boner right there the assignment was mix two chemicals to get a slight amount of foam. but of course amber mixed up the amounts and it spilled out onto the table and then proceeded to get on her skirt. the materiel shrank from the mixture and it was apparent she was wearing red and black panties i offered her my jacket which she wrapped around herself and i took her to change at the nurse office. "here you go" the nurse said handing amber the new skirt amber smiled and stepped behind a curtain to change. just seeing her shadow bend over sent me flying into another fantasy of me and her i was so intrigued i didn't even notice my new erection until amber pointed it out. "you are such a perv" she giggled pointing at my lap i quickly covered myself praying it would go away. "sorry about that thing has a mind of its own" i tried to laugh it off as we got up and headed to detention as ordered by the teachers earlier that day. "so who you think will watch us?" she asked "i don't know maybe ms.kyle shes the worst" i made a disgusted face and amber giggled as we went down the hall. i opened the door and it turns out the teacher was going to come back in 2 hours and let us out so she locked the door behind her. "great 2 hours alone no teachers this is relaxation not punishment" i said laughing a bit as i propped my feet on the desk. amber did the same thing and we sat and stared at the ceiling arms folded. she then suggested something strange "hey i know its kinda kiddish but wanna play truth or dare?" "sure should get rid of this boredom" i replied as she got up. "ok truth or dare?" "umm... dare i guess" i answered "ok i dare you to watch me pretend to teach" she giggled as she got up front and messed with the chalk board. i laughed a little as she did but then she got serious "mister Ryder you will be out of this class if you keep snickering" i couldn't help but laugh at that and i fell backwards onto the floor. she rushed over "outbursts like that deserve punishment" she said lustfully "oh and whats that 'teach'" i snickered back. i was now fiddling with my jacket as she loomed over me "well that jacket seems amusing take it off" she ordered i did so with it feels hot in here anyway. i then sat back up and started buttoning and unbuttoning my cuffs as she 'gave a lecture'. "i can see that shirt will be a problem as well remove it" she pointed at me was she serious me shirtless? i didn't care and took it off letting it drop to the floor she finished her fake lecture and then i asked her truth or dare? she replied truth so i asked "how far have you gone with a guy?" i tried actin cool but really i was freaking out why did i ask that?!?!? she hesitated then blushed and said "only a kiss with a boy in 5th grade" she giggled. she then asked me truth or dare and the same situation occurred and i replied "just a few kisses with some girl in 7th grade. then we truthed this and that til she chose dare i dared her to do a strip tease for me. she gave me a strange look of both hate and confusion but after a minute or two she complied and began by kicking her shoes off at me. she then stretched back onto the teachers desk and ran her hands down her body beginning to slide her socks off. i couldn't believe my eyes this red head hotty striping for me!?!? wow what a chance encounter she then grabbed her skirt and playfully tugged at it pulling a little then stopping in reluctance. at this point my dick was sky high under the desk i felt like wiping it out at jacking off to this site but i resisted and proceeded to watch. she then rose leaning forward onto her hands and pushed off the desk onto the floor. she slowly walked my way sliding a ruler along the desk coming to me she said "look closely little Jackie" in the most seductive voice possible. i watched as she leaned back onto the desk next to me puffing her chest out to show off her tits i watched as she ran her hands over her body as if she was ice and they were fire it was intense!!! she grabbed her clothes we got dressed and tried to look like bored detention kids. the teacher returned "alright you two go home" she waved us out the door as i thought dam it so close dam dam dam. we headed home in silence as the initial thrill of that moment wore off she returned to her usual self "i don't know what came over me i just don't know why i did that its so slutty" she said shuddering in disgust "yeah i couldn't believe myself either" i tried to laugh it off but she was in no mood. we got home and she decided to hang around a little til my parents got home from work we sat watched tv and talked about this and that then it happened. i got up to get a drink and she asked for one too i went to get the drinks but tripped right into her partially open blouse. she immediately flipped the fuck out "oh my god you pervert you did that on purpose get off" of course all i could here was muffle muffle loud muffle muffle. she finally was able to roll me off her lap i didn't notice where i was until it hit me i just fell into amber's knockers!?!?! she quickly covered her breasts as i sat up on the floor "oh my god amber im sorry i tripped i swear" i pleaded but she wouldn't listen. "oh you fell? just like when you 'accidentally' grabbed my towel!?!?" she was pissed she immediately rose grabbed her things and left with a loud audible pervert. i felt so embarrassed what would she think of me now? it was an accident and the towel too oh god my mind was racing. that night i couldn't sleep just thinking about what she would tell everyone at school and how awkward being next to her locker would be now oh god.


i slept horrid but awoke the next morning as usual went about my routine and hurried off to the bus stop yet again waving the driver down as i climbed on board. i sat in the back and noticed amber sitting a few seats up and there was an empty seat next to her. i thought about going and trying to talk to her but i couldn't i just couldn't i was so scared of how she would react. i sat staring at the back of her head as we rode to school it was the longest 30 minutes of my life. we arrived at school and walked in heading for our lockers she was ahead of me already grabbing her books. i fiddled with my lock as i tried talking to her "umm....amber i just wanted to um...". no matter how hard i tried i couldn't find the words then i heard "don't bother jerk your words aren't worth my time" she slammed her locker and headed into class. dam i thought i was in serious shit with her we sat in class and her skirt rode high again. i tried not staring as i recall being sent to detention last time. but something compelled me to stare as her skirt was pushed up her thigh a bit then i noticed it was moving? why is it moving skirts aren't supposed to move? then it hit me her left hand was taking notes and oh my god her right hand was between her legs!?!? she was masturbating in class and her i thought she was offended by what we did the other day. i watched as she faked to listen to the teach and rubbed her pussy through her panties. she didn't even wince she just acted like a good note taker while pleasuring herself. of course this sight got me going and my cock began to grow as i watched this red haired beauty please herself. i began to rub my crotch as i watched her legs twitch a bit and i knew this meant she would reach her end soon. i slide my hand across my shaft and back again as i saw her raise her hand in haste "excuse me sir may i be excused i need to use the restroom?" she asked. the teacher nodded and she hurried off and thankfully the teacher let me go after her using the same excuse. i paced down the hall towards the restrooms and saw her turn into the girls room just as i came around the corner. i followed and heard a stall door close as i quietly walked in and went to the stall next to hers. i undid my pants freeing my rock hard cock and started stroking myself as i heard her moan. i had a strange urge to watch her as well so i stepped on the toilet and peered over the stall wall. i was blown away by the sight she was skirt up shirt open hands on her tits and panties. i was ready to go over the edge at this sight but watched as she slide her panties down and began sliding her finger up and down her slit. the next thing to go was her bra as it fell to the floor i saw her grabbed and tug at her nipples and moan louder and louder. i kept stroking myself slowly as i watched her pleasure herself. soon she started breathing faster and faster then she arched her back and convulsed as she came all over her hand. i soon followed her and shot my load all over the stall wall i then saw her start to relax and i quickly dropped back down into the stall. i then noticed my mess and quickly wiped it away with some toilet paper and waited for her to leave. i heard the stall door open and i looked through the crack and i saw her start washing her hands but then she did something i didn't expect. rather than wash her hand she licked her juices off slowly then dried her hand on her skirt and proceeded back to class. i followed her a few minutes later and by this time class was over and lunch was about to start. i grabbed my tray and stood in line and found myself just ahead of amber. i looked back at her but she looked away with no interest in my staring. we got our lunch and this time no seats were available again so we were forced to sit together. our silence was broken by me stating "so how was your bathroom trip" i said sarcastically she looked at me shocked and answered "none of your business i had to pee that's it". she leaned back a little as i placed my mouth next to her ear and whispered "i saw you in class such a naughty little school girl" i said laughing a bit as i wondered what the hell why did i say that oh well whats done is done. she shook a bit and stammered out "wh-what?" "you heard me i saw you and we both know what you were doing" i replied as i sat back in my seat. "are you gonna tell anyone!?!" she said tearing up a bit i assume at the thought of being caught doing that on school grounds. "maybe noone maybe the principle well see" i said acting cool as i sweated my ass off on the inside of my mind. "please don't tell i didn't mean to its just..." she trailed off blushing looking away as she did. "its just what amber?" i asked smirking at her as i held her hand "you can tell little Jackie". "umm...its just i was thinking about yesterday me and you at the house and my breasts" she answered shamefully as if to say she enjoyed herself. "well it was quite an experience wasn't it" i replied laughing it off. "well i guess" she said holding her hand over her mouth a bit. "well if it was that good then how about we do it again Saturday my parents will be gone and well be alone" i said smirking as i knew she would answer yes. "no i just no i cant its just too weird for us to be no" she replied annoyed at my suggestion. "well ok if you feel that way maybe ill just invite ms.kyle over and we could chat about you and your restroom time" i grinned an evil smile. "no no no please....alright ill come but well just hang out not do anything?" she replied hoping for a good answer. "of course i would never force you to do anything im not that kind of guy but things may or may not end up that way i guess well see" i remarked as i picked up my tray dumped it in the trash and headed for gym. she sat there shivering a bit as i looked back at her i smiled this week couldn't pass quick enough.

amber is coming over Saturday will we fuck will we not i guess you'll have to wait for part 2 ;)
thanks for reading


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sorry about the spacing issues i have revised this so check it out ;)

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