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As the school bell rang marking the end of the school year I felt a rush of excitement and energy in anticipation of a great summer vacation. Earlier in the year my parents told me that we will be going to a water park in the Poconos Mountains for my 16th birthday, which was exactly 6 days from today. As I headed out of the school building I meet up with my younger sister Jessica and we walked home. On the way home she started to complain to me about your typical 14 year old girl problems, Angel said this, Mark did that and Sara wore that. Now I am usually very good brother when it comes to listening to and taking care of Jessica, but to today I was completely tuning her out; my mind was preoccupied. All of a sudden I hear Jessica say "John, John... wake up and stop day dreaming about your birthday trip, it's a loooong week from now" as she laughed jokingly.

As we entered the house we heard our mom yell out to us that food will be ready in 10 minutes. My sister and I both went upstairs to our respective rooms and got changed, cleaned our hands and went down to the kitchen table. The three of us began to eat and have the usual table discussion, our mom asking us how our last day at school was and such. We finished eating and all went our separate ways for the day.

At about 7pm while we were watching a rerun of Terminator 3 in the living room, dad walks in from work. He exclaims "ahhh Terminator 3 let me go heat up some food and come watch with you guys". After the movie ended I decided to go upstairs to my room and play some video games on my computer, which I received for my last birthday from my parents. It had the most impressive specs of any computer my friends had, and could play the latest games.

After a couple of hours of playing Civilization I decided to go downstairs to the kitchen to get some water, when I realized everyone was asleep. A quick glance at the stove clock told me that it was 1:30am, so I decided to go to sleep as well.

As I was falling asleep I was awakened by rather low but rhythmic bumping noise, as though something was being slammed into the a wall. Not too long after I began to hear muffled noises which began to get louder and louder, which I was able to discern as moans (thanks to my porn watching). Mom and dad must be having some summer time fun.

Meanwhile I felt a stirring in my pants, I was getting rather hard and anxious to masturbate. So I started to lightly touch myself through my shorts, my mind immediately jumped to the image of Anastasia, a Polish girl from my chemistry class. She had long, milky, slender legs a medium sized juicy looking butt, breasts the size of Navel Oranges a very cute face with light green eyes and long, straight blond hair. As I imagined this my hand had slipped underneath the waistband of my shorts and boxers and was already caressing my hard dick. Then Ana started to undress, first came of her pink tank top, then she started to take off her white bra but slowly (teasing me) until her breasts came out. They were amazing; round, firm and just as milky as her legs, with nickel sized pink areoles and pink nipples that just scream to be suckled. At this point I was stroking my hardon furiously; she started to undo the button of her denim short shorts and unzip them, sliding them down her long legs reveling a pair of lacy white panties that matched her bra. As she moved her hands to the waistband of her panties I felt myself nearing climax. She slowly lowered the waistband of her panties to the point where I can see the beginning of a well trimmed pussy, and I could no longer hold myself. My dick erupted into a massive celebration, my whole body shivered in ecstasy sending streams of cum flying from the tip of my penis, some landing on my ear, shirt and even my bed sheets.

I laid in my bed exhausted after an amazing orgasm, however I was disappointed I wasn't able to see Ana completely naked. Then after recouping I decided to go clean up in the bathroom, when I realized that the sounds coming from my parents room had subsided. While I was on my way to the bathroom I heard a slight squealing noise come from my sisters room as I passed by, but I ignored it.

As I was cleaning up in the bathroom I started to think of Ana again, I was wondering why I couldn't be with her. I mean I'm not the best looking guy at school, but I was definitely above average. I'm a little tall at 5'11'', with an athletic build thanks to my last two years of weight lifting, a strong chin with light brown eyes, jet black hair and a fair complexion. However I had no experience with females, past my mom and sister, and so was always too shy to ask Ana out.

I finished cleaning up and headed out of the bathroom feeling kinda down about my situation with Ana, when I past by my sisters room again and heard another squealing noise only a little louder this time. I realized that the door to her room was slightly open , so I leaned in to take little look (part out of curiosity and part to genuinely see if she is okay). What I saw completely short circuited my brain, my sister was laying on her back completely naked, eyes shut tight, left hand massaging her right breast and two fingers of her right hand pounding her wet pussy like the pistons of an old time freight train. Then all of a sudden her body arched up and became completely rigid for at least 10 seconds. When she fell back to the bed and started to shake spastically, her fingers still at work only slower.

At this point my dick had subconsciously gotten rock hard again, but I was completely mesmerize by what I saw. After about 2 minutes Jessica opened her eyes, and saw me standing at her door, she immediately covered herself with her sheets. I bolted for my room as fast as I can and locked my door behind me.

I lay on my bed trying to fall asleep, but I kept thinking about what I had seen. My baby sister is no longer my baby sister, she is now my grown up sister. I started to remember how she was laying naked on her bed masturbating, she was truly a sight to behold; young, beautiful and blinded by lust... Then I felt a strong pulsing in my pants, and I realized that I had gotten excited thinking of my sister. I was disgusted with myself, and tried to cool down by thinking of Terminator 3 and was finally able to fall asleep.

Then in the middle of the night I awoke to someone moving my blanket off of me, it was Jessica. At first I didn't know what to say; as my sleepiness went away and I began to see more clearly I saw a look in her eyes that I had never seen in her before, it was pure lust. I began to say "Hey Jess, about what I saw earlier... it not your fault, I should not have looked into your room... I'm sorr..." when she leaned forward and gave me a deep and passionate kiss. At first I accepted the kiss, but then I pushed her away slightly and said "we can't be doing this, were brother and sister". She didn't respond with words, she only started to take off her shirt; then her glorious tits came into view. They were lightly tanned, perky and the perfect size for squeezing, with lovely nipples that were standing at attention.

Then with one swift move she had lowered her hands to the waistband of my shorts, and pulled them down with my boxers. This caused my already stiff cock to spring out, her eyes widened at the sight of my dick. I was still frozen in disbelief, as she firmly grabbed my ragging member and started to slowly massage it up and down. After a few seconds of this a large bead of precum had formed at the tip, she leaned her head forward and licked it off with the tip of her tongue, hands still pumping. Then she looked up at me and simply said "yum", as she said that I again weakly protested that we should stop. At which point she completely engulfed my pulsing dick in her mouth, bobbing her head up and down on my rigid shaft, all the while twirling her tongue on the underside of my dick head. I had stopped all thought of protest and was nearing the edge; when an unholy light shown in my eyes and I heard my mom yell "wake up, it's time for breakfast".

"Damn it was a dream" I said unsatisfied, and my mom asked "what was the dream?". I replied with a smirk "oh, nothing; I just had a relatively strange dream", ”well it's already past noon, so get ready for breakfast it'll be ready in 15 minutes" mom said. So I did the old penis under the waistband and went into the bathroom, at which point my penis had started to deflate. I brushed my teeth, washed my face and went down to the kitchen for breakfast.

I sat down at the kitchen table at my normal chair, when minutes later my dad and sister come down the stairs together. We all said our good mornings, and my sister sat in her usual chair, straight across from me. Our eyes meet once and immediately broke free, the entire breakfast time went by in an awkward silence. Once it was over I went out to the backyard to tend to my tomatoes, they had grown very well this year, about 8' high, creating a covered area about 6' by 5'. All of a sudden my dad comes from behind me and asks me "is everything between your sister and you okay, you guys didn't even look at each other during breakfast". I quickly acquitted his claims "no, nothing's wrong, everything's fine between us", Outwitting me he said "well in that case you wouldn't mind that your mother and I will be going to your aunt Victoria's house to visit, and we'll be leaving you two together in the house". "Why can't we come with you" I complained hastily, "because your aunt is sick and we don't want to be a bother".

We both walked back inside the house, and I went back to my room to play Civilization for a couple of hours. After about 3 hours of play I heard my dad call out to my sister and I from the living room. I went downstairs and saw my mom, dad and sister all standing in the living room next to the door. When my dad saw me he said "your mother and I are going to visit your aunt Victoria, were only going to be a couple of hours. In the mean time you two take care of each other and don't burn down the house". With that they both left, my sister went up to her room and I decided to stay in the living room and watch some TV.

As I was flipping through the channels I heard my sister come down the stairs, she came over and sat at the couch farthest away from me. This made me feel guilty, as if I was making her feel uncomfortable in her own home. That's when I decided to speak "listen Jess, we have to talk about last night", she didn't respond and just kept looking at the TV screen. I proceed "what you were doing is normal, I was wrong to peak into your room. There is no reason for you to feel ashamed or uncomfortable".

This made her look at me with her beautifully innocent eyes, then she said "I just couldn't help myself, there were just too many things going on". Intrigued I asked "things like what... I mean I'm your brother, you could tell me what you feel, or if you have any problems". She seemed taken aback by what I said and became embarrassed, so I corrected my statement " that is if you're comfortable enough trusting me with your secrets". She seemed to relax a little and said "promise you will not tell anyone", "I promise" I said. Her eyes widened a bit and she relaxed as she said "well there is this boy in my biology class, Tommy, he's very nice and...", "and what?" I asked. She hesitated but continued " and I like him, but he has a girlfriend and she is very pretty... prettier than me". As she said that I moved over to where she was sitting, sat next to her and put my arm around her. This made her relax completely as she continued further "then while I was trying to sleep I heard mom and dad... you know... doing it... and I began to think about Tommy and I started to... you know... what you saw".

I looked at her intently and said "as I said before, what you were doing is normal. In fact I got excited when I heard mom and dad and I started to masturbate as well"; she made a very surprised look on her face when she heard this. I continued "it's human nature to get aroused by other people, and what you were doing is just a form relief from your sexual frustration. Now about this Tommy person and his girlfriend...". She cut me off and said "it's not Tommy's fault that I feel this way, it's just that his girlfriend has huge breasts and mine are kinda small". I stopped her and said "listen, I never saw this girl you're talking about, but I'm sure your prettier than her. She might have bigger breasts, but that's not everything". She looked up at me questioningly and asked "really?", "of course, you have a face an angel would be jealous of, your breasts are the perfect size and stand under their own weight, and your legs are to die for". As I was telling her this, I realized just how beautiful she really was and how hard my dick was getting.

She looked up to me and said "thanks, you really made me feel better about myself"; started to turn around to leave but fell back onto me as she got up, her perfectly round and toned butt landing right on my erection. She looked back at me and said "wow, you must have been telling the truth" and ran up the stairs. This gave me a view of her perfect butt swaying from side to side, just teasing my already strained dick. I tried to get her out of my mind with a movie, and started to flip the channels again.

The end of part 1... to be continued...

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so-so this is an incest story area so make sure your chapters include some kind of incest. they should have atleast kissed and felt each other up before the end of the chapter. if this was twice as long you could have put in some kind of incest. as is it was boring you gave some lead up but no meat leaving the readers pissed off at you, which drives away readers and you don't want to drive away readers.

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