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A story between two friends. You've known your friend for a while and on first impressions he seem's like a decent genuine nice guy. A good looking chap who is highly popular amongst your other female friends. With time you have grown to like him more as a friend yourself, but in the back of your mind you've always wondered what it would be like to have sex with him. This one drunken night you get that answer.

You've been out on the town with your group of friends, nothing much different from the norm has happened. Your friend who normally gets with a few guy's has got with a few guy's. The drunk friend who drank to much too soon, has left home early as per usual. You're left to stick out the remainder of the night with your remaining friends. As the night gradually progresses everyone disappears and it is throwing out time at the club. Your good looking guy friend hasn't bagged a girl for the night and you are about to make your way home. Since he can't get home tonight as his lift left earlier on in the evening. You allow him to crash at your place for the night. After all you live quite close and he can just get a lift home in the morning. You think he may like to sleep with you too, but you are unsure.

After getting home to yours like a good friend/gentleman he offers to make some tea before you both hit the bedroom to sleep off the alcohol. You change to wearing only a t-shirt and your knickers, your to drunk to make a fuss about wearing anything else.There's only one bed, your bed, but since its a cold night and you sleep in a double you figure you'd let him sleep in your bed. He slips off his jeans and strips to his boxers quickly and you both drunkenly climb in. As you both try to get some sleep, he feels you shivering and offers to spoon you if you are cold. You laugh initially but what the hell your drunk, "go on then" you say while laughing. As you spoon you start to have a conversation, trying to relieve some of the awkwardness from the situation. At some point during the conversation he brushes his had against your breast.

"Ohh shit" he apologises "sorry, may have just touched your boob!" he stammers. You laugh and say "It's ok, dont worry about it".

"Don't worry?, in that case do you mind if I do it again then?" he half jokes. Taking this as a signal you drunkenly reply "No, not really". He touches your breast again without a word. After about a half a minute you brave yourself and turn to face him. You see your friend is also still quite drunk, as you look at each other. Then, without a word you both start making out. "Can I touch the flesh too" he asks. You slip off your t-shirt

He progresses to start kissing you all over and presses his warm body up next to yours. As he kisses his hand begins to wonder all over you. Kissing your neck before nuzzling up to your ear and pressing his lips up against there too. You feel his lips kiss all over the nape of your neck and shoulders. Then then starts kissing down to your chest and darts his tongue over your soft nipples till they go hard. Sucking them and nibbling gently on your areoles. He starts swirling his warm tongue over your breasts and as he crawls further under the sheets you feel him work his way down to your navel. Kissing and pressing gently as he goes along till his head slides down and reaches your hips. He looks up at you from under the sheet and see's you smile, he smiles back with glee before he cheekily starts blowing warm air from his mouth up and down your thighs. Using his warm soft hands to rub against you inside thighs he parts your legs slowly.

He then starts to lap his warm moist tounge around the inside of your thighs and then more inwards so his tounge starts brushing up to your panty covered outer labia. You rip off your panties in excitement and although you cant see him under those covers you just know he is smiling to himself right now. He starts to blow warm air over your labia before pressing his nose in the space between your outer and inner labia. He sticks his tounge out again and start licking up and down your vaginal slit. Lapping his tongue like a little kid, he starts darting it accross the lips and then sticks it onto your clitoris.

Flicking his hot wet muscluar tongue up and down your clit, you start to smile and hold my head steady in the right spot as he starts to pleasure you orally. Taking a finger he sucks it with his mouth to make it wet and lubricated with his saliva. Gently placing it into your vagina as he carries on licking and sucking your now erect swollen clit. Sliding his finger in and out of your vagina, he loves to feel your warmth soak his fingers as he probes away inside your fleshy walls. Finger fucking you for a while he then sticks another of his fingers in and starts rubbing you off with an increased pace.

His cock at this point is so hard its ready to enter you, he stop giving you oral and drags his toned body upwards so he's face to face with you. His throbbing member is pressed up agaisnt your now wet and open vagina. As he kisses you he is rubbing the shaft of his penis along your opening. Sensing you really want him inside he puts the head of his swollen cock at the mouth of your vagina and starts massaging the glands up against your genitalia, your lips brushing up against his hard mushroom shaped bellend.

He start getting anxious and you sense he really wants to put his man meat into your opening and have sex with you. He slide's the top of his cock up to the opening and eases it inside you. Your vagina opens up and he plunges the remaining erect throbbing warm cock deep into you. You buckle at the hips and gasp as you feel the long length of his shaft enter you. Its so warm inside his cock starts throbbing violently as he feels your pussy grip his cock. It feels amazing to be inside you... and he almost cum's within seconds but pulls himself together..."i really want you to orgasm with me inside" he sais. He starts sliding his cock in and out, his ballsack pressing up to your behind as he thrust's his manhood deep into you.

You build up some speed and you see that he is really enjoying the feel of your pussy suction grip his cock as he fucks you. He starts to feel your legs and vagina grip him tighter with each thrust.... so he starts thrusting harder and faster. "I cant belive my luck you are so beautiful, I dont think i can hold on any further" he gasps under bated breath. His cock starts to throb violently inside you again as he carries on sliding his slippery cock inside. Your pink moist walls are pressing up against his genetalia so hard you can feel the blood pump through the power vein on the dorsal aspect of his penis. He starts to moan "I'm coming". You embrace him and hold him tight up to your naked body as he starts spurting. His white creamy warm cum pulses out of his penis covering your wet insides and you start coming too. Your legs buckle and he feels you orgasm through your vaginal contractions. You milk his cock with those contractions till he empties all of his seed deep inside your pussy. You both stop thrusting and look at each other and smile and laugh.

What a great first night together...the end

Hope you enjoyed my contribution to the xnxx community. Don't think I'll write more unless this is well received.

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I have sex with you now

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Dr. Juliano and his team are the best there is! I've had some bad experiences with desnitts growing up, but I'm put right at ease with Dr. Juliano. I've never had a favorite dentist till now!

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