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Controlling nicks cock
First before I start this story I would like to say that I'm going to Improve on my spelling and grammar. Also I would like to apologise for how long it has taken me to publish this sequel.

Warning: This story involves Underage FICTIONAL Characters if this is not your thing then click away now, you have been warned.

Note: Please Read: 'Fucking my not so little brother!' first.

I Woke up first, with nick in bed beside me. Remembering Nick had school and I had college in just under 2 hours I decided to wake nick up in a nice way so I slowly pulled back the bed sheets and there was nicks, or should I say my, amazing cock. I started to stroke it slowly until nick woke up, as soon as he did so I decided to play mistress and stopped, to which he gave a longing grunt, and told him he wasn’t allowed to touch his cock until he got home and I was with him.

"Mistress am I allowed to touch it to pee" I told him it was my property and therefore only I was Allowed to touch it, and id hold my cock to let it pee this morning but if he needed to pee during the day he would just have to sit down like a girl. "Yes Mistress" was the reply I got.

I Beckoned Nick to the bathroom and held me cock over the toilet bowl so he could pee. he struggled a little at first because my cock started to get hard but I fixed this with a quick slap to my balls.
After Nick had finished peeing I beckoned him over to the shower and washed him like he was a kid again, every known again calling him a naughty boy and then would hit my balls for the semi that he was getting. After I had finished washing Nick I told him to leave and get dressed for school and that he dint deserve to wash his mistress.

After I had washed and dressed there was a knock on the door so I opened it "ah" I thought, This will be the order I placed last night. I signed for them and closed the door with them in my hand. I called Nick downstairs and told him to undress his bottom half. I unwrapped the male chastity device and nicks face fell, evidently he was planning on braking the command of don’t touch my cock. I put it on him and closed the Padlock which had strong plastic parts for where there would usually be metal, I had to admit that thing was impossible to break out off unless he castrated himself.

After I locked my cock away I told Nick to Get dressed again and head off to school. I left shortly after nick and was wondering to myself just how nick was going to cope with being locked up, although it dint matter because he was going to have to cope as he had another week in there before I let him out, even if he dint know it yet.

"God I hope Emma lets me out of this device after school" nick thought to himself as he walked down the road to the bus stop. As he reached the bus stop he started to fanaticise about if his sister kept him in there for a week or two, to which his cock tried to get hard but instead nick cringed as a sharp pain went through his cock and he realised in this device he couldn't even get hard. This he thought, was going to be a long week with his Sister, little knowing he would be locked up the entire time.

Meanwhile on the train to college Emma was starting to fanaticise about nick controlling her for a bit after she had owned him. she wanted to be tied up and controlled. she started getting wet and only when her friend mentioned her red face did she return to reality. "sorry" she said in a fluster "I'm just hot that’s all" .

Both Nicks and Emma's days dragged on. Even though Emma was the only one in the class to have not been given the English essay back to rewrite she still was knackered , she hadn't stopped fanaticising all day, so much in fact , she almost went to the toilet to rub herself off at lunch if it wasn’t for Music Practice.

When Emma arrived home Nick was already nude in the living room watching TV. She striped off sighing and sat beside nick she commanded him to change the channel to the gay Free porn channel which just showed men in tight trunks. "eat me out slave" , nick followed his command and knelt between his mistresses legs and started sucking at her clit. within the space of five minutes She was screaming "more" to which all her slave did was obey, shortly Emma Exploded all over Nicks face.

After Nick had lapped up all His sisters juices he hoped she would return the favour, instead she gave him another command "I want my dinner by 8pm" she then walked upstairs to have a shower.

Over the Next week all she did was give nick basic commands, she wanted to make him feel used and abused, he needed to learn to respect the moments she touched her cock.

Friday came along and mum and dad were home, because of this Emma had temporarily forgotten that nick was still hers and not until a hole week later on a Saturday when their Parents were out with long lost friends did nick turn up in her room nude, for a moment she was surprised he was nude but then she remembered, thinking fast she went straight into her bitchy mistress role. " still here are you ? " "yes Mistress" "I supposed I bet to Let you out of your device at some point" "if you want mistress".
She thought a seconded. "ok nick but release is going to cost you" "anything mistress" "anything ?, ok then nick I'm going to first bust your balls till you cry , then I'm going to wait until tonight before I let you out as we need to get used to operating at night" "thank you mistress"
To this she just pointed to her bed, Nick laid there and spared his legs and tensed for the first of many blows to his balls.
---------------------Look out for part 3 'Nick In control' coming soon ;) -------------------------

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2013-11-20 07:37:19
Damn wanna hear more thats proper kinky xD

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2013-03-20 22:51:46
That Was A Good Story And Good For Part 3!

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2012-12-06 09:51:31
gunzidiot here. this was meant to be a filler however i have given up this series.

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2012-08-13 12:42:20
come on! add some sex into it next time...this is a sex story after all

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