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A girl finds her true love, Satan
There I was. Sitting in a church. Not the sanctuary but some hall type thing where the church sometimes had coffee hour. How did I end up here? I was supposed to be down at the street fair with my friends and my amazing boyfriend, Zach. But no, I get woken up at dawn and my mom's saying "Come on. We're going to church." She hasn't fully grasped the concept that I’m Atheist. And any interest I do have with god and whatnot is more towards the darker, more evil side. (Satan, Hell, demons, etc) So there I was. In a pair of jeans, converse and a Beatles T-shirt. I stuck out like a sore thumb. All the other girls were dressed in skirts and blouses. And there was Karen Hawthorne. So proud of her “vow to remain pure” when in reality she had fucked or sucked every guy on the football team. But I digress; I was waiting for my mom to finish mindlessly chattering with people. I was looking around the room when I noticed a door I had never noticed before. It was just a red door. I looked at mom who had seemingly forgotten about me. I got up out of my seat and strode over to the door. As I clutched the handle I felt this weird tingle in the back of my mind. I turned the handle and opened the door and went on through, shutting the door behind me.

The room behind the door was...interesting. It was a rather large room. The walls were covered in red wall paper that, upon running my fingers over, I found to be made of velvet. The floor was carpet with lush maroon carpeting. A fireplace stood in the center and it appeared as though it hadn't been used in a few years. The only light in the room were the flickering candles making shadows dance on the walls. The only other thing in the room, was a king size bed with 4 tall looming bed posts. The blankets and pillows on the bed matching the rest of the room, a dark crimson red with a little black.

"How odd." I mused aloud. I reached into my pocket for my phone to take a picture (for redecorating ideas) but I found it wasn't there. I looked down and saw my entire wardrobe had changed. I was wearing a knee length, flowing black skirt, my shirt was now a long sleeve black dress shirt, and the only thing that hadn't changed was my Converse.

"Curiouser and curiouser." I made my way over to the bed and sat down. How odd. I began thinking to myself. This room, the church, and my clothes changing. It's almost like I’m supposed to be here or something. I lay back and stared up at the canopy and I realized how tired I was. Getting up at dawn will do that to you. I closed my eyes and let sleep over power me.

I awoke sometime later and sat up straight in the bed. The room looked completely the same except a fire now glowed in the fireplace. Making the room much warmer and brighter. Something about this room seemed so dangerous yet at the same time so safe and inviting. I looked around the room and saw everything else was the same.

Suddenly the doorknob started to turn. I stood up from the bed, ready to defend myself if need be. But when the door opened, in strode the most handsome man I had ever seen. His short hair was a shade red darker than that of the walls. His eyes glowed a bright golden amber. His lips were puffy but not so much to create a feminine look. His cheek bones perfectly chiseled. He wore a black t-shirt that fit so tightly I could see his abs straight through it. They too were perfectly sculpted. He wore a tight pair of black jeans and (like me) high tops. He saw I was awake and his face brightened up. His voice was like the sound of thunder as a storm approached but at the same time soft and caring. It was enough to make me tremble with both fear and excitement.

"You're awake. That is good." he could obviously see how nervous I was because he smirked slightly and said to me,

"Relax, I promise no harm will come to you. I'm not going to hurt you." I relaxed a little and I opened my mouth and stammered,

"Who...who are you?" His eyes lit up with amusement. He didn't tell me. Rather he strode over and grabbed me in his arms and kissed me passionately I felt like I was going to faint in his arms. He pulled away and whispered,

"I'm known by many names. But to you, i'm the prince of darkness. But you may call me, Damien." He again kissed me, even more passionately than before. I was shocked. But at the same time curious and excited. He pulled away.

"Are you scared?"
"No. I'm curious. Why did you choose me?" He smiled. The kind of smile that was full of mystery and seductiveness.

"Your heart. It's as dark as mine. Your beauty is brighter than any flame. You're not afraid of me." he wrapped his arms around my waist.

"You are the perfect woman. I've searched for you for so long and now that I’ve found you, i'm never letting you go. But now, the one thing that still remains a mystery, what is the name by which you are called?" My heart pounded against my chest and I felt that I could barely speak. But I finally found myself and squeaked out,


"Well, Angela, you're in for the time of your life. He swooped me up in his arms as a small gasp escaped me.

He gently laid me down on the bed and brushed the hair from my face. He stood straight up and ripped the shirt off. Fully revealing the lustrous body underneath. His body was marked with all kinds of tattoos. Some written in a language that I couldn't understand. A soft moan of appreciation escaped my lips.

"Now you." He requested in that same voice. I smiled and sat up and slowly peeled off my shirt, teasing him. I looked down and realized that when I had stepped through the door my bra had been removed. I looked up at him, suspiciously. He nodded.

"My gift to the both of us." I bit my lip and I could feel myself getting moist. He kicked off his shoes and I kicked off mine. He unbuttoned his jeans and pulled them down slowly, stripping for me as I had done for him. He stood there, fully nude. Cock standing erect ready for me. My mouth was gaping. His cock had to be ten or eleven inches long and nearly 4 inches around. The sight made me even wetter. He spoke almost in a whisper,

"Your turn." I stood and I practically ripped my skirt from my body. The panties, like the bra, had been removed from my body. Another one of his gifts, I assumed. I stood there as nude as him. Bare pussy exposed. My pubic hair trimmed neatly and glistening with my juices. His eyes were so full of lust and as his lips parted in a smile I saw the gleaming fangs in his mouth. He growled at me, still in that lustful voice,

"Are you ready, my petite little morsel?"
"As ready as you are, my prince of darkness." No sooner had the words left my lips than he lunged at me and threw me on the bed. He pressed his body to mine. He kissed my lips then slowly moved his kisses down my body. First to my neck. Then my shoulders. Then each breast. And then right in between. With every kiss I felt electricity flowing through me. Every kiss felt better than the last. With every kiss I moaned a little louder. He finally kissed his way down to my pussy, now dripping. He looked his eyes up at me. I nodded, ready for him. He smiled once again, flashing his fangs and dived in. He began probing his tongue around the inside of my pussy. I could feel his tongue probing close to my G-spot. He brought his tongue close to my clit and flicked his tongue over it.

"Oh Damien..." I moaned as he brought his mouth to my clit and bit down ever so gently.

"Ah..." I gasped out. I could feel his lips curl into a sinful smile. This was the most painful as well as the most pleasurable experience I’ve ever experienced. Far better than my self-pleasure. He pulled his mouth back and all at once rammed his tongue into my cunt. He found my G-Spot and in an instant, I came. As I climaxed, I called out his name

"Damien!" My juices flowed into his mouth and all over his face. He pulled his face away and watched me, gasping for breath. The same sinful grin spread on his lips and as he licked my juices from his lips and around them. He grabbed my shoulders and brought his lips to mine. I could feel the taste of my juices on his lips but honestly, I didn't care. He released me and I fell back on the bed. He stared at me and used his hands to spread my legs. So there I sat, spread before the Prince and Darkness, about to be ripped in two by his monster cock and honestly, I was ready and willing.

"And now my dear, the time has come. You are about to become mine for all eternity. My queen, my lover, my consort. And you're not going to mind one bit. Are you?" I shook my head yearning for his dick.

He poised his member at my entrance ready to thrust. I whimpered to him,

"Please be gentile. It's my first time." He chuckled slightly.
"You ruin all the fun." I smiled back up at him. He wrapped his arms around me. He began slowly pushing in. I gritted my teeth and let the mix of pain and pleasure wash over me as he pushed in more and more. I could hear him groan

"Oh Angela, you're so tight." He began to slowly thrust in and out, thrusting in more each time he thrusted until eventually I felt him hit that precious barrier. He grabbed my arms.

"Look at me." I focused my eyes on his golden orbs.

"This is going to be painful. But I promise, it'll hurt a second and after it'll feel wonderful. Do you understand?" I nodded; his eyes were so hypnotic I was ready to believe anything he told me.

"Ok." He took a deep breath and with all his strength thrust hard into me. I cried out in agony as the pain swept over me but it only lasted a second. It soon was gone and he continued thrusting. Thrusting in deeper and deeper until he was all the way in.

"Oh Damien, I feel like you're going to spilt me in half." he pressed his finger to my lips.

"You talk too much. You need to relax." I nodded furiously. I just wanted him. He pulled out slowly and thrust fast back in fast. I cried out. He began thrusting in and out faster and faster.

"Oh...ah..uh...Damien it...ah...feels so good!"

"Listen, my sweet. I'm going to cum deep inside you. And as soon as I do, you will be bound to me forever. Mind, body and soul. And, I’d like you to call me 'Master'. Is that understood?"

"Yes...master." I gasped out. He smiled and began to kiss me all over my face and neck. He bit gently into me, making me cry out even louder. He sank his fangs into me and began to drank. This combination of him fucking and drinking from me brought me closer and closer until I cried out,

"Master! I'm going to cuuuuummm!! I screamed out as I could feel myself explode around his cock and I could feel him explode inside me. He pulled himself away from my neck and he said, heaving,

"And now my sweet, you are mine. Forever." He rolled off of me and the two of us lay there breathing heavily for a few minutes. Then he rolled over and he spoke.

"Look at me." Unable to resist his words, I rolled my aching body over onto my side and stared into his mystifying eyes. He brushed the hair out of my face then slid his hand down to my waist and then my arse. He gripped it firmly and pulled me towards him. I bit my lip as a lustful smile came across his face.

"Do you love me, Angela?"

"Oh yes, Master." He kissed me on the top of my head as he ran his fingers through my hair. I rested my head on his chest with my raven hair splaying across his chest. As I fell asleep, I heard him whisper back,

"And love you too, my sweet little morsel."

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