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This is my first story, all comments are welcome.
This story might be fiction or up to you to decide.

My name is Linda and and I was 15 years old at the time.

Its my first day at school as a freshmen in high school. I wasn't scare of not having friends because I was well known, especially since I hang out with the "wrong crowd". But I myself didn't do that many wrong things. I don't smoke, maybe drink on special occasions.

I'm still a virgin.

The only virgin among my friends but they love that, they thought it made me more pure than them. Lol! I never thought of it like that, I just didn't want to give up to someone so easily. I dated before and they were no big deal relationships. Its hard to keep a real relationship due to my overprotective friends. They were like big brothers and big sisters to me, always looking out for me. And I love them for that.

So back to the first day of school... I walked into school with my usual friends, everyone was always starring at us cause we were known as hotheads. (We say and speak what's on our mind all the time).

School was normal, but then when I got to 3rd period, it all started. 3rd period is wood working, and there I met Irvin. He's 15, with a 6 pack, quiet, and funny. We had to choose partners for our project and well he picked me, I didn't have a chance to say no.
He introduce himself to me and told me that he just moved down here from Maryland. Our project was a 3 month project where he had to make 2 wooden cars that is no bigger than a shoe. Easy as it sounds, it was difficult sanding wood down to a car.

Irvin suggested that we work on it everyday after school so that it'll go by faster. As I left class, I gave him my number telling him to text me all the details. From there, there was no going back. We decided to start next week since we just
started school.

Next week...

Irvin: hey, want to get started today after school at my house?
Me: sure, your parents wont mind the noise?
Irvin: my mom and brother works nights, so we'll be ok.
Irvin: and don't b scare, I'm not a creep lol
Me: lol, u read my mind. Ill see u at school. Bye
Irvin: see you, bye.

School went by normal, we spent 3rd period watching a movie as a class. Me and Irvin didn't talk much. My friends wanted to tag along to g over to Irvin's to make sure ill be okay. I assure them Irvin is harmless. I saw Irvin after last period, he told me that its only a 10 minute walk from school to his house. He lives in a apartment, at the very top.

By the time I was done climbing those stairs, I was ready to sit and relax. As we walked in, I saw pictures of him and his brother everywhere. We sat on the floor of his living room with plans and designs of how we should start. Hes really artistic so he drew it all.

Irvin: ill do all the work, you just put your name on it.
Me: nooooo, I want to help
Irvin: your hand might get scratch and ill feel really bad if that happens
Me:(giggling) are you scare that my friends are going to hurt you if i get a scratch?
Irvin: maybe

We both laughed after he answer. As he drew out more designs while leaning against the couch, I grew more sleepy. I move myself from sitting across from him to sitting right next to him. He didn't blink as he watch me get up and move. Once I sat next to him, I laid my head down on thigh, closer towards his knee. I asked him...

Me: is it okay if i take a quick nap like this?
Irvin: no problem at all

1hour later...

I open my eyes while still resting my head on his knee, I saw him draw with his left hand. And that's when I felt his right arm around my shoulder. As I lift up my head, he jerk his arm off of me.

Irvin: I thought u were cold so I putted my arm around u...sorry.
Me: its no problem, thanks though for keeping shoulders warm.

I looked for my phone(wondering why it hasn't rung), then i saw that it was on vibrate with 12 missed calls.

Irvin: u were sleeping and I didn't want to wake u, its pretty late now, ill walk you home.
Me: thanks ill appreciate that.

For the 15minute walk home, we were both in good moods; we joked, played around and he gave me a piggy back ride.

As we reach my front door, we both lean in for a hug, for our first time hugging, it was pretty long. As I let go of my grip around his neck, I expected for him to let go of his grip around my hips but instead, he lean back in.

But before he can do anything else, my friends open the door behind me. Irvin quickly let go of me. They have been waiting for me. As I waved bye to Irvin, all my friends kept asking if anything happen. I of course denied. Just stated that we hung out and worked on the project.

Later that same night after all my friends go home and I'm in my room alone...

My phone rings and...

Irvin: hey...
Me: hey, sorry my friends just popped out like that. They it will be funny to scare us
Irvin:(laughing) its no problem....I cant believe they waited for u at your house just to make sure u were ok
Me: how'd you know they were making sure that I'm ok? Lol
Irvin: I can sense it lol
Me: lol, yeah...they can be over the top sometimes
Irvin: are you coming over tomorrow?...I need to tell you something too
Me: yup, and ok tell me now
Irvin: promise you wont laugh
Me: promise, now tell me
Irvin: when I first saw u walk into class, I kinda knew that ill make u mine one day.
Irvin:I didn't mean to make that sound weird
Me: lets just see what happens
Irvin: so I didn't get rejected?
Me: Nope
Irvin: woo hoo!!
Me: lol, ill see u tomorrow
Irvin: ok see u, sweet dreams

As I went to bed that night, I thought about what Irvin said...I can't denied the fact that I love spending time with him. Maybe there is something here...but only time will tell.

Next day...

I'm really nervous about going to school today, but I know there's one thing I know for sure, I enjoy Irvin's company.

As I walked into school with my friends, I stop to talk to Irvin. He's noticeably nervous. But when he looks up at me, I can't help but giggle inside at his charming smile. I lean in to give him a hug but with all my friends starring its a quick brief hug.

He walk me to my class, we had a little small talk but nothing more than that. I sat there in class, waiting for the bell to ring so that I can see him in 3rd period. I'm the first one out of class...bumping into Irvin. We share a quick smile and walk to class together.

I can't help but stare at him while he's designing more pictures for the project. And I'm thinking...(he's different but I like that, I'm really comfortable around him. I feel really like myself when I'm around him. Maybe...).
My thoughts ends when he approaches me.

Irvin: after school, my house?
Me: yeah sure

From there...I went over to his house everyday after school till about 10 and he'll walk me home. A long hug is how we ended the walk my house. We also texted, IM, and talked on the pone everyday for 3 whole months. The day wasn't normal if I didn't talk to him.

My friends can tell that there was something between us but the truth is that, all we did was talk and hug...nothing sexual.

In October, things changed...

I started to have feelings and thoughts about Irvin, and I couldn't stop them. I'm falling for him and that scares me so much. Since this is the first time I ever felt this way, I don't know what to do.

Irvin: Morning!! Come downstairs and open the door
Me: its 6am...on a Saturday!
Irvin: I know but you said that you never wake up early enough to watch cartoons so now I'm your wake up call. We can watch it at my house.
Me: you know your crazy right? Hold on, let me change
Irvin: no don't change, pajamas only, its 6am. Its too early to change
Me: fine

I got out of bed and open the door, here Irvin stand in his basketball shorts and a t-shirt. I caught Irvin starring at my outfit, I'm only wearing shorts, a tank top, and now a thin sweater.

Me: you ok?
Irvin: mean yup I'm okay.
Me: ok lets go
Irvin: its just the 2 of us, my mom and brother are out of town this weekend
Me: ok that's cool

I quickly plot myself on the couch laying down since I'm still tired. Irvin turns on the tv to the cartoons and he sits by my feet. I curl up my legs so that he'll have more room.

Me: I'm cold, can you please grab me a blanket?
Irvin: yeah sure
Irvin: here u go, don't drool on my blanket haha
Me: thanks and ill think about it.

I decide to sit instead of laying down since I'm taking up all the room. I'm sitting on his right side with the blanket covering my legs. I rest my head on his shoulder and curl my legs where my knees were touching his thigh. He places his arm around my shoulder and we both breath a sign of relief. Relief of both of us okay with us sitting like this.

I'm sitting here, 6am on a Saturday morning watching cartoons with Irvin. What an interesting day it's going to be...

Me: we should do this every Saturday morning, but 6am is too early haha
Irvin: yeah sorry about that, I just thought that we should get an early start on cartoons
Me: haha, yeah i guess your right
Irvin: like your pajamas
Me: (little giggle), thanks, if i would've known that you were coming, i would've put on sweat pants
Irvin: why? you look cute in shorts
Me: mhm, so you were looking...
Irvin: oh...I'm sorry...I didn't mean to's just that you were standing'm really sorry
Me: hahaha, calm down (I hit him on his shoulder playfully), I was just joking. And by the way, i was looking at your outfit too....
Irvin: (shifted his body faceing me) you were? I didn't mean to have think I got it when i was looking at
Me: wait what?
Irvin: oh nothing nevermind
Me: (thinking; OMG! he had a hard on) oh ok....I like your bed head (i started to play with his hair)
Irvin: oh really now? I like tickling you! (starts tickling my stomach)

I fall behind me, laying flat on the couch now. Irvin hovering over me, with one leg on the ground and one knee in between my legs to hold himself up.
He continues to tickle my stomach.
I'm laughing so hard, he stops but still leans over on top of me...I'm breathing heavily and I smile.

He leans in closer towards my face, but stop from just inches away from my lips. I place my arms around his neck and pull him down.
And we kiss....our first kiss together.

He moves his arms down and place them on my waist, but I wanted him to keep moving his hands down but I kept that idea in my head, but kept wishing that.
As we're still kissing, he pulls himself off of me but pulls me up at the same time, never letting go of our kiss.
I push my weight towards him until he falls flat on the couch and I pull myself away from the kiss. Just short enough for me to climb on top of him.
And i lean back down and we continue our kissing.

He places his hands on my butt and starts rubbing them through my shorts. I take off my sweater and his t-shirt.
I clearly can feel his hard on through his shorts poking in between my legs.

to be continue....

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2012-08-05 15:19:33
Grammer and dialogue in this story were killing me the whole way through, but it's a decent story.

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2012-08-05 03:40:28
This story got a negative rating from me, because you didn't finish the story

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