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Patricia's Chapter
Author's Note[/b]: Thank you to all who follow my stories and a special thanks to Darthel0101 for giving me the idea to use the goblins in the manufacturing process. There will also at some point thanks to Darthel0101 be a goblin chapter since to incorporate them into my story line they will need more face time then I can give them as a sideline species.

This story contains lesbianism and incest if you were to stupid to read the tags and do not like these subjects then DO NOT proceed any further.

Solomon's Daughters: Patricia's Chapter

After their romp in the theatre Eliza and Anthony cleaned up in the bathroom and got outside and to the bus stop just in time to see it pulling away. Sitting on the bench they waited in comfortable silence, Eliza leaning against Anthony's shoulder. Eliza a little embarrassed about their actions in the theatre kept flicking glances under her eyelashes at Anthony.

"Do you do that often," she suddenly asked him.

"Do what," was his confused reply.

"Have sex with girls in the movie theatre."

"Nope, that was a first and so far you're only the third girl I've had sex with. Sar-Rah was my first."

"Who was your second?"


"Your little sister," she asked. There was no disgust or condemnation in her voice only a fascinated

"Yes, you don't seem to be upset about that."

"I am not, back in our day it wasn't a taboo so it doesn't bother me."

"Have you ever thought of your sisters that way," Anthony asked her. He was trying to feel her out to see if she may be willing to grant Sar-Rah's desire to make to love to her sisters.

"Up until you whispered what you did in there I hadn't. But when you said that Sar-Rah would...." she trailed off her face flushing red and the speed of her breathing increased noticeably. Her eyes glazed over and she began to pant. He watched her intently as she began to rub her legs together and let out little moans. Her nipples tightened under her shirt and were poking out, it was obvious she wasn't wearing a bra. Looking around to make sure no one was close enough to see or Anthony reached out and light pinched her nipples and pulled gently. With her jaw clenched to trap her scream she came from just the thought of her sister pleasuring her and his one gentle touch. Releasing her nipples Anthony sat back against the bench trying to adjust his aching erection to a more comfortable position. The satiated content look on her face made his discomfort worth it. After a few moments she began to focus on the world around her and her gaze immediately went to his face as an embarrassed flush swept up her face. Tilting her head down she allowed her hair to swing forward and obscure her face.

"Don't," Anthony said reaching out and tipping her head back up while pushing her hair back behind her ear.

"I don't want you to think I am some kind of loose woman," she said trying to lower her head again but his grip on her jaw prevented her.

"Why would I think that? Until less than an hour ago you were still a virgin."

"But I just climaxed from you barely touching me and the thought of...," she trailed off her eyes glazed and she shuddered slightly before her eyes once again focused on his face.

"Don't be ashamed about something like that. The pleased look on your face when you get off is a big turn on and Sar-Rah will want to do you as much as you want her to do you."

Eliza was saved from having to come up with a response to that by the bus pulling up to the stop. Sitting side by side on the bus they returned to the comfortable silence. As they sat there Eliza dozing against his side his arm across the seat behind her head and his fingers lightly stroking her hair he sighed. Now that his hard-on had finally subsided he could think of other things and his happiness warred with his worry. He now had to more mouths to feed on an income that only barely fed and clothed him and Liz. He thought of all the things he could invent with Eliza's help and how much money those inventions could possibly be worth. The thought that soon he wouldn't have to scrounge for every cent just to give Liz a little pocket money lifted his spirit. He reorganized his thought and forced them to a more grateful path.

"Come on your alive, well fed, and have a beautiful girl asleep in your arms after a few amazing rounds of sex your blessed," Anthony thought to himself while looking down into Eliza's peaceful angelic face. Looking out the window he saw that they were almost to their stop. Looking back to Eliza he gave into his desire to kiss her awake. Lightly touching his lips to hers he slid his tongue over the seam of her lips. In her sleep she moaned at the feel. Taking advantage of her moan Anthony kissed her deeply, exploring her hot mouth. She still tasted lightly of hot sauce. Eliza came awake passionately kissing him back. He almost got pulled into making out with her more causing them to almost miss their stop. The bus driver grinned at him as they disembarked, Anthony with a sheepish grin, and Eliza with her face so red it looked like she would set her hair on fire. Looking at his cellphone Anthony they still had a little over an hour until school got out so taking Eliza's hand he led her inside.

He headed for the office to say hello to the elderly lady who worked the desk. He had spent a lot of time in the office helping out her and the principle input all the hard copy info on to their computer network, which he had re-setup for them after the installation guys had made a mess of it. He thought back a few years and remembered how Jen was always kind to him, bringing him cookies and food whenever she knew he'd be helping out. He also thought of the principal and how he flirted with her because he had a crush on her. He'd wolf whistle every time he saw her and say "Looking good teach" even if they were at opposite ends of a crowded hallway. He had made the tall beautiful blonde amazon of a woman blush more than once and it had made her look adorable so he tried to make it happen more often.

"I'm taking you to the office to meet the secretary her name is Jen she is the nicest old lady ever born. She is a little wily and mischievous so watch out for that. Also you might even get to meet my second unrequited love, Ms. Yearling. She's the principal and she falls into the same tier of beautiful that you, Sar-Rah, and Liz occupy."

"Who is your first unrequited love," Eliza asked him. He looked back over his shoulder at her and she saw the pain that flashed across his face before he hid it behind a grin.

"That is classified top secret information. If I told you I would have to kill you," he said grabbing the door
and pulling it open.

"After you my lady," he said in a horrible fake British accent and motioned her in.

Eliza walked into the office with Anthony on her heels. She saw the back of a tall blonde woman as she leaned lightly on the counter infront of an elderly woman that must be Jen. Anthony following Eliza saw Ms. Yearling as soon as he got in the door. Even though he could only see her back he recognized he slim toned body and that ass that had entranced him for all of his high school years.

"What's up teach," he said after giving a loud wolf whistle that echoed in the small office. Turning with a
small half smile on her face.

"It is good to see you again Mr. Caine. How did you recognize me without seeing my face," Patricia Yearling asked. Behind her Jen gave a snort and Anthony grinned wickedly.

"Well, I have never seen a tall blonde that matched your goddess like beauty," he said and smiled when he saw a light blush rise in her cheeks.

"Plus, I spent four long years admiring your very fine backside I would recognize it with my eyes closed," he continued and was rewarded with the light blush deepening to a crimson flush that reached her ears.

"Anthony, what would your fiancee say if she heard you saying that," Patricia asked. Wrapping an arm around Eliza waist and pulling her against his side he looked up into her face.

"Well sweet heart what do have to say," he asked her. Eliza ran a lecherous hungry look up and down Patricia's body and licked her lips.

"I say she has an awesome ass. I somehow feeling the urge to just walk up to her and grab and knead it."

"Now you have an inkling of my torment. For four unendingly long years I had to suppress that urge," he told her. Over by the counter Patricia's face was so red Anthony thought that all of her blood might have flooded to her face and hoped she didn't get a nose bleed from it.

"Who is this Anthony," Jen asked barely suppressing her snickers.

"Oh, how rude of me. This is Eliza Solomon, Sar-Rah's youngest older sister. Eliza this vision of loveliness is Patricia Yearling and the gorgeous Jennifer White aka Jen," he said introducing them.

"Bah your brain has been addled in your old age if you think me gorgeous," Jen said as Patricia's blush continued. Anthony walked up to the counter and leaned over grabbing Jen's wrinkled hand. Leaning forward he placed a kiss on the back.

"Jen, from your looks I can tell once you were outwardly so beautiful you could caused traffic jams just by walking down the street. However that beauty is only skin deep and all physical things fade in time. But inside you are still the cheerful, kind, mischievous, sexy woman that could make a man's blood run hot with a single glance," he said seriously as he stared her in the eyes. He was surprised when she actually blushed. He had tried for all his years in high school and never managed to get her to blush. Seeing it a grin spread across his face.

"I see you got yourself a silver tongue since we last talked," she said unconsciously running one hand through her hair and patting his cheek with the other. Behind him Patricia finally have calmed from his flattery cleared her throat to catch his attention. Letting go of Jen's hand he walked over to a meeting table with six chairs around it. Sitting he motioned for the others to join him. They did and when everyone was seated they continued their conversation.

"So Eliza is your fiancee then," Patricia asked.

"Yes she is," Anthony replied.

"I see, so Sar-Rah was just pulling my leg about you being her fiancee," she said sighing in relief.

"Nope, afraid not," Anthony said purposely not explaining to make her ask questions in hopes he might see her blush again.

"What do you mean afraid not? If Eliza is your fiancee then Sar-Rah can't be which is good because she is too young to get married," Patricia said.

"She can't? Why ever not," Anthony asked his voice aghast though inside he fought to keep his amusement from his face.

"Polygamy is not legal in this country and you know this. Stop be deliberately obtuse," she huffed at him. Jen sat in her chair amusement on her face as Patricia dug herself in deeper. She watched Anthony and was impressed by the way he had changed since he graduated. His physical changes while profound weren't what she was impressed with. During high school many of the girls had gravitated to him because he seemed to radiate a sense of maturity and safety. He had never seemed to get involved with any of them though she knew for a fact a few had asked him out. He was kind to all of them and seemed to get along with all of them even the ones he had rejected. His pulled had evolved into a full blown magnetism she had little doubt any female would be able to resist. He had even made her heart speed up with his silvered words and flattery. Remembering his words and actions the blush returned to her cheeks. Anthony and Eliza both noticed her appraisal and when she blushed they both grinned at her. Realizing she'd been noticed she jumped into the conversation.

"So exactly how many fiancees to you have," Jen asked.

"Seven, probably," Anthony said.

"What are you going to do with seven fiancees? And what does probably mean," asked Patricia.

"Well probably means that something is mostly going to happen. And as to what I'm going to do with seven wives. I'm going strip them then ravish them till they tell me to stop. But I won't I'll keep going till they beg me to stop and I still won't. I'll keep going until either I can't move anymore or they faint from the overwhelming pleasure of it," Anthony said.

"Smart ass I meant, what does it mean for you to probably have seven fiancees," Patricia said as her mouth went dry picturing him doing what he described to Sar-Rah and Eliza. The image of him doing the same to her flashed through her mind and heat surged through her body.

"It means that I haven't met them yet and while they can change their minds about marrying me most likely they won't," Anthony replied. They talked and Anthony flirted and teased all three women until the last bell rang. Looking over at Eliza he motioned towards the door indicating that they needed to go to finish up her conversation with Patricia.

"So Patricia how would you like to come over for dinner tomorrow night," Eliza asked the older woman.

"I don't know," she said hesitantly shooting sidelong glances at Anthony. Anthony not knowing what Eliza was up to just backed up her request.

"Please Ms. Yearling? I'll get down on my knees and beg if you'll agree," Anthony whined at her giving her his best innocent puppy dog eyes.

"Alright, fine I'll come by for dinner," Patricia said with forced exasperation while her heart pounded with excitement.

"Yes," Anthony shouted with overdone excitement.

"Why are you so happy to have me over for dinner," Patricia asked him as she ushered Eliza to the office door. Opening it he let Eliza go out in front of him and paused, turning back to look directly into her eyes.

"Because I am planning on having you for dessert," he said. His tone and the serious look on his face told her while he may be flirting he meant what he had said. She lost her chance to reprimand him as embarrassment and lust pinged through her.

"We'll see you tomorrow night at seven o'clock," he said quickly slipping out of the room before she could gather herself and call him down for his statement. Jen who had been watching Patricia through the whole conversation smiled at her fluster.

"Well it looks like you'll be having fun tommorrow night," she said needling the younger woman.

"He wasn't being serious," she said trying to convince herself that he was just joking.

"That boy was as serious as a heart attack. He's going to do his best to seduce you tomorrow."

"He has several beautiful fiancee's what would be want with a old woman like me."

"You know very well he had a crush on you when he used to attend this school and from what I have seen of his fiancees they will probably help him woo you," Jen told her.

"He was one of my students what should I do," Patricia asked Jen.

"Do you want my honest opinion," she waited until Patricia nodded, "Then go to dinner wearing a nice sexy casual outfit with the sexiest lingerie you own on beneath it and let him have you. I know you've had a thing for him he when he was here before but you held yourself back because of the impropriety. He isn't your student anymore and if he can satisfy two fiancees and they are still willing to share him then I'd say he'll fulfill all of those secret fantasies you have about him."

Patricia thinking about Jen's advice went into her private office, with a wave to Jen, and closed the door behind her.

Anthony and Liz walked down the hall. He wrapped his arm around her waist pulling her into the sheltered of his body. She leaned into him as they made their ways through the horde of teens hurrying to escape the monotony of school. Eliza watched all the people that moved around and past them and was amazed at the number of them and the verity of the clothes and styles. Making their way to the front door that Anthony knew the two girls would leave through he leaned against the wall, with Eliza beside him, to wait for Liz and Sar-Rah. As they waited they watched the flow of the people. Anthony spotted Liz and Sar-Rah as they came down the hall they had their heads together talking. They were so intent on their conversation that they didn't even notice Anthony and Eliza waiting for them. Giving Eliza an amused smiled he took her hand and led her after the two younger girls. As they exited the building they saw that they weren't the only ones waiting for Sar-Rah and Liz. A group of five of the football players all wearing their jerseys had formed a semi-circle in front of Sar-Rah and Liz stopping their progress towards the bus stop on the corner. Holding back to see what this was about Anthony gripped Eliza's arm to keep her from joining her sister. She shot him a questioning look but subsided and stood placidly beside him.

"So we meet again," said the guy in front who was apparently the leader of the group. Anthony recognized him immediately and stiffened. Eliza feeling the change in his body looked at him in concern and fear jolted through her. His gaze was locked on the leader of the men. She didn't know why he was angry but his rage filled stare was focused on the man in front and his eyes were glowing. They looked like two glass orbs filled with an inferno and they didn't leave the man confronting their sisters.

"What are you a cartoon villain. Are we supposed to say this town ain't big enough for the both of us," Liz shot back. Eliza afraid that Anthony might leap across the intervening space and rip the man apart leaned in close his face.

"Anthony calm down your eyes are glowing," she whispered to him. With a shudder he closed his eyes. A second later they opened again and all the emotion dropped from his face and his eyes stopped glowing. Eliza was impresses at the ease with which he did that, she made a mental note to ask him how he did it later. Anthony's glowing eyes having distracted her they had missed some insult exchanging between the two girls and the jocks. It looked like the jocks were closing in on the two girls and the people around them just veered around the group not wanting to get involved, Anthony was disgusted with them all.

"Looks like there is no principal here to save you now bitch but no need to worry we aren't going to hurt you just strip you naked and sent you home in your birthday suits," John said to Sar-Rah as his team mates began to converge on them.

"These two belong to me so I won't be allowing you to set your filthy eyes or hands on them," said a voice from behind Liz and Sar-Rah who had brightened at the familiar sound. John's eyes went to the man who had spoken and his eyes widened in shock.

"Yeah I'm surprised to see you too John. I was certain you would have dropped out or been sent to prison for rape by now," Anthony said.

"I am not a rapist," John snarled at Anthony. Anthony shot a confused look at Liz and Sar-Rah before shifting his gaze back to John.

"Didn't I just hear you say you were going to strip my fiancee and my sister against their will? Beside we both know that once you only said that you wouldn't hurt them to try and get them to come with you without a fight.

Once you got them alone who know what scum sucking losers like the lot of you would have done."

John sputtered trying to come with a come back to what Anthony said.

"Look the sight of you turns my stomach so move the fuck out of the way or I am going to call the cops for attempted sexual assault," Anthony said to the gathered football players as he pulled his cell phone from his pocket.

"This isn't over," spat John hatred in his eyes. He turned and left the other players split and went there

separate ways.

"Tah-Dah," Anthony said motioning to Eliza as he turned back to Sar-Rah and Liz. Liz flung herself into his

arms and Sar-Rah did likewise to Eliza. Anthony squeezed Liz tight and held her there against his chest. The thought of her being injured or harmed in anyway made his vision go red. Sar-Rah began excitedly telling Eliza about her release from the bottle and then all that had happened until this point. When she finished Eliza then told Sar-Rah how her day had gone so far.

"You really have a thing for showers don't you," Liz asked Anthony with a smirk. The other two girls paused, hearing her question, to listen to his reply.

"Yes, I just love to get beautiful women wet and slippery," he said grinning at her. They all moved once more toward the bus stop. They arrived only moments before the bus and boarded.

Anthony unlocked the front door and allowed the girls to go in ahead of him. Anthony headed to the kitchen to make dinner and opened the fridge to see what ingredient he had available. He realized the fridge was nearly empty along with the cabinets. They had maybe enough food to get through another day. Pulling a couple boxes of noodles from a cabinet along with a bottle of tomato sauce and some ground beef from the freezer he began making spaghetti. While the water for the noodles and in a separate pot the sauce heated he sat at the table. Lowering his forehead to his hands and tried to figure out a way to arrange the finances to get enough money for more people. He pulled out his balance book and began to go over the numbers to see if there was anything they could do without.

Behind him through the doorway the girls stopped their conversation noticing the weary slump to his shoulders. Sar-Rah and Eliza watched as he scanned the little book. They shared a confused look and turned to Liz who was watching her brother's back with a sad look in her eyes.

"What is he doing Liz," Sar-Rah asked her voice pitched low so Anthony wouldn't hear.

"He is going over the finances. For some reason he is worrying about money," she replied never taking her sad gaze from Anthony's back.

"Why is he worried? Does he do this often," Eliza asked.

"No he doesn't do this often. He only does it when we have to have money for something. Since he was happy until he went in there to cook dinner, I'll guess it is food. With two more mouths to feed and five more coming he is probably in there mentally freaking out right now. That is not to mention the fact that you all will need clothes and other things. This has probably all occurred to him already and he is trying to find a way to juggle the bills and everything to provide for us," Liz said.

"Why didn't he say anything I could do something about the food and clothes," Sar-Rah asked trying to
understand why he didn't rely on her. Liz turned to look at her incredulously and shook her head.

"You have been around him for days now, have you ever heard him complain about anything? He is the suffer in silence type and besides he would never want to worry anyone else over problems he believes are his responsibility," she stated returning her gaze to her brother. Sar-Rah moved into the kitchen and walked up behind Anthony wrapping her arms around his neck from behind and kissed his neck.

"Don't worry about food or clothes. I will handle both of them so don't stress about the money," she whispered into his ear. Turning his head he gave her a soft kiss on the lips and then returned to scanning the book.

"It isn't just the food and clothes you will need other things. Brushes and a toothbrush, shampoo, and a bunch of other things and while they will all be cheap most likely they will begin to add up fast when you multiply the amount needed times seven," he said rising. He walked over to the stove to check the water seeing it was boiling he dumped in the noodles after cooking the ground beef, which he dumped into the sauce along with some garlic powder and a few other spices, he stirred the noodles for a minute and then returned to the table to find Eliza in his seat. Looking up she met his gaze the stood. She stood so close facing him looking down into his face that their bodies were almost touching.

"If you told us your problems maybe we could help. With all the knowledge at my fingertips I'm sure we could find a way to make money," she reprimanded him softly. Her fingers gliding gently over his jaw took away any sting her words might have held. He reached up and put his hands on the sides of her head and pulled her down to his lips. His tongue explored her mouth until he had to pull back from lack of oxygen. He sat in his seat then pulled her down into his lap. His hard on was pressed hard against her.

"Ok, well let's see if we can think of something to make money. It has to be small and useful or we won't be able to build it. I have ideas about a new kind of car and a generator that is safe and doesn't cause pollution but those we need more money to build then I will be able to come up with," Anthiny explained. They sat and thought. Anthony got up again to check on the food. Since it was done he strained the water from the noodles and brought the two pots of to the tables. Moving Eliza over to another chair he sat in his own and they began to eat while throwing useful but impractical ideas around the table. Finally an idea popped into Anthony's mind.

"Sar-Rah since the servant aspect covers clothing does it cover jewelry as well?"

"Yes it does," Sar-Rah said.

"Good, here is what we'll do. I am going to the college tomorrow to get a refund for the rest of the year. This semester's money is gone since it has already started but the rest I should be able to get back. Then Sar-Rah, if you will, will make some really high end expensive unique jewelry and we'll go talk to a jeweler about selling or buying the pieces and what we need to do get more clients," he told them as he got up and walked to the fridge to get a drink he stiffened the surprise when he opened the refrigerator door.

I told you I'd take care of the food didn't I," Sar-Rah asked as her arms slipped around his waist from
behind. He grabbed a can of Pepsi and turned in her arms setting it on the counter. He wrapped his arms around her and grabbed to wonderfully tight ass and pulled her into him grinding her against his erection. Her eyes closed and her head listed back slightly and her lips parted in a moan. Taking the opportunity, his passionate kiss surprised her and took her breath away. Releasing her he grabbed his soda from the counter and returned to the table.

"You don't mind making the jeweler do you Sar-Rah," Anthony asked her.

"I will do anything you want me to lover," Sar-Rah replied.

"Are you sure you want to drop out of college? You were so insistent on going before," Liz asked him worried he might be giving up something he had always wanted to do. Anthony smiled lovingly at her knowing exactly what was bothering her.

"It is okay Liz. I only ever wanted to go to college so I could learn new things and so I could make enough money to give you the things to deserve. Now Eliza can teach me everything that college could ever teach me and more and by using Eliza's knowledge and the money we'll make from Sar-Rah's jewelry I can make some of my bigger ideas and sell them. Using the money from those I can start changing the world to a hopefully better place, but more importantly I can treat you like the goddess that you are," he said as he finish his dinner while explaining what he was going to do. Liz got up from her chair across from him and walked around the table. She straddled his legs, causing his cock to begin to harden again after it had finally went down.

"I love you big brother," she whispered against his lips just before she kissed him. Feeling his rising erection she began to press her hips down, to apply more pressure to it, and to rock back and forth. She swallowed his moan as their tongue's wrestled. Anthony checked again to make sure the stove was off then he grabbed Liz's ass and stood, Liz wrapped her legs around his waist. He motioned for Eliza and Sar-Rah to follow and they all went to Anthony's room. When entered Anthony pinned Liz to the wall and kissed her while humping against her. Her panties were soaked and the crotch of his pants had a wet spot where he was humping against to her. Turning he went to the bed and he dropped her onto it on her back. In her tight black shirt and black skirt with her lightly applied black make-up sand her blonde tipped hair spread out she looked like gothic angel.

"You are beautiful Liz, I love you," Anthony said looking down at her. He dropped to his bed and pulled her shirt up to above her breasts. He pushed her bra up and took one of her nipples into his mouth while he gently pinched, rolled, and tugged on her other nipple. Liz moaned and arched her back while she hugged his head to her chest. He kissed his way down her taught stomach pausing to dip his tongue into her navel and then continued downward. His progress stopped at the waistband of her skirt, where he kissed and licked and nibbled her skin. Never stopping his mouth's work as he undid the zipper on the side of her skirt and pulled it down and off her legs. The scent of her arousal rose to him as he pulled down her red silk panties. Leaning back so he could look at her whole body he moaned at the sight of her spread before him.

"So beautiful," he mumbled as he leaned forward and ran his tongue up her inner thigh. He reached her pussy and without any teasing slid his tongue as deep as he could into her. She moaned as he began licking her inner walls and her wetness increased. Moans sounded throughout the room as he tried to lap up all the wetness that flowed from her. He slid his hand up her leg and then slid a finger into her it was quickly joined by another finger. As he finger fucked her he realized that her moans didn't account for all the moans he was hearing. He turned his gaze to the other two and he was stunned at the sight before him. Both Eliza and Sar-Rah had disrobed while he had focused on Liz and Eliza was standing her back against the wall with one leg over Sar-Rah's shoulder while Sar-Rah, who was on her knees, pleasured Eliza with her mouth. He groaned at the sight and Liz raised her head to look at what had caught his attention. As soon as she saw what was happening her orgasm pulsed through her. Her inner muscles gripped his fingers tight and she arched off the bed and screamed out her pleasure. Anthony didn't stop the movement of his fingers, her scream bringing his attention back to her. Leaning forward once more he took her clit between his lips and began to lash it with his tongue. She began to writhe beneath his mouth. He wrapped his arms around her thighs and continued to please her. She pushed at his head as another orgasm took her in the middle of her first pushing her higher.

"Please, please," she panted as her feet pound the bed beside him. She shrieked as a third orgasm lanced through her body. She shuddered and jerked as she finally manage to disengage Anthony from between her thighs.

"No more, please no more," she kept repeating as she rolled on to her side and curled in on herself her hands covering her pussy to protect it from him. He grinned at her and turned to the other two girls who have heard Liz's first orgasmic scream were watching him. He moved toward them wiping Liz's juice from his face. He kissed Eliza and then pulled her to the bed. Seeing she was wet and ready already he slid himself deep into her in one stroke. She cried out at the pleasure of him filling her. He moved with slow long strokes pushing into her deeply and grinding against her with each thrust. Thanks to the excitement of his pleasuring Liz and Sar-Rah's attentions they both went over the edge after only a few minutes of his thrusting. She moaned loudly and her nails raked the back of his shoulders as he filled her with his warm seed. Kissing her he rolled off her panting.

Sar-Rah who had been watching rubbing herself immediately took his still hard cock into her mouth and licked Eliza's and Anthony's combined juices from it. Her ministrations kept him from softening much and soon he was as hard as he had been before. While Eliza laid there panting Sar-Rah crawled up Anthony's body and leaned over and kissed her sister allowing her to taste their combined juices. Sar-Rah raise herself and grabbed his cock to point it up and impale herself on it. Anthony grabbed he ass before she could thrust down onto him. Looking at him in confusion she paused.

"Not like that I made your sister a promise," he said standing. He grabbed Sar-Rah and moved over so she was standing between her sisters legs with Anthony pressed against her back. He licked from her shoulder to her ear and sucked lightly on her lobe.

"Bend over and suck everything I put in her out," he ordered Sar-Rah as Eliza's eyes widen and she began to pant from just the thought. Sar-Rah gave a soft moan and bent at the waist and lowered her mouth to her older sisters leaking pussy. Eliza moaned as Sar-Rah began to work on her and Anthony took his cock and rubbed it up and down Sar-Rah's slit. Sar-Rah shuddered at the feel of him teasing her and she screamed into her sisters body in pleasure as he thrust hilt deep into her in one thrust. Anthony began to pound into her fast and hard pushing her harder into Eliza with every thrust. He leaned forward and kissed her spine as he reached around her and fondled her breasts. He tugged her nipples before for straightening and grabbing her hips. Feeling his orgasm approaching he tightened his grip on her hips and began to pound into her as fast and hard as he could. Sar-Rah's orgasm took her only moments later, she screamed into Eliza's sensitive pussy and the vibrations sent her over the edge as well. Feeling her climax around him Anthony stopped holding himself back and erupted into her. Causing her to scream again as another smaller climax ripped through at the feel of his warmth filling her. They collapsed onto the bed next to Eliza with Anthony on top pressing Sar-Rah into the bed.

"That was amazing," Eliza said and the other three agreed with her. Anthony rolling off Sar-Rah pulled her up until she was next to him and pulled Eliza up until she lay be his other side. He sat up and grabbed Liz under the shoulders, she jerked at the touch of his hand to her already sensitized skin. He pulled her up so she was laying between his legs her head resting on his stomach while his now flaccid cock was nestled between her breasts. She looked up into his face her chin resting on his abs.

"I am going to get you for that," she said before nuzzling his stomach and laying her head back down. They all laughed and Sar-Rah and Eliza both threw a leg over each of his and laid their heads on his shoulders. They all drifted of to sleep like that.

"Wake up big brother," Anthony heard Liz's voice pulling him from his dreamless sleep. Anthony woke and moaned at the feel of her mouth on him. Realizing he was awake she began to suck in earnest rocking her head back and forth. With each down stroke she ran her tongue all over and around his morning wood. Every time she withdrew she would suck causing she cheeks to draw inward. The sight of that and the feel of her eager mouth on him so early in the morning before he was fully awake had him cumming in her mouth a short time later. She swallowed his cum as fast as he filled her mouth back up not letting a drop escape. She sucked his cock for a few more strokes making sure he was clean before she drew back and allowed him to escape her mouth with an audible pop.

"Wake up sleepy head Eliza, Sar-Rah, and I have made breakfast and Sar-Rah and I are heading to school. You need to go out and see if you can sell any of the jewelry that Sar-Rah made for you this morning so shower and hurry up," Liz told him placing a kiss on his hip bone and then stood straightened her clothes and left the room. Anthony got up and took a quick shower then headed into the kitchen. He paused at the door stunned at the three hot women in his kitchen. Liz was at the table eating dressed in skin tight black shorts that ended halfway down her thighs with a black skirt than end just below her ass. All three of the girls had on the same shirt, it was black with the jolly roger on the front except it had fangs in place of canine teeth and the word above it said 'I vant to suck your..." and just below the picture it said 'Blood'. Sar-Rah was back into her tight leather pants from the day before and wearing a leather collar around her neck, the tag jingled as she moved around. Eliza was wearing a slim black satin skirt that reached her ankles and was split on one side from the hem all the way to just below her hip. Her hair had blue streaks through it. On the table was a bag and a wonderful breakfast was spread around it.

"Come on and eat we have a busy day to day," Eliza said to him when she noticed he was just standing there staring. He flushed slightly and joined then at the table.

"This is delicious," he said as he began to rapidly eat his breakfast. Sar-Rah blushed in happiness at his comment and nodded her head in thanks as they ate. After the meal Eliza and Liz quickly did the dishes while Anthony and Sar-Rah made lunch for Liz and Sar-Rah to take with them. When they finished Eliza and Anthony walked them to the door. Liz kissed Eliza on the cheek and Anthony on the mouth slipping her tongue into his for a moment then pulled back and went out the door onto the porch. Sar-Rah gave her sister a peck on the lips and passionately kissed Anthony until Eliza cleared her throat. Breaking the kiss Sar-Rah handed Anthony the bag that had been on the table.

"These are the pieces of jewelry I made this morning," she told him and then turned and followed after Liz closing the door behind her. Anthony looked down into the bag and saw that it was full of little jewelry boxes. Eliza followed him into the kitchen.

"So what do we do first," she asked him.

"First you are going to teach me everything you know about all my college classes then we'll go to the college and I'll withdraw. Then we'll go talk to a jeweler and see what can be done about that. After that we'll come home and begin making dinner since we have a guest coming and you and I will discuss how to achieve some of my bigger ideas. Any problems with any of that," he asked her. Smiling at him she shook her head no.

"Alright so what topics do you need to know all about," she asked him.

"There is engineering, every known language, architecture, applied physics, biomechanics, robotics, and advanced computer programing."

"Okay, get ready for the information transfer and just so you are aware I won't be able to transfer anymore information into your brain for a few days after this or it might short circuit your brain," she told him and he nodded his understanding to her. She reached out grabbed his head pulling him into a hot wet kiss and transferred the knowledge that he wanted into his mind. He was disoriented for a few minutes as the information sank in to his mind and Eliza had to hold him up. As his mind focused he got him feet under him and straightened up and looked up into her angelic face and grinned at her in happiness.

"Alright now that we got that taken care of, let's go get me out of class. After all it is pointless to go to class if you already know more about the subject than the teacher."

They caught the bus to the college and made their way into the office. The receptionist didn't even bat an eyelash when he told her he wanted to withdraw from the school and wanted the three remaining semesters pre-paid tuition refunded. She just handed him a clipboard with some papers on it and told him to fill them out that the dean would speak with him shortly. Anthony filled out the paper work and sat for fifteen minutes until the receptionist told him the dean was ready to see him. He opened the door she had indicated and let Eliza enter before him and walked in closing the door behind him. The dean was a short round man with flat face and intelligent grey eyes. His face was creased by laugh lines showing that his now stern expression was not his normal one. Eliza and Anthony took a seat across the desk from him.

"So Mr. Caine I have been informed that you are withdrawing from our institution," he stated. Then paused as if waiting for an answer when Anthony didn't speak he continued.

"I hope this isn't due to the unpleasantness that happened yesterday," he said.

"It isn't because Blake and his idiot friends," Anthony replied.

"Then why, may I ask, are your dropping out."

"Honestly I don't think this place has anything left to teach me. The only reason I came to college was to learn new things and so eventually I could get a good job so I could give my little sister a better life. As for the learning things I have found a better way. I can learn, in a fraction of the time, everything this school could teach me. I also have a way to make a great deal of money very fast so I can treat my sister like a queen. So while I appreciate what your institution has taught me so far, I'll be going my own way now," Anthony said. The dean stared at him for a moment.

"What way could possibly teach you faster than a well thought out curriculum?"

"That is a secret but you have already seen proof of it. Before yesterday while I was in the top ten percent of the class before I now know as much or more then Professor Stern in the subject of Higher Mathematics, it is why I was passed from his class yesterday. I am now fluent in every know language and have as much knowledge or more then the professors of my other remaining classes," Anthony said.

"That is impossible," the dean said in Egyptian.

"No it is not," Anthony answered in flawless Egyptian. The dean, whose degree had been languages, began to query Anthony in different languages and was answered each time flawlessly the language he had asked the question in.

"Wait right here," the dean said and stood hurrying out of the office. Eliza looked over at him in question
but he shrugged his shoulders at her. She had been watching in amusement as the dean had tried to stump Anthony with his questions and was foiled each time. They waited in a companionable silence just examining the dean's office. The dean came back in to the room with Anthony's paper work in his hands and once again to his seat behind his desk. Hearing the door open again they watched all of Anthony's professors save Stern filed into the office. He looked to the dean with a frown.

"What is the meaning of this," Anthony asked the dean.

"I told them what you told me and explained your unprecedented knowledge of languages even dead ones and they wished to question you as well," the dean said with a guilty look on his face.

"Look I answered all your questions already and filled out the paper work. I have other things to do today beside sit here and answer questions," he said irritation filling his voice.

"Mr. Caine sit down and answer our questions," his architecture teacher, Professor Caleb Fields, said. Anthony turned his head to looked the arrogant teacher in the face.

"Or else what," Anthony sneered at him. The man sputtered at him unable to come up with a threat since Anthony was already withdrawing from the college so he couldn't fail him. Eliza leaned her head forward to hide her smile from the room.

"Please Anthony," Teresa Thompson asked. She was short with round body and plain face but she had a sweet voice and had always been nice to Anthony so sighing he sat back and waited for the interrogation to begin. Mr. Fields began and then Teresa followed by the others question after question for two hours when Anthony finally got fed up with it. He had answered every question correctly without fail for two hours straight so he cut them off mid sentence.

"That is enough. I have answered all of your questions most far beyond the level of education I have had. I have other plans today we are leaving," he said grabbing the bag of jewelry and stood, next to him Eliza followed his movements.

"Please Mr. Caine," the dean pleaded, "Won't you please tell us how you came to learn so much in such a short period of time. You have proven your claims undoubtedly true."

"No I am sorry I can't," Anthony said starting for the door.

"You don't have the right to keep it from the world," Mr. Fields shouted at his back.

"To keep what from the world," Anthony asked turning around to face the pompous man.

"The ability to learn at such a speed of course," he said.

"And why should I show anyone else how to do it," Anthony asked him.

"Because it is the right thing to do," he said. And Anthony smiled evilly at the man.

"So the right thing to do is to put every school, college and training center out of business. I mean if everyone could do this then we really wouldn't need you teachers would we? We could all just poof learn something and then you wouldn't have a job."

The look of sickening realization that flashed across Mr. Field's face made Anthony laugh.

"You didn't think of that did you? You think simply because you want something you deserve it. Well guess what you don't," Anthony said turning and heading for the door again with Eliza on his heels. None of the teachers spoke as they watched him leave the room. Anthony and Eliza caught a bus going downtown there was a small well known jeweler, Abigale McKnight, there who Anthony had talked to on the phone and she had agreed to look over Sar-Rah's work and give them some advice.

McKnight's Jewelry was a block from the bus stop on Main Street. Entering the air-conditioned building they didn't see anyone behind the counters so they began looking in the displays. The different gems and precious metals combined into works of art were beautiful. Eliza and Anthony where so caught up in looking at the displays they didn't here the woman walk up behind them until she spoke.

"Can I help you," a feminine voice sounded from behind them. They both spun in surprise to face the woman dressed in a pants suit behind them. She was small and Asian with short black hair.

"We are here to speak to Abigale McKnight, she should be expecting us. My name is Anthony Caine."

The woman looked them up and down giving Anthony's jeans and t-shirt and Eliza's goth wear a disapproving glare. Anthony shot an amused glance at Eliza who returned it.

"Is there a problem," he asked the woman.

"No, follow me," she said curtly and led them back behind the counters down a long hall with doors leading off of it to a door near the end. Knocking lightly on the door the woman waited for an answer. When she got it she opened the door and stuck her head in.

"Ms. McKnight your guests have arrived."

"Send them in Yuki," a female voice said. Opening the door all the way, Yuki let them enter the room and then left closing the door behind her. In the middle of the room were several counters, one with precious stones spread across it's surface. There were high stools around it and on one sat a curvy woman with curly red hair. She was wearing a gray suit and had her head bent over the table examining a stone through some kind of lens. Anthony and Eliza waited a few feet from the table for her to finish whatever it was she was doing.

"Well your patient I'll give you that much at least. But not very professional," the woman said raise her face and her green eyes met Anthony's.

"Well that is a matter of opinion," Anthony said smiling at her, "I could have dressed up nicely and had Eliza wear a nice suit but that would change nothing. I could be wearing a four thousand dollar suit and if I brought you crappy jewelry it would still be crappy. Or I can wear something comfortable and bring you what I hope are unique masterpieces and they will be no less so for my casual attire."

"True enough. Show me what you have with you," she said moving over to sit on a stool at a counter that was cleared of all gems. Anthony took a seat opposite her and placed the bag on the counter as Eliza sat next to him. He reached into the bag and pulled out the box that contained his favorite piece from the jewelry that Sar-Rah had made. It was a tiger that looked so real your thought it might leap off the chain and bite you. The body was made from orange and black diamonds. The teeth were pearl and the eyes were yellow diamonds with black slivers in the center. Anthony held his breath while Abigale took the necklace from the box and held the lens she had been using before to examine the gems up to her eye and examined it.

"How did you get pearls naturally shaped like this and orange and black diamonds, not to mention these yellow diamonds have the black diamond slivers in them naturally as well," she asked looking up at Anthony. He shrugged at her.

"Sorry can't help you there. I have no idea how she did it and if you asked her she wouldn't tell you. These were given to me. I was pretty sure they were worth a lot that is why I called you to get advice on how to sell them. I don't know anything about jewels, I could pawn them but I doubt I would get even half what they are worth."

"Are you the one who made this," Abigale asked Eliza who shook her head no. Abigale sighed and put the necklace back in the box and moved it back over in front of Anthony.

"Well as for selling those I would have to go over each one buy if they are all that level of craftsmanship I would buy them from you. That tiger alone is worth a few thousand at the least. As for spreading your client base I can't help you for two reasons. One it would give my competitors pieces of the same quality, and that is bad business. Secondly reputation as a jewelry maker increases slowly through word of mouth," she explained. Anthony thought about what she said and the fact that he didn't want Sar-Rah's reputation to grow he had an idea.

"What if we only sold Sar-Rah's work to you? Would you be able to keep her name from getting out? Somehow keep the crafter as anonymous," Anthony asked her. Abigale leaned her elbow on the counter and put her chin in her palm while she studied him.

"I could do that but then you would only be able to sell to me and I can only buy a set number of pieces until the ones you sell me are bought by someone."

"About how many could you buy at once," Anthony asked her. She pointed at the bag and asked how many were in it when he told her an even fifty she sat back in her chair looking at him.

"Again I'll have to go over each piece but I'll buy that entire bag if they are all the same level of work and if they sell well I'll buy at least that much if not more next time. But I'll have to have a contract stating that as long as I am buying fifty pieces from you at least twice a year you aren't allowed to sell to anyone else. Anthony nodded and she began going over each piece mumbling to herself and making quotations in a book. Two and a half hours later she stood and pulled out a check book, writing a check. Looking up into Anthony's face she smiled at him.

"Whoever made these is an artist. Now here is the check for these and tomorrow if you come back at the same time we will sign the contract."

"Do I need to bring the maker here to sign as well," Anthony asked.

"No since you are acting as her go between any contracts you sign in her name with her permission are binding. However I would like to meet her if you can talk her into it."

"I'll see what I can do," Anthony said and accepted the check from her outstretched hand. Looking down at the check for seventy-five thousand dollars he had to fight to hold his happiness in check. He stuffed it into his pocket and saying a last good-bye to Abigale they headed out of the store and down the street toward the bank. When they reached the bank he pushed Eliza up against the wall a few feet from the front doors and kissed her deeply.

"I am so glad I found that bottle," he said leaning his forehead against hers and looking into her eyes, "I have two amazingly beautiful fiancees and probably another five on the way. Sar-Rah brought me and my sister together. And you my beautiful have made me super smart and allowed me to bring my dreams even closer to being able to achieve. Anything I could possibly imagine doing with my life is now with in my reach because of you. You are really hot and your kind and caring. I love you Eliza," he said. Tears flooded her eyes at his declaration and she hugged him tightly to her as she kissed him. He pulled back and holding her hand walked with her into the bank. While inside he opened a new account in his name, Liz's, and handing the paper to Eliza had her write all of her sister's names on there as well. Depositing the check into the account he and Eliza walked happily out of the bank.

Once at home Anthony started dinner, lasagna, and he and Eliza started talking about how to accomplish some of his ideas.

"Well to build completely environmentally sound cars we would need a factory. We could have Sar-Rah make one below to basement or we could buy a warehouse and have her redo the inside to make it a factory but how would we get workers," Anthony said.

"I have been thinking about that since you said you want to build some big things. I think getting one of the goblin clans to come work for you would be the best idea."

"Goblins," Anthony asked dubiously, " don't they eat people or something like that?"

"No, goblins don't eat people. They do hate humans however, so convincing them might be a problem. There were seven known clans goblins before we were put into the bottle. They are very industrious they are then ones who built our father's palace and the Temple. The only problem is that I have no idea where we might find them or what they might demand for their service," Eliza told him.

"Would the elves know where to find them," Anthony asked her.

"I don't know. It couldn't hurt to ask."

Anthony grabbed his cell knowing that Liz was still in last period. He sent her a text asking her to go talk to the art teacher and see if she could find out the whereabouts of the goblins. After sending the message he flipped his phone closed and put it on the table and they returned to their conversation.


The bell for the end of school rang just as Liz's phone began to vibrate in her pocket. Pulling it out she read Anthony's message and raised an eyebrow in surprise. Putting the phone back into her pocket she went out the door finding Sar-Rah waiting in the hall for her. She told Sar-Rah about the message and they headed off to the art room. When they got there Liz enter with Sar-Rah right behind her and closed the door behind them. Linda Everett hearing the door closed turned to look at them seeing Liz she smiled. Her smile died instantly when she saw that Sar-Rah was standing behind Liz.

"What can I do for you Ms. Caine," Linda asked.

"Well Ms. Everett my brother has a question that he thinks you might know that answer to. So I came to ask you."

"What is the question," Linda asked nervously watching Sar-Rah.

"I need to know the whereabouts of the goblins," Liz told her. Linda blinked in surprise at her for a second and mouth the word goblin.

"Liz I think you might need to see a professional for therapy there is no such.."

"Don't bother with the denial Ms. Everett I live with two of the Djinn and I know you are an elf. I also know you are a bigot," Liz said cutting her off mid-sentence.

"I am not a bigot," Linda said haughtily her back stiffening in indignation.

"Oh so you didn't call my brother's future wife evil and try to get me to help to break up their relationship," Liz asked sarcastically. Linda's face flushed in outrage at the accusation.

"The djinn are evil...," she began but was once again cut off mid sentrnce by Liz.

"Have you ever met a djinn? Have anyone of your people ever been harmed by a djinn that you know of

"No, but the old stories say..."

"The old stories say...? That is the best you got? I can go tell someone in this school a story and by the
time it got back to me the story would be completely different. And your going to tell me your prejudice against Sar-Rah because of stories that are hundreds of years old?"

Linda stood unable to come up with a rebuttal to her arguments. Taking a deep breath liz expelled it with her aggravation at the woman's stupidity.

"Look I don't care if you want to be an ignorant bigot you go ahead more power to you. All I want to know is how to get in contact with the goblins," Liz said. Feeling ashamed of herself and foolish Linda told her.

"Thank you Ms. Everett," Liz said turning toward the door which Sar-Rah was now holding open.

"Wait," Linda said looking at Sar-Rah, "I am very sorry for my behavior and my harsh words."

"Your apology is accepted and thank you for the information, Anthony will be pleased," Sar-Rah replied smiling at the elf.

"I'll see you tomorrow Ms. Everett," Liz called out as they walked from the room.

When Liz and Sar-Rah returned to the house dinner was almost ready. They relayed Linda's words to Anthony which made him smile. He grabbed them both and kissed them dragging them into the kitchen.

"Sar-Rah your jewelry was fantastic, I managed to sell it all and we have a contract for at least two sales a year with more if they sell fast. We made seventy five thousand dollars today off just the ones you made," he said squeezing her tight and kissing her. Then he grabbed Liz and gave her the same treatment for getting the information from the elven teacher. They all showered and got ready for dinner and at a quarter till seven the doorbell rang. Anthony was in the kitchen pulling the lasagna and garlic bread out of the oven and Eliza was finishing up the salad. Liz ran and got the door.

"How are you doing Ms. Yearling," she asked. Patricia stood on the porch in black dress pants and a white silk blouse that looked high class and casual at the same time. Her blonde hair was loose and wavy and he lips were a vibrant red.

"Good how are you Ms. Caine," the older woman politely inquired and Liz smiled up at her.

"Please just call me Liz and I am good come on in dinner is just about done," Liz said closing the door behind her and leading her into the kitchen. The table was set and everyone was present so they sat and began to eat.

"So is it good Patricia," Eliza asked.

"Yes, the salad was good and this lasagna is delicious," she said.

"Thank You, I made the lasagna," Anthony said grinning at her praise.

"Is there anything you can't do," Patricia asked him flirtatiously. The other girls around the table snickered and made lewd comments about what he could do.

"I can't whistle," he told her smiling at her. As she tried to listen to all of the girls comments about what
he could do. Realizing that he had noticed her fascination with their suggestions she blushed.

"It is all about how you use your tongue," she said batting her eyes at him. The four girls whistled and
laughed at her remark. His grin never fading he watched her like a hawk watching a mouse. There was something predatory in his gaze and it was making her breath speed up and her heart pound in excitement.

"Don't worry Patricia," he said his voice low, "I know how to use my tongue very well. Would you like a demonstration?"

Her hands quivered at the thought and she looked around at the women around her. Eliza and Sar-Rah gave her go ahead motions while Liz just watched he a small smile on her lips. She looked back to Anthony and remembered all the time he had flirted with her while he was one of her students, about all the time she longed to touch him before even when his body was nowhere near as fit as it was now. She looked into his eyes now and nodded her head as a blush flooded her cheeks. He stood his grin still on his face. Coming to her side of the table he took her hand and pulled her to her feet.

"Would you mind an audience," Anthony asked her. She thought about it for a minutes and then nodded. Anthony led her to his room motioning for the girls to stay in the living room. Pulling her into his room he closed and locked the door. Turning he took her into his arms pulling her faced down to his so he could kiss her. Wrapping her arms around his neck she kissed him deeply and his hands fell to her waist and slid around gripping her ass. Pulling her against him so she could feel how much he wanted her. She moaned into his mouth at the feel of his body against hers.

He slid his hands to the front of her pants and undid the buttons. He then let the pants drop to the floor so she could step out of them. Running his hands up her body feeling her pale satin soft skin he took her top along with the upward sweep of his hands. Unwrapping her arms from his neck she pulled her top over her head before she returned to exploring his mouth with her tongue. He pulled back to look at her in just her underwear and moaned at the sight. Her bra and panties were a matching pair of see through white silk. He hooked his fingers in her panties and lowered himself to his knees dragging her panties down and kissing her belly on the way past. She shuddered at his kiss as he reached his knees he saw that she had shaved herself completely bare and he smiled to himself. As she lifted one foot and then the other from her pants and panties he watched her pussy and saw the wetness glitter in the light. Leaning forward he ran his tongue across her once as he rose to his feel. Her legs trembled and she would have collapsed if he had not pinned her to the door with his body. Reaching around her he unhooked her bra and pulled it down her arms. He leaned forward and licked one of her nipples.

"Please," she moaned at the feel of his mouth on her nipple.

"Pleasure what Patricia?"

"Please fuck me," cried out as he gave a strong suck on her nipple. He tighten his grip on her ass and lifted her. She wrapped her legs around his waist and pulled his mouth from her breast and began to violently kiss him. He slowly guided his tip to her entrance and she tried to thrust herself on to him but he pulled back from her thrust. He pulled one of his hands from her ass and slapped it back into place hard. She gave a squeak at the sharp pain and then moaned.

"Bad girl," Anthony growled in to her open mouth.

Once more he guide his tip to her entrance and this time she held still even though she quivered with the desire to thrust against him. He chuckled evilly into her mouth. He suddenly slammed forward into her as hard as he could and she screamed at the sudden pleasure and raked his back with her nails. She deepened her kiss violently until both their mouths were bruised. As he slammed into her over and over she matched his thrusts with her own using her back against the door as leverage she slammed into him every time he pounded his body into her. There was no slow build up, suddenly she just climaxed and the pleasure of her rippling and contracting on him pulled him over the edge with her and she bit down on his shoulder as he filled her womb. Moaning in pleasure he stumbled over to the bed and laid her down her legs still wrapped around him, holding him to her.

He gently kissed her lips and she opened her eyes to look up into his face and smiled at him.

"That was wonderful," she said softly to him. He looked down into her face and slowly a mischievous grin spread across his face.

"Yes, it was. But don't fall asleep on me just yet," he said and slid deep into her again as her eyes widened in shock.

"Again," she asked breathlessly.

"All night or until one or both of us passes out from the pleasure," he said grinning down at her.

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