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Kirsten was a pretty girl. She was Blonde, 13 years old and has a body to die for. She has nice long legs and supple for such a young age as puberty has been very generous to her, developing her petite frame into a thing of beauty. And I knew that Kirsten my virgin cousin had to be mine.

There we were out in my dads motor home that was parked behind the house. Kirsten was wearing a white tank top that hugged her body very snuggly and emphazised her hips which was adorned in a black mini skirt that was very short but not short enough in my opinion. She has beautiful blue eyes and silky Blondel hair that fell to her to shoulders in a golden curtain. Her flip flops were on the floor discarded and forgotten.

Her clothes showed off all of her best features. Her supple breasts strained against the white cotton fabric of her top and her mini showed lots of soft smooth thighs that I just wanted to take a bite out of. Her bum was heart shaped and remained teasingly concealed by the black fabric.

"So you can sleep out here as there isn't a spare bed in the house." I said eyeing her teenage body. "I'm sure you will be comfortable"

"Looks nice enough" she said looking around and bending over and looking under the table, unkowningly presenting her juicy teenage ass to me in the most alluring way. "This table folds into a bed right?"

"Yes but the back bed is much more comfortable" I supplied "do you need any more blankets or pillows?"

"No that's fine, but there is something..." she began

"What is it?" I asked.

She continued in a rather embarrassed tone "well I'm abit scared sleeping out here all by myself, do you think you can sleep out here with me?" I looked at her and I remembered that despite her very well developed features she was still very young. It showed in her eyes as they were full of innocence that only the young and ignorant have. And this little girl was scared sleeping in this old creaky motor home.

"Sure" I said, " ill get the table bed" and we turned for the night.

I a glorious dream that night and Kirsten was in. The dream was hot and steamy but before it got to the good part I was awaken by the sound of thunder and the tapping of rain on the roof: it was storming.

I looked down to see my stiff dock straining against the fabric of my pants and I desperately needed relief. I got up and quietly walked to the back bed were Kirsten was sleeping. She was laying on her side under the covers and I stood there for a moment looking at her sleep. I thought of the dream and I wish it would have gone on longer. I looked her curves under the covers and I can see them move has if she was breathing deeply and contently has if sleeping soundly.

I reached over and gently slid the covers off of her and I savored the sight.

She was laying on her side and her mini skirt had ridden up on her hips while she tossed and turned and her ass was completely exsposed to me. She was wearing white cottons undies tho I wish she had chosen for a thong instead. I gently reached out and ran my hand up the inside of her thigh, her skin was baby smooth and was delightful to touch. My cock was demanding that I continue so I obliged.

I caressed he thigh and slid my hand to her ass cheek and gripped it with my thumb spreading her ass a little. Her panties were in the way so I pulled up on the the fabric, the cotton digging into her ass cheeks emphasizing her teenage Pussy

I grabbed her ass with both hands spreading her cheeks and gently rubbing my thumbs over her slit and asshole, I looked up and despite my groping she was still sound asleep. I hooked my finger under the fabric covering her pussy (which was slightly damp) and uncovered her Pubic mound.

Her pussy was the tastiest looking shade of pink I have ever seen and her pussy lips were smooth and her cunthole looked so tight I reasoned that I would barely be able to fit one finger in it. She had a small tuft of hair above her clit. Her pussy was slightly moist and I bent over to take in the aroma and she smelled so arousing. I extended my tongue and licked her slit lightly and then pulled back and went for my pocket and grabbed my pill bottle. I grabbed two "magic " pills and made her swallow them. She swallowed them without much trouble and slumbered on. I was intending to use this sweet little virgin cunt in every way possible and I needed her compliant, thus the drugs.

I rubbed her slit with a finger and the concoction of drugs I gave her was starting to kick in. Soon my finger was soaked and I pushed a finger into her fresh 13 year old pussy. Kirsten cringed abit and moaned softly under her breath her legs spreading slightly. I spread her legs and rolled her on her back and pressed my tongue to her clit lapping up her love juices that were soaking my finger as I pushed it in shallowly as I didn't want to break her hymen just yet. I continued that way for abit. Kirstens panties were getting in the way so j slid them over her thighs and off her legs and stuffed them in my pocket. I licked her vigorously until her breathing became ragged and her sweet 13 year old fuck hole tighten around my finger and squirted abit around my finger I withdrew my finger and sucked on it savoring the taste.

I crawled up the bed unzipping my pants and pulling out my throbing cock. I went to her head and pinched her nose to force her to open her mouth and I slid the head of my member past her lips and slid in and out of her mouth. Ive always imagined doing naughty things to Kirsten but Actually fulfilling my fantasy like this was arousing to the Max and I picked up the pace abit rubbing my cock against her cheek and tongue.

Her eyes were slitted open as if she were still asleep and I new with her drug addled brain that I would need to be much more rough to wake her.

I gently fucked her mouth a bit longer her saliva was coating my cock and running down her cheek onto the bed. I was getting closed to coming so I changed her position. She was on her back with he head hanging off the bed the classic throatfuck position. I slid my cock into her mouth and started thrusting. Her tongue was caressing the top of my cock. The pleasure was so intense I started fucking mouth deeper and deeper but I bottomed out at the back of her mouth her her mouth was so small she could only fit 2/3rds of my Dick and I need more. I started thrusting harder and harder and then she took my cock in her half awake state all the way into her throat I throatfucked her as hard as I could without hurting her for the next 10 minutes her eyes were wide now but instead of panic or disgust at what was happening she had only lust and longing for the drugs I gave her kept her in a euphoric state insentially turning my 13 year old virgin cousin into a sex starved cockslut. She was moaning onto my cock and that pushed me over the edge and my cock fire hosed my hot sticky seed into her throat I came a lot and it filled up her mouth and overflowed it, some cum oozed out around my cock and down her forhead I withdrew my cock and a few more strands of jizz flew up and landed on her cleavage and neck giving her a pearl necklace and staining her white tank top.

I laid on the bed panting Kirsten was doing the same trying to catch her breath back. She had a glazed look kn her eyes and I could tell that the little 13 yearold was still fully aroused and would do whatever I told her.

"Kirsten" I said she turned her cum splattered face towards me and regarded me with lust filled eyes. "Your mine now and from this day forth your are my little blond fuckdoll"

To be continued...

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Hey your both dumb asses it is write better stories not wright or right, god damn you guys are fucking dumb asses.

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i fu.ked my cusions pussy toda we were at a hotel for family reuinon while evryone was swimmiwe went to my room and i fingered her then i fucked hr and came all over tits it was amazing

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