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Nothing else seems to matter
It never fails. When I think of you, my nipples seem to stay hard constantly and my pussy throbs at the slightest provocation. I fantasize about sex with you, about the sights, smells, and sensations of our sex at its most raw, passionate level. I think about it, dream about it, I am constantly reminded of past erotic exploits we’ve shared, throughout the warm, sunny days and steamier, hot nights. I CRAVE you in my life, the man with whom I can express myself, my uninhibited, unashamed, primitive, primal, sexual self.

I need you lover, I need to let down my guard with you, express myself without fear or shame, when I fantasize about you I know that I can share my body with someone who cares about me outside the bedroom and who desires me completely inside it. I want hours and hours of hot, sweaty fucking that leaves me drained of my every bodily fluid. I want to make a huge wet spot on the sheets and then fuck those same sheets off the bed.

I want you. I want MY lover. I don’t want to share you; I don’t want to question your fidelity. I want to suck your dick like no other woman has ever done, no; I want you to fuck my mouth like you fuck my pussy. I want to lick every inch of your stiff erection; I want to swallow you whole, spit running down your balls. I want you to play with my nipples while I’m blowing your mind and tell me that you love the way I give you head. I want to lick your nuts and feel them rolling around on my tongue. I want to spread those beautiful asscheeks and look at your asshole as my mouth waters. I need to let my tongue flutter softly, gently over your sensitive skin, making you jump and moan.

Just when you’re going out of your mind, when you think you can’t take any more pleasure, I will roll you over and make a feast of your dick again, stopping just when you’re about to blow. It’s not that I don’t want to taste that hot cum; I want you to save it for me. I want you to pump your sperm deep inside me, to be driven to unload your ball juice deep in my pussy because you crave me so much.

I need you to fantasize about me. Close your eyes and let your mind drift away with images and sensations of our intense love-making. There is no greater pleasure than feeling you pleasure my nipples, licking them softly, sending delightful sensations directly to my clit. Feeling your tongue gently flick those hardened brown peaks, cupping my full breasts to your mouth, back and forth, it’s indescribable. Kissing your way down my body, I can spread my long legs for you, giving you access to my treasure. I can feel your masculine fingers part my moistened pussy lips; expose my hardened clit, your warm lips just inches from my aroused sex. Hearing you inhale the scent of my wet cunt tells me that you crave me, my essence, all that I am.

I long to feel your fingers invade me, manipulate me, to make me bite my lip trying to hold back my moans and sounds of pleasure. Knowing me so intimately, you would know that a flood of profanity will follow the minute you start licking my juicy slit, tenderly coaxing my hardened clit from its hood. Giving you all access, pulling my legs back to my chest, exposing myself completely to you, feeling decadent and sexy being so vulnerable, I want to feel your tongue lick me from my clit to my asshole and every inch in between. I need your fingers in my asshole while you softly suck my clit, my legs wrapped around your head, grinding my pussy on you, holding you to my mound while I try to cum so hard in your mouth you think you’re drowning, coating your face with my juices as I BEG for you to fuck me.

When you think of me, make no mistake about it; fucking me is what I want. I can fantasize about all sorts of foreplay, even about how adventurous we could be as a couple, playing in public or playing with others. But all the mental stimulation in the world always ends up at the same destination. I want to be penetrated by a beautiful, strong, loving Black man. I miss the sensation of having that dick rub my pussy lips, teasing me, sliding up and down my slit, making me anxious and excited for that split second when we connect, that instant when I feel you enter me and we become one. I can’t think of a better sensation than feeling that thick, hard dick thrusting into me, pumping me, filling me with ecstasy.

If there is a heaven, it’s having your full weight on top of me, hearing you whisper in my ear, “Damn baby, your pussy feels so good on my dick, I love you,” with my nails digging in your ass, pulling you deeper and deeper inside me. And I crave you deeper, harder, faster, fucking me with all your might. From behind, I want you to grab my hips, to feel my tits swinging while your thrusts with all your might as you put your finger in my ass. On top of you, I want to use your dick like my dildo, making myself cum, rubbing my clit up and down the shaft of your penis while I feed you my tits. Finally, with my legs pressed back and your tongue in my mouth, I long for that explosive finale when I can feel your dick POUNDING me, making me scream, tears in my eyes and ready to receive your precious gift when I’m getting thoroughly fucked.

Copyright 2010 AfroerotiK

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2013-03-18 07:13:27
Your a white homo stroking your lil dick

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2012-12-21 11:15:38
Haha. I woke up down today. You've cehreed me up!

anonymous readerReport

2012-08-07 01:19:10
dumb story no offence...

SexUwell PoetReport

2012-08-05 09:52:23
Damn! After that I need a nap, a cigar, & a walker.Thank you that was awesome.

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