experience with my brother
If you haven't read parts 1-4 i suggest you go do that now. I am not the perfect writer nor have i ever claimed to be, so chill with the comments. i am fully away that what my brother did to me is considered molestation, but i really don't care. i was young.

It's been over 4 months since I went back to visit my brother. Something inside me clicked, and I just didn't want to go back. After listening to him screw his girlfriend for 20 freaking hours while I sat on the couch in pain really sucked. I wanted to up, leave, and walk home, but it was raining.

I was in my room on a Saturday evening playing my playstation in my star wars underwear with no shirt on. I cherished those times. Just being a guy. Relaxing in my own space. Although I was still a kid, and still definitely looked about 11 or 12, I still felt older around there. I scratched my smoothe basically hairless chest and then down to my smoothe practically as hairless balls. I gripped my adolescent penis and squeezed it for whatever reason. I felt red hot when I looked over at my door and saw that mom had been standing there for a while. Long enough that she had to alteast seen the dick squeezing scene.

"Hey mom. Everything ok?" I asked in my high pitched cracky voice.

She just slightly smiled and waltzed in with her drink in hand. She stumbled a bit to the edge of my bed and plopped down. I somehow knew that the evening would end up bad.

I quickly jetted up to put a t-shirt on. I had forgotten that I was in my underwear and caught mom glancing at my small bulge of rounded balls and small penis. I covered with my right hand and went to put on a pair of long johns. It was the middle of Novmeber so it was pretty chilly outside. I looked down and my tiny ball of buldge wasnt as visible anymore so I was back down and picked up my controller. Mom wasn''t talking so I just looked back at my tv and played my game.

"Ya know..." She began, and I quickly looked over at her and paused my game.

"I don't think you realize what SHIT your asshole of a father put us all in. You complain that you miss your father, but you don't even know him. Neither does Steve." She said as she took a big gulp of her booze. Her eyes horribly glazed over. I scratched my short shaggy cut and began biting my nails as I listened, carefully.

"What do you mean?" was all I said as I awaited her response.

"I mean that he was a wicked man. Very sick, twisted, and evil." She said as her tone got more apparent. She had rage in her voice. Enough anger for 1000 people.

"Dad was great mom! You're lying to me! I remember him taking me and Steve out all the time to get ice cream while you passed out drunk!" I had lost it.

My emotions got the best of me as I screamed at her and tears rolled down my face.

She got very silent. I knew I had fucked up. I said sorry and looked down. She sighed heavily and told me to look at her.

"I called myself keeping you and your brother from the pain. Storing it all away into a little box and throwing away the key, but I can see that now is the time to be honest with you." She was more serious than ever as she finished her glass of booze. She adjusted her dress from under her and sat up straight. As if preparing for what was to come. She cleared her throat as I sat there waiting to hear the truth. Something that was so obviously killing her inside. I hadn't seen that much emotion from my mom...ever.

"One day...I came home early from work. Your father was a stay at home dad while I worked long hours to support Steve and your father. You weren't born yet and Stevey was 3, just a little boy. We were having alot of problems in our marriage. I knew he had been acting weird the past couple of years and I didn't know why. I....I..." she quivered as she struggled with the words.

I immediately felt the need to hold my mom. I jumped up and sat next to her. Offering her my hand. She held it tightly and continued.

"I...I heard weird noises coming from the bathroom. The door was slightly cracked open so I peeked inside...and..." she broke into tears as the alcohol got the best of her and she continued to tell all...

I now had my hand on my moms legs as I desperately looked for answers to what was happenening.

"My beautiful baby boy was standing there against the tub as my pervert of a ex husband had his tiny penis in his mouth! He had his pull-ups and shorts pulled all the way down. My son was thrusting his penis in and out of his dirty fucking mouth. He was sucking my baby boy's cock and he hadn't touched me in years! I was so shocked that I stood there and watched. I couldn't move! I watched as he violated your brother. I watched as he finished blowing him and my son ritually topped it off by peeing in his daddy's mouth. He patiently waited for him to finish peeing and sucked his penis dry and pulled his pull-ups and pants back up. I watched as a sick pedophile stood up and finish by shooting his load all over the floor!" She screamed.

I was in shock as my drunken mother told me the bloody details of my brother's molestation.

"And I hate him! I hate him for what he did to my baby boy! And I hate Steve for what he did to you! I saw him molest you too, Jake. He touched you just like him. He's sick too and now you're going to do it to your son! That's why I threw that sick bastard out! That's why I threw Stevey out too! And I drink because I let it happen! I stood there and watched. It happened twice after that. I would catch him blowing Stevey while he was supposedly bathing him or potty training him! He touched my son and it made him cum!" she screamed and cried.

I cried as I held my mom in my small arms. She cried and cried and I just held her. I knew how much pain she had been in for years and why she was the way she was now.

That night I layed in bed thinking about my dad touching Steve. I couldn't believe that Steve was so young. That a man can be that perverted. That...Steve had been touching me because my dad touched him. Was I some freak that would molest his kid now? What the fuck did all this mean? My adolescent mind raced as I reached down and felt my boner. I knew it was wrong that what my mom had told me made me hard, but I couldn't help but imagine my dads big strong lips gliding back and forth on my brother's small inch dick when he was 3. Steve thrusting in and out of my dads sucking mouth like he did me now. Being a bad kid I pictured Steve holding his tiny dick and pissing away into my dads mouth with a dirty smirk.

I wanked off 3 times and my blanket was pretty much sticking to my stomach by the end of the night.

I woke up the next day with Steve on my mind. I had my morning pee boner and I took a piss to relieve in. I put on my long johns and a shirt over it, along with my chuck taylors. Swung on my jacket and raced downstairs. Mom wasn't in the kitchen making a early drink as usual. I was worried. I knocked on her door and went in.

"Mom? Are you alright?" I asked shaking her awake. She slightly opened her eyes, but couldn't fully wake up. She had a hangover and I knew it. I kissed her forehead and just headed out the door. It was particularly cold this day and Thanksgiving was a few days away. I decided to run to the store and get some junk-food with the 20 bucks I had. I was starving and need out of the house.

I got to the Market and got a bag of chips and a cola pop. It rang up to around 2 dollars and some change. I handed it over and walzed out. I decided to catch a quick movie since I had time and I was on Thanksgiving break at school. My chucks were soaking wet from the ice outside. I walked into the theater and wondered if Steve was working. I smelled the butter and popcorn as soon as I walked up past the snack bar. That's when I saw. He was standing at his ticket booth talking to some girl. We made eye contact and he smiled and waved me over.

I couldn't help but run to him. I felt a since of security when I saw him. My big brother.

"Creep!" He grabbed me up and hugged me big and tight.

"What are you doing here?" He asked with enthusiasm. I couldn't help but notice how handsome he looked in his work clothes. His khaki pants with red polo tucked in. His cool mo-hawk and shaggy beard.

"Just wanted to see a movie. I was bored, and mom has been acting weird. You wouldn't believe the story she told me last night." I said as I stared him in the eyes as if I were looking for answers from him. What he remembered. What he knew.

"Oh. Cool. Hey, Taylor. This is my little brother i've been telling you about. Jake." He said introducing me to this cute about 5'5 brown haired girl. She was average, not beautiful, but not hard on the eyes.

She smiled at me and shook my hand, gleaming.

"Nice to meet you, Jake. Your brother talks about you all the time." She flirted lightly and smiled. I couldn't help, but blush as she checked out my small body and face. I checked her out as well. Her legs, and boobs. She continued explaining that she was 19 and I explained that I was only 13.

"Hey. I'm off in an hour, come back to my place with me and Taylor. It'll be great!" He said.

I immediately pictured the last time I had stuck around when he brought a girl over.

"Uhh...I don;t know. I want to see this movie needs me and..." I searched for excuses. I didn't want to listen to him fuck her all night.

"Brother, we can watch 5 fucking movies at my place. Please, man, I never see you anymore. I want you to hang. Plus, I got some grade A "stuff" in my car just waiting." He finished.

I didn;t know what he meant by "stuff", but I knew I couldn't say no to that. I wanted to hang out with my brother. I needed it.

So, I waited around until he got off. Taylor and I played some race car games in the arcade. We talked and laughed a little. I felt like I could trust her, she was cool.

When we all arrived at Steve's. They started making out on the couch and stuff. I just sighed as I plopped down on the couch and stared into space. Knowing that the evening would suck from this point forward. I should have just went home, I remember thinking.

Finally, they stopped eating each other's lips and Steve brought out the "stuff".

"Smell that stinky stuff bro." He offered me the bag of green lumps.

I sniffed into it, and it smelled strong. Very strong. I coughed at the smell and handed it back.

They both laughed and Steve started rolling a few joints.

After he got comfortable from work. Put on sweat pants and a T-shirt. Taylor and I sat there and had small talk. She asked me about school and if I had a girlfriend. I told her no. I asked her if she had a boyfriend, and she laughed. I smiled and leaned back. Relaxing on my brother's couch.

When he came back he informed us that he would order pizza and beers later. Informing me that I would later appreciate the pervisions alot more than now. I was confused as he lit up the joint and took a puff. He was cool with it. Never even coughed. He had a cool way about him, but had the worst temper in the world.

I watched as he passed it to Taylor and she passed it to me. I took a puff and coughed my lungs out. I coudlnt' handle it. Steve got up and sat next to me.

"No. Smoke from your nuts, man. From down real deep." He says, trying to explain the smoking process. I didn't like the light-headed feeling I had at this point. By the time we were done with 2 joints we were all almost close-eyed. I didn't reall ylike the feeling. I felt out of control, and paranoid. I remember thinking that Taylor must have thought I was the biggest loser. Sitting there freaking out over weed. She was so cute, and I was in Steve's shadow. His shaggy little brother.

They started to make out again and I noticed his hand going up her legs. They were on the couch, while I had moved to the single recleiner. Straight across them. I started to feel myself getting hard, but not that hard. Just slightly in my jeans. He un-buttoned her pants and slid his hand inside. He moved her panties aside and started feeling inside of her pussy. I was in shock. I had never seen a pussy before and was dying to see it, but I didn't dare say anything.

Steve must have noticed me shuffling around on my chair as I was reajusting my little boner.

He stopped and looked over at me, "You've never seen a pussy before have you, bro?" He asked as he saw my drooling mouth.

My pre-pubescent mind was everywhere. Was this really happening. This girl was so cute and was making my pre-cum ooze from my half hard penis.

"N-no." I studdered as I started to look away. Ashamed.

He laughed, mocking me. "You're a fucking virgin?" He laughed and laughed.

I got pissed and my boner had by then went away. I looked down and just felt angry at him for embarassing me.

"Steve, stop. You're being mean to him. He's a little boy. Not everyone fucks everything like you." She said almost getting upset with him.

"We shouldn't be doing this in front of him anyways." She said as she pulled away from him.

He quickly stopped laughing and got serious.

"No, baby. Please don't. Ok, Jakey, im sorry. I didn't mean that." He said looking at me with pleading eyes.

I slightly grinned at him letting him no that I had no hard feelings. He was still my favorite person.

"I got an idea. Wanna see one?" He said with a devilish grin.

I looked shocked and was at a loss for words. Of course I wanted to, but how could I answer that? Afterall, I was a little boy, and knew pretty much nothing about the female body.

She objected numerous times until he finally convinced her to show me.

She stood up reluctantly and slid her jeans and cute little underwear down exposing her shaven 19-year-old pussy. My 13-year-old penis rose immediately. throbbing off in my pants.

"Come touch it." He insisted.

She shook her head no and objected that he had gone too far and that it was now becoming wrong.

He offered her a joint and told her to relax and that it would be fun.

She took a long drag of the joint and I strolled over to her. She gave me the joint and I also dragged it.

I handed it back to Steve and she gently took ahold of my hand with her soft sexy hand. I was shaking at this point. She guided my hand on her pussy and rubbed my fingers on her slit until I was doing it on my own. She slowly started breathing heavy as my little fingers probed her pussy gently. I almost came from the feel of her wetness. She was getting more into it as she sat down on the couch and spread her legs. Steve had now taken her left tit from her bra and was sucking it. Telling her how good she smelled. Her femininity was known and us horny guys were all over her. My small mouth licked at her pussy. I didn't really like the smell of Vagina, but it didn't taste bad. My brother watched me lick his mate.

"Hell yeah. Eat that pussy little bro." He said as he watched.

She stopped me and looked over at Steve and said that she couldn't do it. It was too wrong.

"Oh, c'mon. You're so wet so I know you like it. Don't you want to taste his little sausage?" He asked as he kissed her pink lips. She moaned at the thought and gave in to his kiss. He was rubbing her clit as they made out and her sexy moans filled the room.

"Get that fat dick out Jake." Steve said out of lust.

She was shocked at these words and looked over at him in confusion, but as if she was intrigued as well. She didn;t know that Steve had been sucking me for years, but she would soon find out.

"Now." He said in a more serious tone. I knew that tone. That was his crazy sexed-up tone. He meant what he said.

I was embarassed that he was bossing me around like that and got all red. I listened thought because I knew that if I didn't, he'd snap.

I stood up and started to un-button my pants and he got impatient with my reluctance. He reached out and quickly unbuttoned my jeans and yanked down the zipper. He pulled em down with a swipe along with my tighty whities and my now limp fat 4 inch cock fell from its containment.

She sighed when she saw my little guy.

"Oh my God. It's so little. Fuck" She said as her face got close to it. I braced myself as she took my penis into her mouth and moaned when the whole thing was in her mouth. My brother watched as his mate molested his little brother's penis. I started moving around and squirming and she held me still and he reached out and massaged my balls. She looked over at him and I thought she'd be disgusted, but she seemed more turned on and plopped my half hard penis from her mouth. It was wet and slippery from her sucking. She sucked my back up and pretty much sucked the fuck out of my dick. I mean she sucked the hell out of my small dick. She quickly brought her bottom lip down and sucked my rounded sack into her mouth. Sucking both at the same time. My brother began whining that he wanted to suck it too and finally she let up on me and allowed him to get his turn in sucking. By this time she was completely lost in lust and had stuck a finger up my little butt. I didn't fight her. My brother sucked my dick while she fingered me and occasioanlly licked my brothers slobber off my nuts.

"Fuck yeah. Suck his fat little dick. Look at that fat thing sliding in and out your mouth. God, this is hot. This is too wild." She said. Encouraging my blowjob. Finally I started to whimper and try and push him away as he was sucking the life out of me. She fingered herself as she let my brother handle me. She fucked herself fast while I shaked and moaned and finally released myself into his mouth. They took turns sucking the reminder of cum out of my small penis. Me and her made out while my brother shot his load on her legs. She lead the kiss as she held my face and slid her tongue into myself teaching me how to kiss a girl properly. She told me that she loved sucking my little prick and that she wish she could do it again. She reached down and played with me and got me hard again.

This time though she pushed me back onto the couch.

"You gonna fuck him?" Steve asked as he tried catching his breathe from his orgasm.

In a sexy tone she said, "mmhmm."

I had nothing but my long john shirt on now, naked from the waist down. My rock hard penis was standing up, and I for some reason felt embarassed as she saw that. She swung her leg over me and mounted me. Her pussy was wet and rubbing against my boner. She opened a condom and put it on me and asked me if I was ready and I couldnt answer before she lowered her pussy on the tip of my penis and plunged down. I slid inside of a pussy for the first time. A older girl pussy. The condom was too big for my small penis and kept sliding off and that embarassed me. She kept having to slide it back down and put it back in her. Finally she got frustrated and took it off telling me to tell her when I was going to cum. I didn;t understand what she meant, but I shook my head ok. I was silent and limp as she went up and went back down and repeated this slowly at first since it was my first time. When she found herself speeding up she noticed me shaking and breathing hard as I was in awe at what I was feeling. It was bliss, and I didn;t know what to do with it then.

"Don't cum yet." She said as she slowed up and rode me at a steady pace. He tits bouncing as she worked my cock and knew that she had the power. My brother watched as she raped me. We made eye contact and the only thing in his eyes was lust. He looked down at my waist at my penis going in and out of her.

"Fuck." is all he managed to get out as he began stroking his erect 7.5 inch penis again.

"Fuck that little cock." He whispered to her as he kissed and sucked her neck while he jerked off.

Finally my young penis couldn't handle it anymore and I started trying to push her off of me. I knew I was going to cum, but she wouldn't let me for some reason. Her own body shook and vibrated on me and her pussy contracted on my little cock. This brought me over the edge and I spewed my young boy cum inside her waiting pussy. She was in shock that she had cum so hard and just lay on top of me. Finally, she let up and I sat up on the couch. My penis now limp and wet like a noodle. Steve had cum again and was now passed out sleeping on the couch. Taylor got up and gently took me into the bathroom and cleaned me up. She washed my penis and balls at the sink and washed her pussy as well. She tongue kissed me one last time while in the bathroom and I took a piss while she brushed her teeth.

"You're so cute." she said as I held my dick and relieved myself.

She smiled at me and i saw the look of shame on her face as she looked down and realized what she had just done to me. Possibly traumatizing me. And my brother had talked her into it. I could tell her wasn't that kind of girl, she was just weak under my brother's spell. I didn't blame her. I was confused.

I really liked Taylor. I'm sure that it was lust, but back then I felt like I had fallen in love. I finished my pissed and shook off. I walked out, still naked from the waste down. She and Steve were sleep on the couch with a white blanket. Cuddling. I felt real lonely while Steve was sleep and I went and layed in his room on his big bed. I thought about what had happened, and jacked my winky one last time that night. I kept smelling her scent. I was no longer a virgin. Well to pussy that was. And now someone had known my secret about me and my brother other than mom. I would wait till the next day to talk to him in private about the stuff mom had talked to me about. That night I just fell asleep. The best sleep I had had in a while.

My brother woke me up that morning with a blowjob and after I came in his mouth he told me he was taking me home. Taylor had left early that morning. I was ready to go back to my room after everything that had been happened and last night to top it all off. I was drained. Physically and emotionally.

I rarely heard from Taylor anymore until she just slipped out of our lives. I guess she couldn't face what she had done with me, and avoided the whole situation. To this day I wonder what in the hell happened to my first taste of pussy.


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