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What gonna happen next...........
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-fellow goths, punks, and rejects

Pyro and Ravin Ch2

I woke up to the sound of someone entering the house talking to each other. "shhhhh there probably sleeping keep it down" one voice said. "there probably past out cold from all the fucking" another voice said. they all laughed. I looked at my phone for the time, 2:23AM. The four girls walked into the living room and noticed me up and Ravin still sleeping on the couch. "Hey guys" I said. "hey" Autumn said. They were all snickering, and I was trying to figure out why. "You know your naked. right?" she said laughing. I notice and quickly grabbed a blanket and covered myself and Ravin, I was blushing cause I was embarrassed. "I see you two had a fun time while we were gone" Autumn said with a big smirk on her face. "ya we did" I said laughing. "I'm glad you did, well we're going to bed, night" "night guys" I said. I noticed Amber and Autumn went in the room on the left and Abby and Lexi went into the room on the right. So I figured the room in the middle was Ravins. So I picked her naked body up and walked to the room and opened the door. Sure enough it was her room. A queen size bed with black silk bed sheet with a purple rim on it. Drawings hanging from the ceiling. Her room was painted dark purple with posters of bands all over the walls. Flyleaf, marilyn manson, greenday, black veil brides, ext. I set her down on the bed and I laid down and pulled the sheets over us. I kissed her forehead and went to sleep. I woke up to someone biting and sucking my neck. "bout time you wake up it's 8 a clock you gotta get ready" Ravin said. I notice Ravin was wearing skinny jeans and a black t-shirt that says "BURN IN HELL!" in red on it. She looked absolutely beautiful, I pulled her in and gave her a kiss on her soft lips.  I got up and got in the shower. When I was done showering I put my same cloths on I wore yesterday and lit up a cigg and sat In the living room with the girls. We had a half hour till we had to leave. "you guys want to have some fun" I said as I pulled out a joint from my cigg pack. "Hell ya dude" Amber said. I lit it up and took a deep hit and turned to Ravin and gave her a kiss passing the smoke from my mouth to hers. She blew it out coughing a little bit. I passed the joint to Lexi. "thank you" she said all happy. Lexi was alway so happy and friendly. She always seemed to have a smile on her face. I looked at her for a second as she took a hit from the joint. Shes actually rather beautiful. With a black tank top and red skirt on. We finished up the joint and piled into Autumns car giggling and laughing. We were  blasting Misfits. It was a 5 minute drive to get to school. We were all joking around and Ravin decided to have some fun, she started to unzip my pants and stroke my cock till It was fully erect. Once it was erect she didn't wast time and started bobbing up and down it rapidly. She sucked my cock like a pro swirling here tong around the head once in a while. She let my cock fall out her mouth with a pop. Then Lexi took my dick in her mouth and she deep throated it! It felt amazing then I felt the cum race up my shaft and into her throat. "Lexi don't swallow" Ravin said. When I stopped cumming I put my dick back in my shorts. Then Ravin pulled Lexi in for a kiss. They both showed there mouth full cum then swallowed and showed me they swallowed it. "mmmn breakfast" Ravin said giving me a smile and a kiss. We arrived at school and got out of the car. Ravin and I went to our geometry class and the others went there classes. Ravin and I have 2 classes together, geometry in the morning and gym after lunch. When lunch came me and John went to meet Ravin at her locker. When we got close I here'd someone screaming. "you stupid bitch your taking me back!!" a male voice said. Then I heard Ravins voice. "Screw you Cody I found someone better then your bitch ass!!" as soon as I turned the corner he Awas raising his fist back. "when I'm done with you, know one will want you." I grabbed his arm and spun him around punching him in the face. I slammed him up against the wall and flipped open my knife and put it to his throat. "give me one good reason I shouldn't slit your throat" I said staring into his eyes furious. He was scared out of his mind as he tried thinking of something. "I..I......." "don't do it Pyro, just let him go!!!!" she yelled. I let him go and he ran off. When he was gone I walk over and gave her a hug, after a few minutes we released each other. "are you ok" "ya" she said. "who was that?" i asked. "that was cody, my ex" "oh ok, you sure your ok?" i asked. "ya I'm fine, lets go" she said. "ok" John, me, and Ravin walked to the church and met up with Autumn, Amber, Abby, and Lexi all smoking ciggs. "what's up guys" I said. We talked and hung out for awhile when I got a genius idea. "hey Autumn can I talk to you in private?" "sure" she said as she got up. We started to walk. "so what did you want to talk about?" she asked. "I was wondering if I could borrow your car this weekend?" "why" she asked. "Cause I want to surprise Ravin with tickets for the green day concert." I told her. "sure no problem, but bring it back in one peace. Ok?" "will do" I said smiling. We walked back to the others, then walked back to school. After the bell finally rang I told Ravin I'm gonna run home to change and I'll meet her at her house. "you better hurry" she told me. "I will" "you promise?" she asked "I promise" I said lifting her off the ground kissing her. "when I see you later, we can have some more alone time" she said as she ran her finger down my chest to my nuts grabbing them. I gave her another kiss and grabbing her ass. "ok love birds let's get a move on" Lexi said laughing. Ravin flicked her off not braking the kiss. After a few more seconds we broke the kiss. "see you soon baby" i said and I started walking to my house. It was a 30min walk from the school to my house. When I reached my house I pulled out my keys and unlocked the door into the house. "Where the fuck you've been bro" Aaron said handing me a joint. I took a hit and blew it out passing it to him "I met a girl" I said walking into my room shutting the door and changing. I looked in my mirror. I put on a hatebreed T-shirt and old warn out jeans with my old sneakers. I walked back out and sat in the living room with my brother. "who's this girl" he asked passing me the joint. "her names Ravin. She's an awesome girl, she's beautiful, smart, funny. I think you'd like her" I said taking one more hit. "well I have to go I'll hit you up man" I said standing up. "k catch you later bro" he said. I started walking, I put my earphones in and put on Marilyn Manson and lit up a cigg. I kept thinking about the concert I'm gonna take Ravin on and how fun it's gonna be. I couldn't wait to tell her. I reached her house and went into the back. I didn't see anybody in the living room or the kitchen. I entered her room and she was laying on her bed naked. She hoped off the bed locking lips to mine. We fell on the bed not breaking our kiss. She unbuckled my belt then my pants, taking them off. I took my shirt off and we were both naked. I stuck two fingers in here pusy starting to finger her but she stopped me. "I want you in me" I didn't hesitate I positioned my cock and started pushing in. She gasped and let out a loud moan. I pushed in a little more "Ohhhhh" I was all the way in and I started moving in and out. "ohhh....Ohhhhh...." I started moving faster and faster. after about 15 min. Of pounding her pussy she yelled. "I'm gunna cum soooooon" I started to jackhammer her pussy "AGGGGHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!"she came like a water fall. When she came down from her climax she looked at me and said "i want you to fuck me in the ass" I looked at her shocked "are you sure?" I asked. "yes" "ok" I said. I positioned my cock at the entrance of her ass. "WAIT!!" she screamed. "just go slow, ok?" "ok" I said. I stuck my dick in her pussy first to get it lubed up then I started to push my dick in her ass. It's so fucking tight. "aggghhh" she said in pain. I just got the head in. I stopped for a second so her ass can adjust to my cock. After a minute I started to push in Inch by Inch. After I got it all in I waited again for her ass to get used to my cock. After another minute I started to slowly thrust in and out. "OHHHHH.........THIS FEALS SOOOOOO GOOOOOOD" she moaned. "You like getting fucked in the ass don't you. You slut!" "OHHHHH.....YES........ I LOVE IT!!!" she screamed. I started pounding my dick in and out of her tight ass hole. Faster and faster. I started to feel the cum race up my cock. "IM CUUUUUUMMMMMIIIIIIINNNNNNGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!!!" I yelled. "CUM IN MY ASS!!!!" she yelled I blew my load when I felt her body start to twitch and spasm. When I finished cumming I fell back on the bed. When she came back from her own little world she cuddled up to me giving me a kiss on the cheek. "I love you" she said smiling. "I love you to. In fact I want to show you how much I love you. Thats why I'm taking you on a trip." I said with a huge smile on my face. "what?!? Where?!?" she said getting all exited like a kid on Christmas. "this weekend me and you are going to the green day concert!!!!"

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2013-01-22 20:51:25
Nate Alicia:Nate I met u the night of ur reception and hanvet seen u all since but Alicia her family grew up down the street from us and we all werein the sameward until her parents divirced they moved across town. I wanted to leave some words of encouragement for u ur family Alicia- it saddens my heart that this is happening to a wonderful woman and her family and I know she is strong to pull through and Alicia U R AND U WILL just rest know and let DR's do there stuff trust me they saved my baies life at birth I thank the hospital for the day I brought him homewithout machines attached. Please dont feel ur husband family have let u down or broke ur trust Nate does what he knows the Dr's Heavenly Father can handle and ur know Heavenly Father doesnt give u more than u can handle ! Chin up Nate ur doing a wonderful job taking care of ur family and being there for ur children and ur parents are wonderful ! That's nice that Geanna Kelly kids came to visit and talk, Alic

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2012-08-09 02:54:03
Great story man but check your grammar go rejects and shejects

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2012-08-05 17:12:54
GRAMMAR AND PARAGRAPH/ DIALOGUE BREAKS. and it would be easier to read. it has good content and it's a good story but the way you don't break it up or check your grammar is a BIG turn off.

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