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Hey guys, I have two story chapters here! Zero sex in either, and I'm quite sorry, But I need to flesh out the story a bit more. Just keep reading and I promise I wont dissapoint when the sex begins ;) Anyways, As always, Leave an honest rating and comment! I say again, Comment! Feedback helps A LOT with motivation. Thanks, enjoy! US :)
Suddenly my eyes open. I sit up and look around my room, I rub my eyes. Then it hits me, It was a dream. 'I just fucked a cat woman in my head!' I think to myself. I feel relieved, but in the back of my mind, I also feel dissapointment. It's as if I'm acting, pretending to fool myself. I'm crestfallen, but I don't want to believe it. I shake my head to clear my thoughts, 'I can't get hung up on that dream. It's natural to have dreams, I didn't want to have that one!'

I press my feet to the floor. I stand up and take a few moments to stretch. 'God, If I had tried to go and touch her pussy, I don't even want to think of what those... Those claws could do!' I start my clumsy walk to my bathroom.

After I'm finished trying to make myself look presentable, I decide I had better go see what Felicia was getting at by "Long day." I open my door and step into my living room. Felicia was again in her crouching position, (of which I'm assuming is her favorite,) staring out the window. "What are you looking at?" I ask. She continues to just stare out the window, as if she didn't hear me. After a few more moments of what to me was an akward silence, She replies, "I'm wrapping my head around the fact that the sun is in the sky, and has been for over four hours."

I stand there, momentarily confused by her words. Then her words sound through my head, "Four hour days and twenty hour nights." I walk over next to her, my dream long forgotten somehow. "We have over twelve hour days, It's always been like this." I tell her. "I know, I noticed when I was watching you over the past few days. I just still seem to be amazed by it." She replies.

I smirk, "You're amazed by the sun, but you're just perfectly okay with being in a boys house, in another universe? Seems a bit odd." I say the last part slightly under my breath. She looks at me and says bluntly, "Well, this universe isn't very different. As for being in your house, I know you couldnt harm me even if you wanted to."

I'm slightly taken aback by her words, 'The only reason she chose me, Is that I present no threat to her!' I think. "Why are you here?" I ask her. For some reason I am becoming more and more angry. "I was sent here because it is rumoured that in this universe, the only thing that could ever do harm to a Darkstalker other than light, Still exists." She explains. "Thank you for that, But I mean't why did you choose my house?" I ask, Still seeing red.

"I didn't. Apparently when I was sent through the dimensional rift, The D.R.M. had created the end portal here, In your living room Anthony." She answers my question. Even though I am a bit confused at what a D.R.M. was, I still had to stop the shudder when she said Anthony. "What is a D.R.M.?" I ask. "The D.R.M. is a device that allows you to travel to any parallel universe or dimension that you know. Sadly, The last Deredium shard was used to create the rift that got me here. So if I can't find the Dextruit, And get more Deredium, I'm forever stuck in this universe." She explains.

My anger leaves me as I realize that I'm not special, I don't even play a part in any of this. My conceited nature had convinced me into believing that Felicia was here to tell me I was different, That I had some power over others. In reality, Felicia is the one who should be angry, Her portal led her to just some stoner high schooler, And that stoner is the only person she has. I don't even ask what the hell a Dextruit is before I change the subject. "Are you hungry?" I ask Felicia as I walk into the kitchen. Her tail perks up at the thought of food.


I stood there in the kitchen, Inspecting my cupboard. "What do you want to eat?" I ask Felicia, Who is crouching next to me. "I enjoy meat, fish, and apples." She states simply. I close my cupboard, as I keep everything she listed in the refridgerator. I open the fridge door; Scanning the shelves for anything that Felicia might find edible.

After a few more minutes of searching, I come up with two apples that had to of been in there for at least three weeks, half a box of frozen fish sticks, and two drumsticks without skin from KFC. "I'm sorry I don't have anything better than this, But I still have a good hundred dollars from my check. We can go shoppi- Err... I can go shopping for you later today." I say, pausing when I remember that to most people a cat-girl isn't normal. "Thank you, but what is a dollar?" She asks, a confused expression etched on her face. "A dollar is money, we buy things with dollars." I answer. "Oh, so currency in this universe is called dollars? In mine, we refer to currency as oullos. I usually have to hunt for my food, as I never have a single oullo." She states.

"Why don't you ever have money?" I ask with a concerned look. "Inter-Breeds are looked down upon in my universe. Mutts aren't aloud to work to support themselves, and are restricted to different stores." She answers. I'm shocked at her words, and how casually she says them. "Why?" I reply. "It's shameful to mate with animals in my universe. It is even outlawed in some sections." She says. "Thats strange, if inter-species reproduction is possible, then why is it looked down upon?" I ask. "Well, it wasn't discovered until recently that humans and animals could successfully produce offspring. When Ryan Carter first had a daughter with a female wolf, he was deemed demon spawn. It's in humans nature to fear the unknown, to despise the unnatural. Difference has always been hated. Ever since then, most of the population have shunned mutts. Some people even hate us enough to murder whole families of inter-breeds; No laws state that the murder of "Mutts" is illegal, and the hierarchy refuses to pass a law that gives inter-breeds the same rights as humans." She explains.

I stand there, stunned by her words. Is it really our nature to just murder sentient beings because they're different? Is it our way to shun and outcast those that aren't the same? I stand there for a few more moments, rage at my own race bubbling inside me. "I... I'm sorry." I manage to say. "Thank you, I've learned that I'm not as good as a human. You don't have to care about my feelings." She replies apologetically as if she's the one doing something wrong. "I know you're not as good as a human. You're better! You have the strength and speed of a feline, and the brain of a human! Humans in your universe should be grateful that they can reproduce with other species, not hate anyone who does. I am trully sorry that you had to grow up in that world, I wish I could help but I can't, so please at least accept my apology." I tell her, my voice is loud and forceful.

"I do Anthony. Do not be sorry for something you didn't cause and cannot change. It doesn't matter that I am part feline, I still enjoy being alive and try to do good in this world. Chance is not what forges our destiny, our choices do." She says, her beautiful eyes locked onto mine. I look into her eyes, repressing the urge to hug the perfect creature that crouches but inches from me.

*Beep* *Beep* *Beep* The loud noise of the oven sounds and breaks our silent staring contest. "Your fish sticks are done!" I feign a happy voice. Her tail once again perks up at the mention of food. "Yay!" She exclaims in her cute voice. I walk to my oven, grabbing the oven-mits before I pull the baking sheet layered with Felicia's meal. I set the baking sheet on the counter to let the fish sticks cool, then I place a plate with the two drumsticks inside the microwave. I set the timer to a minute and thirty seconds and turn around. Felicia is busy pawing at the fish sticks. I laugh, "What are you doing?" She jumps and blushes, returning to her crouch position. "They have to cool down, or else you could have them now!" I say and chuckle a bit more. "Why are they hot?" She asks. "Food is better warm in most circumstances. Have you never had warm food?" I reply. "Not that I can remember, I always have to hunt for my food." She tells me. I remember that she told me she never had money.

The microwave beeps and I take out the chicken, setting it on the countertop next to the baking sheet. I pull out a plate and set all of the fish sticks on one side and place the drumsticks on the other. I pull out a knife and proceed to slice the apples into wedges. I put the apple slices onto a seperate plate and I hold the plates out to her. She stares at them for a moment and then looks down at her hands, "Ummm... Could you carry them for me please?" She asks me, embarrassed. "Of course!" I answer, mentally cursing myself for forgetting that she has paws.

I carry the plates into the living room and I set them on the small coffee-table. "Eat up!" I say happily. Felicia akwardly sits slash crouches on my couch, constantly readjusting herself. "Would you prefer the floor Felicia?" I ask as politely as I can. "Yes please." She answers, her face relieved. I pick up the plates and set them on the floor. "There you go." I say, hoping she's comfortable. Felicia crouches in front of her food and leans her head down to catch a fish stick in her mouth. She delicately places both of her paws onto the portion outside of her mouth and holds it. I can tell she's restraining herself with me standing over her watching, so I retire to the kitchen to make myself a toasted pop-tart.

After about ten minutes of standing in the kitchen nibbling on my pop-tart to give Felicia time to eat, I step into the living room to find Felicia has cleaned her plate. She's crouching to the side of her plate licking her paw. "Was it good?" I ask her hopefully. She looks up from her task, a gleam in her saphire eye, "Very! The best thing I've ever eaten!" She exclaims happily. I let out a sigh of relief. I stand there watching Felicia clean her paws, the rythmic bobbing of her head as her tongue wets her fur entrances me. Suddenly I realize I'm staring and look away.

"Now what?" I ask. She finishes her bath and looks at me, "May I take a small nap?" She asks me. "Of course! You can sleep in my bed if you like." I reply. "Thank you. Where is your bed?" She says. I beckon her to follow me and I walk into the hall and into my room. "There it is." I point to my bed. "Thank you." She does her graceful little half crawl half walk and hops onto my bed. She gets comfortable and curls up. "I'm gonna go shopping, I'll be back soon okay?" I tell her. "I will be here." She assures me, then closes her big pretty eyes.

I close the door and leave my house. I begin my walk to the store and run through todays events in my head.

To Be Continued....


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You'll have to wait and see ;) By the way, Please check out the forum, I always see and reply faster there! I can see that you're a loyal fan.

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Ah ok sorry :p Can't wait to see what happens when his dad founds out his only son has sex with a cat woman :p


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I stated that he had a voicemail that his dad and sisters are away for the weekend in the first chapter.

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oh and also, where are his parents O.o

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Hey there, i'm the guy who told you those points on Chapter 2. I gotta say it's a good story now :) You made the paragraphs smaller and longer wich is easier to read than a big wall of text.

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