Karen gets involved in a way
It wasn’t long before I came. I looked down at her, my dick was still hard inside of her. I saw the mixture of blood and other fluids.
“Come on lets get you cleaned up,” I said. I picked her up and carried her to the bathroom. I gently laid her in the bathtub and ran some warm water. I washed her little body, running my hands up and down it. I was getting aroused again. I stood up and finished undressing. She looked up at me scared. “I’m not going to hurt you like I did before.”
I reached down and massaged her pussy. I cleaned the blood and semen off of it. Like Jamie she had a clit that was easy to find. I brushed against it twice. She tensed up.
“Did that feel good?” I asked. She nodded. “I can try to make it enjoyable for you.”
I fingered her little cunt. Occasionally I brushed against her clit. Jesse bit her lip as I slid two fingers in and massaged her clit with my tongue. I leaned over to kiss her before she thrashed around and moaned loudly signaling she was having an orgasm. My dick was rock hard and leaking precum. I let her catch her breath.
“Give me that rag,” I told her. Jesse gave me a damp rag from the other day. I ducked it in the water a couple of times. I stood up and washed the blood and semen off my dick. Now I was ready. “Get out of the tub.” I told her.
She reached over for a towel. I stopped her and knelt her down in front of me.
“You’re going to need to be cleaned off after this,” I said. I stood up in front of her. I realized my height difference and sat down on the toilet. “Jamie told me she specialized in this in high school. I want to see if its genetic. “Lick the head of my dick.” I pointed to where.
“It was inside me. And you make pee pee with it,” she said.
“Do it or I’ll spank you with a belt,” I said. She seemed unfazed. I reached down and felt up her pussy. I ran my fingers up and down it before my thumb made its way to her asshole. “If you do this then I won’t touch you here again tonight.”
She licked the head of my cock and cleaned the precum off. I coaxed her into taking the head of it into her mouth. Within a minute of two she caught a natural rhythm. I guess that skill was genetic. I thought she knew the effect it was having on me when she slowed down before the sped up again. The tingling in my balls let me know it was time for me to cum.
My first shots hit her throat which made her stop and lean back. Several more shots hit her in the face and the chest. She stared at me in shock.
“You did very good,” I told her. “Go finish your bath and go to your room.”
I took a shower at the same time. Once again I found my cellphone missing. I walked into Jesse’s bedroom and listened to the conversation. The speaker was on so I could hear both sides of the conversation.
“I was very good at that as well,” said Jamie. “From now on if Bryan asks you to do that for him then you will have to whether I’m there or not.”
“I didn’t like it,” said Jesse.
“Don’t question me you know what they’ll do to you if they learn you’re a clone,” said Jamie. “I’ll be back in a couple of days so do everything he tells you to. I have a call so give the phone back to Bryan.”
She hung up the phone turned over on the bed. Jesse wore a t-shirt and a pair of panties not her usual choice of nighttime clothing.
“Do you want something to eat?” I asked her.
“Yes, sir,” she said. I went to the kitchen and returned with a piece of cake on a saucer. My phone rang as I watched her eat.
“She said it was an emergency. You have to let her stay with you for a couple of days,” said Jamie. She told me that Karen will be over about 8 in the morning.
“You can stay up as late as you want. Just don’t be too loud,” I told Jesse. I stayed up until about midnight and went to sleep.
I woke up at six o’clock when I heard my doorbell ring. I opened it to find an attractive Asian woman and her younger version standing on the other side of the door.
“Hi,” said Kyla. She was a little girl about Joanne’s age, but with Jesse‘s height.
“What’s the emergency?” I asked.
“My parents are coming over and if they see here they’ll know she’s me,” said Karen. I understood her logic.
“Can I go back to sleep?” asked Kyla.
“Can she?” Karen asked me.
“Sure the girls room is in there,” I said. Kyla dropped bag near the door and walked to the empty bed.
“Jamie told me you had some troubles with Jesse lately,” said Karen.
“Yes,” I explained what happened over the last few weeks, but left out how I may have fixed it.
“Kyla get in here,” yelled Karen.
“I’m naked,” said Kyla.
“Do it now or I’ll beat your ass so hard you won’t forget it,” said Karen. She whispered to me, “I can because its really mine.”
A nude girl walked out with flawless, white skin. Her body was similar to Jesse’s, but were protruding. I could her growing the great breasts of Karen.
“Why did you tell Jesse she was a clone?” asked Karen.
“I know and I thought she knew,” said Kyla.
“Bryan has the right to punish you now,” said Karen. “What do you want to do to her?”
“I don’t know I’ll think of something later,” I told her.
Karen checked her phone, “I have to go. I’ll send you a couple of videos to help make up your mind.”
After Kyla returned to the room and Karen drove off I went to my computer to wait for the videos. They arrived a couple minutes later. The first was titled, “I was too late to stop the neighbor boy.” It showed a teenage boys bare ass and I heard Kyla tell him to stop, but her kept pounding away. He obviously came and turned around before pulling up his pants. His dick was bigger than mine.
The second video showed Karen’s tits as Kyla leaned over to lick the nipples. She worked both breasts before being pushed down between the woman’s legs.
I had an idea what to do, but decided to wait until both girls were up. Jesse woke up about ten and came out of the bedroom wearing a short t-shirt and panties. Kyla walked out only wearing panties.
“Why are you dressed like that?” Jesse asked her.
“I don’t have boobs, so I don’t have to wear anything,” said Kyla.
“Then can I get naked?” I asked. Both girls looked at me. I stripped off my shirt and shorts.
They both stared at my naked body and semi-erect penis.
“Its not as big as David’s,” said Kyla.
“That boy you told to stop,” I said. Kyla shook her head. She didn’t know how I knew. “Jesse since Kyla told you that you’re a clone its it all her fault?”
“Yes,” said Jesse.
“You can spank me if you want. Karen does that all the time,” said Kyla. I led her to my bedroom and pushed her over the bed. I saw her little ass and had a idea.
“You’re not a virgin, but is there something you haven’t tried?” I asked. I reached over and ran my finger up and down her ass crack. My dick was fully hard.
“I don’t want to see this,” said Jesse.
“Then you can go,” I said. I ran my dick up and down her ass crack. Pre-cum dripped from it.
“Are you going to spank?” she asked. I paused and pushed the head of my dick to her asshole. She felt the tip push into her. “Not there.” I pushed hard into her asshole and she yelped. I pushed out and plunged back in harder. She cried and little and became silent. I leaned over to look at her. I felt the pressure in my balls.
“I won’t take long,” I said. She looked at me. It didn’t. I tried to pull out to cum on her, but it was too late. After three minutes I blasted wads of cum into her ass. Spent for now I left her to recover on my bed.

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Thanks for the Valentine's Day wishes! Hope you had a happy heart day too I am wikorng on getting the rest of the gallery ready, so many images that I want to include

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this one was more rushed than the first one. slow down and build up to a climax (story wise). it makes for a better story.

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