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I drive around in my patrol car bored out of my mind. It’s typical Saturday night with drunks being the bulk of the problem. I only had 15 more minutes left on my shift and was hoping to get through without one more drunken idiot making me spend an hour doing paperwork. I see a crowd of kids walking down the block. They look young but I think to myself, ‘Screw it, I don’t feel like dealing.’
As if someone knew what I was thinking, once the corner is reached, a bottle flies into the air and crashes into a parked car window. “Son of a BITCH,” I yell as I flip on my lights and speed ahead. Everyone scatters the second the noise is heard. Boys and girls are running in every direction. I drive up to them and stop running out of the car to try and grab a few. Unfortunately, it is dark and with four different streets to rundown. I hesitate for a second trying to decide whom to chase and know I’ve missed my chance after running for maybe a hundred feet.
I walk back to my car angry. Just before I get it in, I notice a bush move. I take out my gun and light shining it on the spot. I squeal is heard from the bush and I yell to, “get out quickly with your hands up.” Out you walk. Dressed in a very tight dress, long blonde hair, and quite possibly the best tits I’ve ever seen. I order you to the hood of the car. You move over and put your hands down on the hood.
I pat you down firmly lingering slightly on your ass. “How old are you?” I ask.
“Twenty three,” you answer shaking.
“Don’t fucking lie. It will only make it worse.”
“I’m sorry, I’m twenty.”
I grab your arms and pull them behind your back. I take out my cuffs and feel you pull away slightly. “DON’T fucking move. You’re already in enough trouble.” I handcuff you and guide you into the back of the car.
I get in and slam the door. “Fucking kids acting like morons. You know how much paper work I have to do because of you?”
“Please,” you beg. “You don’t have to arrest me. I’m not that drunk. Just take me home. It will save everyone so much time.”
“How will you learn your lesson then? This isn’t how it works.”
“I’m sorry. It was my friends being stupid not me. I just wanted to go out and have fun.”
“Well I can see that you are dressed for a really fun night. What would have stopped someone from taking advantage of you? I know you think you look hot, but attract the wrong guy, and you are in for a dangerous night.”
“I know, I know. I’m sorry. I won’t be unsafe again. Pleeeeease don’t arrest me. I’ll do anything.”
I look back at you and then at the clock. It’s 4 a.m. and I am so fed up with the precinct tonight. At a red light, I look back at you in the mirror. I see your chest rise and fall. Clearly, you have no bra on and I stare at those huge tits. I see two small bumps on either side of your nipple. My mouth waters as I realize there are barbells under there. “How will you learn not to go out dressed like that again? It won’t stop until some body takes you away and fucks you when you don’t want it.”
You say nothing and squirm in your seat. I look up and see you biting your lip hard with your eyes closed. ‘This girl wants that,’ I think to myself. I hang a sharp right and into a parking lot and go behind the building. I park in a dark corner and get out. You watch me move to the back and open the door helping you out.
“Oh thank you,” you say. “I’ll get a ride from here.”
“Oh no little lady,” I say smiling. “You have yet to learn your lesson.” I move forward and close the back door. You watch me confused. Suddenly, my hand is on your hair and pushing you to the ground. You wince when your knees hit the rocky concrete.
“What the hell are you doing?” you ask angrily.
I put a breathalyzer in front of you. “Blow,” I order. You do so and I watch the numbers. .15 shows up and I smile. “Well, it’s either this, or a night in jail and an arrest. You’re definitely way to high to be allowed without penalty.”
You whimper and still look confused. I watch you swaying even on your knees and watch my sexy drunk thing. I unzip my fly and pull my dick out inches from your face. You look up at me finally getting nervous.
“Go ahead. If you don’t want to go to jail.”
You lean forward slowly taking my dick into your mouth. “Such a sexy horny party girl,” I say as I grip your hair a bit. I feel you work up and down. ‘Oh my god. She’s really doing a good job. She must be so horny tonight,’ I think. My dick slides in and out while your tongue plays with the underside. I feel you moan on it and my lust grows. I hold your hair tight and move your head faster. You eagerly take it in.
I pull out and look at you. I see you are getting drunker. “Took some shots right before I found you didn’t you?”
“Yes sir,” you answer. “Can I get up? My knees hurt”
I lift you up and push you against the car. My mouth finds your neck and I bite down. You moan and lean into me. My hands travel to your tits squeezing hard. I feel you bars and moan myself. I yank your dress down revealing your tits and suck on your nipple. I lick and suck hard before moving to the other. You push into me clearly loving the feeling.
Now I am far from the point of return. I grab you waist and lift you onto the hood of the car. I waste no time and spread your legs wide and yanking your panties off. Moving down I suck your clit into my mouth. “Oh fuuuuck,” you let out as I move my tongue back and forth. I reach up and push you down flat on the hood roughly. I keep licking your clit hard. Sucking on it hard to get it out of it’s hood. Licking with the tip of my tongue. Left and right, up and down, hard and fast. I bring up two fingers and slip them in your pussy.
“My god you are wet,” I tell you as I start moving them in and out. My tongue still on your clit, fingers bumping your g-spot. My other hand reaches up and grabs your nipple pinching hard. You let out a loud yell and I grab a handful of your tit before moving it down scratching as I go. I suck your clit harder now and let my teeth find it. I hear your moans getting louder and start turning to yells. Rubbing that clit with my teeth I pull my fingers out of your pussy. You whimper in disappointment.
I reach down and unclip my nightstick from my belt and bring it up. I let my mouth off your clit for just a second just to spit on the end of the long thick stick. I begin licking again and start pushing into your pussy. I feel you sit up suddenly. “What is that?” you ask. I push you back down roughly as I push the stick into you harder. I push it more and it slips into your pussy spreading you out. I put my teeth back to work on your clit. At the same time I start moving the stick in and out of your pussy. Harder, faster, deeper.
“Oh my fucking god, your gonna make me cum,” you let out. I double my efforts and move that clit over my teeth hard and fast. Shoving your pussy full of the new toy. I reach up and grab your tit hard and I feel your hand on my hair as you cum. Not even waiting for you to calm down, I yank you back down so you can suck my dick. You do not hesitate and take it straight into your mouth all the way back to your throat.
“Fuck your own pussy while you suck me,” I order. You moan and reach down shoving the stick in and out of your pussy. I grab you hair and hold you down onto my cock. “You can’t take this out until you make yourself cum.” You move away to say something and I pull you back down hard. “Not until you cum.” I see you starting to fuck yourself harder and also rubbing your clit with your other hand. I hold your head hard with my hands and start pumping into your mouth. Pulling you down feeling that tongue work the bottom of my dick. “Come on baby, work that pussy harder.”
I feel you moan louder and louder and stop sucking my dick. “That’s it. Cum hard for me.” You yell through my dick and I hold you as you shake. I let your head go and you fall back panting. I immediately lift you up and bend you over again. I take the handle of the nightstick and use it to shove deep into you. I pull your hair hard. “You ready to be fucked?”
“Oh yes please I need it. But don’t cum inside me.”
“Oh don’t worry. I’ll be fucking your ass. No need to worry about me cumming into you.”
“No, no. Not there,” you say quickly. I push you down again and let my hand come down on your ass. SPANK SPANK SPANK.
“That’s not up to you. Now, you will keep being spanked until you beg for me to fuck your ass.” SPANK SPANK SPANK.
“Oh god stop, please just fuck my pussy.”
“Oh it will be, that’s what the nightstick is for. But my dick is so wet from your mouth it just needs to be in that ass.” SPANK SPANK SPANK SPANK SPANK.
“Okay, okay, you can do it.”
“I said beg.” I pull your hair hard so you can look at me. My hand is raised while I wait.
“Please fuck my ass.” I smile and let my hand fly down connected with your ass. SPANK.
I throw you back down. “Hold that stick in your pussy,” I order. Once you do it, I start pushing my dick at your tight asshole. I move in slowly as you moan and whimper. I reach up and scratch your back as I start sliding in. Once I get about halfway in you beg me to stop.
I do so but reach around and rub your clit. “While we wait, let’s see if you can cum. Pump your pussy while I help you cum.” I start moving left and right on your clit. You slowly start fucking your pussy again. I can feel the stick moving just under my dick and I rub harder.
“Oh fuck that feels good,” you moan. You look back at me. “You can start fucking now.” I get an angry look on my face and start fucking into your ass hard. My dick shoving in and out of your ass as you fuck your own pussy.
“You enjoy having both your holes filled don’t you?”
“Oh yes. Fuck me harder. It feels so good. You’re going to make me cum.”
SPANK. “Beg me for it you sexy little thing.”
“Please make me cum officer.”
“Not until you tell me how you want to cum.”
“With your dick in my ass. Please.”
“I didn’t hear you say sir. Try again.”
“Oh my fucking god. Fuck me sir. Fuck my ass. Make me cum sir.”
I start slamming as hard as I can into you. Pulling your hips into me to fuck even harder. The nightstick still shoved up your pussy. “Cum while I fill your ass with sperm baby.”
“Yes sir. Please sir. MORE SIR. OH GOD I’M CUMMING.” You scream through the night and squeeze my dick. It feels amazing and I shoot deep into your ass. Both of us jerking a bit as we come down from orgasm.
You turn around looking at me panting. “Thank you for teaching me a lesson sir. But I’ve done a lot of bad things that need lessons.”
I smile again as I reach down with both hands. Pumping the nightstick and rubbing your clit again.

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2012-08-08 06:48:50
So the reader has to be a 20-y-o girl (the "you" in the story)?

I doubt there are many of those use this site.

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