It was a few days before Troy and his family would return from their vacation, and Benny was looking forward to seeing him. Although I wanted to have sex with Troy as well, I never stated anything to Benny, because I didn’t want him to think I wasn’t into him anymore….which was definitely NOT the case. My best wish would be to have a strong solid relationship with both boys…followed by us all being naked all the time, and sex, although lower on the list for a relationship
PART 5 Final

Please read Part’s 1 through 4 of My New Neighbors in order to make sense of this story. Thank you.

It was a few days before Troy and his family would return from their vacation, and Benny was looking forward to seeing him. Although I wanted to have sex with Troy as well, I never stated anything to Benny, because I didn’t want him to think I wasn’t into him anymore….which was definitely NOT the case. My best wish would be to have a strong solid relationship with both boys…followed by us all being naked all the time, and sex, although lower on the list for a relationship, would be encouraged.

Over the next few days, Benny and I would have all kinds of sex, from body contact, to jerking off to sucking and fucking. It was like a never ending orgy with 2 guys ! It was finally a 3 day weekend, and on Monday, after a sex filled weekend, Benny wanted to go play tennis again. I remember that hottie Roy from my last tennis game with Benny, so I asked if he knew Roy’s number to invite him and hopefully another hottie to play doubles with us. Benny liked this idea, and although he didn’t say anything, from the look on his face, I could tell that he was thinking the same as I was…A 3-WAY WITH ROY !!

Unfortunately, Benny didn’t have Roy’s number, so we went on to play tennis with just us two as planned. The day was overcast, with a slight breeze, and you could feel the rain in the air. We arrived at the field and tennis courts same as last time. Walking through the field, Benny had a number of boys on the field involved in different sports (Soccer, baseball, Frisbee, etc.) calling to him, saying “hey !” he asked a few of them if they knew Roy’s number…a few did, but it was at their home. I said, “forget it, it will be raining soon anyway…let’s just play”.

I was right. About 25 minutes into the game, it started to rain, but Benny wanted to stay and play as it wasn’t raining too hard at the moment. We continued a few more plays and the rain increased, but as we were already wet….it didn’t really matter, so we continued until it was difficult to keep our footing, and the balls were heavy and dead because they were soaked !

We changed from attempting to play tennis, to just hitting the heavy wet balls at each other, trying to hit each other. We both got nailed with a wet tennis ball, and let me tell you honestly, when you get hit with a heavy, wet tennis ball served off a tennis racket…IT HURTS !!!! as we were playing this tennis ball war, a clap of thunder and bolt of lightning hit nearby, and we jumped. In a few seconds, the rain increased to the point it was like needles hitting us !

We ran and grabbed my bag (containing a few towels, a clean pair of socks, underwear and additional tennis rackets and balls), and started to run to the car on the other side of the field. I noticed that the field that was filled with kids when we arrived, was now totally vacant, and I said to Benny, “where did everybody go so fast ?”, he said, “probably in the gym ! hey !!! that’s a great idea !!! follow me !!!”. the rain increased as we made ran the last 300 yards to the gym. Entering the gym, I expected to hear all the kids from the field to be in there talking, loud, playing something….but only the sound of one basketball was there. We walked into the gym, our sneakers squeaking and echoing in the vastness of the gym. There was one kid in there bouncing the basketball and shooting from the foul line. He was blond, about 5’6”, about Troy’s age, maybe a little younger, skinny, and slightly uncoordinated from the way he was throwing the ball.

Benny and I walked toward him and he stopped and looked at us, laughing a little because we were dripping a trail of water as we walked. Benny didn’t seem to know him, but he asked if we would like to join him. Benny said, “no thanks. I think we need to dry off”, and walked toward the locker area. I just followed Benny.
We entered the locker room, which I had seen a week ago from the last time he and I had played tennis. He walked to the sink area and grabbed a few paper towels out of the dispenser and began drying his hair and face. I said, “dude…I have towels in my bag”, and placed my bag on the bench, and began to unzip it. Benny came over as I was slightly bent over the bag, and slapped my ass, saying, “if you have towels, let’s take a shower”. Not thinking, I said “great idea !” my mind was solely thinking of Benny and I being naked with each other in the big wide opened gang showers. There was something sexually exciting about it….possibly that we would get hard, and daring other boys to walk in while we were with a boner, or even touching each other ! I have to get it out of my head because the thought was making me hard.

We stripped and threw our wet clothes in a locker, and took our towels to the gang showers, hanging them on the hooks on the wall, we entered the gang shower area, which had about 10 shower heads, turned on two showers next to each other, and stood under the hot water. In a few minutes, my mind was thinking about when Benny and I shower at my house, which was almost the same except for the giant shower area we were in now, and the excitement of a High School boy walking in on us, him naked, us naked….Benny’s way of seduction, who knows, we might be in a 3 way in no time !

A few seconds standing under the water, watching Benny’s body and the water glistening and running down and off is dick like a waterfall, made me think of the first time Benny seduced me in my shower….now it was my turn to seduce him in the gang shower ! I stepped to his shower which was about 10 inches from mine, and kneeled in front of him. He was turned slightly, so I was more facing his side then his dick. He was paying attention to the water beating on him just like I was on that first night. I touched his side, and he opened his eyes and looked down to see me kneeling there, and quickly turned to me so that his dick was now in my face…without using my hands, I reached with my mouth and took his flaccid dick in my mouth and began to suck….his dick was stiffening rapidly, when he said, “wait” and pulled out of my mouth and walked to the opening of the gang shower, and looked around to see if anyone else was there. he looked back to me and said hold on, and walked out into the locker with his semi-hard dick flopping before him. I stood up and waited for him to return…hopefully with a hot boy in tow !

I was standing under the water when he returned. I could barely see him with the steam that had built up from our showers running, and not really sure if it was Benny, but I could see that he was alone. My mind was racing, thinking that it may be another naked kid came in to take a shower…but then, the figure walked up to me and dropped to his knees and began to suck me like no tomorrow !!! At this point, I didn’t care if it was Benny or a new kid…I was enjoying the sucking I was getting !

I was hard in seconds and in less than 10 minutes I was cuming down his throat with a heavy force. A few seconds later, after swallowing all my cum, he stood…it was Benny…and he said, “Damn ! that was a load !! you almost knocked me on my as with that load it was so forceful !!!” In seconds, I was on my knees and sucking his now tree trunk stiff cock, until he grabbed my head and started fucking my face….at about 15 minutes, he blew his load deep in my throat. We finished showering, and getting limp before we walked out of the gang shower into the locker area, where we found the blond kid that was playing basketball in the gym when we came in, sitting on one of the benches fairly close to the showers. Benny and I looked at each other, and read each other’s mind with the question, ‘do you think he saw us sucking each other in the shower ?’ If he did, he didn’t let on. True to my thoughts, Benny has now removed his towel and is parading around the locker room naked in front of the kid. Realizing that our clothes were still dripping wet as we removed them from the locker, we had a loud conversation so the kid could hear the reason we were both naked, and trying to dry some of our clothes on the hot air had dryer. I would catch him periodically looking at both Benny and I, and sizing up our bodies, but never saying anything to either of us. I was waiting for Benny to work his magic words, and see if he could seduce the kid to get naked with us…and whatever from there ! Finally, Benny asked the kid, “are you taking a shower ?”, and his answer was simply, “no”, and Benny followed by saying, if you were, we would take another shower with you, you know, so you’re not lonely in there…its big…and we can play ball in there”. It didn’t make much sense to me, but the kid said no to the shower anyway. We got dressed in our wet clothes, and headed out to my house.

On Wednesday, Troy and his family returned from their vacation. Benny and I thought it would be nice to get him a welcome home cake….so I went out and got an ice cream cake….Benny told me that Troy’s favorite cake was chocolate….so that was the solution. Benny got Troy later that night and brought him to my house for the cake. He excitedly told us of his vacation highlights. I noticed that Benny was sitting close to Troy, having their bodies touching in some way, shoulders, knees, feet, arms, most of the evening. I was wondering if he and Troy ever had sex. When Troy went to the bathroom, I got close to Benny and asked him if he had sex with Troy, and he said, “Hell no, he’s too young, and probably doesn’t even have hair on his dick. You are the only one I have had sex with.”

Benny and I had sex fairly often for the remainder of the summer, and even when school started, we continued…it was never boring, and we never got tired of it. We even combined me helping him with his school projects, and then, as a reward, we would have sex.

It was October, and Benny has qualified to the hockey team in school. Evidently his mother had driven him to a local sports store to sharpen his ice skates, and he got the call that they were ready. His mother was planning to work late, so, of course, he and Troy were at my house when I returned from work. I didn’t even get to put the car in park when he and Troy opened the door talking quickly that they had 15 minutes to get to the sports store and pick up the skates….I just drove. Benny sat in the passenger’s side in front with me, and Troy sat in back but leaned between Troy and I on the rear of the front seat, so he was part of any conversation. At the first traffic light, Benny, turned to me and said, “me and Troy have been doing some sexual things”, and from the rear seat Troy said, “BENNY !!!!!” Benny just turned and said, “what ? Tommy is cool…we can tell him”. And Troy sat back in the seat, slightly embarrassed and angry that Benny said anything about their secret. I looked in the rear view mirror at Troy and saw his angry face, and said, “did you like it Troy ?” he started to answer, and Benny interrupted with “it was so funny…we were swimming last month and it got cold, so we went into his shower to warm up, his parents weren’t home. I took off my suite and he like my big dick, and was amazed at the hair on it. I ripped off his suit, even though he didn’t want me to, and he had a big hard boner !. I told him it was ok and not to be embarrassed, and then I stroked mine and got hard for him.” Troy sat up in between us again, no longer embarrassed. I turned to Troy and said, “does he have a nice dick Troy ?” and he smiled and nodded yes. Then, through some laughter…Benny continued his story saying, “I asked him what he wanted to do, and he said he wanted one of us to take a shit and rub it all over each other, so I forced a giant shit out into the tub, but neither of us wanted to touch it, and we had to get rid of it, and it smelled !! So we threw a face cloth on it and mashed it down the drain of the shower with our feet.” This made both Benny and Troy laugh hysterically.

We arrived at the sports store, and went in, got the skates and left. The drive home was quiet except for the occasional statement from Benny about how sharp his blades were. He and Troy would have an occasional conversation about the hockey team and who was on it this year, etc.

As I pulled into the driveway and turned off the car, we all got out, and headed for the house. It was slightly chilly as it was now fall, so we walked into the house to get warm. I went into the kitchen, while the boys remained in the living room. I heard Troy say, “Bennyyyyyy !!!!” and Benny saying, “what ? I always do this”, but didn’t know what it was about…I assumed he was picking on Troy. When I walked in, Benny was naked and flipping through the TV channels, while Troy looked at me embarrassed for Benny being naked.
I began taking off my clothes, and Troy said, “not you too !” and I said, “yeah…in this house we don’t wear clothes” Troy just sat there on the couch. Now in my underwear, I sat next to Troy, and began unbuttoning his shirt. He said nothing. I removed the shirt and asked if he was warm enough, he nodded. I reached for the top button on his jeans, and undid it, and as I began to unzip his pants, he bent forward to prevent me from taking the zipper down, and he looked over at Benny and whined, “Bennyyyyy”, to which Benny replied, “what….get naked” we are naked, it’s like we have never seen a dick before. Let him do it”. To which Troy, reluctantly sat up a little bit allow me access to his zipper. I pulled his pants and underwear off at the same time taking no chances of him changing his mind again.

Now the scene is that Troy is naked and has a semi-hard dick, Benny is naked and semi-hard, and I am semi-hard in my underwear. I stood up to take off my underwear and without notice, Troy throws his hands up and grabs hold of my underwear and pulls them down quick ! My dick springs from the underwear and bounces at his face as Benny laughed uncontrollably at the scene.

Benny suggested that we go to the bedroom and hang out on the king size bed, so we all three, naked, with dicks bouncing, run up the stairs to the bedroom and both boys jump and land, naked and bouncing on the bed. Troy squeals out, “fucking nice big bed !” to which Benny replies “oh yeah, you never saw it…it’s a king sized bed !”, and they both lay side by side on the bed on their backs cocks getting harder. I climbed onto the bed and maneuvered my way over Benny and grabbed Troy’s cock, rubbing it and his hairless balls, he liked it, and was hard as a telephone pole in a minute ! Later, I spoke privately to Benny and asked him when he started to grow hair on his crotch area, and when he first could cum…as I recall my first time at about 12 and a half….Benny said that was his age as well. He said that Troy’s birthday was in January, so although he should have hair and should be able to cum, he doesn’t…oh well…still fun to play with.
Once Troy was rock hard, I began to suck his dick. After a few sucks, he squealed to Benny, “damn Ben, he sucks better than you !” Benny said, “he’s older and has more experience”. I turned Troy slightly on his left side facing me, and laid on my back between the two boys, allowing them to figure how they want to do this, and to my surprise, Troy reached over and grabbed my right ass cheek and forced me on my side in true “69” and began sucking my dick like a champ ! I had to stop and say to them both, “holy shit Troy, where did you learn to suck like that ?!!” he replied excitedly and proudly, Benny taught me !” Seems that the kid was a natural, because, although Benny is a great sucker, he was nowhere near as good as Troy !
Benny said, “hey…I feel left out here, can I get some cock ?” I wasn’t giving up my new found cock suckers mouth to Benny, so I pulled my mouth off of Troy, allowing him to continue sucking my dick, and instructed Benny to put his dick in Troy’s mouth while I sucked him (Benny). There we were in a triangle…me sucking Benny, Benny sucking Troy, and Troy sucking me !

Troy was sucking my dick like he was trying to suck the skin off it….it was truly like sticking my dick in a vacuum cleaner ! once in a while I had to tell Troy to suck my balls so that I wouldn’t cum so fast…he did, and the first try sucking my balls felt like someone was about to rip them off ! I stopped him and told him to suck more gentle….Benny said, yeah…not so heavy on the balls, their sensitive, suck like this, and Benny evidently showed Troy how to suck balls by sucking on his balls. Seems to have worked, as he was not a champ at sucking balls as well. I assume he was bored with my balls, as he kept gravitating back to sucking my dick.

I have never sucked a kid that couldn’t cum before, and I was waiting for Troy to cum…I wanted his sweet boy juices flowing in my mouth….but he can’t cum yet…he can just dry cum…so he gets the feeling of cuming, but not the sperm. I didn’t know what was happening and it actually scared me, as I thought he was having a seizure….his body tensed, he clamped down on my dick with his teeth until it was painful…I felt like he was about to bite my dick off…and I began to yell AAAAAAAAAAAAUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH, and then he released his bite. I said, “dude, what the fuck ?” and he and Benny said at the same time, “he had an orgasm !”

I didn’t know if Benny had any warning that Troy was about to cum like we do, when we can feel each other’s dicks swelling and shrinking, or our balls pulling tight to our crotch….but I was too busy sucking Benny to wonder any more….Now all I wanted was to please Benny and get a remarkable reward. I guess that after a young boy cums, he can stay hard for a while, as Benny was still sucking like a vacuum, but about 15 minutes into our fun Benny said, “Damn Troy, get hard again bitch !” Troy answered, “I’m trying…you don’t suck that good”. Benny looked at me sucking his dick and said, “you try to get him hard”, so I pulled off of Benny’s dick and began sucking Troy’s. after the third time in went down on Troy’s dick, it started to get hard, and Troy screamed “Oh yeah…that’s it ! He sucks so much better then you do !” with Troy’s dick hard again, I went back to sucking Benny’s dick and gave Troy’s dick back to Benny. During this entire time, Troy has not stopped sucking my dick, and I was surprised that I haven’t cum yet, because he is like a human vacuum….but as I was thinking that, I began to get the feeling !

The feeling was so intense, I had to stop sucking Benny for fear of biting his dick like Troy bit mine when he orgasmed. Benny looked at me to see why I stopped, and I could only eek out, “gonna cum” and he switched his attention from looking at me to looking at Troy pounding my cock…..I was about to blow my load and was trying to pull my cock up out of Troy’s mouth and maybe cum on his face, or anywhere else but down his throat because I didn’t think he could take my load. Each time I pulled up, he tightened his grip on my ass and pulled me down into his mouth, or pulled his mouth up deep onto my cock. It seemed like minutes that this went on, but it was milliseconds, and finally, I couldn’t hold back any more so I let it flow. The first shot of sperm was about 3 shot glasses of cum and must have filled Troy’s mouth completely, because Benny started laughing (I guess at the face that Troy made) while I still attempted to pull my cock out of Troy’s mouth…the more I tried, the stronger Troy’s grip on my ass and on my cock became. I believe I had about 5 – 7 shots of cum, and Benny was saying, “euwwww… look at the cum pouring out of Troy’s mouth and down his cheeks and into his ears !!!” I managed to get to my knees and pull my now spent cock from Troy’s mouth, and look at his mouth which was FILLED and overflowing with my cum ! His mouth was very wide opened and it was like a swimming pool of cum in there ! I laughed and said, hang on, I’ll get a tissue to which he shook his head no, and swallowed the entire load !!! Benny cheered, “holy mother fucker… I don’t even think I could have swallowed THAT load !!!!”

We ended that night kissing and both Troy and I sucked Benny off till he came, the boys left as it was nearing 9 p.m. and the boys had school in the morning. Both boys continued to come over and we all continued with our sex fun for a couple of years, until Benny went to college…then it was pretty much me and Troy alone, unless Benny came home.

When Troy was in Junior year in High School, he brought a Sizzling guy home one day to meet me. Although they were both in the closet, they were out with me. Troy and I told him of our first sexual encounter and all the funny things we went through…he was laughing, and hugging Troy…eventually, I heard the words from Troy’s boyfriend, “seems you two have been through a lot together, and I don’t know who Benny is, but would love to meet him” He took off his shirt, stood and said, “so…shall we do it here or go to your king size bed I’ve heard all about ?”

The End.....Or is it ?

I hope you enjoyed reading my story as much as I did writing it ! As always, I appreciate your comments.

Thank you !

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