Having taken an early retirement I look back and laugh at the odd things that led up to the event. After 25 years as a research chemist for a major lab in Livermore Calif. I was reprimanded for an indiscretion caused by a lab mishap and later felt the pressure to retire when I would not reveal a key piece of what I considered private research.

I had become the go-to-guy in pheromone research for our company and was consulted by several others. With a chemistry doctorate and a heavy background in human biology I was making more strides in the field than anyone had seen in years. All the big perfume and cologne companies provide almost unlimited funding for anything that will increase male or female attraction.

A colleague from South Africa had brought me a rare and almost unknown species of small monkey. It was similar to many other types and he was able to transport it into the states under a similar genus category as US customs is not that up on this rare species. He had done some preliminary studies and was under the impression the reason for this breeds almost extinction was the males secrete a pheromone that drives the females into a sexual frenzy, often resulting in the males being damaged during mating.

Some anomaly had caused a larger number of females to be born several decades back and the result were as the females went into estrus the limited number of males could not meet the demands. With the large numbers of females vying for male attention the females were injuring and often killing the males with their sexual demands.

I was able to collect the bipeds pheromones in my lab at home and combine them with older promising formulas I had saved. Intermixing them with a couple of human androst pheromones and a human oxytosin hormone was my latest endeavor. As I didn't have one particular piece of equipment I had to finalize part of the process at work. After several months of secret sideline playing around I stumbled on a version of the formula that had a devastating effect on any human female in the same room.

Being a widower in my fifties I had lost a lot of my sex drive over the last few years. Not to say I never thought about it but it was just to much trouble to pursue a sex life as I got older. Many of the women I work with are very desirable but most are younger and not interested in someone my age.

The day I accidentally exposed a young female research assistant to the combined primate and human pheromone I learned I was not as old or uninterested in sex as I previously thought. I had pocketed a small glass pipit with my last private experiment to transport home and not noticed it had a leak at the seal.

As I stood at a white board going over a complex calculation I was only peripherally aware of something going on at my feet. A pleasant sensation finally brought me out of my mental machinations to realize the young woman with the strange out of date name (Violet) was kneeling in front of me and massaging my crotch softly through the fabric of my trousers..

I looked down to discover along with her light strokes of my long slender cock, she was unzipping my slacks. I was not startled in the least but fully overwhelmed with the pleasure I was feeling. I was also becoming aroused. I watched with fascination as she slipped her hand in and snaked out my almost hard penis. As she handled my member it became fully erect and I was aware how in need I was of a long overdue ejaculation. It had been so long I couldn't remember the last time.

Watching her slender hand stroke me gently was surreal and I felt no pangs of guilt as this could not be happening. The pleasure she was bringing me increased as I saw her maneuver her tight skirt up above her hips and slip her panties aside. She had a couple of fingers shoved into her vagina within seconds and was franticly ramming them into herself with a quick stop every five or six strokes to squeeze and massage her clitoris. Each time she made contact with her clit she moaned with pleasure and tightened her grip on my cock. The sensation was transferred to me and I returned her moans of pleasure as she squeezed me tighter.

Confused and flushed with the girls onslaught I was leaking enough sperm to lubricate my shaft. She continued to take leisurely sensuous strokes of my long slender cock. Both she and I were breathing faster and deeper as our impending release approached. I stood stiff legged before her with my long shaft ready to spurt all over her when she push forward and plunged my dick into her mouth to the back of her throat.

The first spurts went directly down causing her to gag as my cock slipped deeper and was clinched with her throat spasming muscle contractions. She pulled back griping her hand around the base so only about four or five inches could enter her mouth. She continued to bob her head up and down as she gripped my shaft tightly with her hand and lips.

The orgasm I had felt as if it were wrenched and torn from my insides, leaving me weak and shaking. Violet had continued to ram what looked like all the fingers of her left hand into her vagina. She was balancing with one knee on the floor and the other outstretched leaving her spread wide open. Spasms of pleasure washed over her with each climatic clench. At the apex of each she would go rigid and clamp down on my now semi hard cock bring on another small spasm of pleasure in me. This continued for another minute or so.

I was regaining my perspective and finally could take my eyes off the tall slender women at my feet. As I gazed around I realized we were being watched through the large window in the lab door by several leering faces. The show Violet and I had just put on for them had most of their eyes glazed with envy and lust. Both male and female observers were turned on by the wanton act.

Startled I stepped back quickly pulling my dick from her mouth and hand. Unfortunately for Violet it left her completely exposed to their view in her exotic pose as several cell phone cameras snapped pictures of her with her pussy stuffed full of hand. They also got several of me holding my ungainly long semi rigid dick as I tried clumsily to push it back in my pants.

Needless to say we both received e-mail copies before the end of the day along with every one else in the facility. Violet had jumped up and bolted as she saw what happened and I was called into the project head Dick Wilson's office within the hour. Dick or Dick head as most of us refer to him had enlarged copies of Violet and myself in front of him for me to explain. Since I had no idea what had brought on the sexual encounter I could not belay his concerns. I told him what ever fault there was fell on me as the lab head and I would accept what ever action he deemed fair but the young woman was in no way responsible or to be punished.

He smiled and told me I would receive a written reprimanded in my folder and in the future to take my amorous interludes to a locked office as he did. He also was interested in inviting Violet to his next party, if I didn't mind. I assured him I had no personal claim on her and what happened was a one off and would not be repeated.

As I left his office I heard him call his secretary assistant in and she only partially closed the door as she entered. I stepped back into her office and stood near the slightly open door. Dick head told his secretary he wanted every infraction I had ever made cataloged and a report generated. He also told her to add a few items that could not be proved or disproved to pad the report against me. He gave her the photos of me to add to it keeping the ones of Violet for himself. He said his intention was to force me to resign ASAP.

Dick had always resented and disliked me as I had more clout with most of the board members than he did. I was not going to make it easy on him but was OK with the forced retirement. I knew I was close on the quest for human pheromone enhancement and wanted to devote more time to my special project. Also if I were retired there would be no turning over my discoveries if and when they proved out.

That evening at home I went straight out back to my lab. I had a special 2000 sq. foot lab built years ago that I equipped with all the best I could afford. As I was putting away the pipit of my latest experiment I noticed the seal had cracked. I transferred the contents into a new vial and sealed it. The idea of it causing Violets lustful gambit crossed my mind. I was mulling it over when I heard someone at the front door of the house. I looked up at the security monitor and saw Violet standing there. I told her to come on in over the intercom and buzzed the door, adding if she would wait in the living room on her right as she entered I would be there in a few minutes.

This was Violet's first visit to my home and she was a bit over awed. I immediately apologized while trying to explain about earlier. She stopped me and said she was the one who should apologize as I had never given her any reason for her actions. She deflated my ego a bit by adding she had never before even considered me in a sexual way until today and didn't know what came over her but was overwhelmed with the desire to have sex in any way possible right at that moment.

I sat there looking puzzled and didn't speak so she continued by saying she was frightened by the feelings she had had. I asked “how do you mean” and she continued by saying “ at that moment I would have submitted to anything you or anyone else would have asked me to do and enjoyed it.” I asked her to explain further. She went on saying “over the years I have slept with both men and a few women. Many of them have asked and urged me to participate in or perform sexual acts I would never consider. Today when I was ugh!!!! well sucking you off, I would have performed all of the most depraved acts I have ever heard of and enjoyed every bit of it.”

I was becoming a little aroused and asked her to tell me more. She went on to say “ my mind was racing over several propositions as I had oral sex with you. Some of those were the guy who wanted me to let him film me being fucked by his dog and some farm animals. Another was a woman who wanted me to let her husband and a dozen of his friends gang bang the two of us and degrade and humiliate us after by forcing us to drink piss and urinating on us. Another was a young couple that wanted me to have sex with their two preteen kids. Anyway my mind was going into the darkest and most vile places and I was craving the experience of those things.”

I was turned on but a little revolted at the things she had talked about. I had never considered bestiality or any of the other things she mentioned. Some of it was a bit intriguing but sick at the same time. We talked for a while and I assured her I had no bad feelings toward her. I also added I had pressed Dick head to leave her out of any blame. She laughed when I told her he was interested in trying to get her in a compromising position. She said it wouldn't be the first time she might have to fuck to keep her job and everyone knew Dick head was always on the make. “ He is one of the biggest perverts in the company but he is so inept at it most women look on him as a joke.”

I told her what Dick's intentions were towards me, which caused her concern.. I asked if she would later take part in a few private experiments to find out what had caused her overwhelming lust attack, adding I had some idea what it might have been. I warned her it might involve more sex and even bring back the lurid feelings she had earlier. I apologized for it sounding like I was trying to get into her pants but I also wanted to know what had caused the incident.

Violet smiled and with a wink said “ I would be more than happy to oblige you even if you are just using it as an excuse to screw me.” then with a concerned look she continued “ I’m a little afraid of the feelings I had but to be truthful I still want to experience what ever it was again. I have never been so turned on in my life. The orgasm I had with you was incredible. I went home after and masturbated for over three hours and had numerous climaxes but none were as intense or fulfilling. The fear of loosing my job didn't even cross my mind until a couple of hours ago and that’s when I decided to come here and talk.” She then asked “ did you say you might know what caused my out break of lust.”

I sheepishly told her “I might have caused it by inadvertently exposing you to a new pheromone compound I have been working on privately.” Her look went from surprise to one of lust as she said “ Oh shit. I would love to experience that again if possible.” When I said I had the compound in the lab out back I thought she would tear my arm off as she grabbed me and pulled toward the back of the house. I said “ I’m reluctant to just expose you again. This should be done in steps so we can document the results in a controlled study.” she responded “ fuck the steps. We can find out the results right now the easy way.”

I relented and we went back to the lab. I extracted a minute sample under an airtight hood and resealed it. I asked Violet to come back to the house before we opened it. She was excited and anxious but complied with my request. We went back into the living room and both had a glass of wine as we discussed the procedure we should follow. Violet was very nervous and finally said “ just open the fucking thing and lets see.”

I was sitting about five feet away from her when I popped the seal on the glass vial. She stood and took the vial from my hand, placed it under her nose and inhaled deeply. Her next statement as she sat back down was “a most pleasant aroma but I don't feel anything odd.” I could see her eyes dilate a little and a sheen of perspiration on her upper lip. With her right hand she began massaging her left breast and the left hand was pulling her skirt up. She narrowed her eyes and said “ I feel no different at all, so why don't we just fuck while we wait.”

I asked her to tell me what she was thinking. Her response was “ right now I’m thinking how sad it is that I have never had anal intercourse and I would like to be fucked in the ass with that long slender dick of yours. It would give me the deepest stimulation with the least pain.” she again had pulled her panties aside and inserted several fingers into her vagina. I recapped the vial and looked on spell bound as she roughly rammed her open hand in and out of her self. She continued “ I wish you had several friends that would come over right now and you would all fuck me. I have never had a gang bang and would love to have my pussy rammed and poked until it was raw. God I love the feeling of a man pumping me full of oozing cum and the thought of having a lot of men filling me up with cock and hot sperm has me on the verge of an orgasm right now.” at that moment she moaned and closed her eyes as if she was lost in the dream of being ravaged and violated.

I was getting erect and needed to urinate. I excused my self and headed for the bathroom. I heard her get up also and wondered what I would encounter on my return. I tried to pee but couldn't and it was becoming painful. I open the bathroom door to find Violet standing there with her skirt and panties removed. Nude from the waist down she was looking back at me as she attempted to insert my wife’s rolling pin further into her vagina. She had the handle in but was unable to get the larger part past her pussy entrance. She looked at me with hooded eyes and said “ would you give me a hand. I can't seem to get the best part inside.”

The erotic sight of her was more than I could take so I unzipped and removed my already rigid cock. She grinned and licked her lips saying “ I hope you have decided to use that long snake on my virgin ass. I have been craving anal intercourse since I first saw how long you are. I said “ I'm willing to try. I have never done it before, but I have to piss something fierce and can't. She extracted and discarded the rolling pin as she pushed me back into the bathroom. With a lewd grin on her face she began removing the rest of her clothes. I followed suit and we were both soon striped. She stepped into the bath tub and said “ I have an idea. Shove that long thing up my ass and see if you can pee inside me. The feel of hot pee squirting into me would be wild.”

I had lost all thought of pheromone research and was overwhelmed with carnal desire. This would be my first try at anal intercourse and I was more than ready. My dick was harder than Chinese arithmetic. The fact that I had to piss so bad was adding to the hardness. It reminded me of waking up as an adolescent with a raging boner that needed both a piss and to shoot a load.

Violet was bent over pulling her ass cheeks apart. I fumbled around trying to penetrate her dry asshole with no luck. She handed me a liquid soap squirt-er and said “ lather that thing up and cram it in me before I go crazy.” I did as she asked and soon had the head inserted past her sphincter muscle. The sensation of her clamping down on my dick was exquisite as I slid it slowly into the depths of her bowels. At first her muscle contractions were erratic and fiercely strong. She was soon synchronizing the contractions to relax with my inward thrusts. I lasted less than ten minutes before I exploded and pumped a load of cum into her. She was moaning and whining as each of my climactic spasms enlarged her rectum slightly.

I was a little weak in the knees and starting to loose my erection and was finally able to relax enough to start urinating. It felt strange to have my cock fully inserted into her tight anal canal when the urine began to flow slowly then gush. Violet let out a loud grunt and said “ oh my god that feels wonderful. Your pee is so hot it almost burns. I have been having a continuous orgasm since you started.” her voice was getting louder and more intense as she spoke. “ and now my climax has increased to the point I feel I can't hold back.” as she began shaking with pleasure her bladder let go and a stream of urine began blasting out of her. I held her around the waist to help steady her trembling body and as I shifted position my cock pulled free. Another stream of polluted urine gushed from her bowels down the front of my legs.

I quickly turned on the shower to clear all the contaminated fluids and helped soap her down. Violet was woozy and having a hard time standing up. After washing us both down I dried her quickly and led her upstairs and into my bedroom. As she laid down she was out within seconds in an almost comatose sleep. In a moment of depravity I positioned her limp nude body so her legs and ass were hanging off the side of the bed. I lifted her legs up and spread them. Her slender body had its effect on me as I was hard again and wanted to feel myself inside her pussy. I was afraid I might not ever get the chance again. As I slid it into her she moaned with pleasure but continued her deep sleep. The sensation was unbelievable after not having sex for ten years to now having violated this young woman’s every orifice. I took long slow sensuous strokes for a full fifteen minutes. Violet seemed to have another orgasm but did not wake. I new I would not be able to climax again but just enjoyed the long slow fucking session and being able to touch and caress every inch of her sensuous body.

Fortunately Violet left shortly after she woke. I was having thoughts of trying to get into her pussy again before she did but instead asked her to keep the pheromone compound secret. She was a little bewildered by what had happened a few hours before and assured me she enjoyed it thoroughly but could not explain her wonton actions. We both agreed to think over what happened and meet again to discuss it. I was fairly convinced I had hit upon a true pheromone enhancement compound and was thinking of ways to test it with other subjects. My new found sex drive was giving me ideas that weren’t ethical but felt quite enticing.

I couldn't expose it to the company's attention. Even though they would be better equipped to set up testing and marketing. If I did I would loose all control of it's development and use. The final product would be potentially limitless for profit. Any deviant ideas I might have for using it would be minor to the things big business would stoop to in the quest for profit..

I called in to the Dick heads office and requested a few days off, using the excuse if I was out of sight for a while things might blow over quicker. He readily agreed since he was probably thinking of being able to build a stronger case for getting rid of me without my being present.

After extracting and mixing additional formula I filled small glass tubes with what I calculated would be a mild dose and sealed them. I didn't want to cause a wild fuck fest in the local mall but did want to be able to dose all females in a medium sized room. The one person that kept popping back into my mind as the compounds potential crossed it was my wife’s knock out gorgeous niece Lidia.

She is the only woman that has ever truly tormented me mentally in my entire life. Lidia is a small petite brunet with large breasts, small waist and the most shapely ass I have ever seen. She knows what her looks does to both men and women. She teases and torments anyone near her and verbally degrades most anyone who might approach to seduce her. She has used and discarded ever person she has had a relationship with and revels in her conquests.

I had never thought of trying to seduce her until now. My mind is almost reeling with the thought of subjecting her to the pheromone influence and being able to use her in any way I want. I'm a bit disappointed in my self as I see weaknesses I never thought I had.

At the same time I’m contemplating what revenge I might exact on my old pal Dick head. I have formulated a loose plan to use the compound to humiliate and discredit him. My retirement is sounding like a good idea but I will hold out for a golden hand shake also. If things go my way I should get a full retirement and a large bonus without letting the company get their hands on my latest pheromone formula.

My head is to filled with thoughts of Lidia right now to deal with Dick head or my pending retirement. After thinking about it I have gone through my wife’s things looking for a matching diamond bracelet and earring set that she once said she would probably leave to Lidia. It had slipped my mind until now and provides a perfect opportunity to reconnect and get her to stop by the house.

After locating the jewelry I called. She was surprised to hear from me and was delighted when I told her I had been going through her aunt's things and remembered that Lilly had intended to bequeath them to her. The value of the jewels was probably close to ten thousand dollars and Lidia would know that as she and Lilly were close. Since Lidia was Lilly's sisters only child she had always overlooked her personal short comings. I had voiced my negative feelings about the way she treated others once and Lilly lashed out at me so I had never brought up the subject of her niece again.

Lidia called a day later and wanted to stop by that evening. I had figured her avarice would not let her stay away long. During the small talk after arriving she snidely mentioned knowing she was to receive these pieces of Lilly's jewelry and had figured after the funeral I had decided to keep it all. I assured her I had just forgotten all about it after Lilly's death (which was the truth) and had left her belongings untouched and as they were, adding she was welcome to look through the house to see if there was anything else of her aunts she would like to have.. I went on to say it looked like I might be forced to retire soon and had just started clearing out the excess things we had accumulated when I ran across the old jewelery and remembered her wish.

I offered her a glass of the white wine (Pouilly-Fuisse) she and Lilly both loved and when I went to fetch it I opened a pheromone vial and placed the two sing drops of liquid inside on a napkin that I brought back with the wine. I placed her glass and the napkin on the table in front of her. She retrieved both and sipped the wine saying it was excellent and she had missed having it since Lilly had passed away. I could see what I thought was the first effects starting on her. She drank the entire glass and breathed in deeply of its fragrance saying it was a very exceptional vintage.

I poured her another glass and asked if she would like to wander through the house and look around. She picked up her glass and dabbed her lip with the napkin, saying “that sounds like fun. Will you come with me and show me your stuff.” She gave me a sexual leer and said as she stared at my crotch “ since aunt Lilly told me about your stuff I have always wanted to see it.”

I said nothing and started toward the back of the house with her following. I noticed she kept dabbing at her lip with the napkin and breathing deeply. I walked straight to the large upstairs master bedroom and opened the walk-in closet for her to look around.

She stopped near the bed to drain the glass of wine and said “ I always loved it when aunt Lilly called this wine fuzzy pussy. Speaking of fuzzy pussy” she reached up under her skirt with both hands slid her panties down and off. Then turning toward me she jumped up to sit on the edge of the tall bed. Laying back she pulled her skirt above her waist saying “ I don't know why but I feel really horny. I guess it's seeing this bed again. I bet you didn't know I seduced your wife and made love to her on this very spot hundreds of times.”

Lidia spread her legs leaving me an unobstructed view of her lovely shaved pubic mound then continued “ She would sit here after we made love and sometimes cry. She was always ashamed after and said she would never do it again. But all I had to do was drop my panties and she was on her knees sucking and licking me to orgasm. My god aunt Lilly really knew how to eat pussy. I would fuck her with her big strap-on dildo after until she could hardly walk. She would have five or six screaming orgasms every time. That’s when she told me about your cock being so long.”

I stood there not believing what I was hearing. My wife never gave me the slightest hint she might be bi-sexual or that she was ever unfaithful. We had a full sex life doing all the position’s and giving each other oral orgasms but this just couldn't be true. I said “I don't believe you Lidia. If Lilly was into that sort of thing I would have known and she never had any strap-on dildo.” Lidia got up and went bouncing into the large closet. She opened a bottom sliding drawer and from a large box in the back, extracted the most vicious looking sex object I could imagine. It was a good twelve inches long and more than two inches across with large knobs and bumps the entire length. The thought of my small petite wife enjoying having her pussy violated with that brute was ridiculous but at the same time very much a turn on. I noticed the box she had pulled it from was full exotic looking devices that at that moment I could not fathom the uses for.

She reached into another drawer and pulled another strap-on from it. When she did I immediately recognized a replica of my own cock. Remembering back I could visualize the day years ago Lilly had gotten me erect by masturbating and sucking me to near orgasm. She worked on me until I was about to burst but would not give me relief. When she had me harder than I had ever been in my life she produced a container of silicon molding material that she mixed quickly and encased my rigid cock in making a mold. I never saw the finished product as she said later it had not turned out. Lidia smiled her wicked smile and said “ your prude of a wife loved me to fuck her in the ass with this one. She wanted you to use the real one on her ass but was always ashamed to ask. She thought you would loose respect for her if she were to show you her true sexual desires. She never would use it on me as she said it would be like letting me be fucked by you and I could never take the big one even though I tried a couple of times.

I sat on the bed holding the two strap on dildos my wife filled herself with thinking of how I never really knew her. Lidia was becoming a little erratic as she sat in the floor of the closet fondling numerous phallic objects. She had removed her clothing and was sitting on a low dressing stool with her legs spread wide, running a bumpy dildo up and down her open slit. The bumps contacting her clitoris were making her tense up with waves of pleasure. I looked on with growing lust and the thoughts this woman may have known my wife more intimately than I ever did.

My bed is set higher than most and I had always loved to stand and screw my wife as she laid with her ass hanging off the edge and her legs lifted and spread wide or resting on my shoulders.. My thoughts now were of taking my niece in much the same manner. I stood and pulled off my clothes. Lidia was to preoccupied to pay me any attention. I took the replica and compared it with my own. Then compared the huge one. I slid the straps of the huge beast around me and after a little adjusting had it positioned and strapped above my cock. I walked over to the closet looking idiotic with two erect cocks sticking out and taking Lidia by the hand led her back to the bed. As she jumped up and laid back she realized what I was about to do. She at first wanted to run but her need for sex soon took over and she was whining in anticipation. I spread her legs wide and rested them on the tall bed posts then started by sliding my long slender cock into her well lubricated pussy in one long slow thrust. She made a small “oomph” sound as it bottomed out and touched her cervix. The sensation was exquisite as her tight hot pussy enveloped me. The feel of being inside her and the sight of the beast laying on her belly was more than erotic As I got our juices flowing I extracted myself and started the huge beast into her vagina. Her body was shaking from the pain of expansion as I stretched her vaginal canal. I had about four inches of the beast inserted when the head of my cock made contact with her cute little puckered asshole. Her eyes flew open and she let out a long low “Nooooooo” as I penetrated and started filling both her pussy and anal canal.

I could tell she was under the influence of the pheromone compound but was not as wonton and in need as Violet had been. She felt the need of complying with my sexual demands but was not totally into having her vagina stretched and asshole reamed at the same time. Violet would have not only let me do this she would have encouraged me. The compound must have varying degrees of effectiveness on different women. It doesn't seem to have anything to do with what a persons moral or ethic standards are as Violet is much more straight arrow than Lidia.

I have managed to imbed almost a foot of the dildo into her and with her legs up and pushed back a little I have my entire cock buried in her anus. Her insides are super hot and very tight. Her vaginal and anal muscles don't seem to be able to contract anymore as I start stroking my dick and the dildo in and out. She is making one long whining sound that peaks for a moment as both bump into something at the end of each stroke. Her small clitoris is pushed up and standing tall as there is now no room for it and she shudders as I tweak it lightly.

The orgasm of a life time is about to take her. Her moaning and whining has become one long set of shrill screams with each thrust. She is shaking as if submerged in ice water but sweat is pouring off her as she bucks with each wave of pleasure. I can hold back no longer and begin pumping semen into her bowels and making my own animal noises. As I finish I start to collapse and she slips off the bed still attached to me. We wind up on the floor with her still completely filled and sitting on top of me. It seems like an hour later that we finally manage to get up. My dick has gone flaccid and eased out of her rectum. I unfastened the strap-on and she managed to climb up onto the bed with it still inserted about three quarters of the way. As I slowly pull it free she looks as if she will faint from the relief.

Lidia smiles up at me and pulls me close to kiss her for the first time in my life. Her sensuous tongue probes my mouth and as we break she asks me to lay with her for a while. I love the feel of her smooth skin as I explore her body with my hand. She wants to talk and says “no one has ever made love to me like that. I used to fantasize about screwing you when Lilly and I were together but I think it was just exciting to think of doing you both and humiliating you both later with the guilt. I have been waiting all my life to orgasm to the point of fainting. I hope this is the first of many times with you. I did truly love aunt Lilly and I feel like I’m falling in love with you.” Lidia stayed with me for the next three days. We made love several times each day and I never exposed her to the pheromone again during that time. The sex was great and I think I really do care for her. If she is interested in continuing the affair I may use it again but only with her having a knowledge of it's effect. It does seem to remove inhibitions and give an extra edge in reaching new levels of intensity when in a pheromone induced frenzy..

My first week back at work was filled with many people smiling knowingly as they pass me in the corridors. A couple of women have winked. There is the occasional wolf whistle after I walk by a group but things are slowly going back to normal. Violet sent a text message saying Dick head had called her in for the talk and left her an obvious opening to get involved with him. She said she sidestepped his offer for the present and many co-workers have asked her pointed and personal questions about us. She also wants to know when we can get together again to compare notes and maybe use it again..

Dick head called me in and surprised me by asking about the new pheromone formula I had been working on. When I denied knowledge of what he was talking about he said “ you know, the one you used to get Violet in the sack.” I held up my hands and shrugged indicating I had no idea what he was talking about. He became angry and accused me of holding out. I later realized my office files and computer had been gone through. When I talked to Violet she admitted she might have told a person or two about the pheromones. I couldn't blame her as she was trying to justify her actions the day we were caught with my dick in her mouth. She also said Dick head had approached her again and asked what she knew about my new pheromone formula. She said she told him nothing but was worried at the veiled threats he was making.

I have since turned in a request for retirement. Each morning my files and computer show signs someone has been going through them. Dick has made more demands but none through official channels. He should have requested a review with the board if his interests were with the company. The fact that he is keeping it on a personal level tells me he wants my results for his own use or profit.

It's been two months since the incident started and I have eight days left before I retire. I have a plan to exact a little payback with my old friend Dick (head) Wilson. He maintains a staff of five subordinates. Oddly they are all attractive to semi attractive women that he has slept with or is presently sleeping with. He has used his position to extort sexual favors from a good many of the women in our section of the company.

Dick has a staff meeting in a small conference room down the hall from my office every
Wednesday morning. I had noted some time back the storage room adjacent to his conference room contained an exposed heating & air conditioning duct supplying only the conference room. A couple of days ago I entered the closet with a battery powered drill and opened a small hole on the back side. I then sealed it with a piece of duct tape I could later pull aside.

Dick's meeting has been going on about ten minutes and usually lasts more than an hour. The conference room has no outside windows but does have a closed circuit surveillance system that is monitored and recorded when the lights are on from the security office. I have unsealed a vial of the pheromone compound containing a triple dose and emptied it into the air duct.

After waiting five minutes I left the closet stopping in the corridor to listen. There was quite a ruckus going behind the door as I passed. I continued on to my office and purposely left my door propped open into the hallway. I had assumed security would have responded within a few minutes but it was twenty minutes later that three security officers strolled by my door. The security chief was with them and stopped to stick his head into my office asking “ hey Doc I have a problem that concerns Dick Wilson and I know you two are senior around here. I would like to run this by you and get your opinion before I do anything that might blow up in my face.” I said “sure chief. Anything I can do to help.”

He went on to say “ Dick is in his conference room with five young women and he must have forgotten we monitor that room. They are all naked with him on the table and the women taking turns sitting on his ... ugh well ugh ... his dick and face. A couple of the women are having a wild “69” on the other end of the table. My officer called me as soon as this started and I'm not sure what to do. I was not going to break it up but it looks like Dick is in trouble. I think the excitement might have been to much for him.”

I told the chief he was right. Dick had had some minor heart problems a few years back and it would be best to call the medical unit and get and EMS team in there. I told him to wait outside until the medical people got there and keep what was going on quiet. As they left I scurried to the security offices where no one was around. I located the monitor for Dick's conference room and removed the recording disk. I was back in my office as I heard them enter the conference room. I closed my door and called Violet to tell her I didn't think the Dick head would be bothering her or anyone else for quite some time.

My retirement was quiet with no fanfare. The board has given me a golden handshake and signed me on as a consultant with a great benefit package. Dick is on medical leave and I was assured he would not be returning. He suffered a minor heart attack and a debilitating stroke. The board had tried to get me to take his job but I refused stating I didn't think I could take the pressure any better than the head Dick did. That got a laugh from everyone. The security chief had stopped by to say the disk with Dick's debacle had been misplaced. I told him not to worry that I was sure it had been destroyed. He smiled and thanked me saying “ good. I didn't want to have to deal with it anyway.”

I'm not going to be selling or marketing the pheromone. So far I have seen the negative things I have done with it and consider myself to be a good and fairly moral person. I could imagine what the pharmaceutical companies or big conglomerates would use it for if they had free reign. I have destroyed all records of producing it and have committed it to memory. I have saved and hidden enough for that fuck fest in the mall or what ever else might become necessary down the road. Both Violet and Lidia have kept in touch and ask to stop over often. Violet still wants very much to try the compound again and I have relented and told her I have a porno disk to watch that should amuse her as we fool around. Lidia just plain old wants to fuck. It seems I have had a bit of a positive influence on her. Life is good as I think of getting all three of us together and using the pheromone. Wonder if I will wind up like Dick head.

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Enjoyable reading,continue as to the mall aspect . Violet and Lidia
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