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I've been taunted by this young prick but he finally gets what's coming to him
Knowledge is power. And with enough power, you can do what ever you want and no one can do a damn thing about it.

Just like a certain young man I know. He lives in the apartment next to mine. He lives there with a couple other guys that

attends the same college he does. They've seen me have "company" over from time to time so they know what life style I live

by. There's nothing wrong with being gay, but there is something wrong with college idiots that think it's funny to jeer

and make crude comments to me or my guests when they're coming and going. But I was patient.I told myself that one day he

would get his. What goes around will always come around.

My day came one a Saturday night. I heard and felt a boom next door. My heart skipped a beat and was racing while I

tried to think what it could have been. I got up and slowly opened the front door to my apartment. No one was in the

hallway, so I stepped out and went over to Brad, the snotty homophobe's, apartment. His door was wide open and the only

light that was on came from the kitchen. I walked in and surveyed the dump. The dining room table was tipped over with Brad

laying on the floor next to it. He looked like he was out. Next to him was a bottle of whiskey and broken glass. His

buddies were also passed out in the living room. And then, the moment I've been waiting for. On the coffee table looked to

be a couple small bags of weed and on the floor next to Brad was a small bag of pills. I went over to Brad and took a

closer look. The white pills looked like it had a blue colored dolphin on it. If I remember, this must be XTC. I chuckled

as I pulled out my cell phone and snapped a few pics, making sure Brad, his buddies, and the drugs were in frame.

On the way out I grabbed a few pills and one of the little baggies of weed. Rewarding myself for being so patient.

A few days passed when I saw Brad again. He and his friends were standing outside, leaning on his car and chatting when I

walked passed them. And as I went by, I heard Brad mutter, "Fag." I smiled to myself as I continued to my apartment. Later

that night I printed out the pics of the evidence from his apartment. I included a paper with instructions on it, sealed

it, and passed it under his door. I waited and waited with my heart pounding, wondering when he or his roommates would

stumble upon it. About 2 hours later, I recieved a text. He now has the photos and now has read my instructions. The text

he sent read, "Ok." With a big sigh of relief I went to bed, giddy with what was about to come.

The next day, I did my usual routine. I went to work, hit the gym, but instead of heading home I had to make a

detour for a little while. I stopped at Adam and Eve's, you know the sex toy store, and picked up some things. I texted

Brad to see if he was ready and he replied with a yes. This was it, my revenge. He knew if he didn't follow the

instructions I'd put with the photos, he'd be in a lot of trouble with the local law enforcement. As I walked to my

apartment, I felt like I was walking on cloud 9.

Fun was about to begin. I walked through my apartment to my bedroom. There he was, laying in my bed under the

covers facing away from me. I dropped the bag from the sex toy store by the bed and I smiled as I walked into my bathroom

to shower. Thinking about what was about to happen gave me the hardest erection I've ever had. I dried myself off and

walked over to the doorway. Brad was still laying where he was when I first came in. I could hear him sniffle. Poor bastard

is crying. Well a manly man like him should be crying since he knows what's about to happen. I made sure to describe what

our night would be like in excellent detail. STill naked, I went to the bad and pulled back the blanket and really did

follow my every little instructions. He mostly naked except for a red thong. I'd left it on the bed for him to put on. I

slid into bed and pulled the covers over me. Propped up on my right arm, I gently slid my left hand from his shoulder down

to his hips as he shivered at my touch. I stopped when I felt the thong and followed it down his lower back. For some

reason I could feel him clench his jaw as I middle finger slid down his ass crack. I then detoured and grabbed his sweet

ass knowing it was now mine. I cuddled up next to him, making our bodies had full contact. I ran my ran over his waist and

up his torso. I kissed his neck and he tensed up. I took a little peak over to see his face and his eyes were closed as

tight as they could. I kissed him behind his ear and whispered, "'s ok baby. Daddy's going to take good care of

you." while my hand slid down his body again. This time instead of going down his ass crack, I pulled the thin garnment out

and to the side.

"Help Daddy out and hold this," I whisper and he complied. I reached over to the night stand and got out the lube.

I prepped my cock and with a generous amount I slid it between his ass. Feeling his rosebud got me so hot. But I wanted to

savor it. I felt him try to resist, but it's no use. With the lube doing it's job, I entered him and felt his anus walls

tighten up. Smiling I whispered, "It's ok baby, Daddy's going to treat you real nice. If you keep doing that, it might not

feel to comfy when I stick my cock in your pussy." his body tensed again. My finger danced in his ass, slowly fucking his

hole. I could feel him grip the sheets with his free hand. I felt he had enough. I got a hold of my cock and guided it to

his virgin hole. My tip made contact with him and he slightly jumped knowing what was going to happen. With all that lube,

my cock glided right between his cheeks and into him. I heard him breathe out, trying to relax.

"That's it honey. Let Daddy in. I'll make you feel all better," I gentle said. I could hear him quietly sob as I

was starting to violate him. I let go of my cock and pushed deeper in him, holding his chest for a little leverage. I was

finally all the way in him. I felt my hips and thighs against his backside. I slowly pulled out a couple inches and then

back into him as I kissed his back. His tight ass felt so good. Even though he was trying to relax, his instinct to try to

shut out the violation came naturally making it very tight. Quietly moaning, I slowly fucked him. feeling every inch of my

bare cock sliding in and out of his man pussy. I whispered, "Mmmmmm you feel so good. Your pussy feels so good baby." and I

started to pinch and twist his nipples. I moved up and sucked on his ears while my hands traveled south and met his hard


"Oh! You like this don't you!" I laughed. Though gritted teeth he said, "Fuck you." And with that, I let go of his

cock and swatted his ass saying, "That's a very very bad thing to say young man." Getting a handful of his ass, I pulled my

cock out and then rammed back in him. He grunted and I spanked him again. A feeling of dominance was washing over me. As I

grabbed his ass I started to really give it to him. With eash deep thrust I heard his grunts.Short and quick breaths were

escaping his lips and each one invigorated me. I pushed him onto his stomach and savagely fucked him like an animal in

heat. I grabbed the red thong and ripped it off of him. Both hands on his waist. I rammed my hard cock in his ass over and

over again yelling, "Yea! Take it bitch! Take Daddy's cock!" His grunts were getting loud, a little too loud. I pulled and

said, "I'm not done yet." I got into the bag I left and pulled out the ball gag. I shoved it in his mouth and strapped it

on. As I went into the bag again I commanded, "Get on your hands and knees slut. I'll show you to back talk me." He did so

while I slid my new cock sleeve on. It was going to make my cock feel thicker and it studded.

I mounted Brad the homophobe again and felt the difference. As I entered his ass, a muffled and agonizing moan came

from him. He felt the difference. He felt his ass get filled up. I knew this was going to be a punishment for him. Since it

was a little thick, I couldn't feel as much so I was going to be able to go for a lot longer. I tore his ass up. As I

ravaged him, I couldn't tell if he was sobbing or starting to enjoy his ass pounding. It was just one continuous muffled

sound as I thrusted in and out of his hole. He must hav been getting tired because he went from being on his hands to down

to his elbows. To be honest, I didn't like the fact that I couldnt feel him around my cock. It was like fucking with a

condom but worse. I pulled out once more and made him lay on his back. His tear streaked face of hopelessness made my heart

flutter. I thought, "Now who's the fag?" I parted his legs and slid my cock in his anus again. But this time there was no

resistance. I'd fucked him real good. Too good. It was all loose now. So I unstrapped his gag and tossed it to the side. I

told him to kiss me. He grimaced and gave me a peck on the lips. I chuckled, "That's a kiss you give to your mommy. Now,

kiss Daddy like you mean it." He raised his head up again and we locked lips. It wasn't a real kiss, so I helped him. I

grabbed the back of his head and really laid into him. Shoving my tongue between his lips and now molested his tongue. The

more he tried to move his tongue away the more excited I got. I pulled away and laughed. With a hand full of his hair, I

positioned myself to where he was know staring at my crotch.

"Open your mouth and stick your tongue out," I ordered him. He did so and looked like he was going to cry. I told

him to suck my cock like all the little skanks suck his. And if he didn't do a good job, I'd fuck his face like I fucked

his tight ass. He took me in his mouth and really wasn't doing a good job. It felt like all he did was wrap his lips around

my cock and was moving back and forth. He wasn't even using his tongue or any suction. Terrible. So I viotlated his mouth

like I did with his ass hole. I fuck his face. He continualy gagged but I was nice. I'd let him recover and did it again

and again. I gave him another chance. This time he did really nice. Really sucking my cock. I could feel his lips around me

as his tongue pushed up. His head movement really helped with it. Must have thought about how those slutty girls he's had

over does it and emulated them. I was getting close. I slowly and gentle rocked my hips with the rhythm of his mouth.

Finally I couldn't hold it in any more. I exploded in his mouth and he nearly choked. as he gagged and tried to spit it out

I stroked my cock fiercely and made sure every drop was on his disgraced face. Tired and spent I rolled onto my back. Brad

got up and got dressed. As he walked out I said, "Thanks Brad." He just nodded his head. I assured him that I would destroy

any evidence and that this would be our little secret. My front door shut with finality so I got up and walked over to my

dresser located in the corner. I picked up my camcorder and ripped off the tape that concealed the blinking red dot. I hit

rewind and with the glow of green illumination of the night vision mode, I saw my handy work with all it's glory. The sound

wasn't bad. I could just barely hear my whispers to him. I put the camera up and went to bed.


2015-06-26 16:50:31
That was great reading

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2014-12-08 22:10:25
he got him goood

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2014-02-26 16:22:15
Take his roommates next. They will learn to be GOOD DEMOCRATES

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So hot... somthing about a straight guy getting fucked is so hot.

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