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So, thsi is a story I did for a good friend of mine, the two characters in it are him and I, I being Yarek. This may be a bti different from a lto of the stories here btu hope it is well recieved or at least not hated. you usual warning label for this, sexual content so be of legal age where ever yo ureside to read this. once again please forgive the grammar, I used to be far better at it before the damage to the nerves, anyways enjoy this story hopefully
The warrior crouched in the brush, watching, listening intently, and his ears twitching lightly. "Shushhhshu" he turns his head quickly in the direction the sound came from, tensing up as he prepared himself. After a couple of minutes he heard the sound again only closer, shifting a little he waited, hearing it get even closer. Suddenly a flash of something passed in the brush ahead and he pounced, hitting something big and hard> "Gotcha" he cried out as he tackled the large tiger that had appeared, the massive cat growling and laughing as it rolled, attempting to dislodge the smaller feline on it's back. "Oh no, what ever shall I do" he jumps around, the small tiger warrior clinging tight to his fur, grinning "You have to do better than that Kai", "Better hold on tight then Yarek" The big tiger takes a huge leap, landing hard, jarring up through his body to the rider on his back, grinning as he suddenly spins, running a couple of fast tight circles.

"Ungh" Yarek groans a little, closing his eyes so he won't get sick and dizzy, gripping tight still. He uses his toes to grip as well as Kai rolls along the ground, leaping some more. Kai pants heavily as he takes a brief rest, figuring out his next move. Yarek keeps holding on tight, too wary to relax his grip for even one second. After a moment Kai tenses up and takes a huge leap, landing in a barrel roll along the ground then rising into a tight running circle, rolling on the ground again after that then jumping in small sharp hops around. Finally he tenses his legs, crouching down before taking a huge leap up and suddenly flipping backwards, an amazing feat for the large feline. Kai panted heavily as he looked back, not seeing the warrior anymore on his back. "Ha, that got you", "Think again my friend" Kai looks around trying to find where the voice is at, suddenly looking down between his legs. "You sneaky rat you, how did you manage that"

Yarek smiles at his big friend, clinging to his belly "Wasn't easy, you nearly had me with that flip, good one Kai" Slowly he lets go, dropping to the ground and rolling out from under the bigger cat, getting to his feet and adjusting his belt and loincloth. Suddenly he's hit from behind, landing with a soft oof on the ground as he's tackled. "Hey now" he growls up at the large tiger "Haha, my turn now Yarek, now I have you" Kai grins, his tail swishing as he holds the small tiger, lowering his head to give the young warrior cat a big slurp to his face, chuckling. "Ick, that's gross" Yarek sputtered in mock disgust, the smile on his face betraying his feelings. "Alright, so now we're even so can you please get off of me you big lummox?" he grins and pushes at his friend, the larger feral cat slowly getting up. "You did pretty good today Yarek, wasn't long ago you fell off after a just a few minutes" "Yeah well been practicing"

Yarek reached out to scritch his companions head, smiling as the larger cat murred and closed his eyes. "So my friend, what should we do with the rest of our day, I don't know about you but I'm starving" Kai growled softly in contentment before nodding, his stomach suddenly rumbling loudly "Mmm, yeah, that was a good workout, I'm famished" he grinned at Yarek and motioned for him to climb on his back "Let's find us some grub" they headed south, further into the jungle, silently slipping through the trees as they searched for some game. Yarek lay low against Kai's body, sweeping the surrounding foliage for any signs of life, hoping to spot at least a deer or two. Suddenly something rustles up ahead, Kai stopping and crouching low, gazing steadily in the direction the noise came from. "Hmm, what ya think it is?" Yarek whispers, peering ahead to try and catch a glimpse. "Hmmmm, not quite sure, not enough scent"

"Well, let's see if we can get a little closer shall we?" Slowly Kai creeps forward, slinking his way towards the source of the rustling, sniffing to catch any sign of what they are stalking. Finally they come to a small opening in the trees, peering between the leaves of a bush. As they look around the clearing their eyes fall upon a young doe, feasting on some leaves of a small fruit tree, he back turned to the duo. "Mmmm, excellent now is she alone?" Kai takes a good whiff of the air, questing with his expert nose. "I think so, I don't smell any others. She looks almost done, we'd better take her now before she runs off" "Yeah, alright then" Yarek slips off "You go that way and when I signal you spring out and chase her towards me over there" Yarek points to the opposite side, setting off to get into position. Shortly after a bird call splits the silence and Kai crashes into the clearing, frightening the dear and causing her to bolt in the opposite direction.

Yarek tenses, holding the short spear in hand; he stretched his arm back as he readies to throw it. He waits patiently, watching as the doe quickly comes closer. Finally, once she is within a few feet of him he lets fly, the spear sailing out and right into her breast, causing her to fall. As he stood Kai came upon them, the deer laying still as Yarek knelt to yank the spear out, touching the deer and uttering a short thanks to the spirits. Despite his small stature the young warrior manages to heft the deer up onto Kai's back, lashing it on so it will ride secure. Giving his friend a pat on the shoulder they head back to the village. "Mmm, not a bad hunt then, this should tide us over for a couple of days at least" "Yeah, we've been lucky that game hasn't been too scarce this season, I hear some of the northern tribes have had to migrate to find food" "Yeah, the elders were talking about that" Yarek frowned, his brow furrowed as he contemplated something.

"What's wrong Yarek?" Kai glances over at his friend with concern "Hmm? Oh, nothing Kai, it's alright, was just thinking is all" "Okay then, if you're sure" they made the rest of their way back to the village in silence. They slipped quietly to their hut, not wanting to have anybody stop them to talk, their stomachs both rumbling angrily now. Yarek unties the deer, laying it out on the table and cleaning it up, getting it ready to cook some and cure the rest for later. He hums softly as he works, Kai watching, smiling at his companion........ *couple hours later* "Mmm, that's better" Yarek gave a soft belch as he lay against his friend, his head resting on the large cats side. He gazes at the glowing coals from the cook fire, his eyes half closed as one hand idly rubs Kai's fur. "Yeah, it certainly is, we did well today Yarek" "Yeah, lucky there hadn't been a buck around though, mmmmm" Yarek turns, snuggling up to his companion, stroking his head slowly.

He smiles as he nuzzles his face to Kai's cheek, his tail swishing lightly as Kai turned his head a bit, smiling and murring. "Mmmm, that feels nice Yarek, don't stop" grinning Yarek strokes more, scritching a little through the tigers fur. He sighed as he did, enjoying the soft feel of it on his hands. "Oh Yarek, that feels really good" Kai moaned a little as his friend scratched his body slowly, murring and closing his eyes, relaxing and rolling over onto his side, exposing his belly. Yarek slowly moved along Kai's chest, scritching and rubbing as he made his way down, rubbing the large cats full belly. "Ooohhhhhhhh" Kai's tail swishes behind him as he sighs and wiggles a little, cooing like a cub. Yarek grins again as his hands work lower on his friend's body. As he turns to rub lower he catches sight of Kai's sheath, the pink tip of his cock poking out. Blushing,

Yarek looks at it, feeling his own stir, making him blush more.

This is his hunting partner, his friend; he shouldn't be feeling this kind of feelings for him should he? Then again, why not, they spend all their time together, they know each other better than anyone and they would die for one another. How could he not feel this way, why shouldn't he love his friend? Cautiously he moves closer, not wanting Kai to move away, slowly reaching a hand closer to the ample sheath and sac of his friend, keeping them just above as he takes a deep breath, looking to see that Kai is sleeping before finally moving, his paw touching the soft pouch holding his friends member. Kai stirs, lifting his head as he opens his eyes to look down at Yarek, seeing his hand on his sheath. Unsure what to do he watches as his friend slowly rubs him, unaware that Kai is awake. His mind reels, thoughts racing around inside. Should he stop him, this isn't right is it? This is his friend, not some she cat in heat; he should stop Yarek before it goes too far.

Still he hesitates, caught between emotions. He'd heard of others doing something like this, occasionally two males unable to find a female helping each other out with their need but this was different. Yarek's touch felt like more than just a helping hand, it had the feel of love with it. As he kept thinking about what to do his body was slowly making the decision for him. His cock was growing under his friends touch, stirring within its soft shelter. Well, why not then, after all they were friends and what ever happens they could talk about it later so he slowly lays back, closing his eyes and letting Yarek have his way. Yarek hadn't noticed his friend watching at all as he kept rubbing, not brave enough yet to do anything else. He felt the member within stirring and growing, the tip moving out further. Finally he steels himself and reaches to touch it, his finger feeling the soft warm black flesh, the tiny barbs along the shaft, noting it's similar to his but bigger.

Blushing still he gently wraps his fingers around it as he would his own, stroking a little. Slowly his other paw reaches down to grasp the large orbs just below the sheath, giving them a soft squeeze as he grows bolder. His own member grows and slides from its sheath, throbbing with need as he strokes and rubs his friend. He looks up again to see if Kai has woken up or not, ready to make up an excuse if he had. Seeing the big cat's eyes still closed he turns back, slowly lowering his face to his companions member, sticking out his tongue to give it a quick lick, pulling back and watching to make sure Kai hadn't woke up. When he was satisfied his friend still slept he started to lick again, murring as he lapped up the salty pre leaking from the tip. Kai grins, feeling Yarek's tongue on his cock. Tingles of pleasure surge up through his body. He hadn't felt this good in a long time. He carefully shifted so Yarek wouldn't notice, giving the smaller cat better access.

Yarek slowly lapped all over the thick shaft, his face soaked with pre as he stroked his tongues along the barbed cock, enjoying the taste and feel. After a bit he makes his way back up. Giving the head a kiss he opens his mouth to take it in, sucking gently on the sweet flesh. He closes his eyes, moving his mouth further down to about halfway, swallowing the pre as it flows across his tongue. He doesn't notice Kai finally moving, watching his friend suck his thick cock with delight. After a moment Kai decides to speak, placing a paw on Yarek's head as he does "Mmmmm, that feels very nice Yarek" Yarek's eyes widen with horror, his cheeks burning red, trying to move off his friends cock to explain. "Aww, don't fret hun, its' fine, I like it, don't feel bad" Kai strokes his friends head with his paw as he keeps him on his cock. "Don't stop now, you're doing real well" still blushing Yarek starts sucking again, feeling even more excited.

His tongue runs over Kai's cock as he takes in more, Kai moaning a little louder. "Ohhh, have you done this before Yarek, you're really good" He pants and writhes a little, his cock throbbing in his friend's mouth as he nears the edge. Kai grunts and bucks up a bit, shoving a little more of his cock into Yarek, the head now into his throat. Yarek gags a little, trying to relax as he sucks and swallows more pre, his other paw joining the other to massage the big cats cum filled balls. "Oohh Yarek, I'm gonna uhhhhh" Kai paws at the blankets as he gives short thrusts, pushing his cock in and out of his friends mouth as he holds him in place with one paw, growling softly. "Unnnnggghhhhhh" He pushes Yarek's head down all the way onto his cock as he cums, shooting his seed down the small cat's throat. "Ahhhhhhhh, drink it all" Yarek moans and writhes a bit as he's fed the tiger's cum, feeling it flow into his stomach. He tries to pull back, wanting to taste his friend's seed.

Kai lets up; allowing Yarek to slide back till just the head is in his mouth, still pumping cum steadily. Yarek murrs and lets it fill his mouth, playing with the salty bitter fluids, savoring the taste of it before he swallows it down, eagerly gulping down more. Kai purrs and sighs as his friend drains his sac, reaching to stroke Yarek's head lovingly as the flow stops, pulling back as one final spurt hits the warrior's face. "Oh Yarek, that was so wonderful, thank you" "Mmmm, you're welcome Kai" Yarek licks his lips, giving the spent cock a gentle squeeze. "Now I think it's only fair that you do something for me" "Oh, like what?" "Mmmm, well you see all this fun has me feeling pretty excited" he grins and shifts so Kai can see his member, the smaller felines cock pulsing and dripping pre. "Oh, that well I suppose I should do something to return the favor" Kai moved so he was on his belly now, opening his maw some

"Oh no, not there, as much as I would love to see how good you are I have another idea in mind" "What do you mean Yarek? You can't seriously be thinking, that, that you want to?" "Mhmm, that is exactly what I want Kai, please? I helped you out" "Um, well, to be honest I um, I've never had anything in there before" "Really, you mean you never played with any of your littermates?" Kai blushes, his face turning a little pick under his fur "No, we never did anything like that" "Oh, well it's alright, I promise I will be gentle" Yarek stroked his friends back slowly, the feral tiger sighing a little and murring. "I would be deeply honored if you let me be your first" He smiles as he continues to rub Kai's back, murring "Oo-okay, I would like that very much" Kai's cheeks burn as he gazes upon his friend and now lover as well. Slowly Yarek moves behind Kai, stroking his tail before he gets on his hand and knees, bringing his face up to Kai's tail hole.

He breaths deep, inhaling his friends scent before beginning to lick slowly at the tight pucker in front of him, his tongue swirled all around the little bud. Kai's eyes widened in surprise, letting out a low soft moan as his friend licked his hole. "Wh what are you doing Yarek, it feels so, so good" Yarek kept it up, lapping hungrily, pressing his tongue in a little also. He wiggles it around inside, murring deeply as with a long wet slurp he pulls back, grasping his cock and stroking it. "Okay Kai, all ready for me now" he scoots forward, lining his cock up with Kai's tail hole, the head oozing pre onto it. "Here I come" he pushes forward slowly, the head starting to push in past the tight ring. "Oh yeah, for a big guy you are pretty tight Kai" "Well I did say I was a virgin, uhhhhhh, Yarek. Please, go slow okay, it's hurting a little" "Okay Kai, I will, it'll feel better soon" Yarek pushed in a little more, the head and a couple of inches inside.

After a moment he pushes in again, getting in a few more inches, Kai's hole squeezing around him. He moaned a little as he shoved in more, holding onto Kai's hips. "Almost there, not much more to go, you okay Kai?" "Mmmm, yeah, uhhh, just keep going ahh, like you are" "Yarek grins as he shoves the rest inside, sighing as he is hilted completely. He rests there a bit, enjoying the rhythmic squeezing of his friend's tail hole. Slowly he starts to pull back, grunting as his barbs drag just a little. Kai moans and murrs as the cock slides out of him, dragging along his inner walls. His own cock remains semi hard, spent but stimulated by his friend. Yarek pulls back till just the head is inside, stroking Kai's hips before quickly shoving back in.

He repeats this over and over, slowly picking up speed as his pre helps lube the tight tunnel. Growling lustfully he fucks his friend with relish, enjoying the feeling of his barbs dragging inside. His hands stroke over Kai's body, scratching and rubbing as his cock pistons in and out, his balls slapping against the big cats ass. They grunted and moaned their bodies hot and tingling all over. "I, I'm almost there Kai" "Yes Yarek, do it, cum in me Yarek, I want your seed in me, make me yours" Panting Kai pushes back to meet Yarek's thrusts, mewling and moaning louder. "Oh Kai, my beautiful Kai, I love you" "I, uhhh, I love you t too Yarek ahhh" Kai's hole squeezes hard around Yarek's cock, working it to bring him to climax.

Yarek cries out in pleasure as he thrusts fast and hard into Kai's ass, finally pushing in as deep as he can go as he starts to cum, shooting his seed into his friend. "Ahhhhh, Kai ", "Yarek, my sweet Yarek" they pant and moan, their minds lost in the glow. Finally they slowly drift down; Yarek lying across Kai's back as his cock slowly softens within. "My darling Kai, I should have done this sooner, I have always liked you, I just didn't let it come out like I should" "That's alright Yarek, I have loved you too, I just thought it was wrong but now I can see that it is right, that I can be with you" "Oh thank you Kai, thank you so much, I love you my big lummox" Tears flow down Yarek's face as he hugs his friend and now lover. "Oh Yarek, shh hun, it's okay, don't cry"

Yarek looks up into his lovers eyes "No, it's just I am so happy right now Kai" "Oh, okay hun well so am I" Kai moves his head forward to give Yarek a lick before pressing his larger lips to the smaller cat's. He pushes his tongue gently against them as Yarek presses back, both closing their eyes as they embrace, snuggling close there in front of the coals. The kiss a few more times, gazing into each other's eyes, slowly closing them as they begin to drift off, falling asleep in each other's arms. Both cats have a big smile on their face as they sleep, warm and safe together in their hut, the sounds of the other villagers not disturbing them. Occasionally one would stir a little, dreaming some wonderful dream as the coals slowly died in the pit next to them.

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2015-03-09 06:37:24
That was amazing!the details, and everything else! I hope you write more! And also remember that no matter what anyone else says, your stories are excellent!


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