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I am so sorry this took so long...
Nicole felt as if she were already dead, only a sex slave now, she wished for death, her death, but she knew God hated her too much to spare her any more pain. Robert still lied limp, unconscious and still naked within five feet of her.
"Come on bitch, suck me!" Keelan demanded, using his knees to pin her down as he jerked on his cock in her face. For once, she refused, she kept her mouth tightly closed because of what they've done to her. Keelan looked up and did a gentle nod to Antonio, that suddenly turned his knife-like wand into an electric lightning bolt, and gently placed it on Nicole's chest.
She was suddenly in major pain, it felt as if needles were puncturing every area of her body and electrocuting her, she screamed, and Keelan shoved his cock in her mouth. The pain suddenly stopped, but that still didn't change the fact that Keelan had grabbed ahold of her hair and fucked her mouth.
"Mmm...damn bitch..." he moaned as he thrusted deep down her throat, causing her to gag, tears swelling up in her eyes, "Even though you aren't doing shit, you still feel good."
A sudden thought popped in Nicole's head that might cause her and Keelan a lot of pain, she bit down on his cock as hard as she could, he yelled, flying off her as she tried to quickly get up and run away. Antonio ran after her as she bolted out the door, into the woods, a haunting memory. But this one didn't end with someone saving her, it ended with Antonio grabbing her roughly and dragging her back inside.
She fought and squealed as both of them had to tie her arms behind her back. Keelan yanked her by her breasts up to his face, he growled and breathed heavily, Nicole could see pure hatred and anger in his eyes.
"You..!" he growled, and punched her across the face, feeling some blood trickle out of her nose. He pushed her down on the ground hard, and she smacked the back of her head against the floor.
Dazed and disoriented, she saw blurry images of Keelan turning her to where her back was on his chest, and thrusted his cock in her ass, moving in and out fast and hard in a very painful rhythm. When the visions were clear, she then felt him grab her breasts, squeezing them roughly as he also smacked them.
"Come on Antonio, her pussy's wet you know!" Keelan called.
Antonio smiled evilly and slyly, slowly walking over to her, growing her anticipation and placed his dick up against her pussy, which pounded with her heartbeat.
"Please don't..." was all she croaked, but she knew they wouldn't listen, it just gave them power. Antonio shoved his entire dick inside her and doing and even harder and faster and more painful rhythm than Keelan.
"Oh damn..." Antonio groaned, "So good...Come on bitch! Take it! Take it all! Then suck me after that you horny slut!" they both sped up, when she'd even think about fighting back, a hand was found tightly grasping her neck.
Nicole began to hate herself, she absolutely hated herself for her body's orgasam after that, she absolutely hated herself for having every male be so lustful to her, she hated her life, her fate, she hated herself altogether. A tear slid down the side of her face as she felt Keelan climax and cum inside her ass, and another tear fell when Antonio began to cum in her vagina. Once they were both completely satisfied, they pulled her off, pouring more cum all over her body and forcing her to swallow the rest.
"I hope you bastards burn in hell," she whispered, "Fuck you."
"What a dirty mouth!" Antonio cried as he began to rub his cock, "You know what that means!" He walked out of the room for a few moments, she heard water running and his footsteps back in the room. "It means we have to wash your mouth out with soap!" she noticed his cock had soap all over it, and she tightly clenched her mouth shut.
Keelan took his sword placed it up against her throat, "Go ahead," he laughed.
Nicole weakly opened her mouth, as Antonio forced it open even more and shoved his soapy cock in her mouth, face fucking her and washing her mouth with one dick.
They laughed as she cried, Keelan roughly rubbed her cilt and fingering her as Antonio thrusted fast and hard into her mouth, "I'm gonna cum!"
A wave of semen poured down her throat as they forced her to swallow it, laughing, and they both let her go as she dropped to the ground, silently sobbing.
They were both making fun of her, laughing at how they beat her, tortured her, and raped her, Nicole closed her eyes, praying for some rest. But she knew it wasn't over.
"Alright now come on, let's take her to our clan," Keelan said, "The others would definitely enjoy her-"
There was a lot of yelling and banging after that but it ended with that same sound. She didn't dare to open her eyes.
"Nicole," a comforting, quiet, and gentle voice spoke, but it also sounded panicked, "Nicole."
She blinked open her eyes to see early morning sunlight beaming through the windows, and Robert's face was a foot in front of hers, he was still naked, "Are you alright?" he asked.
She nodded gently, no, she really wasn't, she was far from ok, she wanted to die already. He walked behind her and unbound the ropes that held her arms together, but what she saw in front of her terrified her.
Corpses. Two of them. With Keelan and Antonio's eyes still wide open with fear.
She trembled, and Robert pulled her close. She felt sick, really sick.
He gave her a hug as she asked him for something.
His eyes widened, "Um...It's in the bathroom."
She gently moved off him and into the bathroom, opening the cabinet and saw the item.
She did the instructions and screamed at the results.
What she took was a pregnancy test, and it came out positive.

To Be Continued...

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