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My first story, rewritten.
Hello readers, Many of you likely do not remember my first story
and that is okay, for it was written months ago and I've learned much since then.
This is a rewrite of my first one, including many spelling/grammar errors.
After months of reading countless stories, studying writing structure and reading feedback from others
Without furteradue I give you

Me and mom, Under the covers, In the cold (REWRITTEN)

(completely fictional, just a fantasy of mine, all names have been changed)
Any similarities are 100% fictional.

The night was cold, The house was quiet and felt lifeless.
It was the complete opposite though you see, My mom was in her room sleeping
well she was as far as I knew. My mother isn't the prettiest woman, nor is she
one of the most attractive but growing up she was always the center of my thoughts
when it came time to...release as some might say.

My mom (kathy) stands about 4'6" with dark hair that comes just 3 inches above her waist.
She's equipped with a slightly hangign 36C breasts and a rear which sticks out so much, you feel the urge
to just grab it with both hands and squeeze each cheek.
About myself, My names Jimmy but most people just call me Jim since it's shorter.
Next to my mother I stand a towering 6'2" with a medium build, not fat but nor any hulk.
My father passed away with I was 4 and now me, my mom and my step sister live in a 3 bed room house together.

My step father (charles) was out of town picking up my sister.
She was staying at some families house to get away for a little while.
As I laid quietly in my room, I wondered what my mom was doing, was she sleeping?
Thinking about something? Who knew.
I noticed that the night gown she had on today was one she wore very rarely.
this one had buttons on the front from top to bottom, and came to only 3 or so inches below her knees.
Suddenly the thought came to me, she wasn't wearing a bra! The last time I saw her was when she was watching tv in the living room, I remember
her breasts parting slightly to her sides as well as hanging lower on her chest than they usually do.

The night slowly drifted on and the house became chillier with it. Soon enough my usual thin blanket wasn't going to cut it and
I was forced to get up and find something more suitable for the cold or freeze the whole night.
As I got up from my bed and approched the door, I felt my cock sporting a nice tent in my basketball shorts I wear to sleep.
I figured my mom's asleep and it's pretty dark, so I didn't see any reason to tuck it in.
Opening the door to my room, I walked into the hall and turned on the light as I made my way toward
the small closet on the other end. As I approached the closet, A sudden voice startled me. It was my mom,
curiously asking why I was still awake so late in the night.

I replyed by saying my room was getting too cold for me and I just wanted to grab another blanket to keep warm. She didn't say anything for a moment
but I heard something suddenly that sounded like metal buttons being clasped closed. After A few momnts of that, She asked if i'd like to join her in her room.
She went on explaining how it was warming due to the area heater she has and the thicker blankets on her bed.
I quickly opened the already parted door and slipped under the covers. As i got comfortable, I accidently brushed my leg against hers.
Just a short while later, we both fell soundly asleep under the warmth of the covers. I found myself awaken
in the middle of the night
by my mom rolling over onto my left warm. She rolled slightly more and in this position was spooning me ever so slightly.
In an effort to not wake her I just put my other arm over her, this way we kept warmer and was still comfortable.
In doing so, My finger tips landed right in the middle of her left breast. I could feel her firm nipple under my index finger and instantly felt a surge flow through my
body and to my cock.

With my cock litely pressing against my moms butt, I tried to think of things to calm myself and hope my hardon would go away.
My efforts lasted a whole 5 seconds, Till my mother slightly stired and her nipple moved around under my fingers.
With all the excitement surging through me, and my adrenaline steady flowing I mustered up an ounce of man and did something I never thought I'd have the guts
to do. Spreading the fingers of my right hand, I cupped my mothers left breast into my hand and squeezed a little. From my mother came a dim moan, surprizing, because I was expecting
to get slapped across the face and kicked back into my cold room. Thinking from th pleasent moan she gave, I thought she enjoyed me feeling her breast. I moved my right hand back and with both
hands I gently took hold of both breasts and just moved them back and forth. Every now and then brushing my hands against them to feel her hard nipples under my palms.

Another pulse went through my body casusing my cock to press into my mothers crack slightly. Keeping my Raging penis from entering my mothers love canal, was just a few layers of thread.
Suddenly A gasp came from my mother and she instantly layed up in her bed and stared me dead in the eyes. With a hint of anger in her voice, she asked what on earth I was doing?
Extremely hesitant to answer, I mumpled out a yes. She then asked what I thought of my moms breasts and how I felt about touching her in such a forbidden way.
I explained to her they felt incredable and that I loved touching her. I told her she had smooth breasts, even though I only felt them through her nighty.

What came next took me by complete surprize. I felt her hands come up and grab both of mine and place my palms over bother of her breasts.
Telling me to squeeze all I wanted, I did so and to my delight they felt just as good as before, if not even better.
Looking up at her to see her face, I saw had her head faceing upward with her jaw open half way. I couldn't hear it but in my gut I knew she was silently moaning in pleasure as I gropped her
big round boobs. Looking at me again, she put her hand under my chin and said, How would you like to....

Me and mom, Under the covers, In the cold (chapter 1)

Hello readers! I thank you for taking the time to read this story.
Please leave any feed back you feel is nessesary as well as if you'd like me
to continue writing on this story, What you'd like to see happen or what I can do to make
your read more enjoyable.

~Droid Does

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2014-01-20 16:37:38
I like this story it almost made me cum

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2013-11-26 19:49:59
4'6"? Really? When's the last time anybody reading this saw a woman that short that wasn't over 80.

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2013-08-08 22:25:44
hey u most rub ur dick in moms pussy n cum over it..coz dat will not mak any probs..dats better dan fuking..

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mmmmmmmmmmm i fucked my mom befor boobs were huge size ddd

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