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Hello my name is Paul. I am 26 years old and I live in New York. The United States of America. I work in New York as an accountant. My wife’s name is Mary and she is a nurse. I am married and I have 2 children. Jimmy and Timmy. Jimmy is 4 years old and Timmy is 2 years old. My wife Mary is 24 years old. Today I want to share a secret with you all. I want to share an experience. The experience witch I had of the relationship between me and Jane. A relationship witch I consider as bad, romantic, erotic and a little bit funny. Jane is the younger sister of my wife Mary. I have kept this secret for almost 4 years, but now I want to share this with you all.

When Mary and I got married, I was 22 years old and Mary was 20 years old. Jane was studying at the Oxford University in England. That’s why she was not present at our wedding. Jane was 2 years younger than Mary. She was 18 and single.

Six months after the wedding, when Jane got her vacation. She came to U.S.A. to meet us. I saw her for the first time and I was shocked. She was more and more beautiful than Mary had described her. She had long blonde hair, light brown skin, small eyes. She had the perfect body, not to fat and not to slim. She was the perfect girls of witch every man is dreaming about. She embraced me and I could feel her. Her skin was as soft as pure cotton. The fragrance of her rose perfume mesmerized me. During our first conversation I noticed that she was a more open-minded girl than her sister. She often brought her hands on my shoulder or on my leg. She was not shy to talk about topics like sex, drugs and pregnancy.

One day, when Mary wasn’t at home, Jane and I were having a discussion about having affairs outside marriage. ”Paul, do you know that nowadays husbands begin with an affair very easily” she said.” They do not even think of the consequences.” “But that’s not true” I said. “Oh yes, older man can never resist the charm of younger women” she said. “If you love your wife truly, than you will never begin with an affair” I said. “True love or not, it is impossible to resist the charm of a beautiful girl like me” she said. “A girl like you” I asked. “Yes every man of the Oxford University is crazy about me” she said. “No, there are men like me who can resist the charm of girls like you, because they love their wives a lot” I said. “Alright than” she said. “Let’s do a bet.” “I will try out all my charms on you and you must resist it.” “Are you joking” I asked and laughed. She looked at me and said “No I am serious” “I will try to seduce you the next 2 days and I am sure you will spout all your sperm before these 2 days ends. “Are you crazy” I said “I cannot have an affair with the sister of my wife,” “Are you scared” she asked “you said that you are not like the other men” “If than is so you will have to prove it” If I refused, I would never be able to prove my point. I found it a very strange bet, but now I was determent to win the bet. So I said yes. She gave her beautiful smile and wished me luck. Then she kissed my lips for about 5 seconds. Strangely I enjoyed it. That was her first strike for the big war.

That evening it was very cold. I was sitting in my room and thought about Jane and her challenge. “What will happen if Mary comes to know that I was having an affair with her sister”, I thought. It would bring my marriage in danger. I did not want to betray my wife. On the other hand Jane was the most beautiful girl in the world. She was right. No man could resist her charms. Every man dreams to have sex with her. But I have to prove my loyalty. My thought was interrupted when Mary came in the room and called me for dinner. I took a bath, pulled a shit and a short on and went to the dining table. I did not know that Jane would strike again.

Mary, Jane and I were sitting on the dining table. Mary sat next to me and Jane sat right before me. She was wearing a very sexy blouse. Mary was busy planning a picnic for next day. I was thinking about Jane and did not listen to her. Suddenly I felt Jane’s foot striking my foot. I was tickling me a little bit. Slowly her foot came higher on my leg. Mary did not notice anything. She was just talking about the picnic. The way Jane stroke my leg was very special. Softly and gentle. It triggered something in me. Slowly she reached my crotch and stroke her feet over my penis. Because I was wearing a short she could easily feel on my penis. I felt how my penis was growing in size. It became bigger and harder. Jane felt it and smiled on a naughty way. Suddenly she pulled her foot away, because Mary asked her something. Mary and Jane finished their dinner and went to wash their dishes. I had to sit and wait until my erected penis did not become normal.

When I returned to my room, Mary asked me if I could repair the light in Jane’s room. Actually I did not want to go to her room, but I could not make any excuse for it. I knocked on Mary’s door and she let me in. It was dark in her room. I turned my flashlight on and looked the bulb. I saw that it was damaged. I took a new bulb and changed it and turned the light on. I was just returning to my room when Jane asked me to wait. I turned and looked at her. She pulled her blouse over her head. I was shocked. Then she took her bra off. Normally I would close my eyes, but I just looked at her. I was mesmerized by her beautiful breasts. She had big and round breasts. She had the perfect boobs. In my imagination I was already sucking on it. My imagination broke when I heard the voice of Mary calling me from her room. She asked if everything was alright. I returned to my room. In bed I was still seeing Jane’s breasts. The most beautiful boobs I had ever seen. Mary saw my erected penis and began to feel on it. She pulled off my underwear and grabbed my penis. She began to move the skin of my penis up and down. I was enjoying it, but in my mind I was thinking of Mary. I saw her boobs and was imagining her naked body. Mary was moving it faster and faster, while I was thinking of Jane. I reached my climax and spout all my warm sperm on her hand and belly. “Oh sorry, I didn’t mean to…..”I said. “It’s okay”, and Mary went to take a tissue paper.

The picture of Jane was still before my eyes. Jane was like a grown up flower. I was like an insect that wanted to suck all her nectar. Suddenly I realized what I was thinking about. No I cannot betray my wife….

The next morning I was still tired. I almost forgot that Mary had planned a picnic. She had planned a day out at the beach. I knew that Jane would do something at the beach, but I didn’t bother. It was Sunday and there were a lot of people on the beach Mary didn’t like to stay between so much people. So we walked to the other end of the beach. After 15 minutes we reached the other end. There was no one and it was peaceful there. Mary took her clothes off and went in her bikini into the sea. I felt very hot, so took my shirt of and went into my short towards the sea. Jane said that she was a little bit tired and that she would join us later.

“Oh my god” Mary was a little bit panicked. “What’s happened,” I asked. “I forgot my bag with my clothes in the car,” she said “I have to go back to take it.” “But you will have to walk 15 minutes back to the car.” “Yes but I have to take those clothes” “You and Jane stay here.” I had actually a very strange feeling that something it was going to happen again. Mary came out from the water, said something to Jane and walked away. It would take almost 30 minutes before she would return. The water was cool and I was relaxing in it. I saw Jane getting up and walking towards the sea. She smiled at me and then she began undressing herself. Slowly she took her blouse off over her head and then her bra. I was seeing her breasts for the second time. She waited for a second. Then she opened the bottom of her jeans. Slowly she took her pants off. She was wearing a beautiful, pink string tanga. She took that off and walked further. As I guessed, she indeed had the perfect body. She was immensely beautiful. I felt how my penis was getting bigger and harder. She came in the water, close to me. She brought her hands behind my neck and began to kiss. Her kiss was full of passion. Strangely I was kissing her too. Then she pulled my underwear a little bit down and grabbed my penis. My penis was become as hard stone. I walked a little bit back to the beach and laid down. Jane came and lay next to me. Full of passion she began to suck my penis. I was supposed to stop her, but it seemed like something was stopping me from stopping her. She was forcing me to fuck her. At this point it was difficult for me to play the game. Suddenly we realized that 20 minutes had already passed away and that Mary would be returning any moment. I pulled up my underwear and began to swim. Jane pulled her clothes on and also began to swim a few meters from me. When Mary returned she didn’t suspect anything. I knew that the next strike of Jane would be more dangerous. I only didn’t know what it would look like and when she would strike again. I had only one day left. If I would be able to control myself, I could win the bet.

That night I slept very well. I woke up very early, Mary was still sleeping. She seemed to be very tired of all the things of yesterday. I came out of bed and went to take a bath. I was enjoying the hot water when heard someone coming to the bathroom. Someone opened the door. I tough it was Mary, but no it was Jane. She was in a towel. “I was thinking about you the whole night” she said. “Me too” I said. I noticed that had not talked a lot since we made the bet. She loosed her towel and came nearer to me. I was watching her naked body for the second time. She embraced me and began to kiss me. While the hot water was falling over us. Her body was feeling so soft and wet. I was striking my hand over her back and brought it slowly down to her butt. I never felt so nice before. She played with my penis for a while. We heard footsteps in the kitchen. Mary was awake. Jane left the bathroom and run towards the toilet.

The night fell. Mary went to hospital for her work. It seemed like everything that night wanted me to lose my bet. First Mary left Jane and me alone for a whole night. And the night was so romantic and cold. Than the moon, was shining through the window. Just one night had to pass for me to win. I was sitting by the fire. I was expecting Jane every moment to “attack” me. Nothing happened. After 2 hours I went to bed. I bed I was continuously thinking about Jane. My penis was so erected that you could see it from upside the blanket. I thought I was wining the bet, when I saw someone opening the door. In the little bit of light I saw that Jane was not wearing anything. Without saying anything she pulled my blanket away and came to lie next to me. She grabbed my penis and pressed hard on it. It was a great feeling. She pulled the skin a few times up and down and then she stopped. The head of my penis had become a little wet. She turned on and she came on me. Slowly she brought her face to mine. I felt how my wet penis was striking on her leg. It became harder. She brought her lips on mine and began to kiss me. I smelled her rose perfume and tasted her strawberry lipstick. While she was kissing me I was feeling her bums. They were very soft. She stopped kissing and sat straight on me. She grabbed my penis and put it gently in her vagina. She put her hands on my chest and started moving backwards and forwards. After few time she reached her climax and stopped. She fell down on my chest. But I did not come yet. I grabbed her and turned her on. Now I was on her and my penis was still in. I looked her face in the moonlight. She was looking more beautiful than ever. I started pushing my penis in her. I forgot everything. Mary, the bet and my own rules of life. I just pushed 5 times and exploded. I spouted all my sperm in her. Jane had won the game. But mine penis was still erected, because I had to fuck her 3 more times that night and I did it very well.

I had lost my bet, but I do not mind, because I also won something that night. I won the sweetest memory of my life, that nigh.

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2012-08-06 10:20:39
The word witch is correctly spelled but grossly inappropriate. You should have used which instead.

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2012-08-06 10:13:09
English isn't your first language is it? Too much badly translated American tv in your nation. And parents who name their children Jimmy and Timmy, ugh rhymers. And parents who name their kids Mary and Jane were smoking too much of it. This isn't even so bad it's good. It's just bad. Really, really bad, especially since your syntax is all off. No cadence, no flow. I'd say try harder but, no, please no more abominations like this.

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2012-08-06 10:12:58
English isn't your first language is it? Too much badly translated American tv in your nation. And parents who name their children Jimmy and Timmy, ugh rhymers. And parents who name their kids Mary and Jane were smoking too much of it. This isn't even so bad it's good. It's just bad. Really, really bad, especially since your syntax is all off. No cadence, no flow. I'd say try harder but, no, please no more abominations like this.

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