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I started working for the retail giant about 3 years ago....but in the oriantation they never mentioned this part of the benifits package
It all started a few years ago.. with this wonderful ecconomy we live in....its more about dollors and cents then the person or people that are part of the engine to make the wheels turn...I worked sense the day i graduated from high school.Back then there where plenty of decent paying jobs and who was thinking of 10 years down the road.I lived in the moment you might say.Come the mid 90's.i started bouncing from job to job.Just get settled in a new one and WAM...layoffs and company cut backs to save money. the same old song and dance ive heard time and time again.well at the turn of the new millennium i came to the hardcore facts that the 10 to 15 dollar and hour jobs in the factories were a thing of the past. the new wave of cheaper temp service help and selling us out to other countries was a grim reality.So i said its time to look at other options.witch lead me to the front doors of our local Wal-Mart super center.i was reluctante at first to even apply.I mean come on im a god damn welder not a sales associate! but on the other hand i have one week of unemployment left and well......Pride dosnt pay the i went in and filled out the apllication...and yes impressivly enough even with my factory state of mind and poor spelling skills they hired me in...i didnt think much of it.just a get me by job in retail till i could regroup and get my ducks in a row.i went threw there orriantation and at that point began the humiliation of the degrading, defunking of all i knew and started to upload all i will become.a employee of the worlds largest retailer...some 1 million of us world wide...i hired in as a overnight recieving associate...stocking cans of soup and bags of suger instead of welding jigs and making car parts what a culture shock BUT heres one benifit i never would have exspected.....even considered...and that is pussy...thats right some of the chicks that worked here were out right knock outs some were college students...some were the single moms that apairrently were in some of the stories ive read in here(xnxx sex stories)...and some were just out of highschool nieve but willing to please you might oppertunaty to hard to resist or pass up...

i noticed this right from off when i went to my oriantation and there was this slinder blond that had this cute little ass with small but perky tits there in the oriantation with me...ive always had a great way of making people feel at ease in a streesful type situation. i could tell she was we waited to be called back to the oriantation we sat there and talked alittle. we were both there about 20 min can always tell when someone is desperite for a job when they get there that far ahead of time lol. as we talked i asked her name she told me it was Jen we made casual conversation.Im thinking boy she is a adorable little thing...i offten wonder, when you meet a new person why i always would"size them up." you might say.. is this normal?dose everyone do this?think about wow i bet she has a tight pussy or wow i bet she could suck a golf ball threw a garden hose...well any how .we chated and i was digging on her and they called us back...there must have been about 15 of us in the training room going threw this wal mart propaganda of how the company was started and how sam walten made the company based on its corperate beliefes and so on.i didnt care. i just wanted to do my time and get that first meger pay check like anyone else in there...
when we sat down all the people were unsure, confused uneasy you might say all these new faces.the P.A. going off"we need custamer assistance in electronics."all the hussle and bussle in the back room with associates moving freight about...a part of the store none of us has ever seen we were all seated Jen sat right next to me.i must have been her only frend in there that day.i could tell she was as nervice as they i craked a smart ass joke about how we were going to be so rich in two weeks working at wal mart.this made her relax alittle and we were there for about an hour...i was getting antsee...i needed a smoke realy bad and a cup of coffee would hit the spot to...the trainer said ok everybody lets take a break for 15 min.i asked immediatly."where can i have a cigerette" and the trainer took us to the break room and they have a smoking lounge as well... i was like Sweet no standing outside for a smoke we have a smoke room.i looked around for the coffee vending machine like all the factory break rooms know the nasty ass instant coffee that comes out 10000 degrees and can never mix the suger and creamer right. that you get stuck paying 50 cents for...but to my surprise the retail giant actualy has a bunn coffee maker and FREE coffee for all employees...holy shit this might not be so bad after all
at that point i notice jen wasnt more then two paces off my every seems like where i went she was right there with the old saying first impressions mean the most must be true...
she was hired in as a mid shift cashier. and i a third shift stocker so i figure after this she would be on her way and i wal mart any thing can happen and boy is that not a understatment...we were there about a week. and one of the third shift cashiers left the company . so they brought jen over to third shift. at this point i knew every haunt in the store.where you could go to sneek a smoke without the watchful eye of servalance and so on.

so one night jen and i were on our first break talking and i made a wise crack about my 8 inch cock. she just gave a smerk and shrugged it off but yet wouldnt drop the topic. we would talk alittle about work and she would say some comment in a sexual overtone making me kinda i made the comment of i bet you have never seen a big 8 incher before have you.she replied back no but i bet your just bragging. i said well meet me in lawn and garden at lunch time and i bet ill prove you wrong. i figured ok thats the end of that...well lunch time rolled around and i went and clocked i swiped my badge jen came around the corner walked up to the time clock clocked out and said" ok smart ass lets go to lawn and garden to the tunnle and see this big deal you keep telling me so much about".i was dumbfounded but fucking ah right eager to oblige.(if i spelt that wrong you can go fuck your self)...i told her ok you lead ahead it would draw to much attention to us if we both just strool out there together. so she went on her way....i went to the break room grabed a cup of coffee in my thermo mug and proceded to LNG (thats wal mart speek for the red necks that cant figure out it means Lawn And Garden) i got there and went around the corner and there was the saport manager of the GM side(once again that is wal mart lingo for General merchindice )...i figured ok im fucked whats this all about. the saport manager asked me how things are thinking well"alot better if i can get you to go to the other side of the fucking store" i told her that they needed some help over in the frozen department but im off the clock on lunch just browsing the store to formilerize myself with every thing.They love hearing that kinda shit so she was off to frozen and i was off to LNG.
when i finaly got there jen was like what took you so damn long.i explained i had to distract a saport manager to get them as far away from here as possable..and she we went threw the slinding door threw the green house and to the tunnle.we walked back to where they keep the fork lift. a dark little forgoten part of wal mart that everyone seems to forget even exsist.
we went along behind the forklift and i said ok jen. i have a question for you. if i win this bet whats in it for me...she said if you win this bet ill blow your mind.. sounds provokative.i leaned into her and could smell her wonderful perfume.i gave her alittle kiss and she pressed in to me and was very agressive forcing her toung into my mouth i followed suit.i could feel my cock growing hard in every heart beat in my chest.the feeling that we could get cuaght by anybody even made it more appealing.i reached up her back caressing her small frame and reached around to her brest.rubbing her bra and feeling the firmness of her little nipple poking at its fabric.
she moaned and let out a gasp.pulled away then took her hand and un zipped my jeans.then proceeded to kiss me again rubbing my bulge in my underware.she reached in and pulled back "wow you wernt kidding holy fuck look at the size of that sucker...."i pulled my jeans and underware down to my ankles and she grasp the shaft of my huge cock throbbing at her.she knelt down and said well hun looks like you won the bet and she took her small mounth and kissed the tip of my cock. she so gently curled her lips over her teeth and engulfed my cock into her mouth.sucking hard all the way down my shaft.ooooohhhh yeah jen that feels so fucking good..she took me deep all the way. she rolled her lips forward and slide her toung on the bottom of my cock letting out a gasp for air and she pulled up sucking all the way. she started sucking back and forth hard and easy. rubbing my balls and then stroking the bottom part of my cock shaft with her her head went down she pulled her hand toward her mouth she was sucking like a goddess i felt my cock starting to throb in her mouth...oh god right there keep it up jen im going to fill your throat with cum keep it up baby yeah.. oh yeah right there... i felt the cum easing its way up my shaft the all at once a deep explosion of extasy my first berst she gaged alittle but didnt miss a beat. as my cum filled her mouth she swished it around my cock.i have never felt this before but if anyone could give a blow job... boy she could.... it felt just like a pussy afterward...she didnt draw back and disapoint me with gaging and hacking in any way she stuck to it till i was ready to disingage...she kept my cock and the cum in her mouth and when i pulled out she sucked all the juices from my cock shaft all the way up. when i was out of her my cock was as clean as can be.she stood up looked deep into my eyes. and gave me a hug and leaned back. she opened her mouth a little and shown me my seed was still there.closed her mouth and swollowed.then leaned in and hugged me seemed like a hour had passed. she steped back and i pulled myself back together. "So did i blow your mine?" oh yeah no doubt....well thats only part of the debt paid after work if you want ill pay the rest in full....that is if you want me to...i would be a fool to say no we went back and sat in the break room...and both had a cigerette...every one in there was totaly oblivious to what we both had just did. they were to wraped up in there conversations and own affairs to notice the smell of sex on both me and jen.witch got me to thinking...if i was that worked up and then satified jen must have a wet spot the size of the gulf of mexico in her pants....realy unfair to her....all i did was play with her nipple threw her bra... didnt even get to feel the actual nipple....but if i knew what was going to happen in four hours when we left i would defenatly make it up to her....for the rest of the night all i could think about was that terrific blow job and that tight little body sliding up and down my shaft...i would eat that pussy hard and soft and without any hesitation give her every thing i had again...just thinking about it i could feel my balls fill back with cum and my cock started growing hard that point i heard over the P.A." jen from the front end and my name to the office please.." my heart sunk deep in my chest...oh fuck we couldnt of been cought?? i knew where we were was safe it was to dark for servalance to have been there and a waist of the companys intrest to film a damned old forklift in the back bowles of the store....that was the longest trip i ever walked to the office in my life...i met up with jen about half way there in electronics....she was realy frighted...i told her keep your cool let them do the talking first and ill weassle us out of this if i have to.just dont SAY A FUCKING WORD.....if they ask why we were in LNG ill simply tell them i was helping you decide what blades would be best for your lawn mower.. just let me lead this time and you follow suit....she relaxed alittle and started to smile and then chucked that same chuckle she did not more the a hour and a half ago....when we got to the office...we entered and jen was glued to my side we even bumped into each other a few times and i felt her erect nipple again...i was like Holy shit shes realy turned on by this ...or so nervice she dont know what to think.....the manager asked us how we were and i said good good ahhh every thing is just well good....".well i called you guys back her to have you sign some final paper work for you income tax...if you remeber in your oriantations we also needed you to come up with the names and addresses of the benificaries to you life insurance and wal-mart profit sharing vesting...".i looked over at jen and just luaghed my ass off....i made a smart ass comment "wow i thought we were in deep trouble or something....."after about a 3 second puase the manager luaghed and said...".no you two are working out just fine and both have alot of potental in the company...."so we signed our paper work and were on our way....when we got out of the office jen looked at me and said "you know i realy like you alot you have such a uniqe way of dealing with shit.... boy i thought we were fucked there for a minute...and you just kept your cool...thats realy admirable....ill see you after work in a few hours...".i said " i wouldnt miss it for the world...and we both went back to our work areas...
last break rolled around and we both sat there across from each other and had miner conversation one of the other male stockers asked jen a few things and had a few comments to her that pissed me off...i looked at him and said what are you some kinda asshole or something? you dont treat a lady that way!...thinking in the back of my mine how i just treated her...kinda ironic might have been jelousey...someone trying to move in on my shit before i had a chance to realy tear into it....i felt like hey asshole this is my plate of food dont eat off being the asshole that i have a tendancy to be... when we got back to the sales floor...i went to the department the other stocker had just finished in and rearanged the product on the shelf a bit....this in wal-mart lingo is call pluging the of the forbiden sins of a wal mart lack of my knowledge this particuler stocker had been known to do this and was on his last leg threw the "coaching process" for doing this....i went back to my area and about 10 min later i heard him get called back to the office....that was the last night i ever seen him there....well anyway...sorry to get off topic here...but im the type of guy that if you fuck with me im going to get my pentance in the long run....
well time rolled around to go home and i clocked out...Jen was there in the smoking room and i singled to her that it was time to head out....we walked to the front of the store and i asked her what she had in mind....she said she lived in a appartment about 3 blocks away...and to follow her...and naturaly i did....when we arrive to her place it was orderly and real fancy onimmitties...but i wasnt there to judge her decorating skills...
we were there about five min. and she said ill be right back stay here....she went into what i assumed was eather a bed room or the bath room...and about 5 min she came back out...she was wearing a lace red luangera...very attractive and it showed off her small patite frame quite nicely...she walked up to me wrapped her arms around me and said well what do you think?i kissed her without saying a word.we sat down on her couch and i rubed her back while we kissed cock startred getting hard as a rock and i took off my shirt....she rubed my chest and wraped her long skinny legs around my waist..i ran my hands up her back and removed the top to her lacy red bra....revealing the most perfect set of little breast i have seen in a long long time....her nipples were as sweet and perky as my minds eye immagined...placing my hand on her breast i took my thumb and caressed her tiny nipple...she moaned again like she did a few hours before hand....i took it up into my mouth and gently placed my teeth on it and gave a love bite to it she started going wild and pulled me back...and she stood in front of me....when she did i could tell she was hot and ready...i noticed the wet spot on her red lacy undergarment...i reached up and gently and slowly pulled them down to her feet and her perfectly smooth shaved pussy was directly in my i kissed her pubic mound as i pulled her underware off....i glaced down and seen the big white glob of her pussy juice on them....oh god ive been so horny sense i sucked you off earier i came twice at the cash regester thinking of your huge cock...she sat down next to me and i swung around and knelt before her...she spread her legs apart and she was as wet as if she had been fucked all night....her slinder legs and small ass were just covered in her love juice...i leaned forward and placed my toung on her smooth silky pussy lips....i licked upward and spread them apart finding her throbbing clit....i licked hard and forcefully back and forth on her clit and she started going wild....moarning and gasping ....oh yeah eat that clit come on im going to cum i placed my middle finger to her pussy opening as i ate her clit and slid it into her....her pussy was tight but so well lubed it excepted my finger without resistance....she bucked upwards torwd my face and squilled...ohhhh yeah yes right there....i curled my finger upward and rubed her pubic mound from the inside and licked her clit as i did....ohhh god yes right there thats the spot keep it up....ohhh yes fuck yes........dont stop im about to cum...them wam i felt her sweet pussy tighten up and all at once a spirt of pussy juice shot out and ran down into my hand...she grabed my wrist and pulled my hand to her mouth.and placed my middle finger in her mouth....oh i love to taist my cum....she annouced...and i took my jeans off and my hard cock was just trobbing...she once again place her hand around my shaft and ingulfed my cock into her mouth...she went down deep and came up she looked up at me and replyed...i could suck this huge cock all day if you let me....but i want you to fuck my wet pussy with that huge thing as well...she leaned back and spread her legs wide...i leaned over top of her lining my hard cock to the opening of her wet little pussy....i leaned down on her and felt that warm pair of lips surrond the head of my cock...i pushed it in gently but as wet as her pussy was it slid in so eagerly....and boy it was tight but without any complications....i pulled back and lunged it and trusted it all the way in her....deep as i could go and i pulled her legs forward so i could penitrate her deepest and hardest...she screamed out in a deep grown...on my god it fucking feels tramendus.....fuck yeah...i thrusted her hard and long...every time i penitrated her she sreamed in exstasy....she was realy enjoying this hard fuck...and i was in no way displeased eather....the next thing i know i felt that pussy surge more cum around my huge cock....i pulled out of her and flipped her around....her little ass right was so small and patite....i leaned down and licked her willing pussy and forced my toung into her....she was just a sreaming and moaning i pulled up on her and just ramed my huge cock inbetween her ass cheeks and slid deep into her pussy....she reared up and screamed...FUCK YES oh god damn that cock is a murderer...but oh so nice....oh jen that pussy feels great...i stroked her long and deep i felt that cock throbbing and throbbing and wam....i shot a hot load of cum deep in her ...every time i came she pulsated upward to me and then i felt her cum as well...our love juices blending together as i massaged my huge cock back and forth after cumming in her...the preasure was intoxicating there was barly enough room for my cock let alone my hard shot load ....when i pulled my cock out of her a huge load of cum follwed..she swung around and wrapped her arms around me and i pulled up allong side of we layed there in each others arms....she was there panting hard and got up to clean herself...she brought out a few pillows and a blanket and we layed there together...all day...we would doze off and wake up and just fuck the shit out of each other right on up till it was time to go back to work the following night....this was just one of a few wal-mart expereances ive enjoyed over the passed few years....and there are more to tell about but that will be a whole new page to this diary
hoped you enjoyed it as much as i do....

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2014-02-28 22:08:33
r7S2j1 Thanks for the post.Thanks Again. Keep writing.


2007-12-04 04:33:12
It was a good story, but you tell us to go fuck ourselves for your typos and then you make fun of rednecks... well you might as well be a redneck since you cant seem to understand how to use spell check. Genious!


2005-05-14 00:47:21
I want to get a job at Wal-Mart, hehe...


2005-03-02 16:58:20
can't fuckin spell... it hurts...


2005-02-19 14:05:37
This turned me on so much!

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