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I woke up to the alarm going off…by my feet? I opened my eyes and looked around. I’d fallen asleep laying the wrong way on the bed. As I turned the alarm off the covers slipped down leaving me completely naked. Memories from last night came flooding back and I looked around for Kat. The room was empty and that was when the time on the clock hit me. She must have woken up when the alarm first went off, hit the snooze and left to get ready for school. I got up and started looking for anything to slip on so I didn’t have to walk to the bathroom naked when I spotted something laying beside the bed. I smiled. Kat must have walked naked back to her room because when I picked it up from the floor it was the pair of red lace underwear Kat had worn to bed last night. She’d be missing them if I didn’t give them back…at some point. I decided to chance it and made a dash for the bathroom, naked.

In the bathroom, I started my morning route, but before I started the water for the shower, I looked back at the underwear. I picked them up and held them out in front of me. An idea came to me on how to give them back to her. My cock started to harden with the thought. Wrapping the little piece of cloth in my hand, I took hold of my cock with the same hand and pumped my cock, but it only took two pulls to figure out that lace is not as soft as I thought it was especially on the head of a cock. It was actually too rough for to keep going like that, so I switched the underwear into my right hand and started jerking again with my left. I let images from last night, Kat sucking on my cock, how good her pussy tasted, float my brain as my hand stroked up and down. I so wanted another taste of her little pussy. I pumped faster, leaning back on the wall for support. The memory of my cock pushing into Kat, here in this very room, with nothing between us, that sweet wetness surrounding my cock, pulled me close to the edge.

The door, which I’d stupidly, left unlocked, open as my balls started spewing up a load of cum. All I could do right then was pray it wasn’t Megan. At twelve, seeing her big brother shooting cum into her big sister’s underwear might not be the best thing, for anyone. I turned looking for whomever it was to walk in. Kat’s blonde hair came into view, relief took over and another wad of cum shot into the crotch of the underwear. When she saw me, she shut the door fast and reached for her underwear, which I was still in the process of soaking. I let her grab the underwear from me and stroked a little bit more cum out and watched it land on the floor. “Where did you find these?” she asked looking at the cum covered crotch.

“You left them last night.” Kat’s face reddened.

“Well you didn’t have to do that to them,” she told me, but she didn’t really sound mad about it. I shrugged and reached for her. Kat gave one of those laughing screams; girls seem to do so well, when I pulled her in for a kiss. Our lips meet and that same fire from last night burned through me. Despite having fucked her just a few hours ago and having just jerked off, my cock came back to full attention. I wanted, no I needed to be inside her again. I grabbed her hips and pressed into her letting my cock push against her stomach.

“Kris. Dad and Loren are down stairs,” Kat told me, pulling away a little bit. I pulled her red t-shirt off with a jerk, dropped it to the floor, and pulled her back to me. I relished the feel of the lace on her bra scratch at my stomach as I kissed her again, our tongues meeting this time.

“Do they know you’re already dressed for school?” I asked breaking away to kiss the corner of her mouth, planning on pulling her into the shower with me. I felt her nod as I made my way down to her neck. Damn. My hands grabbed her ass and found the hem of a jean skirt and I pulled back. My only course of action now plain. “Lean over the sink.”

“Kris. Stop they might hear.” I turned her, roughly, to face the sink and locked the door. She looked back at me over her shoulder.

“Then bit your lip to keep quiet, like I’m gonna have to do.” I reached up under the skirt and pulled the underwear she had on, down her legs. I stood and ran my hands over her bare ass. Kat fell forward some, her hands catching the sink for balance as I stuck two fingers deep inside. Her pussy was already starting to get wet; her eyes widened. I worked my fingers in and out teasing her every so often by letting a finger slid up to play with her clit.

“I… I don’t think,” her words faded into soft little sounds of pleasure after that. It didn’t take much before Kat’s pussy was so wet that her warm liquid ran down to pool in my open palm. I pulled my fingers out and her eyes met mine in the mirror, a questioning look on her face. My hands trailed over her ass to her hips as I spread her legs a little more, settling my feet against her to push them that little bit more I needed and shoved my cock into her. Kat gasped at the forceful entry and bit her lip as I grabbed her by the hips and started fucking her hard. Her pussy clung to me as I moved, making every thrust heaven. I felt my teeth dig a little deeper into my bottom lip with each thrust. The only sounds in the room were the soft slap of flesh on flesh as my hips met hers and our heavy breathing. I watched in the mirror as her chest bounced with every thrust, even though her tits were still in a bra, and her eyebrows furled as I continued to bury myself hilt deep in her little cunt.

My right hand came up, gripping her shoulder for better leverage. Kat started making little gasping sounds as I pumped faster in and out of her tight little pussy, a pussy I had broken in. “That’s it Kat, take your little brother’s cock, like a good little girl,” I whispered. I felt Kat’s body tensed under my hands and a cry, she tried to sallow, fell from her lips as her pussy began spamming around me. Kat leaned further forward, letting the sink hold all her weight as her body rode out her orgasm. My eyes closed as I let my body take over and warm wetness surrounded my cock. I stuffed it into her, harder, as I felt my balls tightened, ready to spill another load. Good God she’s so fucking wet for me... My eyes flew open as I realized why I could feel how wet she was. My cock jumped at the added excitement of fucking Kat without a condom flooded my system with adrenaline and forced the first jet of cum out of my cock and deep inside her cunt. The thrill that ran through me kept me pumping my cock into her as my balls pumped more cum up my shaft, spilling my load into her, I just couldn’t stop. When the last drop of pleasure and cum left me I could finally pull out, I watched as cum dripped onto the tiled floor from between her legs.

"Did you just..." her voice was soft, like she didn't want to believe I’d just filled her newly devirginised cunt with cum. Kat ran her hand over her pussy then looked down at her hand to see the cum it came away with. She looked up at the mirror to see me.

"Kat...I." I couldn’t finish the apology. I looked down, but all I saw was my traitorous cock still standing stiffly out from my body, her pussy juice still coating it so it gleamed in the light.

“You didn’t have a…”

“I was about to get the shower why would I?”

"You… pull out?" I looked at her face in the mirror.

"No. I tried, but…" Color drained from her face. "Fuck." I rubbed my face in frustration. I'd never been so caught up in the idea of having sex that I'd not even thought about a damn condom. How the hell were we going to deal with this? Kat just stood there for a minute then reached for a washcloth. Slowly she cleaned herself up and dressed again. I couldn't move. Once her shirt and underwear were back on and her skirt straightened, she came closer and kissed my cheek. Her lips felt like fire against my cold skin.

"I have an idea, so hurry up and get your shower and I'll tell you once you get out." Kat walked out shutting the bathroom door behind her. I sighed and could finally move; maybe she was on birth control or something. I could hope. I turned on the water and got in. I bathed and washed my hair as quick as humanly possible, the whole time cursing myself for being so impatient. I would have blamed my cock and cursed him, but it wasn't his fault, not entirely anyway.

I got out and went back into my room to dress then had to nearly run down the stairs when I saw the time. Shit, fucking Kat this morning is going to make us late for school, I thought. As I rounded the corner near Loren's home office, I heard Kat's voice.

"Loren... is there anyway I could get one of those morning after things from you?" I stayed out of sight for this.

"You had sex with someone?" Loran’s voice was skeptical.

"Last night, I went out and...well we got a little cared away and forgot protection." I could image how red her face was getting telling Loran this. I heard Loran sigh.

"This is the only time I'll let you have it, be more careful their not meant to be used this way. I'll make an appointment for you at my OB's office and we can get you on birth control." There was a pause. "That doesn't mean you can stop using condoms, but if you forget again at lest you won't get pregnant. Take it now and remember to take some pads to school with you. There's no telling when you'll start after you take it." Kat left and nearly crashed into me on her was to the kitchen.

“Let’s get out of here before she asked who I was with last night,” Kat said, her face still red from her talk with Loran. I nodded as we walked into the kitchen. Dad had that same big smile on his face that he always wore after him and Loran fucked all night. It always made me think of him as a younger guy, fucking around all the time, kind of like me, if really stopped to think about it.

“You three almost ready for school?” He looked down at his watch, checking the time.

“Yes, sir,” I answered as I reached for the only plate on the table that hadn’t been touched. I guess Kat and Megan had eaten while I was in the shower.

“Are you coming home before the game or are you going to hang out with the boys?” Dad asked raising his eyebrows, knowingly. I felt a smile tug at my lips. Dad like Loran wasn’t stupid or blinded to what I did. Loran knew more because I’d told her things during sessions, but Dad knew about it because he knew I was a lot like him. The only reason neither of them discouraged me was that it didn’t seem to effect my grades and had football to distract me for some of the year.

“Brendan, Connor and I thought about getting something to eat and staying close to campus, but that could always change.” I paused. “You and Loran coming to the game?”

“I won’t be able to I have a meeting that starts at 6, but I think Loran might be there.” I nodded, Dad not coming to games was the norm though he did usually make it to homecoming and play off games if we made it that far. Dad looked me over before he spoke again. “What could change, that might bring you home instead?” I started at him for a second with a half smile on my face before shrugging. Dad took a deep breath and closed his eyes.

“Ready,” Megan voice interrupted what ever Dad was going to say, and I knew it was going to be something about my sex life. I turned to see my little sister standing there, backpack pulled over one shoulder. After last night with Kat, I assessed her before I realized I was doing it and had to shake my head. Megan was wearing a teal sun dress with a white sweater that didn’t come passed her rib cage, over it. She would be just as beautiful as Kat if not more so once she got a bit older.

“Let’s get going then.” I grabbed up my backpack and gear for football. Kat and Megan hugged Dad goodbye. Dad let the girls walk off a little ways before grabbing backpack to stop me.

“Are you being careful, please tell me you are?”

“I am Dad.” And normally it wouldn’t be a lie. He gave me an ‘I’m serious’ look. “Really.” I pulled out my wallet and showed him the two condoms that were in it. “There’s always two in here, just in case the one I’m using breaks or…we decide to go another round.” I felt a little heat touch my neck as I said the last part. Dad looked at me.

“What about your grades?”

“My grades are fine. The school councilor told me the other day that if I make high enough A’s through out this year I might…” I had to pause for dramatic effect and the look I got was priceless. “I might pass our current salutatorian for graduation.”

“You might make salutatorian?” Loran came around from behind me as she spoke. I nodded. “That’s quite an honor.” She smiled.

“I’d love to tell you guys more, but we’re already running late.” I said stepping out the door. Dad nodded, and I turned, nearly running for the door so we could leave. Megan walked a little out in front of Kat and me, as we walked the few blocks to school, oblivious to the tension between us. “Will it work?” Kat looked over at me. “The thing you got from Loran.”

“Oh that, it should. After I looked at the calendar though I don’t think we have anything to worry about, but I just wanted to make sure.”

“Why would you looking at a calendar have anything to about us worrying?” It was hard to find the logic in that.

“The calendar in my room I use to keep track of everything, even…when I… have my period.”

“I do not need to know this.” I looked off trying not to think about that kind of stuff, Kat hit my arm to get my attention back.

“Anyway, right after,” her face went blood red, “this morning I went to check it because I thought I was getting close to…starting and I was right. I’m suppose to today or tomorrow. I asked Loran about that stuff just to make sure.” I felt a little better, but still, I was going to worry until she did.

“You two sure took forever getting ready this morning,” Megan said looking back over her shoulder. “What’s going on?” I watched a sly little smile spread across her face.

Oh no, I thought.

“Just had some homework we forgot to do last night,” Kat told her. Megan wasn’t buying it, but she turned back around without saying anything else. At the middle school, Kat and I left her and started off to the high school a block away. “I’ll catch back up; I forgot to tell Megan something.” Kat looked confused, but then dismissed whatever thought she’d had.

“Ok.” I turned around and walked back toward Megan. That smile came back as I walked back to her. I stopped a few feet from her and she had to look up at me.

“What’s with the smile?” No need to give her ideas if she didn’t know anything and I was being paranoid.

“I heard you last night… and saw.”

“Saw?” How did I not notice that? “What do you thing you heard and saw?” She smiled wider.

“After I went to bed last night I started hearing things. Things I usually hear from Mom and Dad’s room when they think we’re all asleep,” she tilted her head, “but from up stairs this time. I went up there thinking that I was gonna catch you and Taylor making out or something didn’t know how you got her in the house without me hearing the door open, but instead I got to see you with Kat.” Fuck me this is bad.

“How do you know about Taylor?” I had to take a minute to absorb the fact that my twelve-year-old sister had watched Kat and me have sex, and to think I’d been worried this morning about her finding me jerking off in Kat’s underwear.

“I over heard you and Brendan talking about her last week, it made it sound like she was a girlfriend.” Megan shifted from one foot to the other.

“She is.” Megan nodded.

“But you still had sex with Kat?” I ran my fingers through my hair in frustration.

“It’s complicated,” there wasn’t time to go into that big story. “Look, are you going to tell Dad or Loran?” I needed to know, had to know so that I could ready myself for a lecture, a beating, and very liking being kicked out of the house by the weekend.

“Are you and her going to make this a regular thing?” I frowned at Megan.

“I don’t know.” She studied me. “I don’t know. Last night was the first time… with me and Kat and well…we haven’t talked it out that much yet.” She seemed to thing it over for a minute.

“I won’t tell as long as you promise me something.”

Thank God. “What is it?” It would probably be something like me being her slave for a while, end up doing her chores and making her breakfast, maybe have to take her shopping on my own dine.

“That when I’m fifteen you’ll be my first too.” Shock ran through me. “I’ve had a crush on you for years and I know I can’t have you like I really want but this I can have.”

“Megan you do realize that if you’re fifteen that I’ll be twenty-one.” She nodded. “Do you know how much trouble I could get into? It’s a lot more than if anyone found out about Kat.” She smiled again. She knew. “I can’t do that, but…but if you’ll wait for your eighteenth birthday I’ll do it.” I had no intention of keeping that promise, by then it wouldn’t matter if she told anyone.

“That’s too far away you’ll forget.” Damn it, she was too smart for a twelve year old. I had to give a little.

“I can’t do it until you’re at least seventeen.” I’d be less likely to end up in jail for that, if anyone found out.

“It’s too far away.” She complained. Megan looked down at the ground, thinking, then her head shot up. “I know, after my birthday. I’ll be thirteen and you’ll still be under eighteen for another month, there’s no way you could get in trouble then.” (Like I said too smart.) I looked down at Megan, taking in her smaller form. No that couldn’t happen either, that was just…wrong.

“You’re too young.” I had to look away as I said it.

“Am not Sasha has sex.” Sasha was a friend of hers, a ‘well developed’ friend and Sasha had father with loose morals. At thirteen she was fast becoming the school slut, with a reputation for fucking anyone, and I do mean anyone.

“Sasha has hit puberty. You haven’t.” Megan looked down at herself. It wasn’t that Megan wasn’t a pretty little girl with her dark blonde hair touching her shoulder and brightly colored blue eyes identical to mine, I just couldn’t bring myself to have sex with a girl that was still completely flat chested and probably didn’t have pubic hair either.

“Fifteen or I tell Mom,” Megan said looking up at me again, determination on her face.

“Fuck! Megan you’re not making this easy on me.” She just stared at me.

“Fine, but you can never tell Dad or Loran or anyone who might tell them.” She nodded. “And when we go to do this you have to be closer to sixteen then you are fourteen.” She scoffed at me. “You’ll still be fifteen and that was the deal.”

“I was hoping it would be a birthday present, but fine.” I sighed at least I was safe for now. In three years she’d end up telling on us, I knew it because I wasn’t going to go through with it.

“Go on to class before you’re late.” Megan looked at me.

“You know if you if I get close to sixteen and you haven’t…I’ll tell.”

“I know.” Megan nodded and took off as the first bell rang, telling everyone it was almost time for class to start. I would never make it to class so I didn’t bother running and got my phone out. I had to let Kat know about Megan seeing us.

Hey kat, megan saw last night. It was a little before I got an answer.

What? How?

Door must have been open.

Is she going to tell?



Made a deal with her.

So I don’t have to worry.

Not for another 3yrs.

Y 3 yrs?

Did u know megan has a crush on me?

Lol yes
. I paused at that, were Kat and Megan that close.

She wants me to do to her what I did to u.

o.O. She’s too young u can’t.

I know that’s what the 3yrs is for.


Yeah. Look I’m gonna be late so I’ll see u at lunch.

K. Luv u.

I luv u 2 kat.
I sighed and texted one last person before school started.

Morning Tay.


I’m gonna be late for school today can I see u b4 the game?
Taylor was a junior and because of that we didn’t get to see much of each other during school. Her mother and older brother also had made it hard for us to see each other out side of school or at school functions because, apparently, her mother had friends working at the school and they knew my reputation. (For the record before I started trying to date Tay I slept around, a lot and by this time it had spread to even the teaching staff.) It was rough only because I actually like Tay and up until yesterday, I’d left other girls alone to try to appease her mother some. Yesterday my cock was in control, just as it had been this morning. That’s what happens when a guy like me goes two months without sex, your cock takes over. Not that I regretted fucking Kat.

:( maybe. I smiled.

If so do I need to bring anything? I teased. Tay and I hadn’t had sex yet, so every chance I got I tried to at least suggest it. I didn’t mean anything by it other than to let her know I was interested. God, help us if her mother ever decided to check Tay’s text messages.

Mmm… we’ll see. There was a pause before her next texted. Can we go anywhere? Excitement coursed through me even though I knew it was all talk.

My house should be empty right after school.


Going to a friends house for the weekend.
I’d over heard her talking to Loran about that earlier this week.


She stays after on Fridays 2 tutor before the game. So she doesn’t have 2 walk home then back to the school.

What about ur parents?

Dad can’t come 2 the game cuz of work so he won’t be home til 9. Loran has clients til 5 or 6 at her office in town. That means that we’d have about 2 maybe 2 and a half hours…alone.

:) if I’m game I’ll meet u after school.
I knew she wouldn’t, but thinking about the possibility would get me through the day.

Luv u.

U 2.
I sighed and dropped my phone back in my pocket. Now I had an hour to kill before next period started. Coach was gonna kill me for being late on game day. I put my equipment in the locker room in the field house and went to the gym to wait.

Some time during fourth period Kat texted me. Started. I had ‘started what?’ typed out before I realized what she meant then I sighed in relief and erased my message, that was the last thing either of us needed.

Brendan and Connor were standing near the gym after school when I caught up with them. “Are we going to a movie or are we gonna just walk the mall flirt with girls?” Connor asked. I knew what Connor’s choice would be, flirting.

“Movie,” Brendan said. I nodded. Brendan had Beth now and didn’t needed to go around flirting, it would just get him in trouble.

“Can I have Kris instead?” I felt a smile creep up, before I turned around; there was no way I’d heard that voice say that. The girl behind me had pale brown hair that boarder on blonde in sunlight and pale grey eyes. Taylor stood there staring back at me, finally meeting my dare.

“Sorry guys I did tell her I’d walk her home,” I apologized. I hadn’t really, but Tay was willing to be alone with me for a few hours, whether that meant watching a movie with her instead of taking her up to my bed and fucking her I was game. I’d have a better chance to relax before the game like that than with either Brendan or Connor.

“You still gonna meet us to grab something to eat?” asked Brendan. There was a pleading in his voice and I felt bad for leaving him alone with Connor.

“Yeah, I’ll meet you guys there after the movie.” Brendan nodded. Connor chuckled. They both knew what was going on. I put my arm around her shoulders, pulling her to my side. “Let’s get going, before they try to kick my ass for leaving them.” Tay smiled up at me as we walked off.

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