Dillon's Revenge
Note: It would be helpful if you read Innocence Lost and Innocence Lost – Part 2 before reading Part 3. This is the final part of this series.

Tyler took mental notes as he returned to school on Monday, recalling the events that took place last Saturday. Horny bastard that he was, Matt wasn't shy about approaching him and saying, “that kid was great! Any chance he would do it again?” Tyler hated the fact that he called him “kid,” and was appalled at his brashness, but only said, “we'll have to see.”

Alan wasn't much better, telling him after lunch that, although straight, he'd “do that slut again in a heartbeat.” Tyler had everything he could do to keep from kicking him in the balls right there, but kept his cool and replied, “maybe.” Andy sidled up to him after English class as they put their books into their lockers.

“I've got to tell you something,” he said, cautiously glancing about. “What?” asked Tyler. “I liked what happened on Saturday, but I hated it, too; I've got to tell someone. I like girls and guys, but that was my first time with anyone. He just made me crazy, but I didn't want to have it happen that way.” Tyler replied, “I understand. Your secret is mine,” now understanding that he was bi-sexual, something he had never thought possible before.

As they were preparing for gym class in the locker room, Jackson was stripping off his clothes next to Tyler, who pretended not to care. “That was some fun on Saturday,” he said with a casual attitude. Tyler knew exactly what Jackson was talking about, but held his anger in check. “What if he wants more?” Tyler asked him with a quick wink and smile. “Are you kidding? Count me in,” Jackson replied.

Midway through gym class, Tyler went to the locker room to pee. He heard the door open and close behind him, and found that Paul was standing next to him at the adjacent urinal, also peeing. When they were finished, both went to the basins and were washing their hands. Looking at each other in the mirror, Paul said,”Tyler, it was so right, but so wrong.” His eyes began to cloud as he said,”after that, now I don't know who or what I am.”

In a rare moment of sympathy since he began plotting the revenge of Dillon's lost innocence, Tyler turned toward him and said, “I think I know.” Paul smiled weakly and they both left the room.

Carson had avoided him all day, sitting as far away as possible during class, lunch and especially gym. Any look that Tyler gave him was immediately turned aside and he never let his eyes meet his directly. The last player in this puzzle wasn't going to get off that easy. Knowing that Carson had to get the books from his locker before leaving school, Tyler positioned himself with his back turned toward it, but a few steps away.

As Carson opened his locker and quickly got his books, Tyler turned around and looked him directly in the face. “So, Carson, what did you think of Saturday's party?” Carson stood in shock, his mind racing, until he was somehow able to calm himself as Tyler stared into his eyes with an unusual glare .

“I never wanted anything like that, and I feel like shit now!” Carson exclaimed. “Then why did you do it?” “I don't know. Everything was out of control,” he stammered. Tyler broke his gaze and walked away without saying another word, knowing that Carson was feeling horrible, but not yet horrible enough, as far as he was concerned.

Dillon was waiting for Tyler when he returned home from school. Once inside the house, he quickly put his arms around Tyler and gave him a small kiss. “We need to talk,” Tyler said. They sat down on the couch and Dillon was feeling a bit apprehensive about the serious tone. “I know you're confused about what happened last Saturday. It started out bad and then became good, but they never should have done what they did. I want them to pay for that, but I can't do it without you.” Tyler went on to explain the plan he had hatched.

Timing was critical, because the school term ended that Friday and who knows where they would be during the summer. Dillon was unsure if he wanted to participate; it might just make matters worse, but he agreed and put his faith in Tyler.

The next day, Tyler contacted each of his “buddies” and invited them to his house on Monday to celebrate the end of the school term. They asked if there would be some more fun, but he only smiled and never answered their questions. Carson refused at attend; he wanted nothing to do with it. Tyler made it clear that something important was going to occur and that it was in his own best interest to show up. Suspicious, Carson reluctantly agreed.

With his parents at work, Tyler had the house to himself for the entire day. Everyone was there by 10:00 in the morning, sitting around wondering what was going on. Tyler said, “okay,” and Dillon came into the room from the kitchen where he had been hiding. “There's the life of the party!” shouted Matt, his dick already beginning to swell.

Tyler began to explain. “This party is going to be very different than the last one. You are all going to do exactly what Dillon tells you to do whether you like it or not. There are no exceptions. By the way, he's not a player.” They looked quizzical and uneasy. “That's right, he's not a player. This is payback,” he said. Carson stood up, asking “and what if we don't?”

Dillon answered that question very quietly and simply. “Then I'll tell.”

They all froze in place.“That's right,” Tyler said. “Don't forget that you raped him, and more than once. That's a felony. Picture yourselves being sent to the Juvenile Correctional Facility. Imagine the humiliation at school, your friends casting you aside, your parents disowning you.”

Tyler relished the looks on their faces: shock, terror, outrage, panic. “The only break he's willing to give you is that, if you do what he says, it's over after today. This will be a one-time payback.” They all suspected what that was going to be.

Swallowing hard, Andy spoke up first and said, “I'm not going to jail,” followed by Jackson's “payback's a bitch, but I'll do it.” The others began to agree and Carson, the last to speak up, said “I never should have done it in the first place, so I'll just have to clear my conscience.”

Having been coached by Tyler previously, “get naked” was Dillon's first command. Hesitantly, they began to take off their clothes until all six were standing sheepishly in front of Dillon and Tyler like a bunch of grade school kids.

“Matt, suck Jackson's cock,” was Dillon's next order, followed by “Carson, you suck Alan's cock, and Paul, you suck Andy.” Matt dropped to his knees in front of Jackson and took his black cock into his right hand. Closing his eyes, he put the head into his mouth and began to suck. He was humiliated beyond belief, but knew he had to do it. Somehow, however, it felt good.

Alan sat down on the couch as Carson knelt before him, rapidly grabbing his dick and putting it into his mouth. He began sucking with a fury, wanting this to be over as quickly as possible. Tyler had deliberately put Andy with Paul, now knowing that Andy was bi-sexual and suspecting that Paul was gay. Paul went to his knees, and took Andy's cock into his hand, stroking it gently. He then slipped his mouth over the head and began to suck.

They were all slow to get hard, not surprising under the circumstances. Paul sucked Andy's cock for a few moments, then took it out of his mouth and started to lick up and down the shaft as it began to stiffen. He put it back into his mouth and sucked with more intensity, causing Andy to put his hands on Paul's head and moan quietly.

Carson's furious sucking was having its effect as Alan laid his head back, eyes closed, and felt his cock grow in his mouth. He put his hand on the back of Carson's head and urged him forward.

Hearing Andy's moans, Jackson was getting hard as Matt barely sucked his dick. Noticing his feeble effort, Tyler nudged Dillon, who said, “Matt, suck it like you mean it!” Matt picked up his pace and suction, taking more of the dark meat into his mouth.

Andy was now rock-hard as Paul savored his screaming dick. He was slurping on his cock, taking it out to tease the underside with his tongue, then returning to suck it like a piece of candy while he ran his hands over Andy's smooth ass.

Alan's 5” were full as Carson continued to suck him fast and furiously. He started to moan and couldn't believe the pace, feeling his balls starting to tighten up closer to his cock. Jackson's 6.5” were hard after Matt was ordered to improve his efforts. “Yah, suck that dick,” he told Matt, who tried his best, but sometimes gagged on the big shaft as Jackson shoved it further into the back of his mouth.

As they continued to suck their first cock, Tyler whispered into Dillon's ear yet again, after which he said, “when you cum, I want to see a bath,” recalling what Jackson had said to him last Saturday.

Alan couldn't handle the vacuuming he was getting from Carson any longer, and was the first to give it up. He pulled out, leaned forward, and stroked his swollen cock. “Aaaahhh, fuck!” he grunted as he blew globs of molten sperm over Carson's face, who closed his eyes and just took it.

“Put it back in your mouth,” Dillon ordered as he watched the events unfold. Carson obeyed and took Alan's cock, still drooling cum, into his mouth. He wanted to puke, but continued to suck as he tasted the boy goo, hoping that his payback was over.

Andy was now face-fucking Paul as he sucked his throbbing cock into his mouth with each thrust, both hands still clinging to his smooth buns. Panting like a dog, Andy groaned, “take it, take it, take it all!”

Ignoring the last order from Dillon, Andy began to shoot jets of cum into Paul's mouth, who wouldn't have let him take it out for a bath anyway. Paul greedily sucked and swallowed his first loads of cream as they spewed into his mouth, devouring Andy's cock as long as he could until Andy was completely drained and finally pulled out.

Hearing Andy's wild orgasm, Jackson couldn't hold back any longer. Even though Matt's sucking was lame, it was still a hot mouth and better than his hand. Obeying instructions, he pulled his cock out of Matt's mouth and beat it hard, finally dumping loads of thick, viscous ball gravy over his entire face. As he had done with Dillon, he used his big dick to smear his cream over Matt's closed eyes, cheeks and mouth.

Tyler watched with sweet revenge as Matt, the sex fiend, was degraded like a whore in front of him.

Matt and Carson wiped their faces off using their underwear. “Is payback done?” asked Carson. “Not yet,” replied Dillon. There are still three cocks that haven't been used. “Matt, you need to fuck some ass. The choice is up to you, but you have to lick it first. Carson, I'll let you choose whatever you want, but you need to empty your balls before payback is done. Paul, put that dick anywhere you want, but I want to see your cum. By the way, you can't use the same guy.” The final orders had been given.

Carson said, “but I don't think I can get it hard; I don't like this shit.” After another whisper from Tyler, Dillon responded, “you managed to fuck me twice a few days ago. Now do it!”

Matt didn't know if he could get it hard either, much less having to lick ass before fucking it. He felt like a turd, but knew that was his own doing. He glanced around the room, and chose Alan, who was probably his closest friend, if he even knew what the word meant. “Will you?” Matt asked. “Let's do it!” Alan replied, quietly repeating the same words he used when they both decided to rape Dillon.

Paul spied the room, and his gaze wandered immediately to Jackson's smooth, black body. His loins were screaming as he chose him, but didn't know exactly what he was going to do, other than he needed to show his cum, as ordered. Carson, the one who didn't even want to be here at all, made his choice quickly, again wanting it just to be over. “Andy, “ he said, who perked up on the couch like someone had touched him with a hot iron. With that, the final payback began.

Carson walked over to Andy and said, “just suck it, maybe it'll work.” Andy took his flaccid cock into his mouth and started to suck. Not getting much reaction, he pulled it out and teased it with his tongue, telling him to just close his eyes and imagine something else. Matt pulled Alan onto the couch, who knelt on it, spreading his legs apart. Matt got down on his knees and, taking a deep breath, began to lick his crack, running his tongue along his tight pucker hole. Oddly, the more he flicked his way along Alan's hairless ass, the more his dick began to swell.

Paul chose to simply embrace Jackson, not tightly, but just holding him and running his hands across his soft skin. He could feel the heat between them and his own cock began to stiffen as he felt Jackson pull him closer. His mind was a blur as he wondered what he would choose to do.

Alan was enjoying the rim job, though he would never admit it. “Matt,” he said, breathing a bit heavier, “just fuck me and get it over with.” Startled, Matt spat on his dick and tried to press it against his tight hole, but there was no way it could be done without tearing him in half. “At least you greased me the first time,” Dillon said, as he watched. “I'll allow you the same favor,” Tyler said, guiding the entire episode. He handed Matt the tube of lotion he had used on Dillon the last time. “What irony,” Tyler thought as he watched Matt lube his hard cock and, with the same lack of mercy, thrust his entire dick into Alan's ass.

Alan screamed in pain as Matt violated his tight hole and fucked him like the swine he was, humping until his eyes glazed over and blew load after load of cum into him. Even then, Matt still didn't care about anyone else, lowering his entire weight onto Alan and nearly crushing him beneath it, his dick still inside him.

Carson knew it had to be done in order to get out. He did close his eyes and pictured a hot chick, just as he had done the first time. Andy knew he didn't like it, but was somehow committed to making it enjoyable. “Why did he pick me?” Andy asked himself as he gently sucked Carson's cock. “Okay, let's get it done, if that's what he wants so bad,” he thought. Andy started ravaging his cock as Carson had chosen to do before him. He sucked and slurped, doing what he could to get him to cum, but nothing raised his dick until he touched the slip between his bag and asshole. Slowly, he caressed it, telling him quietly that his girlfriend was dong it.

Like magic, Carson's cock grew to full length and Andy sucked him while massaging it further with his finger. “Oh, don't stop,” he begged. Grabbing his head with both hands, Carson bucked his hips and blew a load of hot seed into Andy's mouth, all the while thinking of a fictional hot girl. “Ooohh,” he moaned, as he emptied his balls into his mouth. Although he wouldn't tell him, Andy had loved his first cock suck and taste of cum.

Paul was still wrapped in a dream as he ran his hands along Jackson's body. Actually, his big cock didn't interest him that much. It was those smooth buns that drove him crazy. He moved around to the back and dropped to his knees. He ran his hands along the soft, rounded cheeks, starting to kiss them on each side, then licking his way to his tight hole. Gently parting the firm globes, he wormed his tongue into him.

“Oh, dude,” Jackson whispered as Paul continued to fuck him with his tongue. He finally stood up and, bending him over, placed the head of his rigid cock against his asshole, now wet with his saliva. Jackson flinched and grimaced as he slowly pushed his dick into the virgin ass.

Taking him by the hips, he began to fuck him, feeling his hard cock enveloped by the tight, steaming ass. His pace rapidly picked up as he thrust into him, slamming his hips against those dark, firm buns until he couldn't take it any longer. “Oh, fuuuuuck!” he yelled as jets of sperm shot into his ass. He pulled Jackson upright and wrapped his arms around him tightly as he continued to thrust and shoot until he had completely emptied himself. As he finally pulled his cock out of the tight ass, he watched as his cum leaked out of his hole and down onto his bag.

Jackson cleaned himself up with his underwear and asked, “so, is payback done?” Dillon scanned the group and said, “yes, it's done. You can leave.” Tyler whispered into Dillon's ear again. “Wait, everyone can leave except Andy and Paul. Andy disobeyed my order to give Paul a bath, so there will be extra punishment for them.” While Andy and Paul looked at each other anxiously, the others put their clothes on and left.

“Now what's going to happen?” asked Andy. Tyler replied this time, saying “you two are going to fuck each other until you can't get it up anymore. Now get to it.” Paul looked at Andy with a smile on his face, and wrapped his arms around him, kissing him on the lips. They both savored their first boy kiss and the passion increased between them. Totally absorbed in their lust, they didn't see that Tyler and Dillon were tearing at others' clothes until both were naked and locked in a crushing embrace, kissing each other deeply, their hard cocks tight between them. Paul finally came up for air and saw the two locked together.

“” he asked, taken completely by surprise. Tyler broke his kiss long enough to look Paul in the eyes and smile, gently nodding his head, then resumed kissing Dillon.

Dillon buried his face in his lover's neck and whispered, “Tyler, I want you to fuck me. I need you inside of me. Please, Tyler, fuck me, fuck me!” Tyler dropped to his knees and turned Dillon around. He ran his hands over his smooth back as he began licking and kissing his bronze ass. He didn't miss an inch as his tongue moved over the firm, round, little buns, finally spreading them to tease his tiny hole. He lapped and kissed, finally working his tongue into the tight hole.

“Ooooohhh,” Dillon crooned as Tyler slipped his index finger into his ass. He gently finger-fucked him until he couldn't stand it any longer. Getting up, he led Dillon to the couch, where Andy was now feasting on Paul's cock. He gently pushed him to the floor so he was on his back. He used the lotion to grease his throbbing cock while Dillon pulled his legs up, arms under his knees. Tyler went to the floor and guided his cock to Dillon's pucker, gently rubbing the head against it, then slowly embedding it entirely in his ass. He fell forward to his elbows, putting his hands on the backs of his shoulders as Dillon wrapped his legs around his own.

Their bodies pressed together, Tyler began to fuck him. He looked deeply into Dillon's eyes as he thrust into him, then kissed him passionately. Burying their faces in each others' necks, Tyler increased the pace of his thrusts and began to pant. He never imagined how good it could feel having his cock deep inside a tight boy ass that was hotter than a blast furnace. “Oh yes, Tyler. Fuck me!” Dillon moaned as he sensed him reaching the breaking point. He ran his hands over Tyler's smooth back and caressed his hairless ass, tickling his hole with his fingertip. Unable to control himself any longer, Tyler pumped into him and let out a loud groan as he shot volley after volley of cream into his lover's body. “Yes, yes, yes!” Dillon panted as he felt the hot cum fill his ass. They remained in a tight embrace after Tyler had drained his balls, kissing each other softly.

The remainder of the day was filled with sucking and fucking until no amount of tongue work could get anyone hard. The adventure had come full circle, and what an adventure it had been!

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Hahahaha, I have to say, I can't really pick a favorite here- well, obvious choice is Dillon and Tyler, I mean, their relationship is so cute! But, I have to say, even though he seems like the antagonist here, I do like Matt's roughness... :3

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