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Be careful what you wish for because you just might get it
Chapter 9

Holy Shit my daughter wants to fuck me!

So, as you can see from the title of this chapter this is a story of incest. If this theme does not sit well with you then please leave now and move on to something that actually interests you. I hope that you won’t read this and then leave some nasty comment this is your forewarning. For those of you that have been enticed by this story and haven’t read the previous chapters I have from time to time in this chapter reviewed in a small paragraph so you can try to keep up. My suggestion is to start at the beginning and then wait for this chapter as it will all make sense to you. Once again this is a multifaceted story with many characters so there will be portions that there will be very little sex but those portions help to push the epic story forward. With no further adieu………

Case Study 301: Holy shit my daughter wants to fuck me!

Meanwhile back in Los Angeles at FBI headquarters:

Tom was standing in front of a huge white eraser board that had various head shots on it that formed a pyramid with notes scribbled around each picture. Assembled in the room was a combination of his Organized Crime Task Force of New York City, Eric, Danny, Travis and Jeremy. Then there were the three detectives from the Los Angeles police force Gemma, Karen and Matt. All three detectives from the LA police force sat in awe as they weren’t used to the nice digs that the FBI had and sat intently listening to Tom trying to piece together what happened the night of the Salvatore Palandolpho assassination.

Tom started the meeting off and said, “Well, now that we are all back in Los Angeles; it is time for us to start to see exactly where we are and take stock of any assets that we may or may not have and if we are able to continue on with this case collectively or do we split up our combined efforts once and for all.

So, let’s start with Eric and Danny first. You guys just got back from western Pennsylvania. I know that you confirmed most of Dr. Spencer’s information that our witness revealed in her earlier therapy sessions but what about any follow-up information and are there any new leads?”

Danny was the more senior of the two so he took the lead, “Well, boss something definitely happened back there with this Kristen Foster girl that’s for sure. The family is not as forthcoming as we thought they would have been. It seems once we hit town, we talked to Kristen Foster’s old elementary school teacher. Once we did that the word got out to her immediate family and the rest of Latrobe for that matter rather quickly and they all sorta just like ~ clammed up about her ~ especially about the Foster family name in general. We did call Doctor Spencer and fill him in on our findings for you as well.”

Tom said, “Well, that’s disappointing. Is there anything that we can follow up on?”

Eric then chimed in and said, “I’ve been doing some digging. The family has suggested on several occasions that there was a home invasion in which the mother and daughter were both beaten and raped and the younger son accidently poisoned his self. The only problem is that we haven’t been able to confirm or deny definitively anything about the incident. The only thing that is definitive is they found the son dead from drinking some bleach. As far as the home invasion and the rapes it seems like it never even happened. If it did then it has been wiped clean by the police and the local DA’s office. Both departments just put up one road block after another when we requested copies of the incident.

We did find that three men went on trial for breaking into the house on that evening. The judge of the case against the three men that supposedly broke into the home ~ well he sealed all the court records of the trial and as far as the Latrobe Courthouse is concerned the rapes and beatings never actually happened. With that the DA’s office just won’t budge an inch either. The police reports basically say that two patrol officers went out to the Foster house to look into a disturbance that night. Now as far as the mother being raped there was no mention of it in their reports. The son on the other hand was found dead on the kitchen floor with a bottle of Clorox opened next to him and it was ruled an accidental homicide. The brother-in-law Donny Foster an ex-police Captain of the Pittsburgh Police Force stated that either someone from the courthouse or from the Latrobe Police force leaked small details out about what really took place in that house that night but no one knows who the actual person was.”

Danny chimed in, “The family and the teacher both told us that there was an incident that took place in the Foster home. That the young girl Kristen Foster and her family had suddenly picked up and left Latrobe with nothing on their backs. It was as if they just slipped out of town one night once and for all and never came back. The reason being that the family moved from the Latrobe area seemed to stem from around three young boys in young Kristen Foster’s grade who were terrorizing the poor girl who is now in our custody. There are several different stories about where the family eventually ended up. Some people said the family stayed in Pennsylvania and some said they moved out to the mid-west a few offered that it could have been to Oklahoma.”

Eric then broke back in, “The only problem is ~ it’s like this girls whole family, just dropped off the face of the earth once they left Latrobe. The only family member that has surfaced since they left is the young girl who now sits in the secret clinic and is catatonic and can’t tell us a damn thing about herself or what happened that night in the hotel room. We have no record of them actually moving out of the house in Latrobe even though the older brother and his family are now living in the home. When I researched Oklahoma State records of when they should have moved there ~ there was nothing that could prove that either the Foster family name or the Valentine alias that she was using at the time of the incident was ever found in the Oklahoma records fitting their deions. Right now that seems to be a real dead end.”

Tom interjected, “They moved out of the state trust me. I’ll bet that there is a lot of truth with the alias but a different alias. They left the state because of this home invasion that no one wants to admit to happening. We are going to have to do a better job and look into newspapers in Pittsburgh perhaps they covered the story. There has to be someone in the DA’s office who is willing to talk or someone who worked there at the time and has moved on. We need to do a little more digging. Also find the girls guidance councilor and I bet we will get something from her or a vice-principle that has some scruples about transferring her trans to another school whether in Pennsylvania or some other state. Let’s get on it people. Also if they used an alias we should look into the guys that were charged for the break-in and rape of the mother. If they were in a gang or were part of, let’s say, a biker gang then they could have put the family into Wit Sec (witness protection) and moved them to a secret local.”

Tom turned to Matt and Karen and said, “So, tell me what happened with the interview of the owner of Corporate Partners?”

Karen looked at Matt and he looked back at her and Karen said, “You can tell him.”

Matt stood and then moved towards Tom, “Is it okay if I use the board? Besides I think better on my feet.”

Tom moved to Matt’s seat and sat, “Look anything that is going to push this case forward I am up for whatever theories that you may detective.”

Matt moved to the board and then started re-arranging the pictures. “With all due respect Tom let me show you my theory. I know this Palandolpho guy was in the mob and all ~ and this board represents that paradigm ~ but I am sorry to say with this case, it is an antiquated for my theory. After interviewing Alicia Fischer the owner of Corporate Partners; Karen and I both feel that there is a huge new paradigm that we need to be investigating.”

Tom said, “Alright I am up for whatever is going to bring the person who ordered the hit to justice as well as collapse what is remaining of Palandolpho illegal activities.”

Matt clapped his hand and smiled then he pointed at Tom and said, “Yup that’s it. You told Captain Stiller that you felt Palandolpho was using his connection with the Moretti crime family as a front to his own personal business empire. An empire that is worldwide ~ Karen and I think that we have found the key to his entire operation.”

Eric said, “Do tell. I would love to hear this.”

Matt said, “Well, the smartest thing that we’ve done so far is to keep the death of Sal a secret to the general public. The only people that really know anything are Adam McCormick and Alicia Fischer and so far from what we know about Sal’s operations world-wide is that they are all still doing business as usual. The only thing that seems to have slowed a little is the amount of drug product moving in and around LA right now.”

Danny said, “So? ~ What? ~ They just think that Sal is out of touch right now.”

Matt said, “Exactly! Why? Tom has there been any chatter whatsoever back in Jersey or New York as to why Sal hasn’t been heard from?”

Tom shrugged his shoulders and said, “Well, it’s been about almost two months now. Jo-Jo hasn’t seen or heard from Sal but that’s nothing new as long as the money flows up to him. Although we’ve gotten some grumblings from his crew, their getting worried as there seems to be some jostling going around as to who should take over Sal’s crew if he doesn’t come back. No one knows where he is but he has disappeared before like this. So our wire taps have picked up on Jo-Jo giving orders to find Sal and that nothing has changed for now.”

Matt said, “So, that means we are on a clock to try and figure all this out, right? How much time we have is something that we don’t know but once Jo-Jo makes his move that means that time is running out. Once it gets out that Sal has disappeared all of his business contacts are going to clam up and either shut down and move in a different directions or they are going to break out on their own to continue to make money on their own.”

Eric said, “You said something about the key to his empire?”

Matt said, “Okay follow me here guys.” He pointed to Sal. “The reason I put Sal up here and moved out Jo-Jo out is because I feel that Sal could care less about Jo-Jo. You see Sal needs to keep a front with the Moretti’s so that he can slip around secretly developing something that would dwarf Jo-Jo right under his big fat Italian nose, right Tom? You said that he’s traveling to Asia, Europe and South America?”

Tom was beginning to like where this was going and said, “Yeah, I think he’s got contacts in about fifteen to twenty different countries right now that we know about.”

Matt snapped his fingers and said, “Right. So, Sal not being a stupid gangster he knows that he’s probably under constant surveillance in New York. So if he keeps a low profile there nobody is going to suspect him from creating something as large as we think he was running before he was killed. I believe he was looking to become the big boss once and for all. To be a boss of an empire that he had constructed on his own, with his own people that he trusts and controls and if that means removing Jo-Jo Moretti out once and for all ~ I think he was prepared to do that as well.

For our purposes right now we are only concerned with LA and the only two people that belong under Sal are Adam McCormick and Alicia Fischer. Now, I understand that there are more than likely there could be like ten other people under Sal world-wide. But for right now we have to deal with what we are sure of. From what Adam McCormick told us in his interview with Karen and Gemma a couple of weeks ago; that he has about four or five other partners world-wide. He mentioned that the five of them were speaking about a new deal that they were working on outside of the United States at the night club the evening of Sal’s assassination. They’re just like him just partners and you have some general ideas of who they are. But here is the real question if Sal is on equal footing with them then who runs this whole thing. I think we need to dig real deep to find our real Cartel leader.

Danny chimed with a real sarcastic tone and said, “Oh that’s just fucking great! Now we have to find ~ who ~ who are we supposed to be looking for Matt? We would have a better chance at catching the fucking Phantom Menace? We have to find someone that we have no clue as to who the hell they are or where they may be.”

Matt said, “Well, I might have a solution to that problem. The night of the assassination ~ Adam told Karen and Gemma in his interview that Sal was there to meet with his partners. They were all there to throw in some money for that new project that they were going to start on some island. What if there are video tapes at the club or in the VIP room of all the players? Ah ~ that’s right if there is tape that means we could run their faces through the Interpol or thru the INS data bases and get names, dates and other pertinent info. We could possibly find out who the fuck the Phantom Menace actually is Danny.”

Eric said, “So, what you’re saying is that one of the partners either put the hit out on Sal or perhaps this Phantom Menace guy that we need to find?”

Matt said, “Yeah, if there is audio on the tapes perhaps we can find out what they were talking about. Maybe Sal was overstepping his bounds somehow with the other guys.”

Gemma said, “Well, I don’t think that we are going to split apart now. I think that we have a lot more digging to do and we really need to get into the backgrounds on all these people rather quickly if you like you say we are now on a clock Matt.”

Matt said, “Okay, now that we have other people to look at what we know is that Sal might be moving around the world Tom but he’s going to the same places and following the same itinerary each time. To me it seems like he was just overseeing the guys he was in control making sure everything was operating the way he wanted. But I’m telling you he answers to someone higher up other than Jo-Jo Moretti and he’s probably the one who ordered the hit on him. Sal probably pissed off the head of this cartel somehow. So in order to figure out who the head is, let’s start with Adam and Alicia who are directly under Sal right here in LA and perhaps we could shake out a name as to the true identity of the head of the cartel.

So, from my personal investigation of Adam McCormick with Vice is that he runs all sorts of the drugs perhaps Sal was his lone supplier. We even felt that with the amount of truck deliveries that came and left his club on a daily basis, we at Vice formulated a theory that Adam was moving all kinds of drugs around California and using his night club as a base of operations. Now, I believe that it is not a theory but fact. Considering the fact that most of Sal’s business in the States dominates both the East Coast and West Coast. At this point we don’t know who runs his drugs for him on the East Coast we will only deal with Adam here on the West Coast. He is running drugs right out of his club but with his vast connections that he has. Those connections are other clubs in LA, San Diego and San Francisco etcetera, etcetera; you have a larger land mass than that of the east coast. Who would gain the most from Sal’s death? We need to dig much deeper with Adam.

Now, we move onto Alicia Fischer. She seems to be a very non-assuming person that is just basically running a high profile call girl service. But why would she be so high on this food chain. This is why, unlike drugs where there are tons of law enforcement agencies watching you; once a drug is consumed you need to replace that with more products for your customers. But, see when you traffic a person to a specific local you have a reusable resource to continuously to make money. Also moving people around the world is much more profitable especially in a criminal enterprise such as Sal’s.”

Eric said, “Well, I am still waiting for how an escort service is so important.”

Matt said, “All that leads up to this. During our interview with Alicia she said that she has locations all around the world. She was very specific that she had fifty-three offices scattered worldwide. The questions we have to ask are who funded the offices and their operations? Who works at these offices? Are these points of contact a way to have a person in each local to run people, guns, money and drugs without their direct knowledge? Think about it ~ a nice big clean office that has twenty or more employees that speak a myriad of languages who all have alias’ that make the business seem to be completely legitimate. Alicia gave up this information unwittingly. Alicia was more worried about giving up the names of all the men who are in her little club. What she didn’t know is that her foundation of her business was the key to Sal’s empire. Either she knew about it and didn’t think that we would put two and two together or she feels completely protected by her high level contacts.”

Danny moved over to Matt and put his hand on his shoulder and pointed at the board and said, “Absolutely brilliant. It ties everything together and they operate right under the noses of the various government agencies nice and quietly. Alicia nabs these very rich men and puts them in her dating club and then she’s got them by the short hairs. I’m sure some of the girls that the men are fucking are probably the actual kidnapped underage girls. Once the men are seen with the younger females Sal has them by the short hairs. It’s not so much who she knows ~ it’s the people that the high powered men know.

So, if I understand what you’re saying is, for example, if Alicia has a senior vice-president of say Boeing who is in her club she probably has him by the short hairs. It’s not that he is going to protect her ~ but it’s going to be his important friends at Boeing and the sphere of influence they have in the political realm and business worlds that are going protect him and ipso facto the dating club. Everybody knows the other person who they are doing a favor for; it’s just like they’re doing a favor for a friend. In the process they are protecting an enterprise that is running drugs, guns and people all over the world ~ it is just absolutely brilliant. Just as long as their names are not made public they’ll do whatever it takes to keep their anonymity.”

Tom stood up and said, “Terrific work Matt and Karen. I want you to go back Alicia and ask for a list of all the offices in all of the countries that they do business in. We might be able to pick that information up from their website but let’s confirm it. Then we need to find out if there is any video of the nightclub and get a subpoena for the tapes. Okay guys, that’s it for now let’s get on it.”

That same morning back in New Mexico:

Miles began to stir in bed as he rolled to the left and his arm swung over gently so as not to wake his lover, Courtney. When his arm came down to rest there was no warm body but the sound of a crumpling of a piece of paper. Miles wiped his eyes clean of the night and then picked the note up and began to read. ‘Miles, Good morning sweetheart  I just want to say that I love you! Last night was tremendous for me and you are a wonderful lover. Thank you for understanding all of the things that happened to me when I was a child and the other thing that has been happening recently with me and my father. I would love to talk to you more about it but unfortunately I was called into work early this morning and I didn’t want to wake you, my Romeo. Don’t forget you are going to need to pick up the Rugrat from the Striker’s house sometime around noon for me today. Love you, see you tonight. P.S. It would be nice if we had your macaroni surprise for dinner. Love you, Courtney.’

Miles put the note down and called out for Courtney and he waited for an answer but there was no response just quite peaceful silence. Then he began to smile as he escaped from the bed still nude from the night before with the aroma of skanky sex still on his skin. Normally with Courtney and his daughter Amy in the house he would have to put on his pajama bottoms and his robe to leave his bedroom. He went to the bathroom and noticed that it had already been used that morning by Courtney as he witnessed the damp towel hanging from the doorknob and the damp washrag on the side of the sink. His smile got just a little bigger as he stood and let loose a nice long hard stream of urine into the toilet.

Then still naked Miles stripped the bed of the cum-stained sheets. Then with blankets in hand, he traversed the curling staircase down to the kitchen and into the laundry room to wash away everything that happened in his bed the night before. When he returned to the kitchen there was a half pot of coffee still nice and hot. Pouring a cup of coffee and mixing cream and sugar in it and taking his first sip his body reacted to the caffeine. He then walked to the sliding door in the kitchen opened it and walked out onto the back deck still naked as a Jay bird. Miles’ home sat on the top of ridge giving him complete privacy, so, there was no one who could witness his nudeness. Then he took in a deep breath of fresh morning air lifted is arms to the heavens and for about fifteen minutes sipping on his coffee watching the sunrise crack over top of the mountain tops and Miles at last his smile was almost ear to ear.

Miles just realized the he was free for at least the next three hours and since he is not on call this weekend at the clinic he was finally free to do whatever he wished. Then his smile was complete realizing that for the first time in several months that he was actually all by his lonesome. He actually had the run of the house all to his self then he decided to spend his time productively and continue his research on his new incest theory. Miles with a little gitty up in his step quickly retreated back inside to his bathroom that he didn’t have to wait for because one of the girls was inside for some ungodly amount of time. Miles started his day as he always did with his three ‘S’ routine, shave, shit, shower.

Now that Miles was nice and clean and had a clear head he hadn’t been this excited about his work in quite a while. Miles remains completely perplexed on how to solve the riddle that is his patient, Kristen Foster. Most patients that come to him with brain traumas are the result of some physical accident and none have ever been in a coma or had a psychotic break. With Kristen there was no physical trauma that he is aware of to her head but she has suffered a major psychotic break that has led her to an unfortunate Catatonic state. Miles thus far has been unable to put the pieces of her puzzle back together.

Miles has just gained the knowledge that while Kristen was a pre-teen she had witnessed her mother being beaten and raped by three men. Once her mother became unconscious the same fate had befallen her by her mother’s attackers. They had beaten her and raped her to the point where she needed plastic surgery on her face and her vagina was torn open so badly that she needed stitches to repair her vagina. Then only to make matters worse for her she woke the next morning to be the one that found her younger brother dead on the kitchen floor of her home. Now, years later in her early co-ed life she had just witnessed a quadruple shootout in a hotel suite that ended up with each player killing one another. Miles feels with both of these traumatic incidents that Kristen is trying to protect her own sanity and has locked herself away in her own world deep inside of her subconscious.

Kristen has suffered a massive psychotic break and in her daily conscious state is Catatonic as if she seems to be locked away in her own form of a coma even though she appears to be awake. Miles has deployed various hypnosis techniques so that she can function and take care of her everyday needs of eating, sleeping, bathing and using the bathroom from simple commands and natural bodily urges. Other than those very specific incidents during the day Kristen sits as a living statue never moving and her eyes staring out into nothingness.

Miles has never had a case that where after the couple of months of therapy that he has not been able to chip away at her exterior. He has on the other hand been able to use a technique known as Regression that taps into her subconscious part of her brain. When she is Regressed Kristen actually comes to life and in her subconscious thoughts thus far her memories have only reached her eight-year-old ego. During these episodes Miles has learned from Kristen that she has been involved in an ongoing incestuous affairs with each individual person in her immediate family. She has yet to tell him the story of the home invasion but he has decided to continuously speak to her in the Regressed state of her mind until Kristen is comfortable telling him about it.

The one thing that he has learned from her therapy sessions is that even though each adult in her immediate family is having sex with her, Kristen actually has become a willing participant in her incestuous affairs and Miles feels that she is a nympho and she herself has become a seductress of her own accord. He also feels that the fact that her family are nudists only contributes to this way of life and that sex and nudity are just an everyday occurrence at her home. Thus being nude and having sex with other family members has taken on a form of normality for her in which each family member is experiencing a loving caring sex life instead of a loathsome incestuous affair between the family members.

This knowledge has made Miles excited as for the first time in years his work has become challenging and has led him to develop a new theory, that if a child who enjoys the experience of having sexual relations with another family member that a child could possibly morph into becoming a seductress. Knowing that he had hours and hours of un-interrupted peace and quiet from the outside world he put on a pot of tea and fired up his pipe. He selected a mild blend of tobacco from the northern part of Scotland and delved back into his research.

Mile sitting in his private office at home in front of his computer remotely logged into his computer at the office at the Camelot Clinic. Reopening the case files from the previous day he began comparing additional commonalities that suggest that adults can actually be seduced by their younger sexual partners. As he poured over the same 400 or so cases there was were several denominators that went in to his seductress theory. The biggest commonality was that, the majority of adults that were involved in a current incestuous affair with another family member is, when they where a child had sexual relations with other family members or a trusted person that was close to the family. It wasn’t something that had happened only one time it was something that happened on impulses between them and it happened on a continual basis when they were children. Later as adults they just transposed that love of a sexual relationship back onto their own children or other younger family members.

The other case studies revealed to Miles as he went though page after page of therapy notes is that, incest is not a one chance opportunity. It seems that incest is created by an impulse between one family member and another. As for a child who is actually seeking out to continue said sexual relationship with the other family member has a deep desire to act older than their actual age. This allows the elder family member to be tempted by sex from the younger family member. Most seductresses seem to be pre-teens who are just mimicking what they have witnessed on the internet or watching other family members having some form of sex activity or actual intercourse.

Most pre-teens in the case studies were found to have fantasized about either parent, aunt, uncle or even the grandparent depending on who they felt the closest to. Incest for the under aged person is something that is not taught but is played out by impulses on their part to feel like they are grown adults and on equal footing with their older sexual partner. Then Miles’ train of thought was broken by the piercing sound of the house phone ringing. He picked up the phone, “Hello.”

It was Amy is daughter, “Daddy can you pick me up at the Striker’s house in an hour?”

Miles couldn’t believe that he went through a whole pot of tea and half of his Northern Scottish stash of pipe tobacco but also that he had blown thru four hours of research as to him it only felt like he was in his office for about fifteen minutes or so. Finally he responded to his daughter, “Sure thing honey. I’ll see you in an hour. Please be ready because daddy has to make dinner tonight and I still have some light research to do once I get home, okay?”

Amy said, “Sure thing daddy.”

It was a little over an hour later when Miles pulled up at the Striker’s house. He went up to the door rang the bell and Mrs. Striker a tiny 5’2” woman with short brown hair that was cut just below her ears and whose weight about 180 lbs answered the door, “Hey is Amy ready to go, Paula?”

Paula even though she was pleasantly plump looked like she went through the wringer having twelve or so thirteen-year-old girls over for a slumber party, “Amy should be ready ~ hold on a sec.” Paula opened the door to invite Miles in and then went half way up the stairs, “Amy your father is here.”

Amy seemed had been shot from a cannon as she came flying down the steps. As she reached the bottom step Paula had just moved out of the way just in the nick of time as Amy cleared the staircase and she flew by and Paula to hug her father, “I’m ready to go daddy.”

When she released her father she was about to blow out of the house like a gale force wind when Miles said, “Hey ~ Rugrat! ~ hey don’t you have something to say to Mrs. Striker?”

Amy turned and went back in and gave Paula a hug and said, “Thanks again Mrs. Striker. Thanks for letting me stay over last night. Okay bye.” With a satisfied look on her face she began to ~ just like glide out of the house in complete contentment.

Paula looked directly at Miles but directed her comment to Amy, “Sure honey it was a pleasure having you. You can stay over any time you want honey.” Once Amy was out the front door racing towards Miles’ SUV Paula said to Miles, “You know Miles you and I can have a sleep over any time you want.” Then she giggled at him.

Miles chuckled back at her and said, “That sounds like fun the only problem is that your husband would break me in two.” Miles was out the door and on the porch when he turned and politely said, “Listen Paula thanks again for everything and having my Rugrat for the night. I hope she wasn’t too much trouble.”

Paula was at the door ready to close it and said, “She wasn’t any problem, Miles. She can stay over anytime she wants to Miles. Oh by the way ~ tell Courtney I said hello.”

“Sure, thing Paula.” Miles had finally retreated to the SUV where his daughter Amy was quickly scanning the radio stations for her favorite one. Once she had it dialed in AC/DC’s Black in Black was on then volume went way up and she began to bounce to the beat of the music. Miles got into the SUV and the first thing he did was turned the music down and asked, “So, did you have a good time, Rugrat?”

Amy said, “Sure did daddy but I’m really tired we stayed up all night long and just like talked.”

Miles said, “I bet you did.”

Amy said, “The only thing is that the Striker’s eat way too much junk food.”

Miles looked at his cute daughter and said, “Every family is different honey. Now we have to go the supermarket because Courtney wants me to make my macaroni surprise for us for dinner tonight.”

Amy said, “That sound great. You haven’t made it in a couple of weeks now.” There was silence between them as they drove off then about half way to the market Amy finally broke the silence between them turned down the radio after the song ended and she asked, “Daddy you’ve been working a whole bunch lately is everything okay with you and Courtney? You never worked so many late hours before and now you’re doing ~ research? I thought you had people at your office to do that stuff for you.”

The mentioning of Courtney’s name made Miles think back about what Courtney told him the night before about her new incestuous relationship with her own father and Miles knew he wanted to do a better job than Courtney’s father did. It was at that very moment that he realized how much he really did love Courtney even with her problems and he said, “First off, everything is okay between Courtney and me honey you don’t have to worry about us. Second, I have a very difficult case that was thrown into my lap and I haven’t been able to put any pieces of the puzzle together yet on how to help her and it is frustrating me to no end. Third, I have the whole weekend to stay home with you and Courtney but she got called into work early today but should be home around dinner time.”

They pulled into the parking lot of the supermarket then as they were walking into the market Amy took her father’s hand and it sorta thru Miles off a little bit since she hadn’t held his hand for several years now, especially since she has told him that, ‘she’s all grown up now.’ As they walked around the store as Amy was filling her father in about the events of the night before at the slumber party. Once she got through everything from the previous night Amy changed the subject and asked, “So, can you tell me about this hard case that was just thrown into your lap daddy? Or is it one of those top FBI secret things that nobody is allowed to know about?”

Miles began to chuckle, “Well, I guess I can tell you some things but it may not be to your liking.”

Amy said, “I am old enough to handle it trust me daddy.”

Miles said, “Okay, you are right about one thing, the last month or so I have been frustrated with this one case in particular. So, are you really interested Rugrat or are you just being polite?”

Amy said, “I want to know what has you so stumped daddy?”

Miles said, Okay I can’t give you her name but here it goes. Our subject is between the ages of 16 to 20. The FBI thinks that they have identified her but still are unsure because her fingerprints haven’t shown up in any criminal data bases. That’s good because she isn’t a criminal but it’s bad because the person that they think they have was using an alias and supposedly she goes to UCLA.

Her story goes like this. My patient and her girlfriend went to a night club in LA. There they spent several hours in a private room for just VIP’s. Later the two young girls left the night club with the owners and went to a hotel with them. Each girl went into separate rooms with each of the owners. My patient ended up having sex with the one owner. Sometime after that, a really bad man broke into their hotel room and killed two of his bodyguards. Then the bad man busted into the bedroom where they were and the two bad men shot each other. When the police found her she was in the bathtub rocking back and forth and she was catatonic.”

Amy didn’t understand, “You mean this guy had bodyguards?”

Miles said, “I just told you she witnessed four people getting killed right in front of her eyes and all you could take away from the story was that the guy had bodyguards?”

Amy’s head fell as she was embarrassed, “I’m sorry daddy. It’s just that ~ that if he had bodyguards he had to be like someone famous or something ~ like someone important ~ like a political dude or something?”

Miles said, “Well, I guess that could have been true but no he was a real scumbag. You know what he did for a living? He kidnapped young girls that are like your age and then sells them to other really bad men in places like Europe and Asia or he just made them be prostitutes.”

Amy said, “That’s horrible daddy. Why would any girl be with a guy like that?”

Miles said, “Well, that’s what I am trying to figure out. I don’t know if she was being kidnapped or not. I can’t talk to her because she is catatonic.”

Amy asked, “What do you mean by, catatonic, daddy?”

Miles said, “Catatonic is like your real stiff you don’t move all that much. You look like you are in a constant daze, you don’t react to anything like touching, smells, seeing things or hearing things. It’s like you are in a coma but you are awake.”

Amy said, “Oh, that’s just horrible daddy!” She shook her head and actually got a little emotional about it, “That’s so ~ like ~ horrible daddy. So, why did they bring her to you? And what are you going to do about it to fix her?”

Miles said, “Well, you know my college buddy Jon Corzine?”

Amy responded, “Yeah he’s the weird bald looking guy that came last Christmas to visit, right?”

Miles went on, “Yeah that’s him. Well, he felt that she was going to have a tough time being catatonic and all. So he asked me if I would try to help her. I have been working with her two hours just about every day since she’s come to the clinic and I still haven’t gotten her to even move a muscle.”

Amy squeezed her father’s hand, “That’s just horrible daddy. She is just like stuck ~ I guess her brain is like a CD that is scratched? It just skips over parts of who she is? And you haven’t been able to help her at all?”

Miles turned to her daughter and said, “No, I haven’t. I am able to hypnotize her and then she can talk to me but I am afraid that she might be making up stories. I think that her brain is creating a fantasy world of her own and she could be stuck there in her own fake fantasy world for a really long time.”

Amy was just as emotional as her mother had always been and she began to cry a little, “That’s horrible daddy can’t you help her at all?”

Miles said, “Well, I am doing my best Rugrat.”

Amy then asked, “Well if there is anything I can do to help just let me know daddy. I’ll even push her around your clinic and just talk to her if that would help her. Besides it sounds like she is a runaway. What do you think?”

Miles then said, “You may have something there with the runaway thing. There may be a way you could help her.” They brought their cart up to the check-out counter and Miles paid for everything and when they got into the SUV he continued their private conversation and said, “You know Rugrat you could help the young girl but I would have to ask you a very personal question.”

Amy said, “If I can help that poor girl I will try.”

Miles became really cautious about what he wanted to say but he found there was no way to beat around the bush. He was going to ask questions about his theory and he knew he was treading on thin ice with these questions as he may not like the answers to his questions, “You see daddy has been studying cases about a very sensitive subject ~ incest. I have read about 400 different cases in the last two days.”

Amy asked, “Incest? That is like ~ when like ~ brothers and sister’s have sex together or like older uncles go after their nieces or something like that right daddy?”

Miles shook his head up and down, “You see the young girl that I can’t help has been telling me all kinds of stories about incest inside of her family while I had her hypnotized. She tells me how her mommy and her daddy were having sex with her almost every day. Also she told me that both of her grandfathers and grandmothers had sex with her too. What do you think about that?”

Amy being the daughter of two well trained psychiatrists said, “Well, if she was forced to have sex with them then I think that they should all go to jail for a really long time because it would be like ~ they were raping her.” She paused for several seconds and then said, “But ~ you know ~ if she wanted to have sex with them ~ you know her parents and grandparents and they didn’t have a problem with it then ~ I think if it stays private and all ~ you know within their own family and all ~ I guess it’s sorta like ~ okay ~ I guess ~ just so long as the parents didn’t take advantage of her. Is that wrong what I just said daddy?”

Miles said, “Well, I think it is open to interpretation, honey. See she tells me that she started doing things with her grandfathers when she was younger than ten years old. What do you think about that?”

Amy said, “Mommy told me that boys and girls are growing up much faster today than ever before ~ especially when she was a little girl. So, I mean like ~ when I was that young ~ I got teased by other girls because I didn’t have ~ like a boyfriend.”

Miles asked, “Why? Do you think that is true that you have to grow up faster than mommy or me?”

Amy became really hesitant with her answer and said, “If I tell you something will you promise not to get mad at me daddy?”

Miles knew this was going to be bad but he wanted to be that good supportive father and he shook his head up and down emphatically and said, “Yes, in the name of science I promise that I will not get mad at you!”

Amy held out her curled pinky finger to her father and said, “Pinky swear daddy.”

Miles knew what she wanted to reveal was important because each time he had to pinky swear with his daughter it was her way of telling him she did something wrong but didn’t want to get punished for it. He held out his pinky and hooked his into his daughter’s and he thought, ‘how bad could this be she’s only thirteen for gosh sakes.’ I mean after what his girlfriend Courtney told him last night about having been molested on a continuous basis at a younger age than his daughter he thought, ‘what in the world could a thirteen year old tell me and he said, “I promise ~ I pinky swear not to get mad or angry or be disappointed at you.”

Amy not trusting her father slid away from him moving closer to her window on the passenger side. She sorta shrugged up and then brought her arm up like she was trying to protect herself and said, “Well, when I was about ten, I had my first boy crush on John Tyler.”

Miles looking at her body language knew this wasn’t going to be good and said, “John Tyler you mean the kid from down the street? He’s like four years older than you.”

Amy moved up her left leg as if Miles was ready to beat her and she said, “Daddy you pinky sweared right?”

Miles said, “Okay, Okay.”

Amy kept herself coiled in position to protect herself and said, “Well, I thought Johnny and I were like boyfriend and girlfriend. All my other girlfriends were jealous that I had a boyfriend already. Well, anyway after a month or so of us IM’ing each other online Johnny finally convinced me to play a game of doctor with him.”

Miles was just a little taken a back and said, “WHAT?”

Amy was now preparing herself to be hit but it never came, “Daddy please you promised. This is hard enough telling my daddy about boys as it is.”

Miles realized it must be important so he calmed down, “I promise and you don’t have to worry honey I am not going to hit you. Please just relax and tell me what happened, did you play doctor with Johnny?”

Amy said, “Well, not at first I was really nervous and none of my other girlfriends ever did anything like that with a boy before. Then you see like this one day me and my friends were like over his house swimming. Johnny like kissed me under the water and when we came up out of the water he asked me if, ‘I wanted to go inside so we could kiss and nobody could like watch us and all?’ We went up to his mommy and daddy’s room and he asked me if ‘I wanted to see something really cool?’ I didn’t want to be like a chicken or something so I said, ‘yeah.’ I was nervous about being alone in his parent’s room. We sat on the bed together in our swimsuits and he turned on the TV and he played ~ well don’t get mad daddy ~ it was a dirty movie. We sat there watching these people doing strange things to one another and he put his arm around me and tried to kiss me and all. But I couldn’t take my eyes off of the TV daddy it was like the first time that I saw something like that. I didn’t even know they made movies about how to have sex and all.

Miles brain was ready to explode but he had to remember that for the first time in Amy’s young teenage life she came to him and is willing to share something that is a secret of hers. He determined that he needed to be supportive because he wanted her to be able to come to him later in life whenever she really needs his help. “So, John made you watch a pornographic movie?”

Amy said, “Well, yeah. I mean I just like ~ it was so like so ~” Her eyebrows shot up and she had this little smirk on her face and said, “NEAT ~ you know what I mean daddy?”

Miles couldn’t hold it back, “So, this boy made you watch a dirty movie honey?”

Amy put her hand up to her face and smirked at her father, “At first yeah~ but then I was like ~ I just wanted to watch it ~ I wanted to know everything they were doing. It wasn’t like a movie you see on TV. I mean you get to see all the girl’s parts and the boy’s parts and what they do to each other with them. I couldn’t get enough of it I just wanted to sit there and learn as much as I could. Then it was my idea daddy not Johnny’s ~ now you promised daddy not to get angry at me ~ I had an idea that Johnny and I should try and like do like some of the same things they were doing inside of the movie.”

Miles had a whole range of emotions that he wanted to explore with his daughter but this incident has already happened so he continued to be as supportive and as calm as he could be and said, “Where in the world would you think that, that was okay to do with a boy at that age?”

Amy said, “Well, I knew in my human development class that, I couldn’t have babies because I hadn’t started my periods yet daddy. So I knew it would be okay to do some things with him. Besides Johnny and I still didn’t even like have peach fuzz over our ~ you know what’s.”

Miles said, “I can’t believe this. So did you actually do anything with him or ~ please just tell me you just watched the movie together and that is all that happened?”

Amy said, “Well, when the first couple on the movie finished there was like another couple right after and Johnny asked me, ‘do you want to try and do what they do?’ I figured why not and said, ‘yeah.’ So, like the girl started to kiss the boy on the movie and that seemed simple enough so, we did the same thing. She even put her tongue inside of his mouth. That was sorta weird at first to kiss Johnny with my tongue inside of his mouth but it made my head all dizzy and all. I really liked doing that with him it made my body sorta tingly with electricity if you know what I mean?”

Miles tried his best to try and restrain his self from exploding. He knew that he could break his daughters trust if he actually flipped out on her like he wanted to but Miles very calmly and sarcastically blurted out, “Are you kidding me you were only ten when this happened?!”

Amy ignored her father’s dismissive and joking tone and said, “Well we both decided that we were going to do the same thing as the boy and girl were doing on the movie. So, like ~ now ~ daddy don’t get mad ~ it was sorta like neat to try and be like a big girl that was in the movie. I watched as the girl pulled the boys pants down so I did the same thing to Johnny and I pulled his swim trunks down. His thing wasn’t nearly as big as the boy’s was inside of the movie. I mean ~ I was like really scared if his was a big as the one in the movie. Then the girl pushed the boy down on the couch and she touched his thing. She started to move her hand up and down on it really slow. I did the same thing but Johnny got upset at me because I kept squeezing it so like hard and all. I didn’t know that I could hurt him like that. Besides it felt so neat because it was so like hard and warm inside of my hand. I never felt anything like that before.”

Miles said, “So then he made you stop and you guys just stopped all together right?”

Amy said, “Daddy, are you going to let me tell the story? So like the girl in the movie let go of the boys ~ you know ~ but then the boy helped the girl like get naked and all. I was really nervous because Johnny was older than me and I didn’t want him to think that I was a baby. I wanted to be a big girl even though my boobs hadn’t started to grow like they are now. He helped me take my bikini off and once I was naked like Johnny the boy in the movie put his tongue down between the girl’s legs and started to like kiss her privates, and kiss it with his lips and he used his tongue down there.

Johnny didn’t want to do it like the boy inside the movie but I told him that it wasn’t fair because I used my hand on his ~ well you know daddy. So Johnny did just like the boy did inside of the movie. Johnny kissed me right here daddy.” Amy spread her legs and her skirt rose up to her hips then she pointed to the little thong she was wearing and said, “He kissed me right there daddy. It felt so much better with him kissing me down there than when he put his tongue inside of my mouth. I pretended that I was the girl in the movie and I grabbed his hair like she did and moved my butt up and down on his face like she did in the movie. I know why she was doing it that way because it made my privates feels so good.”

Miles was looking at his thirteen-year-old daughter realizing that this happened three years ago and said, “Honey close your legs that isn’t very lady like beside you shouldn’t be showing your privates to me like that. I guess that is all that happened?”

Amy said, “Well, not exactly because the boy got on the couch and then the girl she sorta like sat her privates down over his face as the boy was on his back and the girl kissed the boy’s ~ you know ~ and then she put ~ you know ~ his thingy ~ she put his thingy inside of her mouth. So I did the same thing. I didn’t want to chicken out I wanted Johnny to think I was a big girl and not some little kid. We kinda like kissed each other’s like privates for a really long time like they did in the movie. Then the boy pushed the girl on her back and made her spread her legs and then he pushed his thing inside of her ~ well, you know daddy.”

Miles said, “You didn’t let Johnny put his ~”

Amy said, “Well, I didn’t want to chicken out and all. I mean we both went so far already and we made each other feel so good. I mean the girl seemed to really like the way the boy was pushing his thing in and out of her privates and all. Johnny then tried to do the same thing like the boy but he when he put his thing inside of me it kinda got stuck inside of me. He said that, ‘he couldn’t push it all the way inside of me like the boy in the movie because something inside of me was like stopping him.’ So he opened my legs real wide and he looked inside and I told him that ‘I was still a virgin.’ Then Johnny just laughed and said, ‘yeah I forgot that girls have that little piece of skin inside of them. If I push hard enough it will break but it will hurt you but once I do you won’t be a virgin anymore.’ So I told him to ‘try and break it if he could.’ His thing wasn’t really all that big and it took him a while but he finally got his thing all the way inside of me.”

Miles was shocked as he was listening to the story of how his daughter lost her virginity at the age of ten, “So he broke your hymen and you’re no longer a real virgin?”

Amy said, “Now daddy ~ don’t get mad ~ we had the pinky swear ~ remember? You promised not to get mad. So anyway there was a little blood and it hurt at first ~ but daddy ~ I couldn’t help myself ~ his thing felt sOOOoooo goooooooood going inside of me that I just didn’t want him to stop what he was doing to me. So we tried like all the different ways they did it in the movie then the boy in the movie pulled out of the girl and he like squirted his stuff inside of her mouth and on her face. But no matter how much we tried Johnny just couldn’t ~ well you know ~ I guess we must have done something wrong because Johnny made me feel like so like unbelievably awesome but I couldn’t do the same for him. I guess we just did it wrong. But we never tried it again ~ I promise daddy ~ we never did that ever again ~ it just like happened just the one time ~ I promise and I swear to god.”

Miles pulled up into the drive way and instead of hitting his daughter or being really angry the fact that Johnny was too young to orgasm meant that they just took the exploration a little too far. He believed her that it only happened one time. She never lies to him and why would she lie after she just told him what she did at such a young age. “Amy I believe you. Please from here on out you are old enough to have babies so please promise me that you will wait until you really fall in love with someone. And if you do happen to put yourself into the throes of passion that you at least are on the pill and you are going to carry condoms from now on young lady.”

Amy said, “Daddy thank you for keeping our promise. Besides I told mommy all about it back then. She told me not to let any other boys put his ~ well ~ you know ~ into me until I fell in love with the boy and I was out of high school just like you said. Don’t worry about protection because Courtney when she took me to see the doctor the last time he gave me the pill just to be safe from now on.”

Miles mind felt like it was swept up by a tornado by the revelations of the two women that he has been closest to and he asked, “So, you pinky swore too, to tell the truth. Has any other boy done what Johnny did to you?”

Amy said, “I swear daddy no other boy has put his thing inside of me I swear.”

Miles thought to his self ‘every woman in my life has cheated on me. My fucking wife was doing her ex-boyfriend from the time we met up until we divorced. Now, I find out Courtney my girlfriend has been basically fucking her own father for more than half the time we’ve been together and now my precious little jewel lost her virginity at a prepubescent age. Then he looked at his daughter, “Honey, are you just playing a practical joke with me?”

Amy said, “I wish I was. You promised not to get mad at me ~ but no daddy I’m not. Mommy and I talked about it after it happened. She didn’t want to tell you because she said you wouldn’t have understood. Mommy said kids are growing up so fast these days and we think about sex way before we should be. Sex is on our minds all the time you know young boys and girls. Beside all the kids think that you’re a nerd if you don’t have like a boyfriend or if you go to a party and like don’t hook up.”

Miles had no idea how grown up his little girl really was. His heart was now in his throat as perhaps he was better of just not knowing what his daughter has been doing and then he asked, “So, what does it mean to hook up? Because what I’m thinking about what hooking up means is that you just lied to me about not letting a boy having sex with you again.”

Amy said, “Hooking up is like you talk to a boy at a party and kinda kiss him but nothing else really happens.”

Miles became concerned that he has been left out of the loop for a really long time and asked, “Honey, since we are still under the pinky swear ~ I know that we haven’t been as close or tight as I would like to be but I think that’s because I need to give you space to live your life ~ your way and let you grow up ~ just tell me the truth do you have a boyfriend right now?”

Amy said, “Right now? No. But if you are really interested I sorta have a crush on Seth Murphy.”

Miles said, “Seth Murphy? He’s like the back-up High School quarterback right?”

Amy shook her head, “Yeah.”

Miles was quite nervous because he is a sophomore in high school and his little girl is still in junior high. He wanted so bad to be the good father right now at this very moment and not be the father that just doesn’t get it, “So, a sophomore in high school huh, good for you. You girls always have the advantage you get to date the older guys and us poor schlubs of guys have to date girls younger than us because the girls our age think we’re ~ he put a sarcastic tone at the end ~ soooo immmatuuurrrre. Did you hook up with him?”

Amy was surprised that her father was really talking to her like an adult about boys. “No, not yet he doesn’t even know I’m alive” Her head hung low and she had those puppy eyes that just melts Miles, “You know what I mean daddy? He’s a high school boy why would he be interested in a girl that’s in junior high in the eighth grade? I’m still a little kid to him”

Miles said, “You’re going to discover real soon honey that if you don’t mind how much older a guy is that all men are going to be interested in you. Plus if he doesn’t notice you then he’s an idiot! He would be lucky to be with you. Just do me a favor okay honey; you don’t need to grow up so fast ~ you know ~ you can take your time if you want. Okay let’s go inside but this isn’t over young lady we still have a lot to talk about.”

Miles then retrieved the groceries as Amy got her sleeping bag and backpack and disappeared into the house. When Miles entered the house Amy had already made it upstairs and he could hear her talking on the phone and he thought to his self, ‘good talk honey.’ Then he went back to his study and continued his research.

Miles’ face was buried in the monitor of his computer when he noticed something there was yet another common denominator. Most adult males in these case studies openly admitted that their daughter’s, nieces, cousins even younger sister’s all dressed very enticingly. The males all believed that the reason these girls dressed this way was because they wanted to have sex with just them. The reports also went on in the therapist’s notes that the girls were already having sex at a very young age outside of the home. That scared Miles after what his daughter just told him in the SUV not more than fifteen minutes ago. They started having sexual contact before becoming a teenager and of course sex was a broad term it just didn’t pertain to sexual intercourse but fellatio, hand jobs, kissing, petting and receiving fellatio, fingers inside of the vaginal area and anus and grinding on male genital with clothes on and off.

Miles felt like he had a great breakthrough and wanted to plow further into the studies but he noticed the time was almost four in the afternoon. He knew that he was going to have to hustle to get dinner ready before Courtney got home and he hadn’t heard from Amy since they got home. He figured she was asleep because she probably didn’t sleep at all at her slumber party.

Miles hopped up out of his chair and made his way into the kitchen. Twenty minutes later or so the smell of dinner filled the house and it roused Amy from her deep sleep. She woke and she changed her clothes that she wore from the night before then went downstairs as her stomach was growling. She hopped down the stairs and bounced into the kitchen and saw her father standing over the sink cleaning some dishes and she came up behind him quietly and hugged him tightly from behind, “It smells good daddy! It’s so nice to have you home like this. I wish you didn’t have such an important job so you could be home more with Courtney and me.” She let him go and spun him around so they were facing one another and was looking down at her feet and said, “Um daddy ~ I just want to say ~ well like um ~ about what I said in the car. Thanks for like understanding and all. I promise that from now on I will like try and talk to you. I promise to be a good girl when it comes to sex and boys. But you have to promise to be like you were today. Okay?” She then stepped forward wrapping her arms around his waist and pulled him tight to her, “I love you daddy.”

Miles chest expanded as it swelled with pride and he smiled as he thought that was one of the sweetest things she has said to him in years. He then pushed her away spinning her around like they were dancing and then he pulled her back to him again and Amy was wearing a camisole with no bra. Her tiny a-cup breast stood at attention and she was wearing very tight Victoria secret shorts that hugged her thighs and made it look like the shorts were painted around her ass on the back of them had the word ‘pink’ lettered across her firm tight little ass. She had her Norwegian blonde hair pulled back in a tight ponytail that draped down to the middle of her back. She smelled like strawberries as most girls do at that age.

At that moment it hit Miles like a ton of bricks that after reading the 400 case studies, how older males in a household could misread a situation. Just like this one and create some sort of sick fantasy of their family member and confuse genuine love for their own lust for sex that they were not getting themselves. Miles could feel his penis start to fill with blood just like when he is sitting across from his young co-ed patient Kristen Foster. He pulled away from her and kissed her on the forehead as he thought that, that would be the appropriate thing to do and he said, “I think I need to be home more often at better hours honey and be more a part of your life. That is if you still want me to be there?” He looked into her eyes and smiled, “I don’t want to miss you growing up. I don’t want to come home one day to find you married and I missed the whole thing honey.”

Amy looked at her dad and thought ‘how weird he’s being but then realized that this was his way of saying that he loved her and wants to be more involved in her life’, “Don’t worry daddy I’m not going to let you miss anything. I promise.” Amy changed the subject and said, “Daddy before we started talking about boys in the car you were telling me about that young girl at your work that you are trying to help. You said you wanted to ask me some questions that might help her. What questions did you want to ask me?”

Miles was checking on the macaroni in the oven and when he popped his head back up he spun around to see his daughter sitting on a stool at the breakfast counter. Her legs were opened very wide so he could see Amy wasn’t wearing any underwear. He could actually parts of her vagina but most of it was being covered ever so slightly. His mind began to spin ‘stop it Miles you’ve got incest engraved on your brain man, that’s your fucking daughter.’ He cleared his head and then realized that he was going to have to ask her a question about incest, “Well, honey I want to ask you a question that could be very sensitive and embarrassing for you ~ and for me. Have you ever caught mommy and me or Courtney and me ever having sex?”

Amy said, “Well, I did several times over the past year.”

Miles said, “I didn’t know about that ~ otherwise I would have talked to you about it. Do you want to talk about it?”

Amy said, “There was this one time when you and mommy woke me up I saw you in your bedroom and the next morning I asked mommy about it and mommy handled it daddy. She explained everything to me. I thought you were hurting mommy because I thought you two were having a fight. Then mommy told me about what it means to be intimate with a boy who you love and he loves you. The problem is mommy is very loud when she has an orgasm, I mean that’s why she told me she was screaming and yelling like that. Even your girlfriend Courtney thinks that she being so quite but I can hear her too ~ let’s just say that the last two times that you had sex with Courtney I knew about. I can hear you guys even you daddy I can hear you finish too.”

Miles was more than embarrassed at this point but pushed on in the name of science and said, “Well, you know that it’s was normal for your mom and me to be intimate before we got divorced. It’s also normal for Courtney and me to be together just like I was with your mother.”

Amy said, “Yeah ~ like duh ~ daddy you love them both I get that. So, what does me catching you and mommy or you and Courtney having sex have to do with the young girl at your clinic?”

Miles took the next stool next to his daughter and said, “Well, this young girl has had sex with multiple family members before she was a teenager. Normally, when there is incest it is usually only between two family members. Now, this young lady has had sexual contact with both of her grandfather’s, grandmother’s, her father, her mother, her older male cousin, her older female cousin, Uncle and Aunt.”

Amy sat there with her mouth open, “How is that possible? Why didn’t she tell anybody? I mean we were taught in school around grade two that if anyone was hitting us or touching us in the wrong places that we could tell our teachers and they could help us.”

Miles looked at his daughter’s smooth and unflawed face and said, “What if I told you that there are many young girls and boys who think that playing sex games with their brothers and sisters, daddies and mommy’s is just a normal thing. Like you and me playing tea together or dolls when you were younger. She told me that she was part of a special family and that I could never understand her because I was not part of a special family.”

Amy moved her hand to her father’s, “Daddy, that’s just horrible.”

Miles said, “Well, here is the question that I need to ask. I would like to ask a lot of girls your age this question but it could get me into a lot of trouble ~”

Amy liked the hint of danger she always did, “~So, what is this question that could get you into trouble daddy?”

Miles said, “Well, you have to promise ~ he held out his pinky ~ pinky swear honey ~ that you will tell me the absolute truth.”

Amy moved her hand grabbed her father’s pinky, “I swear daddy to tell you the truth just like I did in the car earlier today.”

Miles took a deep breath in, “Okay, here it goes, you are old enough now to understand about sex and I’m sure just like normal people you’ve touched yourself sexually. I mean you’ve pleasured yourself?” Miles wanted to reassure her. “Just remember honey every one masturbates including me, your mommy even Courtney. My question is really hard for me to ask because you’re my daughter, but here it goes. Have you ever ~ when Courtney and daddy are having sex ~ have you ever ~ masturbated at the same time?”

Amy’s white pale face became a rosy red color she sat there for a couple of seconds and put her forefinger to her mouth then smiled being all kinds of nervous and said, “Yeah I kinda did a couple of times. It wasn’t like at the exact time or on the same night and a couple of times the next morning before school when it was fresh in my head.” She got worried that she was doing something wrong and in an apologetic tone said, “I’m sorry daddy I didn’t mean to ~ but I just want to pretend like ~ like I was really having sex too.”

Miles said, “What if I told you that over the last two days I’ve been reading though therapist notes from over 400 cases where most of the young girls just like you that are your age and younger ~ that they too were involved in incest ~ they did the same thing that you did.”

Amy said, “Daddy ~ does that mean I want to have incest with you, daddy? I mean you were the one that I pretended was on top of me” ~ her face was really red now ~ “like you were the one who was like pushing your ~ your thingy inside of me and making me feel all warm and tingly on the inside. I remember what your ~ you know ~ looks like. I mean, I saw everything when you and mommy were in bed together all those years ago. I really wanted to try some things but I am afraid if I did them with a boy from school he would tell all of his boyfriends about it and I would be so embarrassed.”

Miles became really intrigued as his daughter confirmed part his theory about young people being sexually active within their mind before acting on their impulses. It also would support the other side of that theory that a child could become a seductress then he said, “Well, I am glad that you have shown some restraint from having sexual contact with the boys at school because you are right about them talking to one another. They would talk about you and you would be known as an ‘easy’ girl to have sex with. As far as incest honey just because you thought about having sex with me doesn’t mean that you and I will, do you understand that?”

Amy’s natural animalistic prowess took over her body and it shocked Miles and Amy as her hand went to her father’s crotch and she gently rubbed the palm of her hand around his penis and testicles over his pants and said, “I’m sorry daddy but I just want to know what your ~ thing feels like. What if I wanted to try something ~ you know daddy ~ try something naughty with you? I know that you wouldn’t tell anybody not even mommy or Courtney if we did that incest thing together.”

It must have been kismet because the words had not even escaped her lips when the phone rang. Miles was thrilled for the distraction because he had no answer to his daughter’s hand assault on his cock. Then he fumbled around the countertop to try and find the phone to answer it as Amy slipped off of her chair down to her knees between her father’s thighs and unzipped his pants. Miles was trying to push Amy’s hungry hands away from his crotch area as he answered the phone, “Hello.”

It was Courtney on the other end, “Hi, honey. Listen they just brought in a guy who just tried to commit suicide. I have to do the initial interview and set him up here at the hospital. So, I guess I’m going to be a couple of more hours. Why don’t you and Rugrat go ahead and eat dinner without me and I’ll be home later ~ I’ll make it up to you tonight in bed if you know what I mean Doctor Spencer?”

Miles looked down between his legs to see his teenage daughter’s assault had unzipped and unbuttoned his trousers and then she pushed the trousers down to her father’s knees releasing his penis from its constraints. Just as he was about to respond to Courtney’s sexual overtone his own daughter Amy made the head of his penis disappear into her small and tight teenager mouth. Miles tried to control his reaction and his breathing and said to Courtney, “Listen, don’t worry about anything honey, I understand you don’t have a choice. Besides Amy and I still have some things to talk about anyway. I will save you some dinner and see you in a couple of hours.” Miles finger was fighting to hit the end button on the phone so that Courtney couldn’t hear anything that was going on in the background. Just as he hung up the phone he watched as Amy opened her mouth as wide as she could and put his penis in her mouth then adjusting her angle she pushed down and the tip of his head entered her throat. Amy shimmied her head left and right and went all the way down to his base of her father’s shaft. She gagged herself repeatedly trying to swallow her father’s entire length of his penis. Miles’ eyes were wide with wonderment as he no longer saw his penis just the head of his daughter and her lips kissing the lower portion of his stomach and he had to ask, “How in the world did you just put my whole thing down your throat honey?”

Amy was gagging and coughing with her father’s cock wedged deep down her throat. She slowly allowed it to escape from her esophagus and she took in a deep breath. She wiped her saliva away from her lips and wiped the tears from her eyes. Then she looked up into her father’s eyes and said, “What? I practice every day. I try and swallow my small vibrator, carrots, bananas and cucumbers. Do you think that I’ve gotten very good at it Daddy? I want to be like the girls on the internet porno movies.” She opened her mouth wide again and began to swallow her father’s real cock again as it went down her throat. It expanded her gullet to its full capacity and she had to release her father’s penis. It was much more of a challenge for her mouth and throat than she thought it would be. She had to release it as she felt like she was going to throw up.

As her daddies penis slipped from her mouth there were several long strands of her saliva still connecting her lips to the tip of her father’s cock and she said with a labored breath, and all Miles could say was, “Holy Shit honey ~ I need to be home more often and to see what you are up to.”

Amy dismissed her father’s resentment and said, “So, I guess we have a couple of hours to have incest, right daddy?” Then not wanting to give up on her goal she pushed her mouth over his penis again swallowing as much of her father’s cock as she could. She got most of it inside but his length and girth made it seem impossible for her to reach her goal once again. Then she had to release it again as she felt her stomach ready to eject its contents and then she took several long hard breaths and said, “I mean ~ that is if you want to know if a young girl like me ~ is interested in having sex with her ~” she spoke very sarcastically ~ “ very well hung faaaather? Damn it daddy you are a lot bigger than I remembered.” She wiped the saliva dripping from her chin and the tears from her eyes again and said, “You know what daddy ~ yes ~ daddy I have thought about it for quite a while now. I mean I dress like this” She pulled away from her father and then pointed to the saliva stains on her camisole. “So that you will notice me, have you noticed me daddy?”

Miles looked down at his daughter and said, “Amy, stop! Amy, stop it! This isn’t right honey please stop. As good as you are making me feel right now we have to stop this before we both do something that we will never be able to take back.” But Amy was determined to swallow her dad’s cock and she opened her mouth again taking it back in her mouth then closed her mouth and teeth around the shaft of her father. Miles could feel the impending pressure beginning to build around his precious manhood and in a very gentle and very loving tone said, “Just be careful honey, don’t bite daddy you can really hurt me.”

Amy tried to talk with her father penis in her mouth and said, “I wan foo fry an mak ooo um in my outh.”

Miles couldn’t help it. As good as his daughter’s mouth felt wrapped around his shaft it was still wrong even if her warm, saliva filled mouth just felt absolutely enticing to his cock that was so hard that he could probably cut diamonds with the tip of his penis. Miles stood and with the palm of his hand placed on the back of his daughter’s head and pushed her deeper down his shaft. Pushing her lips against the base of his cock he held her head there until he felt her palms slapping against his thighs. Then grabbing a handful of her hair he pulled her head up off him as he could feel his shaft escaping her velvety throat Miles’ penis was finally able to escape the constraints of his daughters mouth. Miles was so conflicted on one hand his daughter was giving him unbelievable pleasure but on the other he was becoming something that he didn’t want to become ~ a monster ~ and he said, “Please honey this is so wrong.” But even though he had his own conflict in his own mind about whether this was right or wrong Miles then remembered that his own girlfriend was still fucking her own father and he found solace that he was not alone in being a father that was being intimate with he own daughter.

Amy still on her knees shot her doe like eyes back up at her father and said, “I’ve always wondered what it would be like to be with you daddy. Thank you for helping me to swallow your entire penis daddy I didn’t think I was ever going to be able to do it today. Please let’s keep going I don’t want to stop daddy. Let me try to become a real woman daddy. I want to know what it feels like to have a real man’s penis inside of my cunt daddy. I want to know how yours would feel like pushing me wide open inside of my fuck box daddy. It’s okay ~ I promise daddy it will be okay ~ I really want to try this with you.”

Miles figured if he could just stop her now and eat dinner perhaps her carnal lust to fuck would dissipate and they could just put this behind them, “Honey dinner is ready why don’t we eat first then we can talk about ~ you know.”

Amy held her hands out to her fathers and he pulled up to her feet. She then wrapped her arms around her father’s shoulders and kissed him full on the lips, “I really want to know what Courtney and what mommy feels like when you put your thing inside of them and makes them so happy that they scream so loud that it wakes me up at night. I want to know what it feels like to have a real man’s penis sliding up and down inside of me instead of a cold plastic toy that has no real feeling to it. I mean it was like totally different even just now. I mean I could swallow my vibrator but once your cock went down my throat it was like ~ it was like a switch of electricity was turned on and my whole body tingled all over. I want to make you happy with sex daddy. I am all grown up now daddy ~ I am ready for this I swear. Besides I know that you won’t hurt me like some boy would. I also know that you love me and will make it alright for both of us.”

It was if Miles’ mind went right back to the very point where Kristen Foster his co-ed patient, told him the story of how her mother had given her a vibrator. And it was her mother’s idea that she used it on her prepubescent vagina as her mother used that same vibrator for her anus. Miles wondered why a mother would give a vibrator to a pre-teen-girl. Was it so their daughter could use it to could curb their sexual appetites. Then he thought about his own girlfriend after she was molested her mother also gave her a vibrator. What was the connection of a matron woman encouraging a nubile girl to use a fake penis? Was it to prepare their vaginas for actual intercourse? Then he asked, “Your mother actually gave you one of her vibrators to use?”

Amy left her father standing there with his penis pointing to the ceiling as his pants were still hugging his knees. She was now setting the table for the two of them as she knew that her father wasn’t quite ready for her sexual advances and said, “Yeah, she said that if I used it whenever I felt like I wanted to have sex with a boy it would keep me from doing what I did with John Tyler. She told me it was better to use a vibrator and play with myself and pretend about the boy I like then actually having the boy really putting his penis inside of me and a chance of me having a baby.”

The light was just turned on about the vibrator thing as he thought that made perfect sense and Miles asked, “So, how old were you when this happened?”

Amy said, “It wasn’t long after what happened with Johnny Tyler. Mommy kept catching me playing with myself inside of the bathroom or my bedroom.”

Miles asked, “Why haven’t I heard about any of this?”

Amy said, “Mommy said it is a girl thing ~ that you didn’t have to know about it and if you did you wouldn’t really understand. Now, that I’m almost all grown up I figured if you don’t want to miss anything then you should know about the things that interest me. You don’t want miss out do you?”

Miles pulled his pants up and then brought dinner over to the table and dished out some for his daughter then for his self. Miles sat and they had their normal prayer to bless their dinner and he said, “I don’t want to miss out on anything. I think now more than ever I want to know everything even if you know it’s going to hurt me or make me mad. How long have you had these feelings about me? I mean I figure you would be more interested in a boy closer to your age to have stronger fantasies about.”

Amy said, “I do have fantasies about boys my age daddy ~ it’s just that you’re special because I love you so much. I also figured that if it were possible ~ I would want you to be my like my real first man ~ you know to be inside of me daddy. John Tyler didn’t really count he wasn’t a man yet he was a boy who just put it in me for like a minute or two ~ but with you, daddy ~ you could make me like ~ finish like a real woman should. I mean you make Courtney finish a bunch of times when you have sex with her so I figured you could do the same for me and make me feel so good like you did for mommy. Besides I know that you would never hurt me and that you would do me the right way because you love me so much and I love you so much. It would be so good daddy if we shared this together. Even if we only did it just this the one time ~ you could teach me what I need to really know how to make a boy feel really good. Besides I don’t trust anybody else to put their thing inside of me.”

Miles choked on his food as he never thought that his daughter who is barely a teenager would have these thoughts about him or even about boys. That is when Miles realized his naivety about this subject matter. His theory was hitting a little closer to home than he liked. Miles said, “I really don’t know what to say or do in this situation. So, what you are saying to me is that you can see yourself allowing me to have sex with you? That you have thought this through?”

Amy said, “I saw you trying to look at my pussy earlier daddy. That’s the way you have been looking at me ever since mommy left us. I haven’t worn underwear ever since I noticed you wanting to see my fuck box. I stopped wearing underwear all together in the house ~ I like when my shorts ride up my butt so you can see my thingy ~ I do it just for you daddy.” She then leaned forward on the table as her camisole fell away from her chest revealing her tiny a-cup breasts, “See, I don’t even wear a bra. I’ve been trying to get your attention for over two years now. I am glad that it has finally paid off because my next step was to start walking around the house half naked or walk in on you when you are in the bathroom or in the shower.”

Miles head was spinning as he couldn’t believe that his daughter had planned out scenarios to try and seduce him. Once again if someone would look at the situation it would still seem like Miles would have been the aggressor but in fact it was his daughter. Perhaps there is a lot more truth to the claims of the adults who said that their victims ‘they were asking for it, because clearly Amy is asking for it, quite bluntly as a matter of fact. That they dressed seductively, clearly Amy has been doing that for apparently over two years now.’ Miles just figured that this is how all girls her age dressed. Finally they finished dinner in uncomfortable silence not knowing how to move forward but as they were cleaning up Miles called to Amy as she was leaving the kitchen, “So, Amy come here.” She made her way back into the kitchen and Miles could see the tears welling up in her eyes and he delicately asked, “So, where do you see this fantasy of yours about you and me having intercourse ending up?”

Amy said, “Well, if you want to we can do anything you like. If you don’t want to then I understand I will just get it somewhere else.” She moved forward and came to her tip toes and kissed her father on the lips and said, “I am going to leave this up to you. I love you daddy and I understand if it is just too hard to fuck your princess but I do promise that I am ready to start this part of my life. I want to start my sex life with some one that I trust ~ that’s you ~ you dumbass. I love you daddy either way.” Amy then left and went up the stairs and then closed her door behind her.

Miles looked at the clock it was half past five in the evening. He figured for at least tonight that he should just put this all behind him and went back to his study and shut the door. Miles was once again engrained in his work and was so focused that he didn’t hear his study door open several minutes later. Walking in to the study was Amy wearing a white dress shirt that was tied in a knot over flat and tight stomach just over her pierced bellybutton. Her hair had ponytails over each ear and she had deep cherry lipstick on her lips. Miles eyes then moved down to a plaid skirt that barely reached the very tops of her developing thighs. She was wearing pure white thigh high stockings that had little bows on the front and the back of the stockings and she had on a pair of Courtney’s red stiletto heels that were too big for her feet. Amy stood there allowing her father to gawk at her barely teen body and finally when she thought he would never speak, “I thought about it daddy. It took you two years for you to just to look at my bare pussy and I had to spread my legs open far enough to let a tractor-trailer drive through. I just can’t wait anymore. Courtney isn’t going to be home for a while. I just need to ~”

Miles smile was from ear to ear. No other female in his entire life had gone to such lengths just feel his man meat between her thighs before. His penis was just as hard as it was before and he motioned for her to come behind the desk. “So, young lady I see that you are a bad girl. Your parents sent you here to talk to me about your over aggressive sexual nature. What do you have to say about that?”

Amy was given a gifted mind just like her mother and father and saw the fantasy her father wanted to play off of because of the way she was dressed and that they were in his study, “Dr. Spencer I am just a dirty little fuck toy ~ I am a fuck toy of my well hung father. I need to have a man’s cock inside of me it just seems like all the time. I am addicted to cock Doctor Spencer. If you want to you can put yours inside of me if you want to? You need to spank me first because I’m a bad, bad girl ~ spank my hard round ass until it’s nice and red ~ PUNISH ME MILES.” Amy had sauntered behind her father’s desk as she was enticing her father then sat on it spreading her legs to reveal her pussy that she had just shaved. It wasn’t even an hour ago that her father saw her blonde pubes.

Miles stood and unzipped his pants and let it fall to the floor along with his underwear. He stood there in all of his glory. He thought to his self, ‘how did I come to this point where I want to fuck my own daughter? I mean it’s been two months of fucking Kristen my co-ed catatonic girl at the clinic who thinks that she’s only eight. Now, I have my actual thirteen-year-old daughter with her legs spread open. It’s like her pussy is speaking to me welcoming me to fuck it hard and deep and unload my jizz deep inside of her.’ Miles smiled at his daughter, “You are a dirty, horny little slut. You’re my fuck toy now understand me? Once I put my cock inside of you then your pussy belongs to me and anytime I want to fuck it you must spread your fuck box and take your father’s cock! Do you agree to my terms slut?”

Amy had her middle finger inside of her wet pussy and then she opened her outer lips to reveal her light glistening pink pussy and one of the tiniest black holes that wasn’t even the circumference of a dime that Miles had ever witnessed. “You understand you put that cock into my tight fuck box then you belong to me and when I want to suck it, jerk it or slam my pussy or asshole on it then you will give it to me. Do you agree to my terms boy toy?”

Amy reached out and took her father’s man meat and pulled him closer to her. She began by rubbing the tip of her father’s cock between her pussy lips waiting for her vagina to coat its silky smooth walls. Miles lifted her leg and as she asked he began to slap her taut white bare ass. Then she moved her father’s cock to her ever so tiny clit and began to toy it and she said, “See this is how I do it daddy with my vibrator.” She bit her lip and said, “Yeah daddy smack my ass and make it nice and red.”

Her eyebrows began to bounce up and down and a slutty little smile crossed her mouth. Then she let her father’s penis fall over her stomach and she looked up at her dad and said, “Holy shit daddy look at that. Your cock goes all the way up to my bellybutton. Please daddy I want to feel it go all the way up here.” She pointed to her bellybutton and she said, “Don’t be afraid you won’t hurt me ~ I love you so much and I really want this to happen.” Then she moved his penis to her volcanic opening and put the tip between her lips. “Okay daddy, I’m ready now.”

Miles hesitation was broken as he speared the head of his penis inside of his daughter. Amy screamed in pain as her father’s girth was much larger than she had ever anticipated making her eyes water as his girth that spread her pussy open. Miles then switched sides and began to spank her opposite ass check nice and hard. Each smack of pain caused Amy to clench her tiny little pussy around her father’s shaft. Miles allowed his full length to push inside of his daughter. If she wanted to play games then she needs to know the consequences. “Is daddy too big for his baby girl? Look I’m making your bellybutton ring bounce up and down baby.”

Amy fired back, “I thought that you being a doctor you would know that you should lube my pink fuck hole first. I thought that you would be better at this than an inexperienced little boy.”

Miles was cut to the quick and pulled his cock out and noticed a little tearing and a small droplet of blood resting in her little taint area. Shocked he said, “Sorry honey I hurt you.”

Amy said, “It’s all part of becoming a real woman daddy. I told you I am ready for you and ready for this to happen. Now, use your tongue and get me nice and wet like they do in the porno movies daddy.”

Miles asked, “Porno’s how do you know about ~”

Amy stepped back in, “~ why don’t we just leave it to this. The innocent little girl that you think I am left over a year ago. I watch porn almost every day on the internet while I masturbate with my vibrator. I watch as girls who are just a little older than me fuck men your age and older all the time. I like the ones where they hypnotize the girl and then fuck her and she has no idea what happened to her.”

Miles said, “Well, honey I can actually do that if you want me to?”

Amy smirked at her father, “Nice try daddy but I want to remember this for the rest of my life. Just get to work on my cunt hole old man.”

Miles fell to his knees realizing that he was being dominated by his daughter. His tongue swiped over her outer lips and that cleaned the little bit of blood that escaped her pussy. Miles then went to work on his daughter. Miles had heard long before that you could get a woman off by tonguing the alphabet over a woman’s clit. Unfortunately for him it never worked but when he studied abroad his roommate was from Korea. He learned the Korean alphabet and with the Korean symbols buzzing through his brain he was able to bring a woman off more than once. Miles started as he normally did but he could only hear the muffled sounds of pleasure from his daughter as his head was buried between her teenage thighs that were squeezing his head between them. When he finally finished the alphabet he retracted his tongue and his daughter legs opened from their vice like grips. When he looked up at his daughter she fell on her back on his desk as she was crying as her pussy juice was oozing from the bottom of her vagina down to her anus and Miles asked, “I’m sorry honey are you okay?”

Amy smiled and held her hands to her father who was now standing over her, “Oh my fucking ~ god ~ daddy that was the most intense orgasm than I had ever expected. You made me cum three fucking times. I’ve never been able to get off more than twice in one night and you got me off like back to back to back. Just fucking amazing no wonder Courtney love’s you so much?”

Miles took hold of his Courtney’s stiletto heels that were still too big for his daughter’s feet and opened her legs, “Now, that you’re properly lubed I’m going to fuck you. All I need to know is where you want daddy to finish?”

Amy smiled as she noticed her father’s video camera, “Hey, why don’t we film each other daddy? I would love to have this on tape forever ~ you know what I mean daddy ~ my first time being fucked by a real man ~ my father. Can we tape it daddy PLEASE! Come on daddy PLEASE! I want to remember this moment.”

Miles figured that he had the other sessions with Kristen Foster his co-ed that he has been fucking while hypnotized recorded on tapes hidden in a special floor safe in his office why would this be any different. He shrugged his shoulders and thought to his self, ‘what the hell if anyone found out about me fucking my patient I’ll lose my license. So, what’s the difference if I’m fucking my daughter on tape I probably won’t even get anymore jail time?’ “Sure honey you like watching porn on the internet I’m sure you will know how to make a good porno movie with your old man. Okay let’s make a porno together but when we’re done you need to let me copy it for you so that you can put it somewhere where no one will ever find it.”

Amy smiled from ear to ear, “Sure daddy.”

Miles picked the camera up and walked to the front of his study and turned the camera on and he started filming. As he walked in Amy was still sitting on his desk with her legs spread. The camera picked up her ponytails and her hot little body. When he came around the desk he focused first on her painted face and Amy blew him a kiss with her hand. Then he moved behind the desk and then Amy slowly and seductively began to untie her dress shirt as she licked her cherry colored lips with the tip of her tongue.

Once her shirt was open she began to play with her new breasts that only began to sprout about six months previous. If she is going to be anything like her mother they will double in size once she reaches her early twenties. Her smile was genuine not like your typical porn star. Amy was enjoying being taped ~ she seemed to be comfortable showing off her body to her father there wasn’t any shyness. Then Miles panned the camera down between her legs and she spread her pussy open for him, “You like what you see daddy? Am I going to be a famous porn star one day? I want to be your private new starlet!”

Miles handed her the camera, “Here honey let me start to get undressed.”

Amy taking the camera from her father zeroed in on her father’s penis and Amy smiled at her daddy and said, “My daddy what a big cock you have.”

Miles played along, “All the better to fuck my new starlet with.”

Amy with her other hand grasped her father’s cock and helped him gingerly slip it inside of her, “Oh my daddy that’s the biggest dick that I have ever seen. Are you going to fuck your dirty little slut of a daughter now?”

Miles couldn’t believe his good fortune, “Of course, I’m going to make you squeal just like your mother does every time I fucked her.”

Amy watched her father’s cock struggle to work inside of her tight little hole, “Daddy I still haven’t had my period so you can cum inside of me if you want to. I want to pretend you giving me a baby daddy ~ I want us to pretend like you’re going to impregnate me.”

Miles was turned on more than he had ever been before with any woman that he had fucked. He pumped slowly, softly and deep inside of his daughter not wanting to hurt is precious princess. He leaned down and slipped his tongue inside of her mouth and Amy reciprocated by doing the same. Miles tempos began to change from fast and furious to slow and deliberate and she just like her mother began to scream and yell with a passion.

Just as much as Amy was in the throes of passion with having her father producing wave after wave of pleasure for her; Amy’s pussy was producing an upsurge wet pussy juice coating Miles’ shaft over and over again. Amy gave the camera back to her father who secured back on the tripod next to the desk. Amy began to convulse as her third orgasm in a row was her strongest but Amy pussy natural reaction locked her father’s penis deep inside of her. Miles eyes rolled in the top of his head and his hands clutched his daughter’s hips and began to slam hard and deep inside of her, “HOLY SHIT DADDY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You’re making cum so hard and so much I don’t think I can take anymore! Please finish inside of me.”

Miles was bucking back and forth when he let out his own guttural roar, “AMY I’M CUMMING IN YOU!!! TAKE MY HOT LOAD YOU FUCKING LITTLE CUNT!!!!!!!!!” Miles collapsed between his daughter’s legs right on top of his on his desk. He pulled out Amy a steady stream of his white cum flowed out from behind his cock head as it was released from her pussy lips.

Amy closed her legs as her father fell back into his big leather chair. His cum was covering her teen thighs and she said, “Thanks daddy that was amazing. I never ever thought it would be so good.” She moved over to the chair and straddled her father pushing his semi-rigid cock back inside of her pussy. They sat together on the chair very still breathing heavily together and holding onto one another lovingly in the afterglow of their first real incestuous time together. Then she pulled her head back and kissed her father full on the lips and said, “I’m kinda tired now daddy. I think I’m going to bed for the night. Wake me in the morning for church okay.” Then she allowed her father’s penis to escape from her and she turned and swaying her hips Miles watched his daughter walking away from her with the red stilettos and white thigh highs now down around her calves. She picked up her shirt and plaid skirt and thru them over her shoulder then sauntered towards his office door. She then turned before she left and blew her father a kiss and said, “Thanks daddy I had a lot of fun. I hope that when we have the chance to be alone you won’t hesitate to just take me right there and then. Love you goodnight.”

Miles said, “Sure honey, go take a shower and head off to bed. Baby ~ please ~ let’s keep this a secret just between us ~ okay?”

Amy said, “Don’t worry we both made promises and I am going to keep my promise to you, daddy.”

End of Chapter 9

Once again thank you for lasting through another long chapter. Now that all the characters are together there will be many more pairing of our participants. If you have any constructive criticism please feel free to let me know. If you like the story then please leave me a nice comment. Like they say if you don’t have nothing nice to say then don’t say anything. The next chapter is being edited as we speak.

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