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A very dark night at a county fair for a very unlucky and unfortunate teenager. This story is not for the faint of heart or those who read pornographic erotica for the lovey dovey stuff.
Summer, somewhere in the outskirts of suburbia the night sky is lit with stars. Mark Williams is spending a Saturday evening at the county fair with his girlfriend Lauren and some of his friends. Standing at just a little under six feet tall, the slim sixteen-year-old, blond haired, blue-eyed teenager is slightly dwarfed by his taller brunette girlfriend as they stand looking at the fun-house deciding whether to go in or not. His hair is cut short on the sides and his bangs hang just above his eyebrows. Mark's wearing a white T-shirt, a pair of beige khaki shorts, and sandals. The teen's face is unblemished by acne and his body is almost hairless below his neck.
"I don't know, Mark. Do we have time," Lauren asks her cute twink boyfriend. "It's already like eight-thirty and my mom's supposed to pick me up at nine." No one else seems to be going inside and Mark's other friends have run off to ride the roller coasters. In front of the fun-house attendant Mark turns to Lauren and kisses her on the lips showing off his hot girlfriend. He playfully cups her boobs. Lauren lightheartedly smacks his hands away.
"How are you getting home later? Your folks are out of town for the weekend. I can ask my mom to drop you off," she offers. Mark shrugs his shoulders.
"Nah, I'll hitch a ride with one of the guys. Come on, Lauren. It'll be loads of fun. Just you, me, and these," he cups her boobs again. She in turn slaps him on the ass pushing him toward the attendant.
"Okay, but only cause you're so cute, Marky," she replies.
Mark approaches Tareek, the fun-house attendant. Tareek is a tall muscular twenty-five-year-old black man. Mark looks diminutive next to the ebony Nubian.
"Waz up, dawg? Hey any chance you can help out a bro and keep them other punks out so I can have a private party with my babe here," acting like a wigger Mark makes big talk in front of Lauren and the attendant? He hands the man several ticket stubs.
Tareek responds with a grin and lets them inside. He watches the white teenage couple enter the fun-house. "You're da man," Mark adds. Tareek stares at Mark's cute bubble-butt as the teen boy passes by him. The black man licks his lips in lust because unbeknownst to Mark, Tareek and his friends intend to have a lot fun with the white boy twink. After all it is a fun-house.
Mark and Lauren walk into an empty mirrored corridor. They pass by several mirrors that make them look fat, skinny, and big-headed with large hands and feet, all sorts of visual distortions. Boyfriend and girlfriend are having good clean fun. Finally they come to a regular full-length mirror. Lauren turns Mark to face the mirror.
"So let's have some real fun now. There's no one around," she says with one arm wrapped around Mark's waist. Her other hand slides down to grope his crotch though the fabric of his shorts. She eagerly fondles his cock and balls while licking Mark's ear lobe.
Mark pushes her hand away. "I thought we were saving ourselves for marriage, Lauren," Mark reminds her suddenly sounding prudish. His legs shake as she forcefully slips her hand inside the waistband of his shorts to again cop a feel of his teenage prick and ball sac, but this time through the fabric of his underwear.
"Then what was all that shit in front of the attendant outside," Lauren replies continuing to play with her boyfriend. "We've been dating for six months. Come on, Mark, I just want to see it." Mark is putty in her arms… practically pudding in the palm of her hands. "Last week, when your friends pantsed you in the library… it was so hot seeing you wearing nothing but your shirt and tighty-whities. I hear all the boys at school wear boxers, but you still wear briefs. I like how they cup your cock and balls like I'm doing right now." She squeezes his package gently and Mark moans slightly.
"Love how they show off that hot ass of yours, Mark," she adds as she feels one of Mark's butt cheeks. "So come on, please let me see it."
"See what, babe," Mark boyishly and stupidly replies.
"See this," Lauren responds. She slips two fingers through the fly of his briefs. She rubs her fingers up and down Mark's flaccid dick. "I feel you're soft, but that's okay. I want to see you soft, and then I want to play with you and get you all hard and wet. Please Marky, honey. Just slip off your shorts and briefs," Lauren teases. "You did tell the guy outside you wanted a private party with me," she smiles at him in the mirror.
"Right now, here. It's embarrassing," Mark tries pleading with his horny girlfriend.
Inside his briefs, Mark pops a semi-erection. She continues to feel up Mark's now three-inch stub. Lauren pinches Mark's cockhead and his dick slit spews out a little precum. She rubs the precum around his cockhead, then squeezes his glans further opening Mark's piss slit. The young teenager is the verge of premature ejaculation.
"Please Mark, for me. Please let me see it," Lauren unbuttons Mark's shorts before he can even respond. She's relentless.
Mark capitulates. "Okay, but just for a second."
She unzips his shorts and they fall to his ankles. Lauren and Mark stare at his reflection in the mirror. Mark stands with his white shirt barely covering his hips and crotch. His semi-hard cock slightly bulges out the front of his pristine white Fruit of the Loom briefs.
Mark is shy and paranoid. "Did you hear that? Someone's coming. Someone might see me," he tries grabbing his shorts up, but Lauren stops him by groping his package.
"Stop, look how sexy you look in the mirror, Mark," Lauren says kissing her boyfriend passionately on the lips.
Unknown to the teen couple, Mark had reason to be paranoid. They didn't know they were staring into a one-way mirror behind which was a secret and soundproof room where Tareek and another man, Triple B aka "Big Black Bob, were lustfully gawking at the show Lauren had charmingly forced Mark into doing.
"See how hot you look, boyfriend," Lauren flatters him. "Now put your hands on your head." Mark complies as Lauren tenderly licks the tip of his ear. She traces a path of wet kisses from his ear, down his neck and shoulders.
Behind the one-way mirror Tareek and Triple B watch as Lauren pushes Mark closer to the mirror. "So did you get DeShawn to lock up," Triple B inquires while pretending to grope the white teen's brief-covered cock and balls which are now only an inch or two from the glass.
"Yeah, dawg. Got him looking out front. And the Spic brothers, Rico and Alejandro are changing up the mirror maze as we speak," Tareek grins at the scene before them. Mark is in his tight white briefs making out with his fully-clothed girlfriend. "We just gotta separate lover boy there from his horny bitch," Tareek adds. "Then we can have some real fun with the bitch boy." The men look on at the teens. Mark's hands are still resting on his head. Lauren's hands teasingly massages his hips, then her fingers slip into the waistband of his briefs. "Well looks like the horny bitch is about to let us all see what the white boy here got between his legs," comments Triple B.
Lauren quickly pulls Mark's white briefs down his slender hips to his ankles. She has him step out of both his shorts and underwear leaving Mark naked except for his T-shirt and sandals. Mark is both excited and embarrassed at being so exposed. His face blushes matching his plum colored dickhead. Lauren kneels on the floor next him her face only a few inches away from his completely hairless cock and balls.
"Oh my god, you shave your pubes," Lauren is surprised. Next to her image in the mirror we can see Tareek pretending to suck on Mark's three-inch semi-erect teenage prick.
"I'm on the swim team, remember," Mark comments in his defense. "Can I get dressed now that you've seen it?"
Ignoring his comment Lauren gets up and stands behind Mark.
"It's very cute, Mark. Your dick and balls all shaved like that makes your cock look bigger," she replies. "So now let me see you get hard. How big does it get when you're fully you know," his girlfriend asks cupping his hairless scrotum with one hand? Grasping his dick with the other she elicits a girlish sigh from Mark.
"It gets about seven sometimes eight inches hard," Mark completely lies to her.
She begins jerking Mark off in front of the mirror with the two thuggish men watching them from behind the one-way mirror. From inside the secret room the way Lauren stands behind Mark it looks as if she's masturbating herself, as if Mark's dick was actually her own cock. Her crotch is up against the blond teen's ass and her hands hard at work on her boyfriend's dick trying to get him bone hard.
For about ten minutes Lauren jerks off Mark, but the blond twink's cock doesn't get any harder or bigger than three and half inches. Although his dick slit continues to drip precum like a leaky faucet.
"Girl don't know how to manhandle and milk a straight boy bitch right. Gotta be rough. Gotta fist the cum out of him, right Tareek," Triple B clinically comments on her technique.
"Poor girl don't got much to work with. Betcha that white boy's dick don't get harder and bigger than six-inches, bro," Tareek laughs.
Both men are already getting harder than stone between their legs just thinking of what they plan on doing to the poor white boy twink.
"Nah, Tee, I betcha blond boy's dick don't get longer than four maybe five and a half inches top, dawg," Triple B wagers. "And if I'm right, which I know I am, I get first dibs on fucking the virgin white devil's ass. We cool, Tee?"
"We cool, Triple B. But dang, bro, your cock so mother-fucking big ain't no fun taking your sloppy seconds," Tareek jokingly complains. "They so loose it's like fucking air, dawg."
Lauren has turned Mark around with his ass directly pressed against the one-way mirror. The sixteen-year-old's asshole is puckered up against the glass. Tareek pretends to finger fuck Mark's boy twat as Mark's girlfriend tries in vain to get the teen boy hard playing with his semi-hard dick shaft and spreading his precum all over his cockhead.
"Relax, Tee. You still got his mouth to work with," replies Triple B.
"True, that, bro," Tareek agrees rubbing his crotch just thinking about forcing his ten-inch ebony monster down the blond straight boy's throat. "And I can't wait to milk his tiny pencil dick dry."
The men secretly walk out of the room, but not before taking another glance at Mark through the mirror as his so-called girlfriend now a little irritated continues to jerk him off.
In the corridor Mark has finally gotten bone hard. His five and half inch dick juts out from his hairless crotch. A bead of pearl white teen boy jism bubbles out from his piss slit coating his glans. He's on the verge of shooting his load when all of a sudden they hear a noise coming from around the corner. Lauren releases her dainty grip on Mark's stiff penis and she bolts for the exit making a right at the next corridor.
To Mark's surprise she accidentally drags his shorts with her a few feet down the hallway leaving him with a major case of blue balls and bare-ass naked below the waist. Hearing voices getting louder and people approaching Mark quickly slips on his briefs stuffing his still erect and leaking teen cock. He finds and manages to pull on his khaki shorts, but forgets to zip up his fly as the teen rushes in the direction he saw his girlfriend leave.
Mark makes the exact right his girlfriend had made, but finds himself running into a clear glass wall (which of course courtesy of Rico and Alejandro, the Spic brothers, has effectively trapped the young twink inside the fun-house). He realizes he's in a dead-end and turns around just in time to see the attendant from outside along with an even more muscular bear of a black man walking toward him. Mark approaches the big black men with his fly completely open and the white cotton of his briefs in their full view.
"Whaz up, dawgs," Mark tries acting cool, but appears nervous around the black men. With false bravado he shakes Triple B's hand. "I'm kinda lost," he adds. Big Black Bob, aka Triple B, grasps Mark's small white teen boy hand in his, not letting go and firmly gripping the boy.
"Hey, can you guys help me out," Mark timidly asks.
"Yeah, sure white boy. We'll help you out… We'll help you right out of them clothes," Triple B responds.
"What are you doing," the teenager asks confused? Triple B pushes him against the wall and slips two of his thick black fingers inside Mark's open fly. The man fondles Mark's now semi-erect cock through his briefs. "Hey, what the fuck," Mark panics!
Outside the fun-house Lauren has been waiting for Mark for over ten minutes. She approaches another fun-house attendant, DeShawn, who's standing at the entrance yapping into a walkie-talkie. DeShawn is a fat black bastard and appears to be closing up.
"Mister, can I please go back inside. I need to find my boyfriend. I think he's still in there," Lauren asks? DeShawn wobbles toward the high-school junior with sweat dripping from his face. Lauren holds her breath in when the stench of the man reaches her nostrils.
"Sorry, little lady. We locking up to go on a break," DeShawn yawns. The walkie-talkie beeps, then the sound of static is heard along with some moaning noises, followed by a boyish yelp. Mark's voice can barely be heard through the walkie-talkie, but DeShawn hears him clearly and smiles. "What the hell! Oh gawd… Stop it. No." Lauren doesn't hear anything except static.
"But my boyfriend," she continues. The fat man presses a button on the walkie to shut it off.
"You mean a blond boy, about this tall, wearing khaki shorts," DeShawn comments. Lauren confirms his deion. "Yeah, I saw him leave through one of the side exits… about 10 maybe 15 minutes ago I think," he adds. Convinced Mark had somehow exited the fun-house before her Lauren heads off.
"That dork. He must've found his way out and left with friends like he said," Lauren mutters to herself.
It’s 9:00 o'clock at night Lauren's mom honks and drives up to her. Before getting into the car Lauren calls Mark's cell phone and gets his voicemail. "Hey sexy, had so much fun. Call me will ya. Bye, boyfriend."
Shortly before, DeShawn watches the girl disappear into a mass of people. He turns on his walkie-talkie. It goes off again and Tareek invites him, "Yo, D-Boy. Come on in and join the party. And bring in some audience. Make sure they pay." Static is heard, and then Mark's voice squealing and begging, "Stop it. Please. Stop touching me."
Inside the fun-house Tareek watches on as Triple B pushes Mark hard against the wall. The teen is practically naked having been stripped of his clothes except for his Fruit of the Looms briefs. Triple B grabs Mark by the throat with one hand forcing the sixteen-year-old to grab the hand to keep from choking. The man slips his other hand inside Mark's underwear feeling up the teen boy's balls and stroking his short, but thick prick.
"Stop. Let me go. What are you doing," he says struggling to escape the man's grip on his now hardening dick. Triple B's fingers caresses the teen's cockhead and toys with his piss slit. To Mark's utter horror and shame his pecker instantly grows to its full five and half inches of teen boy glory. He is humiliated at becoming aroused so quickly by this brute's unwanted and uninvited attention. What took his girlfriend almost half an hour to do only took this beast seconds forcing the young lad's body to betray him.
"Just finishing what your girlfriend started," Triple B comments.
Tareek walks up to them and slides a hand inside Mark's briefs to cup the teen's ballsac as the other man continues to jerk off Mark. The fun-house attendant holds Mark's hands up against the wall by his wrist. The scene is totally obscene with both black men's hands inside the white boy's tighty-whities stretching the briefs to the breaking point as they molest the teenager against his will. They laugh as Mark struggles in vain.
"Get your hands off my cock and balls you dirty faggots. Let me go! I ain't gay," Mark yells at them. Tareek releases his balls and slaps the teen's face hard.
"Who you calling faggot, white boy," the man yells! "Cocks. Real men have cocks. White boy bitches like you ain't got cocks. White boys like you got tiny white boy dicks, you hear me cracker," he demands as he pinches and twist Mark's nipple.
"Ow," Mark yelps!
Triple B speeds up stroking the blond boy's cut prick and the pleasure between the boy's legs now alleviates his painful nipple. The man can feel the teen's dick quivering in his tight fist. Tareek returns to fondling Mark's baby-makers through the fabric of the boy's briefs. He can feel the teen's balls tighten at his pending forced orgasm. Mark whimpers and in seconds his body convulses trapped between the two men like an Oreo cookie. He cums hard shooting six thick loads of teen boy milk, then his piss slit churns out six more streams of milky white juice coating the entire front of his briefs. With the men now holding his hands above his head his crotch is totally exposed to them.
The crotch of his briefs is completely cum soaked and almost transparent leaving nothing to the imagination. The men can see Mark's small stiff penis and plump balls through the flimsy material. The young teenager whimpers again then begins to cry at his utter humiliation. He's a straight young white male and these brutish nigger bastards had just forced his teenage virgin dick to erupt loads of boy cum. Tears streak down Mark's cheek just as freshly milked cum also leaks out of the leg openings of his briefs streaming down his inner thighs. Tareek wipes off a glob of boy jism and has taste. Triple B also grabs a glob of Mark's cum and forces the boy to taste his own sperm licking it off of Triple B's finger. Mark opens his mouth unwillingly, but afraid of the black men he swallows.
"Please, let me go now. I promise… I swear I won't tell anyone," Mark begs teary-eyed and coming down from an intense forced orgasm. DeShawn enters accompanied by two Latin thugs, Rico and Alejandro.
"I broughts the audience, yo," DeShawn says out of breath as he wobbles into the corridor. "And they paid $20 each."
Mark's blue eyes are wide-open saucers. To his horror three teenage girls about his age enter with the men. Luckily the girls aren't anyone from Mark's school. Two of them are Latina and the third one is black. They immediately stare openly at Mark's wet crotch. Mark is completely embarrassed. "Oh my God, girls. Jesus, don't let them see me like this… Please, just let me go," Mark snivels.
He attempts to cross his legs in a vain attempt to obstruct the girls' view of his practically transparent briefs. This does nothing for Mark, but his movement allows the girls to trace his semi-erect dick and balls inside the confines of his semen soaked Fruit of the Looms.
"Hey, I thought we paid to see some white boy get gang-banged. Not some white boy pissing his tighty-whities," the black girl speaks up and complains. Triple B just smiles a pearly white smile at her.
"That ain't piss soaking out of the white boy's briefs. It's freshly milked Grade-A teenage virgin boy cum. Show started early. You're late," the man comments.
"So, can we get a rewind," the girl replies.
"Sure. You are paying customers. DeShawn, Rico, Alejandro give Tareek a hand and spread-eagle white boy here so the girls have an open view."
The men each grab Mark's limbs. The teenager struggles, but is no match for the men and is soon held spread-eagled before the girls. Triple B spoons Mark from behind. Again his big black hands invade Mark's white briefs.
"Stop it. Please don't do this. Don't touch me there. I'm not gay. I swear. Oh my god," Mark squeals just as Triple B pinches the head of his dick.
He can feel Triple B's hard jeans-covered man cock pressing up against his virgin butt hole. Poor Mark's only defense is his jism soaked tight white briefs. The black brute tightens his grip on the white teenager's five and half inch dick shaft. He begins milking him with the girls having a clear view of the straight boy's crotch.
The girls look Mark straight in his tear-filled eyes, then down to the bulge in his underwear which is now stretched not only by his hardon, but also by Triple B's big hand wrapped around it. The man slowly fists the teen's prick edging him towards another forced orgasm. Mark bucks and struggles against his rapists, but he's no match.
"Wait, I wanna see it," the black girl asks?
"See what," Triple B replies.
"I wanna see his dick... and his balls too," she says demandingly.
"No, don't," Mark exclaims!
"Ok. But there ain't much to see," he comments as he licks Mark's ear lobe. The man fishes out both Mark's hard dick and balls through the leg opening of the teenager's underwear.
Mark is red with embarrassment. He drops his head down unable to look at the girls staring at his boyhood. Precum drips out from his prick slit.
She walks up to Mark and lifts the teen's head up as she glares domineeringly over him.
"Holy Shit! That is one tiny white boy dick. I've seen bigger pricks on mosquitoes," she says shaming the sixteen-year-old about his inadequate penis.
Surprisingly Mark musters up some courage.
"Fuck you, bitch," he yells! The teen spits at her, but misses.
"Oh no, you didn't! Pussyboy just tried spitting at me. Big mistake, white boy," she spits at him hitting Mark right between the eyes.
With a look of fire in her eyes she stares vindictively at Mark's hard dick proudly pointing at her. She lashes out her rage and painfully SLAPS it once, twice, three times. The girl cock slaps him for a total of twenty times. Each hard slap producing a meaty sound until Mark loses his erection. With each slap the poor white teen winces in pain. Finally when he thinks it's over she grips his limp dick and begins to squeeze it really hard as if she wanted to tear it off. Mark breaks down sobbing with snot dripping from his nose.
"Pathetic," she spits on his dick and SLAPS it one last time!
"Triple B, milk this white boy's tiny white boy dick until he screams for his momma," she says stepping back toward her home girls to watch Triple B's further molest Mark.
The man slips the teen's dick and balls back inside the kid's briefs. With his big black hand also slipping inside he grips Mark's prick and begins forcefully masturbating the straight boy. Soon Mark's teen prick is once again hard as a rock in the black man's fist. His dick head can be seen through the cotton fabric as it leaks out copious amounts of teenage precum.
"Oh. Oh god, Oh. Ahhh. Ahhh. No. Oh no. Oh, please just let me go. I ain't a homo. Stop. Oh, oh, oh god. Oh, oooh, oh. No, don't make me cum. Not in front of them. Please, this is so embarrassing. Oooh, Oooh, oh, no," Mark moans and begs with his eyes fluttering he opens his mouth wide into a large O. His beautiful dick sucking lips quivering. "Fuck. No. Oh, ahhh, ahhh, oh god. Oh. AHHH!"
"That's it, milkboy. Cum. Cum hard for Big Black Bob. Give me that sweet virgin white boy milk," Triple B demands as he jerks off the young suburban white boy. Mark sees the girls pull out their camera phones and begin snapping pictures and video taping his humiliation.
"AHHH, AHHH, AHHH, AHHHHH," Mark orgasms and splurge after splurge of teen spunk fills the cotton pouch of his briefs. Right where his cockhead stretches the cotton briefs freshly milked jism seeps out from his piss slit through the fabric. CLICK, Mark hears the girls taking his picture. CLICK. CLICK. CLICK.
"AGAIN," the three girls demand in unison! "AGAIN!"
"No. No, you can't," the white boy begs Triple B!
Not letting up on the blond teen Triple B does not even let Mark's dick go flaccid. Mark just barely coming down from his second forced orgasm is hysterical and begins to put up a fight struggling against his captors and bucking like a wild bull. It proves useless for the practically naked straight teenage white boy.
"No more! No more! Oh, oh, oh, ahhh," Mark screams as his now ultra-sensitive dick is rubbed raw and red as the black man continually milks him.
"Sensitive little bitch ain't he," comments Triple B.
"Stop. Stop. No more. It hurts. It really hurts. My dick. My dick. It hurts. IT HURTS," the blond teen squeals as the girls watch on and as Triple B's fist slick with the teen's own cum slides up and down the blond virgin's dick stalk. "Oh, oh, oh. Ahh, ahh," Mark cries. His body is drenched in boy sweat and jism. "Ouch, ouch. Oh, it hurts. Oh god, stop. It hurts. My dick. No more. No more," the teen beseeches his molester. His pleas go unanwered as Triple B forces Mark's third orgasm. Blond boy's eyes flutter and his toes curl up. "No, no. Ohhh. Oh. AAAHHHHH!"
The pouch of Mark's white briefs fills up with even more teen boy cum. CLICK. CLICK. CLICK. Flashes go off. Mark's image, naked except for his now cum filled transparent briefs, is digitally captured.
The men release Mark and he collapses on the floor in front of the girls. He curls up in fetal position hoping this horrible nightmare was finally over and that his assailants would soon let him go. His dick is now a tiny squirmy worm in his tight cum wet white briefs.
Only an hour ago the high-school sophomore was having fun at the fair with his hot senior girlfriend. It was only an hour ago that Lauren had her gentle feminine fingers wrapped around Mark's straight teenage cock making him feel like a man. The spoiled, privileged sixteen-year-old suburban white boy was on top of the world only but moments ago.
This isn't supposed to happen to such a cute, good looking straight white young man like himself. Now in a state of shock and coming down from being forced to cum against his will three times Mark is lost. He's confused. He keeps telling himself he's not a homo and that he's no fag, but why, why the heck did he get so hard and came so much while that big black brute molested his teen dick milking his virgin milk out of him. And much worse, he came in front of girls while Triple B jerked him off playing him like an instrument, fiddling with his fiddle forcing the teen to give up his sperm again and again and again, emasculating Mark of his pride and masculinity.
"Time for you to suck real cock," Tareek says from behind him.
Mark turns his head to see that all the colored men have stripped naked. The teen GULPS at the sight of each man sporting over ten inch erections. He stares at them shocked, scared and ashamed that his teenage white boy dick is dwarfed by the man cocks both is length and girth. Rico and Alejandro with their caramel pricks, Tareek and DeShawn with their ebony cocks, and finally Triple B with his twelve inch Nubian cock , all of them pointing at Mark like he's some bull's eye target.
Facing away, the blond white teenager gets up like a new born deer standing on wobbly legs and like a deer he's frozen with fear surrounded by predators. His body is still exhausted from his forced ejaculations. His ocean blue, tear stained eyes catches the girls looking at him as he was looking at the huge cocks behind him.
Three sets of eyes glare back at the red faced teen boy. Their gaze goes from his timid face down to Mark's crotch. The cum soaked, cum filled pouch of his briefs is now completely transparent and leaves utterly nothing to the imagination. Mark realizes one of his balls have slipped out of the leg openings and is completely visible to everyone. To his shame, the young teen and everyone else in the room discovers that Mark without touching himself has gotten hard! His five and half inch teen dick is sticking out of the fly of his briefs pointing at the girls.
CLICK. CLICK. CLICK. Again the sound of camera phones captures the teen's compromising situation. Mark quickly attempts to cover his exposure covering his crotch with both hands to obstruct the girls' view of his transparent underwear, but giving the men behind him a clear view of his cotton-clad bubble butt.
"I... I... I like girls. Women... I'm not gay. I have a girlfriend," Mark tries explaining to the now giggling girls.
"Girlfriend. Right. That tiny little white pink dick of yours ain't made for fucking girls," the black girl insults Mark grabbing his hands and pulling them away to expose his hardon.
"I'm not a homo! I'm not gay," the underwear clad teen claims. He manages to pull away from the black girl for a moment, but she's stronger and grabs his wrists and exposes him.
"Again. That tiny little white pink dick of yours ain't made for fucking guys either. You're a bitch boy. All your dick is good for is milking. You sure got a nice set of plump balls on you, white boy. Lots of milk in them. But that penis of yours sure is useless. May be we should just cut it off and make you a bitch girl," she threatens and pulls out a switch blade out of no where and in seconds has the blade up against the base of Mark's naked hard dick.
He's frozen with fear. The men laugh and the girls snicker as they watch the powerless suburban white boy be dominated by the black girl.
"You sure are a spoiled little white boy," she says grabbing Mark by the back of his neck making him face the naked colored men. "These men were kind enough to make ya cum three times. And ya too proud to return the favor and blow them. What, ya think just cause ya white ya too good for them! Ya think those dick sucking lips of yours too good for a brotha's big black cock! Ya too good to swallow Spic sperm. Ya think this tiny piece of white meat between ya legs makes ya better than us, ha white boy." She places the tip of the blade inside Mark's piss slit. The pussy boy winces, "Ouch! Please don't hurt me. Please don't cut off my cock."
She slaps him hard across the face, "This ain't a cock, boy!" She slaps his hard teenage penis painfully across the shaft. They all chuckle at his discomfort. "Tell me what I shouldn't cut off, bitch!" She looks him coldly in the face.
"Please. I'm begging you. Please don't... Don't cut off," Mark surrenders and the broken teen boy relents. He begs her, "Please, don't cut off my tiny white boy dick. I'm begging you. I'll do anything just please don't cut off my white boy dick."
"Good. Better do as we say," she spits on his face again. The teen doesn't put up a fight at all. "Now keep your hands on your head and when I tell ya turn around ya turn around, ya hear," she demands. Mark nods 'yes' afraid to piss off the mean bitch. Everyone watches as she further degrades him.
"Turn around, white boy," she orders. Mark turns around just as her foot collides with his balls. A meaty almost crunchy sound is heard. SPLAT! Cum leaks out from the leg openings of his briefs coating the blond boy's inner thighs. He falls to floor groping his damages nuts.
"Oh god, my balls. Why? My balls," Mark pants and COUGHS. He's barely able to breathe as the pain from his testicles radiates from his groin immobilizing the poor teen.
"That's to show you who's in charge, bitch," she adds. "Well look here, ya done got your dirty white boy jism on my boot," she points out the glop of cum on one of her black steel toe boots. The thick boy sauce coats the tip of her boot. "Lick it of off, white boy," she orders. Mark unwillingly licks off his own boy spooge, grossed out by the taste he shuts his eyes and forces himself to swallow.
"Now go over to Triple B and beg the brotha to let you suck a real man's big black cock."
Mark limps toward Triple B crawling on his hands and knees, but with one hand nursing his bruised testicles. The teenager's dick has gone soft in light of the kick to his balls. His dick and balls are now safely tucked inside the confines of his cum soaked white briefs. Meekly he crawls to Triple B. The white boy is on his knees as he looks up at the big black brute. His hand still cupping his nut sac afraid someone may decide to rack him up again. All the men surround him while the girls look on excitedly.
"Pppp... Pplease. Please mister, can I," Mark is barely able to speak; his face is a red mask of humiliation and his deep blue eyes fill with tears of utter embarrassment, "Can I please suck your big black cock. Please let me suck your cock," he hears himself saying but at the same time unable to believe what he just said.
The kid isn't even able to look at Triple B's monstrous cock. The man holds up Mark's chin and the young man sees the huge black cockhead inches from his face leaking prefuck. Tripe B gently uses his cock nob to wipe a tear away from Mark's face. The teen can smell the precum just below his nose.
Triple B smiles at him, "Sure you can suck my cock, white boy. But first I want you to face the girls there and take off them tighty-whities in front of them. Ya that's what I want first. Want ya to take off your Fruit of the Looms, Marky," the big man urges the teen.
He gropes Mark's crotch and is not surprised to find the teenager sporting wood again. Poor Mark however is horrified to find himself easily aroused by being sexually used and abused by these men. The straight blond teen does as he's told. He faces the girls and pulls his briefs down first by the front exposing his hard on and hairless balls to them, then he slowly slides them down his hips, down his thighs and knees and they fall around his feet. He bends over to remove his underwear and gives the men behind him a clear view of his teenage pink virgin asshole just waiting to be fucked.
Mark finds himself on his knees in front of Triple B again.
The teen looks frightfully at the huge ebony man cock inches from his lips and reluctantly begs, "Please, Sir... Please let me suck your big black cock... Let me suck a real man's cock."
Mark notices prefuck juices seeping out of Triple B's cock slit and the hapless twink shrinks back at the sight of the man's beer-can thick twelve-inch cherry fucker. Ashamed of his own hardon he covers his crotch with his hands to hide his treacherous penis, but the black man slaps his hands away.
"I wanna see that hard tiny white boy dick of yours while you suck, bitch," he glares at the blond-haired, blue-eyed boy next door. Tareek and DeShawn grab Mark's wrist pulling his arms back fully exposing the white teen's throbbing prick.
"Come here, bitch," Triple B pulls Mark' s hair back forcing the youth to open his mouth wide.
The teenage suburbanite tries closing his mouth, but the man pulls harder on his hair and slaps the blond boy across the face. With the teen's mouth in an open O of shock, Triple B unceremoniously shoves his bulbous mushroom cock head down the teen boy's throat. Mark is barely able to keep down the six inches of black meat that follows knowing well the mean nigger means to shove another six inches more down his gullet. The white teen is in tears, but the bitch boy manages to breathe through his nose.
Suddenly Triple B shoves his whole cock down Mark's throat practically asphyxiating the blond twink. Mark's face turns a shade blue as he is barely able to get any air into his lungs. With his arms held back by Tareek and DeShawn, Mark cannot believe he's extremely aroused in light of the pain and choking on the black cock deeply being shoved in and out of his throat. His diminutive pale five and half inch penis goes untouched, but is throbbing and leaking precum jutting out from between his legs. Triple B skull fucks him balls deep. The big black bear's thick black pubic bush roughly scrapes Mark's nose. Finally the black beast erupts inside the white sixteen year old's mouth.
With all twelve inches of thick black cock impaling his throat Mark is unable to swallow the flood of hot man cum. The young teenager feels like he's drowning. Everything fades to black and poor straight white boy Mark Williams passes out from lack of oxygen.
Moments later, SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! Mark awakens being slapped around by Tareek.
"Wake up, you white blue-eyed devil," yells Tareek!
Mark groggy and light-headed wakes up to realizes his nightmare isn't over. He's still bare-assed naked as the day he was born and surrounded by niggers and Spics who had used his tight white teen body like a girl's. And by the look in their eyes they have more planned for the poor guy. Pulling him by his pretty boy blond hair, the black man gets Mark back on his knees.
"Come on, cracker. You ain't done. You got more cocksucking to do, bitch. And we all know you enjoy taking a real man's cock in your mouth," the brute accuses the distraught straight teenager.
"I'm not like that. I have a pretty girlfriend. I ain't a homo and I don't like sucking cock," Mark defends his heterosexuality. He adds pointing to Triple B, "He... He made me do it, but I ain't like that I swear. I like girls, I like pussy, I have a girlfriend... You know, you saw her when I came in here, man," the teen says on the verge of crying. "You saw how much she was into me," he turns to Tareek hoping the man would verify how much of a lady's man Mark was with his girlfriend ogling over the twink stud's body earlier.
Triple B chuckles. He shows Mark the video one of the girls took with her camera phone. It shows Mark from the head up with the biggest, thickest, blackest man cock going in and out of his mouth. It shows Mark's eyes fluttering in and out of consciousness, then thick rivers of the black man's sperm is seen gushing out of the corners of the teen's mouth as he's forced to deep throat the monstrous prick.
Before he passes out, the camera view backs up to reveal most of Mark's body clearly showing his untouched erect teen peen pulsating between his legs bobbing up and down as Triple B continues to skull fuck him. The camera closes in on his throbbing dickhead as volleys of the milkboy's milk violently spurts out from his dick slit. The view backs up again to show Mark's body on the floor convulsing in forced orgasm, freshly milked teen cum splattering all over his bare chest and crotch.
Then he passes out with gobs of the black man's sperm spilling out of his sore mouth. SHOT of Triple B kneeling over Mark. The nigger sprays the white boy's face with more jism. He traces a finger across the pearl necklace he just gave the teen and then slipping two fingers into Mark's mouth he opens the sleeping kid's jaw and reveals on camera just how much man spunk he force fed the cute next door boy. Bubbles of the black man's thick white semen gurgles out of Mark's mouth and nostrils just as the last drop of the teenboy's milky cum pushes out of his piss hole.
Mark looks up from watching the video and sees everyone in the fun house staring at him. Their faces full of mockery and disdain. The look of utter humiliation on his face is priceless as Mark's own gaze goes down to his hairless crotch and the confused naked sixteen-year-old discovers his stiff five and half inch white boy dick pointing up toward the ceiling.
"Told, ya so," Tareek mocks the blond teen. "Now ya think your hot pretty white girlfriend will still wanna play with THIS," he SLAPS Mark hard across the teen's dick stalk. The pussy boy winces. "Especially when she sees how hard IT gets when her sweet little boyfriend Marky is swallowing real man cock."
Mark hangs his head in shame and again covers his traitorous white boy stub of a penis. Tareek and the other men grab him again exposing his hard teenage penis.
"So, you gonna do what we say and suck us all off. Or else your girl, what was her name?... Lauren and heck the whole world will see just how much of a stud you are white boy. We'll post this on the net. Send it to your school and see how much your folks think highly of their golden boy once they see him deep-throating big black cock and his dick... his tiny pitiful white boy dick shooting off without even being touched," Tareek teases.
Defeated Mark just kneels there before his rapists his pale white milkboy body a deep contrast to the colored men now completely surrounding him in anticipation of gang-banging the helpless naked white blue-eyed devil.
"This is getting good," Mark hears one of the girls say as his quivering lips wrap around Tareek's thick black cock.
"It's been good," says the black girl. "And it's gonna get even better once they get to white boy's cute bubble butt. Not bad for twenty bucks a piece, huh?"
The three girls have stripped off their bottoms and are rubbing their teen clits through their panties as they watch the big colored men having their way with the white boy. Mark is now prone on the ground being skull fucked in the mouth by Tareek. The Latin brothers Alejandro and Rico are busy playing with Mark's nipples pinching them hard and sucking on the teen's nips. Fat bastard DeShawn, a skilled cocksucking queen himself, is busy devouring the blond twink's white boy dick and groping the teen's big hairless balls.
Mark puts up some resistance, but fails from keeping his straight much abused and overly sensitive penis from being molested by the big black queen. The teen soon finds his erection being sucked down to the cock root with DeShawn's tongue playing with his dick slit and licking his hypersensitive glans. The black man's violent and persistent mouth forces the teen to give up his straight boy sperm over and over. Being made to suck black cock was humiliating enough for the white teen boy, but Mark being made to ejaculate by the nigger's big hands or his painful vacuum assault on the teen's short, but thick dick was most embarrassing or so Mark thinks. The spoiled, sheltered white boy didn't realize that once Triple B has taken his straight teenage cherry ass the other brutes would make him cum again and again with their huge man cocks.
Mark's attention to Tareek's oral rape, the Latin brothers' assault on his nipples and DeShawn's orally raping his erect penis is suddenly diverted when the teen feels something thick teasing his asshole. Triple B's big black cock, Mark thinks! SHIT! He resists and struggles to escape his rapists, but is no match for the black and Latino men.
"Relax bitch, it's just my finger. Your ass is still virgin... For now, white boy," Triple B threatens. The men continue playing with Mark's body. "Hey DeShawn, I'm gonna find white boy's fuck button, his prostate, and give ya something something to give flavor to that Vienna sausage you're milking."
DeShawn releases Mark's dick momentarily, "Ya, sure, dawg. White boy here is starting to run dry." The dirty fat man returns his attention to the teenager's pink, sore penis. He captures just the dick head and the man's tongue laps around the sensitive glans, then he sticks it inside the teen's dick slit making Mark squirm. Again DeShawn swallows Mark's dick to the root.
Triple B's big black finger enters Mark's boy twat slowly one knuckle at a time. Mark resists and tightens his anal muscles refusing the man's finger entry.
"You think you so tough, huh white boy," Triple B removes the finger, then shoves not one, but two thick fingers hard and deep inside Mark's asshole.
The brute adds a third finger just for fun and continues finger-fucking him. Soon he finds Mark's prostate and with his middle finger he goes all nasty on the white teen's bitch boy button. Initially Mark's pain is horrible and he arches his back to draw away from the pain, but suddenly Triple B's finger makes contact with something inside him and Mark is awashed in ecstasy. He bucks upwardly crotch fucking DeShawn's face. The fat pig of man is all to happy to open up his mouth swallowing Mark's hard teen dick and balls whole. Tareek removes his big fat cock and cums all over Mark's face and coats the teen's blond hair with jism gel. Alejandro and Rico hold Mark down as they continue their nipple play. Triple B roughly turns his fingers inside Mark rubbing the white boy's prostate forcing the teen's testicles to go on overdrive producing fresh virgin Grade A teen milk.
Lips and mouth free of cock, Mark moans and exclaims, "Oh god! Oh. Oh. What are doing to me? Stop it! Oh. Oooh. Oh. Don't make me.... Oh. No. No. Oh... Ooh NOOOH! Agggh! AGGGH!" SPURT! SPURT! SPURT! SPURT! SPURT! SPURT! SPURT! The teen cums hard inside DeShawn's mouth.
Mark himself unconsciously fucks his crotch deeper into DeShawn's hungry mouth as the white teenager cums harder than he's ever cum before. DeShawn is in cumsucking paradise as his mouth floods with load after load of the pearly white substance. He sucks obsessively on the white piece of meat holding onto the teen's bucking hips and trembling body keeping his face attached to Mark's hairless crotch like a lamprey.
Moments later Triple B and Tareek leave Mark alone with DeShawn, Alejandro, and Rico to let the other men have ago on Mark's dick sucking lips. They watch on the side along with the three girls. Mark is on all fours with DeShawn prone on his back and his face at Mark's crotch still sucking the teen's puny white boy dick to the root. The straight white boy can't understand the black pervert's obsession with his white teenage dick.
With his teen prick ever so sore and extremely sensitive dickhead, he resisted and even begged to suck DeShawn's smelly (dawg has bad hygiene) thick ten inch cock. After having the fat black pig's dirty prick in his mouth for a good ten minutes and just as Mark was about to vomit all the cum he was forced to swallow, DeShawn pushes him off like a rag doll. DeShawn's eyes quickly draw onto the white kid's flaccid penis. He grabs Mark's wrist and ankles, spread-eagles the white youth and like a wild black boar of a man he ravages the white boy's exposed and defenseless crotch; seconds later deep-throating Mark's hard white five and half inch dick.
Now still on all fours with DeShawn sucking on his teen prick Mark sees two tan colored man cocks swinging before him. Alejandro and Rico with their arms crossed and their soft seven inch pricks inches from the teen's face stand dominating over the naked white teen. Mark squeals like a pig. Beneath him the Latinos see DeShawn using teeth on Mark's hardon. The nigger holds Mark's glans between his upper and lower teeth, then sliding down the head, down the entire dick shaft scraping skin and threatening to bite down at the root castrating the poor white teen.
"Fat pig might just get carried away and bite off that tiny white boy dick of yours, gringo," laughs Alejandro.
"Big Fat DeShawn does have a large appetite," Rico agrees. "He might just snip an inch or two off that dinky teen peen of yours."
Mark gulps as he feels DeShawn's teeth scraping the base of his stone hard penis. The fat bastard deep throats the teen's virgin prick stalk and Mark trying hard not to moan like a bitch let's out a little whimper and cries.
"Please... I'll suck your cocks... Just... Just don't touch my ass. Don't do what... What he did... What he did with his fingers," Mark is frightened and looks accusingly at Triple B as the teen tries negotiating with the muscled Latinos to leave his straight virgin butt hole alone.
Triple B smiles his pearly white teeth at the naked white boy. Alejandro smacks Mark painfully on the ass.
"Okay by us, gringo. But we like tag teaming."
"What do you mean," Mark asks confused?
"Meanz you're gonna suck each of our cocks separately. Then bitch, you gonna take both of our Mexican chilli peppers down your throat and swallow our hot and spicy man cum." Alejandro grabs the blond boy by the ears and roughly skull fucks the teen senseless. After he pulls out and spills his juices all over Mark's face, Rico takes his turn grabbing the white teen by his blond hair and forcing his ten plus inches of man meat down the twink's once virgin throat.
Pulling Mark deeper into his crotch Rico forces the white straight boy to almost drown in his man sperm. Hot milky white man cum dribbles out of the corners of Mark's mouth. The white teen boy swallows what he can reluctantly, then finds both hard thick Latin cockheads pressing up against his lips. Mark is forced to suck two huge man cocks at the same time. Alejandro and Rico take turns raping and filling the teen's mouth with their rigid manhoods. They stretch the suburban youth's pie hole with both their man poles digging in and out of Mark's already cum wet and sore mouth simultaneously.
CLICK. CLICK. CLICK. The girls take more pictures of Mark with tears streaming down his cheeks, his face utterly red with embarrassment. Even more humiliating for the helpless white boy... his teenage dick was stiff as a board pointing straight out at the camera phones just as DeShawn, Nubian Queen of Cock Slurping, releases it for a second giving Mark's much abused prick some respite.
Mark's piss slit dribbles out a steady stream of teen boy jism, unwillingly cumming while two Latin men skull fuck his face in unison. SPURT. SPURT. SPURT. CLICK. The money shot is captured digitally as Mark shoots load after load into the fat bastard's open mouth.
"Ah milk, does the body good," DeShawn says satisfied for only a moment.
The black pig licks off the fresh teen semen from the milkboy's sensitive, but still erect penis. Mark lets out a moan and tries pulling his dick away from the fat nigger's ravaging mouth. Alejandro deeply fucks the kid's mouth pulling the blond youth deeper into his crotch. The studly Latino cums furiously inside the teen's throat. Rico pulls out his big fat cock to keep Mark from choking and stroking his almost eleven inches of man cock the tan skinned brute walks around the twink and shoots chunks of man cum all over the small of Mark's bare back and the cleft of his pale white butt cheeks. The young teenager can feel the hot Spic man juice sliding down his back, sliding down between his ass cheeks and coating the entrance of his virgin asshole.
The men take a break from molesting the poor Caucasian teenager. Mark sits up on his ass, draws his legs together and pulling his knees closer to his body he hides his humiliating boner. His male assailants and all girl audience laugh at his attempts to shield his modesty. They can still clearly see Mark's plump hairless balls underneath his legs and at a certain angle his erect member can be seen with its angry red dickhead pointing up toward the ceiling.
"Is that a hard throbbing penis between your legs or is your clit just happy to see me," Tareek teases him.
"Jerk off," orders Triple B. But the white teenager crosses his arms around his legs and body attempting to further conceal his nudity. "Jerk off," the black brute demands again, but the blue-eyed white teenager outwardly refuses.
Triple B's response is swift and painful. The big Nubian bully is naked except for a pair of combat boots. The black beast kicks Mark hard on his pale white hips. Another kick lands on the white youth's side, bruising him in the ribs.
"I said jerk off! I wanna see you play with your tiny white boy dick and I wanna see you cum again, ya hear me, blondie," Triple B yells at the scared naked white honky twink.
"But. But it hurts. It's gonna hurt. My dick is so sensitive," Mark begs, but unconsciously he's already started to spread his legs out into a V revealing his hard dick. "Please just let me go. Let me go and I... I promise I won't say a thing to no one."
Pissed off, Triple B makes to strike the teen with a closed fist, but stops short when Mark immediately lays on his back and begins tugging on his stiff tender prick.
"Arch your back, bring your crotch up in the air and spread your legs wider, white boy," instructs the nigger.
Mark scared and defenseless has no choice and obeys, utterly and completely exposing himself. He strokes his erection up and down in front of them all.
"Ow. Ow. Ouch," the blond teen exclaims as he chokes his painfully sensitive erection, "Oh, oh. Ouch. Ow. It hurts. Ow, my dick!"
The colored men gather around Mark also stroking their giant prick stalks over the white teen's face and chest. The three girls also playing with their teen clits watch the men jerking off as they watch Mark jerking off. Everyone is masturbating. Everyone is having fun in the fun-house... all except poor straight white teen boy Mark Williams as he's forced to humiliate himself sexually, enduring multiple forced orgasms, sucking cock, and being made to swallow tons of man jism. The blond teenager continues to jerk off his five and half inch teen dick embarrassingly aware that the men masturbating over him have ten inch plus man cocks that dwarf his own teen penis.
To Mark's horror and to the girls' joy the men bukkake the naked prone white boy. Soon the men hovering over him fisting their huge prick stalks orgasm splattering Mark's chest and face with a shower of hot black and Latino sperm juice. Mark himself is ashamed. Soon after the men climax the teen feels his own testicles churn out a river of boy spunk as his dick slit spews out pearly white teen cum onto his face, chest and crotch.
"There... I... I came for you. Can I go now? Is it over," Mark asks still jerking his spent and sensitive dick afraid to piss off Triple B if he stopped playing with it? "Oh. Ow. Ow. Ouch," the white teen boy cries as he plays with his still erect and highly super sensitive dick in front of them. His pleas go unaswered, Mark stops masturbating, and gets up awkwardly like a newborn deer. The white youth's body is slick with sweat and man-teen-boy cum.
"DeShawn, do your thing and clean up white boy here for me," Triple B tells the fat nigger. The cocksucking bastard didn't need to be told twice.
"Sure, B," DeShawn replies excitedly before knocking Mark back on the ground!
The fat black pig wrestles with the resisting white teen, but soon has him restrained and the blond teenager's stiff prick and balls engulfed in the black man's hungry mouth. Soon Mark is yet again brought near the edge of climaxing.
"STOP," Triple B orders.
The big black brute is busy jerking off his beer-can thick boy pussy pounder.
"Bring him here," he says stroking his twelve inches of pure black cock terror.
DeShawn pulls Mark by his blond hair dragging the teen before Triple B. Everyone else moves closer for a better view of the action. Mark gets up on his knees just in time to get cock-slapped in the face by the rock hard ebony cock. Fresh hot steaming prefuck hits him in the eyes momentarily blinding the once proud and arrogant straight white suburban twink.
"It's a dang fun-house, y'all! And it's time we have ourselves some real fun, right dawgs," Triple B announces.
And like a bunch of savage dogs the men hoot and holler at Mark like he's nothing but a piece of meat... fresh white meat they are about to tear into pieces. Blinded by the black beast's precum the teen backs up unintentionally into Triple B. The cruel man's hot breath reeks of cheap booze and marijuana as be breathes heavily down the blond teen's neck and back. The youth's eyes clear just in time to see DeShawn in front of him nipping at his hard white teenage dick like a fish toying with the fish bait on a hook. Mark feels Triple B's bulbous mushroom cockhead pressing hard against his straight teenage virgin bunghole; he panics trying in vain to pull away from the savage black man.
"Where you think you going, white boy," Triple B laughs as he wraps his massive arms around Mark pulling the teen up closer against his massive manly frame.
"Time for your tight white ass to get to know Little Big Black Bob more intimately," the nigger whispers into Mark's ear as he puts the blond teen boy into a tight full nelson.
The captive suburbanite youth struggles kicking out at his non-white assailants, but Tareek and DeShawn each grab an ankle. Mark draws his legs up and together both to cover up his treacherous stiff member and to cover the sight of Triple B's man cock and balls underneath Mark's own diminutive teen dick and sperm sac. The man is fucking the empty space between the teen's legs rubbing his big black cock up against the white teen boy's hard dick and plump balls. No match against them nigger bastards they yank Mark's legs wide open exposing the white teen in all his naked glory. Just the tip of Triple B's cockhead grazes the ring of Mark's virgin asshole. The young white teen bucks and struggles to escape, but the black brute tightens his grip and begins pulling Mark deeper into his crotch.
"Oh god, no. Please don't... Don't fuck me," Mark says balling in tears and his nose dripping snot and cum. "Don't rape me, I'm begging you please! I ain't gay... No, please... I'll suck... I'll suck all your cocks some more," he bargains looking at Tareek and the two Spic brothers.
The men just grin and laugh at him. They eye him like a pack of lions awaiting for the alpha dog or dawg in this case to have his fill of Mark's soon to be former virgin ass.
"I'll jerk off some more for you or... Or you... you can suck... milk... milk my tiny... Milk my tiny useless white boy dick," the white teen adds hoping to win DeShawn 's cocksucking sympathy... willing to do anything to save his straight virgin white boy ass.
"Just don't fuck me. I... ain't like that... You can't do this to me. Please, oh god. Please don't fuck me in the ass... I'm not gay. You can't fuck me. Please, you really can't do this to me... I'm only sixteen and half years old. You can't fuck me in the ass, please I'm begging you," Mark protests with his dick sucking lips quivering as he begs.
His own dick slit leaks out globs of teen precum when Triple B lovingly nibbles on the white boy's ear.
"Foreplay's over, white boy," Triple B cruelly explains just before he licks Mark's neck sucking hard and giving the teen a wicked hickey to remember the frightful night he lost his straight boy ass virginity to a vicious black man. "Time for some real fun in the fun-house."
A bead of pearl white teen cum bubbles out of Mark's pee hole. It thickens into a glob, slides down the teen's sensitive prick helmet; then falls off and drops to the floor and SPLAT. A moment of silence lingers. Suddenly Mark screams in agony as Triple B' s huge cockhead enters his ass! Instantly the pain causes his white teenage pricklet to shrivel up into a one inch worm dangling between his legs.
"Scream all you want, white boy. The place is sound proof," Tareek comments just as Triple B fills Mark with several more inches of his thick black man meat.
"STOP! You're killing me... Please... Oh god it HURTS! It's too big. You're tearing me apart. AGHHH! AGHHH! Take it out! It HURTS. It HUUURRTS," the blond boy cries out desperately.
Big Black Bob doesn't go easy on the white boy; not one bit. The black brute fucks him dry, he pulls out completely, then fucks Mark deep with all twelve inches of solid ebony cock. Triple B spears the teen so hard it forces Tareek and DeShawn to let go of Mark's legs, which the two brutes had been restraining and holding wide open. Poor Mark now dangles held up by Triple B in a full nelson impaled on the nigger's mammoth cock.
The young white teen's pain is unbearable. He wretches and cries as he's roughly fucked up the ass. Overwhelmed by the intense pain Mark isn't able to hold it in and vomits the man cum he'd been forced to swallow gallons of earlier. Triple B drills the poor blond white teen with extreme prejudice stabbing his black cock inside the youth's pale white ass like a knife. Mark continues to moan in pain and beg for mercy as the nigger brute savagely rapes him.
The shock of being raped and humiliatingly emasculated is too much for the white teen boy. His body goes limp as his dick. Mark again passes out; unconsciousness temporarily protecting him from the horrible experience. Without a care, mean ol Triple B continues to spearfuck the knocked out fucked out teen. Not letting up he continues degrading the white boy. Triple B violently pounds his cock hard in and out of blond boy Mark. The tip of his cock rubs up against Mark's prostate soon forcing the teen's testicles to start pumping out milkboy milk.
Everyone watches in awe as Triple B expertly manipulates the teenager's body to betray Mark even in his unconscious state. Another piercing thrust inside the blond boy's twat hits the teen's fuck button and soon Mark's five and half inch penis is erect, throbbing and leaking prefuck. Triple B speeds up his fuck pace pistoning the teen's fuck hole. All the while Mark's own virgin fuck pole bobs up and down with each brutal thrust. The huge nigger gyrates his hips just so as not to give the teen boy's body time to get accustomed to getting fucked. He shoves his cock balls deep into Mark. His cockhead pounds on the teen's sensitive prostate and with another forceful thrust Triple B cums filling the blond boy's no longer virgin ass with load after load of hot man sperm. They all watch as Triple B continues to fuck Mark's senseless body. The white teen's own dick is now hard as a rock jutting out from his hairless shaved crotch. Unconscious Mark convulses and like a puppet without strings; his body dangling in Triple B's arms, he shakes as his body is overcome by a violent orgasm. SPURT. SPURT. SPURT. SPURT. SPURT.
The men and the three girls masturbate themselves to orgasm as they watch Triple B force fuck the teen semen out of Mark. SPURT. SPURT. SPURT. SPURT. SPURT. The teen's barely six inch dick goes untouched, but it pulsates as glob after glob of teen boy spunk spits out from Mark's piss hole. Triple B rapes the blond white teen boy for over an hour filling his rectum with nigger jungle juice. Asleep and unaware, twice Mark is again forced to give up his teen boy milk as Triple B pounds hard and deep on his back-door. All the men have a go at the poor unconscious white youth's ass fucking him and feeding his ass their man milk.
Mark wakes to find big fat DeShawn going to town on his much abused and ultra-sensitive white boy dick. The pig has Mark's hard penis in his mouth and is sucking it down to the root. His harsh tongue plays roughly with the teen's dick head.
"Where am I? What the hell," Mark freaks out!
Mark backs away in attempt to free his dick from DeShawn's raping mouth. The teen suddenly winces in pain when he unintentionally finds he's fucking himself on thick ten inches of Latin cock meat. His beautiful blue eyes open wide in shock! Alejandro is tightly holding the twink against his tanned muscular frame. Their bodies making SLAPPING noises as the Latin thug fucks Mark hard and deep edging himself and the white boy toward climax... his desired... the poor teen's unwanted and forced.
"STOP! NO! STOP! Oh, oh. Aghh. What are you doing to me? Stop it. Oh, aggghh, oh, agghh," Mark exclaims as both his dick and ass are raped!
"Hey gringo-boy is awake," Alejandro comments as he fucks Mark hard. "We started the real party while you were sleeping."
He continues fucking the teen. Ignoring his pleas Alejandro pushes Mark to the ground on all fours and fucks the teenager doggy-style. DeShawn follows lying on his back with his mouth still ravaging Mark's teenage boner. Alejandro grabs a hold of Mark's hair and roughly pulls the white teen boy's head back forcing Mark to uncomfortably arch his body. Mark clasps onto his blond hair and onto Alejandro's gripping hand afraid the man might just tear off his handsome blond locks. With Mark's body stretched out in this manner all can see Alejandro's cock entering in and out of the teen's ass and Mark in turn and in rhythm with the Latino is forced to fuck his barely six inches of teen dick into DeShawn raping mouth. Mark can feel the Latin cock deep inside him throbbing and pulsing as the man cums inside his once virgin teen boy twat. The hapless teen can't help himself as he is forced to give up his straight white boy milk. The black brute between his legs is relentless and continues to orally rape his white boy dick as each of the other colored savages take turns raping his ass, filling it with their sperm to the point jism streams out of Mark's ass lips down his back and inner thighs.
"Please. Please no more. I can't take no more. Just let me go... and I swear... I won't tell no one," Mark continues his pleas with a weakened and coarse voice.
Even the black girl gets in on his ass rape. She pushes the teen on his back. Mark is too distraught, too traumatized, and plain out too fucked out to even resist. She rapes him using a chrome ten inch vibrator. Forcing Mark to spread his legs wider and to arch his ass and crotch up in the air she fucks the vibrator into his ass and turns it up to its highest speed setting. Seconds later Mark's sore and throbbing dick explodes with blast after blast of teen spunk surging out of his dick slit.
Afterward the men surround the exhausted and fucked out twink hovering over him like vultures flying over fresh white meat. Mark is totally dazed and confused; in shock. Never in his sheltered straight white boy sixteen-year-old mind did he or could he ever imagine the horrid things these niggers and Spics did to him. How could this have happened to him? He came from a privileged, well-off; well-to-do white family from a white neighborhood in white suburbia. Why him? Mark isn't a jock type, but he wasn't a geek or nerd either. He didn't play sports except for being on the school swim team, and Mark didn't think himself effeminate. His family, his friends and schoolmates didn't identify him as girly either. And Mark didn't identify himself as gay too. He has a girlfriend he tells himself over and over under his breath. Mark was the cute white boy next door who girls, women, mothers; pussy of all sorts would wet their panties just for some time and contact with the handsome teenager. It was only hours ago that his girlfriend was swooning all over him, making feel like such a studly man floating his boat, stroking his teenage "cock" and stroking his teenage bravado.
Now the white teen is sprawled naked on the floor having been molested and raped for hours. No, he thinks to himself, I'm no homo. Why him? Why of all people did such misfortunes befall the sweet and cute teen boy next door? And his own teenage dick, which he can no longer even get himself to call or refer to his penis as a "cock;" not after seeing what a real man's cock looks like... Why for fucks sake did he get so fucking hard and stimulated at the hands of these deviant beasts?
Mark's brought out of his shock and out of his thoughts when he sees Triple B's huge black closed fist in front of his face. Afraid of being brutalized and expecting to suck more man cock, Mark brings himself up to his knees and looks up at the nigger meekly. Instead of the hard punch to his face Mark is surprised when Triple B opens his fist to reveal several blue pills resting on his palm. The blond teen's blue eyes look up at the black man questioningly.
"I am tired of seeing that fucking wormy little clit of yours, white boy," Triple B explains.
Mark looks down at his own crotch and sees that his teen penis had shrunk to a soft thin, wrinkled white one inch worm. His dick head looks red and sore.
"Swallow," Triple B orders the bare-assed naked white twink. He grabs Mark by the back of the teen's neck.
"But. But I don't do drugs. Please don't make me," the suburban youth protests.
The black bastard grabs Mark's hair pulling the teen's head backwards and forcing his mouth open. The nigger forces the blue pills into Mark's mouth. Quickly and brutally he skull fucks the white teen boy force feeding him six inches of his thick twelve inch man cock before stuffing all of his black inches balls deep inside Mark's throat. Triple B cums forcing the teenager to swallow every drop washing down all the pills with the black man's sperm juice.
Triple B releases the teen and Mark immediately recoils from the man yet again humiliated and molested.
"I told you I don't do drugs," the young teen exclaims! "What the fuck did you make me take?" He's shaken and afraid being a virgin to drugs as well as sex. "Oh god, was that crack? Did you make me do crack," white boy Mark panics! The teen is naive and doesn't know what to expect.
"Man, you one dumb-ass cracker," Triple B replies. "Them was Viagra you just downed with my jism juice, white boy. Heck, you just ingested enough Viagra to keep that tiny white boy dick of yours hard for hours, may be even a whole day or two," Mark's rapist explains.
"But why, why'd you do that to me," Mark asks now feeling more flustered and hot than he did moments ago.
"Because we like seeing that pathetic white teen boy dick of yours all stiff and leaking, bouncing up and down while we fuck you up the ass, bitch boy," answers Tareek from behind Mark.
The white teen turns his head just in time to see the black fun-house attendant plunge his big black cock deep inside his ass. The nigger captures Mark in a headlock and drags him to the ground. Mark is surprised by the sudden violation as he lays on top of Tareek with arms held tightly in a headlock. The man merciless rams his black cock balls deep inside Mark.
"No, please. Not again. Oh god, it hurts," he exclaims in pain!
Triple B positions himself on top of Mark making the sixteen-year-old the white cream filling between the two black Oreo men. Mark squirms and resists as he attempts to escape Tareek's massive cock. The black snake is deep inside him and the teen GASPS as it attacks his prostate. Triple B mounts the white teen's legs over his massive black shoulders; his goliath black cock rubbing up against Mark's already cock-filled teen boy twat. The teen can feel the massive mushroom head pressing into his once straight virgin boy ass lips. He realizes what they're about to do to him. They can't possible do that he thinks to himself. No, they wouldn't... they can't, Mark thinks naively.
"What? What are you doing? What are you doing," the youth asks afraid he already knows what they're planning?
"You ever been DP'ed, white boy," Triple B responds knowing the white boy bitch was a virgin before they got their cruel big black hands all over him and their big man cocks inside him.
"DP'ed," Mark asks innocently like a dumb blond twink? "What the...?"
"Double penetrated, white boy. You gonna take two big black man cocks up that cute white ass of yours," Triple B says with an evil grin.
Oh god, NO! You, you can't do that. You'll tear me apart. Aggghhh! I can't take the both of you. It'll hurt. Ooh! Please no, oh god it hurts! Take it out," the blond teen begs Tareek.
"NO! Oh fuck, you're gonna kill me. NO! Don't," Mark cries as Triple B pushes up against his body!
Without giving Mark any warning, the brute forcefully and painfully shoves all twelve inches of hard black meat inside the white teen boy's already cock-stuffed rectum. Triple B's thick mammoth fuck pole slides up against Tareek's shorter, but equally thick prick. Both man cocks stretch the teen's ass ring to its limit threatening to rip the teen apart. The only lube afforded poor Mark is the previous cum deposits left by the five men who've been fucking and raping his straight white boy twat for hours now. The jism makes it a smooth and comfortable fuck for the black men, their fuck stalks rubbing against each other with the teen's tight ass muscles wrapping around them. The man seed is slick and coats both cocks and the ass lining of the teen's once untouched virgin boy pussy. The beasts are in absolute orgasmic heaven. The unfortunate white suburbanite teen is in absolute agonizing hell.
Mark's screams of bloody murder, his coarse cries for mercy, his slight moans of unwanted ecstasy and his sharp shrill screams of pain goes unheard and unnoticed by the world outside of the treacherous fun-house. Triple B and Tareek time their fuck pace in sync with each other. Both pulling out of Mark at the same time elicits a moan or two from the teenager; both plunging their massive black cocks hard and deep inside the youth at the same time elicits horrid agonizing screams from the blond teen boy.
"Oh god, stop! It hurts! You're gonna kill me," the teenager grovels.
In response, the niggers double-fuck the white boy even harder pounding and stretching Mark's once virgin ass.
"Pull'em out! Please! It HURTS! Pull'em out!" The black studs partially pull out leaving only their cock heads inside him. "Ooh, ooh, ooh," Mark moans in distress. "Please, just let me go. I won't tell... I won't... Ow, ow. OW! Aaaggghhh!"
The Spic brothers get in on the action. Alejandro and Rico ravage the teen's nipples each taking Mark's pretty pink nips in their mouths. Their mouths are sensual and rough at the same time as they suckle on the white teen's nips sending waves of pleasure throughout his body. A mixture of unwanted pain and pleasure radiates from the teenager's ass.
Cluster-fucked in the middle of niggers and Spics our poor victim's own sixteen-year-old white boy dick is hard and leaking globs of precum despite the terrible pain. Both Triple B and Tareek notices the teen's over-stimulated and Viagra-forced erection. Tareek laughs and SLAPS Mark's dick stalk hard across the shaft causing the white youth to squeal like a pig.
"It HURTS! Please stop. Pull them out. NO WAIT. Not at the same time. NO! Don't put them in again. OWWW! Oh god, please stop fucking me. You're tearing me apart! It HURTS. It HURTS," screams the fucked-out and frightened teenager.
Big fat DeShawn snakes himself between his black brothers and the Spics. His voracious cocksucking mouth immediately finds the white teen boy's stiff prick and yet again begins orally raping the straight youth's white boy dick. DeShawn's tongue laps at Mark's dick head licking the freshly milked pre-cream oozing out of the young man's piss slit.
The fat black pig deep throats Mark's five and half inch erection. His black nose scratches at the teen's hairless crotch. Mark pulls away trying to protect his overly sensitive and much abused penis only to find himself fucking Tareek and Triple B's mammoth man cocks. The youth's mouth opens into a wide O as he screams hysterically from the brutal ass-stretching, ass-fucking and ass-pounding he's receiving. Compounded by DeShawn's merciless attack on the nerve endings of his white boy dick, Mark breaks down in tears as he begs and begs for his assailants to stop their assault.
"No more. Please, I can't take anymore. Please stop. Stop fucking me. Stop sucking my dick... It HURTS! You're tearing me apart! You're gonna suck... You're gonna tear my dick off," poor Mark cries out!
The men pick up their paces double penetrating the hot teenboy's ass while DeShawn continues milking the jism out of Mark. They gang-rape the white teen boy with extreme prejudice while the colored girls watch fingering their wet pussies.
"DeShawn, you fat black bastard, get ya mouth off that worthless tiny white boy dick and get over here," orders Triple B.
The black pig obeys and reluctantly releases Mark's five and half inch teen dick.
"They say three's a charm, right," Mark hears Triple B comment. "We gonna have a threesome inside your ass, white boy."
The teen feels DeShawn's cockhead poking at his already double- dicked asshole. Crying and hyperventilating Mark cannot believe what's about to happen. They can't really... Is it even possible? Mark SCREAMS as DeShawn cockhead penetrates his already stretched ass ring!
A steady stream of teenage cum dribbles out of Mark's piss slit as his white boy dick pulsates in an intense and forced orgasm. DeShawn slips his hand between Tareek and Triple B's washboard abs and taking hold of the teen's throbbing dick he begins stroking the white boy's prick shaft and rubbing the highly sensitive post-orgasmic mushroom dickhead. In all his screaming Mark has lost his voice and only manages a choked and feeble protest. The men roughly fuck him as DeShawn forces Mark to cum. With his mouth in a wide open O, a silent painful scream, and his eyes fluttering then rolling over inside poor Mark passes out for the third time.
Having lost all sense of time, reality and possibly his sanity, young Mark Williams wakes up to find himself still naked covered in sweat, man cum and his own juices and still trapped in the fun-house. His cum wet hair sticks to his face. Disoriented and confused, pain throbbing from his sore and completely fucked ass, his nipples red and almost bleeding and his teenage white boy dick still painfully erect, the blond youth attempts to stand, but stumbles. He notices the place is now empty except for him and Triple B, who stands dominating over the naked teen. The brute is dressed and is holding Mark's cum soaked Fruit of the Looms briefs.
"Everyone's gone. The county fair is just about to close up for the night," the black beast comments.
He looks over the fucked out and battered white sixteen year old twink. Mark manages to get on his knees, but is still a little wobbly from his horrid ordeal. Triple B gives him a hand and soon Mark is standing naked and erect with the fully clothed black man. The teen covers his embarrassingly hard dick and plump balls with one hand. Noticing Triple B clutching his briefs he reaches for his only article of clothing he sees and asks in very coarse voice, "Ca. Ca. Ca. Can I go now? C. C. Can I have my clothes back, please?"
"Soon," the man replies.
He moves closer to the bare-assed teenager and pulls the teen's hand away from his crotch exposing the hard throbbing teen prick. Mark having been brutalized by the sick fucker knows better than to resist. He keeps his hands to his side and allows the man to ogle his nakedness. Triple B traces Mark's dick sucking lips with a finger.
"I've done tasted them lips of yours, white boy."
Pulling the teenager closer to him, Big Black Bob grabs one of the teen's pale white butt cheeks and squeezes it. With his middle finger the man traces circles around Mark's ass ring. He stops with the point of his finger at the entrance of the teenager's boy hole. Suddenly he shoves his finger deep inside Mark making the teen wince in pain and then moan as his finger touches the twink's prostate.
"And I've done tasted that white boy pussy of yours," he adds as pulls his finger out of the teen's once virgin ass. Mark cries. The black man stares into the youth's wet blue eyes.
"But I was wondering what Fat DeShawn finds so fascinating about that tiny white boy dick of yours," Triple B comments as his big black hand wraps around Mark's five and half inch boy pole. He plays with the teen's dick slit, then flicks the shaft eliciting a moan from Mark. "Been wondering what this tastes like."
"C... Can I just go now, please. I... I won't tell anyone... I swear I won’t,” the blond boy pleads.
Gripping the teenager's white boy dick real hard Triple B begins painfully squeezing it. AAAGGGH! Mark buckles in pain as his dick feels like it's about to rupture, but the black brute keeps him up leaning his masculine body against the slim teenager's.
"Beg me, bitch! Beg me to suck this tiny pathetic white boy dick of yours," Triple B demands squeezing Mark's erect penis even tighter.
"Okay. Please just stop crushing my... oh god! Please. Please. Please suck my. Oh! Please. Please suck my tiny... Please suck my tiny pathetic white boy d... dick," Mark manages before he thought the man would actually rupture his penis.
Triple B knocks Mark to the floor. "Spread em," the man orders and Mark spreads his legs giving the brute complete access to his shaved crotch. His hard pale five and half inch penis stands erect pointing up toward to the ceiling and his plump balls hanging covered in sweat and jism. The big black man lays down between Mark's spread out legs and begins jerking off the unwilling victim. He swallows the teen's hard dick deep-throating it to the base. Soon the bitch boy is moaning. "Oh, oh, ooh. Aaagggh. I'm... I'm gonna cum." SPURT. SPURT. SPURT. SPURT. SPURT.
Triple B swallows load after load of teen boy semen. He keeps on sucking Mark's super-sensitive prick and the teen begins resisting as the pleasure of his orgasm is replaced with a shock of pain in the nerve endings of his penis. The blond teenboy tries pushing Triple B's head and mouth away from his still very hard dick, but the twink is no match for the nigger bastard. The man forces Mark to painfully cum two more times before letting up on poor guy.
"Fat boy was right. Milk does the body good," Triple B says wiping some teenboy jism from his lips with his fingers. He makes Mark lick off the cum residue on his fingertips. Triple B leaves Mark naked and in fetal position nursing his sore and very much abused penis. Crying and red faced Mark notices his teenage dick is still as hard as a nail sticking out from his crotch.
Moments later Triple B returns, grabs him by his wet blond hair and drags him outside of the fun-house. Mark looks around and finds the fair grounds almost empty except for a few vendors and ride operators closing up shop along with a few straggling patrons.
"Can I please have my clothes back," Mark begs. "Please. Before someone sees me."
Triple B watches the naked blond teen squirm with both his hands covering his hardon and balls. "Here." He hands Mark his white T-shirt, his cum drenched white briefs and his flip flops. Mark dresses quickly slipping on the shirt and briefs.
"My shorts. Can I have my shorts please," he says looking up at his rapist.
"You don't need them. Besides on hot summer night like this it's better you walk around wearing them tight white panties of yours," replies the black man smirking.
"But people will see me," Mark complains. "It's humiliating."
"Relax. They'll probably think you're just wearing short shorts," Triple B jokes. He takes the waistband of Mark's briefs in the back and pulls it up giving Mark a wedgie, then does the same in the front squashing the teen's dick and balls. The wedgies in effect make Mark's briefs look more like panties.
"Can I go now. Please. I promise I won't tell anyone... Please," Mark pleads.
"Not just yet, white boy. We gots one more ride to go on and then I'll let you go, bitch," the black thug says with his face extremely close to Mark's.
He licks the teen's neck sucking on the previous hickey he'd given Mark moments before he popped the blond boy's cherry. Mark is repulsed by all the man had done to him and it shows on his face. Triple B cops a feel of his hard teen dick through his tight white briefs. Mark is all too aware and embarrassed that his erection has tented the front of his underwear and the fabric being practically transparent he might as well walk around naked, which he had no desire to do. The young teenager like other teenagers had those dreams or nightmares where you find yourself in a classroom or in the school hallway naked or in your underwear surrounded by fully dressed people. Mark could never have imagined that he'd be such a predicament walking around the fair grounds almost naked.
"I can't walk around the fair like this... My dick... My dick is so hard and you can see it through my underwear. And it won't go down. It won't get soft... Please let me have my shorts," Mark says as he cries and begs the man. Triple B grabs the front of Mark's briefs and roughly tugs on his dick.
"If you want I can just rip it off," Triple B threatens.
He grabs Mark by the back of the neck. The teen not knowing if the man meant his briefs or his dick when the man said "rip it off" submits and lets the nigger drag him deeper into the fair grounds.
Mark could not help be cognizant of the fact he was walking around nearly nude, erection tenting his briefs and several fully clothed people not far off could stumble upon him in his pathetic state.
He notices that they are heading toward the giant Ferris wheel at the edge of the fair grounds. Just as they turn a corner a group of white girls about Mark's age stumbles upon them. Oh, god no he thinks to himself. Mark makes to turn around to avoid them before they notice his lack of clothing, but Triple B grips his neck tighter and turns him right in the girls' line of sight. The six girls, lucky for Mark none of them went to his high-school, all stare in shock when they get two feet of Mark and Triple B.
"Holy cow, what happened to him," one perky girl ask?
Mark is speechless and his face turns beet red. The cute blond teen is utterly embarrassed at being displayed nearly and practically nude before another audience of girls. He makes to cover his crotch, but Triple B pinches the back of his neck telling the teen to keep his hands at his side.
"His shorts got ripped off on one of the rides," Triple B quickly comes up with a lie to explain Mark's state of undress.
"Why is he all wet," another girl inquires? She also notices a funky smell (jism), but makes no mention of it.
"He's cute and he's wearing tighty-whities," comments a girl who gets an eyeful staring directly at Mark's crotch and obvious erection.
The near naked teenboy can't even look at the girls. Unknown to them man cum was now leaking out of his recently fucked butt hole and soaking the back of his underwear. Hours ago before he got bitch-raped and his cherry popped Mark would've been chatting up a storm with these girls, flirting and making the moves on them. Now he's just a bitch boy and he didn't want anyone to know what had just happened to him (at the hands the nigger brute standing next to him), especially the pretty girls gawking at him. So Mark suffered the indignity in silence hoping the entire ordeal would soon end and some how if possible he could forget it ever happened.
"It was one of the water rides on the north end of the fair. The one that ends with a big SPLASH," Triple B explains to the girls while rubbing Mark's neck and placing an emphasis on the word splash when he said it. "You girls best get going now. It's late and we're closing up," he adds.
"He's right. We should get going," says a perky red-headed girl. "It's getting dark and the neighborhoods in this area ain't safe. We wouldn't want get raped now would we," she adds winking at Mark and clearly looking at his erection tenting the front of his wet briefs. The girls begin walking away.
"OMG. Like, did you see that? Like, he totally has a boner," Mark hears one of the girls whisper as they passed by.
"No way. Are you sure," comments another girl. They move on, but occasionally one or two girls would turn their heads back to look at the briefly clad teenager.
When the girls are far away enough, but still within ear shot Triple B comments on what dumb bimbos they were and how maybe they needed a clearer picture. With that he yells at the girls and catching Mark off guard he suddenly pulls Mark's cum soaked briefs down to his ankles exposing the blond teen's hard five and half inch dick to the group of girls.
"Holy crap! Look he's naked now," one girl exclaims!
"See. I told ya he has a boner," comments another girl.
"Oh my god, is he pissing in front of us," another dumb girl asks?
"That's not piss. He ain't peeing. Oh shit, he's you know... He's cumming," the brighter and perkier red-headed girl explains.
"That's it. You take that pervert away, mister," a prudish girl comments as she sees the man leading the nude teen away.
Moments before, Mark realizes his briefs are at his feet and his erection is pointing straight at the group of girls. The blue-eyed teen could not turn anymore shades of red at his utter display of humiliation. He bends over to pull up his underwear. Triple B takes Mark by surprise and quickly shoves his thick black middle finger inside the now naked blond teen's boy hole. Standing behind Mark, Triple B looks innocent enough from the girls' point of view. Unknown to them the cute naked blond teenager they're ogling at is actually being roughly finger-fucked by the black man standing behind him.
"Come on, white boy. Don't you wanna cum for your pretty white girlfriends over there," Triple B mocks the struggling teenager. Mark desperately tries to grab and pull the black man's finger out of his ass.
"No. Please don't do this. Not again. Please don't. Not in front of them. It so embarrassing. Please. Don't make me cum... Not in front of girls. Not like this," Mark pleads just as Triple B's fingertip finds and rubs up on his prostate. "Oh god. No. Oh. Oh. Oh. AAAGGGGH. Oh fuck! I'm cumming," the blond teen points out the obvious.
"That's it white boy, show em pretty white girls how much of a stud you are. Show em how much you like cumming when you got a big black finger up ya white boy twat," the black man again mocks Mark.
The thug fingers him good and soon Mark resistance breaks and the teen's throbbing dick shoots out five loads of teen boy milk. SPLURT. SPLURT. SPLURT. SPLURT. SPLURT. Seconds later his piss hole release a steady stream of pearl white teenage jism. Triple B drags off the teen with his finger still in Mark and from the point of view of the girls it appears if he's reprimanding and taking away a perverted teenage boy who had just jerked off and come in front of a bunch of teenage girls.
By the time Triple B drags the teen to the giant Ferris wheel Mark has managed to pull up his briefs. His teenage dick ever hard juts out the front of his briefs obscenely. Pulling the kid by the waistband of his underwear Triple B keeps him close as he whispers to the ride operator. Mark too embarrassed to be out in public wearing nothing but a T-shirt and briefs doesn't notice who the ride operator is until Triple B introduces the pussyboy.
To Mark's shock and dismay he recognizes the ride operator, a teenager slightly older than him who goes to his school! His school! Billy Minh is a senior at Mark's high-school who has bad rep as a "troubled kid" and who everyone in school including the principal and teachers stay clear off. Rumor has it his father is a sadistic Vietnamese hired hitman working for the mob and his mother is some high-class Madame who operates a prostitution ring all over France. A couple of years ago a teacher got into an argument with Minh and had made the mistake of placing his hand on the teen's shoulder. That teacher ended up in the hospital with a broken arm and a busted nose. He immediately resigned and left the day after the incident.
Another rumor has it a star football quarterback for the school started bullying Minh cause he was Asian. The rising athlete started calling him Minny instead of Minh and mocking that he had small cock. From what Mark heard the bully jock was found in the school gym naked except for his football pads and his helmet hanging with his hands tied to the basket ball hoop. The most scary shit Mark heard was that the arrogant jock's entire cock and balls had been completely severed and were no where to be found. Supposedly the teen survived and was hospitalized and also left school, but no evidence or charges were ever brought up against Minh. All the stories and rumors, true or not, earned Minh the nickname "Box-Cutter de Sade."
Freshmen year Mark had luckily stayed clear of the infamous Billy "Box-Cutter de Sade" Minh until now. So yes, poor Mark seeing Billy Minh at the fair was not good news; not good news at all for the young hapless twink.
"Okay, here's the deal. My man Minh here will let us have a ride on the Ferris wheel for free. But first you're gonna have to give him a couple favors," Triple B states the raw deal to Mark. "I'm gonna chill here. You come back when you're done swallowing his chinky jism and getting your white ass bang-cocked."
The white boy knows he has no say in the matter and looks hopelessly at Triple B.
"Now you be a good little white boy and do what Minh says. And boy, if you try running I swear I will gut you, ya hear," the black thug threatens the white suburban youth. He emphasizes his threat by not so gently squeezing Mark's nuts.
The blond boy nods in submission and turns to face Minh who smiles at Mark knowingly. Minh leads Mark behind the Ferris wheel out into an open clearing.
"Here? Can't we. Can't we go somewhere more private," Mark asks hoping Minh doesn't know or recognize him? "Like, may be the porter potty or something."
"Fuck that shit. I ain't getting head in some stinky porter potty like some fag," Minh replies coldly.
The slanty-eyed bastard quickly unzips his pants and to Mark's surprise pulls out a huge ten inch cock (guess the eunuch jock was wrong). He pushes Mark to his knees and notices the other teen's dick is hard tenting the front of his briefs. Mark kneels with his mouth wide open expecting Chinky Charlie will shove his man cock down his throat.
"So does Lauren know you like sucking cock and taking it up the ass, Mark," Minh says recognizing the blond teenager from his school? Mark shuts his mouth closed and is dismayed he's been recognized by someone from school.
"Yeah, I know who you are. Mark Williams. You're a sophomore and Lauren's current boy toy, ain'tcha? Saw you both earlier. Man, she is one hot piece of white ass. Awesome rack on her too. Been trying to get into her panties and her pussy for a while now. But the bitch only likes white guys," Minh says disdainful of the fact. The Asian man rubs a sneaker-covered foot over Mark's cotton-covered hard on teasing the blond teen. "Go figure, right?"
"Man, would I love to see the look on her face when she's finds out her new boyfriend is a cocksucking, small dicked, bitch boy," Minh laughs staring down at the kneeling white boy.
"Oh shit. Oh shit. Oh fuck. You can't tell anyone. I... I ain't gay. They made me do things... Please don't tell Lauren. Don't tell anyone," Mark whimpers and begs.
"We'll see, Marky boy," Minh speculates. "For now get over here," and speaking in an overly emphatic Chinese accent Minh tells Mark, "and open ya mouth cause ya gonna love my cock long time, white boy."
Mark reluctantly crawls over to Minh. The older Vietnamese-French teen grabs him by his blond hair, pushes Mark on his back on the ground, straddles his chest and begins skull-fucking the hell out of the open-mouthed white teen boy bitch. Minh shoots his load all over Mark's face, then shoves his tan ten inch cock deep inside the white youth' s throat. Mark gags as he's forced to clean off Chinky Charlie's prick. The Vietcong brute positions Mark on his hands and knees, then slipping the teen's underwear down and grabbing his hips Minh fucks him good and hard doggy-style. Mark tries hard not to moan out loud, biting his lips together keeping his mouth shut. But soon Minh has him groaning and moaning out in the open field.
"Imagine what Lauren would say if she was right here watching me plug your ass. Imagine what she'd say looking at how stiff your white boy dick is right now with a real man's cock deep inside you, bitch boy," Minh continues to degrade and mind-fuck the sophomore high-schooler.
Chinky Charlie slides a hand around and underneath Mark grabbing the teen's solid hard boy missile. With his other hand Minh grabs Mark by the hair forcing Mark to arch his body backward. With a tight grasp on both Mark's blond hair and teen boy boner, Minh pulls the teen closer to him deeply fucking the now sobbing teenager. Mark is crying as forced mental images of Lauren appear in his head. First he pictures her with a shock and disappointed look on her face. Then he sees Lauren staring intently at his leaking five and half inch throbbing erection. Just as Minh's cockhead hits Mark's prostate the teen can't help himself as his body yet again betrays him and he cums all over the grass beneath him. In his mind Lauren is now laughing hysterically as she points to Mark's treacherous pulsating penis as glob after glob of milky white teen boy jism erupts from his piss slit.
Billy Minh turns Mark onto his back and continues fucking him face-to-face with the older teen's slanty eyes piercing through Mark's gorgeous baby blue eyes. Mark is just coming down from his forced orgasm. Pools of teen cum splattered all over his chest and crotch. In his mind he can still see Lauren giggling at him as his rapist explodes deep inside Mark's once virgin straight ass. A stream of thick man juice flows out of Mark's fucked asshole as Minh pulls his man cock out of Mark and finishes cumming all over the teenager's five and half inch dick and hairless balls. With a brutal and forceful thrust Minh plunges his man meat repeatedly into Mark's defenseless butt hole. The suburban teen can hear his once sweet girlfriend's voice hovering over him as Minh pounds his butt hole raw.
"Wow! Look at the size of his cock! I thought Asians are supposed to be small dicked. But god! He's huge compared to you, Mark. He's like twice the length and twice the girth of this little thing between your legs. Even if we ever fucked I don't even think I'd feel your little dick in me. Not like him. I'm sure you can feel him ripping and tearing you apart," Mark hears Lauren say as he feels a soft and velvet hand wrap around his dick.
The hand begins masturbating the helpless teen boy as he's continually fucked. Fingers squeeze his dickhead opening his piss hole more and allowing drops of pearly white boy cum to spill out onto Mark's smooth crotch.
"It's just so cute and so tiny," Lauren adds rubbing jism all over Mark's painfully erect penis.
Embarrassed beyond anything he could imagine Mark is completely humiliated. His face is utterly red, strands of blond hair covered in sweat and man cum sticks to his face, and his eyes shut with tears.
"It just so cute and so tiny," Lauren says again.
Mark opens his eyes and discovers it's not Lauren, but the perky re-headed girl from the second group of girls that had witnessed his degradation. Seems she's returned to see what the real shit was about... Curiosity licked the Pussy. Meow.
"I knew it was no water ride. He didn't lose his shorts on no water ride. Can I watch you fuck him some more," the perky red-deaded girl asks Minh with a devious smile?
"Sure. But only if I can fuck you, Red," replies Billy Minh.
"Fuck yeah," Red eagerly agrees milking more jizz out of the whimpering teen.
Mark simply moans and whimpers his protest as Minh fucks his ass and Red milks his so cute and tiny dick. The repeated ass fucks and painful milkings leave Mark exhausted and senseless. Yet again, the sixteen-year-old passes out cold just as Minh sucks the ball juices out of Mark's dick and as Red finger-fucks him into oblivious unconsciousness.
Much later the county fair is empty, quite and closed. Mark wakes and is shocked to find himself completely naked and hanging from the edge of a gondola or passenger car at the very top of the Ferris wheel. Mark's feet dangles in mid air, but he finds Triple B has him held in a headlock keeping him from falling to his death. Luckily the Ferris wheel is not moving. The blond teenager also discovers himself painfully impaled on Triple B's monstrous twelve inch Nubian cock.
The nigger bastard's body and manhood dwarfs the white teenager's as the man stands just at the edge of the gondola. His sweaty and manly frame rubs up hard against Mark's boy bitch body. As the blue-eyed twink hangs for his dear life, the teen notices how many stories high they are and squirms as he's uncomfortably penetrated by the big black cock in his ass. Mark's Viagra hardened white boy dick points out at a full moon. A bead of pearly white cum forms just at his piss hole.
"Time for that last ride, white boy. Gonna let you go now," Triple B threatens slowly releasing his headlock on Mark.
"NO! Please don't let go. I don't want to die," the teenager begs.
"Well you better hold onto me then," the nigger replies letting go of Mark.
The sudden release causes the teen to almost free fall, but he manages to wrap both his arms around the black brutes neck. The pain Mark experiences is horridly indescribable (well not actually since I am describing it for you). With the force of gravity and the weight of his own body pulling down on him, poor Mark Williams is forced to spear fuck himself onto Big Black Bob's big black cock. The pain brutally tearing apart our poor protagonist as his well-fucked so called straight boy ass is sodomized by the black stud's massive cock. You do the physics. It damn well hurts.
"OW! OW! AAAGGHH! Oh god! AAAGGGGH! IT HURTS! IT HURTS! Pull me up! Pull me up! PLEASE! Oh god. Please. IT HURTS! IT HURTS! You're killing me. Please pull me up," Mark begs whimpering and broken.
Triple B spends a good time thrusting in and out of the kid. Mark's hands are locked together around the man's neck. To his surprise Mark even fucks himself deeper onto the mammoth cock hoping to get leverage and keep from falling.
"AAAGGGH! Please! I'm dying. It's tearing me apart... I'm gonna fall. Please."
Throughout the horrific pain Mark's teen pecker stays hard and erect still pointing out at the full moon. Triple B starts to fuck him in earnest and soon without his own dick being touched Mark's piss slit churns out load after load of thick white teen boy sperm. Triple B climaxes at the same time as Mark's ass muscles milk the man cum out his big nigger balls. Hot fresh man seed seeps out of the white teen's asshole and slides down his inner thigh with droplets of blood.
Triple B pulls him up and roughly turns Mark to face him freeing himself from the teen's clingy hands. He sees the small white boy dick is still hard and leaking teen jizz. The nigger takes a hold of Mark's prick and tippi toes the twink closer to the edge of the gondola. He now has a death grip on Mark's five and half inch pale white boy dick. At the edge he suddenly shoves the teen against the chest pushing Mark off as if to kill him. The white youth reaches out and flails at Triple B to keep from falling, but the man smacks away Mark's hands and arms.
Soon only Triple B's death grip on his white boy dick is the one thing keeping Mark from falling to his death. But the pain is exquisite for the naive youth. With his bare naked feet the only thing touching the floor of the gondola, his bare ass and his chest pushed out, and again with the force of gravity and the weight of his own body pulling down on him - Mark experiences a new height of pain as it centers at the root and shaft of his erect teenage penis.
"AAAGGGGH! AAAGGGGH! AAAGGGGH! IT HURTS! IT HURTS! IT HURTS! IT HURTS! MY DICK! YOU'RE GONNA TEAR MY DICK OFF! MY DICK! IT HURTS! IT HURTS! PLEASE LET ME GO," Mark screams as he feels the pain spreading out from his groin. He can feel his knees going weak and his legs about to buckle.
"Let you go," Triple B teases pretending to release Mark's painfully erect and distended member. Mark falls backward a little more. "You sure," replies the nigger with a wicked grin.
Amazingly throughout the pain Mark's five and half incher remains hard as a nail as Triple B grips it tight like a vice. To Mark's horror the sadistic nigger begins tugging on his erection. With gravity and the weight of his body against him, his arms pull back behind him Mark is defenseless as the black man masturbates him. The pain overrides the pleasure yet Mark can feel his balls churning out his juices. He feels as if his dick is about to be torn apart from his crotch. Mark is in tears and fears for his life. As a gust of warm summer wind hits his body he trembles.
Triple B pulls and pulls on Mark's stiff boner causing the teen to shake like puppet on strings. Keeping a firm hold on the base of the teenager's treacherous erection Triple B runs his thick black pinky fingertip across the white teen's corona. Precum leaks from the twink's piss hole. The man rubs it across Mark's mushroom dickhead. He jerks off the teenager and soon feels the white piece of meat begin pulsating trapped in his grip. With the man's large black hand wrapped firmly around his throbbing member Mark's white boy dick seems even more diminutive.
Suddenly Mark is overcome by a powerful wave of intense pleasure and pain. He convulses as his body orgasms. Just as his testicles push out the first load of teen sperm he lets out an agonizing cry! Triple B cruelly squeezes down hard on the base of the trapped and throbbing dick in his hand. Poor Mark is all choked up literally. Choked up in the throat with his voice too coarse and dry from all his screaming and choked up at the base of his dick as cum builds up to pump out but is quickly obstructed by the man's painful squeeze. Triple B squeezes and strokes the teen's tender and raw hardon. The pain is excruciating for the poor unfortunate youth. His tear-streaked face cries out for mercy. Without warning Triple B releases Mark's engorged prick and just as the teen's dick slit begins spewing out spurts of hot teen boy cum the white youth realizes what has just happened. Mark screams a silent NO!
Mark feels himself lose his footing, his legs buckling, and begins to fall. He can feel the air rushing up at his back as he falls. SWOOSH! This is it he thinks to himself as he falls. I'm going to die. More humiliation sinks in as the teen realizes he's going to die naked and his hard dick is still gushing out load after load of pearly white cum. It seems as if his spurts of sperm were dancing in the moonlight.
Seconds later... THUD! Mark thinks he's hit the ground, but how? It can be that soon from so many stories up. Is he dead? New pain radiates from his back and his head. He's disoriented, but soon notices he hadn't hit the ground nor is he dead. Triple B did push him, but not to his death; rather onto the next adjacent passenger car below them. Mark is sprawled on the gondola floor. He turns into fetal position clutching his much abused and nearly torn off and still erect dick. His body continues to betray him as he spews splurge after splurge of hot white teen spunk all over himself and on the floor. Mark notices Billy Minh fully clothed and the red-headed white girl naked are seated and busy fucking hard. Minh's solid ten inch pussy pounder disappears in and out of Red's thick mound of pubic bush (yes dear readers the rug does match the drapery... RED). The Asian teenager roughly plays with Red's erect nips, cupping her bouncing boobs and kissing her perky dick-sucking lips as he fucks her six ways to Sunday. The red-headed sixteen-year-old white girl is in ecstasy as her pussy muscles hug every inch of Minh's fuck pole. Her body bounces up and down as "Ho Chi Fucking" Billy Minh stretches out her wet and soaking pussy lips.
"Oh, oh, oh, oooh! That's it. Fuck me harder! Oh! It feels so good," slutty Red exclaims as her sweat covered body is wracked in orgasm!
Mark can see her eye lids fluttering and her lips quivering as she's awashed in sensual pleasure. Her pussy juices flow out between her silky legs. Minh pushes her off and stands in front of her. She's on her knees. He makes her deep-throat him cleaning her girl sap off of his cock. The slanty eyed bastard makes her gag as he cums a flood of man spooge in her mouth. She swallows what she can. Minh pulls out his thick prick and slaps her face with it before his cock slit spits out loads and loads of cum all over her face and tits.
Mark was envious. The scene before him was right out of a straight boy's porno fantasy. His ideal fantasy. It was the way he imagined his first time with a girl, a woman, would be. Not what happened in the fun-house. Not the unmanly things he was forced to do. Mark could never in his entire life imagined the horrors he'd experience tonight being used, molested, milked, raped and ravaged like he was a girl, a woman, a bitch. His piss hole was still leaking teen cum when Minh and Red notice him.
"Man, that nigger must've given you one hell of a ride. From the look of your bloody stretched out boypussy and your little white boy dick looking all hard, raw and bruised up, you gotta be hurting like a mother-fucker," Minh explains the obvious to further torment their captive.
Red stares at Mark's hardon and licks Minh's ear and whispers softy into it. "Sure, why not."
The red-headed girl gets on her knees in between Mark's legs. The Caucasian teenager is unsure, afraid and struggles against her. He resists, but Red is able to over-power him stretching his legs wide open.
"Don'tcha wanna get your little pricklet blown by girl. Red's offering to blow you. Bet your no-longer virgin ass, you ain't ever had this useless white boy dick of yours blown by a chick before," Billy Minh calls out the truth about Mark degrading the naked hard teen. "Go on, Red. Make bitch boy blow his load."
The red-headed girl captures Mark's erect piss pole in her hand and cups his plump balls with another. The blue-eyed teenager would never have refused a blowjob from a hot white girl, but with all the shit the men had done to his super-sensitive pole every bundle of nerve in Mark's penis was screaming PAIN as Red engulfs her fellow white teen's virgin dick. His first hetero blowjob from a girl was not as he imagined and his penis was hurting too much for him to enjoy it. Mark attempts to push her away from his penis. Minh grabs a hold of Mark's wrists and pulls them back over his head as Red continues bobbing up and down Mark's five and half inch dick.
"See you at school, Mark," says "Box-Cutter de Sade" Minh! He PUNCHES Mark square in the face knocking out the white teen. The red-headed girl continues sucking the knocked-out totally fucked-out blond teen boy. Minh watches as Mark’s unconscious body convulses in orgasm.
Red pulls out Mark's very bruised and sore erection from her mouth. "Should I continue," she asks voraciously licking Mark's jizz from her dick-sucking lips?
"Go on. Keeping sucking him. When he wakes I want him wishing he didn't have a dick," orders Billy Minh. The sixteen-year-old's body twitches as Red resumes torturing his Viagra harden prick with her mouth.
"Yo! China man," yells Triple B from the top of the Ferris wheel! The nigger above throw Mark's translucent cum-soaked briefs onto the gondola below.
Minh catches the wet briefs. He turns around and searches inside a nearby bag. He produces a brick worth of grade A weed and throws it up to Big Black Bob. The black man catches it like it's a brick made of gold. "Nice doing business with you," comments Triple B before disappearing.
Billy Minh turns around to see the red-headed slut still working on Mark's penis. She's deep-throating him and has both his balls in her mouth. His legs and arms are splayed out spread-eagled on the gondola floor as Red continues sucking on his teen boy dick swallowing every drop of milkboy jism. Mark's sleeping body twitches again and his toes curl up as Red slurps up another load. Billy "Box-Cutter de Sade" Minh stands over them holding Mark's bunched up cum-drenched white briefs in one hand and in the other hand Minh holds a black metal box cutter, blade already exposed.
A meaty SLURPING and POPPING sound is heard as Red lifts her head up from Mark's crotch. "Should I keep going," she asks again mischievously? "I like it when his body twitches when he climaxes. He's still got a lot. He's got a cute and tiny white boy dick, but he's got plump balls full of cum. But if he were awake he'd be screaming his mouth off," She toys with the knocked-out teen's piss slit pushing the nail of her pinky finger inside Mark's urethra.
" Keep going," Billy Minh replies coldly. Red smiles at him and goes back to sucking and again engulfs both Mark's erect five and half inch dick and balls. All the while Minh watches as Red forces Mark to orgasm again, and again, and again his body twitching in his sleep as if in epileptic fit.


More to CUM of the misfortunes and misadventures of poor teen twink boy Mark Williams. In the next few chapters our protagonist Mark must contend with a devious and pervy next-door neighbor, Dirty Larry. In high-school how will Mark deal with the infamous Billy Minh? Sorry to leave you hanging like Mark's dick and balls, dear readers. But will Mark even have a dick and balls by the end of this story? More to cum, if you already haven't... Heh.

This story was written as an adult fantasy. The author does not condone the described behavior in real life.

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