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It's already over... Aw...
Robert immediately rushed in to see why Nicole suddenly screamed, he had a knife out just in case. But there was no one, instead there was Nicole, trembling, a pregnancy test in front of her, he glanced down and saw it was a positive. Nicole's mind raced, she was pregnant, carrying a new life in her womb, and she didn't even want it, but suddenly her mind faded to happier thoughts, this child is hers, she can watch it live and grow, and make sure it won't go down the same road she had went down.
But she doesn't know who's it is.
Robert stood speechless before her, he crouched down and gently stroked her cheek, wiping some cum off her face.
Without warning, she jumped into his arms, holding him tightly, afraid to let go. Nicole's eyes fluttered shut, her breathing steadied, and she then drifted into her own horrific, nightmarish memories.
"Suck my fucking dick Nicole!" her Foster Father shouted over her screaming, forcing her hands behind her back and tying them tightly, turning her back around to a penis in her face.
He clenched the neck, squeezing it tightly and she opened her mouth weakly. He shoved his cock in her mouth, and she sucked, as she was told, and swallowed all the cum that would wash into her mouth. If she wouldn't, she'd be in excrushiating pain for a month. After the sucking he placed a ball gag in her mouth and clasped it.
He forced Nicole's legs apart, admiring her shaved, wet cunt, and shoved two fingers right inside her. She muffled a moan, feeling her Foster Father shove his fingers in and out of her in a slow and hard rhythm. He licked the lubrications off his fingers, and his eyes were suddenly filled with lust. He stooped his head down and began thrase his tongue in her pussy, enjoying her taste.
He pulled out and rubbed his penis along the walls of her vagina and shoved it all in. Nicole screamed into the ball gag, which sounded like a moan. He thrusted, hard and fast, he wanted a quick and pleasureful fucking, so he then gummed inside her almost immediately.
Nicole gasped awake, taking deep breaths from her nightmare, and sighing in relief she wasn't reliving it. She felt odd on her body, and looked, she saw that she had been cleaned and clothed in blue silk Pajamas. She smiled, silently thanking Robert as she stood. She noticed his broom was gone, he must have gone to The Commons to tell Headmaster Amberose about what happened last night.
She walked over to where the corpses used to be, but they were gone, as were the blood stains on the carpet. She then saw a letter a few feet above it written in with her name on it. She opened it to find out it was from Robert.
"You're a Necromancer, Nicole." It read.
A Necromancer? As in someone that brings the dead back with magic and voodoo? That couldn't possibly be her, she was more of a Sorcerer than anything. But, it didn't matter.
There was a sudden quick rattle at the door, as if someone were trying to break in. Nicole panicked, could this be the rest of Keelan and Antonio's clan that they mentioned earlier?
"Nicole..." a weak voice spoke from the other end, it was Robert's. She quickly rushed to the door and opened it, seeing Robert beaten severely, his shirt ripped off him, and the bottom parts of his pants torn.
"Oh my God..." she whispered, quickly grabbing his arm and helping him to his bed, "What happened?!"
"You know...that clan...they spoke of..?" Nicole nodded. "Well I hunted them...and killed them all...but Jesus they put up a fight..."
Nicole was so shocked, she quickly rinsed a bowl of warm water and wetted a washcloth. Dabbing all the blood from his wounds. "Nicole it's alright-" Robert began but she quickly placed a finger to his lips, silencing him.
"Well, how've you been feeling? You know with pregnancy?" he asked as Nicole silently mended him.
"Eh, so so." she replied softly, "I can't believe I'm pregnant and don't even know what romantic sex is even like. Where does it hurt most?"
"I can show you." He blurted, and his face suddenly turned red, she grinned, a grin that said "go ahead, but reply to my question." he suddenly had an idea, he said, "My lips hurt most."
She chuckled and placed the washcloth in the bowl and placed it on his nightstand, she read his mind. She leaned in, and kissed him, Robert slid his hands up her back to her hair. He grasped some of her hair softly, not wanting to hurt her. Nicole, following his lead, slid her hands up his chest and abs, her hand going around his neck and her fingers intertwining with his hair.
He kissed her again, their tongues exploring each other's mouths. With their lips still locked, Robert moved his position to where Nicole's back was on the bed and he was hovering her. He slowly unbuttoned her pajama top, and bottoms revealing her bra and panties. They still were held together by their lips as Nicole unzipped his pants which showed his boxers, this was the first time she's ever been aroused.
Robert's penis stiffened and grew erect in this boxers, Nicole's nipples hardened and grew erect in her bra. They pulled apart for one moment as they took off their undergarments, and they were now both completely nude. Robert moved a hand from Nicole's back and began to jerk on his dick. Nicole moved her mouth to his dick and wrapped her mouth around it. She started sucking, playing with his balls and making the cock go deep in her throat, gagging her slightly.
Robert gently moved her mouth off and spread her legs, he moved his lips down to her soaking wet pussy, licking the outside and inside of her and rubbing her cilt in a circular motion at the same time. Nicole moaned, she grabbed one of her own breasts and squeezed as she felt overwhelmed with pleasure of Robert's licking.
He moved up and kissed her breasts down her chest and belly that was only a day pregnant. E then aligned his penis with her vagina and gently pushed himself inside.
He thrusted slow and gentle with her at first until they both wanted it harder and faster. He sped, amd thirsted, harder and harder-
"I'm gonna cum!" Nicole exclaimed, her body building up an orgasm.
"I am...too!" Robert exclaimed after her, both of them releasing their orgasms on each other's bodies. Hot, sticky cum poured into Nicole, and they both let out an exhalce of pleasure and relief. Robert dropped down next to her, his cock still inside her as he brushed some hair off her face.
"So..?" he panted.
"That was amazing." she replied, breathing heavily, and she placed her head on his chest, making sure his dick was still lodged in her pussy, and they slept, together.
9 Months Later
Robert stood outside the hospital room, pacing back and forth as he heard her scream, he was so worried. A doctor came out, Nicole still screaming, "Mr. Dragonflame I have terrible news."
"Is it the baby?!"
"No it's not, it's actually Nicole, she's delivering, but...she may not make it" he then left, Robert a loss for words.
Nicole screamed as she felt herself going into labor, she was in more pain than ever in her life, childbirth. She felt her vagina enlarge greatly as she pushed, seeing her daughter's little head escape the womb. She pushed harder and harder-
"Comgratulations Miss Drake," the deliverer said as he wrapped the baby in a blanket and gave it to Rober as he rushed in, "It's a girl."
"Tabitha..." she smiled as she stroked it's soft cheek. Robert's smile grew large as he saw his same birthmark on her leg. He was the father. His smile faded as he saw Nicole's pulse drop.
"Robert..." she whispered weakly, "Don't let her go through...what I went through...don't let her die like I and tame care of her with your life."
A tear slid down his and her face, and he nodded.
"I'm sorry...I..."
Nicole's breath faded as her eyes fluttered shut. Her pulse stopped with her breathing, she went pale, cold.
Tabitha, who was quiet, started wailing, Robert tried his hardest to calm the baby, but he couldn't calm himself.
Nicole was dead.

What a tragedy! D'X But anyways, I hope you all liked this story a lot and please, can someone please make a video of this entire series, upload it on, and send me the link? THANK YOU!

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2012-08-16 15:46:35
More this uus great another set plz

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2012-08-07 00:36:14
You are a true romantic: "Robert stood speechless before her, he crouched down and gently stroked her cheek, wiping some cum off her face."
Best laugh of my day! Thanks for that!

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