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A short story about the sex culture of the middle east
Recently, just before the disaster that hit Thailand, I was in the company of one of my clients who sent me there previously to spy on one of his competitors. The report shocked him and to make it legitimate, I went along as his wife plus for secirity reasons. He had to see for himself that boys as young as 12 were having gay sex and girls from Canbodia as young as 10 and 11 wanted to het pregnat as they couldn't be sent back if the baby was born in Thailand. This was the reason for the trip, half way around the world for sex! No limits to what men will do.

Forteen hours in the air and I was wacked out on arriving so we rested and got climatized not onlyi to the time difference but also the weather, very warm there.. A three hour tour of Bancock pointing out different places in my report and he was anxious to get started.. The plan was, he would go do his thing and I would wait for him and he would tell me what happened. I told him that with his bad heart this may be to much for him but he wiuld have none of that and away he went.
Money is the great equalixer so being 50 he bought his way to every happening.
"This is the first place he was in" I told him and it was a gay go go bar.
Almost two hours later he came back saying,
"My God, it's hard to believe! This boy no older than 12 took me into a room that was lit with a very dim blue light bulb, you could hardly see the hand in front of you face. Sitting on the floor, there were now two boys undoing my shorts with a boy on each side of me, their hands on my shoulder. At first I thought, i better get out of here until the two boys started to suck me. Well, there I was so I reached up and felt the dicks which werwe about 4" and before I knew it, I was sucking one, then the other. My God, in my wildest drean, I never thought I could do that! The first one came quickly as did the second and then, I pumped my storage area dry and as you know, I catty a big load. The two if then were trying to get all i had and I dare say, they had a lot on their faces. One boy wanted to sit on my dick but no, I didn't want that and did one more before I got out of there. Do I look ok?"
":ha ha ha ha, you look fine and you had a good time, that's all that;s important"
In case your wondering, I don't know how much he gave them.

A shower, change, supper and he was ready for bed. Sleeping with a smile on his face, I went to the bar for a drink with the bartender asking me if I would like company? I said I wouldn't object but not a tourest.. A nice looking young man, not 20 came into the bar and came directky to me.
"I am Camo, you want boy?" Things there are direct and they happen quickly.
"Maybe" smiling at him.
"I have nice one, 22 cm come with me" lol, this was a change, my doing business with him.
Down the street, through an ally that I was bit to happy about and in a door that made me more uncomforagble. What am I doing here was my thiught! Opening a door in this dimly lit hallway, I was shown into a room with only a bed and a sink. It looked as though no one had been on the bed and immediately, he took his clothes off still smiling. Wow, he wasn't joking! The 22 cm has to be 9" so off came my dress and sat on hs face. It wasn't long before I had an orgasm and slid doiwb putting that monster in me.. i rode that young man like a rented mule with him coming hard and strong. No no, I said to him, I'm not finsihed yet! i pounded him hard, I mean I was paying for this and no one considered if I had enough so why should I? A good twenty minutes later he came again and shortly after, it just poured out of me. About two hours had passed and upon returning to the room, he was still asleep and I went to bed with a smile on my face too.

Breakfast, take some sun, and we head for the beach. More boys than girls there at that time of day and it didn't take any imagination to know what these 18 year old studs were packing.
"Take me to that Brothel he went to " so we left there going straight to the brothel. We watched the girls going in and some coming out reminding him thet they had to be 13 and no more than 16. Away he wnt smiling and two hours later he came back falling into the seat smiling.
"That was the most amazing God Dam fucking place I was ever in!" laughing " i paid her and she said, showers and sauna are on this floor, girls on the second floor, boys on the third floor and torture on the forth floor! Son of a bitch!. So I needed a girl and there they were about fifteen of them sitting at a bar drinking soda Picking this sute little thing, I was bit apprehensive, I mean, sex with this little girl? Well, I wasn't the first so I said to myself, get on with it. Clean sheets, a porno movie on the tv and as soon as I took my clothes off, she was at me sucking my dick hard and as you know, a hard cock has no concious! Slow and easy, you know what I mean? Holy geez, she came!! Not often that happens! She was really wet now, clawing my back so I pounded her good making my deposit. It took her a moment or two to settle down and caught most of my sperm letting a bit go on the sheet. Know what she said? Maid report if you happy, can you believe that? So I was going to go but went up to the third floor, just to have a look and wow, nothing but smiling faces and hard cocks smiling back at me. Lets go have a shower"
We were both getting an education, more for him than me but it was amazing just being there!

For the next three days, he returned to this place devoting one day to third floor which took a lot out of him and two days with the girls! He didn't say to much about it other than the fact that he was getting wore down, he was fucking himself to death!
"Your not going to-day, you need rest and if you must go, then I go too, Im going back, I don't want to be here when you die!" That made him sit up and take notice hardly moving the rest of the day. My friendly barteneder told me about an exclusive Japanese club that was suppose to be the best in Bancock I went there and it was through a gaurded gate so it had to be special.
"I have new place for you to try Freddie, Japanese! They bring there sons her to have a girl so would you like to try this, it's very exclusive"
"Absolutely! I want to try it all!"
Three hours later, out he came as white as a sheet. God I was scared when I seen him!
"What happened" I said helping him in the car.
"Those 13 year olds in the other club" he said starring at me "There old!" not smiling "These wear really young! I may be preverted at the moment but I couldn't do this! So I took a sauna, I mean I felt dirty when a Father and Son came in. The boy had to be 12 or under, no pubic hair and his Father found it to hot and left. Know what? That kid was at me before the door closed sucking me! I'm sure his Father didn't know about his Son liking to suck dick then just as quickly, he stopped and left me there smiling when he left. I had enough too, I didn't come and there they were, Father and Son showeiring together. Son of a bitch! A typical thing, a Father and Son showering together with the boy looking at me licking his lips" The best Freddie could do was shake his head.

"So I went to the bar, i needed a drink when almsot immediately, there was his Father, two chairs down. He raised his glass sming at me, I raised my glass and there behind him, his Son was waving to me. Now what's going on? So I took a swig and out the door i go and see him goimg in a room, waving at me smiling. Holy geez! There's two boys older than him, two girls a lot young than him with a girl straddling him and" he started to ctarted to cough "peeing on him. God Damn, if I didn't see it I wouldn't have believed it! One boy turnd him over putting his dick in his mouth, the seconf girl began to suck his cock while the other boy smiling as he put some lude on his dick and shaved it right up his ass! Son of a bitch! So there they were, suckong and fucking when this young girl, the one who peed on him putting kube on my ersction with the boy her was sucking smiling at me. Fuck a boy>? Can I do this? He as slapping his ass so I said why not! In it went, all of it after three strokes and he came,!The boy chocked as he unloaded in his nouth with the boy fucking him also came! Falling on the floor maoning with pleasure, it didn't take long before I was away with the boy going down of the floor moaning too The two girls brought them pillows from somewhere and there they were, cum spurting out of their ases, quite ssite to be sure"
Fredie was finished, he had no more to give, he was going on nerve only For two days I took care of him, the Doctor finall saying it was ok for him to fly and didn't move all the way back.

So in these few words, I have tried to explain what happened to one man, on one trip, to one place! Are they bad? Literally, tens of thousands of men go to this area of the world for sex with kids and make no mistake about it, women go there too, not as many as men as some just can't get enough sex! So if you are one of those who likes sex with young noys and girls, this is the place to go, now problem here! That's the way the cards are dealt and there isn't anything anyone can do about it. There happy, works for them and that's good enough for me Freddie died in less than a year later and I knew as well as he did that the trip, the sex he had contributed to him dying early in life. On more than one occasion, he confided in me that that was the most glorious ten days he ever spent in his life and was glad it happened. I miss him a lot, he was kind to a fault, generous and always put everone at ease in his company. I miss him but life moves in. Do you have something you want to do? Don't wait, time moves om quicker than you think and that's why Im retiring, it's time! Have fun and good luck.

The end


2007-10-02 16:45:50
this story just sounds like a version of the aristocrats joke.


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2005-05-02 01:01:55
cumbucket is 100% right. i've come across the same problem with many of these stories and it does get annoying. simple words like "her" or "they" or "there" are mispelled, and I'm like wtf? or a sentance totally makes no sense cause words are out of place. throws your concentration all off. and rhonda and cassie, fuckin relax. cumbucket didn't put the story itself down, just gave the writer some good helpful advice. a true writer would appreciate that.


2005-02-26 18:41:43
Tell 'em Rhonda. This is a free country, and it's fucks like cumbucket and reddog that bring oppression to our own people because they don't want anyone else to live the way they want. So, cumbucket and reddog, if you don't like it, fuck you and go to Russia, or Cuba. FREE WORLD, FUCKERS!!! Preach it Rhonda.

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