A fantasy of a journey around Womens' wonderful bodies
Legs and Breasts, and Other Parts – Part 1
A Fantasy based on observing Life and Women as they pass by….and perhaps acting upon the Fantasies which easily evolve in one’s mind….

I am an admirer of Women; as a man, this is not very unusual of course, though I have found the occasional – very occasional – man to admire, and I know many Women admire other Women.

Where I live: in Bangkok, Thailand, with weather only occasionally cool, but hardly cold – there are many girls and women who dress in shorts, t-shirts, or fashion dresses and high heels (sometimes only because they consider themselves ‘hi-so’ types [‘high society’ types]).
Whatever their mode of dress, from where I sit having a quiet beer every afternoon at my local café, on the side of my village’s main street, I have the opportunity to glance/stare/ogle many legs walking up and down – be a voyeur to be frank; many hips provocatively – even perhaps suggestively – sway past me; and breasts come by: the natural ones to bobble and jiggle in their bras within their t-shirts, the medically ‘enhanced’ ones firm and unmoving (I was taught this distinction by a Woman some years ago, and have put faith in this observation since – by feeling and comparing quite a few of them).

Then, of course, there are the teenage girls, as yet undeveloped in some bodily areas, but glorious to look at for their legs and slim bodies (not all youngsters are like this, but the overweight/heading for obesity ones I try not to even see) and I marvel at the thoughts of how they will look in a year…or 2…or beyond…

For example……………………………..

This day, I was sitting, drinking, reading a book, and glanced up; a teenager came past, laughing as she rode her bike, her young brother running after calling out. Her legs flashed into my view, and as she glanced behind to check on her little brother, her eyes chanced to look into mine, and then she turned her head forward again and her eyes – I swear – smiled into mine, into me: that is how I felt, as if she had imprinted her youthfulness and frivolity and joy of Life straight to my brain from those smiling eyes.

I gave up reading and sat, lost in thought. I knew the girl by sight, and she sometimes bought items from the shop I was now sitting at; I had lived here for many years and had seen kids grow up; sometimes it seemed as if yesterday they had indeed been little kids, and virtually overnight they became primary-age youngsters, or young teenagers – as my smiling young girl was now. But now she was a long-legged, long-haired, slim beauty; and her 2 dazzling smiles at me were Womanly rather than girlish.

I didn’t perceive myself as a ‘dirty old man’ – only a studier of women’s bodies; with my eyes mostly, my imagination definitely, and sometimes with my hands and mouth and cock if circumstances led me and a woman on that path.
My heart didn’t come into it these days, after 3 failed marriages, and a failing 4th one my present status: all of them having deserted/deserting me for another man. Obviously, I was doing something wrong as a man, as a husband, but it meant I didn’t trust women in general – but I never stopped putting them on pedestals for their Beauty and Attractions.

Continuing my reverie, the girl came along again into my view, this time on my side of the road, her young brother perched on the dinky seat behind her. She took her eyes off the road, slowed noticeably and only looked at me with that smile seemingly immovable from her mouth and her eyes.
But when I gulped at the sight of her, within arm’s length almost, she threw her head up and laughed for a few moments; a delighted laugh as if she had read my mind within those few seconds as our eyes met. Then she was past and only a blur remained for my mind to grasp, trying not to let it fade away.

It was on my second bottle of beer, and perhaps 30 minutes later, when ‘The Girl’ walked past me and up the 2 steps into the shop to buy something.
I was mesmerized by her supple body, the long slim legs and the developing bumps on her chest; all I could do, all I did, was stare at her every move as she searched through the packets for whatever she was looking for. Fully 5 minutes I watched her, beer forgotten for now; she bent over to a lower shelf, and my eyes fixed on her bottom, her shorts tightening and pulling up into her crease, and her legs beautifully muscled and sinewy.
She straightened and stretched, and finally she turned to look directly at my face: she knew I had been ogling her, and along with the smile on her mouth, she had a raised eyebrow, asking silently, I knew immediately: ‘Do you like what you see?’ I rolled my eyes even as I nodded my head ‘Yes.’ My cock in my shorts nodded in agreement also, thankfully remaining constrained and hidden.

She allowed me to stare for long moments, thrusting one leg and hip forward towards me as she spoke “Hello, Uncle Steve; I am Lee.” She addressed me politely in Thai, and I responded in the same manner, before surprisingly, and confidently, Lee switched to English and fluently asked “Do you have any books in English I could read? I need to improve my reading and writing.”
I nodded and eventually was able to get some words articulated from my brain, overloaded as it was with her presence, and I stuttered she would be welcome to come and borrow any she found suitable. I began to tell her my address, knowing her street was only one block over from mine (though I didn’t know her house), but she giggled and said “I know where you live; I have ridden past there many times….haven’t you seen me? I have seen you.”

She was surprisingly frank and open, this young Miss Lee. Gloriously young, and beautiful as only a teenager/budding woman can be, and as alluring to an ‘old’ man as possible: especially one who had a sex-less marriage but who still had desires when faced with temptation – and Lee had become Temptation #1 in the short space of 45 minutes today.
“I am sorry, Lee; if I had known you wanted some English to study, I would have offered before now. Now I know, so anytime, you are welcome.”
A smile to transport a man to heaven was on her face, but then the owner came over to take her money, and Lee said “Bye, Uncle Steve; can I come around in the morning?”
She walked down the steps, our bodies enticingly close as she passed me, but she didn’t wait for any response from me to her question: she knew a “Yes, of course, in the morning will be just fine” was all I would/could say.

As Lee passed from my view behind me, the shop owner’s daughter passed my vision in front, sitting in a chair at the table opposite and turning on the TV with the remote in her hand. She smiled at me, as she did every day, and I smiled back. Her name was My, and she was a 21y.o. student, with gigantic, natural breasts – which, naturally, I had fixated upon for years as they continued to grow and make her shirts/t-shirts an even tighter fit: every day it seemed!
She had to know I looked at her, at ‘them’, but we were always comfortable, so clearly she didn’t consider me a ‘bad’ old man at least. Some of the group who sat at the same table with me – all men about equal, old, ages – she didn’t smile at, didn’t converse with unless absolutely necessary, and never bantered with. With me, I was pleased she considered me harmless (and she, and her mother, knew my wife, and seemed to genuinely feel sorry for me - even though, once I found myself the betrayed husband, I had also been many times in danger of betraying my own marriage words); well, harmless enough so she didn’t seem to feel any threat from me.

But, at these few moments in time, my mind was still filled with Lee, not My in front of me; just the way Lee seemed to see through me, read me, and how she had me virtually hypnotised to her will. “What will the morning bring?’ was to be in my dreams through the next hour as I remained dazed by her Power, mindlessly drinking my beer, greeting others I knew who came to the shop. But, my mind was full, virtually to capacity, with this young girl who had captivated me so completely in one short period of an afternoon: her legs, her provocatively thrown hip, the promising budding breasts, and the perception, it appeared, of a Woman.

The following morning, Lee was at the gate quite early; my wife goes to work very early, so I was in my usual ‘home alone’ status: shorts, no shirt, a can of beer and cigarettes to hand, watching BBC News on the hour, or a BBC police drama series I like. Lee’s presence took over all those items, as she asked if she could come into the courtyard, and then I invited her inside the house.

As she preceded me, I looked at her short shorts, moulded to her buttocks, long legs taking an eternity for my eyes to travel down, and a sway of her hips each step. Her loose t-shirt hinted at breasts, unburdened by a bra. She brushed my arm and the hairs tingled; she looked up fractionally into my eyes, and there was that smiling, knowing depth.

The thought came to me: ‘I am hooked by a young girl’; and, as if knowing the follow-up question in my mind, Lee swirled her long hair around and said “I am almost 14, by the way; so perhaps you think your books are too grown-up for me? Don’t worry: I am older than my body looks, Steve.” She had dropped the respectful term ‘Uncle’ and emphasized my name, an indication of intimacy here inside my house, and an indirect reference to her body’s awareness of my scrutiny. She sat on the sofa, relaxed against the back, and accepted a glass of water as companion to my own beer.

Lee looked around at the wedding photos on the walls; only one included me (as I don’t like photos of myself at any time, let alone staring down at me all day in my own home). In truth, I rarely looked at those of my wife all around me anymore either.
She smiled at me, “You are a handsome husband, Steve, and your wife looked beautiful.”
“8 years ago, perhaps, thank you, young Lee. Time has changed us all, however, so now I am just an old man, and the happiness of a wedding lies only in the memory and the fading photos.” I shook my head, took a mouthful of beer and changed the subject. “Enough of that; come here to the books and we shall see what you might like to read.”

We sat at the books for perhaps 30 minutes, close together on the floor as I pulled books down for her, before opening a cupboard and pulling out more. She sifted through them, as I gave her my opinion as to their suitability; I even had a volume of tales and songs from my native Australia – someone had given me as a reminder of my birth-country – and she took that, along with a few novels and some poetry books I had, including one which had 3 of my own published poems from many years ago. She was surprised when I showed them to her, and asked if I had more I had written.

Over the years I had written hundreds, but many had been left or lost in Australia after my divorce; they had been my earlier, introspective, deep thinking ones, and they couldn’t be re-written. Many more had been lost during a very heavy rainy season in Ho Chi Minh City, when stored in my then mother-in-law’s attic space, when my Vietnamese wife and I had been relocated here to Bangkok due to my promotion.
But I did have recent years ones, now mostly written on my computer and stored there. I asked Lee if she would like to read some, and turned on my PC, and opened my directory of poems and stories.

When the files appeared, Lee was sitting in the chair and I was half-leaning over her, handling the mouse; while I was looking for a suitable poem file, she was staring at the file names, and asked “What is this one: ‘Mother-in-Law Sex’?”

My cheeks reddened, as I said “Oh, that’s not a poem, just a fictional, totally untrue story I wrote once….”
“Can I read it?” she asked.
“Oh well, Lee, it is really a story for older people” I stammered somewhat, “and it has a sexual theme, so I am not sure it is suitable for a 13, almost 14 year old, young lady to read.”
‘What’s a ‘sexual theme’?”
“Ah, well it means sex is central to the story; the main aspect of the story.”
“Is that what you think about and write about, Steve: only sex?”
“No, no, Lee! My stories have sex, yes, but they also have Romance, and Sex can be Beautiful and people can Care about each other…it isn’t just 2 bodies joining…what am I saying to you! Lee, this is not a conversation we should be having! I am an old man, and you are a young girl…well, woman, but it isn’t what we should be discussing!”
She totally ignored my plea to ask “Is Sex, or thinking and writing about it, what gives a man a hard cock? Like yours now, Steve?” She pointedly looked at my shorts, and then reached a slim, small hand across to grasp ‘it’ – ‘it’ being my hardened cock inside shorts, unburdened by underpants, and jumping wildly within her hand; and of ‘it’s’ own volition, it lengthened, seemingly stretching towards Lee.

“I have seen this on my Mum’s porno movies – since my Dad left us, I guess movies and herself are all she has – but you are the first Man I have decided to try things on…you don’t mind, do you Steve?”
I had no control, none of the things I should be saying came out of my mouth, just gasping and whimpering, my eyes locked by Lee’s into submission, and I could only manage a shake of my head: I don’t mind.

She pulled my shorts down, freeing my cock, and then leaned over to suck me off. I was so wound up: had been since she arrived; no sex now for months in my own house, and I blew the frustrated semen into her mouth within a minute.
She swallowed, sucking it all into her mouth; her eyes were fixated up at mine, not one shudder did they give: she liked it – a lot.

That was an ejaculation of pent-up cream; it wasn’t the full satisfaction I needed, and my cock remained hard within her mouth, loving the tongue gliding up and down it, the lips kissing my head.
Lee didn’t stop, either because she truly could read my mind, or she knew from her video!

But I wasn’t a total paedophile, and I did, at least, manage to place my hands gently on the sides of her face and lift her up and away from my throbbing cock. This time, I looked into her eyes, and even as she licked her lips, I said gently “Lee, I am sorry; I should not have allowed that; it isn’t right.”
She smiled at me “You didn’t allow it, Steve: I took you. Give me one reason why it wasn’t ‘right’?”

I tried to think clearly, amazed Lee was so calm and logical about sucking me off.’ Why wasn’t it right?’ I asked myself; “Well, Lee, you are only 13; you should be introduced to sexual matters by a nice boy your own age…I mean in a few years, when you are older, and understand more the consequences of such things…it isn’t right that you should jump from being a little girl – excuse me – to having some oral sex: there is ‘growing up slowly’ to fill in the gap!” I exhaled a deep breath, after my far from succinct explanation of why it ‘wasn’t right’.

Lee put her head back down, murmuring “Not good enough reason, Steve” before she swallowed my cock and sucked me up and down, her tongue flicking at the head of my prick as she pulled back to hold me within her lips, before forcing my length down her throat as far as she could.
‘Well, that speech went well’ I thought to myself.

My hands moved from pulling her face away from my body to stroking her skin, and involuntarily down to her neck and shoulders, lingering at the feel, at the promise, of bare skin underneath. My hands slid down her ribs, away from her chest but around to her back, feeling her backbone and the body beside.
It was almost not me whose hands grasped the bottom of her t-shirt and pulled it gently upwards, not wanting her to stop me; and she didn’t, she raised herself up momentarily, shucked her head and arms through the holes, and bent her head back down to my waiting prick, denying me a close-up look at her 13y.o. breasts, but a perfectly smooth back in front of my face, upside down to be sure, but just smooth and perfect. I caressed her, neck to the waistband of her shorts, sneaking hands under her waistband slightly, then up her sides, her ribs able to be counted under the thin covering of protective skin.

Now Lee raised herself, allowing me to look at her upper body with no pretense at modesty. She moved herself up and sat on my lap, on my groin, on my rock-hard cock, her shorts-clad pussy sitting hard on me.
“Now can I read your stories, Steve?” She smiled without guile, but a knowing smile nonetheless: a promise of things to come if I let her read.

I nodded.

Part 2

Tonight I was at my beer-drinking café; My was there as usual, not helping her Mum work unless absolutely necessary, but helping herself to food. She went off with a girl friend on the motorcycle and returned with bags of more food; they sat and ate, My more than her friend.

My table was crowded with the usual group, but my seat faced the other table, and I smiled as I watched My; more than that: I lusted after her huge breasts, especially when she straightened her back, or raised her arms above her head to stretch…her breasts jiggled and shook, and thrust out further.
Tonight she seemed to be glancing my way more, smiling at me more. I smiled back, not leery, tongue hanging out smiles, friendly smiles, especially when I knew she knew I was often bored by my table’s conversations as the participants drank more and became more verbose and even more boring.

I texted My on my phone: “Your food must be good; your Uncle Steve sees you enjoying it.”
I could see when she read the message, and her answer was prompt “55555555 – it is delicious!” followed by a smiley symbol.
I replied “Ok, enjoy – I won’t watch anymore!”
She smiled reading that, looked over at me, and I quickly turned my head away, my own smile belying what she knew: I had still been looking at her.

It was only fun, innocent and joking; no undertones or overtones of anything else, but it made me feel more youthful, accepted by the younger generation, and it was certainly 5 more minutes of interest rather than the repetitive boring conversation of the men around me. I couldn’t understand whole conversations, but was thankful for that mostly; it meant I could think or dream, drink my beer, smoke my cigarettes, and quite happily remain silent.

About 9.00pm, 3 of the guys went home, another to go and pick up his oldest daughter after night school, and my favourite member of our group, the Professor (retired), who could be as silent as me during others’ talk, or contribute, or talk to me, when he actually had something pertinent to add or say, well, he went off to his nightly bar/massage parlour where he had a special ‘friend’.

So, I was alone, most of a bottle left to drink, and quite comfortable, getting my book from my bike to read.
Until I remembered I had to go and buy milk for my morning coffee and bread for tomorrow’s lunch.I left my beer – after a last mouthful - and book and cigarettes on the table, and stood to wait for the village bus I could hear turning around and preparing to restart its route up the village and towards me.
As I did this, My and her friend stood and headed for My’s mother’s motorcycle again; “Where are you going, Uncle Steve?” My asked.
“7” I replied, referring to the 7-Eleven at the end of our village.
“So are we; want to take a ride?” she said, a somewhat suggestive note to her voice, and a big grin on her face.

I wasn’t fond of motorcycles here in Bangkok; helmets were almost never used in ‘short’ distances, or in the countryside at all; the bikes of taxi-motorcycles were often noisy, with uncomfortable (for me) sloping seats and not enough leg length to the pillion passenger pegs. The motorcycle My was inviting me to join was none of the above, but still: it was meant for a maximum of 2. With My being the large (very large) size she was, it was only because I am so skinny I even contemplated the wonderful thought of sitting on there – behind My, as her friend always drove.

“Ok” I said, “But carefully, right!” My shuffled forward as I crossed back across the road to them, and stretched over behind My, holding her shoulder to steady myself into position.
My’s friend, Nong, took off at speed, and I was almost thrown off the back, only saved when my arms reached around My and she reached back to hold me on. “Very funny, Nong” I muttered as I re-settled myself and she slowed down. They both laughed, My adding “Just hold on to me, Uncle Steve – I will take care of you.” I did, keeping my arms wrapped around her waist, wonderfully feeling those heavy breasts bob down on my arms as we went over each of the many speed bumps in our village.

The girls were only there to buy some hot snack food from one of the stalls, so I went into ‘7’ and was out in about a minute, just in time to hear the lady tell them the cost. I thrust forward the requisite (small) amount, pushing it into the seller’s hands and waving My’s and Nong’s hands away.
The girls protested as we went to the bike, but I said “You have given me a free ride here, and back I hope! You saved me time waiting for 2 buses...quiet girls, I paid: you have your food, I have my milk and bread.”

Nong drove, My second, and me perched on the back as before: needing to squeeze up tight against My to even get my buttocks on something solid. But this time, My was pressing hard against me, which meant my cock was equally pressing hard against her, and she took my plastic bag from my hands and wrapped my arms around her waist again. I was more than comfortable then, especially when Nong seemed to enjoy bouncing over the speed bumps, causing My’s breasts to bounce heavily down against my arms: they were heavy breasts against my skinny arms, but I braced them so as to feel those wonderful mammary glands hit them.

By the time I dismounted, my cock was uncomfortably constrained; My looked down my body and asked “Ok, Uncle Steve, the ride not too bad?” I just nodded my head, as my attention had been drawn to the giant of a woman sitting on one of the stone benches at the cafe.
She was side-on to me as I left My and Nong, so I could see the definite shape and style of a Woman; but she was the size of a bear!

I smiled at her when I passed, heading for my own table and seat, as she looked up. Nong called me back and introduced me to her friend, Maria, a Spanish girl who was now studying at the same University as Nong (one of the best in Bangkok, and therefore Thailand - and expensive).

Maria, it turns out, is a weightlifter, recently returned triumphantly from the World University Games, winning the 57kg class, at a Clean & Jerk lift more than 2.5 times my body weight (of 50kgs), and almost at Olympic Silver Medal level: wow! I bowed respectfully at such prowess, but she waved that away, “I am just lucky I can do such a thing” she said to me in accented, but very good English.
“I could certainly lift you and put you anywhere I wanted” she said with a big grin. I grimaced, but nodded in agreement, and then went to put my shopping in my bike, and then to go to the toilet.

I was sure I had locked the door, but as I emptied my bladder at the urinal, a shove at the door revealed Maria. She entered, put her hands to her eyes to feign ‘not looking’ and sat down on the toilet, adjacent to where I was still standing, trying now to coax the last spurts and drops of urine out of my surprised prick, and get out!
She looked across at me, up at me; “Don’t worry, Uncle Steve” (she paused to giggle). “’Uncle’ seems so funny, but I respect Thai traditions; so, Uncle Steve, don’t worry: we both needed to go at the same time, so we go together, no problems right?”
I nodded, but couldn’t speak for a moment as I shook my cock; “No, no problems, Maria. If you will forgive me saying: you have such a powerful presence, and I am such a puny - tiny- man...I feel a little like the mouse who befriended the elephant”.

She giggled again, “Sorry, I am not laughing at you; are you calling me an elephant?” She frowned, and I hastened to clarify “No, no, not at all!! It is only the relative difference in our power...” I half-turned towards her to emphasise my response, and found her looking then at my groin – at my cock. There was no use shaking it further: it had engorged suddenly and I was just busy trying to stuff it into my briefs and shorts!
“Well, perhaps your cock is not such a ‘mouse’ as the rest of you, Steve: it may be the ‘elephant’ in this part of the story.”

Maria shook herself now, reached for a tissue, but found none, so I gallantly produced a new, clean one from my pocket for her; she smiled as she wiped it down across her genitals, a sigh from her lips – almost as if she had wiped herself sexually! I was awed by this Woman!
She stood and pulled up pink panties, and buttoned and zipped her jeans. I could only stare as her sparsely-haired slit was exposed to my eyes, and reddened when I found her smiling at my stare.
“I am sorry” I murmured, but in response, Maria picked me up and hugged me like a rag doll: if I had had false teeth, surely they would have come tumbling out and smashed against a wall!
“You are the gentlest man I have met here” she said, laughing gently, “So thoughtful, quiet, and so shy! You can be my own little cuddly bear!” If anything, her hug grew tighter, but then she put me down, washed her hands, and beamed at me as I followed suit and we walked out, back to the real world.
But we only walked outside the narrow – for Maria – door, before she reached back for me and clasped me to her back: rather like a baby teddy clinging to Mama Bear, was the insane thought which jumped into my stupefied mind.

We returned to the outside tables like face reddening each step as we came closer to the other people – but I couldn’t escape, until Maria let me down gently and laughed lightly, as she explained to them: “I was showing Uncle Steve he is too skinny, and needs to put on weight to ward off any attackers!”
Amazingly, she said this first in English – for my benefit – and then in fluent Thai: wow, what a Woman, I thought again, as the others smiled and agreed with her...”Yes, we always tell him he is too skinny...” and other comments, which only deepened my embarrassment and my complexion of red!
I stumbled to my seat, hid my face behind long mouthfuls of beer – and found Maria at my side.
“Did anybody tell you: I live in this village now, the soi next to yours, My tells me. You are coming home with me tonight, Steve, my cuddly baby teddy.”

That was how I found myself, 30 minutes later, naked in Maria’s massive arms, in her bed, in her house: about 100 metres around the corner from my own.

A photo (had one been taken) would have shown a skinny being almost totally enveloped within the massive body of another being. Maria had quickly undressed us both after we entered her bedroom, lay down on her back and lifted me easily atop her, face down on her breasts. They were magnificent and, when she allowed my arms some movement, I couldn’t even hold one breast within 2 hands! Yet, they were soft and malleable within my fingers, and her nipples were as delicate as any I had ever fondled, growing taut, but not huge, as I caressed her.

Her hands grasped my buttocks, lifted them and slid me upwards until my cock (as aroused as it then seemed as ever before) was poised at her body’s opening. But it was my mouth which now could reach hers, and she welcomed my tongue within gently, twining her own with mine before she became hungry and swallowed me deeply, even as she pressed on the bony coccyx to force my cock within.
She released my tongue and mouth and pressed her lips around to my ear, to breathe “I may have well-developed muscles, but mostly: I am just a normal woman, who wants her teddy bear to fuck her.”

In truth, Maria used me like a rag doll, i.e.: her ‘teddy bear’ and I had virtually no control over how I fucked her. Her thighs gripped my lower body, tightening and relaxing; her hips seemed capable of throwing me to the ceiling; her hands controlled my buttocks, with her thumbs penetrating my anus at times, and her arms encircled my upper body tightly enough to cause breathlessness at times.
Only my own hands had any freedom, and they couldn’t stay away from her mounds and nipples, actions which she seemed to find much to her liking, and which I concluded added to the pleasure she got from my cock buried up and down within her cunt, deep or shallow at her whim – for as long as it took me to reach the realisation: she needed me to fulfil her.

Because, what she couldn’t control was what ultimately gave me a small measure of power: the timing of my cock’s pulses as I glided over her clit, that most sensitive of organs, and she also couldn’t know if I would last a short or long time; I was determined it would be the latter, so I could prove my skinny worth to this she-bear of a Woman who was captivating me, sensually and physically.

It was my turn; I pulled on Marie’s nipples and showed her I wanted her to roll over. She did as I slipped my cock out and let it slide wetly over her hip, until she was on her knees face down on the bed.
I climbed onto her back, almost clinging like a baby animal to its mother, and then slid back between her thighs, my hands holding on to her breasts as best I could, my fingers scrabbling to keep myself in touch with her nipples.

I slid until my cock poked and prodded the wet folds of her cunt, and I thrust in hard so my hands and fingers could stay on those now-hanging mounds and hardened points, and I slurped my tongue over her back as she groaned, and I controlled her grunts with my cock’s motion.

“You are not a mouse, Steve” Maria gasped at me, “and if you call me a she-bear, then you are a he-bear in one, most important, respect.” I slowly pulled back and thrust harder than ever to show my appreciation of her compliment, and this time she growled and hunched her hips back at me, and then she blasted cunt juices all over my cock and groin, her thighs and her bed, and she climaxed with a yell which I guess she used when lifting those great big weights. Oh wow, what a Woman, I thought, as now I reached the point when I also could not control anything any longer, and my cock burst its own, impotent, juice deep inside her, mingling with Maria’s own as she fell flat down on the bed, and I fell flat atop her, each knowing the other was happy we had met.

To avoid an argument at home, I needed to leave Maria before sunrise, so as to be asleep on my downstairs mattress when my wife left for work after her shower and makeup. After we slept, not moving from our post-coital position for a long time it seemed, my cock gradually slipping from her sucking cunt, Maria cuddled me like a teddy bear as we slept more, until I woke and knew I had to go.

Before I did, I kissed her lips, and down her body, lingering and not wanting to leave her nipples, and all around her breasts, and down the muscles of her abdomen, and then I took what I wanted this time: great licks and slurps of her cunt lips, the juices still oozing from her, and when I felt her clit, my teeth nibbled at it, my mouth swallowed it, and my hands played with each side of her cunt as I probed fingers inside. She moaned in her sleep, but my teeth caused her to react and blossom into a climax, and I just had time to remove my nose before a waterfall of juice poured forth again.

I kissed down to her ankles and up her other leg, marvelling at the muscles and sinews and tautness and suppleness of her body. But I also was enchanted at the smoothness and gentleness of her skin, as indeed the gentleness I had found in her personality.

I was a smiling man, leaving it seemed a smiling Woman, as I dressed and headed out to quietly ride my bike home.

Part 3

“What a contrast: Lee to Maria” was my late morning thought when I re-awakened, and was showering.
Lee’s lithe, sinewy body with the long slim legs, and with a domineering, magical, demanding personality: Marie with the powerful, muscular, and also sinewy body, with equally smooth skin to that of the youthful Lee, but a gentle, less dominating personality than she might have, given all that physical power she had.
I loved both - I mean their bodies and their personas: Lee’s legs were to be studied, from her toes to her thighs, and imagining the delight at the top of those legs: fuelling the desires of a man. Maria’s muscles and breasts had overwhelmed me with similar feelings and desires – her mountainous breasts in particular, and her strength and size to wrap me up as her very own cuddly teddy; and her vagina I had experienced (with perhaps Lee’s in the future...)

I made my cafe – my staple ‘breakfast’ – even though it was almost mid-day; and then I switched, as always, to beer.
But I was so tired – this old man needs his afternoon sleep of one hour to carry on into the night – so my standard 3 cans proved too much, and I just put my pillows around my mattress, threw my shorts off, and lay down – no 5 minute book-reading today – and was/seemed to myself to be instantly asleep...vaguely wondering if I had closed the screen door...

Until a naked body pressed against mine, spooning me, hairs of a groin tickling my bare arse; but I was too tired, so I moaned in comfort and pushed back closer, reaching back and pulling a slim arm and a hand around my torso – as I had liked to sleep with every one of my wives all these years – until they all found another man to be with. I think I moaned again and I know I was contented at this feeling of which I had been bereft for so long now.

Later, a voice whispered in my ear “Can I read another story Luong Steve?” I groaned “need sleep”, and the comforting, though hot, body left me.

Later again I stirred; the heat of the afternoon getting too much as I had forgotten to re-position the fan to my sleeping position, and my bladder needing emptying. I groaned and rolled sideways, and then staggered to my feet, pulled on my shorts, and headed for my bathroom.
I passed the back of someone sitting at my PC, but my need for the toilet over-rode my yet-to-wake brain. A noisy urination, washed my hands, my face, cleaned my teeth as always, and brushed my long hair. Ah, somewhat refreshed now, I sighed to myself, and went to the fridge for milk to start making my afternoon cafe...
”Do you feel better?” asked a laughing voice.

Now I moved towards the computer, and realised the back I had passed 5 minutes ago was bare, unclothed, naked, sitting at the chair in front of the screen, reading a story. As I reached her, stood behind her, I glanced at the front door: closed, and then I looked over Lee’s shoulders, at her naked front, right there, sitting in the chair, as calm as could be it seemed – naked in front of me.

Her undeveloped/developing breasts were there, her nipples protruding; her flat abdomen and almost bony thighs were there; her beautifully long legs stretching down under the computer table; and her sparsely-haired groin was there: all stretched out in glorious dark brown in front of my eyes.
“Am I like your ‘Ex-Daughter’ from this story, Luong Steve? Is it a true story?”

Memories came to my mind, delaying any response for perhaps a minute; “The people are real, some of the story is real, but mostly it represents a fantasy based on the love I had – indeed still have – for a little girl who wasn’t from my body, but filled my heart.”
“Are you like her, young Lee? No, I cannot say that – you are older and certainly taller than she was when her mother took her away from me, but, yes, she was lithe and slim like you. Neither did she have breasts then; nor hairs over her groin! Only in later Chapters of my story, which became total fantasy, had she developed those.”

[Should the reader of this story wish to read my “Ex-Daughter Grown Up” series, it is also posted here].

“Would you like me to be like her – like Sally – when she comes to you as a 17 year old?”
I glanced at the screen and realised she was at that part of my story; all fantasy from there, when my ex-daughter truly (in my story) did seduce me as a Woman, treating me as a Man first, and her ‘daddy’ second.
Lee took my hands, which I had rested on her bare shoulders, and brought them down to her breasts, guiding my hands to cup them easily within and rub them over her nipples. She shivered at the feel, and continued to rub herself with my 2 hands.

I leaned down to kiss the top of her head, knowing she could never, in real life, be as my ex-daughter had been in real life; but Lee was here, certainly in the flesh, and ‘Yen’ (or Sally as she preferred to be called as her English-language name) would never be again here, even though we exchanged perfunctory YM messages irregularly.
“You are Lee, here, and real. ‘Yen’ can never be here again, only in my imagination; you can be also in my imagination, but you cannot exchange places with her: ‘never the twain shall meet’ is an old saying.”

My brain cleared; Lee was supposedly here for me to help her English language skills, not to be a substitute daughter. She was a delectable young girl becoming a Woman, but she was not here for Love or Sex. She enjoyed my Stories, fine; but she had to accept that Fantasy was not the same as Reality. There, my mind was clear; I just had to say it to Lee, and we could go back and start English-language skills again.
‘Yeah, right’ came the response from my brain, as Lee turned her head upwards and placed her hungry mouth against my leaned down one. She paused, “Yes, Steve, I am here, and I am real.” She leaned up again...

And then she got out of the chair, stood in all her long-legged beauty, and came against my erect body – and erect cock, as she pressed her groin against my shorts. “Is this what ‘she’ did to you, Daddy? Did she arouse you, make you feel like this?”
“Yes” I breathed, as her hand grasped my cock; “But, Lee, she was 17, not 13, and I had known her for more than a few days! Please Lee, stop and think what you are doing, doing with me: an old man, a foreigner, who cannot be your boyfriend or... or future husband, or someone you bring home to your family...” I was spouting words, nonsensical words, trying to be logical; it was a wasted effort, as I had known: Lee had dominated me before, and magically or otherwise, she was doing it again.

She had led me back to my mattress bed, and now she laid me down, stripping my shorts down my skinny legs at the same time; kissed my throbbing prick waving in her face, and then she lay on top of me – jumped on top of me, so quickly, so cleverly and so perfectly, my upright cock impaled her, and from her quiet scream I was sure I had also broken through her hymen as she sank down on my obedient cock: obedient to Lee.

“Now you know I am really real, Daddy, and you don’t need to write about ‘her’ anymore; you only write about me, ok?” And Lee screwed me, until I was moaning and groaning, containing my screams as she possessed me and my body, and my cock most of all.

Eventually, a long while later, she asked - as we both panted, and she let her legs fall to the side as I fell down on top of her, not knowing when or how I had become the ‘top’ buried still in her cunt – “Can you write only about me, now, my Daddy?”
With sufficient awareness, I realised I had to give the answers Lee wanted to hear, so I vaguely nodded my head, lying on her chest, and to emphasise the positive note, I moved my mouth to her breast and swallowed it yet again, my lips around her nipple, and she moaned – perhaps she was super-sensitive, as I had been sucking on her breasts and nipples for the longest time, that I did remember, and had been doing so before her final climax – of many climaxes.

I moved my tired, yet serviceable prick within her juices, and pushed to the end of her tight, tight tunnel, and she came yet again. She had been like a dormant volcano, quietly amassing power and strength for 13 years, and today she was erupting, over and over again...and I couldn’t pretend, and didn’t, that I wasn’t fully participating in the fucking we were doing – the mutual fucking – and it seemed she had passed some of her youthfulness to me when she joined with my body, and I was more resilient, more lasting, than for perhaps 10 years.

If I had been captivated by the power of Maria, I was now captivated by the magic and youth of Lee.
She rolled me over, still joined by my cock in her cunt, and she leaned up on top of me now, after pressing her lips to mine, and her breasts yet again against my chest – gosh, they felt wonderful: her nipple points pressing into my ribs, and her small breasts squashing themselves flat over my chest.
“Now I know” she gasped, “I don’t need a local boyfriend, or a younger man, or to bring you home to my parents: you are just mine, here, whenever I want!”
Lee hammered her cunt down on my cock, seeking more....and that is how I found myself many times over in the days and months to come....

Was I beguiled, bewitched, or just mesmerised by the dominant sexuality of a 13y.o. – how could that be, you may well ask – but truthfully, I had no power to resist her, and really didn’t try: the way she joined our bodies, the way my cock could shoot out its worthless semen, yet remain hard and ready, again and again, as many times as it seemed Lee could climax the same...not even my imagination could have conjured up such magic as in this real life.

Part 4

Lee, of course, had school to attend, and some days could not/did not come and demand my attention, i.e. my body, but she made up for it when next she could come: as if a double, or triple, dose, of whatever she gained from me, made up for the loss of a day or two.
Once, she had to be away for a month’s summer holidays with her family; she was frantic of a way to get out of going, but she was still only 13 (her Birthday was now only ‘next month’ she reminded me: as if 14 years old would suddenly transform her into a Woman [she was already in my opinion], or make our illicit relationship – my rape of a minor – all ok.)

During this month, I flew to Vietnam for a delayed week to attend to affairs there – money affairs, not relationship affairs!
I also had time to resume my previously standard routine: go and drink beer each afternoon, read my book, or close it when others of my aged group of men arrived.
Maria also found me again, and said she was surprised at my re-appearance. She kept me at the cafe, and then I made my apologies to her to go home and eat my dinner, and promised to come back.
I did go back; my wife had come home from work, showered and gone around to her sister’s house – a painfully close 50 metres from our own house, and so I returned, to find Maria had been steadily drinking beer!
Oh dear, I murmured to myself, as My beckoned me over; “Perhaps she will listen to you, Luong Steve, and go home.”
“What happened?” I asked My quietly, “I don’t believe Maria drinks alcohol at all normally.”
“She doesn’t” My whispered, “Something about not being selected for her Country; I am not sure – perhaps she will tell you in English, Luong Steve – Maria says you are her best man-friend.”
I flushed, but My patted my arm in understanding, before saying “She is a lucky girl to have you as her best’ man-friend. Be gentle with her, Luong Steve.” She laughed at her closing remark: as if I could be anything but gentle with a powerhouse woman like Maria!

Eventually, I persuaded her to at least stand up, and My rushed to get the motorcycle, on which I loaded Maria behind her, and I climbed on behind Maria to hold her as best I could. Thankfully it was only about 200 metres to her house, where My parked her bike and then helped me stagger inside with Maria – after a fumble in her pockets for keys – and we rather harshly dropped her on her sofa.

My said “Will you stay, Luong Steve?” I nodded “For a while My, yes.” She smiled, waved and rode away, while I wondered what truly I could do for Maria – carry her to the bedroom was obviously out of the question, so I decided to make her as comfortable as I could, lock the door behind me, and go home.
First, I turned on the fan, as I would do in my own home. But next, in my home, I would take off my shirt and ‘going out’ pants and underpants, and put on my ‘at home’ shorts; I could hardly do the same for Maria – not with any propriety!

My dilemma was resolved by Maria herself a few minutes later; “toilet’ she said, and I assisted as best I could to get her up and off to the bathroom. She staggered, but managed, though I then had my opportunity to remove her jeans and panties, at least, when she wanted to sit down to pee.
Half mission accomplished, I congratulated myself, before realising she needed something to put on. Ok, ‘in for a penny, in for a pound’ I thought, removing her shirt and bra as she sat there contemplating and peeing into the bowl.
“Is that you, Steve?” she mumbled. “Yes, Maria, I will help you go to sleep. When you finish, can you get upstairs to bed? I can’t do it by myself.”
“You are a good man.” She reached out for me, and sat me on her knees for a cuddle. “My cuddly teddy bear” she smiled and mumbled.
She finished peeing, shook me up and down as she reached for the water hose and washed herself, and then she managed to stand, as I clambered off and flushed the toilet, and then did my best to support her weight as she did do her best to head for the stairs, perhaps without knowing she was naked, or not caring in her state.
I pushed her from behind, counting the steps as I did to my daughter all those years ago, and reached her bedroom, and then her bed. I let her flop down while I turned on the air conditioning, and then threw into the air and covered her with the quilt folded on the bed. She sighed, “Stay, Steve.”
“Ok Maria, I will stay a little while, but first I need go and lock your door downstairs, ok, back soon.”

I did as I said, and also rubbed my teeth with her toothpaste, went to the toilet myself, and came back to her bed, where I gave her a gentle pat and cuddle.
“Take off your clothes, Steve, and come to bed; sleep with me – please.”
I took off and folded my clothes, slid into bed beside her, but then found myself wrapped in the familiar bear hug of her arms, and lying on top of her; there she began a quiet snoring, but never let her hold around me loosen. I fell asleep in the crease of her breasts; it was very comfortable.
Early in the morning, still dark, I lightly kissed her, eased away and off her body and crept home.

I didn’t see Maria for a few days, and Lee was still away, so I had a ‘standard’ afternoon every day for that week, rarely saw or spoke with my wife – and so life suited us both.
There was My every day to silently, voyeuristically, ogle – well, her breasts first of all. But it was Nong who came to me one day, arriving at my house, seeking help with some English.

I had been about to step into my shower, indeed I was just closing the front screen door, when she arrived, and asked if she was interrupting anything. “No, no, I was going for my shower, but I can do that later.”
“Go ahead, Luong Steve; I will just wait if that is ok, and watch your TV.” “Sure Nong, I am very fast – my body doesn’t take much washing – though my hair does!” I joked, and she laughed.

I normally used my bathroom downstairs, off the kitchen; it was modest and basic, and only had cold water, whereas my wife’s upstairs was more elaborately fitted and had a hot water system. In our normal weather here, the ‘cold’ water was rarely that, and more than adequate to use. I pushed the door to, not closing it as it gets stuck and hard to open, turned on the shower and wet myself all over. As an Australian, and spending many years subsisting on rainwater tanks, I never wasted water, so turned it off while I shampooed my hair, soaped and washed my body, then back on to rinse; conditioner in my hair, rinsed that: finished.

Oh no! I thought: the day was Monday, when I wash all the towels and get new ones – but I sometimes forget to get them from upstairs before I showered, and with Nong here perhaps that took my attention also. Normally this didn’t bother me: dry my feet on the floor mat, and trot upstairs quickly, dripping before pulling out all new towels.
Today was a little different, with Nong in the room, but I had no other option; I poked my dripping head out the door and called to Nong “I am so sorry, Nong, but I forget to get myself new towels today. Would you mind getting a big one from outside; I washed them all, but they should be dry enough now.”
She smiled coyly at me “Oh, Luong Steve, I am just watching BBC News – can’t you run out and get one yourself?”
“Very funny, Nong, now would you please get me a towel? I’ll buy you a drink later in thanks, ok?”
“Only if I can have any drink I ask you for, and when I want it, agreed?” “Yes, yes, anything you want, when you want!”

A minute later, I heard her lock the screen door, and saw her reflection come past my bathroom door; another minute and she pushed the door wide open, and stepped in, naked except for a towel dangling from one hand!
“I want my drink now, please Steve” as she openly turned her eyes down my body to my cock, seemingly willing it to pay attention to her: it didn’t disappoint and began waving and rising into the air, pointing towards her.

“Nong, I only asked for a towel”. But I didn’t not inspect her body there before me; she was quite beautiful, though (eating with My) she did have an extra roll of fat around her middle: ‘love handles’ perhaps.
She wasn’t slim anywhere, but naturally of a bigger size, I thought, and she had lovely breasts, and long hair now draped coyly over their pointed nipples
She reached outside the door and turned on the bathroom light (I didn’t need it in the afternoon’s light) before hanging the towel up on the rail, stretching her body somewhat and showing me her tautness, and breasts openly now – not large, but upright and a nice size I thought for my hand – and a naturally brown body; all in all, she excited me, and my cock, quite a lot. She turned to look at me looking; and smiled knowingly: Women always do that!

“Well, now you – we – have a towel, Steve, as you asked; and I only asked for a drink I want, when I want: you agreed, remember? I want a drink now please, as much as you can give me, Steve; that is what I want. It would seem you might be getting ready to give.”
She looked again at my throbbing, bobbing, straining cock, and she leaned into me, pressing her whole body against mine, reaching to turn on the water again, and soaking her hair and body, while sending my cock her message of lust for it, by grinding against it.

But it was her mouth which craved it, and she sank down to the tiled floor, water cascading down my body yet again. I reached behind me and turned it off, as Nong’s mouth sucked in the end of my cock, and began to swallow it. She pulled off to say “I may take a while, Steve – you are the first foreign cock I have ever had, and it is bigger than I have had before, so I want to enjoy and learn it slowly; would you like to sit down on the floor for me?”
It was a good idea, as my legs had already become jelly-like under her mouth’s first attack on my willing prick; so I slid down the wall, bent my legs up, feet planted on the floor, and let her head bury itself down into my groin, and take my cock again.

Soon, I had stretched out, and just lay down on the floor, prone to Nong above me, and she continually smiled around my cock, looking up into my eyes if I lifted my head, and sometimes to rest for a moment to speak. “Am I not good enough at this, Steve, or are you able to hold yourself for a long time? The longer the better for me, I love your man-cock and can enjoy it as long as you can keep it strong.”
Her words stimulated me, and my totally independent cock at least, and it surged within her mouth when she pressed her lips around the head again. Now I was coming to the extreme outer limits of restraint, and she knew it (she must be experienced at this, the thought occurred to me) and swallowed me whole.
I erupted with a burst, of a growl from my voice and a strong jet of my juice straight down Nong’s throat. She pulled back to get the rest on her tongue and her taste buds, but she had missed that first, best shot, and she only got to experience 3-4 lesser ones. However, they seemed to be tasteful to her, and she sucked and slurped until my cock was so sensitive I had to ease her head back and off. She came up facing me, smacking her lips with her tongue, and smiling a broad grin.

“Oh, that was delicious, Steve! But I think I missed the best part...see you tomorrow!” She stood, pulled the towel down and dried herself, bent down to kiss me deeply on the mouth, sharing our tongues, and a minute trace of my juice, and then she left me spread-eagled on the floor, quickly dressed and waved ‘bye’.

She ducked her head back in the doorway as I was struggling to my feet, “Oh, the English I need help with? I couldn’t remember if I should say ‘anything I want’ or ‘everything I want’. Now I know: better to ask for ‘everything’. Thanks, Bye” and she was gone.

I was dazed for a while; what a whirlwind Nong had become, when I had always felt her a quiet, studious type – perhaps therein lay my mistake: no-one is truly ‘stereotypical’ when circumstances are altered. She had taught me a lesson.

I eventually made myself a cafe, watched TV for a while, and then resumed my afternoon routine: I rode my bike around the corner for a beer while reading my book.

Nong was there, her back to me, talking with My, side-on to me; I detected nothing too unusual until My looked long at me, and smiled – that knowing smile of Women I have referred to previously. I turned to my book and my beer, and left the girls to converse about whatever their subject was.
The next 2 bottles = 2 hours passed uneventfully, but when I was ready to pay Nong finally looked up at me (as I paid My when her mother was away or busy). “Can we continue English help tomorrow Luong Steve, ok?”
I wasn’t sure what answer to give, so gave it careful thought before responding “Perhaps it depends on the question, Nong? Do you have something specific to ask me to help you with?”
She didn’t blink at all “Yes, my thirst – for knowledge. So, it is ok, right?”
My gave me my change, and I mumbled ‘good night’ to them both, unable to answer Nong through a deluge of erotic thoughts clouding my judgement to answer, so I mounted my bike and went home, to a fitful sleep.

I woke momentarily when my wife left for work the following morning, but tired as I was, and only 06.50, I decided to forgo BBC 0700 News I generally watched, and sleep some more. But I did get up and open the outside door she had closed, leaving the screen door unlatched (my wife often screamed at me for doing this, but I ignored her in favour of a little more air circulating in the house. Had she known, of course, today I would have agreed with her about locking the door); and then I went to the toilet, emptied my bladder, and closed my eyes as soon as I lay back down on my mattress.

I vaguely woke again, seemingly as soon as my eyes had closed, and found a head buried into my naked groin, and felt my cock reluctantly stirring. My eyes focused on Nong’s face close down to mine, so who was on my cock? “I promised My first shot today, Steve; I will be back later for mine – when you recover after this. We don’t have Uni. Classes today, and soon we start our long summer holidays...isn’t that a fun idea of what to do all day?”
“Oh” I groaned, “I am tired what you like; I am going to sleep.” I did, amazingly, only reacting when my cock jerked and I raised my hips into someone’s mouth as I released what I had to give.
But I never opened my eyes until much later, and I was alone; the wetness between my thighs told me it hadn’t been a dream, and when I moved even my cock felt tired rolling over for a last few minutes before fully waking.
Gosh, I had only ever looked at My, and never really at Nong, other than as a friend of My, and a polite girl towards me – My had those breasts I did love to look at, but Nong was almost always more serious, and I never knew if either of them had a boyfriend, or any desires for a sexual escapade, shall we say: now I knew only too well.

I had washing to do today, and needed to go shopping at the supermarket; I had my list, so with the washing machine doing its job, I headed out to the car and drove up my soi. In my rear-view mirror, I saw Nong running and waving, so I stopped and waited. “Where are you going Luong Steve?” she huffed. “Tesco Lotus, shopping, Nong; do you want something?” “YES, you – but now I am too tired running, so I will just go shopping with you!”
I cleaned off the passenger seat, and she opened the door and sat inside, still huffing. I grinned “Perhaps you need some rest, Nong: a quiet day at home perhaps?”
“Very funny, Steve; can I have a drink from your beer please?” I nodded, and she took my ever-present can from the drinks’ holder and swallowed a good deal more than I expected, handing it across to me for my own small swallow. “You really do have a thirst, don’t you, Nong?” I joked. She glared at me for an instant before calming and replying “Actually I do, and I have scared away most of those who used to supply me; they said I was too demanding, can you believe that!”
‘Yes, I can’ I thought, but didn’t think appropriate to say out loud. But something I did have to say: “Remember, I am an old man, Nong; I don’t have as much as your young men, or when I was a young man; you need be aware of that, as pleasant as it is to have you drink from me.”

By now, I was turning on to the driveway into the shopping centre, and up into the parking lot. I told Nong I had my list, and I always went exactly where I needed to, and then I was finished: no dawdling, no stopping to look at items I won’t buy anyway, and then I go home. She nodded understanding, said she had nothing to buy, so she would walk around with me, while I shopped and note what I bought.

Consequently, it did take longer than normal, as I felt a need to explain certain things I looked for/bought, but overall she was easy to have as a companion, as I paid the bill and wheeled the trolley to the car, and off home. I unloaded, Nong helped, and then she stayed close to me, in the kitchen, as I packed items away in their specific places.

She had her fill of me, twice, over the remainder of the morning – she couldn’t wait, so she took her refreshment while I was standing in the kitchen unpacking groceries - and followed it up in the afternoon, again waking me when I had just collapsed and slept. She even hung my washing out (not very well, but she did at least do more than my wife ever did to help) – insisting I relax and recover my strength!
Later in the afternoon, I woke when I heard her shower; she came out naked into view, “Just so you remember me, Steve” she chuckled, swaying hips and bottom around the corner, hidden from all view as she dressed.

I called to her “You are quite beautiful, Nong, but the only part of you I have ever felt has been your mouth around my penis!” She laughed, replying “Oh, did you want more than that, Steve?
“Well, I guess it is a normal progression....”
“We’ll see” she said noncommittally.
She was saying ‘bye’ when I asked if I had helped her English today; “Oh yes; first at shopping, where I was reading the English, rather than Thai, on various items; and now I better understand what the ‘3 Rs’ means – you know, the ‘Reduce, Reuse, Recycle’ saying. But I have only ‘2 Rs’; they mean you ‘Recover’, and I will ‘Reuse’! Bye Luong Steve, see you again.”
I rolled my eyes, rolled my body over, and went back to sleep.

I dreamt of having sex with Nong, but ironically, I discarded that dream quickly, as somehow it seemed our relationship was well-suited to her cock sucking, and only that – but I can’t be sure why I have that feeling – though perhaps it had been that small conversation, which gave me no encouragement of further sexual exploration with her.
I shrugged my shoulders; I certainly didn’t seem to have a need of future worries of a build-up of semen waiting to burst forth, rather I had a friendly sucking machine close by to offer help/or drink on demand probably.

[The reason Nong only ever sucked me off, and why I never would get to fondle My’s breasts does not form part of this tale: they were lovers, as I had long suspected, which Nong told me later. But My had never tasted man-juices and wanted to, and now had, and Nong did have an undeniable thirst for it, and seemed to enjoy my small amounts over other, local varieties.]

Part 5

After Lee’s youthfulness and supple, slim, developing and craving body; after Maria’s muscularity and control of those muscles, and over-developed chest stretching huge breasts wide; and now, after Nong’s mouth and addicted thirst (and even My’s mouth) – well, I was certainly experiencing various parts of Woman’s sexuality.

Nong often came around, sometimes very early – as if she had a sixth sense of when my wife had left for work – and said she needed a ‘drink’ before she went to University for the day! Sometimes it was afternoons if her lectures freed her from attending, and at times she expressed a ‘desperate need’ for a ‘quickie’ in the bathroom if I went to the toilet at My’s mum’s cafe where I drink my beer. I obliged her every time, as she released any sexual tension in me, and also pleased me that I pleased her.

My even came with her one time, surprising me – but this time she asked permission, shyly adding “I liked the taste Luong Steve”, and so I let her have more, Nong taking over for the final sucking of drops as my cock grew ever more sensitive, and then painful within her mouth. She laughed lightly at my discomfort, wiped her lips with her tongue, and they left for University, final day before holidays.

Then Lee returned from her holiday; her first order of business, seemingly, was to visit me. It was mid-afternoon, after my shower, before I headed for a beer; I was watching the News.
The door wasn’t closed, and in she breezed, jumping on to my lap on my sofa chair, lying herself down along my body, and kissing me hungrily. “I have missed you, Steve; have you been faithful to me?”
“You didn’t ask me to be” I laughingly said as my vague reply. Lee slapped me across the face! “Tell me you were faithful to me, Steve.”

I had 3 options: 1) say I had been, just as she wanted to hear, or, 2) get very scared and say nothing, or, 3) get very angry and slap her back.
I tried “I - Khun Steve - did not chase any girls or women, and I – Luong Steve - didn’t ask any girl or woman for any sex – not in all the time you were away.” I allowed my voice to grow stronger “There, satisfied now, nong Lee; will you stop with the Inquisition! If you don’t know what that word means, perhaps we can get back to helping you with English, and I will explain that word to you! But don’t you ever slap me again!”

Lee’s dominance dwindled somewhat, taken aback as she was by my vehemence; but she soon recovered her composure, and spirit, to regain the ascendancy.
She reached for my cock in my shorts, and the magical hold – both spiritually and bodily – she had exerted on me at her first visit was as strong as before. “I have missed this also, Luong Steve.” My cock strained and engorged, of its own volition.
Lee squeezed my cock and, as previously, it responded to her touch by leaping towards her. She dragged me – by my cock – off the sofa chair and down to the mattress. “I learned something while I was away, Steve.”

She let go of my waving cock, dragged my shorts down and off, and faced me as she took hold again, straightened up and dropped down, impaling me within her arse canal! She screamed, and I am not surprised: she was a 13y.o. with a body not yet used to the extent she could just experiment like this! Her cunt had been virginal, tight and small as one would expect from a youngster, and the tunnel of her arse was naturally even narrower, tighter, and dry – not a combination I recommend for a girl’s first time having sex this way.

“Oh!” she exclaimed as she buried me deep; to help her forget the pain, I took hold of her little breasts and massaged them within my hands and her nipples within my fingers. Her cry changed to moans, and she dropped her chest and head lower towards me.

My hands let her breasts free and I stroked one gently on her head, and another on her face, even as I let my cock throb within her. “Perhaps next time you decide to surprise me, my young Lady Lee, you will let me help first. For example...” and I gently held her as I rolled her backwards to the mattress, leaving myself inside her arse, but on top where I could control and assist her.

The first thing was to get some lubrication on my cock, so I pulled mostly out, found her cunt leaking copiously and used that to coat my prick before re-inserting it again; she groaned, but moved her hips up to me, so I pulled back and applied more lube, and that was enough: a deep thrust and she came immediately.
“Oh yes!” Lee exclaimed, tightening her muscles around me, and I smiled: “an experienced ‘old man’ sometimes knows better”, I said to myself.
This position also gave my mouth and my hands freedom to rove, and I did; I leaned down to her mouth and kissed her lightly, my prick slightly changing position, but able to move gently in and out and keep her well stimulated, and then I kissed her neck and shoulders, lingering on her collar bones – which protruded much as my own did within a skinny body.

My hands I couldn’t keep away from her young breasts; they were so, so smooth, supple, small – and yet, she had nipples which protruded as big as other women I had known over the years, and I was as beguiled by them as by any part of her body or magical Woman’s enchantment.
My prick worked on its own, gently inside this virgin canal but now I felt it opportune to ask “So, exactly how did you learn this ‘something new’, nong?” “I saw a new video of my Mum’s; it looked exciting, and not so difficult!”

I pulled back and thrust hard inside; she squealed, and I eased off, even as I knew she was having a new orgasm – her juices flowing from the tunnel my cock would have preferred to be inside; “sometimes, watching TV or DVDs can’t teach you the pain, the joy or the experience, nong.” I had emphasised my use of the title for a younger person twice now; I needed Lee to recognise that, in some matters, experience could not be replaced by bewitchment.

I also needed to reduce her domination of me.

We relaxed soon thereafter; “enough of this for today” she said, panting, facing up to me as I supported myself atop her. I smiled – but didn’t let her see me do that! I eased back and out of her, as she sighed and winced a little; “You are too big for me to have done that, Steve; I should have asked you first, shouldn’t I?”
Now I let her see a gentle smile, as I nodded, and leaned down to kiss each nipple and her mouth, her neck and ears, before rising and letting her fully compose herself.

Soon she headed for a shower, dressed and left, though stating she would be back to continue her reading of my stories, as she still had 2 more months of summer school holidays!

She grinned widely, as I inwardly cringed a little: between Lee and perhaps Maria, with Nong draining me regularly, Life was not meant to be easy.

But I had to acknowledge the experiences I had been given by these Women, the various Parts of their Bodies they had shared with me, and I was grateful.

The End
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