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Part 2...clearly.
Author’s Note: If you haven’t read part one, please do. This part won’t make much sense if you haven’t. That’s all. Enjoy.
So I woke up from my nap to a banging on my door. With the way the room is shaped, any knock on the door sounds infinitely louder than it ought to. And my dream came back in slurs and it was very fuzzy. Something about talking…then rain…then fucking…every man’s fantasy. But it had all been a dream.
My aunt stomped up the stairs. “You’re gonna miss your date if you keep sleeping. Get up. Get showered. Dinner is almost ready to go.” And with that she left.
I rubbed my eyes and stretched. I grabbed my clothes for the night and went to take a shower. After my shower I brushed my teeth and groomed to make myself presentable. Then I went into the house to check on dinner. It was ready. My aunt was packing it up in a real picnic basket. It smelled delicious. When she finished packing it, with a coke and a sprite to drink, I put it in my car. Then I left to go meet this girl.
The trip was long. Seemed too long. But I arrived. And I waited for her to get off work. And when she did, we decided to go to the Wal-mart parking lot and have our picnic. And everything went smoothly. Everything went great. We talked and laughed and joked and flirted. We enjoyed the food. The only thing that went differently from my dream, was that it never rained and we never fucked. She did however, press herself against me, right before we parted ways. We looked into each other’s eyes. And when I leaned down to kiss her, she turned her head so that I merely kissed her cheek.
She laughed and smiled at me. “Not yet. I’m not ready for that yet.”
And with that she left. I was in shock for a little while. But I soon went home, crawled into bed, and dreamed those dreams that love brings to us.
For a couple weeks following this excursion, we talked daily. We talked almost constantly. Texts and phone calls at night. I saw her when I worked. I watched her with emotions I never knew I could have. We didn’t go out again though. Next I saw her out of work was when I invited her to my aunt’s house. It was my aunt’s idea. And Mary thought it was a good idea. So she came over.
It had been maybe three weeks since our first “date”. The pool was clean, no thanks to my hours spent slaving in it to make it so. My room was spotless. When she arrived, my aunt left us to ourselves after a brief couple of questions. I took Mary to my room where she used the bathroom to change into her bikini. White with blue and black polka dots. Her dark nipples showing through faintly. The bottoms hugging her ass perfectly. Her curves displayed in all their splendor.
She came out, strutting and showing off. I was speechless. Her hips swayed. My eyes followed. Then she walked up to me and flicked my nose.
“Let’s go swim boy.”
And we did. We both leaped in. Diving and cannonballing. Racing and swimming. And eventually it degraded into chasing and copping feels. And everything ended up with her pressed against the side of the pool with me holding her there. My arms on each side of her. Our faces so close together and yet too far.
“Please?” I asked.
“No,” she laughed.
She pushed me away and swam to the other side of the pool. She got out and reached for her phone. I swam over and got out behind her to see her finishing a text and sending it.
“Fuck buddy?”
She turned, slightly angry, before a smile broke on her face. It was only an instant but I caught it. I always do.
“What did you tell him you are doing?”
“Spending the night with my friend.”
“Oh so you are staying the night?” I asked with my eyebrow arched.
She laughed. “Not with you, boy.”
She pushed me into the pool quickly and ran to my room. I got out of the pool as fast as I could and ran after her. We ended up on the couch, in another compromising position, when she pushed me away…again. We stated talking again. How we had anything to talk about, I’m not sure. Everything turned sexual soon enough. And I learned everything she liked. Everything she didn’t. She didn’t like receiving oral on any part of her body. She liked to give it though and the guy could cum anywhere on her he wanted, as long as he didn’t get it in her hair.
Her favorite toy was her hairbrush. She didn’t like anal. She liked threesomes, both two men and her and two girls and a guy.
She was leaned against me as we talked and I was brushing my fingers along the skin of her thigh. She was leaning her face close to mine and we kept moving closer together. I finally kissed her cheek. She kissed mine. And then she pushed my face away and got up with a laugh.
Now at this point I was sporting a good sized boner. Clearly visible in my wet trunks. She went around the back of the couch towards my bed, where her clothes were. I went around the couch and sat on the back. I crossed my arms and looked at her. She smirked at me.
“I’m going to change. If you feel anything for me, or respect me at all, then you will keep your hands to yourself.”
I smiled. “Ok.”
She then reached behind her and undid the laces to her top and let it fall to the ground. Her perfect perky breasts came out with her dark nipples growing hard. She ran her hands along them and tweaked herself. She smirked at me while she did it. My dick throbbed. Visibly. She giggled. Then she grabbed the strings on her bottoms and tugged them. Her bottoms fell away and her creamy flesh was bare in front of me. She smirked and leaned back on my bed. She cocked one knee up and leaned back. Her arms raised above her head. He breasts sticking up. Her legs spread, giving me a perfect view of her glistening pussy. The folds were slick. She ran her hands over her body.
I couldn’t take it anymore. My trunks came off in a flash. My throbbing dick sprung out. Seven and a half inches pointing straight at her. I walked towards her. She got up quickly and pushed me back.
“You broke.”
I stood shocked. She grabbed her clothes and put them on. And still I just stood stunned. I didn’t know what to do. She flicked my nose, like she had earlier, and smiled.
“Put your pants on boy and walk me out to my car like the gentleman you are.”
And I did. And in that instant I saw every chance I had with her leave with her. She hugged me before she got in her car. My still hard dick poking her. She stood on her tip toes and kissed my cheek before whispering in my ear.
“You’re a good size but I don’t go smaller than eight, boy.”
My face flushed like id been slapped. And I stood as still as if I had been. What does one say to that? And as she got in her car, she looked back at me.
“Don’t look so sad, I didn’t say you didn’t have a chance. But I don’t think I’m ready to open my heart again. I’ve been hurt so much in the past, and you are such a great guy, but I’m just not ready for this. I’m sorry.”
And with that she closed her door and drove off. And I was left with just my dreams and her words and the feel of her body on mine. The feel of her lips on my cheek. And the feel of her breath in my ear.

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2012-08-08 01:14:18
After that, you surely felt awkward at work when you were near her. How did the relationship progress?

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