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Henry Steele, brother of Anastasia, meets Christian Gay at a large gay bar; erotic events ensue
I could make out the silhouette of a man standing in my doorway. I wondered who the mysterious figure was as he strode confidently in my direction. I reached for the light, but he grabbed my arm before I could flick the switch, and he whispered one word in my ear, “Bukkake...”


Henry Steele is the name, and I possess a true cock of steel, thick as an elephants trunk. Well, somewhat so. It was approaching midnight and I was in a large gay bar in central New York. It was loud and packed tight. Flirtatious looks were being flung around the room left, right and center. It seemed like the whole place was ready for a grind. I caught the eye of a hot twink piece of ass and almost creamed my pants! This night had shaped up very nicely indeed.

I made my way through the crowd of drunk party goers, who were often oblivious to my wanting to get past until I grabbed their cock. Grab a cock, wink, keep going. A minute later I was face to face with the sexy twink. He smiled and introduced himself.

“The name’s Christian. Christian Gay.”
“Henry Steele,” I replied, licking my lips.
“What do you do for a living?” He asked inquisitively.
“I’m a student, looking for a job – you know how it is,” I said awkwardly.
“Well it just so happens I’ve got a position opening up.”

I stood there, unsure whether we’d just exchanged innuendos or whether I’d actually just found a lead for a job. As if to answer my silent question, he produced a business card. It was purple and had the words “Christian Gay, P.I.M.P” emblazoned on it in gold letters, along with contact details.

I licked my lips. The situation was unreal. An unreal male beauty in front of me (oh, for him to be behind!), a potential job in the works, and an unreal hardness to my newly erect cock which I never dreamed possible. Christian smiled, his purposeful piercing eyes not unlike two penetrating penises.

"Come for an interview. I'm free tomorrow morning, 10am sharp."

He winked, sending a long, glorious shiver running from the tip of my phallus, up my spine, then running back down to the phallus. An audible, unintended gasp of pleasure escaped my lips. Noticing this, Christian winked magically again, the coy son of a bitch. Bright sparks of pure sexual desire jumped before my eyes, making me temporarily blinded. How oh how in the good lord's name I wanted to bone. But this would have to wait until tomorrow (I hoped).
From there I partied the night away...


I woke with a jolt. Shit - it was 9:15. It'd take at least half an hour to get to Mr. Gay's office. Hungover, I dressed myself the best I could. Unfortunately, my suit was wrinkled and had numerous visible semen stains on it. Never mind, I thought - Christian's probably into that sort of thing.

I jumped in my car, still reeking of alcohol and body odour. I took the freeway and wound up at Christian's office 50 minutes later. Christian was waiting at reception.

"You're late," he growled.
"I know, I'm sorry, can I - "
"Be quiet now. Come to my office," he said, leading the way.

He shut the door and said, "You're lucky you're so sexy."
Taken aback, I replied, "Sorry, what?"
"I run a male escort service. Your fine piece of ass caught my eye. Do you think you have the required skills to work for me?"

Searching for an answer, I replied in the most seductive voice I could muster: "Well, I'm a fairly accomplished cock sucker."

"I bet you are," he smiled, leaning forward. "Wait - what's that?" he asked, pointing to the most noticeable semen stain on my suit.

Disgusted, he continued, "This is a high class service, not some back alley glory hole where you suck the cocks of crack addicts. Get out."
Two weeks had passed since my interview with Christian. I was annoyed with myself afterwards, to say the least. I had let a fine specimen slip through my hands, like high grade lubricant.

"Ah, cum stains; the bane of ev'ry wise man," I would often muse to myself during long nights of regret in front of the fire.

This thought pattern would usually lead me to lusting thoughts of Christian. After rubbing one out I even once tried to put the fire out by cumming on it - a silly, pointless exercise. That those who studied astronomy were “peeping Toms at the keyhole of eternity,” as Arthur Koestler observed, that were I to have Christian Gay all to myself, myself, myself, I would penetrate his keyhole with my Tom for all eternity!

Not much transpired during those long weeks (though a brief mention must be made for a wedding I was invited to where, for the wedding photo, the groom opened his fly and inserted his swelling member into the lovely brides' cunt, a somewhat proud, deadpan look of ownership plastered on his face), however a chance encounter in a sex shop would soon change everything...

It was Wednesday and I was working the afternoon shift at my part time job at the local sex shop, “Butts, Balls and Testicle Clamps.” Typically, Wednesday’s were when all the freaks came out. One man bought baseball sized anal beads and, with a smirk, slipped me a picture of the goatse man with his phone number on the other side. My current customer was piling an assortment of sex toys on the counter – anal beads, special brown lubricant, testicle clamps, whips, gags, numerous toys I didn’t even recognise and a few DVDs of gay porn, some of it scat. The man was tall and muscular, wearing a high collared trench coat, dark sunglasses and a fedora. As I tallied up all the items he handed me his credit card. My heart skipped a beat – the name on the card was Christian Gay.

Noticing the startled look on my face, Christian slipped me a bit of paper – this time with his home number.

“Call me,” he said.
“Uh – O – OK,” I stammered, as the transaction went through and he turned to leave.

As he exited, I imagined his entrance sopping and gaping, and him begging - nay! screaming to be entered, and him biting the pillow, and many other delightful things. I called him later that night, butterflies dancing in my ballbags. I had already consumed a couple of beers to ease my anxiety. I poured some beer over my penis before picking up the phone. I had always found this a sublime sensation.

The phone dialed and I heard someone pick up.

"Christian?" I said slowly, nervously.

"Henry, good to hear from you," came the assured reply. A deep passion in my breast rose slowly... if there were ever a voice to make my meat moist, this would surely be it...

"I may have made a mistake in not considering you for a job at my company."

My breathing grew deeper, longer.

"In fact, I have a great desire in meeting you again. It just so happens a personal assistant position has opened up..." (as Christian said assistant, he emphasised the first three letters ASS)..."a position I would very much like you to enter, as it were."
“I’d be delighted,” was my immediate reply.
“Get here, now. Number 543 Fifty Second Street. Apartment 69A.”

The phone clicked as he hung up. I couldn’t believe my luck. Those eyes, that ass, that cock – were going to be all mine. I hurried to my car, grabbing my ass dildo on the way.

The traffic was light, allowing me to get to Christian’s place speedily – the sex would, I hoped, last a bit longer!

Knock knock knock. My whole body was trembling in anticipation. The door opened. Christian stood there, erect cock in hand. Oh my, oh my, oh my!

“Take those clothes off,” he ordered as I came in.
I did so immediately, putting my ass dildo down on his coffee table.
“What’s that?” Christian asked, laughing, “You call that a dildo? This is a dildo,” he said, producing a three foot long ribbed, cast iron dildo.

He brought me to his room which was full of sex toys, including the ones he’d bought today. I could only hope he’d use them all on me.

“Now, before we start, you’ll need to see your contract. There’s nothing unusual there, I’m sure you’ll find it quite to your liking.”

The contract was headed “Personal ASSistant to Christian Gay, P.I.M.P.” The terms and conditions were perfect. It included mutual masturbation, the use of progressively larger anal beads, cock sucking, ass fucking and various bondage scenarios.

“However, there’s one condition in particular I think you should be aware of before you sign,” Christian said, “Clause 6.1.”

I read it. It stipulated as follows:

• Clause 6.1 – the employee (Henry Steele) agrees to be subjected to one (1) 48 hour long bukkake session, at a time and place of the employer’s (Christian Gay’s) choosing, without notice to the employee.
In all my anticipation, I must say I glossed over the final clause. I signed rapidly and then spread my legs, squeezing my eyes closed.

"Come here baby," I groaned.

Christian raised a single index finger and slowly tilted it from side to side, indicating a most erotic disagreement.

"No, YOU come here," said Christian, grinning happily. He undid his pants, and I could see his membrane was flaccid yet excitingly immense. I leapt up out of my desk chair, mouth homing in on Christian's penis like a parched man finding water in the driest desert. I was thirsty for semen and I was hungry for meat. Mouth enclosed around soft cock, I got to work. Christian grinned.


Christian grinned even more widely, which I took as an indication of me doing a fine job.


His membrane had swollen noticeably within my mouth, and he was running his hands through my hair, squeezing my locks tightly at times, his breathing rising and falling more rapidly. He then reached out and grabbed the three foot cast iron dildo with his spare hand.

With my mouth open in delight (and because it was around Christian’s cock), Christian hurriedly inserted the three foot cast iron dildo into my anus. The immense but pleasurable pain made me bite down on his cock, causing him to squeal.

“OK, enough playing,” Christian said authoritatively, “It’s time I showed you a real toy.”

He got up and beckoned me to follow. I did, though I walked with my torso parallel to the ground due to the large dildo still up my ass. Back in the lounge, Christian pulled out some sort of folding contraption from under the coffee table. He set it up and began to turn a handle. As he turned it, an attachment at either end would move in and out. He produced two more large dildos and attached one to either end. I understood, and began to pull the cast iron dildo from my ass.

“No – leave it in. It’s for me,” Christian said, climbing into the contraption.

When he was in place he ordered me to turn the handle. I did. At one end a dildo penetrated his anus, causing him to gasp. One more turn and it left his anus, with the dildo at the other end sliding into his mouth. Christian grinned.

At this precise moment something happened which would never be forgotten by each member of the room as long as they both shall live. Christian, in his erotic frenzy, had forgotten his mother was popping round to drop off some eggs that day.

"Knock knock!"

The door opened suddenly and Mrs Gay was standing in the doorway. It all happened so fast.

My hand froze on the handle of the strange dildo contraption; Christian's mothers eyes grew as large as two prolapsed anuses; the eggs flew out of her withered hands; Christian himself had not heard the entrance due to his erotic frenzy and continued to moan; suddenly self conscious, seemingly in slow motion, I started to remove the iron cast dildo from my ass...the situation finally cresendoed in form of a dark yellow stream of projectile vomit emanating from Mrs. Gay, the eggs joining the mix, coating both lovers in a thick mix of bile and raw eggs.

Removing the oral dildo as casually as possible, Christian, naked and bent over with a dildo up his ass, looked up at his mother, the grin slowly slipping from his face.

"It's not what it looks like, Mum."
Unfortunately for Christian, this was the last night he would ever speak to his mother. Cleaning himself up, he left the apartment, leaving me with a horrified Mrs. Gay until I, too, made my exit. In a daze I jumped in my car and made my way home. Thoughts criss crossed my mind as my hand criss crossed my cock. What could have been...ruined.

Several weeks passed and I still heard nothing from Christian. One day, however, I received an SMS where he informed me he was going overseas for business – permanently. I couldn’t believe my eyes. I began to cry, jacking my cock in sorrow. O, cruel fate! Several more weeks passed and I was unable to get my mind off Christian. Dull days at the sex shop turned into erotic fantasies of Christian inserting every tool under the sun – whether a sex toy or a crowbar – into my anus. Sleep became my happiest time when I imagined Christian and I were still together. And it was, indeed, at night that my sorrow would turn to cum drenched elation.

One Friday night, just as I was crying myself to sleep, I could make out the silhouette of a man standing in my doorway. I wondered who the mysterious figure was as he strode confidently in my direction. I reached for the light, but he grabbed my arm before I could flick the switch, and he whispered one word in my ear, “Bukkake...”

Of course – the contract! Christian had come back to fulfil it.

He had cum, alright. Along with his entire team of accountants. Nerdy, skinny looking fellows, flies already undone, cocks prepared to be put to good use. They'd been edging all day while filing tax returns - this night would be a welcome climax to the days proceedings. The accountants filled the room, scores and scores of them. Christian spanked one of their asses hard, grinned at me and said:

"Incidentally, they all suck a good dick, I chose them especially!"

This reminded me of the eternal words of the Chinese philosopher Confucius: "it's not who you know, it's who you blow." As the group of thin, nerdy dickweeds started to form a circle around me, I wondered how many Chinese cocks the venerable sage had sucked and whether he had been any good at it. In the past, the few photos I had seen of him in encyclopedias had, admittedly, often triggered a slight tingle in my loins. My thoughts were interrupted by a clear, confident voice.

"Let's do it, boys," Christian grinned.

The accountants began jacking their small, white members, and I got on my knees, looking upwards, begging, begging, begging for the inevitable sweet white shower.

Mouth wide open, I waited for the first dollop of delicious white cum to land square in my mouth as I, too, began to jack it. It wasn’t long before the first pasty white nerd came to climax and squirted right in my eye. A second, third, fourth and fifth man followed, each drenching me with their delicious salty load. My face was now covered – and I was loving it.

Before I knew it a man fucked me in the ass before cumming on my back. A half dozen weedy men followed the exact same procedure, leaving a healthy coating on my back. I resumed a kneeling position, as five more men jacked it in a circle over me. They all climaxed at the same time as I looked up at them. It was all through my hair and left my face unrecognisable due to the truly immense amount of cum that had just been spilled all over it.

I lay down on my back, and had several more nerdy dickweeds cum all over my chest, stomach, legs and feet. If it weren’t for the fact that I was alive I’d think I was in heaven. Ne’er before had I experienced such a drenching.

It was at that point that a true giant of a man, cock as thick as a water bottle, stood over me. I could see the look of concentration on his face as he jacked his enormous member furiously. His sweaty, hairy balls danced to the rhythm of his stroke.

I straightened my back and tilted my head. Peering upwards, Christian standing over me appeared like a God, from the religion of his namesake. His furious masturbation was inspired and wonderfully divine. I was lost in admiration - this grand, noble man, O, let his semen rain down on me and cleanse each and every one of my undeserving pores!

At once Christians face contorted and - thar she blows! the cum flowed out, thick, hot, and glorious! It rose in great heaps like lava, spurting, frothing, like a creature with it's own mind! A great smile grew over my face; I felt blessed to receive such a drenching. I struggled for a long time to open my eyes through the thick, constantly renewed coating and finally made eye contact with Christian. As he came again and again, we looked deeply into each others eyes and knew we would be together - forever.

I suppose you could say it was a happy ending.


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