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she isn't an ordinary girl now is she?
my name is nick i'm 16 years old and i live with my parents in our small apartment in the middle of a big city. we used to have money but then my father developed some 'habits' and we went bankrupt... fucking shit heads. i hated my family. i hated my life. that is until i met her.

this girl. this angel. she was all I've ever dreamed about and then some. she was the most beautiful women ive ever seen. i made it my goal to be with her. her name was Amber, she was in my school when we first met. i guess we had met before then because our parents knew each other very well. neither of us knew it but our parents were part of a cult. at the time i didn't think of my parents as such monsters as they are to me today. they partly ruined my life... but they helped me so much in the long run.

it all started when i was 14 i had moved to a big city with my mother and father, they said 'it would be better for me' that's what they say when they want something... i don't think they really wanted it, i think they were told they wanted it and they believe what was told to them. anyway i was just about to leave my apartment building when i bumped into her the first thing i notice was her long silky black hair and her colorless makeup that helped hide the beauty that she never wanted to show me, or anyone for that matter.
"oh sorry..." i stuttered as i bent down to help her pick up her things for school
"oh its no big deal its kind of my..." she stopped when she looked me in the eye. we both stopped everything, its like the world had started to get slower and everyone around us had stopped.
"...fault" she finished without breaking the gaze we had both started. we just stayed there for another minute and then she hopped up and just like that, she was gone. I've never met a girl like this. i was still a young teenage boy who had no care for love. i was just looking to be the first in my group to lose my virginity. me and my group. id hardly call it that. we were all just a bunch of idiots who didn't care for school. we didn't care if the teachers caught us smoking weed behind the school. we really didn't care when one of the teachers called the police on us. all we did was walk away like there was nothing wrong.

after running into Amber all i could think about was her. she was so beautiful... but she was definantly out of my league. she was one of the popular girls with lots of friends and lots of money. i was just another guy she ran into on the streets. i didn't even think she knew i was in this school let alone an of her classes. we actually had every class together except P.E. because they were separated by sex. i didn't think that she knew i even existed but one day that opinion was completely altered when she approached me in the hall between classes. it was all a blur when it happened. one moment i'm at my locker listening to one of my friends babble on about some movie he saw the other day. the next shes standing right in front of me looking me strait in the eye, then she kissed me. that was all she put a piece of paper in my hoodie pocket and then she was gone again. just like that. she was a very mysterious girl.

right after she vanished all i could think about was her and what she had just put in my pocket... but i couldn't check it because all of my friends were gathered around me asking me who she was and why'd she kiss me. i really didn't know either. after getting home from school that day i went strait to my room and closed/locked my door. i took out the piece of paper and looked at it. its was her cell-phone number and her apartment number. she lived in the same building as i did. i didn't even know that, and she did? for the rest of the day i couldn't see strait or even think clearly everything had her face when she looked at me, plaster all over it. the walls, the ceiling, the TV, the phone. everything as her. i was becoming obsessed with this girl that i knew nothing about other then her phone number and apartment building. wait that's it. i can go to her apartment and ask her what that was all about. no that's too subtle. maybe i can climb the fire escape and get to her window. then i can ask her in private.

i went with the fire escape option. when i got to her window it was about 9pm so i didn't think shed be asleep. i tapped on the window until she opened it. she didn't look very surprised that i was there. she looked a bit happy though.
"come in" she said as i crawled through the window. i didn't know what to say i had nothing two say other then
"what was that all about? earlier today in the halls?"
"what?" she asked like nothing had happened
"you kissed me in the hall today and you don't even know my name." i looked at her firmly
"you don't know mine either but you still kissed me." she said with a smile
"i've never kissed you in my life. you the first girl to even kiss me anyway. so why did you do it?" i asked her with a hasty mind.
"well... because i wanted to." she said as she got closer to me
"um well why'd you want to?"
"because... well.... i like you" she said right before she got close enough to kiss me again. she kind of caught me off guard but she kissed me and tried to put her tongue in my mouth. i was really surprised me but i opened my mouth more so she could get her tongue in my mouth... i was really nervous about doing this but my hormones were going out of control. i couldn't stop myself. i kissed back. i hugged her to hold her closer. i felt like i was in love with her. she wasn't an ordinary girl though. i don't know how to describe this women but i felt... complete with her... she kissed me back and it all started it was like our tongues were having a battle for dominance. she won but after she did she grabbed my hand and led me to her bed.

"do you want me?" she whispered in my ear then gave me a hickie on my right jaw line
"yes." was all i could say, and before i knew it we were both naked and i was just about to take this girls virginity. it was a first time for both of us but we both knew what to do i instinctively.
"are you sure?" i asked her one last time. she nodded. i pushed in and broke her hymen. she shrieked in pain but i kissed her to muffle the cry. i let the pain ease before i started to slowly and gently push in and out of this little petite girl. she was shorter then me she only standing at 5'6 and me at 6'0. her breasts were at least 36 C's but i didn't really care how she looked but she was so beautiful in every way i could imagine. her hair was a silky black color. she was skinny not that skinny but she only looked like she weighed in at 110 pounds. we sat there moaning as i pushed in and out of her for about 5 minutes before she finished. i finished right after her.
"thank you." she told me before kissing me and getting her pajamas back on

"i never got your name." i mentioned
"i'm nick." and from that moment on we were together. like two best friends who never get tired of each other or a couple madly in love. either way i stayed with her until this day without hesitation i have pushed her out of the way of a moving car if taken a knife to the gut for her. this big city never stopped me from protecting this girl. but one day all the pieces came into place. why id survived everything without having to be rushed to the emergency room or even died. i walked into her apartment one day to find it empty. literally empty. there was nothing there at all no furniture or even people. not photos on the wall there was absolutely nothing. i thought she moved over night for a second but she would've told me if they had. i went back to my apartment. i walked into my room to find the entire place empty. i was so confused. there was no way every person in this house had all of my stuff out the door in the 5 minutes i was gone and there's no way my parents would've moved me out without telling me first. i rushed down the stairs to the office to talk with the doorman. he looked like he'd never seen me before. like i didn't exist. wait. did i exist? i have a life i have friends i have a girlfriend, wait Amber where is she? my mind was rushing with all that's happened in the past few minutes everything changed. it was like i was dreaming. every one was organized in single file lines like they were being controlled by someone. i started to really freak out when i passed my grand parents house to see that it was gone. no evidence of a house even being there.

"whats going on!?" i screamed out loud
"do you really want to know?" a voice said from behind me. i jumped forward and turned around to see Amber standing there.
"babe? whats happening where is everyone why are we the only two who don't look like controlled robots?"
"its because of our parents. they put us into this. they offered us to they're god while we slept. were not really alive were both in a paralleled dimension that i don't know how to get out of." she said as she ran up to me and hugged me
"nick... i'm scared" she whimpered... don't worry ill get us out of this." i gave her a kiss for comfort. we started walking. we had no where to go, nothing to do, so we just started walking. we got all the way to the edge of the city when i noticed something. a tear in a wall... it looked like a tear to another place
"whats that?" she looked at me
"lets go find out." i said as i took her hand and walked closer it.
"it looks like a tear in a wall" Amber said
"more then just a tear..." i put my head into it and saw that it was our world so i grabbed Amber and we both jumped. we landed next to each other on Amber's bed.
"were back..." she said in dis belief
"i wouldn't be so sure." i said as i got up and walked into her hallway
"babe. come here." i called amber
"what is i---- what the hell is that?!" she jumped
"i don't know but it doesn't look friendly" i said as i pushed Amber back into the room. we were staring at a giant one eyed beast looking thing. it didn't look happy to see us. we both ran into the room and locked the door.
"oh great were stuck in here!" Amber sat down on her bed. i looked at her. she looked so innocent for that angle. but really i know she was just another girl who tried to fuck me. she was the first to try and the first to succeed and still she is the only one to stay with me now.

"at least were together" i said walking over to her and kissing her
"i love you nick" she said to me
"i love you too Amber" she laid down with me on top of her as we both made out for about 5 minutes finally Amber broke the kiss.
"i want you inside of me... now" she ordered. i got up with a smile and took off my cloths and watched her as she did the same. she laid on the bed ready for her to be mounted by me. i got on top of her and put my cock in front of her pussy then pushed forward, penetrating my love.
"oh that's nice baby keep going" she moaned. i watched her tits bounce up and down i couldn't resist i leaned down and started to suck n her nipples.
"oh baby. keep doing that. oh wow. oh oh ahhhhhhh" she started to cum and it pushed me over the edge i blew my load right into her tight twat

"did you... did you just cum inside of me?" she asked
"i guess so"
"that's not good"
"well technically we're dead so we have no reason to worry about that right now"
"your right baby" she kissed me. we both just laid there until we heard a knock at the door
"who?" was all we could say. i opened the door and saw a man who looked like my dad.
"who are you?" i asked but all her did was stand there until the cyclops rammed him and his guts splattered all over both me and Amber
"this is like a nightmare! we have to get out of here!" Amber cried as she grabbed me
"lets just make a run for it maybe he wont see us" i said. Amber agreed so we both walked out and made a mad dash down the hall not knowing whether we would make it out or not. we found the crack in a car door right in from of the apt. building. we jumped through it to land in my living room. the first thing we did was check every room in the house then every room in Amber's. they were all clear. we were finally safe. or at least we thought. when my parents got back from they''re stupid little cult meeting me and Amber were more then ready for a fight but there was none. my parents just walked in like nothing had happened they didnt even notice us

"hey babe? could we still be dead?" i asked Amber as she walked into the kitchen with me
"i give up" she said then we both walked into my room and made love one last time before we were both sucked into an endless void together... forever

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