Life goes on as Sherri adjusts as I come to terms with a problem of mine own.
Swinging in the Neighborhood Chapter 30 A Soldier Grows Old and Restless

I drove us home knowing that we were once again daddy and that sweet little girl of ten who had tugged at my heart. I also knew someday I would have to let her go once more but until then I would keep her close and read between the words she spoke to me. I would never impose my will, my wants or my needs on her ever again.

During January and February of 1997, Sherri and I were busy with keeping the roads clear of the snow. We both loved our new trucks, as they were warm, comfortable as well as powerful enough to handle any snow storms the lake could threw our way. The trucks had good radios in them and we were always in contact with each other during the day or the nights.

We were always talking about different stuff over the radio. During a night in February during a heavy snowfall; in which we had all four of our trucks out plowing Sherri came over the radio. She asked a whether strange question.

“Daddy, what was Vietnam really like?” Sherri asked over the radio.

I sat there in my truck wondering if I should tell her anything. The only stuff I had ever told her about was bits and pieces in the story about Carrie and me. I was not sure whether I thought she might not be able to handle it or maybe I could not even talk about it. I was 44 years old going to turn 45 later that year, that war was almost 27 years behind me yet it seemed as if only yesterday. I have never figured out why that war stayed with me and others like me maybe it had truly scarred us all for life. I was now worried it may scar Sherri as well.

“Yeah Boss, I never served my county but I understand you served it with honors,” one of my crew Dan added into the radio.

“Yeah you old jungle fighter give us a story,” Chuck said into his radio.

“Most people do not really care,” “They may ask about it, but they really don’t care,” I replied into the radio.

“Daddy, I care,” Sherri replied.

“Yeah Boss I care as well,” Chuck and Dan, replied as well.

I hesitated for a few minutes until I replied, “I guess first you have to know a little bit about the county first.”

I went on as I explained Vietnam is the land of rice paddies, of thick gooey red clay gumbo mud, which stinks as well as having great suction power when you sink in it. A land with jungles so thick sometimes it was hard to tell whether it was day or night. A land full of bamboo thickets where if you found one and you saw the trees had been removed you had better be watching where you stepped. The grass grew tall over there; we used to call it elephant grass as in some spots it was 12 foot high and you never knew what was lying in wait for you.

The place has weeks of 100 plus temperatures, it got to 120 degrees a few times during my tours. The humidity is almost unbearable at times. It feels as if you are in a sauna the whole day and into the night sometimes. I can only remember the county having two seasons when I was there, hot, dry, then hot, and wet.

“The smell of that jungle when it was hot and wet was a smell you never forgot,” I said into the radio.

“Like your sweaty wet tennis shoes,” Sherri said into the radio.

The other men gave a little laugh into the radio as I continued. The land itself could be more deadly to you than the enemy could. There were one inch long red ants that would bite you just to see if you dared screamed. A land full of spiders, lizards, bats, leeches and a million other insects — no two alike, thrive here. Get bit by one on and you may end up with Malaria. You may even just come down with the many sicknesses such as Jungle Rot, Typhus, Fungus, Immersion Foot, Dysentery, Pneumonia, Sunburn, Heat Prostration, Tuberculosis, and Leprosy.

“The land itself could kill you in more ways than the enemy could,” I said into the radio.

“Was it true about a snake they called “The Two Step”?” Chuck asked over his radio.

There are many poisonous snakes in Nam I explained to them. There were big ones as well as little ones. There were cobras and many types of vipers. I had heard the stories of the “Two Step” how if it bit you then take two steps and you were dead. There was no snake over there that really deserves that title. The word two-step snake was all hype told to the troops as a warning to beware and stay on guard for snakes, because yea, there were many that would take you out of here and let you see what the other side of life was all about if it bit you.

“Daddy did you ever run into a snake?” Sherri asked.

“No princess, it ran into me,” I replied.

I was out on recon in the jungle late one night. I had come across a well-used trail so I figured I would sit for a while to see just who was using it. I sat there for hours with nothing happening. My stomach told me it was time to eat so I popped out a C ration and started to eat. I had just laid the container down to drink some water. My hand started toward the container near me as my eyes caught up with my hand I saw a big ass fucking snake. I drew my hand back quickly and the snake reared up as I did.

I saw it was a cobra with its neck flaring out behind its head. I froze not moving a muscle as the snake just looked at me. It seems to almost rock back and forth as I stared into its eyes. The snake’s tongue flicking in the night air gathering all the information it needed. I could only hope that his tongue was telling him I was no threat to him. I dared not even blink as I stared at the snake, as I knew he was faster than I was.

The snake checked me out for close to ten minutes before he settled back down onto the ground. However, that snake had not finished with me yet. The snake crawled right over my out stretched leg as he went on his way. He had gotten about four feet from me when a fucking rat came out from under the jungle floor. The cobra lifted his head from the ground and hit the rat as fast as a lightning strike hits a tree.

I watched the rat die and the cobra as he swallowed his late night snack. I could have probably ran away however I had to stay put as that was my last C ration and I was not giving it up to a damn snake. That snake gave me one more look before he slithered away into the jungle.

“I lived off the land only when I had too as the creatures that lived in the jungle were not the enemy I hunted.” “In fact sometimes they were my only friend,” “Some one to talk to when I was alone and able,” I said over the radio.

“What kind of fighting did you see boss?” Dan asked over his radio.

“It varied from rockets and mortars attacks on my home fire base, countless jungle fights between unforeseen enemies where bullets seem to come from nowhere. To taking another man’s life with your knife or your bare hands just because you had too to survive,” I replied into the radio.

“Daddy, How did you know when to kill someone or not to kill that person,” Sherri asked.

I sat in my truck thinking about her question. I thought it was a strange question for her to have asked. I thought how during my first tour that I would kill any enemy soldier I ran into just because he was there. Some I had even taken extreme risks just to take their lives knowing in the process that I may lose mine however, during that time I just did not care.

I was a heartless killing machine taking others lives without ever thinking or questioning why. However, on my second tour killing seemed not to be on my mind as much as just surviving was. The reason I had someone I wanted to return home too. I still killed however; I did not take as many risks as the first time in Vietnam.

“I understand daddy if you do not want to answer,” Sherri said into her radio.

“Sorry princess I was lost in my thoughts,” I replied. I then added, “I guess I would have to say you just knew when you had too and at other times you would let that person live even if he was your enemy.”

I went on as I told them what happened once when I was out on patrol. During my second tour after the Captain had seen the value of sending just me into the jungle. I was out on a patrol. I had not seen another person in this whole jungle for two days. It was the third and final day of my patrol.

I had just settled down in the jungle hiding myself at least I thought I was. I sat there leaning my head back against a tree. Suddenly I heard the zing of a bullet flying beside my head and into the jungle behind me. I dropped flat to the ground with my rifle in my hand as I scanned the jungle. I heard another round zing by me cutting a vine from the tree next to me.

Damn it a fucking enemy sniper was out there and he was zeroing me in from somewhere I thought as I hugged that jungle floor. Two more bullets flew by me before I spotted movement up in a tree. I raised my rifle up bringing the scope to my eye. I zeroed it in onto the tree where I had seen the movement come from. I slowly zoomed in on him as the Viet Cong man raised and lower his rifle. Each time he did, I noticed he would rub at his eyes.

He fired again and his shot was not even, close to where I was. I thought that maybe he had a spotter on the ground telling him where to shoot. I panned my scope down to the base of his tree as I did a saw a flash or a gleam of light in my scope. I zoomed in onto that flash. There lying near the base of the tree was a pair of glasses reflecting bits of the sunlight that showed through the jungle canopy.

He could not see without them so he could never really zero me in with his scope. I raised my rifle back up as I lined my cross hairs directly onto the middle of his fore head. I released the safety as I seen the sweat rolling down his brow. I lowered my sight to just below where he sat. I fired off three rounds, which landed on target into the tree just below his leg. I saw him fall from the tree; his rifle became tangled up in the tree as he fell.

He hit the ground and backed himself up against the tree clamping both hands onto his thigh. I walked over toward him he never looked up at me until I was standing in front of him looking down upon him. He raised his head and I watched his Adams apple move as he swallowed a breath of the jungle air. He held his breath as he placed his head firming and bravely against the tree as he looked at me never saying a word. His eyes told me, “Kill me as I would have you,” as he just stared at me never moving or removing his eyes from mine.

I squatted down in front of him maybe five to six foot in front of him. I draped my rifle over my thighs with it still in my hands in case I needed it. I took my hand and pointed to the glasses lying near him. The man grabbed them and placed them onto his face. His hands never trembled as he did. I looked down to his thigh to see that it was bleeding profoundly as it lies outstretched in front of him.

I tossed him my first aid pack as his blood spilled over his hands around his wound. He took it and pulled some gauze from it, which he started to wrap around his thigh. The wound was either shrapnel or bits of tree that had entered into his thigh. He wrapped the gauze tightly around his thigh then tied it off as he looked back to me.

I looked up to his rifle hanging up in the tree. His eyes followed mine up into the tree. We both saw and knew it was well out of his reach. I lowered my eyes back to on him as our eyes met once more staring deeply into each other’s eyes. The man once more placed his head firmly and bravely against the tree not saying a word. There was no fear, worry or hatred to the look in his eyes. I only saw serenity and peace in his eyes as he sat there waiting for me to take his life. I wondered what he was seeing in my eyes as I stared at him. I stood up over him as his eyes followed me.

I shook my head from side to side as I said, “Ve nhà trong chien tranh là hon,” which meant, “Go home your war is over.”

I slipped silently back into the jungle once more stopping to check on him through my scope. I saw him look to the heavens as his lips looked as if he had mumbled the words “Thank you.”

“I have never told anyone that story until now,” I said into the radio after I had finished it. “It was the first time I could not take another life knowing that he had not been able to have taken mine,” I added.

“Daddy, you showed compassion,” Sherri said into the radio.

“No princess I had only given him the chance to fight again someday,” “I can only hope he went home and not on to kill others like me,” I replied over the radio.

“Were you proud to have fought for Vietnam?” Dan asked into the radio.

“Yes, then and now,” I replied quickly and proudly into the radio.

“What do you remember the most about the war in Vietnam?” Chuck asked.

I did not even hesitate as I replied, “The pain of surviving it.”

Silence filled the radio as I wiped the tears from my eyes. No replies or questions filled the radio. The radio remained silent for the rest of the night. We finished plowing until there was just one more road to do. I told them all to head for home I would get the last road. It was only a few blocks long and it would only take a couple of passes to clear it.

Besides, I did not really want to face any of them after making that last comment into the radio. I spoken the truth as well as what my heart felt in answering that last question. I finished the road and drove slowly back to the office. The others were gone when I returned to our office.

I parked my truck and walked into the office to find Sherri waiting for me. She was sitting behind Cathy’s desk with her head buried into her chest. I walked over to her as she sat there with her head down. I picked her head up as I asked her what was wrong.

“I’m sorry I asked you about Vietnam tonight daddy,” “I was just curious as you never really talk to me about it and I just wondered what it was like,” Sherri said looking at me.

“Its OK princess I should sit and tell you the full story someday,” I replied.

“Your not really sorry you survived are you daddy?” Sherri asked as her lips trembled.

“NO princess only grateful to have survived,” I replied knowing that I was telling her a lie.

Sherri placed her hand to the side of my face as she said, “Your eyes tell me that you are lying, daddy.” “However I will let you go only because you think that was what I wanted to hear,” as she smiled to me.

I drove us home to find that Kay and Cathy were waiting up for us. I saw Sherri run to Cathy and tell her something. I figured she was telling her what I had said into the radio tonight. I knew I would be having a little talk with Cathy about it sometime in the near future.

The four of us sat down and we had a late night snack. Cathy and Sherri ran off to bed at least that was what I had thought. That left Kay and I sitting on the sofa in front of the fireplace. Kay kissed me deeply and with passion then she suddenly slapped my face hard with her hand. It caught me totally by surprise and my mind raced to figure out what I had done.

“MISTER, don’t you ever let me hear you say you are sorry that you survived Vietnam ever again.” “Your daughter called me tonight when she returned to the office, she was in tears John,” Kay said harshly to me while looking straight into my eyes.

“Sorry it just slipped from my mouth,” I replied.

“NO IT did not John and you damn well know it,” Kay yelled at me. “The sooner you get it through that thick skull of yours that you survived because it was meant to be the sooner you may put that war behind you for good,” Kay added looking at me harshly.

“Kay, I know believe me I know,” I replied taking her back into my arms.

Kay pushed me away as she said, “Go shower first then we will play.”

I hopped off the sofa and went into the bedroom. Kay was right I thought as I walked toward our bedroom. My problems with that war were not that I had fought in it. It was that I had survived it.

I removed all my clothes and I headed to the bathroom in our bedroom. Kay was right I did need a shower as I had been sweating all night. I turned the doorknob and opened the door to find that the shower was in use. I figured in was just Cathy in there so I pulled the shower door open.

My mouth dropped opened when I saw Cathy and Sherri locked in an embrace standing in the shower. Their tits smashed together between their bodies. They were kissing and swapping tongues as I stood there. I looked to see Cathy’s hand buried between Sherri’s legs her fingers digging up into her pussy. The girls broke their kiss as they looked to me.

“DADDY,” Sherri screamed.

“JOHN,” Cathy screamed.

“Sorry I did not know you two were in here,” I replied just standing there staring at them with lust on my mind and in my eyes.

I saw them both smiled as their eyes went down the front of my body. I followed their eyes to my full hard dancing cock that stuck out in front of me. I used both hands to cover it as I turned with my back to them. I was making my way from the bathroom when I heard.

“That man still has the cutest butt of any man,” Cathy said.

I was out the door before I heard what Sherri had to say in reply. I slipped my robe on and sat down onto the bed. Kay walked in and asked why I was not in the shower.

“It’s in use,” I replied with a smile.

“Cathy doesn’t mind you joining her,” Kay said as I smiled to her again.

“OHHHH I see what your saying,” as she sat down next to me.

Kay lifted my robe looking at my cock as she said, “I see you liked what you saw,” as she gave a little laugh.

Sherri and Cathy came running from the bathroom wrapped in towels. They both kissed Kay good night. Then Cathy came over to me and kissed me deeply then told me good night. Sherri came over and she smiled at me before she kissed me on my cheek.

“Good night daddy and I will return Cathy to you in the morning,” She said with a smile as they ran from the bedroom.

I sat there shaking my head as Kay said, “I know “WOMEN”,” as her hand went to mine. “Let’s have shower sex then bed sex,” she added pulling me up from the bed.

Kay took off her clothes as she led me into the bathroom. She turned the shower on and got into the stall. I joined her as I started to soap up her body. Kay’s tits were still lovely as ever she was truly a MILF at 45 years of age. I rubbed the soap between her big tits getting them covered in the soapy lather. Her nipples grew hard as I rubbed both hands over her tits. Kay grabbed the soap as she soaped down my chest. Her hands took the soap between them as she worked them into lather with the soap between them. She handed me the soap, which I worked between my hands as well.

Kay’s hand went to my hard throbbing cock. She ran both hands over it lathering it with soap. Kay used both her hands to jack on my cock as we stood in the shower. Then she used one hand on my cock and her other one rubbed the soap into my balls.

I rubbed my soapy hands into her hairy pussy lathering it up as well as her thighs. I used the soap in my hands to wash down her legs as well. Kay took the soap and washed my legs as well. Kay turned toward the showerhead rinsing the soap from her body. She used the showerhead attachment to rinse my body as well. I grabbed the shampoo bottle and squirted some into her hair. I massaged it in as the suds built up in her hair. I used the showerhead attachment to rinse her head gently rubbing her head as I did.

Kay turned to me and handed me the shampoo bottle as she said, “Wash your own hair and I will be in bed waiting for you,” giving me a sexy smile as she did.

Kay stepped from the shower as I was washing my hair. I rinsed it then stepped from the shower grabbing a towel to dry myself off with it. I was going to shave however; I said the hell with it as my cock was hard and throbbing. I peeked from the bathroom to see what Kay was doing on the bed.

Kay was lying in the middle of the bed with her legs spread wide apart. She had her favorite toy between her legs. Kay was working that big rubber dildo in and out of her hairy pussy. She had her pussy talking with wet slurps as she did. I grabbed my own cock and started to jack it off as I watched her. Kay looked toward the bathroom and she saw me.

Kay pulled the wet dildo out from her pussy licking it as she said, “Come fuck me John.”

I made my way to the bed where I crawled between her legs. I took them and placed them up onto my shoulders. I rubbed my cock at her wet hole. Kay moaned as my cock slipped into her wetness. I started to move my cock slowly in and out of her hairy pussy. Kay started to rock below me forcing more of my cock into her until she had worked it all up her. I started to fuck her faster and deeper as she rocked below me.

Her pussy was gripping at my cock tightly as she did. This woman could fuck the hell out of you when she lay on her back. Her hips and ass moved in many directions when she did. She was fucking me back wildly when my cock popped from her pussy. My cock poked at her clit, which gave her an orgasm.

“AHhhhhhh,” Kay moaned loudly.

Her pussy let out a quick little squirt. I took my cock into my hand and I beat it against her clit then rubbed it back and forth. Kay’s pussy left out a bigger and longer squirt as she moaned again. Kay’s hand reached for my cock.

I thought she was trying to get it back into her pussy. However, I knew where she wanted it at when she rubbed it against her asshole. I dipped my cock into her pussy a few times then pulled it out and down toward her asshole. I slipped my cock slowly up into her asshole.

“AHhhhhh I love it as you slip your cock up my butt,” Kay cooed out as she smiled at me. “Fuck my ass John and fill it with your cum,” Kay added.

I worked my cock slowly up into her asshole. I fucked her ass slowly until I had worked up to a steady pace. Kay’s head started to roll from side to side and I knew she was about to orgasm again. Kay moaned as her orgasm came over her.

“AHHH shit,” I yelled out as her asshole tightens around my cock.

My cock twitched then fired three blasts of cum deep into her butt. I left her legs slip from my shoulder as Kay wrapped them around my back still fucking against my cock in her ass. My lips went to hers as I lie on top of her kissing her deeply. Kay kissed me back and slipped her tongue into my mouth.

We stayed kissing, as my cock grew soft. It slipped from her ass as Kay broke our kiss. “OH,” Kay yelled out as her butt burped out cum from it.

She rolled me off her as she made her way into the bathroom. I roll over onto my back laying my head on my pillow. Kay came back in with a washcloth and she cleaned my cock up before she joined beside me in our bed. I wrapped my arm around her as her hand rubbed at my chest.

“John, sorry I slapped you earlier tonight,” Kay, said not looking at me.

I turned her head toward mine as I replied, “Hey I had it coming,” “I know I should not feel that way but sometimes I do.” “I know deep down it was just a miracle that I survived that war at all.”

“The miracle was when I met you,” Kay said as she moved her face to mine.

Kay kissed me deeply and with passion as her tits rubbed against my chest. I kissed her back wrapping my arms around her. We finally settled down to where she was laying beside me with my arm wrapped around her. Kay rubbed at my chest as she looked to me again. I could see the look she was giving me. One that meant she had something on her mind.

“What is it Kay?” I asked.

Kay looked to me then looked away as she replied, “Sherri asked me earlier today what I thought about her joining the army.”

“NO, NO, NO, she is not allowed,” I screamed as I got out of the bed. “You better have told her NO KAY,” I yelled with anger.

Kay looked up from the bed almost in tears, I realized I had over reacted so I sat down and pulled her into my arms as I said, “Sorry Kay that took me by surprise.” “That must have been why she asked me about Vietnam tonight,” I added.

“I did tell her that I hoped she was not serious about doing it,” Kay replied looking up to me. Kay’s lips trembled as she asked, “Will you please talk to her and give her thousands of reasons not too John?”

“Yes, Kay I will,” I replied as I lowered us both down into the bed.

I cuddled her telling her everything would be OK. Kay fell asleep in my arms as I thought about Sherri wanting to join the service. I should have felt proud that she wanted too however I did not as I did not want to lose her to some war. I had already lost myself to one and to me that was enough.

It took me a while before I finally closed my eyes. My eyes no sooner closed than I was in nightmare valley the place where we all go to face our fears. Alone and in the dark, I found my self in a room sitting in a chair. I had been in this room before in my life. I was a cold lightly lit room with a steel table fixed to the floor. I could see that the table had a long black bag lying upon it. A body bag to be precise lies upon the table.

I slowly stood from the chair as I walked up to the body bag. There was something written across the bag. It read “Property of SGT. Jonathon ______,” my hand trembled as I pulled the zipper down the length of the bag. I parted the bag to see Sherri’s lifeless body lying inside the bag.

“NOOOO,” I screamed loudly in horror as I shot straight up in bed.

“JOHN, what is it?” Kay asked as she sat up beside me in the bed.

“Nothing Kay just a nightmare,” I replied as I wrapped her in my arms.

I lie awake the rest of the night with Kay in my arms. I was afraid to close my eyes for fear of what other horrors awaited me in nightmare valley. I cuddled Kay tightly in my arms not to keep her safe but to keep myself safe.

The next morning Kay and I were out in the kitchen. She was making breakfast as I sat at the kitchen table drinking my morning coffee. Cathy came walking into the kitchen with just her robe around her body. She walked by me rubbing her hand against my face as she went for a cup of coffee.

“Good morning John,” Cathy said happily, as she walked by me.

I did not reply as I was still thinking about what Kay had told me. The nightmare was still fresh in my mind as well as I sat there. Cathy sat down and she reached her hand across the table to mine.

“John your hands are cold as ice,” “Is there something wrong, you look troubled?” Cathy asked as her hand went to mine.

“Just thinking about Sherri that is all,” I replied.

Cathy patted my hand as she said, “Remember John it is always better to talk with someone before you have a problem with them,” as she smiled at me.

Sherri came walking into the kitchen about then. She walked to her mom hugging her and kissing her good morning. She walked back to the table, gave Cathy a hug, and then sat down across from me. I looked to her as she stared at me. Sherri had that same blank expressionless look on her face. The same look on her face that was on her face as I had unzipped that body bag in my nightmare.

“Where is my good morning kiss young lady?” I asked.

Sherri looked to the floor then to me as she replied, “Your eyes tell me that you are unhappy with me, daddy,” as she looked back to the floor.

Cathy looked to me tilting her head a little to the side her way of telling me to think before I spoke. I leaned across the table and lifted Sherri’s head with my fingers.

“It is nothing bad princess and we will talk about it on the way to work,” I said to her.

“Breakfast is ready,” Kay said as she started to place the food onto the table.

The four of us ate and Sherri and I soon left to go to work leaving Kay and Cathy to get dressed and met us at the office. I did the same as I have since Sherri had come back home. I helped her into her side of my truck before climbing in my side. I drove from our driveway turning onto the road to our office.

I looked over to Sherri as I asked, “Princess, what was the real reason you asked me about Vietnam?”

Sherri looked to me as she replied, “I had thought about maybe signing up.” “However Cathy changed my mind,” as she smiled to me.

“I could give you a thousand reasons not to however I will give you just one,” I said to her.

I reached over taking her hand into mine as I added, “Because I need you here with me,” as I smiled at her.

“I know daddy, I know,” Sherri replied. She smiled as she added, “Cathy made me realize that when I talked to her about it last night.”

I made a mental note to myself to thank Cathy later as we drove to the office. We arrived at the office and Sherri went right over to her plow truck and started with the daily maintenance on it. I watched her for a while before I went inside to my office where I sat down breathing a sigh of relief hoping that was the only time I would ever have that nightmare. It was, as I never had that one again.

I was still in my office when Kay and Cathy walked in arriving at work. I watched them both from my office as they started their day. These two helped each other in every thing they did. They straightened up Kay’s office first then Cathy’s office. Well Cathy’s office was more like the showroom as she sat where she could greet anyone that walked into our office.

I noticed that they both had worn dresses to work that day. Their dresses were not short ones just enough to show their lovely legs. Cathy’s dress was tight showing her butt cheeks each time she would bend over in it. I believe they knew I was watching them as they sorted teased me and laughed about it for a while.

I got up from behind my desk and I closed my door without saying a word to them. I had to hide my boner as I did. I tried to go back to work but my cock was hard and throbbing. I had to do something or I would never get my paperwork done. I walked to my door opening it.

“CATHY, I need to see you in my office right now,” I said in a firm tone sounding as if I was mad about something as I walked back to my desk sitting down in my chair.

Cathy walked through my doorway as she said, “You wanted to see me, John.”

“Close the door and take a sit,” I firmly said to her.

Cathy slowly closed the door and she slowly walked to the chair in front of my desk. I could tell she had no idea why I had called her into my office. I sat there with my arms folded across my chest staring at her. Cathy stared back at me then she lowered her head toward the floor. She kept it there for a few seconds before she raised it looking toward me.

“John, if this is about Sherri and me last night,” Cathy said with nervousness in her tone of voice.

I stood up and walked around my desk toward my office door. I locked it then turned back toward her. I went to her standing her up from the chair she sat in as I wrapped my arms around her.

“I just wanted to thank you for your little talk with Sherri last night that is all,” I said smiling as I pulled her against my chest.

“I only told her the truth John,” Cathy said looking up to me as I held her in my arms. Her hand went to my face as she added, “I told her it would only cause you hurt and anguish here,” as her hand went from my face to my heart.

I smiled as I replied, “Thank you,” as my lips went to hers.

I kissed her deeply and with passion as she kissed me back. My hands pulled at her dress until they had worked the back of it up over her butt. I gripped and rubbed my hands over her pantyhose covered ass. I pulled her forward grinding my hard cock into the front of her.

Cathy broke our kiss, as she asked with a smile, “What about the no sex at work rule?”

“Hell with the rules,” I replied as I started to slip her dress over her head.

Cathy stood there in just her bra, pantyhose and her high heels. I sat down in the chair near by pulling her into my lap. She wrapped her arms around me as we kissed deeply and passionately once again. Cathy squirmed in my lap as we kissed.

“John, it has been a long time since you have been this passionate toward me,” Cathy said as she broke our kiss.

“I know forgive me,” I replied kissing her deeply again.

Cathy was right as of lately with Sherri being on my mind I had not been spontaneous with neither Kay nor Cathy. In fact, I hardly had been having sex with either of them. The girls were used to me just making love to them on a spur of the moment. Hell, I used to take them both parking sometimes after work on our way home. All that had stopped when my troubles with Sherri had begun. I had withdrawn from them mentally and physically to deal with my problems with Sherri.

That and the fact that I still rather blamed them for not telling me sooner when she had quit school and ran away. I had felt at the time if they would have none of this would have came to be. I had been too lost within myself to have even notice that my lovemaking had not been up to standards during that time to either of them.

“There is nothing to forgive,” Cathy replied as she slipped from my lap.

Cathy squatted down between my legs placing both her arms onto my thighs for support. She unzipped my pants pulling my hard cock from them. She rubbed her hand up and down my cock as she teasingly licked at the head of my cock every now and then. Cathy released my cock as she unhooked her bra.

Her tits fell freely against my cock as she removed it. She tossed it to the side as she wrapped her big tits around my cock. She placed her hands to each side of her tits as she moved them up and down with my cock between them. Cathy would lick at the head of my cock each time it rose from between her tits.

“AHhhh I have forgotten how nice it felt to have my cock between your tits,” I moaned out.

Cathy kept up with the tit fuck until my pre-cum started to ooze from my cock. She removed her tits from around my cock as she took my cock into her hand. She moved her big tit over to my cock where she smeared my pre-cum around her nipple. She released my cock as her hand went to her tit.

She lifted it to her mouth where her tongue licked at the pre-cum she had on it. Cathy sucked at her own nipple while she stared at me. I have always loved it when either Kay or Cathy played and sucked on their big tits and today was no different as my cock throbbed even more as I watched her. She used her tongue to lick at the pre-cum flicking it around and across her nipples.

“MMMmm that tasted great and I want more,” Cathy cooed out as her hand went back to my cock.

Cathy pumped and pulled on my cock making more pre-cum leak from it. She placed my cock into her mouth and started to suck on it. Cathy was soon running her mouth up and down my cock. My hands went to the back of her head lending her a hand as she sucked on me.

“AHHh, you suck cock so well,” I moaned out pulling her head from my cock. “I want more than just that,” I added as I stood her up.

I took her over to my desk and placed her onto the edge of it. I pulled the chair over to the desk and sat down in it. I pulled her legs apart spreading them widely as I did. I scooted the chair forward as I draped her legs over my shoulders.

I buried my face between her legs right into her pantyhose covered pussy. Her juices had been flowing since we had begun. I licked at the nylon covering her hairy pussy for a few seconds. I pulled my face back from her pussy bringing both hands forward toward her pussy. I grabbed at the nylon covering her pussy and I yanked and pulled at it. It finally ripped open exposing her hairy pussy.

“JOHN,” Cathy yelled out.

“I will buy you another pair,” I replied looking up at her.

“Not that John you pulled at my hair when you ripped them,” Cathy said giving a little smile.

“Opps sorry about that,” “Here let me kiss it for you,” I replied.

I kissed at her pussy as it hung from the hole I had ripped in her pantyhose. My kisses turned to licks as I ran my tongue over her pussy lips. I felt her hands going to the back of my head knowing that she had forgiven me for pulling her hair. I flicked my tongue up into her hole tasting her juices. I ran it back and forth over her swollen clit before I sucked at her clit with my mouth. I reached up and slipped two fingers into her wet pussy as I sucked at her clit. I took them in and out of her pussy as I went back to just licking at her clit. Her pussy gripped at my fingers as I ran them in and out of her wet pussy.

“AHHhh John you’re going to make me orgasm,” Cathy cooed out rubbing her hands through my hair.

I shoved my two fingers deep up her hairy pussy. I curled them as I felt them hit against her rough spot. I attacked that spot with my fingers as I popped her clit back into my mouth. I sucked at her clit as I curled my fingers back and forth on her spot.

“JOHN oH god AHHhh,” Cathy moaned loudly.

Cathy’s pussy convulsed then left loose a huge squirt. Her juices splashed against the shirt I had on leaving a big dripping down wet spot on my shirt. I pulled my fingers from her pussy and buried my face into it instead. I lapped at the remaining juices that squirted from her pussy.

Cathy pushed my head away from her pussy as she said, “Enough John, Fuck me.”

I stood up and I flipped her around so she was laying face down on my desk with her ass in front of me. I spread her legs a bit, as I got behind her. I could not help myself as I ran my tongue up and down between her butt cheeks. I licked at her pussy and her ass for a few seconds before I took my cock into my hand and I placed it at the entrance to her pussy. I slipped it deep into her with one shove forward. Her wetness helped as my cock buried itself deeply into her from behind. I stood there with it buried in her not moving.

Cathy looked over her shoulder at me as she said, “You better fuck me or else.”

She did not have to tell me twice. I was soon slamming my cock into her from behind. I placed my hands onto her hips and pounded her pussy deep and hard from behind with my cock. I saw her hands gripping tightly at the edge of my desk. I eased up fucking her fast and hard as I was.

Cathy yelled out, “DON”T stop fucking me hard John,” “Either fuck me hard or you will never fuck me again.”

From the sound and tone of her voice, I believed she meant those words as well. I went back to slamming my cock in and out of her pussy. Her juices were flowing as I pounded her pussy. Her wetness was running down her legs as well as down over my balls.

“AHHHHHhh JOHN I LOVE YOU,” Cathy screamed out.

I felt her pussy squeezing at my cock. I could not hold out any longer. I slammed my cock deep up into her pussy as I pulled her hips toward me. My cock throbbed then twitched deep in her wet hole.

“AHHhhhh Cathy,” I yelled.

My cock started to blast ribbons of cum deep into her pussy. Her pussy convulsed around my cock as it milked my seed from my cock. I fell forward onto her back kissing and licking at her ear.

“I love you Cathy,” “I really do and someday I will prove that to you,” I whispered into her ear.

I stepped from behind her and pulled her from the desk. I spun her around to me taking her into my arms. I looked into those lovely jade eyes of hers before I kissed her deeply and with passion as I pulled her body even tighter against mine.

Cathy broke our kiss as she replied, “I love you to John and you do not have to prove your love for me ever,” as she stared into my eyes.

We locked into an embrace kissing standing in my office with our tongues dancing in and out of each others mouths. The phone rang in my office scaring the shit out of us both. I answered the phone. It was Kay on the phone.

“Just checking to see that you two were OK as it got quiet in there suddenly,” Kay said with a little laugh. Kay paused for a few seconds before she added, “You know you will be doing me at lunch time,” before she hung up the phone.

Cathy was slipping her bra and dress back on as I walked over to her. I gave her one more kiss and rubbed at her ass with my hand. I could never get enough of grabbing her lovely butt with my hands. I opened my office door to see Sherri standing near by so I gave Cathy’s butt a swat with my hand as I pushed her from my office.

“Now, let that be a lesson to you,” I said loudly giving a little laugh and a smile.

I looked to see Sherri standing there looking to me. Her looked turned to a smile as she walked toward me. I returned to my desk as she walked into my office. Sherri leaned down with her hands on my desk. She looked down to see the wet spots on my desk and on the floor.

She smiled at me as I said, “What Cathy spilled her coffee that’s all.”

“I see she spilled it all over your shirt as well,” Sherri replied as she pointed to the wet spot on my shirt. “Stand up for me daddy,” Sherri added.

I stood up and she smiled as she said, “You may want to put your coffee stir stick away as well,” before she walked out laughing and shaking her head.

I looked down to see that indeed my coffee stirrer was still out with my pants still unzipped. I went into my bathroom where I put him away as well as grabbing a tee shirt from the drawer in there. I walked back out from my bathroom and toward my office door. As I did, I looked to the floor in my office. There was a line of chunky cum spots leading toward my door. I grabbed a towel and with my foot, I wiped it up as I got to my door.

I saw Chuck coming in the other door from the outside. I remembered the little laugh he had on me when I was in Sherrie’s office. I grabbed the towel from the floor and I threw it at him just as he walked into the office. The towel wrapped around his face. Sherri busted up laughing, as did Kay and Cathy.

Chuck removed the towel from his face as he asked, “What is so funny?” “OH I see,” he added as his finger ran into cum on the towel.

“I thought that was not allowed BOSS,” Chuck said with a smile.

“Only if his boss says so,” Kay replied smiling at him as she came to me wrapping her arms around me.

No one in my company ever knew or even thought that I had two women that I lived with as well as loved. The same had been true when Carrie and I were into swinging not a soul from our company ever knew or found out about it. Other than Frank who was my partner, at one time, he knew about Carrie and I being swingers but he was the only one and he never passed judgment on us.

Springtime soon came to our little house on the lake. Sherri had improved greatly in her fear of strange men. She could at least walk by them giving them a harsh look as she did. I was with her one day at the store. I was in the aisle over from her as she walked from the aisle. As I stood there, a local boy and some boy I did not know about her age came up behind her a few yards away. The boys could not see me as I stood near the end cap of the other aisle.

“Damn that girl has some tits and an ass to die for,” the one boy said.

The local boy grabbed his buddies arm turning him toward him as he replied, “Touch that girl and that is just what will happen to you,” “That is Sgt. J’s daughter and no one touches her.”

My head fell toward the floor in anguish upon hearing those words. I looked to the floor as I thought I had turned all the boys who knew Sherri from her. I felt sorry about it but also fine in knowing I would not have to worry about anyone trying anything with her. I never told Sherri about what I had over heard nor did I repeat it to Kay or to Cathy. I guess that deep inside myself I was ashamed of it in a way. I felt I might have yet ruined her life once again for her, which had not been my intent.

I also began to notice a change in some people in our small town. It seemed as some especially younger people than me would not even look me in my eyes sometimes. It was not every one younger than I was, however it was enough.

I knew to some that I might have been a hero while to others I was just a monster who may come to them in their nightmares. Some praised me while others shook in fear of me. To some I was just a loving father protecting his daughter. While to others, I was just another crazed Vietnam vet damaged beyond repair. However, I did not care what anyone thought of me and I still do not to this day. I am who I am and I did what I thought was right and just.

It was soon time to fulfill our service to the community, which was to do some training with the Sheriff department. I had talked to Sheriff Gail and she had suggested Saturday mornings at our local high school. We could use the football field and if it rained, we could move it inside to the gym.

Saturday morning came and I was already up having coffee when Sherri walked out to the kitchen. I was once again dressed in black from my shoulders down to my army boots. She had white sweats on as well as a white sweatshirt. She had her white tennis shoes on as well.

I stood up as she turned toward me as I said, “I guess we go as good and bad.”

Sherri smiled as she replied, “If I had known you were going to dress in black I would have too daddy.”

We drove to the high school to find that Sheriff Gail and her men and women were waiting. I also noticed that Sheriff Gail was dressed in black while the rest were dressed in white. I walked over to her with Sherri behind me. I stuck out my hand to her.

“You look good in Halloween clothes,” I said smiling as I shook her hand.

“I figured it would not show the grass stains as white would,” she replied giving me a wink with her eye.

Sheriff Gail blew loudly into her whistle that hung around her neck calling her people to her. They formed a line then they spaced themselves out as she blew on her whistle again. Once they were in a line she blew, her damn whistle again as every other person took a step back creating two lines. Sheriff Gail blew her whistle two more times each made her people snap to attention with their eyes upon her. She introduced Sherri and I to her people even thou most of them knew who I was at least. She told her people that no matter what stories they might have heard about me.

“All were true and I suggest you all pay attention and listen to what Sgt. J tells you as it may just save your life some day,” Sheriff Gail said as she stepped beside me.

I looked at the group of people in front of me it was a small group of maybe 11, as the rest of the sheriff department had to operate the fort so to speak. I walked down the line checking each of them out as they stood there at attention. I felt as if I was reviewing fresh meat arriving in Vietnam. I eye balled them all with the harshest stare I could muster as I looked into their eyes.

It came to me that their lives were in my hands just as other lives had been when I was in Vietnam. I walked their line coming into eye contact with a huge man. One with the look in his eyes, I stared into his eyes it was not a trouble look but a look that told me. “You can not teach me anything as I am better than you,” type look in his eyes and a smile on his face. I knew he was going to be trouble from the start. I turned and I walked back to Sheriff Gail.

I turned to her people as I said, “Stories of my life have been greatly exaggerated and only believe what you see not what you hear.” I turned to Sheriff Gail as I took a hold of the whistle hanging from her neck as I asked, “May I?”

She removed it from around her neck handing it to me. I clutched it in my hand and I turned as I said, “The first thing we are going to do is get rid of this damn whistle,” as I tossed it high into the air and as far as I could.

Her people looked toward the direction I had thrown her whistle. I watched them as they all turned to stare waiting for it to fall back to the earth not one of them looking toward me. I turned around to Sheriff Gail and Sherri their eyes still on me as the others looked to see where the whistle went.

I opened my hand showing Sheriff Gail the whistle as I said, “All warfare is based on deception. Hence, when able to attack, we must seem unable; when using our forces, we must seem inactive; when we are near, we must make the enemy believe we are far away; when far away, we must make him believe we are near,” as I gave the whistle back to her.

Sheriff Gail blew into her whistle loudly as her people snapped back to attention. “People I suggest you pay attention to what Sgt. J is going to teach you,” she yelled as she put her whistle into her pocket.

I told the group to find themselves a partner, which they did leaving one male standing alone. It was that huge man standing there by himself smiling at me. I knew from looking at him he was going to be the one who I was going to have trouble with as there always was one. The man had the body of a weight lifter. He was huge from his legs to the big guns on his arms. His muscles bulged as he stuck his chest proudly out as he stood there smiling at me. I turned looking toward Sherri.

“NO daddy Sheriff Gail is my partner,” Sherri said smiling as she took a hold of the Sheriff’s hand.

I pointed to the big man to step forward. The man was not as tall as I was however; he was wider and a lot more muscular than I was. My daughter Sherri and the Sheriff will lead you in some warm up exercises I told the group as I walked toward the big man.

I stuck out my hand as I said, “Call me John.”

“Just call me Tiny,” the big man said as he grabbed my hand.

We stood there as he applied a vise like grip onto my hand with his hand. He stared into my eyes as I stared into his as he squeezed my hand tighter in his hand. I tried to pull my hand from his hand. However, he did not want to give it back. I saw that the others in the group watching us I knew he was trying to impress the others.

“I take it that means you do not need to warm up like the others?” I asked politely.

“Take your best shot I can handle it,” Tiny replied with a scowl on his face.

“You sure about that,” I asked.

“YE…,” was all Tiny got out of his mouth.

With his hand locked around mine I stepped forward as I pulled his arm toward me as I brought my head down. I used my head to butt against his head. My head caught him squarely in his face. His hand left go of mine as I placed my right leg behind him and pushed lightly with my left hand to his big chest. Tiny fell backwards over my right leg to the ground with his nose bleeding. I held my boot just above his throat as I stared down into his eyes.

“Sure you don’t want to warm up first,” I said as I stepped away then helped him up from the ground. “Go sit on the bench over there and tilt your head back as you apply pressure to your nose I hope I did not break it,” I added.

Tiny just shook his head yes as he went to the near by bench. I turned to see everyone staring at me. They soon went back to warming up as I just stared back at them. Sherri Gail and Sherri came walking over to me.

“Sorry about that, Tiny is the biggest on our force and he can be stubborn sometimes,” Sheriff Gail said.

“Sounds like you daddy,” Sherri added with a smile.

“No harm none,” I replied as I walked toward Tiny.

I got to Tiny and he stood up as I approached him. He had his head tilted back as he did. I walked up to him and I grabbed his hand shaking it again as I did. I told him I was sorry for taking advantage of him as I had.

“Believe me John I am the one who is sorry,” Tiny replied shaking my hand back. “Sheriff Gail warned me not to be cocky with you,” Tiny added.

“Let me check that nose for you,” I said.

Tiny removed his big hands from it and I looked it over then wiggled it a bit with my fingers. I told him it was not broken but to keep an eye on it in case it started too bled again. Tiny and I rejoined the others. I went through some basic hand-to-hand stuff with them. I tried to instill in them to keep their minds clear and focused when dealing with a suspect always to keep your guard up and be ready for anything.

“What if the suspect is more powerful than you?” one of the women asked.

I looked to Sherri as I asked, “Sherri may I borrow you?”

Sherri walked to me and I whispered into her ear that I needed her to show them that size and power has nothing to do to it. Sherri shook her head as I walked away from her getting behind her back.

“Size and power means nothing if you only think about what you are doing,” I said to the group.

I turned toward Sherri approaching her from behind. I reached my arm up over her shoulder as if I was going to place a chokehold on her. Sherri grabbed my arm pulling it forward as she turned her body slightly placing her hip onto my hip. Sherri simply gave a little pull to my arm while bending at her hip as she hip tossed me to the ground.

I was surprised when she placed my arm into an arm hold as I lie on the ground. Sherri twisted and applied a little pressure to my arm. It hurt as I felt the pain running through my arm as she twisted it. I did not know whether she was trying to impress the others or me.

However, it did not matter, as I was not going to let her go unchallenged so to speak. Sherri was standing close enough that a leg sweep might take her down where she stood. That thought came to my mind and as I was, going to execute my leg sweep Sherri smiled and moved her body beyond the range of my leg sweep.

“Not this time daddy,” Sherri said. Sherri smiled as she asked, “If you promise to come along peacefully I will let you get up?”

I lie there thinking as Sherri moved her hand to my fingers and started to push them back toward my wrist. My head was bobbing up and down yes as she applied some pressure.

“I can’t hear you daddy,” Sherri said with a smile.

I looked to her eyes; those lovely blue eyes that were looking into mine sparkled and shined. I had not seen them do that for a long time. I realized I also did not feel the pain she was applying to my fingers as the happiness and joy I felt in my heart blocked that pain.

“I give up princess,” I replied with a smile.

“No man is ever too big for a woman to handle,” “You just have to out think them,” Sherri said loudly to the group as she released my arm.

She helped me up as the group clapped and cheered. I smiled at her as I told her I might have taught her to good. Within the next fifteen minutes, everybody in the group had been hipped tossed by someone. Sheriff Gail even hip tossed Tiny to everyone ones disbelieve even hers I think.

Sherri and I spent the next five months working with Gail and her department each Saturday mornings for a few hours. We covered how to disarm a knife and a gun from a suspect. I told them not to rush into a situation without thinking about their way out if they failed to disarm the suspect.

Sheriff Gail had us show them how to relax and yet still stay focused both on the job as well as when off it. Sherri and I both even learned how to give CPR as Sheriff Gail taught that to her personnel. When the months were up Sheriff Gail told us both that we had fulfilled our little deal with them and thanked us both.

“I wish we could keep you two for good,” Sheriff Gail said.

Sherri bumped her arm against mine then I replied, “We both would be happy to keep working with you and your department each spring.”

Sherriff Gail was pleased to hear that and she told us she would see about getting us paid for our services. Sherri and I just shook our heads NO, as we told her that would not be necessary. We had talked it over and we both hated to see it end, as it was worthwhile training for them as well as a release for the both of us.

Sherri even trained with the men of that department over those months never once afraid to face any of them even Tiny. Whom we found out was more afraid of Sherri than she was of him. Sherri and I both would go on to train with the Sheriff’s department for the next 4 years.

Summer was in full swing and we all were enjoying it when we were not working. Sherri was not dating or anything as her excuse was she had Cathy to keep her company. Kay and Cathy kept after her to start dating again however I did not as I figured when she was ready she would and I left it at that.

Our little house on the lake was a very happy home for us all. There was not a word ever spoken that led to a fight of any kind amongst the four of us. We had become that happy little family I had always wanted and needed. Our lives seemed to have become peaceful. Pepper Sherri’s Doberman spent the summer in training as well, that dog and her were inseparable when he came back home.

I worried about when my next walk into the darkness would come as Angel Carrie had foretold me. Without realizing it, my worry brought my nightmares of Vietnam back to me. I relived that damn war again night after night, as I walked through nightmare valley.

My nightmares of Vietnam were to the point I no longer cared what I saw when I slept. The only thing that mattered to me was that the people around me were happy. Kay was the only one who knew I still had them. For some reason I only had them when Kay and I was alone in our bed. I never had them when Cathy slept with us. I was at a lost about that until.

“You feel safe and protected like we do when were both near you John,” Kay would tell me.

Neither Kay nor I ever told the others about having nightmares without Cathy in bed. I did not want to take Cathy away from Sherri for fear she kept her nightmares away as well. Besides I handled them OK on mine own and with Kay‘s help.

Perhaps it was because I knew I had another walk into the darkness coming I just did not know when. I also had no idea who it was going to center on this time. Was it Kay or was it Cathy? I hoped it was not going to be Sherri, as I did not think I could deal or handle anything with her. My mind would wonder about it every month or so never finding or coming to an answer.

Time flew by, as we were all one big happy family. The four of us fished together on the weekends during the spring and summer over the next couple of years. Three of us had a trophy fish mounted over the fireplace except Kay. They were replicas as we always returned the trophy fish back to the lake to catch again someday.

During the summer of 1999, Kay had caught the biggest smallmouth bass I had ever seen I had a mount made of it to hang with the others that hung over the fireplace. I picked it up one Saturday afternoon and I walked into the house. The girls were all sitting at the kitchen table as I walked by them. I went to the fireplace and I saw there was no room for the fish to hang.

I removed my medals that hung below the sign. The fish still would not hang there. I removed the sign that read, “Hush, Hush my love or the creatures of the night will get you.” I thought they both had hung there for to long.

As I removed the sign Carrie’s ring slipped from the branch of the frame where it had hung for the last fifteen or sixteen years. The ring fell and as it hit the floor, a loud “TING” filled the room as well as ringing in my ears. Her ring ran in a small circle at my feet as I watched it.

The girls came running in to see what the sound was. They watched the ring rolling around in a circle as they stood there. I realized the ring was rolling around and close to each of our feet. We all stood there following the ring with our eyes as it rolled on the floor. The ring made a couple of passes then it rolled by me. The ring suddenly turned back toward me as if something had pushed it from the way it had been going until it rested against my foot.

“JUST what are you doing with that MISTER?” Kay asked with disgust on her face.

“John, why did you take your medals and that sign down?” Cathy asked with the same disgust on her face.

I looked to Sherri who said, “Put it back daddy or else,” with anger in her eyes.

I bent over to pick up the ring and it gave a little sparkle as I did. I placed it back onto the branch knowing Carrie still was to guide me. I hung the sign and the medal case back up above the fireplace. I pick the fish mount back up and stood there holding it looking to the girls.

“Daddy, let us do the decorating and you stick to just building,” Sherri said as she took the fish mount from my hand.

The girls stood there discussing amongst themselves where to hang it. I looked to Pepper who was standing beside me. I rubbed between his ears with my hand.

“Com on boy lets go down to the boathouse,” I said to him as I walked away.

That dog stood there for a few seconds before he looked at Sherri who said, “It’s OK boy I will be alright without you for a while.”

That dog would never leave her side unless Sherri told him it was OK. She was the only one who knew his attack command. Being stubborn like I was I had to test Pepper and Sherri. I sure wish I had wrapped more towels around my arm as damn that dog’s bite hurt like hell.

Pepper followed me to the boathouse where I sat down at my workbench. I thought about how that ring had rolled in circles then ran to lie against my foot. Was that Carrie trying to tell me I would face the darkness? I looked down to Pepper to see him tilt his head to the side as he stared at me. He gave a bark then jumped at me with his two paws landing on my thighs. He took his head and he looked strangely upward. That dog stayed like that until I followed his eyes to see where he was looking.

I turned looking upward to find he was staring at the drawing Sherri had trouble drawing. The one of “Orange Island,” rising in the eastern sky as Carrie held me in her arms from behind. I turned back to Pepper who gave me a lick to my face before he got down and walked back toward the house.

I had no idea what it meant or even if that damn dog was trying to tell me something. I sat there wondering what Fate and Death had come up with for me to face during their latest card game. I turned back staring at Sherri’s drawing of “Orange Island,” as Carrie’s words from that dream filled my mind.

“Your darkness has ended except for one more walk into the darkness.” “At which time you must choose which path to take.” “Only you can make that decision when the time comes.” “Chose wisely when that time comes for the heart you guide will be your own,” Carrie had told me as Orange Island crested above the water.

I decided I had better get ready for whatever I was to face. During that summer of 1999, I was 46 years old and would soon turn 47 come fall. I was not in too bad of shape what with training the Sheriff department in the spring. However, I removed my shirt as I stood at my workbench. I looked at myself in the full-length mirror near me.

That once proud six-pack that had went to a four pack ten years earlier was damn near a one pack. I turned sideways realizing in might be more like a spare bike tire. I sucked it in making my chest flare out as I did. I left my deep breath out as I noticed I was suffering from “Dunlap Disease.”

For those of you that have never heard of the disease I will explain. Many men suffer from it. It is due to downing too many beers, to many helpings of mashed potatoes, to many slices of pie or cake. It is from not knowing when to push your self away from the kitchen table before it is too late. Dunlap Disease happens when your belly has done lapped over your belt.

I walked back up to the house where I changed into a sweatshirt, sweat pants and my army boots. I grabbed a towel and headed for the basement. The girls just stared at me as I walked by them. I went downstairs and put my weight lifting machine back together. I had just finished setting it up as Sherri walked down the steps.

“What you doing daddy?” Sherri asked me.

“Time to get back in shape princess,” I replied as I lie down onto the weight bench.

I started by doing some stretching exercises and as I did Sherri went back upstairs. I was lifting weights when she returned. I noticed she was now dressed in sweats as well. Sherri came over and she stood over me at the weight bench. I pumped the weights up and down about fifteen times and as I was going to place it into the rack.

“Come on give me another five,” Sherri said with her hand went to the weight bar smiling.

I gave her another five before I sat up smiling as I asked, “Now what coach?”

“Leg lifts, then some squats,” Sherri replied.

I worked out everyday with Sherri coaching me as well as working out herself. We both enjoyed working out together as well. It also gave us time to talk as well. We both agreed we were foolish to have thought what we had about the other. My workout included jumping rope as well as rowing a boat around the lake that summer and again when spring returned. By spring of 2000, I was probably close back to the same weight as when in the service and I had most of my muscle back.

I also believe that I might have been going through a midlife crisis as my attention was turning toward younger women. I had a hard time dealing with it, as Kay and Cathy were so dear to my heart. That and working out with Sherri only added to the problem as I will explain later.

Kay and Cathy both had caught me many times making eyes at younger women however; they never said anything to me about it. Kay and Cathy thought that I had my eye on our newest neighbor. Her name was Tina she was 24 years old, red flaming hair and a set of unbelievable tits. I was only being a good neighbor the day I saw her pulling into the driveway up from our place. She was unloading the trailer behind her truck.

I walked up and introduced myself then I gave her a hand unloading the trailer. Tina told me that her husband Greg would be arriving in a few days. She explained they had lived in Tennessee.

“My husband got transferred to here and we happened to have seen this house and we fell in love with it,” Tina said as she bent over the trailer.

I stared at those tits for a second or two before I replied, “I am sure you both will love it here.” “Does your husband like to fish?” I asked her.

“That man loves to fish more than he loves me,” Tina replied with a smile.

“That man has to get his priorities right,” I said not really thinking.

“Why John are you flirting with me already?” Tina asked giving me a sexy smile.

I turned bright red in my face as I replied, “Naw, I have two I can’t handle now,” smiling at her.

Tina looked strangely at me I knew she was probably wondering about me saying two that I could not handle. Tina and I spent the next hour or so unloading her trailer. I spend most of my time checking her tits and ass out to be truthful. We finished unloading her trailer and stood out by her truck talking. I saw Sherri looking over toward us then she came our way.

Sherri got close to us as Tina said, “Your wife is lovely and young.”

I smiled at Tina as I replied, “That’s my daughter.”

I introduced Sherri to Tina and I saw the look Sherri gave me. It was that look of just what do you think you are doing. The three of us chatted for a while until Sherri told me that Cathy had been looking for me. I told Tina we had better be getting back home.

“So Cathy is your wife?” Tina asked.

“Well I guess you could say that,” I replied.

Tina rather raised her eyebrow as she said, “When you have time John I would love to hear the full story,” as she smiled at me.

Sherri and I both shook her hand and I told her if she needed anything to just to stop over. Sherri laced her arm through mine as we walked toward our house. We got about halfway there when Sherri steered us toward the boat dock. I gave her a funny look as she did. We stood at the dock looking out over the lake.

“You had better let that go down before mom or Cathy sees it,” Sherri said as she pointed to the boner in my shorts. “I am sure Tina enjoyed checking it out as well,” Sherri added.

“I swear there was nothing going on or anything like that,” I replied rather stumbling over my words. “Hell, you have gotten my cock hard so many times I have lost count,” I added not realizing what I had just said until it was too late.

“DADDY,” Sherri yelled out as she smiled at me. “I knew that,” She added.

“Princess, you are a very lovely and sexy woman if a man did not pop a boner around you then he is not much of a man,” I replied. “I am not saying that sex appeal is all you have as I know how smart you are,” “Plus I know the compassion you hold in your heart,” I added.

Sherri stood there with me on the dock she stared deeply into my eyes as she said, “Mom and Cathy are right there are no men like you left in this world,” as her hand rubbed the side of my face.

I took her hand from my face with my hand as I replied, “There are plenty like me princess you just have to wait until you meet Mr. Right.”

“I know daddy, I know,” Sherri replied as she kissed me on my cheek. “You know it was mom and Cathy who sent me over to check up on you,” Sherri added as we walked back toward the house.

“They did and just why did they do that?” I asked as we stopped halfway to the house.

“Have you looked in the mirror lately daddy?” Sherri asked. Then she said, “Mom and Cathy made the comment recently that if you were to put your dress green uniform on you would look as you did when you married Carrie.”

“I don’t look that young,” I replied.

“Yes you do daddy and fit as well,” Sherri replied rubbing her hand down my chest. “They are worried that you will need a younger woman to make you happy,” “Especially Cathy she worries a lot that someday you will tire of her,” Sherri added.

“You know that is not true princess, I would never do something like that to either of them,” I replied.

Sherri smiled as she said, “Women daddy you know how we think sometimes,” as she led me toward the house.

I knew I had to ease the girls mind and I had to think of a way to stop Cathy from worrying. We walked into the house to find Kay and Cathy sitting together on the sofa. They both looked a little sad sitting there holding hands as they looked up at me.

I told Sherri to go down into the basement and grab a couple bottles of our best wines. I walked out into the kitchen and got four wine glasses. I could see Cathy and Kay both peeking out into the kitchen to see what I was up too. Sherri came up the steps with two bottles of wine and we both walked back into the living room.

“Come on girls let me introduce you to our new neighbor,” I said to them handing them the glasses.

The four of us started across the yard back toward Tina’s house. Pepper followed us to the end of the lot and he sat down as Sherri told him to stay. Many people were a little afraid of Pepper and Sherri thought it might be best if he stayed at home this time. We all walked to their front door and I knocked on it.

Tina answered it with a smile on her face as she said, “Back so soon John.”

“I brought the whole family this time,” “As well as a couple bottles of wine to welcome you to our neighborhood,” I replied.

Tina invited us all into her house where she led us into the kitchen and sat the girls down at the table. I introduced Kay and Cathy to her. I told her I would let the girls explain our relationship to her. The girls talked as I poured them some wine. As I sat the wine bottle down on the table, I heard some scratching at their basement door. I looked to Tina with wonder.

“That’s Lucy our dog, she scares most people,” Tina said. “She is a Doberman however she is just a big baby.”

“Let her out, I have a Doberman too his name is Pepper,” Sherri said.

Tina opened the basement door and that dog rushed right to me placing her head right into my crotch. I did not move a muscle as I stood there. I only hoped she was right about that dog. Lucy finally pulled her head from there and went to checking every one else over.

“You can call Pepper over if you like Sherri,” Tina said to her.

Sherri called Pepper over and those two dogs took to each other right away. The girls all talked as I just sat there. I finally got up from the table giving Kay, Cathy and Sherri a kiss on their cheeks.

“I will see you girls later,” I said as I walked toward the door.

Tina yelled out, “Next time mister I want one of those before you leave,” as the girls all laughed aloud.

“Women,” I replied as I shook my head walking out the door.

I returned home and lay down onto the sofa where I dozed off for a while. I awoke with two wet tongues licking at my face. I thought it was Kay and Cathy at first until I realized it was Pepper and Lucy.

I sat up on the sofa placing my feet to the floor. I rubbed both dogs between their ears as their eyes rolled up into their heads. I heard laughing coming from our patio. I went to find the girls in our hot tub. I walked over to them and sat down in a near by chair. I looked around to see swim tops lying here and there. I sat there just staring at them.

Kay finally asked, “Care to join us John?”

“I am perfectly fine when I sit thank you,” I replied hiding my growing hard on as I sat there.

I was not for sure whether any of them had any tops or bottoms on their bodies. The girl kept their necks even with the water line. Sherri was next to Cathy who was next to Kay who was next to Tina. Cathy finally stood up as she walked toward me. I saw she was in her birthday suit.

Cathy got out of the hot tub dripping water as she sat right down onto my lap. She kissed me deeply and with passion as the other girls left out sexy coos. My cock throbbed and twitched at her butt as she squirmed in my lap kissing me. She broke our kiss and she tried to stand up however I pulled her back down into my lap. Cathy looked back at me giving me a funny look. Before I could say anything, I heard.

“He won’t let you up now as he has a boner,” Sherri yelled out as the women all laughed.

“I think I am going to like this neighborhood,” Tina said smiling to me as she rose up from the water.

Tina stood up revealing those huge fucking white tits. She had a big flaming red patch of hair dripping water covering her pussy. Tina turned to pour herself some wine showing her lovely white ass as she did.

Cathy turned my head from her ass to her face as she said, “We told Tina how we all are one happy family,” as she kissed me deeply again.

“Tina will be joining us for dinner as well John,” Kay said from the hot tub.

“She wants to try your famous steaks out on the grill daddy,” Sherri added as she stood up in the hot tub.

My eyes went to Sherri as she stood there without a stitch of clothing covering her body. My eyes feasted on just how lovely and developed her body had become. I had also noticed the changes in her body during our workouts together. Her tanned body was perfect from her head to her toes. I could barely keep my eyes off her well-formed and so lovely tits, which had big long hard nipples on them.

My eyes trailed down to her abdomen. My god my daughter had a six-pack of her own I thought. My eyes glanced to her lower area to see a lovely patch of blonde hair surrounding her pussy. My eyes followed down her lovely thick thighs and down her shapely leg to her lovely feet.

Cathy turned to me smiling at first I did not know why but then I felt my cock twitching and throbbing. Cathy bounced a few times in my lap. Then she whispered into my ear.

“Daddies little girl is having an affect on daddy,” Cathy whispered then licked at my ear.

Cathy was right about that and to be truthful it was not the first time. I had to take many cold showers after working out with her in the basement. It took all my will power not to try something during our workouts.

Sherri started to wear those tight fitting gym workout clothes that only added to my temptation. Her huge tits would fill the top she had on to the point her tits would be spilling out as she lie on the weight bench. When she would stretch her arms up fully with the weight bar over her chest, I would have the perfect view to her lovely tits.

My hand sometimes would brush against her tits that would always cause her nipples to get rock hard. One day during our workout, I was adding weight to the leg lift attachment for her. Sherri parted her thighs giving me a lovely view of her camel toe. She caught me staring and she parted her legs even more as she smiled.

This innocent fun started out as just a game between us I believe we both were just seeing how far the other would go with it. I would catch her checking my package out all the time. Sometimes she would rub her ass up against the front of my jogging pants. We both played our own little games with each other. I would notice a big wet spot sometimes in her pants especially when she wore her gray ones. I was forever popping a boner when bench pressing weights with her standing over my head. I would notice she was eyeing my cock and not the weight I was lifting.

Neither of us ever took our little games any further than a rather passionate kiss after our workout. Which I should have stopped as soon as it began however, I did not mainly, because I enjoyed it. We came close a few times as our bodies grinded together as we kissed. However, it seemed we both realized it was wrong and our kiss and hug would be broken not by one of us but by us both.

To be truthful my cold showers were more like soaping up my cock and pulling it as I thought about her. In fact, that was how many of my workouts ended pulling my middle leg muscle in the shower to Sherri. I happened to find out that she was having her own workout with her pussy as well.

It was on a Sunday Kay and Cathy had left to go shopping and around noon we decided to go workout in the basement. We were warming up stretching and running in place when I realized Sherri’s sport bra did very little to hiding those tits of hers. I watched her tits bouncing as she ran in place.

My cock started to grow in my jock strap until it had become too big for it. I rather readjusted it as I grabbed my jump rope. I started to jump rope not realizing that my cock was doing some jumping as well.

Sherri smiled as she ran over to me and she jumped into the jump rope. We both were jumping the rope together as I swung it around us. Her big tits were rubbing against my chest as my cock rubbed against her front. We both got to laughing and I was soon out of step as the rope tangled around my leg. Sherri had fallen forward toward me as she wrapped her arms around my neck.

The jump rope slipped from my hands as I wrapped my arms around her. Her lips went to mine as we kissed deeply and with passion. Her tongue parted my mouth as my hands went to her butt. We both were pumping our bodies against each other as we kissed. My hands stroked and rubbed at her butt cheeks pulling her tighter against my body and against my hard cock.

Sherri moaned lightly into my mouth. It was enough to bring us both back to our senses. Her moan caused us both to separate from each other. We both stood there about five feet apart looking at each other. I wondered if she could see the same want and need in my eyes that I saw in hers.

Sherri smiled as she said, “Sorry daddy I got a little carried away,” as she went to the weight bench.

“Me too princess that was a little to close,” I replied as I went to the standing weights.

We both rather watched the other adjusting our weights. I started to do some standing jerks as she did some light bench presses. That was when I saw that Sherri had a big wet spot between her legs. I was not for sure but I believed she might have had an orgasm as we ground our bodies together.

Sherri finished her workout before I did and she told me she was going to hit the shower. I did about another twenty minutes of lifting before I went up stairs. As I walked down the hallway, I heard some moaning coming from Sherri’s bedroom. I noticed that her door was open part of the way, so I walked silently over to it.

I looked into her bedroom to find her lying in the nude on her bed. Her knees drawn up to her chest and spread wide apart. Sherri was rubbing at her pussy with her hand. Her eyes closed as she worked her fingers in and out of her pussy.

I watched as her hand left her pussy to beside her where she picked up a dildo. Sherri rubbed the dildo against her pussy as she cupped her tits with her other hand. I had already taken my jock strap off and had thrown it into the wash before I came upstairs. My cock had my jogging pants tenting out in front of me.

Sherri moved on the bed a little, as she started to run the dildo in and out of her pussy. I could hear and see her wetness as she did. I could not help myself as I freed my cock and took it into my hand. I watched Sheri fucking herself with her dildo as I jacked my cock off watching from her door. I was close to shooting my load as I watched her head rolling from side to side, as she worked that dildo faster and deeper.

“AHhhh fuck me daddy,” Sherri moaned out as she buried it deep into her pussy.

I watched her thighs shake as an orgasm came over her. I held my own tongue as cum blasted from my cock. I grabbed the towel from around my neck letting cum splash into it. I managed to tuck my cock back away just as Pepper left out a low growl.

Sherri pulled the dildo from her pussy as she looked toward me and she said, “Thanks daddy I hope it was good for you as well.”

It never augured to me that she was watching me as I watched her. “It was princess, it was,” I replied as I turned and walked toward our bedroom.

I took a shower and I rather felt guilty about what I had just done. I also felt guilty because of the thoughts I have been having toward Sherri. I decided it was time to have another talk with her as I showered. I got dressed and I walked into the living room. Sherri was sitting on the sofa looking down the hallway. She stood up leaving Pepper out the patio doors.

“Go play Pepper daddy and I have to talk,” She said as I sat down onto the sofa.

“Daddy what we both just did was not right and we probably should never do it again,” Sherri said looking to me.

“Yes princess it was wrong,” I replied. “I will take the blame princess as I just seem unable to control my sex drive for some reason,” I added.

“Daddy it is normal for you to have urges for younger women at your age,” Sherri said. I gave her a funny look as she added, “I did not mean that you were old daddy because you are in better shape than most guys my age.”

Sherri smiled at me as she came over and sat down next to me. I wrapped my arm around her pulling her against me. I asked her just how long she has been having her urges so to speak.

“Since I was fifteen, daddy you were always on my mind and in my dreams,” Sherri replied smiling. “That was why I tried to seduce you when I was eighteen I just had to find out why mom and Cathy always had a smile on their face when they looked at you.”

“You know we should stop all this before it gets out of hand,” I said to her.

“I know daddy but it makes me feel good and I enjoyed watching you,” Sherri said smiling. “Did you enjoy it daddy?” Sherri asked.

“Yes princess I have always enjoyed watching a women pleasure herself,” I replied.

“Then it did no harm daddy it was just watching,” “Could we just do what we did today watching each other?” Sherri asked. “You know that is all we can ever do daddy right,” Sherri added.

“Yes I know princess any more and we will hurt others who love and trust us,” I replied.

Sherri and I sat on the sofa with her in my arms telling each other just why we could not go any further. I told her the guilt alone would weigh heavy with me. I did not tell her it was because of the bond we once shared I told her that as much as I wanted to made sweet love to her I just could not.

“I truly understand daddy,” Sherri said.

“Do you princess?” I asked.

“Yes, if we go any further you would break my heart,” Sherri replied as I looked at her with wonder. “I could never share you with anyone daddy I would want you all to myself and if I can’t have all of you then I do not want or need you,” Sherri added.

“Gee dumping me already princess,” I replied with a smile.

“NO, just using you for self pleasure until Mr. Right comes along,” Sherri said with a smile. Sherri rubbed her hand to the side of my face as she added, “That is if that is alright with you.”

“As long as your happy princess,” I replied.

“Let’s just keep this between us daddy at least for now,” Sherri said. “You now how “Women” are about stuff like this,” she added with a smile.

We talked some more about we would only watch each other play. We both also told each other we would try to cut back on the body grinding when we kissed during and after our workouts. Sherri did ask if she could go back to kissing me on my lips in front of her mom and Cathy. I told her I did not see why not as it had been Kay’s idea in the first place.

“You know they both have told me I could have you if I wanted,” Sherri said.

“Knowing those two they probably have,” I replied.

Those thoughts filled my mind as Sherri stepped from the hot tub wrapping a towel around her as she did. Cathy asked her where she was going and she told her to check to make sure there were steaks in the refrigerator.

Cathy smiled at me as she said, “I do not know which one of you look better.”

“She does and she always will,” I replied smiling.

Cathy scooted from my lap getting back into the hot tub. I sat there for a few minutes just watching them. I told them to have fun while I get the grill going and check on those steaks as well.

I heard Tina telling the girls as I walked away. “That man is so cute and hot,” Tina said. “But you two already knew that,” she added.

I walked into the house into the kitchen. Sherri walked into the kitchen just as I opened the refrigerator door. I turned to see that she was dressed in a pair of shorts with a low cut tank top. I had not seen her wearing something sexy and revealing like that in a long time almost two years.

I smiled at her as I said, “Looking hot there princess.”

“I see you noticed daddy,” Sherri replied looking down at my shorts.

I turned a little red, as I knew I had another boner standing there with her. Sherri walked over to me and wrapped her arms around my back. She hugged me tightly as she laid her head against my chest.

“You would not be a man if you did not have that,” Sherri said as she hugged me.

I looked down at her pulling her from my chest. I smiled at her as I wrapped my arms around her as I bent down to her level. Sherri placed her nose on my nose as we stared into each other’s eyes.

“May I princess?” I asked.

“Yes you may daddy,” Sherri replied.

I touched my lips against hers kissing her softly as she kissed me back. She removed her lips from mine taking her tongue and licking at my lips a few times before she pressed them back against mine. Sherri broke our kiss hugging me then pulling my face down to hers.

“Thanks daddy,” Sheri whispered into my ear. “I promise it will never become more than just a kiss,” she added.

“Now let’s see about those steaks,” I said as we both checked in the refrigerator.

That was the start of a long hot summer in 1999. A few days later, we met Greg; Tina’s husband a young man 26 years old, good looking according to Kay and Cathy. Greg was a little shy at first but the girls got him over that rather quickly. We all spent a lot of time in our hot tub naked. Sherri never removed her swimsuit if Greg was with Tina. She was not very comfortable around strange men especially when every one was in the nude.

The only sex that went on was between the girls Kay, Cathy and Tina. It only happened when Greg was not around as well. Kay and Cathy wanted me to join them however, I flatly refused and they understood. I had no problem watching the three of them go at each other but I wanted no part of sex with Tina out of fear.

I saw how Sherri looked at me sometimes when Tina was around. I was afraid to just how she would react as Sherri was 26 and Tina was only 24. I was afraid Sherri would be tempted again. It was bad enough what we were doing what with masturbating together as we did. We ended most of our workouts that way. We both seemed a little guilty about it afterwards. However, we told each other that we were working out another muscle.

The problem with that was I was tempted every second that I was around her or Tina back then. To be truthful any young woman I encountered I just had the urge to fuck the daylights out of them. I talked privately with my doctor about it one day and he explained I was having midlife crisis.

He explained it to me that the main characteristics of a midlife crisis perspective is one assumes that their midlife is about to be eventful, usually in a negative way, and potentially stressful. Additionally, they often see their life coming to a drastic decline. Great I thought as he told me that thinking about when my walk into the darkness would come again.

The doctor went on to say individuals experiencing a midlife crisis have some of these feelings: a deep sense of remorse for goals not accomplished, a fear of humiliation among more successful colleagues, desire to achieve a feeling of youthfulness.

The doctor asked me to describe just how my life was becoming different. Well I have been paying special attention to physical appearance such as my weight and muscle mass, wearing youthful designer clothes, etc. have been taking acquisition of unusual or expensive items such as motorbikes, boats, sports cars, gadgets, and I recently had gotten an tattoo.

I also explained how I sometimes would sink back into having my nightmares of Vietnam. I would sometimes even have remorse for even serving in that war. I could not walk by a young woman without thinking of a sexual relationship with her. My company no longer meant anything to me I could care less if I ever built anything ever again. The company needs turned over to my daughter and I should just disown it I told him.

“John do you not think that might be placing an over importance (and possibly a psychologically damaging amount) on your daughter Sherri to excel in your business,” The doctor said. “What happens if she fails John?” He then asked.

“What can I can I do doc?” I asked.

The doctor explained that a psychotherapist could be helpful during a mid-life crisis because it provides an opportunity to enter the next step of your life with a greater awareness of who you were, who you are, and who you want to be. With the help of this therapist, one's issues and problems that have been building up can be worked out. Additionally, they will help you set up a plan to take the next step in your life, without bringing up your negativity from the past.

I was sorry I even asked. I decided the hell with it I had lived a good life. It was time to take risks again. Everyone around me started to notice as a change came over me that summer. It started with going back to riding motorcycles and dirt bike racing. Skydiving came next still cannot figure out why anyone would jump from a perfectly good plane. Then it was rebuilding a 1968 Chevy Camaro before I swapped it for an off road race truck which I started to race on the weekends.

I stopped going to work as I took May, June, July, and August off that year. I was tired of working at something I felt I was not good at and no longer enjoyed. I may have been good at it at one time but now my heart was just not into it no longer.

In fact, my heart was not into a lot of things during that time. However thankfully my loving family saw what was happening to me and they put a stop to it. It was during an off road race in which I pretty much demolished my truck. Hell the damn thing had but one wheel left on it with the engine laying ripped from the truck.

Thankfully, I had all the right safety gear. I walked away without not so much as a scrape. That was until the family came into the hospital room. I was sitting on the exam table as Kay, Cathy and Sherri came rushing into the room. I could tell all three had been crying a lot.

Kay asked the doctor, “He is OK isn’t he?”

“Yes, I would like to keep him over night but you know that is not going to happen,” The doctor replied.

The girls walked me from the hospital to Kay’s SUV in the parking lot. Kay stopped at the fender of it. She took both her hands and pushed me up against the fender.

“THAT is it Mister your racing days are over,” Kay screamed at me.

“It was just a simple rollover,” I explained with my hands stuck up into the air.

“JONATHON, look at this photo that is your truck it was not a simple fucking rollover,” “You could have been killed you fool,” Cathy weighed in with her tongue.

I looked to Sherri as I said, “Your turn,” smiling at her.

“What’s to say daddy if you want to kill yourself fine don’t let the hurt, anguish and guilt we all would feel get in your way,” Sherri said staring deep into my eyes. “You have faced it all daddy it is not our place to tell you what you can or can not do.” “Just like abandoning your company it may not mean anything to you but it does to me,” “I still take pride in what you built unlike yourself.”

“Princess,” I replied.

“No daddy I can no longer be a princess if the king is dead,” Sherri replied crying as Cathy took her into her arms.

I hung my head to the ground in shame. Once again, in my life I had became selfish to those around me. It was about what I wanted and needed. I never thought about or cared what it might be doing to others around me that I cared about and loved with all my heart.

Kay came over and she lifted my head up with her fingers as she said, “John you have nothing to prove to us or to yourself.” “Taking risks does not make us all stare in wonder of you.” Kay removed her fingers from under my chin as she added, “We all love you for who you are not what you feel you should be.”

I looked to Sherri and Cathy who were staring at me. Their eyes showed the anguish of the last four months. The anguish I had placed there trying to be young again. I believe now it was more like I had pulled a chair up to the table, as I wanted to play cards my way with Fate and Death. I wanted to deal them the cards instead of them stacking the deck in their favor.

I noticed a little boy of about eight or nine walking by with his mom as we stood there. The little boy pointed to me as he told his mom, “Look mommy a race car driver.”

I smiled at the boy then to his mom as I bent down to the boy, as I said, “No son I am retired as of now.” I handed him my racing helmet as I added, “Here you take this you may need it someday.”

That little boy was full of joy and happiness as he walked away with my helmet under his arm. His mom had him thank me then she thanked me as well. She told me I had just made his day as his dad was in the hospital recovering from an illness.

“Thanks again MISTER,” that little boy yelled back to me as I watched him walk away.

I turned back to the girls who were now standing together theirs eyes sparkling and shining brightly. They all had smiles on their faces. Seeing them happy made a smile come to my own face.

“It‘s those little things like what you just did for that boy that keeps us in wonder of you John,” Kay said smiling.

Cathy smiled as she said, “Always make us wonder John never make us worry.”

Sherri walked over to me as she said, “It is about time you listen here,” as she placed her hand onto my heart. “And not to what your mind is telling you daddy,” as she smiled to me.

Our lives settled down once more as Tina became the newest play toy of Cathy’s and Kay while Sherri and I hid our own little secret from them. I returned to work and with Sherri’s help, we went back to building things we both were proud to have built. I gave away all those new little toys and gadgets I had collected through that summer. I had thought about going to the psychotherapist however, the girls suggested that we should go back to our nightly talks only this time it was all of us together. It seemed the only problems Kay and Cathy had were with Sherri and I.

It helped a lot in making me understand why my nightmares of Vietnam had returned. Kay and Cathy made me realize that. What with the turmoil that was happening in the world during the 1990’s that led up to 9/11. I was just an old soldier in need of a battle to fight. However, I was just an outdated forgotten useless Sgt. with no place to wage war.

“You fought the only war you could John,” Cathy said to me. “You fought with probably the greatest foe any man would ever face.” “The war you engaged in was with yourself,” “Luckily you survived once more,” Cathy added.

Sherri had a problem she shared with us in that she felt bad at how she had treated Pam when she quit Art school. Sherri made up with Pam during that summer and they became friends once more. However, Pam was now married and they could not spend as much time together as Sherri would have liked. Sherri even double dated with Pam and her husband a few times. Which took care of Kay’s and Cathy’s problem in that they wanted so much for Sherri to start dating again?

To be truthful when she started dated I only worried more about her. Sherri’s troubles were 3 years behind her and she assured me that another man would never bring harm to her, as she would not let it go that far. I would wait up for her when she did go out onto a date.

Sherri often told me that it was sweet of me however; I should not worry so much about her. As much as I tried, I just could not stop worrying about her. This went on over the next two years. Sherri got tired of dating as she put it.

“Those boys are too immature for me I want a real man,” Sherri said to me once.

Kay, Cathy and Tina were enjoying themselves when they would get together. Sherri and I still worked out together however; our little watching each other had cooled to maybe once a month. I knew Sherri longed for someone to love her much more than I was willing to do. Sherri turned back to Cathy during the spring of 2002. I would be turning fifty that year while Kay and Cathy would be turning 49 while Sherri would turn 29 years old.

None of us looked our age so to speak. Kay and Cathy still had college age boys checking them out to everyone including me they were still MILF. Sherri and Cathy started to have problems between them, as they seemed to argue a lot between themselves. Their arguments always stopped when I was around because they both did not want to involve me in their troubles. I also knew that Tina had caused some problems between Sherri and Cathy as well.

I heard them arguing one early morning in Sherri’s room. Sherri was accusing Cathy of paying to much attention to Tina. Cathy’s reply was to walk out of her bedroom. Cathy seen me standing in the hallway and she came to me wrapping her arms around my waist.

“I do not want to fight with her over a woman John,” “I just can’t,” “I fear that I am losing you as is,” said Cathy as she laid her face into my chest.

“Everything will be OK,” “You’re not losing me or anyone else,” I said to her as I rubbed at her back. “I will have a little talk with her today at work.

I walked her into our bedroom turning her over to Kay. I went out to the kitchen to get the coffee on however Sherri already had it going. I walked over to her and I kissed her on the forehead as I hugged her as I told her “Good morning.”

“Morning daddy sorry you had to hear me arguing with Cathy,” Sherri said looking to me.

“It is alright princess I guess we all will have problems sooner or later what with what our life style has become,” I replied.

“What you mean you being married to mom and yet you still love and care for Cathy?” Sherri asked. “You give to two women what some wish they had,” “Well three women I should say,” Sherri added smiling at me.

“I try princess and I always try to make sure I equal my love between them so one does not get hurt,” I replied looking to her smiling hoping she knew what I was getting at.

Sherri smiled as she said, “I will apologize to Cathy.” Sherri stood up, she wrapped her arms around my neck, and she kissed my cheek as she added, “Thanks daddy and you should just marry Cathy,” as she walked away.

“Princess, what did you just say?” I asked as I turned toward her as she walked away.

Sherri stopped and she turned toward me as she replied, “I said you should just marry Cathy,” “I don’t mean legally just a little ceremony between you, her and mom.”

I smiled at her as I motioned her to come back to the kitchen. I had her sit down at the table. I then asked her if she would like to help me pull this off as I did not now where to start.

“First you better ask mom,” Sherri said smiling. “Then you need to go get Cathy a ring,” Sherri added.

“Will you help me pick it out?” I asked her.

“A course I will daddy,” Sherri replied.

“Just what are you two up to now,” Kay said as she walked into the kitchen.

“Daddy will explain,” “I need to talk to Cathy,” Sherri replied leaving the kitchen.

I said, “Kay sit down I have something I want to talk to you about.”

Kay sat down and I ran the idea of us renewing our wedding vows however, this time we would include Cathy. Kay did not say anything she just looked at me. She got out of her chair and walked toward me. I was not for sure if she was going to strike my face with her hand until she placed her forehead on mine and her nose on mine.

“John, that is a wonderful idea,” Kay said before she kissed me deeply.

“You can’t tell Cathy anything,” I said as I broke our kiss.

“I know but we both can plan our wedding after you ask her to marry you,” Kay replied with a smile.

“What if she says NO?” I asked looking serious at her.

Kay just laughed, as she replied, “Not a chance.”

Kay and I talked some more about it over breakfast. I told her I was going to have Sherri pick out the ring. Kay told me that she would see that Sherri helped planned our little fake wedding hopping it got her dating again. I told Kay that next weekend I would take us all out for dinner and I would ask her to marry not just me but us.

That day after work Sherri and I went to the same jewelry store that we had 14 years ago when she picked out her mom’s engagement ring. It was the same jewelry store where I had also purchased Carrie’s engagement and wedding band 26 years earlier.

Once again, Sherri picked out just a simple small diamond stone. We looked at wedding bands as well because I wanted all three of us to wear one. Sherri told me not to worry about the wedding bands she would see to it that when that day came we would have them.

Before we knew it, the weekend was here. Our plans had changed somewhat in that I was going to ask Cathy to marry Kay and I at home instead of out in the public eye so to speak. We turned it into a small party by inviting our closes friends who knew what we all shared. All Cathy knew was that we were having a BBQ Saturday night.

Friday we were all at work, I happened to have seen a young man about Sherri’s age walk into the office. I glanced over to Sherri’s office and I saw her staring deeply at this boy. She seemed to have a smile on her face as she left her office with a folder in her hand. I watched her and Cathy walk the boy to Kay’s office.

I had seen this boy in our office last week as well. I stared at him trying to remember where I knew him from however I could not place him. I went back to work filling out some reports forgetting all about him. About an hour later, Sherri came walking into my office with that folder in her hand. She smiled at me as she placed the folder onto my desk.

“What is that?” I asked her.

“Mom told me to give that to you to read before you interview a man seeking a job,” Sherri replied smiling at me.

“Your mom knows I do not do the hiring any longer,” I said to Sherri.

“Mom said you would want to talk to this one,” Sherri replied with a smile and a twinkle in those lovely blue eyes.

“I suppose, it is not like I don’t have enough work already,” I said as I reached for the folder. “Keep him busy until I call for him,” I added.

“Thanks daddy I will entertain him as he is very cute,” Sherri replied walking out closing my door.

I just stared at her as she walked away as I was whether shocked to have heard her said that he was cute. I flipped open the folder to find a letter of introduction first. The letter stated how this young man would be a good asset to my company. I read it quickly as it was just a normal letter of recommendation. That was until I got to the ending. It finally hit me where I knew this boy from as I read it.

Who was this boy and where did I know him from? Why had Fate and death dealt him into our little card game? Why had Sherri shown interest in him? Was he to bring the darkness upon me? Will I ever find peace in our neighborhood?

This will end this Chapter. I had hoped to finish my story in this chapter but I see it will not be happening. I split the story into two chapters as it was to long for just one.

Back real soon with the final Chapter. I will try to fill in some unanswered questions as well in my final chapter. If there is something you are wondering about just ask in your comments and I will cover it in the epilogue at the end of my story.
Sgt. J

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I have enjoyed this chapter very much. Everyone is getting along and love each other. I can't wait to find out who this boy is. Also when you ask Cathy to marry you and Kay. What is this final darkness that Carrie said that was coming? I can't believe your story is almost over.

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Haters gonna hate, but this is better than LOTR

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I've loved every second that I have been reading this story! It's kind of hard to think it is going to finish soon. Your life story is so different and yet so inetersting. Every and each line touches me throughly. I've cried and laughed with this story for so long. Thank you so much Sgt. J
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