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Pop star Dona becomes an Arab Slave
Note All Character are fictitious and comprise composites of facets of individual persons and not intended to represent any actual individual persons living or dead.


The fan above the bed creaked and groaned ineffectively in the suffocating heat, barely cooling the legion of flies that crawled exhaustedly over it, the clock said three a.m which meant I had been watching the fan for two solid hours as I desperately tried to get some sleep.

The images from the day kept scudding through my mind, the old walled city the Mosques with their Minarets, the myriad places for a sniper to hide up, and the old slave market, especially the old slave market which was why my jaw still ached from an expert upper cut from an irate trader.

Three hours at most before the call to morning prayers at the Mosque sang out across the city and I was still wide awake and suddenly being part of a major international singing star's international arena tour had lost much of its sparkle.

Oh I'm not a performer, I'm part of her security team, John Bond, "The name's Bond, John Bond," It's Frank Hunt really, Francis if you want to be pedantic, from Wigan, and Hunt rhymes with ah, well you know, which is half the reason I changed my name.

Security, Roadie, Dogsbody, they only put up with me because I speak Arabic, well you had to at our school, I think there was only me and Jo in our playground who didn't speak Arabic as a first language and he was Polish.

I couldn't get the slave market out of my mind, young women shackled together by their ankles or shackled to a wall by their iron or leather collars, ready for any inspection as they waited to be sold, naked women in the shade of the arches of an ancient market hidden deep inside the walls of the old city where the religious police enforced a strict 'No Foreigners,' policy.

It was just pure coincidence that I found the market, I was doing an early morning Recce around the area where she was staying as her Hotel was shall we say, secluded, rather than five star, not one of the best, a hotel chosen to give 'Donna' some privacy, the downside was it was on the very edge of the Protectorate as we called it, the port area where they allowed music and alcohol under sort of American sixth fleet laws, by contrast to the old city where they used the old laws dated from about fifteen something which shall we say, had been adapted to suit local culture.

A narrow gateway leading to the market place or souk guarded by a half asleep bearded turbanned individual with a Kalashnikov attracted my attention but as I had the foresight to wear a Turban and robes with a red scarf to disguise my lack of a beard I was able to sneak quietly past.

The market operated for benefit of the locals, rather than the tourists and in the cool of the early morning, in the shade under the arches of the imposing market building to the south of the market square pale skinned naked slaves were offered for sale.

There were about twenty girls in all, my heart leapt, some looked English, some had light suntan except where they their panties and bras had protected them, perhaps they were holiday makers, captured and forced into slavery! My mind ran riot.

Obviously later in the day stalls would be set up to sell cheap Chinese Persian carpets and Taiwanese wood carvings, and select foreigners let in to be relieved of their cash, but the cool of the morning was for the locals and life went on as if it was the fifteenth century with food, essentials, livestock and slaves for sale.

I moved among the robed and turbanned men and the dark robed women haggling over prices in the open courtyard and made my way to the cool of arches where the slaves were shackles and a few men and fewer women admired the merchandise.

My eyes adjusting to the gloom of the arches revealed a number of stalls that sold the slaver's essentials, straps, chains, dildos in wood and ivory, even what looked like a rampant rabbit carved from teak hidden away from prying eyes.

I looked at the merchandise, poor quality most of it, much of it already used, dog collars, chains, shackles leashes, just about everything except ball gags as far as I could see, I bought a collar and leash to kill time, I was ripped off, but my bartering was hampered by having a Lancashire accent, but it would be a good present for our kids dog when I got back home.

The slaves seemed unperturbed as they were leered at and prodded, although with their hands shackled to the wall above their heads and their ankles spread wide and also shackled to bolts secured to the walls they had little enough scope to protest, but they spent their time whispering to each other, in English mainly it seemed.

I made my way towards a group of four girls who were chained in a line, "Sorry," a girl with a Manchester Accent was saying, "I don't speak, oi gerrof! she protested as a woman's hand sneaked from her tent like robe and prodded the girls hairless vagina, "I don't speak Arab!"

The woman turned to the Arab with her, "How much?" she asked in Arabic, "Is she virgin?"

"They are erotic dance troupe, come as a set," he said in Arabic.

"Oh," she said, "Too bad," and walked off.

I kept looking around and waited for a minder to give me the chance for a quick word with one of the girls, I examined a set of shackles, with infinite care, checked the welding on the chains, admired the workmanship, and set them down with the shake of my head.

I saw a single beautiful tall blonde girl looking lost and hopeless, her minder had wandered away for a smoke leaving her alone, chained to a hook high up out of her reach on the wall of the arch, a rusty chain a padlock and a wide leather neck band imprisoning her. I worked my way towards her, "Hi," I said in little more than a whisper, "Look I can get you out if here,"

"Francais sil vous plait, je non parle pas l'Americaine," she replied.

"Oi wise guy," the next girl along hissed, in a vaguely south east come cockney twang, "A word in your shell like." she was short, could use a diet, big saggy tits and huge elephant ears on her cunt, a pretty ordinary Essex girl really except the yellow and red streaks in her black pubic hair, and she recognise me as a Brit.

I edged along, "Fuck off Ok this is a nice little earner," she demanded.

"What?" I whispered.

"It ain't what it looks like, it's the only way working girls can work out here." she insisted, "Look we don't speak the lingo so we don't understand the laws so they can't punish us, see."

"No," I admitted.

"Look, there's a death penalty for Adultery right?" she said.

"Right." I agreed.

"So, we get a certificate from the religious lot saying we don't understand the language or we failed their language exam and they can't touch us." she chuckled.

"But don't you have to have a chaperone?" I asked.

"Not if you're a slave, we can be bought and sold," she explained, "And it's a thousand pounds a night usually, I keep half, so fuck off there's a dear."

"But you're naked, and chained up!" I protested.

"Don't worry me, I like the attention," she said, "Anyway its the law, all slaves have to be tethered or shackled and kept naked, it made it harder to escape."

"What about men?" I asked.

"What? are you a shirtlifter?" she asked, "You filthy bugger!"

Her minder came over, "What is please?" he said in English.

"He wants a man slave he's a poofter!" the girl said, the minder looked blank, "Shirt lifter," she explained and bent forward pointing to her bum.

"Look no." I said and he hit me, I doubled up with pain.

"Fuck the Fuck," he said, "No shirt lifter here."

"Yeah, fuck of gay boy!" she added.

"Fuck!" I thought, and with a dogged determination to uphold the honour of the English race I legged it as fast as my superb physique honed by hours watching daytime TV and drinking Stella Artois would allow, fast enough as it happened.

I slowed from a fast trot to a slow one and made my way from the market trying to work out whether my jaw was broken in two places or just the one, neither as it happened thank god and half a bottle of paracetamol later it was nearly bearable.

Work occupied most of the rest of the day, threatening photographers mainly, no way could we risk a picture of Donna with lopsided false tits being published, or with one of those bloody zits she kept getting because she wouldn't leave off the fatty foods.

Basically Donna was a nightmare.

I didn't think much about the market until later, much later, and then I couldn't sleep, girls with leather collars kept drifting in and out of my mind, metal ankle bands, rusty chains clanking, rusty chains leaving rusty marks on alabaster pale skin, and my bloody jaw ached.

I thought of Donna chained naked like those slave girls, maybe spread eagled against a wall, or a wagon wheel, maybe she would apologise for being such a bitch if I whipped her although how you could whip her ass and at the same time look into her eyes to see the pain was a sort of mental challenge.

A ball gag, that's what was missing I decided, and then my thoughts turned to the French girl.

I tried hard to sleep and then my phone rang, I pulled the pillow over my head and tried to ignore it, it was no good.

"What?" I demanded.

"John," he said, it was Adams, Donna's manager calling, and he was calling me John like he wanted a favour, usually he called me "Hunt" or something similar.

"Fuck off Adams, I'm off duty until six thirty," I said.

"They have arrested Donna!" he said, "And Carruthers has resigned."

"Great, drunk?" I queried.

"Adultery," he said.

"Fuck, how?" I said as I rapidly woke up.

"God knows but you know we used this hotel we used because it is quiet," he said, "It's outside the protectorate."

"Bollocks," I said, "Shit, how come?"

"Carruthers fucked up," he said, "We have a show in forty eight hours."

"Adultery you say," I snapped, "Donna faces being stoned to death and you're worried about a fucking show?" I sighed, "Gee you're all heart."

"Don't be an idiot," he said, "It's a technicality."

"So what was the fuss about last week?" I asked, "That pair kissing in a restaurant? They are clamping down Adams, that's why we had to stay within the perimeter of the protectorate."

"So sort it!" he said, "With Carruthers gone it's your responsibility."

"No way Hose!" I said, "Me dogsbody, get dogsbody wages, you want main man you fucking well pay one!"

"Oh very grown up," he said, "Blackmail, I suppose you realise if there is no concert there's no way we are going to be paid?"

"Now hang on!" I protested.

"Nothing personal," he said, "But the bottom line is if the show doesn't go on then none of us get paid."

"Great," I said, "My shift starts at half six, 'night." I explained and I switched the phone off.

I figured a few hours in a stinking cell would sort the bitch out, you know she's the sort of bitch that gets bitches a bad name, all fucking sweetness and light with the fans and the whammo, "Who let those disgusting cretins in?" she would demand, as soon as they were gone.

She had it all so easy, daddy was a big name in the business, so she did her obligatory degree in sociology, at some fifth rate University and next thing she's the latest big star, aided and abetted by Auto-tune as she couldn't hit a true note if her fucking life depended on it.

False tits with false erect nipples and hot pants so tight they separated her cunt lips and outlined her ass hole, and two million quid of Daddy's money bought her first number one hit, "Cringe to me Money" we called it, god it was rough, then she tried covering other people's stuff, gee to be honest I would pay not to go and see her, but hey what do I know?

Personally I think the local police just hated her music as much as I did and just wanted the concert cancelled, but anyway by half past that morning there I was sitting with Police Inspector Mantouk with his assistant Hassan in Mr Mantouk's office watching some CCTV footage on Mantouk's computer screen, together with Adams and Lucy Braithwaite, Adam's P.A.

It was worse than I thought, Adultery, gee they seemed to have had an orgy in this cheap hotel which quite bizarrely had full CCTV coverage but no working sanitation, or aircon but CCTV everywhere including the bogs even in the bedrooms,, and Donna and her friend certainly seemed to be having a good time, right until the religious Police turned up.

A set up if ever there was one.

"Six Million," Inspector Mantouk offered, he reminded me of the doorman at the Majestic Hotel, Bolton, the uniform was a dead ringer, "Pounds."

"Bail?" I said, "So we get as far as the airport and you bank Six Million Pounds?"

"Mr Bond, we are dealing with gentlemen here!" Mantouk insisted, "We would never do such a thing."

The hatred in their eyes said it all, they had been rumbled, "Anyway where exactly did you get footage of her actually fucking?"

"Here!" his bearded and over enthusiastic sidekick explained, and he flicked through the power point presentation to show her on her back legs spread wide with someone, Miss Braithwaite probably, giving her oral.

Certainly Lucy looked very sheepish for a moment.

"That is not Adultery," I insisted, "That is two sisters showing affection!"

"Ah, no, Donna says it was a roadie," Adams said awkwardly, "Donna simply doesn't have lesbian tendencies."

"What?" I demanded.

"It would destroy her record sales in the Mid West!" Lucy whispered.

"Double them in Brighton," I said, "Jesus fucking Christ!"

The police looked confused, Jesus Christ was blasphemy, but with the fucking in the middle they were confused.

"So which section of which law did she break?" I asked, they told me, "Is the text of the law available on line?" I asked.

"Why of course!" they agreed.

"Oh well, I'll read up on it," I said, "Bye for now," and I just walked out.

There was an internet cafe down the street so I went in and paid through the nose and fired up the oldest computer this side of Bletchley Park, it had Windows 95 stickers on but it worked and pretty soon I had chapter and verse, of the law, no I don't read Arab but Google translated it.

"For fucks sake!" I swore, it was dated 1547.

Adultery, it said, "The Male shall be buried unto the waist in a pit of stones and the female unto the neck," it banged on, "Shall throw stones until there is no life or if the person is unjustly accused then Allah shall set them free." Ok not that good a translation but it sort of got the gist.

I read on, "No woman shall be punished that is an imbecile and incapable of understanding the law." it said, "Such women shall be chained and shall be naked and shall give pleasure and shall not be married but shall be divorced and sold at auction and shall be the slave for the purchaser."

I flicked to Wikipedia, flicked, yeah, It stalled so I had to pay another arm and leg to rent a second computer the other side of the aisle, but it sort of confirmed what I thought.

Adams was less than delighted when I returned, "Where the fuck have you been?" he asked, and before I could reply he added, "Donna's going ballistic!" he snapped, "Where the fuck have you been?"

"Research," I said, "You know they still have a slave market?" I asked.

"So?" he snapped, "Wonderful, she gets arrested, you go sightseeing!"

"Naked slaves, in the old city," I explained, "You get the idea?"

"Frankly Frank, I don't have a clue." he sighed.

"It's the same jurisdiction as the Hotel," I explained, "Yet there are whores there, slaves you name it."

"So?" he groaned.

"They are all foreigners," I said, "The local law says anyone incapable of understanding the Law cannot be punished for breaking the law, kind of handy for brothel keepers, so the slave market does a roaring trade, on the quiet, selling foreign girls to rich visitor for a night or a week at a time for a few thousand dollars"

"Super," Adams agreed, "We buy an unknown slave and stick her on stage in place of Donna."

"Donna doesn't speak Arabic does she?" I said, "So the law doesn't apply."

"Wonderful," Adams agreed, "Do you really want to get shot?"

"Oh I don't think so," I agreed, "You just leave it to me," I said, " Just get me a chance to get her signature."

I went down town, made some enquiries and found an Imman qualified to do the examination in Arabic to get Donna a certificate, of course I was careful to speak only English and I made out I wanted her to pass so she could make bail, and slipped him a few dollars, with a promise of more for the right result, and he was quite delighted to accompany me to the police station.

Donna was not at all happy, "Fucking get me out of here!" she screamed as soon as I walked into the interview room.

She looked a mess, her false tits were gone and she was dressed in black floor length prison robes and when she threw the hood back her hair was a mess and she had bloody zits again.

"What are you messing about at, get me out of here!" she snapped, "And who the fuck's that wannabe Gandalf?"

"Look," I lied, "You need to pass a test to prove you know enough Arabic to understand the charges against you."

"I don't know any fucking Arabic you fucking moron!" she screamed, "Pay them off for Chrissake, get Daddy to call someone!"

"Will you take the test?" I asked.

"Fuck off!" she said, "Watch my lips moron, I don't speak fucking Arab, Ok?".

"Mr Bond," the Imman said with a horrible smirk showing a beautiful set of yellow tobacco stained teeth, "I think I can categorically state your friend has no grasp of my language what so ever!" and with a flourish he produced a piece of parchment and scrawled his mark across it.

"You're kidding right?" I snarled.

"No, we agreed," he said before producing an ink pad and sealing the signature with the imprint of his ring, "As far as Arabic is concerned she is illiterate."

"No way are you getting paid," I warned him.

"You agreed!" he snapped in Arabic, the guard suddenly stood up and snicked the safety catch off his Kalashnikov.

"Ok!" I agreed, and I handed him the cash and took the certificate, "Thanks," I said in Arabic which threw him.

"I guess I need to see your bosses," I explained to the guard, "Take her back."

"Bond!" she snapped.

"Bye," I replied and I folded the parchment and went back to find Adams and Lucy.

"So," Adams asked.

"It's in hand," I told him.

I set up an interview with the Inspector Mantouk for half past four, he wasn't that thrilled but by now there were about a hundred and fifty photographers blocking the pavement outside Police HQ.

"Yes," he said as Adams, Lucy and I were shown in to his office, "What is so important?"

"We wish to negotiate," Adams said, "I am the tour manager and."

"And you haven't got a case mate," I said as I produced the parchment.

He took it, "I kept copies," I said, "On You-Tube," I added.

"So?" he asked.

"She can't be done for Adultery can she?" I asked, "Well?"

He looked across to his assistant, Hassan, who shrugged his shoulders, "So Mr Adams she is your slave is she?"

"Near as damnit the way you wrote the contract," I suggested.

"Then she is free to go," Mantouk leered, "I assume you have shackles?"

"Oh yes," I assured him as I produced a dog collar and leash I had bought earlier.

"Then Mr Hassan, Have the so called slave brought to reception." Inspector Mantouk, sneered, and he looked me straight in the eye and said, "This will be interesting Mr Bond, good luck!"

We went down to the reception desk which curved around the bright modern neon lit reception area, more five star hotel than police headquarters, the polished modern face of a state that still routinely cut off it's citizens hands for theft, Mantouk opened the security door for us while he and Hassan remained on the office side of the desk while and Adams and I sat on the hard blue vinyl seats on the public side as Lucy paced up and down nervously with a case containing spare clothes and several of Donna's trademark costumes.

Two officers brought Donna to the counter, "Ah," the Inspector chuckled, "There you are, your friends have decided you are an illiterate imbecile fit only to be used as a whore."

"What!" she snapped.

I approached the desk.

"You can't read Arabic can you?" I explained, "That makes you illiterate in the eyes of the law."

"So?" she said, "Big deal, it doesn't exactly make me a imbecile!"

"No but it does get you out of here," I added, "Alive!"

"What Mr, ah, Bond has neglected to tell you is that he has conspired to have you registered as his slave." Mantouk explained.

"What?" she demanded.

"Slave, ah, how do you say it," Mantouk said enjoying the moment, "Concubine, Prostitute, Whore!"

"Only a technicality," I explained.

"Hardly Mr Bond," Mantouk explained, "You think you are very clever, but you have underestimated us, she may leave as a slave, as you say, she is illiterate, good for nothing but pleasure and fornication, but she leaves as a slave, leashed and naked, or if she does not agree well, perhaps she is not an imbecile after all."

"Naked?" she squealed, "Leashed!" her eyes were nearly popping out of her head.

"It's that or you stay here for a very long time, or if you're really unlucky you get stoned," I said.

"Stoned, what do you mean, I don't do drugs!" she insisted.

"Not stoned, stoned, stoned with stones," I explained, "Stoned to death."

"Don't be ridiculous," she sneered.

"So, you refuse?" Mantouk asked.

"Absolutely," Donna snapped, "Just get Daddy to post bail and get me out of here!"

"Look," I said, "Just have the collar on, sign the forms, strip off and make a dash for the car, job done," I said, "It's not as if you dress like a Nun on stage is it?"

"In the trunk of a regulated Taxi," Hassan interjected, "Slaves may only ride in the trunk of regulated Taxis."

"And of course she must be registered with the slave bureau and auctioned to establish the taxes payable," Mantouk suggested, "Come now,just pay the six million pounds, lets call it dollars bail."

"Just call Daddy!" she insisted.

"Your public awaits, the worlds press are outside, photographers, videographers," Hassan continued, waxing lyrically and making up words I had certainly never heard of before.

"World's press?" she asked.

"Crowding the pavement," Mantouk agreed.

"I'll do it," Donna agreed, "I hate this tent!" she said lifting the hem of her police issue grey robe, "It's not and itchy and!" and she pulled it over her head and stood there defiantly completely naked but for her police issue sandals, "This ought to sell a few records!".

I gasped, she looked so different, her breasts high and perfectly formed like a young girls her taut tummy and well muscled legs, so different from the padded top heavy look of Donna the pop princess.

Mantouk couldn't resist a final attempt to twist the knife, "If she is not registered with the slave bureau by nightfall and if she is not auctioned within seven days, or tries to leave the country without being auctioned I will make my personal priority to have her re arrested and convicted if Adultery, is that clear!"

"Crystal," I said.

A small circle of incredulous locals had formed, "Get a Taxi organised Luce!" I called to Lucy who hated being referred to as 'Luce or Loose!'

"Sign the forms Adams lets get the hell out of here," I added.

Mantouk, handed the sheaf of forms to Adams and Adams signed with a flourish, it was all in Arabic and could have been his own death warrant for all he knew which is why I never signed for her, and then all hell broke loose.

"Don't let them see you're flat chested," Adams hissed as we made a run for it trying to shield Donna as much as possible, and then we were outside facing a fusillade of flash bulbs.

Lucy had organised a Taxi, the only surviving Lada outside a Russian museum and the driver 'Helped' Donna into the boot and strapped her in, oh yes, they had health and safety, not seat belts but floor belts around her waist and upper body, Gee!"

"Old city," I ordered in Arabic, "The slave market, 'Whip the Camel soundly!" I meant step on it but my Arabic wasn't that good.

Step on it, that bastard waited until we had a convoy of Paps lined up behind us before he got out of second gear and we crawled through about ten miles if narrow streets on a trip of maybe three hundred yards as the crow flies.

"Have you got the pussy masks in there?" I asked Lucy as I sat beside her in the Taxi with Donna's case between us.

"The what!" she demanded.

"You know, the cat mask, disguise," I suggested, she rummaged around and extracted two different ones, "If Donna wears one and you wear the other," I suggested.

"Why?" Lucy asked.

"Donna's tits sell records and just now she doesn't have any," I explained, "You on the other hand," she hit me, just a slap, but it set me thinking, "We could say we swapped and you are Donna."

"No way am I parading naked around an Arab slave market!" she insisted. Great minds clearly do think alike.

"I'm not asking you to," I suggested, "Just wear the mask!" She saw the point and shrugged and pulled it on,

Eventually we arrived, obviously the Papparazi were there before us and a huge mob of laughing Arab men had formed, "Hide your tits!" I whispered to Donna as she was released and pulled her Cat mask on..

We made a run for it to the market, fought our way through the crowd to where Mr Hussein the manager was waiting for us with registration papers, fortunately and thoughtfully he had them translated into English and Adams duly signed.

"Don't you want the confirmation that she is illiterate?" I asked.

"Oh no, she is English, I take your word for it," Hussein grinned through tobacco stained teeth.

Lucy was trying to shield Donna from the photographers, "So can I register her as well?" I asked and pointed.

"Five thousand Dollars, cash," he demanded.

"Two," I offered, we settled on three thousand five, which I had in the lining of my Jacket for contingencies, and I quickly became Lucy's owner.

"I think you should get a good price Mr Adams," a familiar voice suggested.

Inspector Mantouk was standing behind us, "Yes," I agreed and I wandered off to a stall and bought another tatty used dog collar and length of chain, "Are you bidding," I asked as I returned.

"Hah!" Hassan snorted, so took hold of Donna's leash and started my best auctioneer patter, "My Lords Ladies and Gentlemen," I said in English, and then prattled on in Arab, "The internationally renowned Whore and Prostitute Donna!" and I grabbed her under the armpits and lifted her up, she tried to hit me which was a mistake as she showed her tits, or lack of them

A great laugh went up, "It's a stunt for publicity!" someone shouted.

"Am I bid two million dollars?" I asked, "One?" I asked, "Come on," I said.

"She is a fake!" someone shouted.

"Sing something," I said, "Quickly before they lynch us!"

"What?" she said.

"God knows, 'Don't cry for me Arthur Negus," I suggested, "Imagine, Nessum Dorma! anything!"

She launched into her latest ballad, there was this sudden shocked diminution of sound, they couldn't believe it, it really was that bad, I doubt any two notes were in tune with another, it really was that painful.

"Ok sold to Mr Hunt for one dollar!" I shouted, "Next we have Donna two,"

Lucy looked round as she felt the dog collar around her throat, "No!" she squealed but it was too late and the buttons were cascading from her sun dress revealing her ample chest, a great cheer went up as I flicked open her front fastening bra and tore her dress away revealing her tiny panties which barely hid her neat triangle of blonde pubic hair.

The crowd gasped, and a chant started "Donn-a Donn-a," the chanted.

"Who's a popular girl then," I asked, "Sing something,"

How was I to know she had a degree in music and had actually laid down some of the vocals on Donna's tracks. Maybe "The Hills are Alive," from the Sound of Music wasn't an inspired choice but the crowd went wild and well, I was quite impressed myself until the crowd parted and the tall impressive figure of a gentleman I soon realised was the crown prince approached me.

"Two million Dollars," he said, "For tonight, have her wrapped and delivered." and he handed me a bag of notes, well you don't count it do you, actually he was four thousand short when Adams counted it later.

"No!" Lucy protested.

"You keep half," I whispered.

"You keep ten percent," she offered, we settled on sixty, forty, "God I can pay off my student loan and buy a car!" she chuckled.

"Very clever," Inspector Mantouk hissed, "Who is Hunt?"

"Me, squire," I said and I slipped Adams a ten dollar bill, "Keep the change," I said and I looked for Donna who was standing around completely confused that Lucy was getting all the attention.
I grabbed Donna's leash, "Let me go!" she demanded, "Where's my clothes, get me out of here!"

"It is a sham, Hassan, they make monkeys of us," Mantouk declared in Arabic.

"Shut the fuck up bitch!" I told Donna, "Looking at Lucy's tits gave me a hard on, you got work to do bitch." We were behind the pillar of the arch, Hassan, Mantouk and I, I tugged Donna's leash and pulled open my fly, my rock hard tool flopped out, "Suck it bitch!" I ordered.

"No way!" she snapped.

"See, you have no control," he insisted,

"Is that right!" I snapped and I grabbed Donna under her armpits hoisted her up and pushed her against the pillar, it took a second to aim my tool at her sweet pink cunt lips and then I let her down.

It hurt like hell, she was dry as a bone, tears filled her eyes, "I hate you!" she said.

"Sorry," I said inadequately.

"Sorry, you are not sorry, Mr Hunt, Mr Bond who ever you are," Inspector Mantouk insisted, "You are angry, how dare your slave be dry when you need her."

"Exactly," I said, "You better juice up real quick Donna because if you don't I'm gonna fuck your ass instead!"

I guess self preservation kicked in about then as suddenly everything seemed easier, she slipped down my cock until I was all the way inside her.

"Happy now you bastards?" she asked the watching policemen.

"Yes, "Mantouk replied, "You behave like a whore, now you know how it feels to be a whore," he paused, "My daughter has all your records, she sees you as role model, now she will see you are just a whore!"

"I'm not a whore!" she snapped, "I'm not!"

"Yes you are," I told her, "So cum for me, ok?"

"What?" she asked, "Why?"

"To make you happy," I suggested.

"In your dreams," she said and quite suddenly there was just Donna and me and nothing else mattered, an there were clouds and my balls were aching and that familiar rush started and spunk burst from me like a fountain flooding into her and she was screaming and wailing and her legs were wrapped around me and her hands on my ass pulling me deeper into her .

"You," I said, "Bitch, have a show in two hours."

"Yes," she agreed, "Ok just a moment, just hold me."

"What?" I demanded.

"Just hold me," she said, "My head is spinning, phew!"

"Pull yourself together," I snapped, "Surely you've been screwed before?"

"Not like this!" she confessed, "Not like this!"

"It's ok," I said, "I haven't had it for weeks, either, I guess we got carried away."

"Yes," she said, "Carried away, show, yes."

I looked for Lucy but she was gone, but Adams had Donna's case and our police minders were gone.

I let Donna dress in one of her skimpier concert costumes and we made a dash for the Hotel, she ran surprisingly well, put me to shame anyway as I wheezed in through the door and then it was all action as Adams desperately assembled everyone to get her to the arena.

I did my job, well actually I did Carruthers job, head of security, as best I could, and from the row from inside I guess it was a great success.

Adams called me to Donna's dressing room afterwards, "We're on the morning departure to London," he said.

"Right, I'll stay and sort out the mess then," I agreed.

"No, you're the problem not the solution," Adams said, "You're to deliver Donna safely to London." he insisted.

"No sweat," I agreed.

"You better stay with her tonight, all this ridiculous slave stuff." he insisted.

"Fine," I agreed.

"And keep your filthy hands off her," he insisted.

"Yeah," I agreed.

We went back to the hotel, "I don't trust those bastards," I told Donna after I watched her eating her nutritionally balanced supper while I munched a quarter pounder in a sesame seed bun.

"No," she said, "I'll sleep in your room."

"Fine," I agreed, "You want to lie awake all night watching a fan with worn out bearings playing aircraft carrier to a squadron of flies."

"Better than a cell," she said, "You will look after me won't you?"

"Sure," I agreed.

She took a bath in her own air conditioned suite and then we made our way to my third rate room.

"You take the bed," I told her, "I'll make do with the floor."

"John," she said, "They might have concealed cameras."

"No way," I said, "I searched the room for bugs."

"You searched mine," she reminded me.

"But not Lucy's," I reminded her.

"Even so," she said, "I would be safer if we pretended."

"Pretended?" I asked.

"I'd feel safer with your collar," she said, "It's not as if you haven't see me naked."

"Ok," I agreed, I had the collar and leash, and it barely took a minute to slip it around her neck, she smiled.

"I suppose I should get undressed," she said, "I suppose you were disappointed?" she said, "When you saw me?"

"What those plastic tits?" I said, "God no, in fact, you remind me of Maureen Hutchings my girlfriend."

"Girlfriend," she asked.

"Ex," I explained, "She married Dan Fotherby, why?"

"Nothing," she answered, "What we did?" she said awkwardly.

"You were an ok fuck, big deal." I told her, "It didn't mean anything did it?"

"No," she said awkwardly, "I suppose we ought to do it again in case they are watching."

"Can do," I agreed, "If you like."

"I want you naked too this time," she said happily and she started to unbutton my shirt.

"Donna!" I protested, but she was peeling my shirt off and then her hands were at my fly and my pants were down around my knees and she was pushing me down onto the bed, my tool now wildly erect and ready and she just climbed onto it and sank her sopping cunt liquidly down
the full length of my tool in a single motion.

"Make love to me damn you," she insisted, so I made her roll over so I was on top and the bedroom door flew open.

"Oh!" it was Hassan, Inspector Mantouk's sidekick with two officers.

"What the hell!" I demanded, "Get out, can't a man use his slave without an audience?"

"A thousand pardons but I was told," Hassan blustered, and ordered "Out out," to his men and they were gone.

"I just knew," she said, "That was close!"

"Too close," I said, "Far too close,"

"God you're hard work to seduce," she said as she looked up at me.

"I don't fancy you," I replied.

"Obviously," she said, "So tell me I'm fantastic, the best lover ever and shoot your load in me, ok?"

"You remind me of Maureen," I said, as I started to hump her again, "I reckon if you were a nice local girl I could fall for you."

"Call me Maureen, tell me you love me." she said.

My mind drifted back down the years, "Maureen," I said, "I love you," and I was cumming like a fire hose.

I collapsed onto her chest, "You want to go back to your room?" I asked.

"No, it's ok." she said, "Sleep."

I went to lay on the floor, "I'll take the floor," she said, "Just in case." and she lay down beside the bed and went to sleep.

The fan above the bed creaked and groaned ineffectively in the suffocating heat, barely cooling the legion of flies that crawled exhaustedly over it, the clock said five a.m which meant I had been watching it for three solid hours as I desperately tried to get some sleep.

She was fast asleep on the floor, breathing softly, "Donna," I whispered, she slept on.

"Are you awake?" I asked, "I can't sleep," I told her "I got a hard on thinking about you."

"Oh" she said, "I was just dreaming about you!"

"You, don't want to," I asked, "I don't suppose?"

"Well they may be spying on us and I am supposed to be your slave," she whispered, "You had better force me."

"Really?" I said.

"Make it look real," she added, "Just in case."

I reached out of the bed and grabbed her leash, she climbed up onto the bed, "Please be gentle with me!" she said theatrically, and then she just lay on her back waiting.

"Suck my cock bitch," I said nastily.

"Not that real," she complained, "Oh hell I've never done this before," she said as she rolled over and took my tool in her hands.

My tool strained so the blue veins bulged and throbbed with my heart's beats, "Actually," I agreed, "Plan B before I explode all over your face."

It was too late, poor Donna got a pumping grey flood of my man juice right in her face, almost smack between the eyes and she knelt before me glowering, "That was a waste!" she said indignantly, as she wiped it off with the bed sheet.

"Not a problem," I replied, "Lets get some sleep."

The call to prayer woke us, she was on the bed curled around and I was curled around her, "You Ok?" I asked.

"I will be when we're on the plane," she admitted, she shivered slightly, I held her.

"It will be fine!" I suggested.

We didn't take any chances, Adams brought her some Arab robes and they sneaked out of the Hotel and we met up at the airport and were through the security checks and airborne without any more dramas, Ok she was in first class and I was economy but that's Adams for you.

Gatwick security was a nightmare but eventually I was through and there she was waiting, "Where have you been?" she asked, I stared, she had discarded the robes but she had discarded something even more fundamental, her falsies, she just didn't look the same.

"Customs," I said, "You've done a good job of disguising yourself."

"It's not difficult," she said, "Oh god I need a rest."

"I'll see you to your hotel," I offered.

"No, I'll go home," she said.

"Will you be alright on your own?" I asked.

"No," she admitted, "No you had better come with me."

"Look no offence," I said, "But you're back in the UK and my contract is ended."

"What about my contract," she asked, "You can't just dump me!"

"Dump you?" I asked in confusion, "What do you mean dump you?" and I suggested, "I think we need to talk."

"Yes," she agreed, "Let's go to a hotel."

"My place isn't far," I suggested, so we got a Taxi.

I collected my key from Mrs Mullarney at number 26 who looked after my cat when I'm away, got some milk from Mr Patel at the corner shop, introduced Donna to both of them as 'Maureen,'
and eventually I went inside my very ordinary terraced house 23 Dulverton road, and took my cases upstairs.

Donna followed me up, "John, Frank, whatever your name is?" she said, "Can I stay a while, you know, chill."

I pulled the dog collar from my pocket absent mindedly and replied, "I don't know."

"All right, if that's what it takes!" she said.

"What?" I asked.

"Let me stay, I'll do the slave thing," she replied," Anything, I'll do what you ask."

"Sure, of course you can stay, I was just thinking," I explained apologetically.

"So was I," She said as she pulled her top over her head and flipped her bra catch open, "I never did get around to giving you a blow job did I?" she said as she threw her bra in a corner and slipped out of her skirt, "Do you have a shower?"

"Yes," I agreed.

"So lets get sweaty!" she said, "Chop chop!"

"Hey!" I protested but she dragged my shirt off me and pulled down my pants.

"I'd never done it bare back with anyone before," she said as she pulled me down onto her, "Never ever, you are my first!"

"Right," I agreed.

"It's addictive," she said, "When you cum,"

"We aim to please," I agreed.

"Good well aim it in me and please me!" she said.

I took hold of my tool and eased firmly but gently between her soft pink pussy lips, "Oooohh that feels so goood!" she sighed and as I started humping her so she started humming. Only this time she was actually in tune!

Sadly as soon as I had cum she was back to her old tone deaf ways but maybe, you know, if we had the mike in the bedroom?

The end?

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2012-08-10 02:34:24
Awesome story. Could use more sex though. Part II PLEASE!!!

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Wow, Madonna right? Mad-Donna.
I was expecting something like your story about hanging pedos but this is serious stuff.
Part 2 please!

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