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things go from bad... to hell on earth
it had been 2 years since my father visited me that night. Violet and I ran away together about 3 months after we graduated. we've been living together in a small cabin in the middle of a mountain range. we both thought it be best for me because of what happened a week before we ran away.

"come on John lets go!" Violet called from the car. we were about to leave for a weekend get away in Hollywood. our plans were already in play when it happened. my father must have been mad at me or something because as soon as we got off the airplane all hell started breaking lose. the plane we had just recently gotten off blew up. the sky turned red. the driver of our cab's head exploded. Violet was freaking out. i was frightened but i didn't stop to think for a second. everything happened in a blur after i heard Violets first scream. the streets started to over flow with monsters and civilians. i grabbed violet and snapped my finger then just like that it was all over. everything was back to normal. like nothing happened. Violet and I both knew what was happening. but no one else did. the same thing happened 3 other times during our weekend getaway. i woke up on the last morning to see my father standing over me.

"whats happening? why are you doing this?" i asked him. he just stared at me with a blank stair until i snapped my finger to get his attention. not one of my best idea's. i guess he thought i was trying to kill him because he freaked out. he grabbed my bed and threw me and Violet into a small hole and the next thing i knew we were in the middle of nowhere.
"whats going on why is he doing this? why now?" Violet asked
"i don't know. lets just go home." i grabbed her and snapped my finger. we were both back at our house. we had moved in together 5 months after we graduated. without a word we both went back to bed.

i woke up a few hours later to Violet bobbing up and down on my cock.
"do you like that baby?" she asked. i nodded. she went even deeper until i was all the way inside of her throat. she started to gag and moan at the same time. she was fingering herself.
"come here baby." I told her. she turned over and we formed a 69. her moans sent vibrations through my cock which made me moan and sent vibrations through her. we both started moaning louder and louder until she climaxed all over my face.

"baby why do i always cum before you?" she asked
"i don't know maybe because i pleasure you so much" i winked at her.
"why cant i hate you?" she cuddle up against me
"because you choose not to." i joked
"come on baby. i'm tired of this. can there ever be one day without you using your powers on me? please?" she asked

"i don't use my powers in you anymore. i told you i was done with that the day you moved in with me"
"but you never cum before me."
"i never said i wasn't using them on myself."
"can you not use them on yourself anymore?"
"anything for you." i kissed her as she mounted me. she was very wet and i didn't use my powers. i came inside of her after about 3 minutes
"baby that's not good can you please get it out?"
"that's the only power i use on you." i told her after snapping my finger. we both got up and walked into the kitchen to get breakfast but there was a problem. the kitchen was gone.

"where the hell did my kitchen go!?" Violet yelled. we both turned to the front door. there was a man on teh other side of it. he was staring at us. i walked up to the door and opened it.
"can i help you?"
"he's coming. you have to get out. you have to go somewhere safe. far from any city. like the mountains! go! go now!" the man yelled at us
"what?" Violet asked the man
"get out of this town! you have to leave! now!" he started screaming at us then he tried to reach for Violet but i pulled her away

"get off of my property!" i screamed at the man and pushed him back
"please john. you don't understand. your father is here. he wants to destroy you!" this man knew my name. i was confused i didn't know what to do. i grabbed violet and we vanished. after that everything went back to normal. except that we're wanted by the devil and any big city we go to gets destroyed.

"do you love me?" Violet asked me one night while we were watching a movie in the cabin.
"what? why would you ask that? of coarse i love you." i assured her
"how much do you love me?"
"Violet i love you more then this entire world."
"really?" she smiled
"yes" she hugged me and kissed me on the cheek
"i love you too John." she cuddle up against me and drifted to sleep. i was the only one awake for the next few miles. so i got up and went for a walk. everything was normal out here. it was safe to leave violet alone. when i returned from my walk violet was in bed asleep. i crawled into the blanket and fell asleep with her in my arms

i woke up the next morning in my bed alone. i got up and walked into the kitchen. Violet was standing in front of the sink staring out at the sunrise.
"good morning beautiful." i walked up to her and hugged her from behind. something wasn't right. she normally would've responded by now.
"are you ok?" i asked her.she still didn't respond.
"violet are you ok?!" i shook her a little. she finally responded with a little whimper
"please tell me?" i asked her calmly. she started to mumble something but i couldn't make it out
"what?" she kept mumbling
"what are you saying? i cant hear you."
"you wont love me if i told you..." she started to cry
"i will love you no matter what?" i hugged her
"i'm..." she started to sob
"i'm pregnant!" she sobbed. i never expected this. i never expected her to get pregnant at all. were my powers not working? i hugged her even tighter

"that's great Violet. i still love you. and i will be with you to raise this baby. i love you Violet." she started to cry even more. i don't know if they were tears of joy or tears of sorrow.
"why are you crying? i'm here there's no reason for that now."
"but i-i-i c-c-cant be with you a-a-anymore..." she sobbed even harder. this came as a shock to me
"what? why? why not?" it took her a lot longer to answer this time but she finally did.
"because its... its.... not... your baby." she started to sob even harder. i never thought i hear those words from her
"what? who?" i was at a loss of words

"i-i-i-its your f-f-f-f-fathers" she cried harder then i've ever seen her cry before. i was shocked. i backed away from her. i couldn't stand to be around her at that time. i went for a walk. i could've only been gone for half an hour at least. but when i got back no one was in the house.
"Violet?!" i called throughout the house. there was no sign of her. i walked back into the kitchen which was the last place i saw my girlfriend. i looked around for clue's to where she could be but there was nothing. i sat on the couch and waited it must have been a while because i fell asleep. when i woke up it was dark outside. i searched the house again i a hopeless attempted at finding her. i was still mad. not at Violet. at my father.

"wait. my father!" i said to myself. i jumped off of the sofa and ran outside
"father! where are you?! come face me you fucker!" i screamed at the top of my lungs until i was blue. nothing was happening.
"what the fuck! you told me! you said i just call for you and you show! you son of a bitch answer me!" i screamed into the night sky. i was so enraged that i couldn't control myself. i punched the air and sent every tree for another 50 feet flying in all different directions. i punched the ground and a volcano exploded about a mile away. a giant bolder came flying at me from the volcano and i punched it. it shattered into a million pieces.

"why. wont. you. show. you. coward!!!!!!" i screamed into the night sky. just then a white light appeared in front of me. my father stepped out with Violet in his hands. she was unconscious and nude.
"give her back!" i screamed at him and sending a boulder flying his way. he waved his hand and the boulder shattered.
"she no longer belongs to you"
"she never belonged to me! she was my girlfriend. i was going to make her my wife! you ruined that by impregnating her!" my face was red with fury. his face was just red.

"she is mine now. if you want her. you'll have come and get her." and that was it he was gone. with Violet. i was alone. i wanted to fight for her so badly but i didn't think i could do it. i just stood there until something in me cracked. something in me broke apart. i don't know what it was but i was even more enraged. i felt like i was going to puke. that's all it was i just stood there puking until i passed out. when i came too it was day time. I was all alone. i looked around and saw a pile of vomit with a gem in the middle of it. it was gross but i grabbed the gem and cleaned it off.

"what the---" i was cut off when the gem started glowing. it got bigger and bigger until it was the size of a big rock. it was light though. like a feather. i looked into the gem and saw Violet. sitting there in what looked like a cell. she was naked still. she looked like she had been crying a lot. i started to get mad again and the crystal shrank. i put it in my pocket and snapped my fingers. i was in hell. literally i was in the middle of the arena i saw oh so many years ago.

"so you finally showed" i heard my fathers voice. instantly i was enraged. i screamed at the top of my lungs at him
"she is safe... for now."
"GIVE HER BACK!!!!" i was tired of his games he had played with me for so long now.
"if you want her back you will have to do a task for me."
"i want Violet!"
"i need something from your realm. gem. it grows bigger with calmness and bigger when in rage." i realised he had been talking about the gem in my pocket.
"if you can acquire this gem for me. you will have your.... women, back" he stressed the word 'women' with disgust.

"here" i threw the damned thing at him
"ah you already have it. very good. very well then you may have her back."
"after you defeat this monster" i was even more enraged now i could feel my powers surging threw me.
"im done with your games!" i screamed and then snapped my finger. the beasts head exploded.
"fine. fine. take her and leave." a door opened under his observing pad. i walked through the door to see another door. it was metal. i was in no mood to find a way to open it i just pulled it off of its hinges. Violet was in the cell crying. she was naked and dirty.

"its ok baby. its all right. im here." i held her i tried comforting her until i remembered the baby. i put my hand n her stomach. i felt 2 hearts beating. i snapped my other hand and felt one of the heart beats stop.
"you.. came for me?" she looked at me in disbelief
"i love you Violet. i always will." she hugged me tight
"never let me go."
"i wont." i snapped my finger and sent us back to our home in the mountains. it was still the same as it was when i left. the trees were replanted and the mountain was back to normal.

"im sorry for getting you involved in my life." i told her
"why are you sorry? i love you and i want to spend the rest of my life with you." she looked me in the eye.
"yes baby?"
"will you marry me?" her face lit up she looked happier then ever.
"oh yes!!! yes. yes. yes! i don't want anything more then to be with you now!"

after that we both went home back to the town we grew up in. we had a huge return party and a wedding all in the same day. i was happier then i've ever been. i'm sure Violet was too. after the wedding we stayed home. that was our honeymoon. we didn't want to be anywhere but there. 3 months later we were both in bed cuddling watching a movie when i heard the doorbell ring.
"hold on babe ill be right back." i got up and walked to the door. i didn't recognized the an i saw threw the peephole but i opened the door anyway.

"can i help you?"
"ive come with a message from our father"
"what does he want"
"he wishes you the best and wants to apologize for what he has done to you in the past."
"ok well thanks" i tried to shut the door but the man stopped me.
"he also wants you to know that your mother has passed away." the news caught me off guard but i still didn't care

"my mother left me with my grandmother when i was a week old. i don't care about her and i want nothing to do with her." i shut the door in the mans face and walked back to my room where Violet was in bed still watching the movie.
"who was it baby?" she looked at me
"my mother is dead and my father sends his regards."
"oh baby i'm sorry." she hugged me
"i don't care. my mom disowned me when i was a week old. i don't even know what she looks like." Violet stopped hugging me and looked at me with a bit of concern

"dont you care that your only family left is your father?" she asked
"i never had a family to begin with. my grandmother didn't care so i raised myself."
"i didn't know that."
"well now you do can we please drop the subject." i looked at the movie. Violet looked a little mad at me for a second and then she started to kiss me she trailed along my body with her lips until she reached my pajama bottoms.

"how long has it been since we had sex?" she asked me
"i don't know a week maybe"
"that's too long" she pulled down my pants and stroked my cock until it was fully erect. then she took the entire thing into her mouth and held it there until she started to choke. then she pulled her mouth off of my cock and mounted me.

"im so horny baby. please satisfy your wife." she begged. i was horny too, and whenever violets really horny she wants it rough. so i grabbed her hips and shoved my dick all the way into her womb
"oh baby! yes! oh my god! oh! oh! oh! baby! more! harder! harder! harder! oh!" she started to have another one of her really long orgasms and then she passed out. i was still horny though but i pulled her off of me and waited until she woke up. when she came to about an hour later i had her tied to the bed posts and a dildo aimed right for her pussy.

"do you remember that bet we had a few years ago right after we got together?" i asked her
"um.. baby... what are you doing?"
"well this is a lot like that. only your going to get fucked until you stop passing out." i said to her with a naughty smile
"baby? please. not this again" i ignored her and shoved the dildo into her until she started cumming again then i pulled the dildo out and shove my cock into her. she started to scream in pain and ecstasy
"oh baby more! oh harder harder harder! oh yes! oh! ah! oh my go----" she was cut off when she had her final orgasm of the night. it drove me over the edge i was shooting loads of my cum strait into my wife's womb. she passed out and her pussy clamped my dick. she got tighter then she ever has been. i passed out right next to her.

i awoke to the sound of Violet crying again.
"what is it?"
"i think you just got e pregnant!" she sobbed
"that's great! why would you be crying about that?"
"they're not tears of sorrow they're tears of joy! i want to have your baby! i want to raise a child with you!" those words were like music to my ears.

"i love you violet" i hugged her tight against me
"i love you too john" we both fell over onto my bed and fell back asleep with each other in arms.

~thats the end of part 2 if you liked it ill make a part 3 with the child in it

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This is de stupidest story ever!!!

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The idea is good an great, but you should try to some things differently:

-Use capitals on the correct places
-Look up ways to make your dialogoue have a bit more flow;
-Try writing in more details; it will take a lote more words but you won't have a rush rush story =)

Just a few tips, good luck with them!

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Part 3 part 3 part 3 part 3 part 3 part 3 part 3 part 3 part 3 part 3 part 3 part 3 part 3 part 3

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You are an incredible writer!!!!! You should DEFINITLEY make a part 3!!!

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