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When could I fuck her again?...


It had been 1 month since I had fucked my best friends girlfriend. Me and Alisbeth had only been in contact once since the incident and that was at me and Taylors high school graduation. It was uncomfortable. Through out the entire month my heart had ached for her. I couldn't deny how I felt for her. I'd stay up late at night and play the moment when we laid together in bed over and over. Then of course I'd think about how erotic it was when I fucked her up in the mountains. I'd also think about how I came inside of her pussy too. Did she ever get pregnant?

It was a thursday morning when I got a call from Taylor asking me to pick Alisbeth up from work. To this point I assumed he was unaware of what happened and I had no intentions on telling him either.

" Yeah of course Tay. What time?" I asked.

" 8 tonight, drop her off at my place. My tire is flat or else I'd get her myself." Taylor told me.

" No worries man, glad I can help" I said hanging up the phone.

Instantly I began to think about what would happen when I went to pick her up. Would we talk, would we kiss... would we fuck? I began feeling guilty for my thoughts. I didn't care though, I had already betrayed Taylor in an unimaginable way and fucking her more wouldn't make a difference at this point. I went on about my day and made sure that I was looking my best when I went to pick her up that night.

As I pulled up to Alis' work I noticed she looked bothered by something. I assumed it was the fact that we had to face each other again.

" Thanks for coming to get me.." She said as she got in the car.

" Of course... You ok?" I asked

" Yeah.." She responded with little emotion.

We drove for about 5 minutes, 5 long minutes before she spoke again.

" I meant what I said.. back in the mountains" She told me.

As my heart began to race I realized that maybe she was feeling for me completely again too. Maybe she wanted me again.

" I know you did." I responded hiding my excitement.

" Do you feel guilty?" She asked me.

" For a while I did but we were both drunk and high. We couldn't control it" I said as though it was a valid excuse.

"So it was just meaningless than?" She asked.

" Idk.." I responded although I knew it was way more than just two teens fucking while being under the influence.

" Ok." She said.

We didn't talk much after that. As we got to Taylors street, I parked a few houses down. I wanted to talk to Alis more.

" Look.. Alis.. I've grown feelings for you, feelings I shouldn't have because you're with him, but I can't help it." I said turning off the car.

" I know exactly how you feel Kris" She told me

" We can't go back now and change what we did" I claimed.

" I know, and I wouldn't want to" She said grinning at me.

After she said that all of the tension between us seemed to be removed except for the sexual tension of course. We sat in the car for about ten minutes not saying a word when I leaned over and kissed her.

We began making out and I sucked on her neck. We kept this up for about twenty minutes when my phone rang. It was Taylor.

" Hey man.. did you get Alis?" He asked me.

" Yeah we're right around the corner dude." I told him as Alisbeth got off of me and back into the passenger seat.

" Alright, I was getting worried, I thought you ran off with her" he said and I could hear him chuckle through the phone.

" Pfft! What?!" I responded also in a joking tone. I felt like a stone was on my chest as he said that. Maybe he suspected something.

" See you when you get here." He told me.

As I hung up the phone, I looked at Alis, her nipples were hard from the making out. Without saying anything I took her down to Taylors house. I didn't get out of the car, I simply waved to Taylor from the car and drove off.

I knew when I got home I was going to jerk off. My dick was semi hard from making out with her and I was so thrilled that Alis wanted me just as much I wanted her. That night as I got into bed I got a text from Alis.

" I love you. Goodnight" The text from her read.

I didn't respond to the text in fear that maybe Taylor would see it but it made me smile reading it.

About two days passed. I had made plans for Alis to come over that night after work. As I was picking up my room, my doorbell had rang. It was Alisbeth.

" You made it!" I said as I let her in the house.

" Haha, of course I did" She said back to me with her beautiful smile.

We went to my room and watched some T.V. She was laying on my chest as we cuddled. I was hardly watching the television however, all I really wanted to do was to fuck her. I could feel her breast against my body. She was wearing a casual T-shirt and some jeans that fit her body perfectly. Alis readjusted her hand accidentally rubbing it on my dick.

This caused me to get a little hard but I didn't act on it. Alis went to the bathroom and while she was gone I was changing into some shorts to be more comfortable. Alis walked in on me in my boxers.

" Like what you see?" I said grinning at her, not really making a sexual pass.

" Oh yeah" she said as she climbed back on the bed. " Maybe I should take of my jeans too.." She suggested.

" Well.. I guess if you'd be more comfortable." I said hesitantly..

As she was taking of her jeans Taylor called her. They talked on the phone just about every night before one of them went to bed.

" Hey babe" She said answering the phone.

I was a little irritated. Here I was in my own room and she's on the phone with another guy. I kinda chuckled as the thought passed my mind because in reality I was the other guy who was screwing my best friends girl.

" Oh, nothing I'm just at home watching TV" As said, lying to Taylor.

I watched her and my eyes went to her legs. Her perfectly shaped legs that were in plain sight since she took off her jeans. I walked over to her and kneeled down next to her on the bed. She looked down at me kind of confused. I began kissing her thighs, lifting her legs around my shoulders.

" Kris!" she whispered to me while covering the phone.

It didn't stop me, in fact the thought of eating her out while she was on the phone with Taylor turned me on. I continued kissing until I got to her pussy. I slid her panties off. She didn't seem to resist. I began sucking on her upper thighs. Licking around her slit. I could hear her on the phone talking to him and it bothered me, I wanted her attention to be on me. So began licking the top of her clit. Licking, sucking, biting, anything I could do with my mouth to please her.

" Oh my..." she let out a soft moan

" Oh, I was just shocked about what I saw on TV" she said right after, I assume Taylor had asked her why she said the previous words and she was covering it up.

The more I sucked the more of her juices began to flow into my mouth. It was driving me wild. As I sucked on her pussy, I slid my hand under butt and felt around for her butt hole. Finding it, I slid my thumb in. It was still a little stretched from our last encounter but it kinda tightened up again.

I knew now, I had fully got her turned on because she stopped responding to Taylor except for short answers like " Yes" and " Mhmm".

I did this for a few minutes and then I slid off my boxers. My 7 inch cock throbbing, I went straight for her asshole. I pulled her off the bed and had her lean over it on all fours, her knees on the ground and her hands on the bed. I was so turned on that I wanted to eat her ass hole out. I felt kinda like by doing so it would mark her as mine.

I bent over pulling apart her cheeks and sliding my tongue across her back. As I got to her ass I nibbled on her cheeks then slowly worked my mouth to her ass. I spit in it a few times to lube it up and started licking. She moaned. I guess it tickled her but gave her a sensation as well. I pulled my mouth away and grabbed my very hard cock. I guided it slowly into her ass hole. I had to stretch it back out.

" Ahh! Put it in all the way" She demanded me.

" You couldn't handle it" I said. Mocking her in a dirty way.

" Put your fucking cock in me!" She said in a louder voice. I placed my hand on my dick and guided it all the way in her ass.

" Owww!" She said. It started as a moan from pain but ended up sounding more so like she was pleased.

" I bet he never gives it to you like this" I said referring to Taylor as I pumped in and out of her ass hole.

" Oh Kris!" She said as she grabbed on to my bed spreads. " You're too big"

I felt completely dominant. All 7 inches of my cock pounding away at her ass hole. Her petite little body bent over bed being fucked like she's never been fucked before.

" I want you to ride me" I told her as I pulled my cock out of her asshole.

" Ohh... anything you want" She told me trying to catch her breathe.

I climbed onto the bed and laid on my back and she got on top of me. Her small body compared to my getting adjusted. She grabbed my cock and started to suck on it. I'm sure she tasted her own ass hole on my dick. It was kind of hot how it didn't stop her. She sucked on my balls to, precum oozing out of my tip.

She then got back on top of me and guided my dick into her small little pussy. Her soft thighs at my side. She went slow at first but began to speed up causing my toes to curl.

" Oh my goodness. Make me cum!" I said as she was riding my dick.

" Cum inside of me baby" She told me " I want your seed in me"

I began to think about last month, and how I came in her before. She kept riding me. Her hands on my chest. As she got more into it she grabbed my hands and used them as support. She eventually guided my hands to her waist as she placed her hands on her head.

" Oh, your dick is so big baby!" She exclaimed. She let out soft moans and loud ones.

" I'm gonna cum Alis!" I said as my toes curled. I expected her to get off me but instead she sat there taking in every single load. My cum warm shooting through my dick and up into her pussy. The sensation caused her to orgasm. She tightened up and as more of my cum went into her pussy the more she began to climax. Her body laid out completely over mine climaxing as I filled her cunt.

We both lay there breathing extremely heavy. Our kisses now pecks and occasionally she would have a spas as a result of her orgasm.

As we began to catch our breathe, she climbed off of me, my dick sliding out of her pussy. I had just came inside of her for the second time and was once again wondering if she was pregnant. We cuddled up not saying a word. My sheets soaked in cum and her pussy juice. We fell asleep.

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