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Most of the Parts to this series will follow the episodes in the Legend Of Korra series and as per request I am re-watching the series to find additional suitable times to add a sex scene after the one present in this one. I would also like to know if the readers want me to write more about Raidens past in The Last Airbender or not.
The ship pulled into the port with a loud bang and bash as it was moored agains the quay. Korra stirred and awoke from her dreamy sleep to see an enlarging white light form on the wall opposite her, pulling my arm from around her shoulder she turned around swiftly and crept to the edge of the crate they were hidden behind. The cargo door on the starboard side of the ship was lowering slowly as a group of works descended into the hold to gather the crates and various other items and move them outside.

Korras face split with a smile as she turned and ran towards Naga, Articus and myself excitedly

"Raiden, Naga wake up!" she exclaimed which woke me with a start.

I sat up groggily and yawned loudly,

"Time to go then, come on" I said tiredly as he mounted Articus who howled loudly. Then Korra and I launched from behind the crates and out the portskde cargo door out into the street scaring many of the workers on the docks as we sped down the streets causing satomobiles to swerve to the side grinding to a halt at the site of a Polar bear dog and a giant wolf running by.

"I've never seen so many satomobiles !" exclaimed Korra in excitement at the site of republic city,

"The horrible machines are everywhere" replied Raiden in disagreement as they reached the side of the road that bordered the bay.

"Wow" gasped Korra as she saw Aangs statue in the bay and Air temple Island next to it

"It's amazing, but, why isn't there a statue of you Raiden?" she asked curiously,

"There is no statue of me anywhere, ,my existence is only known to the Avatar and those associated, no one in the major populations know of my existence, it can confuse them if there are two Avatars running around, although I suspect it may be hard to keep my existence hidden in this city" I replied sighing sadly as I continued

"Are you ready for a swim?" I asked her as she smiled, but then Naga and Articus began to sniff around them as... they smelt food.

Immediately they took off down the road following the scent.

After dodging and weaving between cars and people both Articus and Naga found what they were looking for. Articus and Naga approached a small red stall that sold brochettes and were about to nab mouthfuls of them before Korra stopped them and ran to the front of the stall to talk to the vendor.

"We'll take 20 of everything please" she asked eagerly as she picked up a juicy meat brochette, the vendor at here's her eyebrow in confusion and said

"That will be £400 yuans", shock descended upon Korras face as she replied

"I don't have any ah money" she finished awkwardly as the before snatched the brochette from her hand and was about to shout at her when I interrupted her

"Where's the nearest bank" He asked politely as she pointed across the road to Sato Bank,

"Thank you I will be back soon" I said as He crossed the road and entered the bank.

About 15 minutes later I emerged again now with a satchel strapped to my side. I walked up to the vendor and flipped open the sack revealling a large amount of yuans summed up to around 15000, I counted out 400 and gave it to the vendor then taking the food in bags and placing them in Articus' sack I walked back to Korra who was utterly mesmerised by what she had seen

"Where did you get all that money!" she exclaimed,

"I had some money stashed away for a few hundred years in an earth kingdom bank, though I doubt I'll have more than 10 yuans when they enforce the taxes on me"" I replied chuckling as I mounted Articus as Korra mounted Naga,

"Come on, let's go to the park" I said cheerily


I was lying down beside the lake in the middle of Republic City Park propped up on my elbows with Korra lying between my legs with her head resting on my chest with one last brochette left for each of us as Naga and Articus were playing in the water

"Its so beutiful here Raiden" Korra said quietly as she looked up into my eyes and I smiled in reply

"It truly is" he replied in agreement as they were both about to begin to eat the last two brochettes an old man in his fifties leapt out of a nearby bush an landed beside Korra and I

"Hey kids I wouldn't be able to have one of those tasty lookin' treats would I?" the homeless man asked as I held out my last brochette and said

"You sure can my friend here you go" I finished kindly as I handed my brochette to him and asked politely after he thanked me several times

"So what's your name then stranger? You look familiar" I finished as I stared at the man,

"Well sir I don't positively know if you would? May I ask your name kind sir?" the man asked cheerily as he smiled a began to gobble up the brochette he held in his scrawny hands

"I am Raiden and this is Korra may we ask your name in return?" I replied with a kind smile in a polite tone

"My name is Gommu, I hope you don't mind but about 37 years ago I had a commander in the United Forces and he was called Raiden too, you two wouldn't happen to be related would you sir?" Gommu asked politely and inquisitively as Korra looked up at me with a puzzled look. I smiled and said

"Oh Gommu don't you remember your old commander!", Gommu smiled and exclaimed

"I thought it was you sir! The whole crew thought you were dead after we were attack by that crazy bloodbending kid from the Northern Water Tribe who attacked our ships and sunk the Northern 5th Patrol Fleet!" Raiden smirked as Korra looked even more confused

"Yeah will I nearly died and would have if not for Articus over there who jumped in and pulled me out!" I began as I motioned toward Articus indicating to Gommu who I was talking about,

"I then underwent my rebirth process and had to spend 12 years and 8 months in the northern water tribe until I was informed that Aang had died and I was informed of who the new Avatar was by the white lotus after they investigated my claims that I was Grand Admiral Raiden and the Avatars protector, then. I spent the rest of my time with Korra and the Southern Water Tribe, but enought about me, what happened to you Gom-" Raiden was continuing before a loud high pitched whistle ripped through the air followed by exasperated calls and a loud shout

"Stop!, Swimming in the lake is against the law!" at this Gommu smirked mischievously and said cheerily to the couple infront of him

"Time to scadaddle!" and with that he leapt into his bush and disappeared as Korra whistled and their guides sped to their side.

Korra and I quickly mounted their steeds and sped off in the opposite direction of the law enforcer quickly and easily escaping the law man. 

Laughing and chuckling to ourselves, we slowed our steeds down to a walk as we reached the opposite side of the park. Korra and I where heading towards the exit of the park as they were passing a small protest wih the image of a white masked man behind the main speaker on his pedestal caught their attention as the speaker kept ranting on about non-bender oppression and a man named Amon who would end the non-benders oppression by the bending "establishment". At these comments Korra couldnt help but speak out as she exclaimed

"Hey buddy bending is the coolest thing ever!"

"Oh yeah and let me guess, you two are benders?" the man replied sarcastically

"Yeah we are" Korra retorted in anger as the man smirked evilly and replied

"And I bet you would just love to knock me off this platform eh!" as Korras anger was taking the better of her as I placed a hand on her shoulder and replied to he man

"No, you can rant and rave all you want as you create the illusion that you are being oppressed when all you are doing is oppressing yourselves you foolish little man, come on Korra lets go" I finished as we both rode Naga and Articus out of the park ignoring the rants and raves of the small crowd gathered around the man.

Korra and I were walking down a quaint nice little road when we stopped to ask directions from a kind old shopkeeper by the side of the road

"Excuse me M'Lady but would you happen to know where we go from here to get to air temple island?" I asked kindly as the shopkeeper looked up at me
"Well child you see, you head down this street" she began before she stopped abruptly as a hot rod turned and sped down the street towards Korra and I,

"You should head on, the two of you might get hurt

It came screeching to a stop infront of another shop just a short way down the road from the two of us infront of a small Phonograph vendor that was run by a nice old man known as Mr.Chung. Three men exited the car and approached the mans Store.

"Mr.Chung, please tell me you have my money, or Im afraid I won't be able to gurantee the safety of your, fine establishment" the leading man said evily to the old man in the shop as I turned to Korra

"We should stop this, if he dosen't have their money, and im guesing he dosen't, they'll smash up his shop, come on" I finished as we made our way over to the thugs.

As we neared them the old man offered a Phonograph to cover the cost, but it was destroyed by the fire bending thug as we approached.

"Give me the money or else-" the lead thug began before Korra cut him off

"Or else what hoodlum" Korra shouted forcefully

The thugs turned to face Korra and I and stared for a few seconds before laughing at us showing no fear to either of us. I turned and whispered to Korra

"Why don't we shut them up"

Korra looked back at me and smirked saying

"I thought you'd never ask, I'll take out the one in the middle, you wanna take out the two on the outside" she finished by asking as I nodded in agreement as i moved off to the right handside of the group in front of us.

"SHOW ME WHAT YOU'VE GOT THEN PUNK" Korra shouted at the lead thug who stopped laughing and snarled in an anamalistic fashion as he stepped forward moving his hand under his duster coat.

As the man pulled his hand back out with a small ball of water in it ready to launch at Korra, I sunk the fire bending thug knee deep into the tarmac road drawing the attention of the largest of the three who began to rise up his foot to obviously set me off balance but before he could bring it back down I stomped my right foot down bringing a slim tarmac pillar out of the ground beneath his foot to rise up and smack his right foot in its arc, sending him flipping through the air as i brought my left foot round and stomped t bring up a large tarmac boulder which i launched using a punch form my right fist, to send it crashing into the earthbender sending him crashing throuhg the front window of the groups car as the bould disentegrated into dust ater its contact with him.

I then turned to see Korra had frozen both the Fire bending thugs upper body and had incapacitated the water bending thug as she turned to look at me with a childish grin as said to her

"Good work Korra, though I doubt they were that hard for you to deal with?" I said to her as I chuckled away to myself and whistled for our mounts to come over to us.

Asa they did a loud siren blasted through the air from overhead as a large Zeppelin like vehicle hovered overhead. A group of five Metalbending Police Officers descended from the Zeppelin using their metalbending to ease their descent by sending the metal cords at the nearby buildings so as to use them to descend rather than by free falling.

"We caught the bad guys for you officers!" Korra chimed happily as she pointed to the incapacitated thugs on the ground and the Officers landed on the ground and walked towards us both

"Arrest them!" the officer shouted at his fellows as hey moved to arrest the thugs and he moves towards Korra and I

"You two are under arrest too!" he shouted at us both as shock registered across Korras face as he grabbed her wrist

"Hey what are you doing, we stopped them from smashing up a shop" Korra shouted at the Officer as she struggled in his grip.

I advanced and punch the Officer hard under neath his arm which I followed up with a hard side kick that sent him reeling to the ground in pain

"We will go with you to your headquarters but if you harm her again, you won't walk away" I said defiantly to the officer who looked up in anger

"And restraints won't be necessary either due to us both coming willingly" I followed up with a smirk as Korra exclaimed

"WHAT! But we are innocent we shouldnt have to go to jail for that!" She shouted in anger as i turned to her and replied calmly

"Yes we are, and the innocent do not run, besides, I'm looking forward to talking to little Lin again" I finished with a smile as we were transported along with our Animal guides into the Zeppelin and taken to the Metalbending Police Force HQ.


Lin Beifong was circling Korra and I as we were handcuffed to a large metal tabel in a small metal room.

"You two are in a whole heap of trouble, Property Damage, Damage to government property, Assault of an officer!" Lin Beifong roared at Korra and I as I looked up at Lin and said nonchalantly

"You've changed alot Lin, and, you can't seriously be considering pressing these Charges against the Avatar and her Guardian now!" I finished as I smirked at her an a frustrated expression split acrossq her face

"I may have to" she began as a viewport was opened and an Officer peered in

"Cheif, Councilman Tenzin is here" he stated to Lin as he slid the viewport closed again and Lin turned away from Korra and I

"What's he doing here" she mumbled angrily beneath her breath as a door opened infront of her and Tenzin stepped through quickly as he put a half hearted smile on

"Ah Lin you are lookin radiant as usual"

"Cut the garbage Tenzin, why are the Avatars in Republic City, I thought you were moving to the south pole to train her!" Lin retorted in frustrated rage

"My relocation has been delayed, and the Avatar will return to the South pole where she will stay put, If you would be so kind as to drop the charges against Korra and Raiden, I would happily cover all the damages" Tenzin replied calmly as he tried to persuade Lin which was suprisingly met with success

"Fine, but get her out of my city" Lin replid as she sighed heavily and flicked her wrist to release the handcuffs form Korra and I

"Come on Korra lets go" Tenzin said in a slightly angered tone


Tenzin led Korra and I to the animal pound were they were keeping both Naga and Articus and the whole time Korra kept trying to persuade Tenzin to let her stay in Republic City

"But Tenzin please don't send me back to the south pole" Korra begged desperaterly to try and get Tenzin to change his mind as I was leaning against the doorway waiting for Articus and Naga

"You blatantly disobeyed my wishes and the orders of the White Lotus" Tenzin shot back as he continued to sigh

"Katara agreed with me that I should come, she said my destiny is in Republic City" Korra said sadly as she persisted in her endevour

"Don't bring my mother into this" Tenzin shouted as hsi anger got the better of him

"Look, I can't wait any longer to finish my training, being cooped up and hidden away from the world isn't helping me to be a better Avatar. I saw alot of this city today, and its totally out of whack. I understand now why Republic City needs you, but it needs me too!" Korra finished convincingly as Tenzin struggled to from an argument against her

" Raiden help me, you of all people should be the most concerneed for her safety" Tenzin sighed as he looked ahead to me

"Yeah i am very concerned about her safety, this is a dangerous city, but you can't delay her training any longer Tenzin, you need to look at the bigger picture, if Korra finishes her training the sooner she will be able to help with the city, besides she can handle herself" I said nonchalantly as Articus and Naga walked round the corner led by a small man with black wavy hair who said depressingly

"Are these your animals Sir and Ma'am?" He finished as we nodded and he let them come to us.


Korra and I were standing on the Air Temple Island Dock as we both approached three white lotus guards who were there to take us back to the south pole. As we neared them Ikki, Jinora and Meelo swooped down on their air gliders and landed behind us laughing as they ran to us

"Korra! Raiden!" they shouted in unison as they hugged us both at the same time

"Are you both coming to stay with us on the island!" Ikki exclaimed happily

"No, sorry Ikki, but we have to go back home now" Korra said sadly as Meelo, Ikki and Jinora sighed sadly as Tenzin looked to the ground in sadness as Korra and I turned to go to the White Lotus guards.

"Wait" Tenzin siad as he walked up to us both

"I have done my best to guide repubkic city to the dream my father had for it, but you are right it has fallen out of balance since his passing. I thought i should put off your training in order to hold up his legacy, but i realise now, you are his legacy"

Tenzin began as Korra and I stopped to look at, and a smirk tugged at my face as I knew what he was going to say and what it would mean to Korra

"You may stay in Republic City and learn Airbending with me" he unused as she leapt into he air in happiness and exclaimed

"Thank you" as she proceeded to pick up not only Meelo, Ikki and Jinora but also Tenzin in happiness

"You will need to address the city tomorrow though Korra" Tenzin said as she set them down adm he led us all I side the temple

"Sure thing, couldn't be too hard!" she said cheerily as Tenzin pointed to two rooms adjacent to each other

"The one on the right is yours Korra, Raiden you can have the one on the left. I trust you will behave yourselves" Tenzin finished as he turned and left

"Is seems your more persuasive than you let on Korra" I said to her happily as she smiled

"I didn't know I could be this persuasive either, though your help would have been appreciated you know" she said as she returned he smile

"What can I say, I'm indescisive about what I chose to become involved in, you know I won't be able I be present at your speech tomorrow Korra" I said cheerily as her smile dropped slightly

"You won't" Korra said sadly with a sigh

"No, I'm sorry but the longer I can keep my presence unknown the better" I replied in a depressed tone

"Good night Korra" I said with a smile as we kissed passionately before heading into our rooms

"Good night Rai" she said happily as she slid her door closed and dissapeared


I lay in bed for about two hours before I got up and went to the window wearing a pair of thin white linen shorts.
I stood by the window looking at the moon as thoughts of the past flooded through my mind, past conflicts, lost friends, lost family. As my mind became swamped in my memories I sensed the door open and someone step in. I quickly detached myself from my memories and turned to the intruder.

"Oh Korra, can't sleep either?" I asked kindly as she walked in wearing a thin blue line shirt and shorts

"Nah, there's too much on my mind, what about you?" she asked nicely as she walked up to me

"Same, you... wanna ask me somthing?" I asked awkwardly as she scratched her arm nervously

"Yeah, um... can I sleep here... with you... tonight?" she asked equally as awkwardly and nervously
As she looked into my eyes

"Sure, If you want" I replied kindly as I moved to the bed and moved the sheets back to let her in first.

She slid in quietly and turned to face me as I slipped in too feeling the warmth of our beds as It radiated under the sheets. I could feel her move closer as here's brushed against mine.

"I'm uh really glad you didn't let me stop you from coming with me Rai, I don't think I would like this place much without you here with me" she said nervously as she continued to stare into my eyes and I stared into hers

"I told you Korra I will never leave your side no matter what happens, and it's not because im your guardian, it's because out of everyone I know and have known, it's you who I care about most Korra, I wouldnt be able to love with myself if something happened to you" I said sadly as her mouth opened in shock.

I moved closer to her, closing the gap as she swung one of her legs over mine and our lips locked as I moved my hand up to rest on her back. I pulled her closer to me as she placed her hands on my shoulders and she propped herself up on her knees now on either side of my waist as we were essentially in the centre of the small bed.

I wrapped my free arm around her waist and pulled her down I top of me as our kissing grew hungry and we probed eachothers mouths with our tongues furiously. I flipped her over onto er back and now with our positions reversed I gently grabbed the base of er shirt and lifted it over her head to reveal her beutiful tanned body, her perky breasts stuck up in the air with her nipples hard as I ran my hands up her toned flat abdomen to them.

I lowered myself down and took the left one between my teeth as I nibbled on it and move my right hand up to pinch the right one as I played with them both. Korra let out a moan I pleasure as my teeth took her left nipple in my mouth and she ran her fingers through my hair as her moan grew louder as time went on and I fondled her left nipple as well.

I knelt up as I released her nipples after a few minutes and looked down at her as I gently removed her shorts as she removed mine. I shuffled down the bedand bent over to examine her tight shaved vagina. I smiled as I moved closer and placed my thumb on her clistoris and began to move it in a circular motion to pleasure Korra. I then slowly moved my index finger inside of her tight swollen folds, I began to twist my finger and curl my finger inside of her wet folds and she let out another loud moan his time and exclaimed

"Oh yes! MMMM that feels sooo goood!" she said in a rasping voice as my finger ran over a rough part inside her vagina and she quived slightly as her muscles tensed and her thigh pressed against my head.

Figuring I was doing somthing right I continued to rub the rough spot and her clistoris for another reel minutes before her vagina clenched around my fingers and her legs pressed furiously against my head as hae backed up and down on he bed moaning as her juices flowed around my fingers and out of her vagina onto the bed.

I smiled as I watched her chest heave up and down violently as her orgasm came to a rest and she exhaled heavily as she stared at me and smiled happily. I moved my head closer to her vagina and began to gently berush the folds of her vagina with my tongue. The. As I got more adventurous and began to enjoy her juices I probed further and further into her vagina making her moan louder and louder as she reached her climax a second time as he thighs slammed into the side of my head again and her hands pressed my face agains her vagina as she bucked against my face and her juices squirted out against my face whih I drank up enjoying her taste.

As her breathing began to level out again I pulled back to take off my shorts to reveal my seven and a half inche cock that was fully erect and throbbing. I slowly but gently eased towards her and ran the head up and down her vagina teasing her as she moaned in pleasured anticipation. I looked up at her face into her eyes as they opened and she nodded her head letting me know she wanted this.

I pushed gently inside as my head broke through to rest inside her luscious folds that were very tight, warm and wet. I began rocking my hips back and forth gently as I slowly work another inch in, then another until I hit a wall two and a half inches in, her hymen.

"Are you ready because from what I understand in will be painful at first but the pain will subside" I said gently and caringly as she replied in a raspy voice

"Yes, I know, but I want this Rai, I have wanted this for a long time now, please, do it" she said as she smiled softly and I bent over to kiss her on the lips passionately as I continued to leave little kiss down her chest as I straightened my back again. I exhaled deeply as I continued.

I retracted out leaving only my head in as I pushed back inside to sink four inches into her breaking her hymen in one thrust as well as burying more than hall of me inside her. Her thighs clenched down on my sides as her nails dug into my back.

"Oww!"' she moaned softly as a rear ran down er cheek and blood trickled out of her vagina.

I beat over and kissed her again before wipping away her tear and saying

"We don't have to continue if it hurts too much Korra" I finished gently as I looked into her eyes.

"No keep going, I'm alright, its alright" Korra said soflty as a gentle pain racked her voice.

I pulled out a pushed back in burying inch, after inch into her until i was fully inside of her. I lay down ontop of her as i felt her chest heave up and down. I gently planted feather light kisses up her chest, around her breast until I passionately kissed her on the mouth.

I began to thrust gently inside of her as her vaginal walls pulsed in pleasure. I began to pick up the pace thrusting faster and faster as she bucked against my penis matching my thrusts wih her own as her moans of pleasure only grew louder and more intensified with every second that passed.

"Ohhhhhh, my, that, feels, sooooooo, goooooddddd" she exclaimed as she began to get nearer to her climax now that all the pain was replaced with pleasure.

She flipped us both over so that she was on top and so that she was riding my penis cowgirl she as we both reached our climaxes.

Korras mouth opened wide as her back arched, her vagina clamped down on my penis and her muscled tensed as her jucies flowed endlessly form her vagina over my coach as it too, erupted like avlocanoe inside of her following my last hard thrust up into her. No sound came out of her mouth as she spammed above me silently as she was lost In a world of ecstasy as both our juices followed through eachother and he collapsed onto my chest still spamming as her chest heaved.

"Good night Rai, thank you" was all Korra could manage as she whispered Beneath her breath before falling into a deep sleep.

"Good night Korra" I replied softly as she drifted to sleep and I gently kissed her forehead and soon followed her.

***Part 3 - A Leaf in the Wind***


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