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No story finishes like that...
It had been a week since Katie had been fucking her next door neighbour Shelley and everytime things got hotter. They did it everywhere, their parents bed, Shelleys brothers bed, the living room, their pools... Anywhere they could get alone you could guarantee they were shagging each other!

About 8 days after they first fucked Katie was invited to spend the night at Shelleys. Katie loved this idea coz it ment they cud shag all night long and no-one wud know about it... WRONG!

As soon as they got into Shelleys room their clothes came off. They jumped into bed and began by lying next to each other, Touching each other slowly. Katie loved Shelleys tits the most. Especially when Shelley held one of her nipples against Katies clit. Katie had watched Shelley masturbate many times and everytime Shelley had played with her tits the most. Letting Katie know how much it turned Shelley on.

Their soft lips touched each others. Too anyone looking it wud have look so innocent. Shelley decided she was going to show Katie what she had got last christmas. She went into her closet and pulled out a video camera. Katie knew exactly what this meant and began to touch herself for the camera. She watched Shelleys hot naked body move across the room, Watching the juice from her pussy dripping down her leg as she got hornier and hornier watching her friend get herself off.

After about an hour of filming this they decided to fuck again, Shelley was in between katies legs, lapping up the juices in her hot wet lesbian pussy when the door opened...

Neither girl heard or noticed until Shelley stopped licking and gasped. Katie looked down and Shelleys brother, Karl, had walked into the room

"Shell you forgot to take the camera off the link to the TV. I saw everything"

Both girls blushed until Karl walked up behind Shelley and undid his trousers, Pulling out his huge hard on and showing it to both girls.

"both of u on ure knees, I want you both to lick my cock til i cum over both of u"

Both girls obliged and were on their knees within seconds, licking at the huge member in front of them. Their tongues touched occasionly and their hands wondered over each others pussy lips. Karl watched this and came instantly, pouring cum all over their tits.

"Lick the cum off each other"... The girls followed willingly and carried on, letting Karl watch their lesbian sex, Loving the eyes watching them. Shelley opened her legs and looked at Karl, urging him to enter her

Karl paused, not sure if this was right but was too horny to listen to his logical side and lay on top of ure and slammed into her. Katie sat behind Shelleys head and opened her legs so Karl could eat her. The room was so hot the windows were steaming up.

They were at it for hours, licking cocks and pussies, fucking each other with all they were worth until they collapsed on the bed. Karl went back to his room before his parents heard... But couldn't stop thinking of what could be going on in his sisters bedroom...

The girls lay on the bed.. Not quite believing what had just happened to them... Shelley couldn't believe she had jsut fucked her brother...

Katies looked into her gorgeous eyes "its okay abby... it'll never happen again okay? Your mine now" Katies took Shelleys naked body into hers and hugged her tightly. Katies felt Shelleys breasts press into hers and grew wet once again. Shelley smelt the wetness building and move a hand onto her swollen clit and rubbed it slowly. Katie moaned loudly, pushing her hot pussy into Shelleys hand hard until she came HARD, moaning Shelleys name loudly...

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2011-09-19 20:51:10
Yeah that's what I'm tlikang about baby--nice work!


2007-01-23 01:36:07
So she forgot to unplug the camera, didn't she get it from the closet? What kind of fucking camera is this. Real shitty story.


2006-08-11 23:49:53
it tastes like meatloaf


2006-08-10 00:05:07
Im sorry but your grammar is terrible. Katies looked into her gorgeous eyes "its okay abby... it'll never happen again okay? Your mine now" Katies took Shelleys naked body into hers and hugged her tightly. I thought her name was Shelly, not Abby. Continue writing but check your grammar first.


2005-08-23 19:59:45
hot story

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