It was hot - very hot
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The heat waves shimmered in the distance, inexorably rising off the sand in an unmerciful display of mother nature's authority. ________ was nowhere to be found. Off to the left, _________ could be heard, the ___________ signaling the __________ of another ________.

It was the summer of '69. It was the summer of ________.


The heat waves shimmered in the distance, inexorably rising off the sand in an unmerciful display of Mother Nature’s authority. Relief was nowhere to be found. Off to the left, the cicada could be heard, the buzz signaling the fishing village of another hot day.

It was the summer of '69. It was the summer of discontent.

Rose opened the front door to the cottage, hoping for the hint of a breeze. There was always a breeze off the ocean, but not today. She leaned against the door, running an ice cube over her throat, letting the cold water run down her chest, between her breasts. She hated this place. She hated the life she was forced to live.

It was the same routine for the ten years she had been married to Charlie. When school was out they came to his cottage at the shore, where he ran a fishing charter business. He was out on the boat all day and she was stuck in this God-forsaken fishing village. No friends, nothing to do, nowhere to go, even if he did allow her to drive the car. At night he was either too tired to take her out or had already made plans to play poker. If she had only known how her life would turn out, she never would have become involved with him.

It was her final year at the university, with plans to graduate with a teaching degree. Charlie was one of the science professors there. Rose knew him by sight. All of the girls did. Tall, curly, blonde hair and handsome was the proper description. He looked like a movie star. Although many a female student tried to catch the eye of this single mid-thirties professor, he appeared not to notice.

Rose was coming out of the post office that spring morning when she bumped into him, sending his packages flying. She muttered her apologies and stooped to help him. Instead, her head came into direct contact with Charlie’s nose. Rose quickly offered him a white lace handkerchief from her handbag, to help stop the bleeding. Charlie looked at this pretty coed, her cheeks red with embarrassment, and was immediately smitten. Her dark hair was pulled back in a pony-tail, her blue eyes shining with the start of tears. All Charlie wanted to do was take her in his arms and keep her forever.

That was the start of their relationship. Until graduation, their meetings were “accidental” ones in public venues or in private places, outside of town. Charlie felt young again in the back seat of his Chevy. It was like he was a teenager, necking, eventually getting to first base, under Rose’s bra then, soon after, and sliding his hand up her leg to her wet panties. Rose had not been completely willing, the night she lost her virginity. After dry-humping her, Charlie convinced her to let him just put it in a little and then he would pull it out. Once he moved her panties aside and felt her heat, he drove his cock home and didn’t stop until he had cum. Now it was he who handed over a handkerchief, after he wiped her blood off his cock. He left her crying in the back seat while he smoked a Lucky Strike.

As luck would have it, a child was conceived, so the day after graduation they were married by a local justice of the peace. Their honeymoon was in the cottage at the shore. Charlie helped Rose send her family a telegram about their nuptials, promising to visit at the end of summer.

At first Rose was excited about being at the ocean. She assumed there would be other couples or families. She didn’t understand that the fishing village was just that – a vacation haven for fishermen. She was also excited about making a home for her handsome husband and their baby. Rose was fortunate that she hadn’t suffered from morning sickness. Her breasts and hips became larger while her waist stayed tiny, giving her a real hourglass figure. Charlie was thrilled that his young bride looked like a movie star, and never got tired of mauling her new mature body. It was his daily ritual of coming home from the boat, closing the door, forcibly pulling Rose’s clothes off and ravaging her body. Rose hated that his hands smelled like fish and his breath smelled like beer and cigarettes. She hated the bite marks he left on her breasts and the bruises on the rest of her body. She hated it, but was also turned on by Charlie’s domination of her.

After dinner, when there wasn’t a poker game, he made her walk around the cottage naked, slapping her ass when she walked by him. Sometimes he made her sit on the floor next to his chair, so he could reach down and pull on her nipples while he watched television. In bed, it wasn’t uncommon for him to tie her wrists to the iron headboard. Rose didn’t know any better. After all, Charlie was the only man she had known. She assumed this rough play was normal. Still, she longed to be held and touched gently.

In mid-July, she woke to cramps – the kind Rose normally got with her period. Charlie was already gone for the day and there was no one around to hear her cries for help. Sitting on the toilet, tears caused by the fear and pain streaming down her cheeks, Rose lost their baby. She stayed sitting there for about an hour afterward, before running a bath and trying to soak away her physical and emotional pain. Even now, the sight of the bloodied water being flushed down was still a very vivid memory.

When Charlie got home that night he was more concerned about dinner not being made, than the loss of their child. He pretty much left Rose alone for the next week. After that, it was back to the same routine. Even though Rose was no longer pregnant, she kept her new womanly figure. Charlie swore she looked like Elizabeth Taylor in “Suddenly Last Summer”. In what Rose perceived to be an act of kindness, one rainy day he drove her to a salon and had the hairdresser style Rose’s hair the same as Taylor’s. He bought her very tight capris and tops that showed off her decolletage. He was proud have a young sexy wife at his disposal.

Charlie forgot about visiting Rose’s family at the end of summer. He simply dropped a check in the mail to them and requested they ship him Rose’s belongings. Charlie brought Rose back to his apartment but never did anything to make it feel like her home. When the boxes arrived from her parents, Charlie went through them and decided what she could keep. She had to stand by and watch her childhood be thrown out with the trash.

For ten years, Rose played the “trophy” wife. Charlie didn’t allow her to work or join any clubs. The only friends she had were the wives of other professors, but they were more acquaintances than anything. She and Charlie never conceived another child. Life remained the same – cooking, cleaning and doing exactly what she was told. Back at the cottage for her tenth summer, Rose’s frustration was at an all-time high. The world was changing. Flower power, hippies, Viet Nam War protesters were all in the news. While Rose was young enough to still appreciate music, albums like the Beatle’s Yellow Submarine and groups like Jethro Tull were forbidden in Charlie’s home. A woman jockey rode at Hialeah, Golda Meir was sworn in as Prime Minister of Israel, and “Oh Calcutta” opened in New York City (almost entirely in the nude). The world was changing, but not Charlie’s wife.

Charlie allowed Rose to shorten her skirts a little, but in public she had to appear prim and proper. No bell-bottoms and no mini-skirts. Those were for his eyes only. At the cottage he wanted her in two-piece bathing suits, shorts and midi-tops. It was as if he was trying to show the men what a little slut he had. Rose was by herself most of the time, with old magazines the hair salon allowed her to take. She had to hide them from Charlie because they would have never met with his approval. She learned about women becoming powerful and independent. She learned about bra burning and free-love. She learned to satisfy herself.

That day, Rose decided a swim might do something to lighten her mood. Maybe if she cooled off a bit, she wouldn’t feel so unsettled. She put on a white lace cover-up over her yellow two-piece suit. Even though she knew Charlie would prefer her in a one-piece bathing suit when she was out alone, Rose wanted to work on her tan.

It wasn’t an official beach. There were no life guards, no chairs and umbrellas. It was just a little secluded area that the few locals used on the weekends. During the week it was all but deserted. Rose left her towel spread out on the sand, put on her bathing cap and walked to the water’s edge. Waves splashed up on her painted toes. With no boats anywhere on the horizon, a confidence came over Rose. With a quick look over her shoulder to confirm she was alone, she removed her suit and left the pieces on the shore while she went for a swim.

Rose loved the times she dared to swim naked. The salt water’s buoyancy made her feel like a sea nymph. Rose pretended she was a mermaid swimming with the dolphins. She lost herself in the fantasy of being captured by a handsome pirate. While she floated on her back, she ran her hands over her breasts and nipples, not realizing she was being watched.

Jake was Zeb and Martha’s son. Born to them late in their lives, he was a well-built, handsome, young man, but with a mind that never grew up. An unfortunate bicycle accident froze his brain in time. Although he looked like Rock Hudson, except for the scar on the side of his head, he acted like a little boy. He wished he knew how to swim like Miss Rose, he thought, pulling up his bathing trunks a little. He liked Miss Rose because she was always nice to him. Not like Mr. Charlie – he yelled sometimes. He saw her bright yellow suit lying on the sand and sat down next to it. He couldn’t understand why her bathing suit was here and she was in the water.

While Jake watched her floating on her back, he picked up her suit and held it to him. Rose was unaware of his presence as she swam towards the shore and finally stood up to walk out of the water. Her body glistened as she took off her cap and shook out her hair. Rose looked to where she thought she left her things and quickly became confused. There Jake sat, a huge smile on his face, stroking his penis over his trunks, with her bathing suit. She lowered her cap to cover her crotch and placed her arm to cover her breasts.

“H….h….hi, Miss Rose,” Jake stuttered nervously, staring at her nakedness.

Rose didn’t want to panic the simple-minded young man. After all, this was just Jake, and he was always such a good boy. She spoke in soft, soothing tones, “Hi Jake, what are you doing this bright, sunny day?”

He kept staring and stroking. “Nothin’, maybe looking for shells for my collection. I got hundreds of them. Hey, do you want to build a sandcastle with me?” Jake asked.

Jake’s stare made Rose uneasy, as she glanced around hoping no one would see them. “Jake, may I have my bathing suit?”

“You got titties. That’s what my papa calls them when he looks at his magazines,” Jake said, as he grin got wider. “Pretty titties, pretty titties, pretty titties. My papa says you can drink from titties. He said they got milk, like a cow.”

“Well Jake, that’s true,” Rose explained. “When a woman has a baby she can feed the baby milk from her breasts.”

She was startled when Jake jumped up off the sand, stroking himself a little faster. His red bathing suit trunks were slipping down his hips as he came over to her.

“I like your titties. Let me see them, huh? Please? I’m a good boy,” Jake pleaded.

Rose was unsure how to handle this, but decided that treating him like the young boy he was mentally, was the best course of action. At all costs, she did not want to upset him. Slowly, she lowered her arm and exposed herself. Jake leaned right over to take a closer look. Rose could feel his breath against her skin. Goose bumps formed and her nipples became hard and pointy.

“Whoa, did you see that?” Jake asked excitedly, and then poked a nipple with his finger. “Look! I touched a tittie! I touched a tittie!” He tossed Rose’s bathing suit aside and swooped her up by the waist, spinning her around and singing, “I touched titties. I got some titties. Hey! I want a drink!”

With that, Jake picked Rose up higher, captured one of her breasts in his mouth, and began to suck. Rose stifled a scream and wrapped her legs around him, in case he decided to drop her. She tried to push her body away, but Jake held her close. As shocked as she was, the feeling was not at all unpleasant. She didn’t remember Charlie ever being so gentle.

“Nothing, there’s no milk. Maybe the other one will be chocolate,” Jake said excitedly.

Faster than Rose could react, he latched on to her left breast and began sucking again. An intense feeling of pleasure shot through her body. She felt a throbbing between her legs and a wetness start to form. Rose’s body was beginning to yearn for something she hadn’t found.

Again, she tried to pull back. Her feet got caught in the back of Jake’s trunks, pushing them further down Jake’s hips. She pushed against his shoulders with her hands, threatening to make him lose his balance and topple over, but he kept on sucking. She tried to fight it, but Rose began to enjoy the sensations her body was experiencing. When Jake pulled her a little closer, she rubbed against his abdomen. She felt her desires growing.

“Wow,” Jake said, abruptly putting Rose down. “Look at my peter.”

Jake pulled down his bathing suit, showing Rose his growing penis. She had only ever seen Charlie’s, if you didn’t count the babies she watched while she was in high school. She hadn’t thought about covering herself up. She didn’t think about whether they were being watched. All she could do was stare at this amazingly good looking man, with a little boy trapped inside of him.

“You don’t have a peter, Miss Rose. My papa told me that boys stick out and so they can poke girls and make babies. I never poked a girl before. Why don’t you have babies, Miss Rose? Doesn’t Mr. Charlie poke you?” Jake asked with the innocence he still retained.

“God decided that my babies would stay in heaven, Jake,” Rose answered, blinking back her tears.

“Miss Rose, don’t cry. I’ll hug you,” he offered, pulling her into his arms.

With Jake’s bathing suit now around his ankles, his hard penis was obvious. It rested against Rose’s belly when he held her, leaving a trail of moisture. He pulled back but stayed within arm’s length. Looking down he touched himself, with a long, slow stroke. Without warning, he reached out and cupped Rose’s dark-haired mound. She immediately jumped back, falling on the sand.

Oh my God, she thought. Another man had touched her, without hurting. On her back with her legs spread, Jake quickly knelt between them, afraid he had hurt Rose.

“I’m sorry! I…. I…. I didn’t mean to push you,” Jake said. The poor boy looked like he might cry.

Rose sat up, concerned about Jake, and placed her hand on the side of his face. “It’s all right, Jake, I’m fine,” she said in a gentle voice. “See? I’m perfectly okay.”

Jake took a long look at the beautiful, naked woman in front of him. Miss Rose was a lot prettier than the ladies in his papa’s magazines. She was a nice lady, too. He looked at her face, down her body at her voluptuous breasts, to the dark hair between her legs. Nope, no peter, he thought.

Uncomfortable once more, Rose tried to scoot back in the sand, in order to close her legs. Jake’s hands immediately went to her knees, pushing them apart.

“But I want to see,” he said, leaning down to get a closer look.

She couldn’t understand her excitement. Was it because of the unknown? The forbidden? She was someone’s wife and this was a simple-minded young man. Still, the feel of his breath on her privates was more than she could take. She was suddenly brought down to earth by the touch of Jake’s fingers.

“I want to see more.”

Now, she didn’t care – not one bit. She had an itch so deep inside of her that needed to be scratched. Rose remembered when she used to feel this way with Charlie. It was a rare occasion now. If she were at home, she would be using her hairbrush. Instead, here was something else she could use.

“Let me show you, Jake,” Rose began, spreading her legs wider.

She ran her both index fingers through the sable-colored down and then opened herself so Jake could look at a real woman. She felt sensual, sexual, and very brazen. She wanted this man to satisfy her thirst.

“It looks like a flower, Miss Rose. It’s pink and it looks wet. That’s cause you were swimming naked. Why were you swimming naked, Miss Rose?”

Rose only half-heard Jake speaking. She had dipped the middle finger of her right hand into her already wet hole and was now circling the sensitive little nub, sending waves of pleasure sweeping over Rose and causing her to tremble.

“Miss Rose? Miss Rose? What’cha doin’? I don’t see nothing,” Jake said with complete innocence.

“I’m playing with my button, Jake,” she responded in a dreamy voice.

“I don’t see no button. Like on a shirt?”

Rose opened herself up a little wider and ran her finger around her prized pearl, one more time. “See Jake? See the little button? When I touch it, it makes me feel really good.”

“Hmmm. I don’t got no button. I just got a peter. But when I touch it, it makes me feel real good, too,” Jake said, sitting back on his knees, stroking his hard cock.

Rose lowered her eyes to watch him. This gorgeous man/child stroked to the same rhythm as she played with herself. She could feel her need grow even more. She moved her hand down and pushed her middle finger deep inside again.

“Hey! What did you do? What is that?” Jake asked, excitedly. “Where did you put your finger?”

Rose just smiled and thought about how she could explain it. She simply asked, “Do you remember that your papa told you that a peter sticks out so he can poke a woman and make babies? This hole is where the man puts his peter.”

Jake leaned forward, shaking his head. “No….no, that’s not it. That place is too small.”

“No, it isn’t; it stretches. Look, one finger fits, now two fingers fit.” Slowly she slid her index finger in and moved both of them in and out.

“Wow! That is so cool! But why are you doing that? Your finger isn’t a peter.”

Rose moaned a little as her pleasure increased. “Because it feels so good to have something poked in there, Jake.”

“It does? Even if your fingers don’t make babies? I don’t know about that, Miss Rose.” Jake shook his head looking more confused.

Rose removed her fingers and stretched her arms over her head, trying to look seductive. “Jake, honey, sometimes a man pokes a woman just so they both feel good. If you put your peter in my hole, I’ll bet it would feel real good.”

She licked her lips when she saw pre-cum forming at the end of Jake’s cock. She had no idea why she was feeling this way and even more surprised at her boldness. All she knew was that she wanted Jake. She wanted a man who wouldn’t hurt her. She wanted a man to make her feel good. Her hands found their way back to her valley.

“Oh no, Miss Rose! I can’t do that. My papa told me I should never do that. He said never to poke a girl ‘cause I could get into trouble.”

“Jake, I promise you it’ll be our secret. No one will know and no one will get into trouble. Please Jake, won’t you try to poke me? Don’t you want me to feel good? Don’t you want to feel good too?”

Jake looked doubtful. His papa told him not to poke any girls, but he also told him he should listen to the grown-ups. “I don’t know, Miss Rose. Are you sure?”

“Yes Jake,” Rose answered, as she stopped playing with herself and sat up. She didn’t want to scare him away, but thought he needed some urging. She reached her hand out and joined him in stroking his penis. Jake’s eyes got very wide and his mouth opened in surprise. Not even his mama touched his peter, but Miss Rose was so gentle and boy, did it feel good. Within seconds, Rose’s hand was filled with white, sticky cum.

Jake was shocked and afraid. “I’m sorry, Miss Rose. I didn’t mean to do that. I’m only supposed to do that in the bathroom. I’m s….s….sorry.”

Rose wiped her hand across her belly and smiled, trying to show Jake that everything was all right. “Jake, don’t be upset. That’s what your peter is supposed to do. Now let’s get your peter hard again. We’ll just touch it, and stroke it, and get you feeling really good and then you can get me feeling good.”

“Ohhhh, I don’t know, Miss Rose.”

“Please Jake,” Rose asked in a hushed tone, feeling him already coming back to life. “Just once? Will you try to poke me just once? I need you to help me with this Jake. Please, will you be a good boy and help me?”

Jake smiled. He was always a good boy and he liked helping Miss Rose. “Okay, Miss Rose. I’ll help you. But I don’t know how,” he said with a small frown on his handsome face.

“Come here, honey,” Rose requested, laying back and opening her arms and legs.

It was a clumsy move, but Jake knelt between her legs and tried to lay down on her.

“Just a minute, Jake,” she said as she reached between her legs and guided him to the entrance of her hole. “Now just lean in and push.”

As soon as the head of Jake’s cock met Rose’s heat, it was if he had known what to do all along. He pushed, but did not rush. Rose’s body had time to adjust to the well-endowed man. Slowly, but not stopping, Jake pushed until he was all the way in, his balls resting against her ass. Propped up on his arms, the innocent was shaken.

“Miss Rose? Miss Rose? It’s hot and wet and tight. Um, I’m scared. I don’t know if I like this,” Jake said looking upset.

“Don’t worry, Jake, you will – I promise. Now we’re going to start moving. You need to move in and out of me, but don’t pull out completely. Do you understand? Here, let me help you a little.”

With that, Rose put her hands on Jake’s hips and began to push and pull his body. It took him a bit but eventually he started to move his hips the right way. One of the first times he popped right out, but Rose assured him he could just put his peter back inside. Slowly, in then out, Jake began to move on his own. Only then did a smile cross his face.

Rose wrapped her legs around Jake’s waist and moved, meeting him thrust for thrust. Jake tried to talk but could only mutter an occasional “good”. Rose needed this. She wanted this. She moved her hands to his young, tight ass and held on, digging her nails into his backside. His penis was touching places that had never been touched by male flesh.

Sounds – waves splashing, gulls screeching, flesh slapping, people panting and grunting. Rose’s orgasm washed over her like waves, again and again. Jake held onto her shoulders, pushing in deeper and harder. The man who had never been with a woman knew exactly what he wanted. He wanted to feel good once more. Rose felt his grip tighten and his legs start to tense. Moments later he was moaning and holding her as tight as he could while he pumped his seed into her, finding its mark deep in her womb. Push, push, push - grinding her into the sand, and then collapsing on top of her.

Rose waited until Jake’s breathing slowed to almost normal and he raised his head off her shoulder. He looked dazed but with the most delightful smile on his face. Without speaking, she urged him to get off of her. Jake rolled on his back and began to giggle.

“I poked a girl! I poked a girl!” he sang and then turned to Rose. “Miss Rose that was fun. You were right, it felt good. Did I help you feel good, too?”

Rose leaned over and stroked Jake’s cheek. “Oh yes, Jake. You helped me better than anyone. Now let’s go in the water and wash off a little.”

They played and Rose swam a bit while Jake stayed near shore. Maybe she could teach him to swim real good, he thought. Rose came back to where he was and the two walked out of the water, hand in hand, to where their bathing suits were lying on the beach. Jake and Rose promised not to tell anyone what happened and that it would forever be their secret.

There was a storm brewing but no one knew it. Not the villagers, not Jake and not Rose. There was a storm brewing all right, and it was going to hit hard, thought Charlie as he set his binoculars down and turned his attention to the men fishing in the back of his boat.

Rose felt young again – young and free. She also felt guilty for having cheated on Charlie and guilty for having used Jake. She sat on the edge of her bed wondering what she should do. She had done her best to explain to Jake that what happened was their secret. She hoped he was as good at keeping secrets as he promised. She owed it to Charlie to be a better wife. Maybe if she were more willing to participate in the games he wanted to play he would be nicer. She knew she had to stop feeling negatively about her marriage. After all, for better and for worse.

The storm was fast approaching. You could see the darkness. It was the quiet before the storm. Others may have noticed. There was just something different in the air.
ose heard the door slam when Charlie came home from work. She was in the kitchen preparing dinner. She had brushed her hair until it was soft and shiny, and wore Charlie’s favorite purple sundress. He told her that even if she didn’t have Liz’s violet eyes, he could pretend. Turning away from the tossed salad she made, Rose jumped when she saw Charlie standing in the doorway watching her. She went over to kiss his cheek. Her nose wrinkled at the smell of fish.

“Charlie! You scared me,” she said putting a pretty pout on her face. “I have chicken marinating but if you brought home fish, it will keep.”

“There’s no fish,” Charlie responded, abruptly.

Rose could see he was not in the greatest of moods, but did her best to be cheery. “Well, I have potato salad left from last night, this tossed salad and applesauce. I’ll let you deal with the fire and the grill. Now go take a shower, okay?”

Rose turned away but was stopped by Charlie grabbing hold of her hair and wordlessly pulling her down the hall to the bedroom.

“Charlie, stop!” she pleaded, tripping while being led backwards. “Please, you’re hurting me!”

No one had a clue how much havoc the storm would cause. It would destroy everything in its path.

Charlie whipped her around and threw her on the bed. He pulled his fishing knife out of its sheath, took hold of the neckline of Rose’s dress and began to slit it down the front. She could do nothing but lie there and whimper. She gritted her teeth to keep from crying out. She was experienced in what would happen if anyone overheard her.

Charlie cut her dress from neck to hem. He did the same thing to Rose’s lace slip. He glanced at her white-knuckled grip on the chenille bedspread and then reached up and slit her bra. Her clothes now lay open on either side of her body. He dropped the knife and reached for the waistband of her panties and ripped them down over her hips and off her legs. Then Charlie cupped his hand around the back of Rose’s neck and pulled her to stand in front of him. While what was left of her clothing fell away, he bruised her mouth as he forcibly kissed her and left her lips bleeding. Charlie spun Rose around and pushed her face-down on the bed.

Rose cried silently when she heard Charlie’s belt buckle open and then his pants drop to the floor. He grabbed her hips and without any warning, pushed his way into her pussy. God, how she prayed he didn’t notice anything different.

The storm was building. Nothing would be safe. It would take and take, until it moved on out of sight.

Charlie’s cock slid in and out of Rose easily. If that’s the case, he thought, she’s wet enough for anything. Rose knew to stay on her knees until Charlie walked away. She felt him let go of her hips, pull out without cumming and then start pressing against her anus. He had never done that so she didn’t know what to expect. What she did know is that she didn’t want to do that.

“Charlie, no,” she started until he slapped her ass as hard as he could.

There was no warning; he simply forced his way into her ass using only the bit of moisture on his cock. Rose screamed in pain, burying her face in the bed. Charlie didn’t care. He slapped her ass again, grabbed her hips and began pounding her ass as hard as he could. Now he understood why men said they like it. It was tighter than the first night they were together. In and out, moving like a machine now, causing her to stretch and bleed. He didn’t care. Within minutes he shot his wad into her ass. Charlie pulled out, wiped the residue on her backside and then pushed her to lie flat on the bed. Her ass was left gaping and dripping.

Rose couldn’t remember when she felt that much pain. Charlie had never been that cruel. She was exhausted and lay there crying. She wished he would leave the house and go to the bar near the pier. Be careful what you wish for; it might come true.

Rose must have dropped off to sleep because she was awakened by Charlie rolling her onto her back and pulling her body up toward the headboard. He had taken a pair of her nylons and was securing her arms to the iron posts. She felt his cum oozing out of her ass, smearing the bedspread as he adjusted her body.

Rose was hoping the abuse was over. While Charlie blindfolded her, she tried to prepare for whatever it was he chose to do to her. Nothing could have prepared her for the sound of steel against steel. Rose didn’t have to worry anymore.

Charlie walked into the Duck In Bar and Grill at the pier. Zed was sitting with a couple of guys from their poker group.

“Hey Charlie, what were you burning tonight? It smelled like the whole neighborhood was invited to dinner,” Zed asked playfully.

Charlie smirked and answered, “Well I did cook ribs and chicken on the grill. You should have stopped by. Found out the freezer quit on us so I had to throw out all of the food. Thought the best way would be to burn it.”

The guys agreed with him. It was going to cost a pretty penny to replace all of it.

“Hey Zed,” Charlie looked at Jake’s dad. “I’ve got a wild group coming in this weekend. I thought I’d throw out some chum and draw in some tuna and shark. What do you think?”

“Well, how much and when?” Zed asked.

“I thought I’d test it out tomorrow morning and see if it works. I want to head out around five o’clock. I’ve got some parts in my cooler under ice. Hey, do you think Jake might like to go out there with me? He’s a good boy and I’ll bet he’d love to see some real big fish.”

Zed was puzzled at first. Charlie had never offered to do anything nice for Jake. He had to admit though Jake would love to see the big fish up close. “I’ll bring him down to the pier. Thanks, Charlie. That’s right neighborly of you.”

True to his word, Zed brought Jake down to Charlie’s boat before the sun was even close to rising. Jake had on his orange life jacket and was skipping down the dock. Charlie had already lifted the heavy cooler into the boat, along with some buckets of blood and fish.

Jake waved excitedly and called out, “Hi, Mr. Charlie! Is Miss Rose going to come with us?”

“She might join us Jake. Here, take my hand and be careful you don’t slip. I don’t need you falling overboard,” Charlie said.

“How long are you going to be out?” asked Zed.

“I wouldn’t imagine too long,” Charlie answered. “Maybe we’ll be back in time for a big breakfast. It depends if this idea works and we get the fish to come up to the boat.”

“I want to see the big fish, Papa. I want to help feed them,” Jake exclaimed, clapping his hands.

“You do just what Mr. Charlie tells you, all right Jake? You be a good boy.”

“Zed, he’ll be fine. We’ll see you in a few hours.”

The sun was just starting to break the horizon when Charlie figured they were out far enough. He wanted to set the chum before it got too light and other boats started appearing. He cut the engine and moved to the back of the boat where Jake sat.

“Now you see Jake, this blood, fish and meat will attract some very big fish. You have to be very careful when you put it in the water. We also want to be very quiet. No scaring them away, right?”

Jake pretended to take a key and lock his mouth shut. Then he whispered, “Just like a mouse, Mr. Charlie.”

“If this works, it’ll be our secret, okay Jake? Can you keep a secret?”

“I sure can, Mr. Charlie. Just ask Miss Rose.”

Storms have a way of fooling people, making them think they’re over when they’re not.

Charlie opened the cooler and threw some large pieces of meat into the water, then emptied a bucket of fish and blood in also. He and Jake sat in the quiet, waiting to see what would happen. It didn’t take long to see the first fin slice its way through the surface of the water. A few small sharks were the first to arrive. The larger ones soon followed.

“Wow, Mr. Charlie! Look at the fish coming to eat. I never saw so many live fish this close. My papa never did this before,” said Jake, watching Charlie throw some meat to the sharks. “Do you think I can do that? I can throw real good, I promise.”

“Sure Jake, just put your hand in there and grab some meat. I think you’re big enough to feed the fish.”

Sure enough, Jake threw the meat well out into the ocean. Charlie watched him with an amused look on his face. Jake suddenly stopped and started giggling. He held the piece out for Charlie to see.

“Look Mr. Charlie, this looks like a pretty titty.”

“So it does, Jake. Let’s see if we can get the fish to come right up to the boat. Hold the meat real close to the water.”

When the storm was over, its destruction spread over miles. Charlie’s boat was found washed ashore about ten miles up the coast about a week later. The engine still worked and the damage to the boat appeared to be from it being brought in by the tides. There was no sign of Charlie or Jake. The coolers and buckets were empty but the blood was smeared everywhere. About a month after that morning, what was left of Jake’s life jacket was found on the secluded beach, where he used to look for shells.
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